RADDIN (Reading)

Rosamond (Reading) [unm. int.], and Guildford Barrows, both of A., Aug. 30, 1812.

Abigail King, of Danvers, and Milton Stanley, at Billerica, Oct. ––, 1831. PR70*


Nathaniel, jr., and Chloe Richardson [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 3, 1818.

RANDALL (Randal)

Nehemiah (Randal), and Bethiah Burse [unm. int.], both of A., July 29, 1822.

Albert, and Elisa G. Sherman, unm., of Pawtucket, int. Apr. 21, 1849.


Adaline M., unm., of Wrentham, and Joseph Jewett of A., int. June 25, 1828.


Thomas, and Anna Follet, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. Oct. 26, 1804.

Laura, unm., of Wrentham, and Amos Sprague Rhodes of A., Sept. 3, 1840.

Charles, unm., a. 23 y., physician, s. Dexter and Sally, and Mary Ann Codding, unm. of A., a. 19 y., Jan. 11, 1846.


Mary, of Wrentham, and Job Fuller of A., Apr. 23, 1772.

James, and Sarah Brayden, unm., of Smithfield, RI, int. June 5, 1842.


Sally Dean, unm., of Norton, and Otis Robinson of A., int. May 26, 1810.

RAZE (Razee, Reaze)

Joseph, and Mercy Davice, wid., both of A., int. Feb. 21, 1729-30.

Joseph (Reaze), and Mehetabell Sweetland, both of A., int. May 30, 1741.

Sarah, of Cumberland, and Elisha Carpenter, jr. of A., int. Feb. 28, 1767.

Sarah O. (Razee), unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Charles F. Aldrich of A., int. Apr. 26, 1845.

Julia (Razee), unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Joseph F. Torry of A., int. Mar. 9, 1846.

READ (Reade, Reed, Reid)

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Robinson, both of A., May 30, 1720.*

Isreal, and Hannah Robinson, both of A., int. Dec. 7, 1728.

Beriah [of A. int.], and Nehemiah Bucklen [of Rehoboth. int.], Dec. 10, 1730.

Hannah [of A. int.], and Barak Bucklin [of Rehoboth. int.], Aug. 11, 1731.

Ichabod, and Elizabeth Chaffee [Chaffe. int.] of Rehoboth, Feb. 28, 1733-4.

Martha, of Rehoboth, and David Whipple of A., July 7, 1737.*

Hannah [of Rehoboth. int.], and Stephan Wilmarth [of A. int.], Mar. 3, 1741-2.

Noah [Reade. int.], and Abigal Robbins [both of A. int.], Mar. 11, 1741-2.

Daniel, and Mary White, Apr. 2, 1741. CR1*

–––––, and Mary White, June 2, 1741.*

Elezebath (Reade), and Jacob Cushman, both of A., int. Sept. 19, 1741.

Mary [Reed. CR2], and John Drier [Dryer. CR2], Nov. 5, 1749. [Oct. 5, 1744. dup.]*

Samuel, and Mary Lindley [Linly. int.] of Rehoboth, June 5, 1746.

Patience, and Thomas Brag, both of A., int. Oct. 7, 1746.

Rachel (Reed), Mrs., and John Foster, 3d, June 8, 1750.*

Moses, and Ruth Freeman, Aug. 19, 1752.*

Abigail (Reed), and Benjamin Ide, jr., Apr. 4, 1757.*

Eliflet, of Cumberland, and Sallah Buckling of A., int. May 14, 1757.

Johanah, wid., and Daniell Freeman, both of A., int. Dec. 31, 1757.

Thankfull, and Moses Tyler, both of A., int. Jan. 28, 1758.

Nathaniel, and Huldah Carpenter, both of A., Dec. 25, 17––, [Nov. 4, 1758. int.]

Timothy, jr., of Rehoboth, and Martha Pidge of A., int. Nov. 25, 1759.

Noah, and Hannah Richardson, wid., both of A., int. Nov. 28, 1759.

Keziah [Read. int.], of Rehoboth, and John Ridge [Pidge, jr. int.] of A., Apr. 2, 1761.

Noah, and Dorcas Chaffee, int. Nov. 7, 1761.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Tyler, both of A., May 4, 1762.

Samuel, of Rehoboth, and Lilla Carpenter of A., int. July 17, 1762.

Sarah, and Daniel Richardson, both of A., int. Sept. 25, 1762.

Ichabod, and Elisabeth Robinson, both of A., int. Mar. 5, 1763.

Samuell, of Rehoboth, and Mary Maxey, wid., int. Oct. 8, 1763.

Mary, of Rehoboth, and Jonathan Garfield [Gaffield. int.] of A., Apr. 9, 1764.

Lida [Lydia. int.], and Abraham Blos [Bloss. int.] of Sturbridge, Oct. 8, 1764.

Timothy, and Elesabeth Tyler, both of A., int. Dec. 8, 1764.

Daniell, jr., and Bebb Peck, both of A., int. Mar. 2, 1765.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Pek, both of A., int. Jan. 18, 1766.

Timothy, and Priscilla Hatch of Walpole, int. June 28, 1766.

Mary, wid., and Joseph Miller of Rehoboth, int. Dec. 6, 1766.

Ruth, of Rehoboth, and John Sweeting, int. Nov. 28, 1767.

Mary, and Aaron Barros, both of A., int. Sept. 17, 1768.

Mathew, and Dorothy Bardeen, both of A., int. Feb. 4, 1769.

Chloe, and Comfort Moors, both of A., int. June 23, 1769.

Amos, and Mary Ide, both of A., int. May 21, 1771.

David, of Rehoboth, and Bettey Moor of A., int. Aug. 30, 1771.

Daniel, Capt., and Mary Maxcy, wid., both of A., int. Mar. 5, 1776.

Deborah, and Samuel Liscomb, both of A., int. Aug. 16, 1776.

Peter, and Mary Pitcher, both of A., int. Oct. 26, 1776.

Patience, of Rehoboth, and Abial Fuller of A., int. Mar. 18, 1778.

Eunice, and Eleazer Sprague of North Providence, int. Aug. 31, 1778.

Ephraim, and Hannah Fuller, both of A., int. July 17, 1779.

Joel, and Chloe Stanley, both of A., int. Aug. 28, 1779.

Huldah, jr., of Rehoboth, and Moses Brown of A., int. July 21, 1781.

Nathaniel [jr., of Rehoboth. int.], and Anna Bourn [of A. int.], June 13, 1782. PR55

Hannah, and Otis Robinson, both of A., Mar. 17, 1785. PR81

Elisabethe, and Benjamin Eastey, both of A., int. Dec. 15, 1786.

Dorcas, and Job Harding of Medway, Apr. 25, 1787. PR81

Abel, and Elesibeth Sweet, both of A., int. Jan. 24, 1789.

Ebenezer, and Bette Stanley, both of A., int. Oct. 31, 1789.

Susanna, and Benjamian Samson of Bridgewater, int. Aug. 21, 1790.

William, and Cylinda [Selenda. int.] Tingley, both of A., May 24, 1792. CR1

Sarah, and Moses Thatcher, both of A., Apr. 1, 1793. CR1

Hannah, and David Tyler, both of A., int. Oct. 28, 1793.

Hannah, of Rehoboth, and Selvester Jilson of A., int. Apr. 30, 1795.

Nathan, of Rehoboth, and Sally Robinson of A. [both of A. int.], Nov. 7, 1795. [Nov. 12. CR1]

Lois [Lois Cady Read. CR1], and Rufus Fernum [Farnan. int.; Farnum. CR1] of Boston, Sept. 2, 1798.

Jonathan, and Nancy Bicknell, unm., both of A., Apr. 16, 1799.

Levi, and Anna Hunt, both of A., Feb. 27, 1800.

Hipsibah, of Rehoboth, and David Cummins of A., May 1, 1800.

Azereel, and Molly Sprague, both of A., Sept. 30, 1800.

Abel, 2d, and Sally Carpenter of Cumberland, RI, int. Jan. 1, 1802.

Eunice [unm. int.], and Jabez Newell, both of A., Aug. 24, 1803.

Olive [unm. int.], and Jason Messenger of Dedham, Dec. 1, 1803.

Joel (Reed) [Read. int.], of Princeton, and Amy Maxey of A., May 17, 1804.

Amos, and Caroline Matilda Bowen, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Feb. 10, 1805.

Nancy, and Sabin Atherton, ––– ––, 1806. PR55*

Arnan, and Polly Cushman, wid. ["Miss. " int.], both of A., Dec. 3, 1806.

Otis, and Charlotte Everett [unm. int.], both of A., Aug. 16, 1810.

Hulda, d. Nathaniel and Anna (Bourne), and Olney Robinson, Oct. 21, 1810. [at Rehoboth. dup.] PR55*

Isaac, and Louise [Lovice. int. and CR2] Woodcock [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 11, 1812.

Moses, and Esther Fuller, unm., both of A., int. Mar. 19, 1812.

Chloe [unm. int.], and Abijah M. Ide, both of A., Dec. 29, 1812.

Artemas, and Abigail French [unm. int.] of Wrentham, Mar. 14, 1813.

Russel, and Susan Peck [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 17, 1814.

John Adams, and Content [Tente. int.] Tiffany [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 1, 1814.

Nathaniel, and Sally Crossman, ––– ––, 1815. PR55*

Salley [unm. int.], and Ona [Orna. CR1] Carpenter of Seekonk, Dec. 10, 1818.

Lucy [unm. int.], of Seekonk, and Asa Dean of A., Dec. 14, 1818.

Lois [unm. int.], and Dea. Ezekiel Kent of Rehoboth, Mar. 22, 1819.

Susan [Mrs. int.], and William Barrows of Millbury, Sept. 19, 1819.

Hannah, unm., and Jonathan Fuller, both of A., int. Mar. 7, 1821.

Mary [unm. int.], and Carlos Barrows, both of A., Jan. 1, 1822.

Hannah, unm., of Medway, and Daved Jackson of A., int. Aug. 17, 1822.

John (Reid), and Noami Gazee, unm., of Pawtucket, int. ––– 6, 1823.

David, and Louisa Ide, unm., both of A., Mar. 24, 1823.

Daniel, Capt., and Lydia W. Miller, unm., of Warren, RI, int. Apr. 6, 1825.

Elijah R., and Lucinda A. Carpenter, unm., both of A., int. Apr. 9, 1825.

Clement O., of Dunstable, NH, and Miranda Collins, unm., int. Mar. 2, 1826.

Joel, Esq., and Mary Le Craw, wid., of North Providence, RI, int. Mar. 17, 1827.

Charlotte A., unm., and William Atkinson of Nashua Village, NH, int. Aug. 15, 1829.

Mary, unm. [wid. int. and CR1], and Dea. Moses Thacher [of Ridgefield, O. int.], both of A., Sept. 21, 1829.

Nathan, and Bethiah Blanding [unm. int.], both of A., Jan. 13, 1831. [Jan. 10. CR2]

Margaret B., of Newport, RI, and Sylvester Fuller of A., int. Aug. 28, 1831.

Mary F., unm., and Dan W. Pike, both of A., Oct. 30, 1831.

Henry C., of Worcester, and Eunice D. Tyler, unm., Oct. 16, 1834.

Elbridge G., of Easton, and Abigail Claflin, unm., int. Sept. 20, 1835.

Charles, of Pawtucket, and Lucy Newman, unm., int. Sept. 13, 1836.

Marcus (Reed), and Mary E. Cobb, unm., of Foxborough, int. Sept. 21, 1839.

Angeline, unm., and Andrew J. Goff of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 7, 1840.

Eliza, unm., and Ebenezer Richmond of Newton, Jan. 1, 1841.

Amherst E[verett. int.], of Coventry, RI, and Eliza Allen [unm. int.] of A., Apr. 5, 1841.

Edmund, of Needham, and Fanny M. Peck [unm. int.] of A., Mar. 31, 1844.

William W., and Sarah French, unm., of Pawtucket, int. Sept. 20, 1844.

Clement O., and Lydia Buffum [unm. int.] of Cumberland [of Valley Falls. int.], at Cumberland, Apr. 2, 1845.


Samuel, and Abia Follett, int. Jan. 4, 1760.


Louisa, unm., of Scituate, RI, and Charles Clark of A., int. July 13, 1833.


Mathew, and Rachil Easterbrooks of Swanzey, Jan. 24, 1733-4.

RHODES (Rhoads, Rhods)

Stephen (Rhods), of Stoughton, and Deliverance Woolcott of A., int. Oct. 25, 1740. PR73

Elezer (Rhods), jr., of Stoughton, and Mary Woolcott of A., int. Oct. 29, 1740. PR73

Sally [Sarah. int.], and Patten Jackson of Providence [RI. int.]., Mar. 28, 1802. [Mar. 23. CR1]

Silas [Rhoads. int.], of Wrentham, and Patience Sprague [unm. int.] of A., Nov. ––, 1815.

Juliaett, unm., and David Sheldon of Cumberland, RI, Aug. 3, 1828.

John H., and Rosetta Fuller, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. Aug. 21, 1830.

Susan, of Wrentham, and Jesse Miller, jr. of Franklin, Apr. 3, 1834.*

Meriam T., unm., and Barton Chase, both of A., int. Apr. 30, 1836.

Amos Sprague of A., and Laura Rawson, unm., of Wrentham, Sept. 3, 1840.

Samantha [E., unm. int.], and George W. Craig of Wrentham, Jan. 2, 1842.

Edward A., unm., of Warren, RI, and Mary R.K. [R.R. int.] Fisher, unm., May 2, 1844.


Oliver, of Millbury, and Achsah Brown, unm., of Wrentham, Apr. 22, 1833.*

Sophia, unm., of Lowell, and Hervey Everett of A., int. Oct. 1, 1836.

RICHARDS (Richard)

Luther [Richard. int.], and Lydia Wilmarth, both of A., Nov. 13, 17––. [1787. int.]

Edward, and Mary Fisher of Dedham, July 21, 1756.

Rebeckah, of Dedham, and Samuel Cushman of A., int. Nov. 2, 1771.

Mehitable, and Samuel Blackinton, both of A., int. Feb. 27, 1778.

Salley, and William Everatt, both of A., int. Sept. 19, 1778.

Catherine, of Dedham, and Jabez Gay [jr. int.] of A., Dec. 7, 1780.

Abigail, Mrs., of Dedham, and Obed Robinson of A., int. Sept. 2, 1786.

Calven, and Lydia Walcut, both of A., Feb. 22, 1787. PR81

Nathan, jr., and Easter Blake of Wrentham, int. Dec. 5, 1789.

Edward, jr., and Amey Bucklen [Bucklin. int.], both of A., Jan. 7, 1790.

Every, and Zilpher George, both of A., int. Jan. 9, 1790.

Jesse, and Charlotte Slack, both of A., May 19, 1796.

Joseph A., and Paddy Capron of Cumberland, int. Oct. 1, 1802.

David, and Elinor Starkey [Stanly. int.; Stanley. CR1 and PR70], Jan. 9, 1803. [1802. PR70]

George Bucklin, and Sophia Jackson, unm., both of A., int. Oct. 20, 1808.

Philena [unm. int.], and Lemual Blackinton, both of A., Nov. 30, 1809.

Manning, and Susan Everett [unm. int.], both of A., Oct. 28, 1810.

Ira, and Fanny Draper [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 21, 1813.

Calven, and Olive Blackinton [Blackington, unm. int.], both of A., Apr. 28, 1816.

Thomas [Richard. int.], and Nancy Frentch [French, unm. int.] of Wrentham, Apr. 19, 1818.

Fanny [Richard, unm. int.], and Fisher Blackinton, both of A., June 1, 1818.

Lydia [unm. int.], and Daniel Richardson, both of A., Dec. 24, 1818.

Job, and Nabby Ellis, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. Oct. 26, 1819.

Spencer, and Betsey French [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 2, 1819.

Samuel, and Milly Ellis [unm. int.] of Cumberland, RI, Apr. 10, 1820.

Grace (Richard), unm., and John D. Cheever of Wrentham, int. Dec. 23, 1820.

Polley [unm. int.], and Josiel [Jasiel. int.] Perry, both of A., May 16, 1822.

Polly, and Salmon Carpenter Perry, May 16, 1822. PR29*

Charlott, unm., and Harvey Blackinton, both of A., Apr. 20, 1823.

Preston [G. int.], and Azubah Town, unm., both of A., Mar. 28, 1824.

Ichabod, and Olive Briggs, unm., both of A., June 3, 1824.

Calvin, 2d, and Mary Shepardson, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. Aug. 14, 1824.

Rebecca W., unm., and Willard Robison [Robinson. int.], both of A., Oct. 25, 1825.

David, jr., and Eliza Richardson, unm., both of A., Mar. 9, 1826.

Henery, and Fanny H. Holmes [Homes. int.], both of A., May 17, 1826.

Hannah, unm., and Barnum Hall of Raynham, int. Sept. 3, 1827.

Luther, and Lydia Chace, unm., of Swanzey, int. Nov. 24, 1828.

Adaline, unm., and Lewes S. Streeter of Cumberland, RI, int. Dec. 28, 1828.

Susan M., unm., and William B. Franklin of Taunton, Nov. 24, 1829.

Albert (Richard) [Richards, of Dedham. int.], and Nancy D. Bourn, unm., both of A., Sept. 19, 1830.

Jesse, and Betsey Jillson [Gillson. int.], unm., both of A., Nov. 24, 1830.

Sylvia, unm., and Ozias Hall of Raynham, Oct. 25, 1832.

Jonathan, and Fidelia Warren, unm., of Wrentham, Nov. ––, 1832.

Hervey M., and Juliene Capron, unm., both of A., June 4, 1833.

Maryett, unm., and Otis Bourne of Wallingford, VT, Oct. 27, 1834.

Anganett [unm. int.], and Otis R. [M. int.] Tingley, both of A., Sept. 23, 1835.

Ann Janette Foster [unm. int.], and Stephen Richardson [2d. int.], both of A., Nov. 17, 1836.

Nathaniel H., and Martha M. Balcom [Bolcom, unm. int.], both of A., Apr. 1, 1838.

Emily [A., unm. int.], and David Capron, jr., both of A., Jan. 10, 1839.

Harriet B. [unm. int.], and Rufus Wells of Adams, Apr. 29, 1839.

Harriet D. [unm. int.], and James W. Foster, M.D., of Foxborough, June 27, 1839.

Edmond J. (Richard) [Edmond Ira Richards. int.], and Lucy M[ariah. int.] Morse [unm., both of A. int.], May 10, 1841.

Ann Maria [unm. int.], and Abial Codding, jr., both of A., Oct. 28, 1841.

James J., and Elisa A[nn. int.] Robinson [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 8, 1842.

Hariet E., unm., and David D. Kent, unm., shoemaker, s. William C., Apr. 21, 1844.

Samuel, and Mary Slack, unm., of Johnston, RI, int. Apr. 30, 1845.

Josiah D., unm., a. 20 y., jeweler, s. Ira and Fanny, and Harriot E. [C. int.] Draper, unm., a. 21 y., d. John and Harriot, Jan. 19, 1848.

Egebert S., and Sarah M. Fisher, both of A., int. Apr. 25, 1848.

Francis B. (Richard), and Julia M. Peck of Seekonk, int. Sept. 16, 1848.


Martha, and Benjamin Balkcom [Balckom. int.], both of A., May 16, 17––. [1793. CR2]

Rebekah, and John Peck, May 26, 1724.*

Hannah, and Daniel Shepardson [both of A. int.], Dec. 9, 1725.

Abigail [of A. int.], and John Shepard [of Wrentham. int.], Aug. 8, 1728.

Sarah, and John Cambell, Oct. 24, 1728.

Mary, and Samuel Tiffany [both of A. int.], Feb. 11, 1730-31.

Mary, and Stephen Fuller [both of A. int.], Dec. 14, 1735.

Abigail, and Robart Follet [both of A. int.], June 17, 1736.

Stephen, and Hannah Coy, Nov. 11, 1736.*

Timothy, and Alice Wimon, Mar. 22, 1738.*

Seth [jr. int.], and Abbigal Skinner of Norton, Oct. 25, 1739.

John, and Elizabeth [Elesebeth. dup.] Wilmarth [both of A. int.], Apr. 19, 1740. [Apr. 21, 1742. dup. and CR1]

Mary [Richardson, of A. int.], and William Hambleton [Hambeltun of Boston. int.], Mar. 10, 1741-2.

Sarah [of A. int.], and Caleb Parminter [of Sudbury. int.], Nov. 3, 1742. CR1

Joanna, and Napthali Guild, Dec. 9, 1742. CR1

Phebe, and Andrew Born of Roxbury, int. Feb. 23, 1744-5.

Abbigal, and Ezekiel Fuller, both of A., Dec. 23, 1747.*

Thomas, and Esther Welman, Oct. 5, 1749.*

Ebenezer, and Sary Cumins, Aug. 2, [1750.]*

Mary, and John Cambel, both of A., Oct. 20, 1756.*

Hannah, wid., and Noah Read, both of A., int. Nov. 28, 1759.

Stephen, and Hannah Fuller, 2d, Apr. 30, 1761.

Jonathan, and Hannah Franklen, both of A., Aug. 6, 1761.

Sarah, and Jonathan Shaw of Norton, int. Jan. 30, 1762.

Lucey, and Joseph Welman, jr. of Wrentham, May 13, 1762.

Daniel, and Sarah Read, both of A., int. Sept. 25, 1762.

Hannah, and Amos Sweet, both of A., int. Oct. 9, 1762.

Abigail [of A. int.], and John Foster [of A. int.], b. Ireland, July 21, 1763.

Aaron, of Providence, and Ruth Tingley of A., int. Oct. 13, 1764.

Ebenezer, and Esther Chenai of Norton, int. Dec. 22, 1764.

Stephen, and Mary Fuller [both of A. int.], May 16, 1765.

Jeremiah, and Susanna Cox of Wrentham, int. Mar. 29, 1766.

Margaret, and John Marten, both of A., int. Nov. 1, 1766.

John, and Ruth Woodcock, both of A., int. Sept. 17, 1768.

Sarah, and Samuel Bolkcom, both of A., int. Dec. 22, 1769.

Venten, and Hannah White of Norton, int. Feb. 8, 1770.

David [Richardson. different ink.], and Bial Peck, both of A., int. Mar. 17, 1770.

Abiathar, and Martha Faukener [Forkintun, both of A. int.], May 14, 1770.

Wyman, and Ruth Lane of Norton, int. Sept. 14, 1771.

Bety, and Archelaus Parker of Douglass, int. Jan. 26, 1773.

Henry, and Olive Blackinton, both of A., int. Mar. 23, 1774.

Mercy, and Joseph Woodcock, jr., both of A., int. Mar. 15, 1776.

Seth, jr., and Salle French, both of A., int. Jan. 12, 1778.

Anna, and Henry Peck, both of A., int. Feb. 10, 1780.

Sarah, and John Thacher, both of A., Dec. 7, 1780.

Hannah, and John Cammell of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 30, 1784.

Lois, and Ezekiel Titus, both of A., int. Nov. 10, 1786.

Daniel, jr., and Chloe Wilmarth [Willmarth, both of A. int.], Jan. 11, 1787. PR17

Caleb, jr., and Huldeth Hatch [both of A. int.], June 21, 1787.

Rebackah, and Ichabod Seaver of Medway, int. June 23, 1787.

Alice ["in her 25th y. " PR37], and Daniel Carpenter, jr. [a. 26 y. PR37], both of A., Mar. 6, 179–. [1794. CR2]

Elisebeth, and Josiah Forster of Johnston, RI, int. Mar. 21, 1791.

Selena, and George Whitefield Robinson, both of A., July 26, 1791.

Royal, and Comfort Fuller of Wrentham, int. Nov. 15, 1791.

John [int.], jr., and Patty Everett [Everet. int.], both of A., Apr. ––, 1792. [Apr. 5. CR1]

Chloe, unm., and Rev. Ebenezer Lazell, both of A., Jan. 15, 1793. CR1

Daniel, 2d of A., and Olive Franklin, unm., of Wrentham, Apr. 10, 1793.

Keziah, unm., and Soloman Franklin of Wrentham, Apr. 10, 1793.

Benjamin, and Rachel Round [Rounds, both of A. int.], Aug. 19, 1794.

Ruth, and Otis Blackington, both of A., June 4, 1795.

Abigel, and Joseph Forster [Foster. int.], jr. [both of A. int.], Apr. 12, 1796.

Daniel, 3d, and Polly Hawes, unm., of Wrentham, Dec. 15, 1796.

William, and Mille Capron, both of A., Mar. 23, 1797.

Ro–– Lena [Roxselena. int.], and Abijah Hall, both of A., Oct. 15, 17[97. int.]

Abiathar, jr., and Easther Ingraham, both of A., May 6, 1798.

George, and Polly Fuller, both of A., int. Dec. 16, 1798.

Sarah, 2d, and Thomas Braman, jr. of Norton, int. Dec. 22, 1798.

Esther, and Gedion Sweet, jr., both of A., int. Mar. 27, 1799.

Cynthia, and Nathaniel Whiting of Providence, June 2, 1799.

Hannah, and Noah Claflen, both of A., July 21, 1799.

Elona, of Mansfield, and Ezra Ingraham of A., int. Oct. 28, 1799.

Joel, and Lydai Brown of Cumberland, int. June 7, 1801.

Seth, jr., and Susannah Bolkcom, both of A., July 29, 1802.

Fanny, unm., and Dr. Abijah Tyler, both of A., Aug. 8, 1802.

Roxey [unm. int. PR46], and Joseph Permenter [Parmenter. int.], Sept. 23, 1802.

Lydia [unm. int. PR46], and Emmerson Briggs of Mansfield, July 1, 1804.

Jonas, and Prudey Stanley [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 17, 1805.

Lois [unm. int.], and Daniel Cobb, both of A., Dec. 19, 1805.

Filena [Philene. CR2; unm. int.], and Jesse Carpenter, both of A., Dec. 19, 1805.

Philena [unm., of A. int. PR46], and Jesse Carpenter, Dec. 19, 1805. PR19

Edward, and Lucenda Tyler, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Feb. 17, 1806.

Vinton, jr., and Margaret Sweet [unm. int.], both of A., July 20, 1806. CR2

James, and Anna Fuller, unm., both of A., int. Oct. 13, 1807.

Anna [unm. int.], and Minor Phillips [Philips. int.] of Norton, Mar. 29, 1809.

Abiather, Lt., and Sally Bolkcom, unm., of Norton, int. June 9, 1811.

Kezia, of Wrentham, and Calvin Morse of A., int. Aug. 3, 1811.

Phebe, [unm. int.], and Barnum Hodges [Hoges. int.] of Norton, Aug. 29, 1811.

Sylvia [unm. int.], and Warren Blake, both of A., Nov. 5, 1811.

Silas, and Olive Bolkcom [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 5, 1812.

Daniel, 4th, and [Mrs. int.] Nancy Eaton, both of A., May 9, 1813.

Aurelia [unm. int.], and Zachariah White [jr. int.], both of A., Dec. 30, 1813.

Stephen, and Abigail Daggett [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 2, 1815.

Polly Guild, unm., and William Pierce of Wrentham, int. Dec. 9, 1815.

Polly [Dolly. CR2; unm. int.], and Thomas Williams of Mendon, Nov. 2, 1816. [1815. CR2 and PR17]

John E., and Sylvia [S. int.] Drake [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 28, 1816.

Moses [Richardson. int.], and Sophia Foster [unm. int.], both of A., Feb. 27, 1817.

Vernum, and Sarah Ann Sever, both of A., Dec. 4, 1817.

Daniel, and Lydia Richards [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 24, 1818.

Lucinda [unm. int.], and Jonathan Capron, both of A., Dec. 2, 1819. CR2

Eleanor B., unm., of Franklin, and Samuel Millerd, jr. of A., int. July 20, 1820.

French, and Nancy Crosmand, unm., of Norton, int. Aug. 30, 1820.

Silas, and Ruth Cutting, unm., both of A., June 3, 1821.

Ebenezer, and Marey B. Fisher [unm. int.], both of A., Sept. 5, 1822.

Rachel R., unm., and Liberty Tripp, both of A., int. Oct. 24, 1822.

Miry W. [unm. int.], and Leonard Hall, both of A., Dec. 1, 1822.

Esther [Richard. int.], unm. of A., and Jonathan Shepardson of Wrentham, Apr. 20, 1823.

Miranda, unm., of Wrentham, and Willard Towne of A., int. Apr. 6, 1824.

Edward, and Louisa Pratt, unm., of Middleborough, int. Sept. 11, 1824.

Aaron, and Sarah Ann Hawkins, unm., both of A., int. Jan. 10, 1825.

Drury, unm., and Lewis Cutting, both of A., Mar. 24, 1825.

Eliza, unm., and David Richards, jr., both of A., Mar. 9, 1826.

Maryann, unm., and Lewis Cutting, both of A., May 27, 1828.

Roxa [Rona. int.], unm., and Willard Town [Towne. int.], both of A., July 12, 1829.

Edward T., and Nancy [D. int.] Stanley, unm., both of A., Sept. 13, 1831.

Rebecca M., unm., and Thaddeus Smith, both of A., int. Apr. 21, 1832.

Horatio N., and Mary Dean, unm., both of A., Oct. 28, 1833.

Chloe W. [M. int.], and Guilford Fuller, both of A., Nov. 2, 1835.

Hannah, unm., and Elihu Cushman, int. July 5, 1836. "The above was stayed, a nole posequi being entered by the parties. "

Stephen [2d. int.], and Ann Janette Foster Richards [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 17, 1836.

Maroa C. [Maria C., unm. int.], and Abraham Coan of Wrentham, Oct. 9, 1837.

Charles B., and Eliza A. Sweet [unm. int.], both of A., Mar. 3, 1842.

William, and Mary [Coy. in pencil; Cory. int.], Apr. 15, 1842.

Daniel A., and Ann R. Bowen, both of A., Oct. 9, 1842.

Enos, 2d, and Fanny M. Stanley [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 11, 1842.

Mary L., unm., d. Edward, and Henry C. Starkey, unm., carpenter, s. Amos, May 8, 1843.

Jane C., unm., d. James, and Shepard A. Witherell, unm. [both of A. int.], jeweler, s. Abiathar, Feb. 4, 1844.

James M., and Abbey Worsley, unm., both of A., int. Nov. 16, 1846.

Selena, unm., a. 32 y., d. Noah and Irena, and Charles P. Day, unm. of A., a. 32 y., jeweler, s. Charles and Lucy, Dec. 16, 1846.

Adeline F., unm., a. 17 y., weaver, d. Edward and Louisa, and Alfred A. Bliss, unm., a. 19 y., cotton spinner, s. George and Jerusha, Feb. 22, 1848.

Orville P., and Eliza A. Jonson [unm. int.], Apr. 6, 1848. CR2

Maria L., unm., a. 21 y., d. Edward and Louisa, and William E. Johnson, unm., a. 20 y., tin worker, s. Andrew and Betsey, Aug. 8, 1848.

Aby J., and Harrison A. Williams, both of A., int. Sept. 1, 1849.

Sarah F., of Norton, and Ezra B. Heath of A., int. Dec. 15, 1849.

RICHMOND (Richmand)

Bathsheba, unm., and Addoniram Hodges, both of Norton, May 29, 1812.*

Betsey [S., unm. int.], of Norton, and Manson [Allanson. int.] Sweet of A., July 20, 1812.

Benjamin, of Norton, and Marcy Hodges of Mansfield, Apr. 15, 1818.*

Phebe (Richman), unm., of Norton, and Abiather Thayer, jr. of A., int. Aug. 20, 1820.

Silence Dean, unm., of Taunton, and Amasa French of A., int. Aug. 6, 1826.

Ebenezer, of Newton, and Eliza Read, unm., Jan. 1, 1841.

Mercy A., unm., of Norton, and Cyril S. Sweet of A., int. Jan. 23, 1842.

RIGGS (Regs)

Susanna, and Thomas Barden of Middleborough, int. Jan. 22, 1763.

John (Regs), and Sarah Woodard, both of A., int. Nov. 11, 1769.

Sarah [wid. int.], and Ebenezer Fuller, both of A., May 8, 1777. PR81

RILY (Wriley)

William (Wriley), and Abigal Wallcott [unm. int.], both of A., Jan. 16, 1814.

William H., and Rhoda W. Corbin, unm., both of A., int. Jan. 20, 1844.


Mathew, of Warwick, and Hepsibah Blackinton of A., int. Sept. 12, 1724.


Thomas [Keepers. CR2], and Hannah Marten [Martin. CR2], Nov. 16, [1749.]*

ROBBINS (Robins)

Hannah, and John Day [both of A. int.], Oct. 15, 1730.

Easther [of A. int.], and Samuel Sweetland [of Rehoboth. int.], Sept. 20, 1733.

Abigal, and Noah Read [Reade, both of A. int.], Mar. 11, 1741-2.

John, jr., and [Martha White, both of A. int.], May 20, 1742.

Sarrah, and Benjamin Day, both of A., int. Aug. 13, 1742.

Kezia, and Nathaniel Robinson, jr. [both of A. int.], July 27, 1744.

Ezekel [of Walpole. int.], and Lidia Tile [Titus of A. int.], Jan. 7, 1755.

Jonathan, and Jane Yeats, both of A., int. Jan. 13, 1759.

Benoni, and Martha Shepard of Wrentham, Oct. 25, 1760.

Job (Robins), of Ashford, and Cinthea Cushman of A., int. Jan. 31, 1767.

Oliver (Robins) [of St. George. int.], and Chloe Blackinton, wid. [of A. int.], Apr. 14, 1775. PR81

Sarah, and Archibald McMullen, jr., both of A., Dec. 2, 1782.*

Sabra, d. Oliver and Elioenai (Shepard), and Cumfort Barrows, at Thomaston, Oct. 2, 1783. PR73*

Jack (Robins), and Hannah Eason of Norton, int. Dec. 1, 1787.

Daniel (Robins), jr., and Lucinda M. Gunn, unm., of Southbridge, int. July 31, 1842.


Sarah [Robards. int.], unm., and Thomas Daggett, both of A., Nov. 7, 1830.

ROBINSON (Robbinson, Robison)

Elizabeth (Robbinson), and Henry Hancock of Wrentham, Nov. 8, 1711.*

Mary, and Elihu Wharfield, Dec. 16, 1714.*

Abigail, and John Guild, Jan. 1, 1718-19.*

Mehetabel, and John Ide, May 14, 1719.*

Noah, and Patiance Daggett, Oct. 4, 172–.*

Nathaniel, and Zilpah Dagget, July 18, 1721.*

John, and Thankful Newel, May 28, 1723.*

Rebekah, and Edward Hall, Oct. 13, 1723.*

Martha [of Needham. int.], and Alexander Balkcom [Bolkom of A. int.], May 14, 1725.

Samuel, and Mary Cooper of Rehoboth, Nov. 29, 1726.

Hannah, and Isreal Read, both of A., int. Dec. 7, 1728.

Samuel, and Mary Ide, wid., of Rehoboth, May 4, 1737.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Kezia Robbins [both of A. int.], July 27, 1744.

Sary [Sarah. CR1], and Joseph Capron [jr. CR1], ––– 3, 1745.*

George (Robbinson), and Abigail Everet, d. Dea. –––––, of Dedham, Nov. 24, 1748.*

John, and Mary Shirtlef, Jan. 3, 1750.*

Mary, 3d, and John Robinson 3d [both of A., Oct. int.] ––– 11, 1752.

Zephaniah, and Daborah Stanley, Mar. 19, 1752.*

Samuell [jr. int.], and Elizebeth Capron [both of A. int.], Sept. 14, 1752.

Thankfull, and Solomon Butler, both of A., int. May 4, 1754.

Zilpah, and William George, both of A., int. May 18, 1754.

Elijah [of A. int.], and Sary Sm––––– [Sarah Smith of Bellingham. int.], Apr. 17, 1755.

John (Robbinson), 3d, and Huldah Newell, int. May 15, 1756.

Sarah, and Samuel Artherton [Atherton. int.], both of A., Dec. 1, 1757.

Amos, and Hiphzebeh Wilmarth, both of A., int. Mar. 11, 1758.

Abigail, and Timothy Ide of Cumberland, int. Oct. 7, 1758.

Benjamin, and Hipzebeth Fisher of Wrentham, int. Jan. 6, 1759.

Mary, Mrs., and Josiah Maxey, int. Apr. 14, 1759.

Margarett, d. Timothy, and Israel Whipple, jr. of Cumberland, int. Dec. 6, 1760.

Enoch, and Mindwell Shepard, Dec. 17, 1761.

Thankful, and John Jenks of Cumberland, int. Mar. 20, 1762.

Mehetabel, d. Samuel, and Comfort Walker of Rehoboth, int. Aug. 14, 1762.

Elisabeth, and Ichabod Read, both of A., int. Mar. 5, 1763.

Susannah, and William White, both of A., int. July 9, 1763.

Samuell, jr., and Joyce Newell, both of A., int. Nov. 26, 1763.

Comfort, and Rachel Robinson, wid., both of A., int. Dec. 3, 1763.

Rachel, wid., and Comfort Robinson, both of A., int. Dec. 3, 1763.

Ezekiel, and Hannah Huchins of Killingly, int. Jan. 31, 1767.

Margaret, and Pentecost Blackenton, both of A., int. May 2, 1767.

John, and Jemima Tingley, wid., both of A., int. Feb. 20, 1768.

Joseph, and Sarah Fuller of Middleborough, int. Apr. 1, 1769.

Lydia, and Elknah Bishop, both of A., int. June 22, 1769.

John, and Susanna Allen, wid., of Rehoboth, int. July 27, 1769.

Ebenezer, jr., and Hanna Parmenter, both of A., int. Jan. 11, 1771.

George, and Zepporah Allen, both of A., int. Dec. 28, 1771.

Abigail, wid., and Jonathan Capron, both of A., int. Apr. 22, 1773.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Woodcock, both of A., int. Dec. 17, 1774.

Peggy, and Consider Brown, both of A., int. Sept. 15, 1776.

Lucy, and Eliphaz Healy, both of A., Mar. 25, 1778.

Zephaniah, and Anna Stanley, both of A., Mar. 13, 1783. PR81*

Nathaniel, Dr., and Lucy Cushman, both of A., Dec. 11, 1783. PR81*

Otis, and Hannah Read, both of A., Mar. 17, 1785. PR81

Hannah, and Richard Bullock, both of A., Sept. 15, 1785. PR81

Zilpah, and Richard Crowingsheald, jr. of Cumberland, Mar. 16, 1786. PR81

Obed, and Mrs. Abigail Richards of Dedham. int. Sept. 2, 1786.

Lois, 2d. A., and Otis Guild of Wrentham, int. Aug. 29, 1787.

Joel [2d, of A. int.], and Mary [Moley. int.] Wilkinson [of Cumberland. int.], at Cumberland, RI, Jan. 17, 1788. PR55

George, of Norton, and Ruth Slack of A., int. May 13, 1791.

George Whitefield, and Selena Richardson, both of A., July 26, 1791.

Joel [int.], and Margaret Blackinton [Blacington. int.], both of A., Nov. 17, 1791.

Moley, and [Zelotes. int.] Tyler, both of A., Dec. 7, 1791.

Lois, and Jesse Daggett, both of A., Mar. 6, 1792.

Nathan, and Lois Briant, unm., both of A., Apr. 18, 1793.

Jessa, and Silvaine Gardner, both of A., int. Sept. 9, 1793.

Elijah, and Esther Fuller [Fulleer, wid. int.], both of A., Dec. 19, 1793. CR1

Polly, and Richard Bullock, both of A., July 6, 1794. [1793. CR1]

Charles [Robbins. int.], of Providence [RI. int.], and Nancy Ingraham, unm., Oct. 19, 1794.

Sally, and Nathan Read of Rehoboth [both of A. int.], Nov. 7, 1795. [Nov. 12. CR1]

Samuel, Capt., and Mrs. Susannah Forster of Providence, int. Feb. 17, 1797.

Jesse, of Rehoboth, and Unice [Eunice. CR1] Fisher of A., Nov. 30, 1797.

George W. (Robbinson) [Robinson. int.], and Nancy Blake of Wrentham, Sept. 8, 1799.

Betsy (Robbinson) [Robinson. int.], unm., and William Jilson [Jillson, both of A. int.], July 13, 1800.

David, and Mary French [unm. int. PR46], both of A., Nov. 26, 1801. CR2

Lydia, and Oliver Whitaker [Whiteaker. int.] of Rehoboth, Dec. 31, 1802.

Nathan, and Abagail Perrin of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 7, 1803.

Joies, unm., and Ebenezer Pond of Northborough, int. Nov. 19, 1803.

Rachel, and Sylvanus Thomas, June 14, 1805. PR15*

Elihu, and Susanna Hayward, unm., of Hopkinton, int. May 18, 1806.

Nancy [unm. int.], and Stephen Smith of Hallowell, Oct. 5, 1806.

Ezekiel, and Sintha Slack, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Apr. 26, 1807.

Obed, jr., and Abigail Everett of Wrentham, int. Sept. 11, 1807.

William Shepard, and Ursila Blackinton, unm., both of A., int. Dec. 26, 1807.

Alpha [unm. int.], and Dr. John Willson, both of A., Dec. 1, 1808.

Nathaniel, jr., and Betsey Brown [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 1, 1808.

Mary [unm. int.], and John Porter of Vienna, Feb. 1, 1809.

Eunice [Unice, unm. int.], and Timothy Tingley, both of A., Mar. 17, 1810. [1811. CR1]

Olney, and Hulda Read, d. Nathaniel and Anna (Bourne), Oct. 21, 1810. [at Rehoboth. dup.]. PR55*

William Cobb, and Fanny Bourn [Bourne. CR2; unm. int.], both of A., Sept. 18, 1813.

William Shepard, and Betsey Barnebe Barton, unm., of Warren, int. Aug. 28, 1814.

Richard, and Nancy Holmes [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 1, 1814.

Nancy [unm. int.], and Warren Morse, both of A., Apr. 5, 1815.

Mindwell [unm. int.], and Josiah Cushing, both of A., May 14, 1815.

William Everett, of Hallowell, and Emeline Titus, unm. of A., int. Dec. 7, 1815.

Mary [T., unm. int.], and Hartford Ide, both of A., May 11, 1818.

Mary [unm. int.], and Ezra Walker, both of A., Dec. 1, 1819.

Kibborn G., of Boston, and Harriot D. Mason, unm., int. July 14, 1821.

Selana [R. int.], unm., and George W. Hor, both of A., Apr. 17, 1823.

Enoch, and Harriet Irena Starkey, unm., of Wrentham, July 3, 1823.

Susan B., unm., and William Fisher, both of A., Sept. 23, 1823.

Hannah S., unm., and Virgil Blackinton, both of A., Oct. 8, 1823.

Willard (Robison) [Robinson. int.], and Rebecca W. Richards, unm., both of A., Oct. 25, 1825.

Adah, unm., of Rehoboth, and Capt. Zebina W. Bourn [Bourne. CR1] of A., Mar. 30, 1828.*

Russell, and Almira Sweet, unm., of Pawtucket, int. Mar. 12, 1831.

Abigail P. [R. int.], and John H. Hall, both of A., Sept. 4, 1831.

William H., and Hannah Daggett, unm., both of A., Sept. 8, 1831.

Maria B., unm., of Wrentham, and John M. Lowden of Providence, Nov. ––, 1832.*

Eliza, unm., and Sanford Blackinton of Adams, Oct. 27, 1834.

Asahel H., and Lucy B. Day [unm. int.], both of A., Dec. 3, 1835.

Sarah [unm. int.], and Samuel Atherton, both of A., Apr. 18, 1836.

Sarah I., unm., of Wrentham, and Chester L. Turner of A., int. Sept. 29, 1838.

Elisa A[nn, unm. int.], and James J. Richards, both of A., Dec. 8, 1842.

Harriett Amanda [unm. int.], and Palemon Capron Wilmarth [both of A. int.], Jan. 5, 1843. PR55

Frederick R., and Claressa M. Walcott, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. July 29, 1843.

Ann E., unm., of Wrentham, and Benjamin S. Freeman of A., int. Sept. 13, 1845.

Lewis O., of Wrentham, and Frances M. Bowen, unm., int. Aug. 29, 1847.

Mary B., Mrs., of Plymouth, and Joseph Downs of A., int. Oct. 9, 1847.

William H., and Ann E. Walker, both of A., int. Apr. 10, 1848.


John, and Mary Sharp, both of Wrentham, Dec. 25, 1838.*


Aaron W. [C. CR1], of Medway, and Almira Cobb, unm., Apr. ––, 1830.*

ROGERS (Roger)

Frances (Roger), and Phebe Woodcock, both of A., int. Sept. 25, 1772.

Benjamin, and Lois Kenpton, unm., both of A., int. Apr. 15, 1832.

Edward C., unm., and Deborah Wilkins, July 29, 1849.*

ROSS (Ros)

Zephaniah (Ros), of Wrentham, and Phebe Bolckom, int. Sept. 28, 1765.

Betsy, unm., and Asa French of Providence, Dec. 1, 1799.

ROUNDS (Round, Rowns)

Ezebel (Round) [Sabal Rounds. int.], of Rehoboth, and Ruben Dagget of A., Nov. 21, 1754.

Rhoda, of Rehoboth, and William Parker of A., int. Feb. 29, 1772.

Hezekiah, and Molly Wheeler, Jan. 12, 1775. PR68*

Elisabeth (Round), and Caleb Parmiter, both of A., int. Apr. 4, 1780.

Anne (Round), and John Dunham, both of A., Mar. 10, 1785.

Rachel (Round) [Rounds. int.], and Benjamin Richardson [both of A. int.], Aug. 19, 1794.

Love, of Rehoboth, and Sylva Daggett of A., May 30, [1799.]

Alethear (Round), and John Norton of Norton, int. June 9, 1802.

Elizabeth [Round. int.], unm., and Robert Tripp, both of A., Dec. 11, 1803.

Stephen (Round), of Rehoboth, and Esther Bolckom, unm., int. May 8, 1804.

Hezekiah Bowen [Round. int.], and Milla Bolkcom [Bolckom. int.], unm., both of A., Sept. 30, 1804.

Lucinda Ingalls [unm. int.], and John Titus of Monmouth [District of Maine. int.], Sept. 11, 1809.

Nancy [unm. int.], and Rufus Briggs of Mansfield, July 1, 1810.

Mary [Round, unm. int.], and Thomas Williams of North Providence, RI, July 7, 1811.

Ama, unm., and David Bowen of Rehoboth, int. Sept. 9, 1811.

Rhode [unm. int.], and David Titus of Monmouth, Apr. 17, 1817.

Enon H., and Adaline Davis [unm. int.], both of A., Nov. 5, 1820.

Marcus R. [Round. CR2], and Sarah L. Dean, unm., both of A., Oct. 19, 1823.

Sally G. (Round), unm., and Mason C. Jones, both of A., Jan. 2, 1825.

Molly [Rowns, wid. int.], unm., and Capt. Eliphlet Willmarth, May 7, 1828.

Mary, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Denison Showles [Sholes. int.] of A., Sept. 22, 1833.

Marcus R., and Harriet Cobb, unm., of Mansfield, int. May 29, 1834.

Nelson, and Martha R. Tripp, unm., both of A., at Wrentham, Nov. 4, 1840.

Jane M., unm., of Rehoboth, and Leprelate D. Conant of A., int. July 15, 1843.

Almon, and Sally Smith, unm., both of A., int. Mar. 30, 1844.

ROWLEY (Roule)

Mary (Roule), of Falmouth, and John Weeks of A., Nov. 21, 1718.*

Moses, and Mahetable Weeks [both of A. int.], July 3, 1724.


Elizabeth Ann [Royal. Taunton Vit. Rec.], unm., and Samuel Brown of Taunton, int. July 14, 1844.


David, of Providence, and Hannah Jincks of A., int. Feb. 18, 172–.

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