BANCROSS, Isaac, see Bowers, Isaac.

BOWEN, Isaac, see Bowers, Isaac.

DUNDEE, –––––, and Violet of Rehoboth, both negroes, Dec. 25, 1738.*

Violet, –––––, of Rehoboth, and Dundee of A., both negroes, Dec. 25, 1738.*

BRISTOL, –––––, "a Servent ot the Rev. Mr. Weld," and Finner, "a free Negro," int. Feb. 2, 1776.

FINNER, –––––, "a free Negro," and Bristol, "a Servent to the Rev. Mr. Weld," int. Feb. 2, 1776.

COLY, –––––, "Negro man Servant of Mr. Thomas Yates of A.," and Phebe, "negro maid Servant of Mr. John Demont of Providence," int. June 12, 1777.

Phebe, –––––, "negro maid Servant of Mr. John Demont of Providence," and Coly, "Negro man Servant of Mr. Thomas Yates of A.," int. June 12, 1777.

Violet, –––––, "a Negro Woman Which ye Said warwick purchased of Mr. Lapon" of Cumberland, and Worwick Comboy, "free Negro man," of A., int. May 18, 1778.

CHACE, Betty [Betsey. int.], "Molatto woman," and Isaac Bowers, "Negro Man," both of A., May 1, 1792.

BOWERS, Isaac, "Negro Man," and Betty [Betsey. int.] Chace, "Molatto woman," both of A., May 1, 1792.

SLY, Jemima, wid., "Negro Woman," and Robert Lovett, "Negro Man," both of A., Jan. 25, 1793. CR1

LOVETT, Robert, "Negro Man," and Jemima Sly, wid., "Negro Woman," Jan. 25, 1793. CR1

Isaac [Bancross. dup.], and Rosanna Wansley [Womsley, unm. dup] of Rehoboth, both "persons of Color," Mar. 24, 1807. [Mar. 22, 1808. dup.]

WANSLEY, Rosanna [Wormsley, unm. dup.], of Rehoboth, and Isaac Bowers [Bancross. dup.] of A., both "persons of Color," Mar. 24, 1807. [Mar. 22, 1808. dup.]

CARR, Frances, of Rehoboth, and Prince Williams of Providence, RI, both "persons of Color," May 20, 1810.*

WILLIAMS, Prince, of Providence, RI, and Frances Carr of Rehoboth, both "persons of Color," May 20, 1810.*

REDWOOD, Crismus, and [Mrs. int. PR46] Nancy Morril [Merrill. CR2; Morrell, people of colour. int.], both of A., Aug. 1, 1813.

MORRIL, Nancy [Merrill. CR2; Morrill. int.; Mrs. int. PR46], and Crismus Redwood [people of colour. int.], both of A., Aug. 1, 1813.

CORLESS, John [Carles. dup.], and Selome Valintine of Dighton, "people of Colour," int. Jan. 24, 1819. [int. Aug. 30, 1817. dup.]

VALINTINE, Selome, of Dighton, and John Corless [Carles. dup.] of A., "people of Colour," int. Jan. 24, 1819. [int. Aug. 30, 1817. dup.]


–––AP, Robart, of Bellingham, and Alles Streeter of A., int. Mar. 21, 1723-4.

–––––, Deliver, of Boston, and Ephraim Sheldon of A., int. Aug. 29, 1724.

–––––, –––––, and William ––––– of Smithfield, int. Mar. 25, 1741.

–––––, William, of Smithfield, and ––––– ––––– of A., int. Mar. 25, 1741.

–––––, Elesebeth [Bathsheba Daggett. CR1], and John Balcom [Bolckum. CR1], jr., May 28, 1742.*

–––––, Sary, and Joshua Parminter, Nov. 3, 1742.*

–––––, Nathaniel, and Lydia May, int. ––– ––, 1763.

–––––, John and An Miller, both of A., int. May 7, 1768.

–––––, Fanne, and David Bolkcom, both of A., int. Apr. 9, 1781.

–––––, Caleb, of Coventry, RI, and Molly Commins of A., int. Aug. 3, 1784.

–––––, Nancy, of Bridgewater, and Moses Pike, jr. of A., int. Feb. 2, 1788.

–––––, –––––, and ––––– –––––, Oct. 14, 1809.*

–––––, –––––, and ––––– –––––, Oct. 14, 1809.*

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