C末末, and 末末 Woodcock, both of A., int.Aug.19,1780.


Nabby, and Samuel Gardner, both of A., Nov.4,1790.

John, and Roxana Field [unm.int.], both of A., Dec.15,1818.

Lawton, and Eunice Lane, both of A., Aug.31,1809.


Cynthia, unm., of Woonsocket, and Timothy S. Fuller of A., int.Mar.26,1842.

TALLMAN (Tolman)


Hugh, and Lydia Night, unm., both of A., int.Jan.15,1808.

Sarah, Mrs.[Miss.int.], and Capt. Abial Dunham, both of A., July2,1810.

TAYLOR (Tailor, Tayler)

Alice (Tailor), and Noah Makinson,末蔓末,1802.PR68*

Ebenezar, and Priscilla Kelly [Killy, unm.int.], both of A., Aug.22,1814.

John, and Mary Nuttell, Apr.26,1771.PR68*

Polley [Tayler. int.], and John Samuel Sensibo [Sansabe, both of A. int.], Nov.16,1796.

Samuel, and Harriet H. Price, unm., both of A., Jan.14,1834.


Katharine, wid., and Ezekel Force of Wrentham, int.Feb.10,1786.

THACHER (Thatcher)

Ann F. [T. int.], unm., and Hervey [Harvey.int.] Claflin, both of A., Jan.1,1828.

Bethiah, 2d, and Noah Blanding, both of A., int.Aug.28,1790.

John, and Sarah Richardson, both of A., Dec.7,1780.

Marcy, and John Tyler, jr., both of A., int.May14,1768.

Mercy [unm.int.PR46], and Timothy Bolkcom [Bolcom.int.], both of A., Sept.23,1802. [int.Sept.20,1803.PR46]

Moses (Thatcher), and Sarah Read, both of A., Apr.1,1793.CR1

Moses (Thatcher), and Henritta Wilmarth [unm.int.], both of A., Sept.25,1822.

Moses, Dea.[of Ridgefield, O. int.], and Mary Read, unm.[wid.int.andCR1], both of A., Sept.21,1829.

Nathan Prince, and Nancy Lawton [Laton.CR2; Laten, unm.int.], both of A., Jan.19,1806.

Peter, Rev. ["The Minister. "CR2], and Mrs.Bithiah Carpenter, Nov.31,1749. [Nov.30.CR2]*

Peter, jr., and Nanna Tyler, both of A., int.Mar.4,1778.

Peter, jr., and Seloma Dunham, both of A., May7,1804.

Phebe [unm.int.PR46], and Elias Ingraham of Rehoboth, Apr.16,1807.CR2

Samuel, and Betty [Betsy.CR2] Carpenter, both of A., Feb.4,17末. [1793.CR2]

THAYER (Tayer, Thare, Thayr)

Abiather, jr., and Phebe Richmand, unm., of Norton, int.Aug.20,1820.

Abiather H., unm., a.21 y, farmer, s.Abiather, and Abby Rosanna Blanding, unm., a.25 y, d.Noah, Nov.25,1847.

Benjamin H. (Tayer), of Newport, RI, and Mary H. Claflen, unm., int.Apr.8,1837.

Benjamin L., and Joanna Codding, unm., both of A., int.Mar.13,1842.

Charles, and Sally Witherill, both of Wrentham, Mar.7,1816.*

Elisabeth, of Norton, and Lt. Joseph Guild of A., int.Feb.3,1775.

Betsey, unm., and William Freeman, both of A., int.Dec.4,1819.

Esther, unm., of Wrentham, and Elias White of A., int.Apr.28,1814.

Hannah, and [Alvin.CR1] Bassett [Basset.CR1], both of Norton, May17,1792.*

James, and Rebekah Perry, Feb.10,1825.PR40*

John (Thare), of Mendon, and Mary Spencer, wid., int.Dec.22,1769.

Lois, of Cumberland, and Levi Lane of A., int.Feb.1,1800.

Lydia Lincoln Dean, unm., and Gardner Dunham, both of A., Apr.11,1831.

Lydia S. [T.CR1], unm., and Horatio N. Martin, unm., manufacturer, s.Daniel, Nov.28,1844.

Melancy (Thayr), unm., and Gilbert Hicks of Rehoboth, int.Nov.18,1825.

Sally, unm., and Luke Herring, both of A., Sept.8,1825.

Susannah, unm., of Mansfield, and Scott Fuller of A., int.Apr.12,1807.


Miriam, of Bridgewater, and Amos Starkey of A., Dec.6,1780.

Phillip H., unm., a.22y., jeweler, s.Henry N. and Eunice, and Mary C. Ellis, unm.[of A. int.], a.19y., d.Joel and Mehittable, Sept.11,1849.

Sylvanus, of New Bedford, and Agnes J. Martin of Middleborough, May20,1840.*

William, and Mary Tingley, both of A., int.June9,1785.

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tompson, Tomson)

Alexander, of Boston, and Hannah R. Tyler, unm., int.Feb.6,1847.

Deborah, of Mendon, and Ephraim Hall of A., Dec.25,1773. [1739.PR72]

Hannah (Tomson), and Samuell Jackson, both of A., int.May19,17末.

John, of Seekonk, and Sharlot Walter, unm., int.Oct.16,1820.

John, of Cincinnati, O., and Lydia Barrows, unm., int.Aug.2,1837.

Lucy B., unm., of Wrentham, and Willard D. Blackinton of A., int.July3,1823.

Mary (Thomson), and John Pilsbery, both of A., int.Mar.22,1728-9.

Moses [Tomson. int.], of Franklin, and Betsy Dacy [Dary.CR2; unm.int.] of A., Sept.26,1816.

Prutia (Tompson), of Norton, and Daniel White of Mansfield, Dec.12,1817.*

Rachel Chandler (Thomson), unm., of Rehoboth, and Lewis Kent of A., int.Oct.16,1829.


Rubin, of North Providence, and Mary Fuller of A., int.Nov.24,1802.

Reuben, and Molley [Polly.dup. and int.] Fuller, wid., both of A., Oct.10,1808. [1809. dup.]

Reuben, of Providence, RI, and Mary Whitemor [Whittimore. int.], unm., Nov.5,1824.

THRASHER (Thrasha, Thresher)

Catherine C. [unm.int.], and Nelson Capron, both of A., Nov.1,1841.

Jason (Thrasha), and Anna Draper, both of A., June14,1800. [June15.CR1]

Maria, and Bradford Dean, July5,1826.PR26*

Mary, unm., of Rehoboth, and Amos Sweet, jr. of A., int.Mar.8,1833.

Nancy B. (Thresher), unm., of Willington, and Abel S. Littlewood of A., int.Dec.30,1825.


Albert D., and Harriet R. Allen, unm., both of A., Nov.25,1839.CR2

Alfred W., and Mehetable W. Short, unm., both of A., int.Apr.20,1833.

Betsy M., unm., and Joseph W. [M. int.] Davis, both of A., Apr.7,1834.

Betsey D., Mrs., and Richmond Hazard of Portsmouth, RI, int.Oct.5,1843.

Ezra T., and [Mrs.int.] Rebeckah Fisher, both of A., Aug.27,1815.

John, of Swanzey, and Sarah Leonard of A., Jan.7,1713-14.*

Mary, of Rehoboth, and Jonathan Wilmarth, July12,1747.*

Nathaniel J., and Roda M. Peck, unm., of Rehoboth, int.Apr.2,1843.

Rebecah, unm., and Otis Artherton [Atherton. int.], both of A., Nov.1,1831.

William, and Mrs.Lynda Woodcock [Miss Lynda Ide. int.], both of A., Mar.15,1821.

William N., and Mary Lothrop [Lathrop. int.], unm., both of A., Apr.4,1830.

William, widr., yeoman, and Tenta Wilmarth, unm., both of A., Dec.27,1843.

Celinda A., and Howard Drake of Stoughton, b. Stoughton, Nov.20,1845.*


Deborah, and Hezekiah Lane, both of A., int.May16,1777.

Mehitable, of Taunton [Freetown. int.], and Richards Joslin [Joslen. int.] of A., Oct.16,1729.

TIFFANY (Tifaney, Tiffaney, Tiffeney, Tiffeny, Tiffiney, Tiffney, Tifiney)

Annah (Tiffiney), and Benjamin Stanley, jr., both of A., int.Feb.15,1766.

Barshaba, and Benjamin Linsey of Rehoboth, int.Oct.22,1786.

Comfort, and Chloe Draper, both of A., Feb.24,1803.

Content [Tente, unm.int.], and John Adams Read, both of A., Dec.1,1814.

Daniel, 2d, and Miriam Hodges, 2d, of Norton, Apr.17,1760.

Daniel, and Bathsheba Bolkcom, int.Feb.13,1762.

Daniel, and Mary Woodcock, both of A., int.Apr.17,1762.

Daniel, jr., and Margarett Perry of Rehoboth, int.Mar.7,1801.

Daniel, unm., of Sidney, ME, gentleman, b. Sidney, ME, s.Daniel, of Sidney, ME, and Betsey Maria Hall, unm., d.John, Apr.12,1842.*

Ebenezer, and Molly Carpenter, both of A., Feb.9,1758.

Ebenezer, and Cynthia Tingley, both of A., Jan.19,1786.PR81

Ebenezer, of North Providence, and Mary Bolkcom, unm., of Pawtucket, Nov.14,1830.*

Elizabeth [Mrs., of A. int.], and Andrew Grover [of Norton. int.] Apr.23,1734.

Bettey (Tiffeney), and John Fisher, jr., both of A., int.Oct.24,1757.

Betsey [Tiffeny.CR1; unm.int.], and Terpin [Turpin. int.] H. Arnold of Smithfield, RI, Dec.1,1808.

Ester [Mrs.int.], and Samuel Carpenter of Rehoboth, Apr.19,1795. [Mar.21,1797. int.]

Gideon, Dr., and Mrs.[wid.int.] Sarah Farrer [Ferrer. int.] of Norton, Feb.8,1759.

Hosea (Tiffaney), and Anna Willmarth, both of A., int.Jan.9,1779.

Humphery (Tiffeney), and Phebe Brown of Smithfield, int.Nov.16,1771.

James, jr., and Elizabeth Allen [both of A. int.], Nov.11,1725.

James (Tiffney), jr., and Keziah Tiffney of Norton, int.Oct.12,1753.

John, and Deliverance Parmiter, May26,1737.*

John, and Martha [Ruthey.int.] Clap of Mansfield, Mar.28,1782.

Joseph, and Charlotte Capron, both of A., int.Mar.23,1790.

Joseph A., and Eunice C. Bradford, unm., both of A., May26,1824.

Keziah, and John Land [both of A. int.], June6,1734.

Keziah (Tiffney), of Norton, and James Tiffney, jr. of A., int.Oct.12,1753.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Daggett [both of A. int.], Apr.30,1724.

Martha (Tifiney), and Thomas Willmarth, both of A., int.Apr.20,1770.

Molly, unm., and Jacob Cushman, both of A., June23,1799.

Noah, and Hannah Carpenter of Cumberland, int.Jan.3,1781.

Noah, and Mary Olney of Smithfield, int.Sept.25,1786.

Otis, and Nancy Day, both of A., Oct.2,1796.

Philena, unm., andSamuel Newell, jr., both of A., Apr.4,1793.

Samuel, and Mary Richardson [both of A. int.], Feb.11,1730-31.

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Balcom of Norton [of Newton. int.], June2,1769.

Thomas (Tiffany), and Meletiah Tingley, both of A., int.Jan.9,1779.

William, and Betsey [Elizabeth.int.] Swain of A., Apr.12,1787.

TIFFT (Tift)

Albert C., and Catharine F. Coombs, unm., of Lowell, int.Aug.4,1833.

Horace, and Orinda Blackinton, unm., both of A., Nov.23,1825.

John, and Azuba Blackinton, unm., both of A., Dec.24,1823.

Louisa (Tift), of Wrentham, and William S. Lincoln of A., June20,1819.*

Stephen (Tift), of Cumberland, and Lois Guild, unm., Nov.14,1799.*


Lidia [Titus of A. int.], and Ezekel Robbins [of Walpole. int.], Jan.7,1755.


Betsey A., and Allen M. Bates, at Connecticut, Sept.30,1848.PR54*

Hannah Amanda, unm., of East Greenwich, RI, and Charles Anthony of A., int.Aug.22,1837.

Harriett M., unm., of Wrentham, and James W. Schenck of A., int.Mar.29,1834.


TINGLEY (Tingly)

Abby C., unm., and Chauncy Shepard [Shephard.CR1] of Providence, RI, May27,1829.

Ann E., unm., and Leprilett Loge of Fall River, int.Apr.10,1847.

Areunah, and Kezia Pitcher, int.Oct.26,1765.

Binjamin, and Sibilah Fuller [both of A. int.], Jan.24,1765.

Benjamin, Lt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Filbrocks of Cumberland, int.Sept.8,1785.

Chloe, and Samuel Titus, both of A., June25,17末. [1789. int.]

Cloe, and Isaac Draper, both of A., int.Oct.28,1769.

Cynthia, and Ebenezer Tiffany, both of A., Jan.19,1786.PR81

Daniel, and Hannah Slack, both of A., int.Nov.5,1743.

Elisha, of [Killingly.int.], CT, and Susan Sweetland, unm., June9,1825.

Betsy, and Elijah Hews, both of A., Nov.1,1792.CR1

Betsey, and Stephen Pitt [Pits.int.] Morse, both of A., Feb.22,1798.

Elkanah, and Prescella Aldrige of Smithfield, int.Jan.25,1779.

Ephraim, and Elizebeth Birchard of Norwich, int.Aug.1,1730.

Hannah, and Elkanah Lane of Norton, June10,1742.

Hannah, and Robert Nesbot of East Hoosick, int.Mar.13,1773.

Henry F., unm., of Providence, RI, stone sculptor, b. Providence, RI, s.Sylvanus, of Providence, RI, and Lucy Ann Draper, unm., d.Isaac, Jan.17,1844.

Jemima, wid., and John Robinson, both of A., int.Feb.20,1768.

Josiah, and Jemima Crabtree, both of A., int.Oct.6,1759.

Loisa, unm., and Richard Everitt, both of A., int.Nov.6,1819.

Lucy, and Nathaniel Tower, both of A., int.June10,1774.

Lucy, unm., and William Morse, jr., both of A., Apr.2,1795.

Lydia, and Thomas Witherton, both of A., int.Sept.30,1790.

Meletiah, and Thomas Tiffaney, both of A., int.Jan.9,1779.

Martha, and Jonathan Fuller of Cumberland, int.Oct.30,1773.

Patty, and Jeremiah Pierce [Pearse. int.], both of A., Sept.29,1791.

Molly, and Josiah Seaman of Rehoboth, int.Aug.15,1761.

Polly, and Paul Draper, both of A., Feb.26,1801.

Matilda, unm., and Jesse F. Peck of Pelham, int.Jan.1,1820.

Nathan, and Lucy Barrows of Rehoboth, Jan.11,1773.

Otis R. [M. int.], and Anganett Richards [unm.int.], both of A., Sept.23,1835.

Rhoda, and Joseph Stearns, both of A., int.July13,1774.

Rowena [unm.int.; d.Samuel and Rebekah.PR30], and Josiah Allen, jr., both of A., Sept.22,1811.

Ruth, and Aaron Richardson of Providence, int.Oct.13,1764.

Samuel, and Hannah Pidge, Dec.15,1713. [1715. dup.]*

Samuel, and Margrett Short of Weymouth [d.Rev. Matthew and Margaret (Freeman), at Weymouth.PR30], Feb.3,1737. [1735.PR30]*

Samuel, Lt., and Jemima Streeter, wid., both of A., int.Aug.11,1764.

Samuel, jr., and Rebeckah Cushman, both of A., int.Feb.12,1780.

Samuel, and Aimy Vial, both of A., July末,1797. [July16.CR1]

Samuel, jr., and Rebekah Cushman, d.Jacob and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1799.PR30*

Silvanus, of Providence [RI int.], and Rosana [Roxany.int.] Ellis [unm.int.] of A., Oct.17,1813.

Thomas, and Martha [Day, both of A. int.], Nov.28,1754.

Thomas, jr., and Elizabeth Tyler, both of A., Oct.15,1792.CR1

Thomas, jr., and Betsey Ingraham, both of A., Jan.27,1799.

Thomas, and Marcy Brown, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int.Feb.3,1815.

Timothy [Ens.int.], and Ruth Partridge [Pattridge. int.] of Medfield, May27,1730.

Timothy, and Eunice [Unice. int.] Robinson [unm.int.], both of A., Mar.17,1810. [1811.CR1]

Timothy C. [Rev. int.], of Foxborough, and Nancy Bliss, unm., Apr.3,1832.

Cylinda [Selenda.int.], and William Read, both of A., May24,1792.CR1


Orlando, of Easton, and Sally [A. int.] Collins, unm., Apr.21,1831.

TISDALE (Tisdel)

Esther, of Norton, and Philip Allen of A., Nov.1,1781.

Harriet [unm.int.], of North Providence, RI, and John Draper of A., May9,1824.

Israel, jr., of Stoughton, and Almira [Elvira.int.] Ann Cutting, unm., June9,1833.

Sarah Ann Read, and Thomas Sandland [unm.int.], both of A., Apr.24,1836.

Sarah R., of Fall River, and Joseph J. Freeman, int.May11,1849.

Sophey (Tisdel), unm., of Taunton, and David Pidge of A., int.Sept.20,1829. "Stoped after once. "

TITUS (Titas)

Abigail, and Samuel Sweetland, both of A., int.Aug.5,1775.

Alithea, wid., of Rehoboth, and Josiah [Isiah.int.] Carpenter of A., Sept.12,1743. [Aug.10,1734. int.]

Benjamin, and Hephzibah Hemingway, May12,1720.*

Charlotte, unm., of Rehoboth, and Simeon Fisher of A., int.Dec.27,1811.

Cordelia Anger [Augus.int.], unm., and Abijah Haskins [Haskans.int.] of Cumberland, RI, May21,1829.

Crawford, and Ann Cozzens [unm.int.], both of A., Nov.23,1812.

David, of Monmouth, and Rhode Rounds [unm.int.] of A., Apr.17,1817.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Streeter, June4,1717.*

Elisabeth, and Simeon Wheeler of Rehoboth, int.Mar.11,1780.

Emeline, unm., and William Everett Robinson of Hallowell, int.Dec.7,1815.

Ezekiel, and Lois Richardson, both of A., int.Nov.10,1786.

George W., of Seekonk, and Lyndia Perry [unm.int.] of A., Jan.8,1818.

Hannah, and Daniel Day, jr., Aug.31,1749.*

Hephzibath, of Mansfield, and David Sweetland of A., Feb.10,1774.

Hezekiah, of Rehoboth, and Freelove Perry of A., int.July19,1746.

Hiram W[ashington. int.], and Anna S[mith.int.] Stimson [Stimpson.CR1], both of A., June7,1821. [June17.CR1]

Jane, and Ezra French, both of A., Aug.22,1786.

Jemima, and Ezra Perry of Rehoboth, int.Feb.13,1762.

John, and Mary Daggett [both of A. int.], Jan.18,1727-8.

John, and Lyda Beats, both of A., int.Apr.23,1763.

John, and Betsy Swan, unm., both of A., May12,1799.

John, of Monmouth [District of Maine. int.], and Lucinda Ingalls Rounds [unm.int.] of A., Sept.11,1809.

Jonathan, and Dorothy Kent of Rehoboth, Apr.4,1748.*

Jonathan, Dea., and Rebeckah Welman, both of A., Oct.2,1780.PR81

Julia [unm.int.], and John Field [jr. int.] of North Providence, RI, Mar.5,1812.

Lucy, unmn., of Cumberland, RI, and Fitts William H. Knowles of A., int.Sept.23,1846.

Lyda, and Timothy Fisher, jr. of Wrentham, int.Dec.8,1770.

Lydai, and Peletiah Mason of Cumberland, int.Apr.7,1794.

Molly, and Ebenezer Walcott of Winthrop, Mar.20,17末. [Nov.9,1787. int.]

Molley, and Josha Evret, jr., both of A., int.Mar.31,1764.

Melancy, unm., and Daman White, both of A., Oct.21,1824.

Mercy, and Nathan Wilmarth, jr., Dec.末,174. [Dec.6,1748.CR2]*

Michael, and Elizabeth Haskins of Rehoboth, Sept.6,1738.

Otis T., and Celistine Walcott, unm., of Cumberland, RI, June6,1826.

Peter, of Rehoboth, and Polly Draper of A., Aug.24,1797.

Robert, and Sarah Deering, Nov.21,1710.*

Robert, and Elezebeth Foster, both of A., int.Mar.19,1755.

Robert [jr. int.], and Rachel Wheeler of Rehoboth, Dec.9,1779.

Samuel, and Chloe Tingley, both of A., June25,17末. [1789. int.]

Samuel, and Sarah Bishop [Bishup. int.], both of A., Nov.29,1726.

Samuel [of A. int.], and Hepzebeth Skinner [of Norton. int.], Feb.5,1735.

Samuell, of Rehoboth, and Rachel Fisher of A., int.Apr.3,1777.

Sarah, and John Stephens [both of A. int.], Dec.6,1733.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Cowel of Wrentham, int.Oct.11,1738.

Sarah, and Nathan Wheeler of Rehoboth, int.Dec.20,1777.

Silus, and Bethiah Otes of Dighton, int.Aug.8,1730.

Silas (Titas) [Titus.int.], and Ruth Turner of Scituate, Aug.13,1746.

Simeon, and Hannah Allein, both of A., int.Oct.18,1766.

Sylvester, of Norton, and Nancy Draper, unm., Sept.10,1797.

William, of Rehoboth, and Bashab Fisher of A., int.Nov.15,1772.

William H., of Seekonk, and Almira B. Fisher, unm., Nov.20,1825.


Archabald, jr., of Mansfield, and Esther Whiting, unm., Feb.13,1821.

TOLMAN (Tallman, Toleman, Tollman)

Anne (Tallman), and Robart Claflen, both of A., int.Jan.28,1737.

Johnson, of Stoughton, and Mary Everett [unm.int.] of A., May末,1834.

Ruth (Toleman), and Isaac Jackson [both of A. int.],末蔓末,17末. [Aug.22,1755. int.]

Spencer (Tollman) [Tolman. int.], of Foxborough, and Eliza Pond, unm., Nov.30,1831.

Thomas, and Mary Pidge, both of A., Apr.1,1762.

Thomas (Tolman), Lt., of Wrentham, and Lois Clark of A., Aug.17,1780.PR81

William (Toleman), and Chloe White of Mansfield, int.Aug.23,1777.


Fredrick A., and Harriett J. Robinson, unm., of Wrentham, int.Oct.25,1844.

TORRY (Torrey)

Joseph F., and Julia Razee, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int.Mar.9,1846.

Levi (Torrey), father of Samuel, and Elizabeth Arnold of Charlestown, niece of David Arnold of Norton,末蔓末,1787.PR10*

Samuel (Torrey), and Eunice Day, Aug.27,1813.PR10*

William D., and Mary Ann Angell, unm., of Coventry, RI, int.July31,1841.


Benjamin Turner, of Westminster, VT, and Chloe Bates of A., Apr.25,1799.

Daniel, and Mary Ann Clark, unm., both of Seekonk, Aug.4,1822.*

Deborah, of Cumberland, and Nathaniel Jilson of A., int.Jan.16,1768.

Gideon, and Martha Standley, both of A., int.Dec.20,1745.

Hannah, and William Hancock of Wrentham, July19,1733.

John, and Hannah Hancok of Wrentham, int.Oct.13,1739.

Joseph, and Juduth Briggs of Taunton, int.Apr.9,1743.

Margaret, and Jeremiah Bartlett, both of A., int.Apr.11,1730.

Nathaniel, and Lucy Tingley, both of A., int.June10,1774.

Patience, and Nathan Carpenter, Dec.26,1723.*

Sarah, and Elisha Sabin of Dudley, int.June10,1732.

Zipporah, and Joseph Jackson [both of A. int.], Jan.28,1730-31.

TOWN (Towne)

Abisha, and Lucinda Welman, both of A., Apr.16,1793.CR1

Abner (Towne), and Sary Butler, both of A., int.Apr.12,1746.

Azubah, unm., and Preston [G. int.] Richards, both of A., Mar.28,1824.

Chloe, and Joseph Perry [Perrey.int.], both of A., Mar.25,1790.

Lucinda, unm., and Orlin Jackson, both of A., Dec.21,1824.

Rosela, unm., and Onesimus Clark, jr., both of A., int.May10,1834.

Willard [Towne. int.], and Roxa [Rona.int.] Richardson, unm., both of A., July12,1829.


Amanda, of Providence, RI, and Daniel D. Sweet of A., int.Feb.23,1833.

TRAFTON (Traffon)

Betsy, of Dighton, and Daniel L. Fisher of A., int.Oct.11,1835.

John (Traffon), of Dighton, and Patience Simmons of A., Aug.22,1751.*


Hannah, of North Providence, RI, and Luther Eberton of A., Jan.11,1816.*


Emeline, unm., of Seekonk, and Samuel Phillips of A., int.Aug.14,1830.


Benjamin, and Hannah Streeter, Feb.20,1723-4.*

Beriah, and Hannah Chub of Hebron, int.June1,1734.

Richard, and Margrit Daggett [both of A. int.], Apr.27,1736.


Abel, and Polly Freeman, 2d unm., both of A., int.June27,1814.

Abel, and Olive Freeman, unm., both of A., Nov.27,1834.

Abigail [unm.int.], and David Martin, both of A., Oct.15,1822.

Darkes, wid., and Solomon Bates, both of A., int.Sept.19,1788.

Ephraim [Tripp. int.], and Dolly Abell [Abel. int.] of Rehoboth, Nov.22,1777.

Ephraim S., and Hannah S. Andrews, unm., of Portland, ME, int.Nov.4,1837.

Hannah M., unm., and Asa E. Carpenter of Pawtucket, Jan.1,1840.CR2

James, and Dorcas Day, both of A., int.June25,1771.

Liberty, and Rachel R. Richardson, unm., both of A., int.Oct.24,1822.

Martha, wid., and Joseph Woodcock, both of A., int.Feb.23,1769.

Martha R., unm., and Nelson Rounds, both of A., at Wrentham, Nov.4,1840.

Robert, and Elizabeth Rounds [Round.int.], unm., both of A., Dec.11,1803.

Thomson, of Boston, and Nancy Lincon [Nancy Smith, unm.int.PR46] of Norton, at Norton, Apr.23,1837.


Abbigal [Twichel. int.], of Oxford, and John Bishop [jr. int.] of A., Sept.末,1736.

Albert Sabin, of Norton, and Abagail Barrows, unm., int.Nov.11,1837.

Delfor B., of Windham, CT, and Lydia [E. int.] Sweetland, unm., Feb.5,1832.

Esek, of Wrentham, and Fanny Hodges Lincoln, unm., int.Aug.16,1812.

John, and Nancy Allen, unm., both of A., Oct.20,1834.

Lydia, unm., and Williams Wheeler of Taunton, int.Apr.7,1836.

Mary [Mrs.int.], 2d of Norton, and John Daggett, Esq., Aug.5,1784.

Sarah, of Norton, and Aaron Cutting of A., June11,1755.

Silence, unm., of Norton, and Ephraim Hall of A., int.Apr.25,1807.

Susan [Mrs.int.; Susannah.PR73], of Stoughton, and Jeremiah Ingraham of A., Sept.2,1731.

Susan J., unm., a.38y., d.James and Esther Bullock, and John B. Lincoln, unm., a.32y., laborer, s.John and Hannah, Jan.21,1849.

Tiley [Tila, unm.int.], and Ephraim Hall, both of A., July6,1820.

William, and Sarah Woodcock, both of A., Nov.2,1780.PR81


Chester L., and Sarah I. Robinson, unm., of Wrentham, int.Sept.29,1838.

Elizabeth, of Braintree, and Isaac Mores of A., int.Oct.27,1739.

Mary, and Lewis Carpenter, both of A., July4,1809.

Ruth, of Scituate, and Silas Titas [Titus.int.] of A., Aug.13,1746.

Thomas, and Betsy Morse, both of A., Apr.5,1795.


Martha, and Eleazer Metcalf, at Providence, RI, Mar.24,1736-7.*


TYLER (Tiler, Tylor)

Abijah, Dr., and Fanny Richardson, unm., both of A., Aug.8,1802.

Chloe, and Ebijah Bats, both of A., int.Oct.3,1767.

David, and Hannah Read, both of A., int.Oct.28,1793.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Read, both of A., May4,1762.

Ebenezer, and Martha Nolton, wid., of Cumberland, int.May16,1775.

Ebenezer, and Mary French, d.Joseph, June3,1784.

Elizabeth (Tiler), and Ebenezer White [both of A. int.], Sept.19,1734.

Elesabeth, and Timothy Reed, both of A., int.Dec.8,1764.

Elisabeth, and Daniell Carpenter, both of A., int.Jan.11,1766.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Tingley, jr., both of A., Oct.15,1792.CR1

Esther, Mrs., of Preston, CT, and Rev. John Wilder of A., int.July29,1790.

Eunice D., unm., and Henry C. Read of Worcester, Oct.16,1834.

Experience, and Philip Briggs of Rehoboth, int.Sept.11,1779.

Hannah [Tiler. dup.], and Ephraim Green of Bristol, Oct.20,1713.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Freeman, Feb.23, [1750.]

Hannah, and Samuell Holmes, both of A., int.Jan.26,1778.

Hannah [unm.int.], and Nathaniel Guild of Dedham, Oct.1,1810.

Hannah R., unm., and Alexander Thompson of Boston, int.Feb.6,1847.

Huldah [of A. int.], d.Capt. Samuel, and Amos Ide [of A. int.], Mar.22,1753.

Huldah, unm., and Ezra Ware [Wares.int.] of Essex, VT, Nov.19,1795.

John, and Anne Blackenton [both of A. int.], Oct.10,1755. [Sept.27,1745. int.]

John, jr., and Mercy Thacher, both of A., int.May14,1768.

Loisa [Tylor. int.], unm., and Atherton Wales, both of A., May24,1830.

Levina [unm.int.], and Dr. Abijah Draper of Roxbury, Jan.12,1807.

Lucinda, and Henry Sweet, jr., both of A., int.Apr.14,1787.

Lucenda, unm., of Rehoboth, and Edward Richardson of A., int.Feb.17,1806.

Lucy, and David Smith, both of A., Nov.28,1799.

Martha (Tiler), of Falmouth, and John Welman of A., int.末蔓末, [17末.]

Molly, 2d, and John Carpenter, 2d, both of A., Feb.21,17末. [1793.CR2]

Mary (Tiler), and William Bolkcome, Oct.3,1717.*

Mary, and David Dexter, Aug.31,1749.*

Mary, and Allen Clafflen, both of A., int.June18,1776.

Mary, 2d, and Cyrel Carpenter, jr., both of A., int.Feb.22,1790.

Mercy, 2d, and Obediah Carpenter, jr., both of A., int.July9,1790.

Moses (Tiler), and Patience Ide, both of A., int.Apr.14,1744.

Moses, and Thankfull Read, both of A., int.Jan.28,1758.

Nancy, 2d, and Thomas Sweet, jr., both of A., Nov.17,1791.

Nancy, and Calvin Sweet, both of A., May26,1793.CR1

Nanna, and Peter Thacher, jr., both of A., int.Mar.4,1778.

Nathan, and Rebecah Eastee [both of A. int.], Mar.22,1753.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Bates, both of A., int.Aug.28,1773.

Phebe (Tiler), and Ichabod Ward,末蔓末, [17末.]*

Samuel (Tiler), and Mary Capron, Dec.19,1717.*

Samuel, and Betsey Sampson, unm., of Roxbury, int.Aug.17,1811.

Samuel, and [Mrs.int.] Charity Chase [Chace. int.], unm., both of A., Oct.16,1834.

Salley [unm.int.], and Leonard Holmes, both of A., Apr.22,1822.

Silas, of Lowell and Fanny Stanley,末蔓末,1818.PR70*

Sylvia [unm.int.], and Tristam Bird of Dorchester, Apr.29,1816.

Thankfull, and Timothy Perry of Westford, "Resident in Attleborough," int.Sept.4,1784.

Tirzah [unm.int.PR46], and Jacob Streeter of Hinsdale, Nov.25,1802.

Walter, and Barshaba Sweet, both of A., int.Mar.23,1790.

Zelotes [int.], and Moley Robinson, both of A., Dec.7,1791.

Zuriel, and Chloe Bragg of Wrentham, int.Mar.19,1785.


William, and Elonar White, both of A., Oct.18,17末. [1787. int.]

William [Tyson. int.], and Submit Woodcock [Woodcok. int.], unm., both of A., Dec.4,1792.


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