Mary, of Smithfield, and Noah Tiffany of A., int. Sept. 25, 1786.

ORMSBY (Ormesbee, Ormsbe)

Persis, wid., and Daniel Chaffee, both of A., int. Oct. 15, 1757.

Susan (Ormesbee), and Stephen Bourn, Sept. 18, 1794. PR56*

Waitstill (Ormsbe) [Ormsby. int.], of Rehoboth, and Christopher Brown of A., May 10, 1726.

ORNE (Orn)

Asenah [Asenath Orn. int.], and Ebenezer Foster, both of A., Dec. 13, 1792. CR1

Betsey [Orne. int. and CR1], and Henry Bowen [Bowers. CR1], both of A., Oct. 23, 1799.

Fanny [unm. int.], of A., and Waterman T. Dexter of North Providence, RI ["and Providence plantation. " int.], Oct. 15, 1812.

James, jr., and Chloe Hunt Brown, both of A., June 25, 1792. CR1

James (Orn), jr., and Nancy Williams, unm., both of A., Sept. 13, 1801.

Lucy, and Lewis Draper, both of A., Sept. 25, 17––. [1788. int.]

Polly (Orn), and Roger Fernum [Farnum. int.], both of A., Nov. 14, 1797.

Nancy [unm. int.], of A., and Marting Whitney of Bristol [RI. int.], Dec. 10, 1810.

Sally (Orn) [Orne. CR1], of A., and George Barber of Wrentham, Nov. 28, 1799.


Ellen [unm. int.], of Alna, ME, and Onesimus Clarke of A., July 4, 1841.


Rachel, of Andover, and Joshua Felt of A., Nov. 24, 1743.


Bethiah, of Dighton, and Silus Titus of A., int. Aug. 8, 1730.


James, and Elezebeth Fu–––––, both of A., int. May 12, 1744.

Sary, of A., and William Clark of Norton, int. Apr. 19, 1746.

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