Benjamin Wilson [of], and Rowena Fuller [unm., of A. int.], both of A., Sept.16,1811.

Sophia [], and William Bolkcom [], both of A., Apr.4,1816.


Alexander, of Providence, RI, and Abby Ann Hancock of Wrentham,末蔓末, [18末.]*


Mary Ann, unm., and Horatio A. Cutting, both of A., at Shrewsbury, Dec.29,1839.


Fanny C., unm., of Mansfield, and Nicholas Brown of A., int.Feb.22,1825.

LANE (Laine)

Benjamin, and Hephzibah Moss, Sept.15,1720.*

Benjamin, of A., and Anna Denslas of Windsor, int.Mar.22,1750-51.

Bethiah, and Jonathan Noreting of Cumberland, int.Aug.12,1758.

Daniel (Laine) [Lane. int.], of A., and Abigail Allin [Nabby Allen. int.] of Cumberland, Feb.28,1782.

Ebenezer, and Elizebeth Follett, both of A., int.June16,1733.

Elijah [of Norton. int.], and Hannah Wilmarth, 4th [of A. int.], Nov.4,1796.

Elizabeth, and George Lawson, Dec.末,17末.*

Elizebeth [of A. int.], and Moses Ware [of Norton. int.], June23,1731.

Betty, of A., and Samuel Partridge, jr. of Wrentham, int.Nov.13,1773.

Betsey, of Norton, and Larnard Willmarth of A., Apr.9,1795.

Elkanah, of Norton, and Hannah Tingley of A., June10,1742.

Ephriam, and Ruth Sheppeson, Jan.10,1716-17.*

Eunice, and Lawton Tabor, both of A., Aug.31,1809.

Hannah, of Norton, and Timothy Bishop of A., int.Feb.7,1767.

Hezekiah, and Deborah Thurstin, both of A., int.May16,1777.

John, and Keziah Tiffany [both of A. int.], June6,1734.

Keziah, of A., and Elisha Packard of St. George, int.Oct.13,1769.

Levi, of A., and Lois Thayer of Cumberland, int.Feb.1,1800.

Lucy, of Norton, and Asaruel Carpinter of A., int.Oct.18,1765.

Lydia [], and John Ide, jr., both of A., Oct.27,1757.

Melatiah, of Norton, and Jonathan Woodcock of A., Oct.11,1728.

Mary, and Richard Crowinshield, both of A., int.Mar.28,1761.

Molley [], and Ebenezer Guild, jr., both of A., June14,1781.PR81

Milly [], of A., and Samuel Day of Killingly, CT, May12,1811.

Meriam, and Ebenezer Field, both of A., int.Aug.13,1794.

Nancy [], of A., and Rufus Jillson of Cumberland [RI. int.], Sept.15,1805.

Richard, and Hannah Bishop, both of A., Nov.2,1738.*

Roland, of A., and Barbary Collens, unm., of Scituate, RI, int.June4,1817.

Ruth, of Norton, and John Pratt of A., Sept.24,1741.

Ruth, of Norton, and Wyman Richardson of A., int.Sept.14,1771.

Sarah, of A., and Daniell Blanding of Rehoboth, int.Sept.10,1757.

Sarah, of Coventry, and Comfort Slack of A., int.Sept.16,1769.

William, of Norton, and Sarrah Sweet of A., Oct.12,1748.*


Edward S., and Mary H. Bliss, unm., both of A., int.May20,1837.

LATHROP (Lothrop)



George, and Sally White, unm., both of A., int.Feb.18,1820.

Mary, of Taunton, and Samuel Fuller, jr. of A., int.June14,1766.

LAWRENCE (Larance, Lawrance, Lurance)

Catharine, unm., of Nashua, NH, and Milton M. Draper of A., int.Jan.2,1839.

Chloe (Lawrance), unm., of Sharon, and Dexter Jackson of A., int.Dec.7,1815.

David (Lurance), and Mehetabel Carpenter, Nov.23,1721.*

George (Larance), of Rehoboth, and Anne Pitcher of A., int.Dec.28,1771.

Moley (Larance), of North Providence, and Gamalel Gerro of A., int.Nov.12,1770.

LAWSON (Lowson)

Elizabeth (Lowson) [of A. int.], and Philip Parmitter [Parmintree, of Stonington. int.], May9,1734.

George, and Elizabeth Lane, Dec.末,17末.*

James H., of Norton, and Clarrisa Barrows [] of A., Nov.15,1843.

LAWTON (Laten, Laton)

Abigail B., and Godfrey Wheelock, at Watertown, Nov.30,1827.PR43*

Elisabeth, unm., of A., and Asaph C. West of Seekonk, int.Mar.17,1844.

Jane [], and John L. Priest, both of A., at Pawtucket, Aug.10,1836.

Joannah S., unm., of A., and Stephen Bigelow of Providence, RI, int.Sept.7,1834.

Nancy [Laton.CR2; Laten,], and Nathan Prince Thacher, both of A., Jan.19,1806.


Ebenezer, Rev., and Chloe Richardson, unm., both of A., Jan.15,1793.CR1


Mary, wid., of North Providence, RI, and Joel Read, Esq., of A., int.Mar.17,1827.

LEALAND (Laland)

Joseph B[arden.], and Nabby Healy [Abigail], both of A., May26,1790.

Luthana (Laland), and Reubin Bates, both of A., int.Nov.29,1783.

Meribah, of A., and John Chidle [Chedel. int.] of Providence, Apr.15,1790.

LEDOYT (Lea Doyt, Loidoiet)

Alletheah, and James Condown, both of A., int.Feb.25,1737-8.

Briant (Loidoiet), and Hannah Crabtree, both of A., Nov.12,1719.*

John (Lea Doyt), and Lydia Brown, int.Oct.10,1724. Publishment taken down by Town Clerk, "it did not stand up one day."


Amy of Rehoboth, and Obadiah Carpenter of A., int.Oct.25,1766.

Elizabethe A., unm., of A. [of Mansfield.CR2], a.20y., d.James and Rhoda, and Ephraim R. Hall, unm., of Mansfield, a.26y., housewright, s.Ephraim and Tyla, May16,1849. [May11.CR2]*

Galen P., and Sarah Curtis, unm., both of A., int.June4,1830.

George, and Harriet Guild [], both of A., May4,1837.

Harriet, unm., of Windham, CT, and George Draper of A., int.May4,1829.

Royal, of Providence, RI, and Horatia N[elson. int.] Capron, unm., of A., Nov.29,1832.


Daniel, of A., and Elennor Peterson, unm., of Valley Falls, RI, int.Aug.14,1842.


Abial, unm., and Benjamin E. Frost, both of A., int.Sept.23,1814.

Hannah, and Joseph Horsford, both of A., int.Nov.3,1739.

Mary [], and Richard Weeks [both of A. int.], Aug.10,1724.

Patience R., unm., and William I. Patt, both of A., int.Sept.22,1832.

Sarah, of A., and John Thurber of Swanzey, Jan.7,1713-14.*

Sally, unm., of Taunton, and Thomas D. Saddler of A., int.Nov.26,1821.


Chloa [Lethbrige. int.], of Wrentham, and Daniel Carpenter of A., Apr.4,1769.


Abby S., unm., of A., and Francis B. Kent of Providence, RI, int.Jan.29,1847.

Abner, of Ware, and Hennritte Walker, unm., of A., int.Oct.22,1831.

James, of New Berlin, NY, and Lydia Chase of A., int.Sept.20,1825.

Thankful S. [L.,], of A., and John B. Bonny of Wrentham, May1,1837.


Marcy, unm., of Hopkinton, RI, and John G. Hassard of A., int.Mar.3,1831.

LINCOLN (Linckhon, Lincoiln, Lincon, Linkhon)

Abner, of Taunton, and Ruth Perry of A., int.Feb.6,1778.

Diadami, of Taunton, and Eliphalet Corben of Killingly, Apr.1,1784.*

Elizabeth, and John Barrows [Joshua Barrus, jr. int.], both of A., Jan.17,1726. [Dec.24,1726. int.]

Elizebeth (Linckhon), and Benjah Barrus, both of A., int.Nov.12,1726.

Fanny Hodges, unm., of A., and Esek Tucker of Wrentham, int.Aug.16,1812.

Francis W., and Marion A. Westcott, int.May4,1849.

John B. (Lincoiln), and Betsey Skinner, unm., both of A., int.July30,1836.

John B., unm., of A., a.32y., laborer, s.John and Hannah, and Susan J. Tucker, unm., of A., a.38y., d.James and Esther Bullock, Jan.21,1849.

Josiah (Linkhon), of Taunton, and Margaret Pidge of A., int.Dec.19,1730.

Lois [S., unm., of A. int.], of Norton, and Samuel M. Holman of A., Apr.24,1838.

Lucinda, and Benjamin Harvey, Mar.17,1846.PR11*

Lucretia S., unm., of Rehoboth, and Elias French of A., int.Feb.18,1809.

Lydia, unm., of Rehoboth, and Ephraim French of A., int.Dec.17,1819.

Molly, and Solomon Briggs, Feb.7,1763.*

Minerva [], and Lanson Kittredge, both of A., Aug.24,1838. [int.Aug.6,1836.]

Nancy (Lincon) [Smith,], of Norton, and Thomson Tripp of Boston, at Norton, Apr.23,1837.

Philena [], of Taunton, and Isaac Perry [] of A., June19,1799.PR52 [Feb.12,1779. int.]

Rona [Roana Williams Lincoln, unm., of], and Stephen Perry [of A. int.], Mar.19,1812.PR52


Daniel, of Providence, and Abigail Woodcock of A., int.Feb.28,1775.

Mary [], of Rehoboth, and Samuel Read of A., June5,1746.

LINDSEY (Linsey)

Benjamin (Linsey), of Rehoboth, and Barshaba Tiffany of A., int.Oct.22,1786.

Mary A., unm., of A., and Albert B. Peck of Smithfield, RI, int.May12,1833.

Orin, and Experance Davice [Davie. int.] Stetson [], both of A., May24,1821.

Sally [Lindley,], of A., and Ezra Drown of Rehoboth, Nov.30,1809.

LISCOMB (Liscumb)

Cynthia, unm., and David Pike, both of A., Nov.29,1797. [1798. dup.]

Molley (Liscumb), of Raynham, and Nathaniel Fuller of A., int.Aug.27,1761.

Samuel, and Deborah Read, both of A., int.Aug.16,1776.


Luke, and Hannah Jackson, both of A., May23,1751.

Nelly, and James Sally, both of A., int.Aug.28,1779.

Penelope, of A., and Theopilus Williamson, "in the Army," int.Jan.20,1776.


Abel S., of A., and Nancy B. Thresher, unm., of Willington, int.Dec.30,1825.

Sarah [], and Elisha Morse, both of A., Aug.5,1810.

Thomas, and Sarah Starkey [], both of A., Mar.20,1803.


Leprilett, of Fall River, and Ann E. Tingley, unm., of A., int.Apr.10,1847.


James, and Olive French, unm., both of A., int.June15,1823.

Robert, of Cumberland, RI, and Sally Watson [] of A., Oct.30,1819.

Samuel, of Pawtucket, RI, and Sarah Worsley, unm., of A., int.Sept.13,1823.

LOTHROP (Lathrop)

Daniel [Lathrop. int.], 3d, of Bridgewater, and Sally Whiting of A., May21,1787.

W.W. (Lathrop), and Sarah A. Bates, unm., both of North Providence, RI, Nov.12,1839.CR2*

George W. [Lathrop.CR2], of West Bridgewater, and Sarah M. Wheaton of North Providence, RI, May17,1840.*

James P., of Pawtucket, and Mary Bromely, unm., of A., Oct.14,1839.CR2

Mary [Lathrop. int.], unm., and William N. Thurber, both of A., Apr.4,1830.


William [of], and Marther Gould of A., Dec.9,1762.


Hannah, and John Foster, jr., both of A., Sept.7,1727.


John M., of Providence, and Maria B. Robinson, unm., of Wrentham, Nov.末,1832.*


Henry C. [], unm., of Pawtucket, a.22y., merchant, b. Lancaster, NH, and Elizabeth Daggett, unm., of A., a.20y., d.Pliny, Oct.13,1846.

LUSCOMB (Liscomb)


Dexter, of A., and Susan Snow, unm., of Smithfield, RI, int.Nov.29,1837.

Ira, of Swanzey, and Nancy Bowen, unm., of A., int.Oct.1,1839.

John, of Providence [RI. int.], and Mary S. [L.CR2] Bruney [Bruny,] of A., Sept.11,1808.

Jonathan, of A., and Lucinda Eddy, unm., of Taunton, int.Apr.6,1825.

Lucinda I., unm., of Rehoboth, and Draper Colvin of A., int.Feb.11,1844.

Nathan C., and Clarisa E. Blackinton [], both of A., Jan.13,1842.

Sarah, and Henry Brag, Nov.末,1717.*

Sally [], and Thomas White, both of A., Oct.25,1812.

Seth, of Swanzey, and Elizabeth Mason of A., Apr.30,1795.

William, of Swanzey, and Nancy Jillson [] of A., Apr.3,1808.


Amy, unm., of Rehoboth, and Dexter Bishop of A., int.Dec.4,1804.

Henry, of Ashford, and Anne Everet of A., int.Jan.17,1767.

Nancy, unm., and Thomas Blanding, both of A., July15,1823.

Obediah, of Rehoboth, and Eunice Freeman of A., int.Nov.24,1787.

Samuel, and Hannah Makinson, July11,1844.PR68*

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