C. [?Swenson], [?b or d],末蔓末,1847.GR1

H. [?Swenson], [?b or d],末蔓末,1826.GR1


Alfred, "Father," h.Eliza Lewis, Mar.18,1824.GR6

Edwin M., s.Alfred, farmer, and Eliza, Jan.28,1848. [Edward M., Co. K, 19th Mass.Vols., Jan.18.GR6].[1847. MAVRs v. 28, p. 50]

Eliza Lewis, "Mother," w.Alfred, July29,1829, in Swansea.GR6

Mary(Gifford), w.Samuel,末蔓末,1794.GR6

Olive(Brown), w.Samuel,末蔓末,1789.GR6

Samuel,末蔓末,1793, [in lot with Olive and Mary.]GR6

SAMPSON (Samson)

Abigail, d.Elnathan and Abigail, Sept.22,1766.

Abigail(Cowing), "Mother," w.Arabia,末蔓末,1808, [on stone besdie that of Arabia].GR2.[May15,1807. Calculated from age at death:82y.11m.14d.on Apr.29,1890.]

Alice, ch.Stephen and Lucinder(Phillips), May27,1812.

Almeda A., d.Ebenezer, farmer, and Rebecca A.(Little), Oct.22,1848.

Arabia, "Father,",末蔓末,1796, [on stone beside that of Abigail].GR2

Benjamin, twin s.Joseph and Sarah(Sampson), Dec.11,1726.

Benjamin, s.Joseph (s.Joseph) and Mercy(Eldridge), Aug.19,1753.

Clara A., d.Arabia and Abbie(Cowing),末蔓末,1833.GR2

Ebenezer, s.James Jr., July4,1709.

Edward, s.Joseph (s.Joseph) and Mercy, Dec.13,1746.

Elisabeth, d.Elnathan and Abigail, Sept.24,1770.

Fanny, ch.Stephen and Lucinder, Dec.20,1805.

George I., s.George W., farmer, and Philander, 20:5m:1846. [George J.GR10]

Hanah, d.James Jr., Oct.3,1710.

Hannah R. [? m],末蔓末,1798, [on stone beside that of Arabia].GR2

Hannah R., d.George W., labourer, and Philendar, Sept.22,1848.

John, s.Joseph, Jan.10,1724-5. [Rec. with Joseph and Benjamin, 1726.]

Joseph, twin s.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.11,1726.

Joseph, s.Elnathan and Abigail, Sept.20,1768.

Lloyd, ch.Stephen and Lucinder, Mar.12,1814.

Loes, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.29,1728.

Martha, d.Elnathan and Abigail, Apr.25,1763.

Mary, d.Elnathan and Abigail, Nov.17,1764.

Sarah, d.James Jr., Oct.10,1712.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Marcy(Eldridge), Feb.4,1756.

Stephen [Jr. dup.], ch.Stephen and Lucinder, Jan.27,1804 [1803. dup.]


Alice, d.Isaac and Phebe(Akin), Jan.20,1804.

Amanda [? m], Dec.27,1830.GR1

Ann H. [? m],末蔓末,1804, [on monument with Thomas E.]GR1

Barshaba, d.Elisha and Elisabeth(Cook), June28,1760.

Benjamin, s.John and Elisabeth(Sanford), Jan.2,1760.

Benjamin, s.John Jr., and Thankfull(Hammond), May5,1797.

Caleb B.,末蔓末,1839, [on monument with Thomas E. and Ann H.]GR1

Catharine, d.Isaac and Joanah(Allen), Nov.2,1771.

Charles H., May3,1840, [on stone beside that of Mary A.]GR1

Elihu [Sanferd.dup.], s.Peleg and Lidia [Lydia.dup.], Nov.15,1799.

Elijah, s.William Jr. and Hannah, May9,1753.

Elijah, s.Isaac and Phebe, Apr.18,1800.

Eliza, d.David and Catherine, Feb.8,1800.

Elizebeth, d.William Jr. and Rebekah, Mar.11,1733-4.

Elizebeth, d.Richard and Elizebeth, Apr.28,1736.

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.28,1772.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Abagail, 9:12m:1800.CR3

Ezbon, s.Isaac and Joanah, Apr.14,1764.

George, s.William Jr. and Rebekah, Feb.11,1735-6.

George, s.Peleg and Lidia [Lydia.dup.], Feb.24,1801.

George, June末,1830. [on monument with Thomas E. and Ann H.]GR1

Gideon [Sanferd.dup.], s.Peleg and Lidia [Lydia.dup.], Dec.29,1797.

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth, Oct.末,1768.

Hillary, s.Isaac and Phebe, Feb.5,1806. [On stone beside that of Phebe H.GR1]

Holder, s.David and Catherine, June16,1789.

Holder, s.David and Catherine, Oct.21,1 797.

Isaac, s.William and Rebekah, Feb.2,1737.

Isaac, Mar.23,1778, [on stone with Phebe (Akin)].GR1

Isaac John, s.Isaac and Phebe, Mar.13,1808.

John, s.Richard and Elisabeth, Mar.7,1727.

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Oct.17,1765.

Joseph, s.John and Elisabeth, May9,1756.

Margaret Bowe,末蔓末,1822, [on stone with Erasmus G. and Rose Butts.]GR1

Meriah [Sanferd.dup.], d.Peleg and Lidia [Lydia.dup.], Oct.9 [Oct.3. dup.], 1796.

Martha, d.Elisha and Elisabeth, July15,1763.

Mary, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.6,1761.

Mary, d.John Jr. and Thankfull, July17,1790.

Mary H. [? m],末蔓末,1831, [on stone with Barzillai A. Hervey].GR1

Mary A. [? m], Oct.末,1832, [on monument with Thomas E. and Ann H.]GR1

Mary A., d.Hillary and Phebe H.(Kirby), May9,1843.GR1

Pardon, s.Elisha and Elisabeth, July14,1771.

Peleg, s.Richard and Elizebeth, Feb.28,1739-40.

Phebe H.(Kirby), w.Hilary, Aug.20,1807.GR1

Rebekah, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1757.

Rhoda, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.23,1770.

Richard, s.Elisha and Elisabeth, Sept.2,1761 [1764†].

Ruth, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.22,1763.

Ruth, d.John Jr. and Thankfull, June3,1792.

Sarah, d.Richard and Elizebeth, Apr.10,1738.

Thomas, s.John Jr. and Thankfull, Aug.12,1799.

Thomas E.,末蔓末,1802, [on monument with Ann H.]GR1

William, s.William and Rebekah, Sept.5,1741.

William, s.Elisha and Elizabeth, July1,1757.

William R., s.David and Catherine, Oct.18,1795.

William Akin, s.Isaac and Phebe, Oct.7,1798.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Margret, Sept.7,1744.

Benjamin, s.Samuell and Pernol, Aug.12,1746 [? 6,1746†, 1745‡].

William, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Mar.26,1743.


Mary M., d.Paul, mariner, and Mary, June3,1847.


Elizabeth H., d.Oliver, merchant, and Mercy, 1:9m:1845.

Franklin A., s.Oliver H., miller, and Mercy, May24,1847.


Mortimer,末蔓末,1842, [in lot with Henry T. Davis].GR1


Ebenezer P., s.Moody, farmer, and Hannah, 14:12m:1844.

Hannah [? m],末蔓末,1802, [on stone beside that of Moody].GR1

Moody,末蔓末,1799, [on stone beside that of Hannah].GR1


Ephraim, s.James and Rebekah, bp. June19,1768.CR4


Content, d.William and Susanna, Feb.9,1747-8.

John, s.William and Susanna, Apr.30,1751.

Mary, d.William and Susanna, Sept.14,1745.

Susanna, d.William and Susanna, Aug.27,1749.

William, s.William and Susanna, Apr.27,1754.

SHEARMAN (Sharman, Sharmon, Shearmon, Sherman, Shermon)

末末,末蔓末, 末末 [1699†‡]. [Rec. bef. Jabez, 1700.]

末末, d.Amaziah and Abigail, Nov.6,1797.

Charles M., s.Elihu, mariner, and Nancy, Aug.18,1847. 18470818mCharles

Abigail, d.John, Sept.末,1608 [sic. ?1680].

Abigail, d.Samuell and Hannah, Apr.30,1707.

Abigall, d.David, Jan.3,1724-5. [Rec. with chn of David and Abigail.]

Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Nov.5,1739.

Abigail, d.Abraham and Susanna, Jan.6,1742.

Abigail, d.Salisbury and Abigail, Jan.14,1750.

Abigail, d.Tisdale and Susannah, Mar.26,1775.

Abigail, ch.Tisdale and Susannah, bp. July9,1776CR4

Abigail, d.George and Seabury, Mar.6,1779.

Abisha, s.Jabez and Jedidah, July22,1742.

Abner, h.Mary A., s.Jireh and Annah H.,末蔓末,1814.GR1

Abraham, Nov.30,1713. [This entry follows Daborah.]

Abraham, s.Abraham and Susanna, Feb.11,1744.

Adaniram Washburn, s.Penina, Aug.21,1 815.

Ahijah, s.Abraham and Mary [wid.Benjamin Howland.CR3], May18,1771.

Alfred, s.Judediah and Susannah, Feb.1,1781.

Alice, d.Samuell and Hannah, Sept.15,1719.

Alice, d.Ephraim and Mehitabel, May9,1720.

Alice, d.Salisbury and Abigail, Aug.19,1755.

Allen D., s.Thomas, mariner, and Susan, Nov.16,1848.

Almarine, s.Jadediah and Susannah, Sept.7,1776.

Almira, ch.Jireh and Annah H.,末蔓末,1818.GR1

Amasa, s.Fortinatus and Sarah, Sept.11,1765.

Amaziah, s.Jedediah and Susanna, Jan.31,1774.

Ama, d.Stephen and Elizebeth, June23,1729.

Amy, d.Paul and Amy, May6,1782.

Almy Ameliah, d.Jireh, merchant, and Elizabeth W., 25:8m:1845. [Amy Ameliah Sherman, d.Jireh and Elizabeth W. (Howland), 25:11m:.PR37]

Andrew, s.Presarved and Keziah, Jan.30,1736.

Andrew, s.Edward and Sarah, May22,1790.

Anna, w.Jeirah (s.Prince and Sarah), Oct.6,1777. [Anna Howland Sherman, w.Jireh,末蔓末,1778.GR1]

Anne, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Oct.18,1741.

Anny Davis, d.Jonathan 2d and Mary, Jan.31,1815.

Asa, s.Daniel and Lydia, Nov.11,1764.

Augustus, s.Thomas and Hephzibah, Aug.25,1767.

Avis, d.butler and Susanna, Feb.26,1791.

Barnabas, s.Jonathan 2d and Susannah, May15,1744.

Barzilla, Aug.20,1770.GR26

Barzillai, "Husband," Mar.15,1825, [on stone beside those of Nancy W. and Julia A.]GR1

Bathshebay, d.Seth and Ruth, Apr.23,1741. [Bathsheba, w.Joseph Howland, 23:2m:"Called Aril" "N.S.,"CR3]

Bershebea, d.Presarved and Keziah, June4,1741.

Benjamin, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Feb.11,1734-5.

Benjamin Slade, s.Presbury and Esther, Oct.15,1808.

Bethana, [? m.], 27:12m:1797.CR3

Bethiah, d.George and Seabury, Sept.11,1771.

Bradford, ch.Josiah and Phebe, 19:1m:1816.CR3

Buttler, s.Jonathan and Susanah, Jan.24, "1737 or 8."

Butler, s.Prince and Sarah, July10,1765.

Butler, s.Job and Rhoda, Apr.4,1802.

Butler, s.Job and Rhoda, Sept.24,1808.

Calup, s.William Jr., Nov.3,1714. [Rec. after mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

Caleb, s.Philip and Mary, Mar.15,1760.

Caroline S.(Haskins), w.John B.,末蔓末,1824.GR1

Cathrine, d.Stephen and Sarah, Dec.10,1740.

Charles, s.Jonathan and Leah, Nov.5,1769.

Charles, s.George and Seabury, Aug.27,1776.

Charles, s.Charles and Lowis, Mar.20,1804.

Charles H., ch.Holder and Hannah K., 8:8m:1827.CR3 [8:8m:1829.CR5]

Charles F., s.Wanton, labourer, and Nancy, 20:10m:1845.

Charles S., s.Wanton B., farmer, and Nancy H., Mar.23,1849.

Charlotte(Weeks), w.Peleg, Feb.15,1776.GR26

Charlotte Weeks, w.Abram Dehart, d.Leonard and Bethany (Bradford) (Gust), Sept.1,1829.PR10

Cristina, d.Edward and Sarah, Oct.22,1787.

Content, d.Elkenah and Elizebeth, Sept.26,1726.

Cyntha, d.Jonathan 2d and Mary, Mar.17,1810.

Daniel, s.Daniel, Oct.30,1704. [Rec. after mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Wait, Oct.25,1737.

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Susannah, Dec.3,1743.

Daniel, s.Seth and Ruth, Apr.6,1753.

Daniel, s.Nathan, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR4

Daniel, Dec.17,1828, [on stone beside that of Hannah A.]GR36

David, s.Edmund, Jan.末,1680.

David, s.David, Mar.3,1716. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

David, s.Abraham and Mary [wid.Benjamin Howland.CR3], Dec.4,1764.

David Sands, ch.David and Anna, 26:7m:1802.CR3

David, s.Zoeth and Delight, Aug.10,1802.

David, s.David and Nancy (Rider),末蔓末,1845.GR13

Daborah, d.Philip, June27,1710.

Deborah, d.William and Susanah, June9,1729.

Deborah, d.Timothy and Deborah, Sept.6,1730.

Deborah, d.Jabez and Jedidah, July25,1732.

Deborah, d.Abraham and Mary [wid.Benjamin Howland.CR3], Aug.14,1762.

Deborah, d.Timothy Jr. and Catherine, Oct.29,1764.

Delight(Brownell), w.Zoeth,末蔓末, 末末.

Delight, d.Zoeth and Delight, June1,1796.

Deliverance, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, June15,1743.

Dina, d.Isaac and Sarah, Feb.11,1715.

Dorcase, d.Joseph, Feb.16,1724-5. [Rec. with chn. of Joseph and Elizebeth.]

Dorcas, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patience, Oct.18,1769.

Ebenezer, s.Daniel, July23,1702. [Rec. after mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

Ebenezar, ch.Tisdale and Susannah, bp. July9,1776.CR4

Ebenezar, s.Isaac and Alice, July11,1798.

Edith [Edith written after Edyh], d.Seth and Ruth, Apr.4,1745.

Edith, d.Charles and Lowis, Jan.26,1797.

Edmun, s.David, Jan.2,1718. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

Edward, s.Ephraim and Methetabel, Apr.28,1712.

Edward, s.Job and Rhoda, Aug.3,1810.

Edward T., Aug.3,1810.GR1

Edward S., Sept.13,1813, [on stone beside that of Polly C.]GR1

Elihu, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Jan.10,1745-6.

Eliza [? w.末末 Greene], ch.David and Anna(Tucker), 27:7m:1799.CR3

Elizebeth, d.Daniel, Sept.20,1698. [Rec. after mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

Elezebeth, d.Samuell, Mar.1,1702.

Elizebeth, d.William Jr., Jan.25,1725-6. [Rec. after mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

Elizebeth, d.William and Susannah, Apr.10,1731.

Elezebeth, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Dec.4,1733.

Elizebeth, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, Oct.10,1734.

Elizebeth, d.Stephen and Elizebeth, June6,1735.

Elisabeth, d.Joshua and Hannah, May25,1745.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan 2d and Susannah, Sept.15,1755.

Elisabeth, ch.Benjamin and Elisabeth, 24:4m:1759.CR3

Elisabeth, d.Charles and Rebecah, Aug.28,1800.

Elizabeth W.(Howland), w.Capt. Jireh, Aug.2,1818.GR1 [Elizabeth W. (Howland).PR37; Elisabeth Wing (Howland), d.David and Avis (Akin).PR38]

Elizabeth H., see Elizabeth H. Pulsifer.

Elizabeth S.(Gray), w.Gideon H., Aug.14,1843.GR1

Elizabeth W., d.John W., farmer, and Ruth R., 19:9m:1844.

Elkanah, ch.Edmund, May7,1674.

Elcanah, s.Elcanah, Apr.25,1722. [Rec. with chn. of Elkenah and Elizebeth.]

Ellen Jane, d.Wanton H., mariner, and Mariaha, Aug.6,1849, in Oahu, Sandwich Islands.

Elnathan, s.Edmund, Oct.末,1694.

Emila, d.Job and Rhoda, Sept.24,1806.

Ephraim, s.John, Jan.末,1689.

Eunice, d.Abraham and Susanna, Jan.2,1737.

Eunice, d.Fortinatus and Sarah, Sept.2,1775.

Eunice, d.Charles and Lowis, June8,1792.

Experience, d.Jabez and Jedidah, 末蔓2,1735. [sic. see Benjamin rec. bet. Deborah, 1732, and Benjamin, 1734-5.]

Fortunatus, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Sept.24,1728.

Frebun, d.George and Seabury, May23,1787.

Freelove, d.Nathan and Mary, Jan.16,1750-1.

Gamaleal, s.Philip and Mary, Mar.30,1762.

George, s.Elcanah, Nov.10,1719. [Rec. with chn. of Elkenah and Elizebeth.]

George, s.Dorcas, July5,1749.

George K., ch.Holder and Hannah K., 27:8m:1831.CR3CR5

Garsham, s.Nathan, June29,1713. [Rec. with chn. of Nathan and Freelove.]

Gedeon, s.Ichabud and Mercy, May19,1742.

Gideon H., s.Jirah and Elizabeth W., 28:8m:1843. [On stone beside that of Elizabeth S.GR1; s.Jireh and Elizabeth W. (Howland).PR37]

Grace, d.Zoeth and Delight(Brownell), Apr.13,1798.

Hannah, d.John, July末,1682.

Hanah, d.William, May7,1699.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Hannah, Jan.24,1709.

Hanah, d.Nathan, Sept.13,1711. [Rec. with chn. of Nathan and Freelove.]

Hannah, d.Stephen and Elizebeth, Nov. [Nov. written aft. Dec. crossed out] 23,1725.

Hannah, d.David, June7,1727. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Apr.12,1748.

Hannah, d.Fortinatus and Sarah, July8,1763.

Hannah, d.Abraham and Mary [wid.Benjamin Howland.CR3], June15,1767.

Hannah, d.Richard and Mary, Nov.8,1775.

Hannah, d.Edward and Sarah, Mar.8,1793.

Hannah K.(Kirby), w.Holder, 29:11m:1796.CR3CR5

Hannah Tucker [? w.William Taber], ch.David and Anna(Tucker), 26:12m:1801. [1 written over 0].CR3

Hannah K. Jr., ch.Holder and Hannah K.(Kirby) 19:1m:1834.CR3CR5

Hannah A.(Gifford), w.Daniel, 10:2m:1839.CR3GR36

Hettie C.(Howland), w.Capt. Peleg L.,末蔓末,1844.GR1

Harva, s.Job and Rhoda, Jan.10,1805.

Henry [crossed out, Shearman, s.Philip. dup.], Sept.8 [crossed out, Sept.28], 1705.

Henry, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Sept.28,1730.

Hipsabay, d.Ichabud and Mercy, Feb.29,1739-40.

Holder, h.Hannah K.(Kirby), 25:1m:1798.CR3CR5

Hope, d.James and Grizel [Grizigim.CR3], Oct.2,1729.

Hulda, d.Ichabud and Mercy, Sept.11,1733.

Humphry, s.Seth and Ruth, Oct.27,1755.

Humphry, s.Jonathan and Susannah, Feb.5,1757.

Humphry, s.Butler and Susannah, May15,1781.

Humphrey, Oct.7,1800. [Rec. with chn. of Jireh and Anna.]

Humphrey, s.Job and Rhoda, Oct.27,1811.

Humphrey, s.Loyd and Susan (Negus),末蔓末,1821.GR34

Humphry R., s.Royal, mariner, and Mary R., July17,1847.

Ichabod, Apr.4,1708. [This entry precedes Daborah.]

Ichabod, s.Philip and Mary, May13,1764.

Ire, s.Butler and Susannah, Feb.17,1769.

Isac, s.John, Oct.末,1684.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah, Jan.22,1712.

Isaac, "the name of Isaac is changed from Isaac to Reuben the 10th of the month called november 1747," s.Ichabod and Marcy, June2,1746.

Isaac, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Oct.19,1747.

Isabel, d.Daniel, Sept.17,1696. [Rec. aft. mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

Israel, s.Paninah, Dec.17,1806.

Jabez [crossed out, Jabesh Sherman, s.Philip. dup.; crossed out, Jabesh Shearman, s.Philip. 2nd dup.], Oct.3 [crossed out, Oct.23. dup. 2nd dup.], 1700.

Jabez, s.Jabez and Jedidah, July20,1740.

Jacob, s.David, Nov.8,1713. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

Jacob Russell, s.Caleb and Hannah, June27,1781.

Jahaziel, ch.Jireh and Anna H.,末蔓末,1822.GR1

James, s.Daniel, Mar.末,1694. [Rec. aft. mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

James, s.James and Grizzil [Grizigim.CR3], Aug.24,1727.

James, s.Daniel and Lydia, May29,1771.

James, s.Uriel and Susanna, Feb.20,1794.

James H., s.Asa, farmer, and Alice, 6:11m:1843.

Jane Crocker, d.James and Nancy, Apr.9,1820.

Jane Tobey, d.Leonard and Bethany (Bradford) (Gust), Feb.7,1832.PR10

Jean, d.Presarved and Keziah, Sept.11,1734.

Jedediah, s.Michal and Deborah, May26,1745.

Jedidah, d.Jabez and Jedidah, May23,1750.

Jeduthan, s.Paul and Amy, [b. or d.] July10,1768.

Jemima, d.Isaac and Sarah, Apr.13,1707.

Jenny, d.Edward and Sarah, Aug.13,1786.

Jeremiah, s.Michael and Deborah, Mar.29,1743.

Jeriah, s.Zoeth and Delight, Feb.17,1791.

Jesse, s.Joseph, May2,1727. [Rec. with chn. of Joseph and Elizebeth.]

Jesse T., s.Asa, farmer, and Alice, 7:1m:1846.

Jethro, s.Isaac and Sarah, Jan.9,1706.

Jireh, h.Anna, s.Prince and Sarah, July4,1776. [h.Anna Howland.GR1]

Jireh, Capt., Aug.7,1802 [on stone beside that of Elizabeth W.]GR1 [h.Elizabeth W. (Howland).PR37]

Jirah Jr., s.Jireh, merchant, and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1848. [Capt. Jireh Sherman Jr., Sept.14.GR1; Jireh Sherman Jr., s.Jireh and Elizabeth W. (Howland), 14:9m:PR37]

Joanna, d.Samuell, June25,1703.

Joana, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, Mar.17,1730.

Joannah, d.Jonathan and Susannah, May25,1748.

Joanna, d.Jonathan and Patience, Dec.4,1787.

Job, s.Michael and Deborah, Jan.7,1741-2.

Job, s.Butler and Susannah, Feb.9,1771.

John, s.Phillip [dup. crossed out Philip], June末 [dup. crossed out, 13,13†, 3‡], 1699. [This entry crossed out.]

John, s.David, Apr.12,1720. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

John, s.John Jr. and Margret, Jan.26,1725-6.

John, s.Ichabud and Mercy, Mar.4,1749.

John A., s.Russell and Silvia, Mar.25,1795.

John B., ch.Holder and Hannah K., 26:2m:1825.CR3 [24:2m:CR5; h.Caroline S.末蔓末,1825.GR1]

John C., s.William, mariner, and Esther, Feb.22,1848.

Jonathan [dup. Shearman], s.Joshua and Alice, June20,1711.

Jonathan, s.William Jr., Dec.3,1716. [Rec. aft. mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Susannah, Dec.18,1745.

Jonathan, s.Barnabas and Rhobe, Dec.13,1787.

Jonathan, s.Charles and Lowis, May31,1795.

Joseph, s.Edmund, Feb.末,1698.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizebeth, Mar.16,1732.

Joseph Tucker, ch.David and Anna, 16:5m:1804.CR3

Joshua, s.John, Sept.末,1678.

Joshua, s.Timothy and Deborah, May13,1718.

Joshua, s.Ebenezer and Wait, Jan.2,1730-1.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Hannah, June2,1753.

Josiah, s.George and Seabury, Aug.30,1774. [Sherman, h.Phebe.CR3]

Judah, d.[sic] David and Abigail, Aug.3,1732.

Julia A.(Russell), w.Barzilla, Oct.29,1831, [on stone with Nancy W.]GR1

Keziah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Jan.5,1709.

Laura B., d.Elihu, farmer, and Nancy, 12:7m:1845.

Lemuel, s.Fortinatus and Sarah, Aug.19,1756.

Levi, s.Robert, June29,1742.

Lloyd, Nov.25,1783, [on stone beside that of Susan].GR26

Louis, d.Charles and Lowis, June27,1802.

Lot, s.Jonathan and Patience, Sept.4,1790.

Love, d.Edward and Sarah, Jan.1,1792.

Luciania, d.Gersham and Phebe, July17,1739.

Lucy, d.Charles and Lowis, Nov.26,1800.

Lusannah, d.Jonathan and Susannah, Dec.19,1752.

Lusannah, d.Jonathan and Patience, July15,1777.

Lusannah Allen, d.Russell and Silvia, Jan.16,1799.

Lydia, d.Edmund, Feb.末,1682.

Lidia, d.David and Abigail, Oct.18,1729.

Lydia, d.James and Grizzil [Grizigim.CR3], Sept.18,1733.

Lydia, d.Philip and Anne, Dec.25,1771.

Lydia, d.Job and Phebe, July20,1815.

Lydori Ann, d.James and Nancy, Jan.20,1818.

Margreat, d.David, Dec.13,1711. [Rec with chn. of David and Abigail.]

Margret, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, Apr.2,1737.

Mariah C., d.Presbury and Esther, Mar.18,1814.

Marianna A.(Almy), "Mother," w.Wanton, Dec.1,1823, [on stone beside that of Wanton H.]GR1

Martha, d.William Jr., Feb.27,1722-3. [Rec. aft. mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

Mary, d.William, May21,1694.

Mary, d.Nathan, Feb.15,179 [? 1709, rec. bef. Hanah, 1711.] [Rec. with chn. of Nathan and Freelove.]

Mary, d.Timothy and Deborah, June30,1721.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Wate, Dec.27,1745.

Mary, d.Abraham and Mary [wid.Benjamin Howland.CR3], Feb.28,1760.

Mary, d.Richard and Mary, Feb.17,1773. [w.Elijah Gifford.CR3]

Mary Eunice, d.Philip and Anne, Feb.4,1776.

Mary, d.Caleb and Hannah, Nov.4,1783.

Mary, d.Jeirah and Anna, Aug.12,1797. [Sherman, ch.Jireh and Anna H.GR1]

Polly, d.Charles and Rebecah, Mar.27,1803.

Mary, d.Presbury and Esther, Mar.21,1810.

Mary Allen, d.Russell and Silvia, Dec.13,1812.

Mary R.(Stowell), "Mother," w.Royal, Apr.19,1815.GR38

Polly C., w.Edward S., Sept.2,18131818.GR1

Mary A.(Shearman), w.Abner,末蔓末,1825.GR1

Mary I., d.Benjamin, labourer, and Hannah, July8,1847.

Mehitable Slocum, d.Russell and Silvia, Nov.16,1807.

Mehittable Slocum, d.Russell and Silvia, Mar.28,1809.

Marcy, d.William (cordwiner), Oct.20,1711. [Rec. with chn. of William and Susannah.]

Marcy, d.Judediah and Susannah, Sept.7,1778.

Mercy, d.Russell and Silvia, Sept.15,1803.

Meribah, d.Jonathan 2d and Susannah, Feb.15,1747.

Meribah Barker, d.Russell and Silvia, June28,1805.

Michael, s.William and Susanah, Dec.末,1719.

Moses, s.Daniel, Aug.末,1699. [Rec. aft. mar. record of Daniel and Sarah Jenee.]

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Wait, Mar.17,1732.

Nancy W.(Nickerson), w.Elihu, Sept.3,1825.GR1

Nancy A., d.David, laborer, and Nancy, 11:3m:1845.

Nathan, s.Edmund, Feb.末,1678. ["Nathan Shearman was recorded rong and is recorded in the new book," s.Edman, Feb.8,1686.]

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary, June12,1753.

Nathan, s.Nathan, bp. Nov.1,1761.CR4

Nathan Mitchel, Sept.4,1805. [Rec. with chn. of Charles and Lowis.]

Nathaniel, s.Edmund, May末,1676 [sic, see Samuell].

Nehemiah, s.David, Sept.13,1722. [Rec. with chn. of David and Abigail.]

Nicholas, s.Jeirah, Jan.28,1799. [Rec. with chn. of Jireh and Anna.]

Obed, s.Presarved and Keziah, Oct.30,1731. [dup. 1730.]

Obed, s.Job and Rhoda, June5,1803.

Oliver, s.Alice Grinnell, Sept.18,1796. [Rec. bef. Ebenezar, 1798.]

Patience, d.Ephraim and Mehitabel, Aug.4,1715.

Patience, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Nov.8,1735.

Paul, s.Jonathan and Susanah, Oct.1,1741.

Peace, d.William, Jan.7,1715-16. [Rec. with chn. of William and Susannah.]

Peleg, Aug.10,1777, [on stone beside that of Charlotte].GR26

Peleg L., Capt., h.Hettie C.,末蔓末,1844.GR1 [Peleg Leonard Sherman, h.Hettie G. Howland, s.Loenard and Bethany (Bradford) Gust), Jan.31, in New Bedford.PR10]

Peter, s.Elkenah and Elizebeth, Sept.24,1728.

Phillip, s.Abraham and Susanna, Aug.5,1739.

Phebe, d.Joshua and Alice, Dec.14 [dup. Dec.15], 1708.

Phebe, d.Nathan and Freelove, June17,1725.

Phebe, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patience, Oct.1,1772.

Phebe(Gifford), w.Josiah, 4:7m:1783.CR3

Phebe S., [? m],末蔓末,1825.GR1

Presbury, s.George and Seabury, Oct.2,1782.

Presbury, s.Presbury and Esther, Mar.25,1816.

Preserved, s.Ephraim and Mehitabel, Jan.23,1710.

Prince, s.Jabez and Jedidah, Jan.11,1737-8.

Prince, s.William and Leady, Sept.5,1760.

Prince, s.Prince and Sarah, Nov.27,1767.

Prince, s.Zoeth and Delight(Brownell), Sept.7,1788.

Prince, ch.Jireh and Anna H.,末蔓末,1813.GR1

Priscilla, d.James and Grizzil [Grizigim.CR3], Jan.20,1724-5.

Rachel, d.William and Susanah, Nov.6,1721.

Rachel, d.Jonathan 2d and Susannah, Oct.10,1742.

Rebeckah, d.William, Oct.5,1713. [Rec. with chn. of William and Susannah.]

Rebekah, d.William Jr., Mar.20,1718-19. [Rec. aft. mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

Rebekah, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, Apr.14,1723.

Rebecca C.(Chase), w.Bradford, 3:11m:1830.CR3

Rest, d.William and Susannah, Jan.末, "1718 or 19."

Ruben, s.Pardon and Seberey, May9,1796.

Rhoda, d.Job and Phebe, Feb.16, 末末, a.10m.

Rhoda, d.Abraham and Susanna, July11,1741.

Rhoda, d.William (s.William) and Leady, Mar.30,1756.

Rhoda, d.Fortinatus and Sarah, July7,1772.

Rhoda, d.George and Seabury, Nov.29,1784.

Rhoda B., ch.Josiah and Phebe, 22:12m:1814.CR3

Robert, s.Ephraim and Mehitabel, Dec.18,1722.

Ryal, s.Jonathan 2d and Mary, June25,1812. [Royal, "Father," h.Mary R.GR8]

Ruby, d.Paul and Amy, Apr.8,1775.

Roby, d.Jonathan 2d and Mary, Aug.28,1808. [Rhoby, w.Ansel N. Baker.GR1]

Rubie Hathaway, w.Leander Smith, d.Leonard and Bethany (Bradford) (Gust), Jan.21,1837.PR10

Rufus, s.Philip and Mary, Mar.30,1770.

Ruhamah, d.Stephen and Elizebeth, Apr.6,1733.

Russell, s.Jedediah and Susanna, Mar.4,1772.

Ruth, d.Isaac and Sarah, Jan.8,1719.

Ruth, d.Elcanah, Jan.29,1723-4. [Rec. with chn. of Elkenah and Elizebeth.]

Ruth, d.Barnabas and Rhobe, June6,1777.

Ruth Hart, d.Presbury and Esther, July3,1807.

Sabra G., d.Presbury and Esther, Nov.30,1812.

Salsbury, s.Tisdale and Susannah, Jan.17,1774.

Salisbury, ch.Tisdale and Susannah, bp. July9,1776.CR4

Samson, s.Nathan and Freelove, Mar.29,1723.

Samuell, s.Edmund, July27,1676 [sic, see Nathaniel].

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, Sept.11,1712.

Sarah, d.William, May27,1696.

Sarah, d.Nathan, Mar.26,1715. [Rec. with chn. of Nathan and Freelove.]

Sarah, d.Timothy and Deborah, May5,1719.

Sarah, d.Moses and Meribah, Feb.14,1730-1.

Sarah, d.Seth and Ruth, Oct.27,1738. [w.William Anthony Jr., 27:10m:1738 "old stile."CR3]

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Susanah, Aug.10,1739.

Sarah, d.Fortinatus and Sarah, Sept.8,1770.

Sarah, d.Paul and Amy, Mar.8,1786. [w.James Warren, Mar.8,1787.GR1]

Sarah, d.Zoeth and Delight(Brownell), July3,1793. [Sally, w.Jonathan Collins.GR1]

Sarah P.(Chace), July4,1821, [on stone with Thomas F.]GR1

Sarah Gardy, w.William C. Barrett, d.Loenard and Bethany (Bradford) (Gust), July17,1825.PR1

Seth, s.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.31,1710.

Shobal, s.Hanary and Ruth, Oct.15,1750.

Sybel, d.Salisbury and Abigail, Nov.12,1746.

Silas G., s.Charles and Rebecah, July11,1808.

Silvanus, s.Penina, Apr.26,1811.

Steven [dup. and 2nd dup. both crossed out, Stephen Shearman, s.Philip], May末 [dup. and 2nd dup. both crossed out, 19], 1703.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Sarah, Apr.10,1743.

Stephen, s.Jonathan 2d and Susannah, Dec.13,1751.

Stephen, s.Fortinatus and Sarah, Apr.28,1760.

Stephen, s.Chares and Lowis, Feb.14,1799.

Suqey, d.Caleb and Hannah, June8,1786.

Susan(Negus), w.Lloyd,末蔓末,1787.GR26[Aug.24. Tiverton, RI VRs]

Susan H., d.Elihu, farmer, and Nancy, 9:8m:1843.

Susannah, d.Ephraim and Mehitabel, Apr.17,1708.

Susanna, d.Abraham and Susanna, Mar.14,1746-7.

Susanna, d.Joshua and Hannah, July8,1747.

Susannah, d.Jonathan and Susannah, Aug.31,1750.

Susannah, d.Philip and Mary, Aug.29,1767.

Susanah, d.Daniel and Lydia, Mar.23,1768.

Susannah, d.Russell and Silvia, June5,1801.

Sylvia H., d.Jireh and Elizabeth W. (Howland), 16:12m:1840.PR37

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.21,1779.CR4

Thomas, s.Barnabas and Rhobe, Aug.末,1791.

Thomas, s.Jobe and Rhoda, Feb.28,1814.

Thomas F., Jan.19,1819, [on stone with Sarah P.]GR1

Thomas B.s, Ebenezer and Sarah (Gifford), July31,1836.GR36

Thomas D., s.William, mariner, and Ester, Aug.14,1849.

Timothy, s.John, July末,1691.

Timothy, s.Joshua and Hannah, July23,1741.

Tisdale, s.Salsbury and Abigail, Nov.15,1742.

Uriah, s.Zoeth and Delight(Brownell), Feb.17,1791.

Urial Freeman, s.James and Nancy, Jan.16,1822.

Wait, d.Ebenezer and Wait, Dec.9,1743.

Wanton H., Sept.7,1816, [on stone beside that of Marianna A.]GR1

Warren, s.Paul and Amy, Nov.29,1770.

Wesson, s.Jonathan and Leah, Aug.8,1772.

Willard R., s.Charles and REbecah, Jan.27,1821.

William, s.William Jr., Mar.15,1720-1. [Rec. aft. mar. record of William Jr. and Dority Russel.]

William, s.Barnabas and Rhobe, Apr.29,1780.

William, s.Russell and Silvia, May18,1797.

Zuruaiah, d.Ichabud and Mercy, July11,1730.

Zilpha, d.Ichabud and Mercy, Nov.6,1736.

Zoeth [dup. h.Delight(Brownell)], s.Prince and Sarah, Sept.7,1762.

Zoeth, s.Zoeth and Delight(Brownell), Mar.17,1800.


Abigail, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Aug.29,1804.

Elisabeth, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Apr.23,1797.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Feb.2,1795.

John Taylor, s.John and Hannah(Rider), Dec.11,1790.

Jonathan, s.John and Hannah(Rider), Nov.27,1788.

Mary, d.John and Hannah(Rider), May2,1782.

Mehetabel, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Aug.19,1786.

Rebecka, d.John and Hannah(Rider), May28,1799.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah(Rider), Feb.3,1793.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Aug.9,1784.

Wealthy Ann, d.John and Hannah(Rider), Feb.25,1801.


Abner, s.John and Dorcas, Sept.25,1732.

Abner, s.John and Abigail [(Wing).CR3], June23,1765.

Allen, s.David and Reliance, May12,1751.

Allen, 2d ch.David and Elisabeth (2nd w.), 7:12m:1771.CR3

Anne, ch.David and Reliance, Oct.28,1767.CR3

Barnabas, s.John Jr. and Abigail, July18,1758. [ch.John and Abigail (Wing), July21.CR3]

Barnabas, ch.Brice and Elizabeth, 5:8m:1803.CR3

Brice, s.John and Dorcas, Jan.16,1722-3.

Brice, s.Brice and Patience, Feb.7,1746.

Brice, s.John and Abigail, Feb.8,1776.

Caleb, ch.David and Reliance, Dec.1,1760.CR3

Daniel, s.John Jr. and Abigail [(Wing).CR3], Apr.15,1754.

David, s.John and Dorcas, Mar.5,1724-5.

David, s.David and Reliance, July30,1753. [David Jr.CR3]

Deborah, d.John and Dorcas, Apr.30,1721.

Deborah, ch.David and Reliance, May14,1763.CR3

Elisabeth, d.John and Abigail [(Wing).CR3], Jan.10,1763.

Elizabeth, ch.David and Elisabeth (2nd w.), Mar.25,1774.CR3

George Barnabas, s.Nathaniel and Polly, July10,1824.

Gideon, ch.David and Reliance, June11,1765.CR3

Jemima, d.Nathaniel and Experience, Mar.4,1728-9.

Jemima, d.John and Dorcas, July21,1730.

John, s.John and Dorcas, May21,1728. [h.Abigail, d.Daniel Wing of Sandwich.CR3]

John, s.Brice and Patience, Feb.7,1745-6. [This entry crossed out.]

John, s.John and Abigail, Nov.10,1760. [John Jr., ch.John and Abigail (Wing).CR3]

Jonathan, ch.David and Elizabeth (2nd w.), 10:6m:1782.CR3

Joseph, s.John and Abigail, Nov.13,1777.

Lydia, d.John and Abigail [(Wing).CR3], May2,1769.

Lydia, ch.David and Elisabeth (2nd w.), 5:5m:1777.CR3

Meribah, d.David and Reliance, July7,1755.

Patience, d.John and Abigail [(Wing).CR3], July9,1767.

Phebe, d.John and Abigail, Sept.13,1771.

Reliance, ch.David and Reliance, Jan.7,1758.CR3

Ruth, d.John Jr. and Abigail, May22,1756. [ch.John and Abigail (Wing), May19.CR3]


Aurelia H. [? m],末蔓末,1833.GR1


Sarah, see Sarah Russell, 1762.


Lydia, w.David Barker, d.Edward, 4:12m:1743.CR3


Cyntha, d.Borden, farmer, and Cynthia, 19:4m:1845.


Amy, d.Benjamin and Deborah(Mosher), Aug.10,1778.

Samson, s.Benjamin and Deborah(Mosher), Mar.3,1780.

SISSON (Sison)

末末, d.Isaac, carpenter, and Mareum, Jan.15,1848.

Abigail, d.Job and Ruth, July7,1780.

Ann, d.John and Naomy, Mar.12,1769.

Benjamin, s.Richard Jr. and Alis, Feb.6,1726-7.

Beriah, s.Lemuell and Deborah, June20,1746.

Content, d.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.6,1726.

Daniel, s.James and Hannah, Dec.13,1754.

Deborah, d.Job and Ruth, Aug.23,1785.

Edith, ch.Allen and Elizabeth, 16:11m:1823.CR3

Edward, s.Stephen and Patience, Dec.22,1794.

Elisabeth, d.Philip and Hope, Jan.7,1772.

Elizabeth, ch.Allen and Elizabeth, 6:4m:1825.CR3

Emily F., d.David, carpenter, and Almira, 1:7m:1845.

George, s.Richard, Mar.26,1711.

Giles, s.John and Naomy, Dec.17,1771.

Hope, d.John, blacksmith, and Naomy, July9,1760.

James, s.Richard, July11,1716.

Johannah, d.Lemuell and Deborah, Mar.20,1748.

Job, s.Lemuel and Deborah, Nov.17,1754.

Jonathan, s.Ruth Lawton, May4,1719.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, Jan.4,1724-5. [Rec. in group with Content.]

Joseph, s.Richard Jr. and Alis, Dec.2,1728.

Joseph, s.Stephen and Patience, Feb.2,1797.

Juda, d.[sic] Stephen and Phebe, Mar.7,1773.

Leander J., s.David I., carpenter, and Almira, Nov.30,1847.

Lemuell, s.Richard, Sept.21,1725.

Lemuel, s.Lemuel and Deborah, Mar.31,1757.

Lovis, d.James and Hannah, Feb.14,1757.

Ledyah, d.Richard, Sept.8,1714.

Mary [Mary written above Sarah crossed out], d.James, Feb.26,1684-5.

Mary, d.John, blacksmith, and Naomy, June30,1763.

Patience, d.Stephen and Patience, May7,1802.

Peleg, s.John and Naomy, Jan.18,1756.

Peleg, s.Philip and Hope, June23,1773.

Phillip, s.Richard Jr. and Alis, July23,1730.

Philip, s.Richard and Elisabeth, Mar.24,1740.

Phebe Tucker, d.Stephen and Patience, Dec.3,1804.

Rebecah, d.John and Naomy, May22,1767.

Rebecah, d.Stephen and Patience, Aug.5,1812.

Rhodah, d.Philip and Hope, July1,1763.

Richard, s.James, Feb.19,16末 [1682†‡].

Richard, s.Richard, July17,1705.

Robert, s.Philip and Hope, Sept.28,1766.

Roby, d.John and Naomy, Oct.13,1752.

Ruth, d.Stephen and Phebe, June26,1769.

Sarah, d.Lemuel and Deborah, June23,1760.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Patience, Mar.18,1792.

Stephen, s.John and Mary [sic, Naomy], June8,1765.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Phebe, July15,1767.

Susannah, d.Richard, Oct.24,1703.

Silvia, d.James and Hannah, July3,1768.

Thomas, s.Richard, Apr.22,1707.

Thomas, s.Richard Jr. and Alice "first of" Feb.1731.

Thomas, s.John and Naomy, Jan.31,1758.

William, s.Jonathan, Nov.9,1723. [Rec. in group with Content.]

William S., s.Joseph and Phebee, Oct.15,1821.

William, s.William, merchant, and Jane, 9:5m:1847.

SLADE (Slead)

Anna, ch.Samuel and Peace, 25:9m:1805.CR3

Benjamin, ch.Samuel and Peace, 3:6m:1801.CR3

Benjamin W., ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis),末蔓末, 末末 [rec. aft. ch.b. 1820].CR3

Caleb, s.Edward and Eliphel, Apr.2,1779. [h.Hannah(Davis).CR3]

Edward, s.Edward and Eliphel, Feb.7,1775. [h.Elizabeth, 7th [27th.dup.], 末:2m:CR3]

Edward, ch.Samuel and Peace, 7:10m:1798.CR3

Elisabeth, d.Edward and Eliphel, Oct.15,1788.

Elizabeth, d.Zephaniah and Anna, 11:5m:1810.CR3

Frederick, 17:10m:1809.CR3

Hannah(Davis), w.Caleb, 29:8m:1787.CR3

Hannah, ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis), 25:4m:1818.CR3

James, s.Edward Jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.16,1809. [Slade.CR3GR12]

Joseph, s.Edward Jr. and Elizabeth, July17,1805. [Slade.CR3GR12]

Mary, d.Edward and Eliphel, Oct.3,1784.

Mary, ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis), 11:4m:1820.CR3

Mercy, d.Edward and Eliphel, Jan.4,1791.

Mercy, ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis), 19:5m:1810.CR3

Patience, ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis), 22:6m:1811.CR3

Peter Davis, ch.Caleb and Hannah(Davis), 26:12m:1808.CR3

Ruth, d.Joseph and Deborah, Apr.14,1762.

Samuel, s.Edward and Eliphel, June25,1777. [26:7m:CR3]

Shearman, s.Edward and Eliphel, Aug.31,1782.

William Hollida, s.Edward Jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.30,1802. [William Halladay Slade.CR3; Slade.GR12]

William, ch.Samuel and Peace, 25:11m:1802.CR3

William Gifford, ch.Zephaniah and Anna, 28:11m:1807.CR3

Zephaniah, s.Edward and Eliphel, Nov.22,1780.

SLOCUM (Slocom, Slocumb)

末末, s.Charles, farmer, and Roby, Oct.10,1849.

末末, s.Christopher, farmer, and Ann, Dec.13,1849.

Abigail, d.Giles and Silvia, Oct.4,1757.

Abigail, d.Jonas and Mary, Mar.10,1788.

Abner, s.Christopher and Phebe, Mar.23,1791. [21:3m:CR3]

Abraham, s.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, June29,1730.

Alice, d.Holder, and Hannah, Jan.19,1723-4.

Alice, d.Peleg and Amie [Amy.CR3], 13:1m:1763.

Amey, d.Peleg Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.16,1792. [Almy, w.Pardon Wing.GR1; Almy, w.Pardon Wing, Oct.15.PR34]

Anne, d.Eleazer and Deborah, Mar.6,1732.

Ann [Anne Slocom.dup.], d.Holder and Rebeckah [d.Holder (Slocum) and Rebekah.dup.], Feb.28,1735.

Barton, s.Paul and Rhoda Reed, May20,1778.

Benjamin, s.Elezer, Dec.14,1699.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Merebah, Feb.6,1725-6.

Benjamin Walter, twin s.Paul and Elisabeth, Apr.16,1786.

Benjamin, s.Christopher and Phebe, Apr.7,1796.

Benjamin C., ch.Williams and Ann, Aug.18,1809. [Benjamin C.PR13]

Benjamin Frank,末蔓末,1844, [on stone with Capt. James H.]GR1

Caleb, ch.Peleg and Elisabeth, 15:12m:1766.CR3

Cathrine, d.Peleg Jr. and Rebekah, July21,1723.

Catharine, d.Giles and Silvia, Mar.4,175 [rec. bet. Ch.b. Nov.26,1751 and ch.b. Oct.4,1757].

Charles, s.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, Feb.19,1729.

Charles, "Father," Jan.23,1816, [on stone beside that of Rhoby].GR1

Charlotte L.(Gifford), Mar.3,1841, [on stone with Holder C.]GR1

Christopher, s.Holder and Rebeckah, 27:9m:1738.

Christopher, s.Peleg and Lucei [Lucy (2nd w.).CR3], Oct.1,1769.

Christopher Jr., s.Christopher and Phebe, July13,1798.

Content, d.Peleg, July2,1687. ]Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary, 3:5m:CR3]

Cook, s.Peleg and Lucy, Aug.5,1777.

Cook 2d, Mar.23,1809. [Rec. with chn. of Christopher and Phebe.]

Cyntha, d.Giles and REbecah, Aug.14,1791.

David, s.Eleazer and Deborah, Sept.25,1719.

David, s.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, Sept.23,1740.

Deborah, d.Peleg and Elisabeth, Jan.20,1755. [19:1m:CR3]

Deborah, d.John and Deborah, Sept.2,1763.

Deliverance, d.Peleg, Feb.10,1684. [Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary.CR3]

Desire, d.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, Feb.23,1734.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, May9,1732.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, May26,1750.

Ebenezer, s.John and Deborah, Jan.5,1756.

Elezer, s.Elezer, Jan.20,1693-4.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Deborah, Dec.6,1723.

Eleizer, s.Ebenezer and Barshaba, May7,1742.

Elezear, s.John And Deborah, May15,1744.

Elihu, s.Giles and Silvia, Nov.26,1751.

Elihu 3d, ch.Elihu and Sarah, 6:3m:1794.CR3

Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Barsheba, June23,1744.

Eliphal, d.Eleazer and Deborah, Sept.26,1728.

Eliphal, d.John and Deborah, May21,1759.

Elisabeth, d.Peleg, Feb.3,1689. [Elizabeth Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary, 12:12m:CR3]

Elisabeth(Brown), w.Peleg, 19:2m:1727, "O.S."CR3 [Elizabeth.PR13]

Elisabeth, d.John and Deborah, Feb.8,1741-2. [1741-2 crossed out, rec. bet. ch.b. Dec.20,1739 and May15,1744.]

Elizabeth, d.Holder and Rebeckah, 24:3m:1742. [w.Benjamin Russell, s.Benjamin and Abigail.CR3]

Elisabeth, ch.Elihu and Sarah, 6:10m:1791.CR3

Lizzie H.(Brownell), w.Henry A., 10:9m:1832.CR3 [Elizabeth H. Brownell, w.Capt. Henry A.,末蔓末,1831.GR1]

Elizabeth S.(Swain), w.Charles F.,末蔓末,1845.GR1

Elce, d.John and Deborah, Apr.17,1753.

Fitzjarel, s.John and Deborah, Apr.10,1749.

Fredric, s.Elihu and Sarah, Mar.14,1781.

George F., ch.Williams and Ann, Oct.1,1806.

George W., Capt. Nov.18,1818, on stone beside that of Sarah J.]GR1

Giles, s.Peleg, Feb.21,1694-5. [Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary.CR3]

Giles, s.Peleg Jr. and Rebekah, Jan.2,1724. [13:2m:CR3]

Giles, s.Giles [Sr. dup.] and Silvia, June7,1761.

Giles, ch.Elihu and Sarah, 15:4m:1787.CR3

Giles, s.Jonas and Mary, Aug.29,1789.

Godfrey, s.Christopher and Phebe, June18,1800.

Hannah, twin d.Peleg and Elisabeth, Apr.28,1751.

Hannah(Smith), [2nd ?] w.Otis, 22:6m:1800.CR3

Helen A.(Howland), w.John O., Sept.28,1848.GR1

Henry, s.Jonas and Mary, June18,1783.

Henry, s.Giles and Rebecah, Mar.9,1795.

Henry A., h.Lizzie H., 1:12m:1825.CR3 [Capt., h Elizabeth H. Brownell.GR1]

Holder, s.Peleg, June14,1697. [Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary.CR3]

Holder, s.Holder and Rebeckah, 17:1m:1747-8.

Holder, s.Holder and Abigail, July4,1774.

Holder C., Sept.12,1838, [on stone with Charlotte L.]GR1

Holder, h.Nannie P.(Underwood),末蔓末,1839, [on stone with Capt James H.][June20. Death cert.]GR1

Humphry, s.Eleazer and Deborah, Feb.18,1729-30.

Humphrey, s.Giles and Rebecah, Apr.27,1793.

Isaac H., s.Ephraim g., farmer, and Ruth H., Sept.9,1847.

James t., s.Elihu 2d and Sarah, July3,1795.

James H., Capt., h.Nancy A.(Allen),末蔓末,1808.GR1

James H. Jr.,末蔓末,1835, [on stone with Capt. James H.]GR1

Jane B., ch.Williams and Ann, July20,1811.

Joanah, d.Elezer, July15,1702.

Job, s.John and Deborah, Dec.20,1739.

John, s.Elezer, Jan.20,1696-7.

John, s.Eleazer and Deborah, Aug.4,1717.

John, s.Benjamin and Merebah, May22,1727.

John, s.John and Deborah, Oct.6,1746.

John O., h.Helen A.(Howland), Mar.13,1842.GR1

Jonah, s.John and Deborah, June26,1761.

Jonas, s.Giles and Silvia, July11,1749.

Jonathan, s.Peleg Jr. and Rebekah, Apr.3,1729.

Joseph, ch.Peleg and Mary, 13:3m:1701.CR3

Joseph B., h.Julia F. Wilbor,末蔓末,1843.GR39[Apr.31. Calculated from age at death:63y.11m.22d.on Apr.22,1907.]

Judith, Feb.24,1802. [Rec. with chn. of Chirstopher and Phebe.]

Julia Almy, d.Elihu 2d and Sarah, Oct.27,1805.

Julia F. Wilbur, w.Joseph B.末蔓末,1839.GR39[Aug.30. Death cert.]

Laura S., d.Elihu 2d and Sarah, May4,1803.

Laura Almy, d.Wilkes and Catherine, Oct.2,1822.

Lucy, d.Holder 2d and Hannah, Feb.19,1795. [w.Isaac Williams.CR3]

Merion, d.Paul and Elisabeth, Mar.22,1784.

Mary, d.Peleg, Oct.29,1682. [Mary, ch.Peleg and Mary, 29:8m:1681.CR3]

Mary, d.Elezer, Aug.12,1691.

Mary, d.Eleazer and Deborah, Sept.29,1721.

Mary, d.Holder and Rebeckah, 20:8m:1736.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Bathsheba, Oct.1,1738.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Phebe, Sept.4,1755.

Mary, d.Jonas and Mary, Dec.21,1790.

Mary Ann, ch.Williams and Ann, May21,1805.

Mary A.,d.Ricketson and Jemima (Wing), w.Giles F. Allen,末蔓末,1829.GR1[May11. Find-A-Grave]

Mehettabel, ch.Peleg and Elisabeth, 18:12m:1764.CR3

Mehitable, d.Elihu and Sarah, May18,1777. [18:1m:CR3]

Marcy, d.Jonas and Mary, Dec.24,1786.

Meribah, d.Elezer, Apr.28,1689.

Merebah, d.Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Phebe, May26,1752.

Nancy, ch.Elihu and Sarah, 16:5m:1789.CR3

Nancy, d.Oliver and Lydia, Sept.16,1792.

Nannie P.(Underwood), w.Holder,末蔓末,1846.GR1[Aug.11. New Bedford VRs]

Otis, s.Peleg, s.Holder, and Amie, 13:5m:1760. [ch.Peleg and Amy, 15:5m:CR3]

Parden, s.John and Deborah, July3,1751.

Patience, d.Christopher and Phebe, Oct.16, 末末. [rec. bet. ch.b. Mar.27,1794 and ch.b. Apr.7,1796.]

Paul, s.Peleg, Mar.24,1692. [Slocumb, ch.Peleg and Mary.CR3]

Peleg, s.Peleg Jr. and Rebekah, June9,1727. [Slocum, h.Elisabeth.CR3; Slocum, h.Elizabeth.PR13]

Peleg, s.Holder and Rebekah, 16:11m:1740.

Peleg, s.Peleg and Amie, 4:1m:1764. [ch.Peleg and Amy, 4:12m:CR3]

Peleg White, ch.Elihu and Sarah, 8:4m:1785.CR3

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Phebe, Aug.20,1757.

Phebe, d.Paul and Elisabeth, July18,1780.

Phebe, Oct.24,1805. [Rec. with chn. of Christopher and Phebe.]

Rachel, w.Zebedee Gifford, d.Elihu and Sarah(White), 21:2m:1783.CR3

Rebekah, d.Holder and Rebeckah, 26:9m:1743.

Rebecca, twin d.Peleg and Elisabeth, Apr.28,1751.

Rebecca, d.Peleg and Elisabeth, May9,1758.

Restcomes, s.John and Deborah, May1,1765. [末:5m.1766†‡].

Ricketson, s.Peleg Jr. and Elisabeth, May5,1790. [May5.CR3; May3.GR34]

Rhoby(Allen), "Mother,", w.Charles, Apr.18,1818, [on stone beside that of Charles.]GR1

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Barsheba, Nov.4,1736.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Phebe, Dec.6,1758.

Sarah J.(Allen), w.Capt. George W., Sept.1,1829.GR1

Sarah A.(Weeks), w.William Allen and Thomas Slocum,末蔓末,1835, [on stone with Thomas A. and Capt. William Allen.]GR1[July25. Calculated from age at death:65y.7m.6d.on Mar.3,1901.]

Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Barsheba, June24,1746.

Stephen Mezzyck, twin s.Paul and Elisabeth, Apr.16,1786.

Silvia, d.Elihu and Sarah, Nov.6,1775.

Thomas A.,末蔓末,1846, [on stone with Sarah A.(Allen)]GR1[Aug.20. Find-A-Grave]

Valariah, d.Charles, farmer, and Rhoby, May14,1847.

Wilks, s.Elihu 2d and Sarah, Apr.18,1798.

Wilkes Almy, s.Wilkes and Catherine, Mar.2,1824.

Willard, s.Christopher and Phebe, Mar.27,1794.

William, s.Peleg and Elisabeth, July24,1761. [23:7m:CR3]

William, s.John, s.John, and Rhobe, Sept.27,1769.

William Easton, s.Paul and Elisabeth, Apr.19,1782.

SMALLEY (Smally)

Amelia, d.Aron, salt manufacturer, and Caroline L.(Bartlett), 12:9m:1845.

Charles Henry, s.Aaron, saltmaker, and Caroline(Bartlett), Sept.15,1848.

Deborah(Howland), w.Joseph, Nov.11,1770.GR26

Frederick H., s.Isaiah, saltmaker, and Mary, June4,1848.

Isaiah, s.Frederick and Sally(Warner), May11,1826.GR1

Phebe R., d.Aaron, manufacturer, and Carolin L.(Bartlett), 6:2m:1847.

Thomas H., s.Isaiah, salt manufacturer, and Mary E.(Baker), 19:8m:1845.


Eliashib, s.John, Mar.7,1676.

Zeviah [Smily or Smith, Smily†, Beriah Smith‡], d.John, 末蔓24, 末末.


末末, s.Thomas C., blacksmith, and Hannah, 19:12m:1845.

末末, d.Tucker, farmer, and Mehitable, 15:1m:1846.

末末, d.末末, carpenter, and Mercy, 10:5m:1847.

末末y, s.Daniel and Rebecah, July23,1775.

Abigail, d.Hezekiah, 末蔓20,1682. [ch.Hezekiah and Mary, 20:6m:[21:10m:1687 [sic, see Elizabeth]],CR3]

Abigail, d.Delivarance [Deliverance and Mary.CR3], Apr.10,1709.

Abigail, d.Humphry and Mary, June21,1743.

Abigail, ch.Deliverance and Hannah, 30:9m:1763.CR3

Abigail, d.Samuel and Mary, Mar.30,1769. [w.Richard Sanford, d.Samuel and Mary (Anthony).CR3]

Abigail, twin d.Daniel and Rebecah, Apr.末,1773.

Abigail, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 1:5m:1786.CR3

Abigail, d.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 23:3m:1798. [Abagail H., w.George Kirby, 23:3m:1797.CR3; Abigail H., w.George Kirby, 23:3m:1797.GR34]

Abigail, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 3:2m:1800.CR3

Abby, d.Gideon and Eliphal (Allen), 20:7m:1840.CR3GR36

Abby H., d.Moses, farmer, and Maria, 12:9m:1844. ]ch.Moses and Maria B., 2:[12:dup.] 9m:CR3]

Abijah, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 29:12m:1804.CR3

Abner, s.George, s.George, and Phebe, Sept.19,1767.

Abraham, s.Jonathan and Silvia, Mar.9,1748-9.

Abraham, h.Zerviah (Ricketson), s.Jonathan, 20:3m:1749 "new stile."CR3

Abraham, s.Samuel and Mary [(Anthony).CR3], Oct.24,1764.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Zervia, 3:1m:1788.CR3

Abraham Tucker, ch.Collins and Hannah, 9:11m:1806.CR3

Abraham H., h.Sarah Cook, Dec.20,1833.GR1

Agatha Ann, d.Richard, mariner, and Lucy H., 20:7m:1845.

Alis, d.Deliverance, Oct.29,1698. [Alice, ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Alice, w.Gideon Anthony, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Feb.27,1768.CR3

Alice, d.John and Meriah [Mariah.CR3], Dec.24,1787.

Anna, ch.Giles and Ruth, 4:2m:1797.CR3

Anna C. [Annah Church Smith.dup.], d.David P., mariner [labourer. dup.], and Mary, Dec.15 [Nov.21. dup.], 1848.

Ann, d.Deliverance, Dec.16,1696. [ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Anne, d.Peleg [Peleg and Mary.CR3], Jan.2,1733-4.

Anne, d.William and Elisabeth, May4,1768.

Asa, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 24:5m:1770.CR3

Barnabas, s.David and Jean, May6,1745.

Benjamin, s.Hezekiah and Mary, Mar.3,1704-5 [1704. dup.] [h.Hannah, d.Daniel Wing, of Sandwich, "3d or 10th," 1m:1704-5.CR3]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Hannah(Wing), Aug.6,1729. [h.Susanna (Wood), s.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing).CR3]

Benjamin, ch.Elezer and Meribah, Oct.20,1753 "N.S."CR3

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Mary [(Anthony).CR3], May30,1777.

Benjamin Ricketson, ch.Collins and Hannah, 21:7m:1795.CR3

Benjamin H., s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 13:11m:1801.

Benjamin, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 26:3m:1807.CR3

Beriah, see Zerviah Smily.

Caleb, s.William and Elisabeth, Nov.5,1763.

Caroline E., w.Frank H.,末蔓末,1843.GR36[July19. Westport VRs]

Catherine, d.William and Elisabeth, July29,1761. [29:12m:CR3]

Catherine T.(Conway), w.Christopher,末蔓末,1838.GR32

Charles, s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 16:7m:1792.

CharlesG.C.,末蔓末,1815. [on stone with Sarah D.(Shaw)]GR1[Apr.6. Calculated from age at death:88y.10m.7d.on Feb.13,1904.]

Charles F., ch.Holder and Elizabeth G., 3:10m:1818.CR3

Charles, ch.Moses and Maria B., 16:2m:1835.CR3

Charles T.,末蔓末,1836, [on stone with Susan Adelaide(Howland) and Nathaniel Potter].GR1

Charles F., ch.George and Sarah E., 14:6m:1837.CR3 [On stone with Ella C.(Borden)GR1]

Christopher, s.Content, Oct.27,1732.

Christopher, s.Peleg Jr. and Hannah, Feb.7,177[5 or 2?, 1772‡]. [Feb.7,1772.PR42]

Chirstopher,末蔓末,1822.GR32[Aug.27. Calculated from age at death:79y.3m.13d.on Dec.10,1901.]

Collings, s.Henry and Cyntha, July21,1765.

Content, d.Judah [Judah and Mary.CR3], 23:3m:1697.

Cornelious H., ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 12:7m:1809.CR3

Cornelius H., ch.Holder and Elizabeth G., 1:4m:1825 [4:1m:dup.]CR3

Cynthia, ch.Collins and Hannah, 2:12m:1797.CR3

Daniel Peabody, see Daniel Peabody.

Daniel, s.Isaac and Mary, Oct.12,1738.

Daniel, s.Humphry and Mary, Sept.26,1745.

Daved, s.Thomas, June14,1714.

David, s.David and Jane, Jan.1,1753.

David, s.Elihu and Deborah, June30,1801.

David P., Feb.22,1816, [in lot with Charles W. Potter].GR1

David W., ch.George and Sarah E., 25:8m:1821.CR3

Daborah, d.Deliverance, July13,1695. [Deborah, ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Daborah, d.Hezekiah, Sept.20,1696. [Deborah, ch.Hezekiah and Mary.CR3]

Deborah, twin ch.Peleg and Mary, 26:4m:1727 "old Stile,"CR3

Deborah, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Nov.29,1731. [d.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing), 1:10m:1732.CR3]

Deborah, d.Samuel and Mary [(Anthony).CR3], Nov.14,1762.

Deborah, d.Henry and Cyntha, Apr.12,1771.

Deliverence, ch.Deliverence and Hannah, 28:3m:1775.CR3

Desier, d.Eliezer [Elizer and Ruth.CR3], Dec.13,1692.

Ebin R., Capt., Aug.28,1811, [on stone beside that of Eunice(Sears)].GR1

Edward, s.Lowrey and Elisabeth, June8,1790.

Edward, s.Elihu and Deborah, Nov.16,1809.

Edward L., s.Filinda, 6:9m:1846.

Eliezer, s.Gearshom, May11,1713.

Eliashib, s.Joseph and Elizebeth, Aug.8,1747.

Elihu, s.Peleg Jr. and Hannah, Apr.17,1768.

Elihu, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 9:8m:1771.CR3

Elihu Russell, s.Elihu and Deborah, July5,1812.

Elijah, ch.Elezer and Meribah, 14:5m:"Called July," 1748.CR3

Elijah, s.Stephen and Robe, July27,1768.

Eliphal, d.Eliezer [Eliezer and Ruth.CR3], May28,1683.

Elisha, s.James and Sarah, Dec.30,1757.

Eliza Ann, d.Prince and Rebecca, May10,1810.PR32

Elizabeth, d.Hezekiah [Hezekiah and Mary.CR3], Dec.30,1687.

Elizebeth, d.George and Elizebeth, May22,1729.

Elisabeth, d.John and Meriah [Mariah.CR3], Feb.27,1766.

Elisabeth, d.Peleg Jr. and Hannah, Oct.24,1766.

Elizabeth, w.Nathaniel Howland, d.Deliverance and Hannah, 1:1m:1767.CR3

Elisabeth, d.William and Sarah, Aug.8,1767.

Elisabeth, d.Daniel and Rebeca, Nov.12,1768.

Elisabeth, d.William and Elisabeth, Nov.26,1770.

Elizabeth G.(Gifford), w.Holder, 14:5m:1789.CR3

Elizabeth, d.Elihu and Deborah, Aug.19,1804.

Elisabeth, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 7:3m:1813.CR3

Elizabeth S.H.(Howland), 27:9m:1838.CR3 [w.Capt. Abner.GR37]

Elizabeth, d.Chester F., mariner, and Phebe H, 17:8m:1845.

Ella C.(Borden),末蔓末,1849, [on stone with Charles F.]GR1[May1. Dartmouth VRs]

Emily, ch.George and Sarah E., 5:9m:1834.CR3

Eunice(Sears), w.Capt. Ebin R., Nov.13,1814.GR1

Eunice B., w.Charles S. Gifford, d.Prince and Rebecca, Apr.28,1820.PR32

Frances [sic], s.Eliashib, Oct.13,1706. [Francis, ch.Eliashib and Dina, 29:8m:CR3]

Francis, s.Nicholas and Hannah, Jan.9,1797.

Franklin, s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 17:6m:1807.

Franklin, ch.George and Sarah E., 9:3m:1832.CR3

Frederic, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 20:5m:1797.CR3

Frederick H., Capt., Co. I, 18th Regt., Mass.Inf.,末蔓末,1840.GR34[Apr.9. Find-A-Grave]

George, s.Deliverance, brother of Humphry, Aug.27,1701. [Corrected entry, by deposition.]

George, h.Phebe(Thornton), 1:11m:1736.CR3

George, h.Mary(Smith), s.Deliverance [Deliverance and Hannah.CR3], June20,1760.

George Jr., s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 26:4m:1790. [h.Sarah (Estes).CR3GR34]

George H., s.Moses, farmer, and Maria [Maria B.CR3], June1,1847.

Gearshom, s.Gearshom, Dec.20,1708.

Gearshom, s.Gearshom, Apr.24,1718.

Garsham, s.Isaac and Mary, Oct.7,1734.

Gedeon, s.William and Elisabeth, Dec.28,17[5†‡. [Gideon, 28:12m:1753.CR3; Dec.28,1753.PR42]

Giles, h.Ruth(Howland), ch.Benjamin and Susanna, Sept.21,1762.CR3

Giles, July22,1819.GR21

Hannah, d.Hezekiah, Dec.24,1701. [ch.Hezekiah and Mary, 25:10m:CR3]

Hannah, d.Joseph and Elizebeth, May31,1730.

Hannah, d.David and Jean, Feb.27,1743.

Hannah, ch.Benjamin and Susanna, May5,1765.CR3

Hannah, d.Stephen and Robe, May7,1770.

Hannah, ch.Deliverence and Hannah, 28:1m:1772-3.CR3

Hannah, d.Lemuel and Jerusha, Aug.5,1773.

Hannah, d.Henry and Cyntha, Mar.24,1775.

Hannah, d.Lowrey and Elisabeth, Dec.7,1785.

Hannah(Church), 19:8m:1786.CR3 [Hannah Church Smith, w.Increase.GR37]

Hannah, ch.Giles and Ruth, 15:12m:1792.CR3 [w.Abraham Russell.GR37]

Hannah, ch.Collins and Hannah, 12:10m:1803.CR3

Hannah W., ch.George and Sarah E., 30:11m:1827.CR3

Henry, s.Humphry and Mary, Sept.22,1738.

Henry, s.Henry and Cyntha, July16,1777.

Henry, s.Benjamin Jr. and Darcas, Mar.13,1801.

Henry W., h.Mary C. (Thompson), s.Prince and Rebecca, Aug.27,1811.PR32 [Henry Wady Smith, h.Mary Childs (Thompson).PR40]

Henry, h.Ruth(Wilcox), 15:11m:1815.CR3

Henry, s.George, carpenter, and Mary, 2:3m:1844.

Henry Wilcox, ch.Henry and Ruth(Wilcox), July12,1849, in Westport.PR23

Hephzibah, d.John and Mary, July16, 末末.

Hezekiah, h.Mary,末蔓末,1654-5.CR3

Hezekiah, ch.Benjamin and Susanna, Nov.4,1754.CR3

Holder, s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 13:3m:1783. [h.Elizabeth G.(Gifford), 23:[13th.dup.] 3m:CR3]

Hope, d.Deliverance, sister of Humphry, Jan.23,1703. [Corrected entry, by deposition.] [ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Humphre, s.Delivarence, Apr.13,1705. [Hunphry, ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Humphry, s.Peleg, Feb.13,1736-7. [ch.Peleg and Mary, 12:12m:"old Stile."CR3]

Humphry, s.Humphry and Mary, Feb.4,1740.

Humphrey, s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 29:6m:1785.

Humphry, s.Collens [Collins.CR3] and Hannah, Aug.1,1789.

Humphrey, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 13:10m:1795.CR3

Increase, ch.George and Phebe, 22:10m:1786.CR3

Erving, s.Prince and Rebecah, Dec.8,1807. [Irvin, h.Sylvia P. Tabor, s.Prince and Rebecca, Dec.8,1806.PR32]

Isac, s.Gershon, Apr.7,1699.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing), 17:1m:1743-4.CR3

Isaac, ch.William and Elezebeth, 13:12m:1750.CR3

Isaac, s.Lemuel and Jerusha, Jan.9,1777.

Isaac, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 26:7m:1792.CR3

Jeames, s.Eliezer, Feb.8,1689. [James, ch.Elizer and Ruth, 8:12m:1690.CR3]

James, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb.3,1733.

James, s.David and Jane, Dec.30,1755.

Jeams, s.Daniel and Rebecah, July21,1770.

James B., ch.Moses and Maria B., 2:6m:1839.CR3

Jeremiah, s.Daniel, s.Humphrey, and Rebeca, June4,1766.

Jireh, s.Samuel and Mary, Jan.29,1772. [Jirah, ch.Samuel and Mary (Anthony).CR3]

John, Lt.,末蔓末,1618.GR22

John, s.Eliezer [Eliezer and Ruth.CR3], June23,1681.

John, s.Deliverance, July11,1693.

John, ch.Eliashib and Dina, 29:6m:1708.CR3

John, s.Gearshom, Mar.10,1716.

John, s.Peleg, July12,1725. [ch.Peleg and Mary, 10:4m:"old Stile."CR3]

John, s.Isaac and Mary, Apr.2,1731.

John, s.Joseph, s.Eliashib, and Elizebeth, June19,1743 ["O.S." dup.] [w.Meriah.PR43]

John, s.Peleg Jr. and Hannah, May30,1770.

John, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 19:5m:1817.CR3

John C., Capt.,末蔓末,1817, [on stone beside that of Rhoda Maxfield Smith].GR1[June17. Death Cert.]

Jonathan, s.Gearshom, May15,1706.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Apr.18,1727.

Jonathan, s.Stephen and Robe, May3,1767.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin Jr. and Darcas, Mar.2,1795.

Joseph, s.Eliezer, Oct.26,169. [ch.Eliezer and Ruth(Sprague), 26:8m:1696.CR3]

Joseph, ch.Eliashib and Dina, 17:1m:1714.CR3

Joseph, s.Richard [s.Judah.CR3] and Dorothy, Nov.25,1736.

Joseph E. ch.Goerge and Sarah E., 18:10m:1817.CR3

Judah, s.Richard and Dorothy, Jan.16,1733-4. [s.Richard, s.Judah, and Dorrity, 16:11m:1734.CR3]

Judith, d.William and Elisabeth, July14,175. [14:7m:1757.CR3]

Judith, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 4:4m:1781.CR3

Julia S., (Sisson), w.Benjamin Smith and Abraham Smith, 18:1m:1838.CR3

Latitia, ch.Benjamin and Susanna, Jan.14,1757.CR3

Leander, h.Rubie H. (Sherman), ch.George and Sarah E., 4:4m:1825.CR3

Lemuel, s.Isaac and Mary, Apr.20,1740.

Leonard, s.Perry and Phebe, Nov.28,1797.

Levy, s.Jonathan and Pheby, Aug.30,1738. [h.Selvester (Allen), 30:8m:, "Call'd October."CR3]

Levy, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing), 1:11m:1745-6.CR3

Levi, s.John, s.Isaac, and Mary, Dec.17,1770.

Levy, s.Perry and Phebe, Apr.30,1791.

Lowry, s.Peleg Jr. and Mary, Feb.13,1763.

Lucy, d.John and Meriah [Mariah.CR3], Jan.12,1777.

Lucy, ch.John and Mariah, 3:10m:1798 [sic, see death].CR3

Lucy H.(Cushman), w.Richard,末蔓末,1820.GR1

Lucy C.(Smith), w.Josiah C. Smith, d.Prince and Rebecca, Aug.16,1823.PR32

Lydia, [ch.Abraham and Zerviah ?],末蔓末, 末末.CR3

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Silvia, Jan.18,1753.

Majar, ch.Elezer and Meribah, May17,1755.CR3

Meriah(Kempton?), w.John, May1,1745. [w.John, s.Joseph & Elizabeth.PR43]

Mary, w.Hezekiah,末蔓末,1661, "as near as known."CR3

Mary, d.Hezekiah [Hezekiah and Mary.CR3], Sept.10,1685.

Mary, d.Deliverance [Deliverance and Mary.CR3], Jan.14,1706-7.

Mary, twin d.Peleg, Aug.5,1730 [twin ch.Peleg and Mary.10:6m:"old Stile."CR3]

Mary, d.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing), 23:11m:1738.CR3

Mary, d.Richard, [s.Judah.CR3] and Dorathy, Apr.21,1740.

Mary(Smith), w.George, s.Deliverance, Feb.5,1763.

Mary, d.Levy, s.Jonathan & Pheby, and Silvester [Selvester.CR3], d.Thomas Allen & Mary, Oct.25,1763.

Mary, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 9:8m:1779.CR3

Mary, d.Henry and Cyntha, Apr.7,1780.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary [(Anthony).CR3], Nov.12,1780.

Mary, d.Eliashib and Alice, Aug.12,1781.

Mary, d.Elihu and Deborah, Apr.19,1795.

Mary, d.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 20:8m:1795.

Mary(Almy),末蔓末,1808, [in lot with Charles Tucker (1824), see Mary A. Tucker.]GR1[Married Abraham Tucker in 1829. He died 1849. She died 1895, wid.Gideon C. Smith.]

Mary Ann, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 3:5m:1809.CR3

Mary, ch.Moses and Maria B., 15:1m:1833.CR3

Mehetabil [Mehitabell, w.Joseph Mosher. dup.], d.Hezekiah, Mar.3,1691. [Mar.15,1692. dup.] [Mehetebil, d.Hezekiah and Mary, 3:1m:1691.CR3

Mehetabel, d.Eliashib and Alice, Mar.5,1777.

Mehetable, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia,末蔓末, 末末, "was older than Cornelious" [this entry written in pencil].CR3

Mehetable G., w.William S. Allen, ch.Holder and Elizabeth G., 9:10m:1823.CR3

Merabah, d.末末 [Judah†‡], 5:7m:1706. [ch.Judah and Mary.CR3]

Meribah, d.Benjamin Jr., s.Benjamin, and Susanna, June5,1753.

Michall, s.Hezekiah, Oct.3,1689. [Michael, ch.Hezekiah and Mary.CR3]

Michael, s.末末 [Judah†‡], 26:12m:1708-9. [ch.Judah and Mary.CR3]

Moses, s.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 3:9m:1803. [h.Maria (Barker).CR3]

Nathaniel, s.Hezekiah [Hezekiah and Mary.CR3], Aug.12,1694.

Nicholas, s.Joseph and Elizebeth, Jan.2,1749.

Nicolas, s.John and Meriah, Feb.9,1770. [Nicholas, ch.John and Mariah.CR3]

Noah, s.William and Elisabeth, Mar.29,1765.

Obadiah, s.Michael and Martha, May7 [7 written aft. 8 crossed out], 1738.

Obed, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 2:11m:1772.CR3

Pardon, s.Daniel and Johanna, June20,1779.

Peleg, s.Deliverance, May27,1700. [ch.Deliverance and Mary.CR3]

Peleg, twin s.Pelet, Aug.5,1730. [twin ch.Peleg and Mary, 10:6m:"old Stile."CR3]

Perry, s.Levy, s.Jonathan & Pheby, and Silvester [Selvester.CR3], d.Thomas Allen & Mary, Mar.9,1767.

Philip, s.Hezeekiah [Hezekiah and Mary.CR3], Sept.22,1698.

Phebe(Thornton), w.George, 3:9m:1744.CR3

Phebe, ch.Deliverence and Hannah, 13:9m:1757.CR3

Phebe, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 27:10m:1773.CR3

Phebe(Howland?), w.Samuel, s.Samuel, dec., 1:2m:1783.CR3

Phebe Jr., ch.Samuel and Phebe, 23:9m:1803.CR3

Phebe T., d.Abner, marener, and Sarah, 末:7m:1845.

Prince, h.Rebecca Studly, Aug.16,1780.PR32

Rachel, ch.Eliashib and Dina, 2:1m:1712.CR3

Rachel, d.Richard [s.Judah.CR3] and Dorothy, Nov.20,1738.

Rebekah, d.Eliezer [Eliezer and Ruth.CR3], June21,1688.

Rebeckah, d.Gearshom, Apr.14,1711.

Rebecca, twin ch.Peleg and Mary, 26:4m:1727 "old Stild."CR3

Rebeca, d.William and Elisabeth, June7,1759.

Rebecah, d.Peleg Jr. and Mary, June20,1765.

Rebekah, d.Henry and Cyntha, June11,1768.

Rebecca Studly, w.Prince, Feb.14,1782.PR32

Rebecah, d.George, s.Deliverance, and Mary, 16:11m:1787.

Rebecca, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 5:6m:1789.CR3

Rebecka, d.Collens and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末. [Rebecca, ch.Collins and Hannah, 22:8m:1800.CR3]

Rebecca, d.Prince and Rebecca,末蔓末,1816.GR1 [Mar.18.PR32]

Reuben, ch.Elezer and Meribah, 3:1m:"Called March," 1750 "O.S."CR3

Rhoda(Maxfield), w.John C., 8:10m:1815.CR3[Married in Providence, RI.]

Richard, s.Judah [Judah and Mary.CR3], 7:3m:1702.

Royal, s.John and Mary, Jan.9, 末末 [rec. aft. ch.b. Dec.17,1770.]

Royal, s.Perry and Phebe, Feb.4,1800.

Ruby, d.John and Meriah, Jan.25,1768. [Rubey, ch.John and Mariah.CR3]

Robe [Robe†‡], d.George and Phebe, Dec.2,1770. [Rhobe, 2:12m:1771.CR3]

Robey, d.Elihu and Deborah, Mar.20,1792.

Rubie H.(Sherman),末蔓末,1837, [on stone beside that of Leander].GR1[Jan.21. Death certificate.]

Rufus, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 23:2m:1778.CR3

Ruth, d.Gershon, Feb.5,1701. [1701-2†; 1701‡; 1701-2. dup.]

Ruth, d.Thomas, Jan.21,1712.

Ruth, ch.Elezer and Meribah, 27:11m:"Called January," 1744.CR3

Ruth, d.David and Jean, Aug.27,1757.

Ruth, d.Levy, s.Jonathan & Pheby, and Silvester [Selvester.CR3], d.Thomas Allen & Mary, Jan.16,1766.

Ruth, d.George and Phebe, Feb.20,1769.

Ruth(Howland), w.Giles, 28:6m:1769.CR3

Ruth, ch.Giles and Ruth, 4:7m:1808 [sic, 1800 written below in pencil].CR3

Ruth, d.Prince and Rebecah, Aug.21,1809. [末 末,1808.GR1; d.Prince and Rebecca, Aug.21,1808.PR32]

Ruth(Wilcox), w.Henry, 14:8m:1821.CR3 [Ruth Lawrence Willcox.PR23]

Samuel, h.Mary, d.William Anthony, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Wing), 2:1m:"Called March," 1735.CR3

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, May25,1774. [h.Phebe(Howland), s.Samuel and Mary (Anthony).CR3]

Samuel Jr., ch.Samuel and Phebe(Howland), 20:6m:1805.CR3

Sarah, d.Hezekiah and Mary, July12,1707.

Sarah, d.Eleazer and Meribah, Apr.27,1741.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary [(Anthony).CR3], Feb.6,1767.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Johanna, June8,1772.

Sarah, d.John and Meriah [Mariah.CR3], Sept.13,1772.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 30:9m:1790.CR3

Sarah, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 6:2m:1811.CR3

Sarah, ch.George and Sarah E., 16:9m:1819.CR3

Sarah D.(Shaw),末蔓末,1826, [on stone with CharlesG.C.]GR1[Nov.19. Little Compton, RI VRs]

Sarah Cook, w.Abraham H., Mar.10,1837.GR1

Sarah G. Wordell, w.Capt. Frederick H., Apr.24,1840.GR34

Shubal, s.Benjamin Jr. and Darcas, Dec.4,1797.

Simmons B., s.Benjamen, farmer, and Elezabeth, Feb.12,1849.

Slocum, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 6:9m:1799.CR3

Slocum 2d, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 13:9m:[9 written above 12 crossed out], 1802.CR3

Stephen, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Sept.11,1742.

Stephen, ch.Benjamin and Susanna, Dec.20,1759.CR3

Stephen [Stephen†], twin s.Daniel and Rebecah, Apr.末,1773.

Stephen, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 25:10m:1776.CR3

Stephen, s.Giles and Ruth, 15:12m:1788.CR3

Susan B., ch.Moses and Maria B., 28:3m:1842.CR3

Susan Adelaide(Howland),末蔓末,1844, [on stone with Charles T. and Nathaniel Potter.]GR1[Jan.4. Dartmouth VRs]

Sarah, see Susannah, 1699.

Susannah [Sarah‡. dup.], d.Judah, 28:12m:1699. [Susannah, ch.Judah and Mary.CR3]

Susanna, d.John and Meriah [Mariah.CR3], May17,1780.

Silvia, d.Peleg [Peleg and Mary.CR3], Aug.2,1722.

Silvia, d.Eliashib and Alice, July27,1774.

Silvia, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 5:12m:1774. [4 written over 0].CR3

Silvia, d.Collens and Hannah, Apr.23,1791. [d.Collens and Hannah, 25:4m:CR3]

Silvia, d.Perry and Phebe, Sept.12,1793.

Silvia Howland, ch.Benjamin H. and Silvia, 25:7m:1807.CR3

Thomas, s.Eliezer, May19,1685. [ch.Eliezer and Ruth, 29:3m:CR3]

Thomas, s.David and Jean, Mar.6,1741.

Thomas, s.Joseph ane Elizebeth, Apr.18,1745.

Thomas, s.Levy, s.Jonathan & Pheby, and Silvester [Selvester.CR3], d.Thomas Allen & Mary, Sept.18,1759.

Thomas, s.Abraham and Zerviah, 30:1m:1783.CR3

Thomas, s.Eliashib and Alice, July6,1785.

Thomas, s.Giles and Ruth, 9:[12:dup.] 12m:1790.CR3

Thomas, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 24:9m:1801.CR3

Tucker, s.Collens and Hannah, July25,1793. [h.Mehitable (Cornell), s.Collins and Hannah.CR3]

Wanton Howland, ch.Samuel and Phebe, 6:7m:1815.CR3

Wesson, s.Levy, s.Jonathan & Pheby, and Silvester, d.Thomas Allen & Mary, Oct.14,1761. [Weston, s.Levi and Selvester.CR3]

Willard N., s.Thomas C., blacksmith, and Hannah, Aug.3,1848.

William, h.Elezebeth(Howland),末蔓末, 末末.CR3

William, s.Judah, 10:8m:1705. [ch.Judah and Mary, 10:8m:1704.CR3]

William, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Aug.14,17房3†‡]. [Aug.14,1733.PR42]

William, s.Micheal and Martha, June30,1736.

William, s.David and Jean, Dec. [Dec. written aft. Sept. crossed out] 3,1740.

William, s.Henry and Cyntha, Feb.16,1773.

William, ch.George and Phebe, 16:9m:1774.CR3

William Collins, s.Benjamin Jr. and Darcas, July12,1793.

William S., 20:7m:1822, [on stone with Hetty Gifford].GR1

William, ch.Holder and Elizabeth G., 22:11m:1831.CR3

William Thompson, s.Henry Wady and Mary Childs (Thompson), Jan.27,1837, in New Bedford.PR40

William M., s.Samuel G., farmer, and Sarah A., 8:4m:1844.

Zadock, s.William and Elisabeth, Dec.8,175. [8:12m:1755.CR3]

Zerviah, see Zeviah Smily.

Zerviah, d.Abraham and Zerviah, 28:5m:1784.CR3

SNELL (Sneel)

Abigail(Faunce), "Mother," w.Leonard, Oct.27,1800, [on stone beside that of Leonard].GR5

Clarissa B., w.David C. Ryder, d.George and Olive, Feb.6,1804.GR17

Deborah, d.Benjamin and Phebe(Head), Apr.6,1785.

Hannah M.(Pettey), w.George A.,末蔓末,1848.GR1[Feb.15. Calculated from age at death:58y.5m.28d.on Aug.12,1906.]

Leonard, "Father," Feb.3,1792, [on stone beside that of Abigail(Faunce)].GR5

Louisa, d.Thomas, carpenter, and Ruth(Wordell), 末:2m:1844.[Feb.2. Various sources.]

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Phebe(Head), Mar.24,1782.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Phebe(Head), Dec.2,1778.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Phebe(Head), Apr.28,1776.


末末, s.Samuel W., mariner, and Mary E., 末:11m:1845.

末末, d.Sylvester, farmer, and Phebe(Crapo), 28:6m:1846.

末末, s.Sylvester, mariner, and Phebe Ann(Crapo), Aug.28,1849.

Charles H., s.Otis, carriage maker, and Peace L., Feb.21,1849, in Westport.

David S., s.Sylvester, mariner, and Phebe, 10:7m:1843.

George Morton, ch.Samuel W. and Mary E., 29:10m:1849.CR3

Huldah, d.Knowles and Mercy, 9:12m:1797.CR3

Jennie(Cromwell), w.Otis S., Apr.30,1830.GR1

Maria W., d.Samuel W., mariner, and Mary E., 6:9m:1846. [Marcia W.CR3]

Mary Anna, ch.Samuel W. and Mary E.,末蔓末, 末末.CR3[Marianna.Headstone; Apr.12,1835. Calculated from age at death of 51y.1m.22d.on June3,1886.]

Mary E.(Morton), w.Samuel W., 17:7m:1804.CR3

Otis S., Mar.24,1820, [on stone beside that of Jennie].CR1

Patience(Parish), w.Laban, s.Knowles and Mercy, Aug.6,1824.GR37

Samuel W., h.Mary E.(Morton), 19:1m:1805.CR3

Sarah A., d.Knowles and Mercy, 10:10m:1819.CR3

Sarah B., d.Samuel W., mariner, and Mary E.(Morton), 12:9m:1843. [Sarah Barker Snow.CR3][Sept.11. Birth record on FamilySearch.org]

Thomas Knowls, ch.Samuel W. and Mary E.(Morton),末蔓末, 末末.CR3


末末, chn. Timothyand Meribah (Dexter), bp. Aug.11,1774.CR4

Hannah, d.John and Rebekah, June6,1733.

Mary, d.John and Rebekah, Oct.26,1735.

Sarah, d.John and Rebekah, Apr.25,1729.

Thomas, s.John and REbekah, Feb.15,1730-1.

Timothy, s.John and Rebekah, Oct.23,1738.


Lemuel, s.Amasa and Ruth, May18,1776.

SOULE (Soul, Sowl, Sowle)

末末, d.Ebenezer, farmer, and Almy, 末:2m:1844.

Abigail, d.William and Rachell, Jan.15,1727-8.

Alice, see Ealce, 1705.

Alice, d.George, s.Nathan, and Avis, Oct.4,1736.

Anna, d.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), Sept.7,175. [1757‡]

Anne, d.Benjamin, Oct.24,1729. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1731.]

Ann, d.John and Meribah, Jan.2,1734-5.

Barbary, d.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), Aug.2,175. [1759‡]

Benjamin, s.William [William and Hannah.CR3], May14,1698.

Benjamin, s.Jacob, Nov.18,1719. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, Nov.28,1724. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1731.]

Benjamin, s.George and Lidia, Aug.12,1728.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Sept.23,1766.

Charles, s.Joseph, s.William, and Elisabeth, Aug.2,1763.

Content, d.Nathan, May29,1705. [Rec. aft. mar. record of Nathan and Marcy Gifford.]

Content, d.George, s.Nathan, and Avis, Apr.2,1734.

Cornelous, s.Nathan, Jan.26,171 [1711†, 1712‡, rec. bef. Temothy, 1714.

Daniel, s.George and Lidia, Apr.13,1724.

Deborah, d.William, Jan.1,1711-12.

Edith, d.Charles and Mary, Feb.2,1789.

Elezabeth, d.Jacob, Nov.14,1712. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Elizebeth, d.George and Lidia, Aug.12,1722.

Elisabeth, d.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), Oct.13,176 [rec. aft. ch.b. May25,1761.]

Ellen E.(Sampson), w.Robert F.,末蔓末,1847.GR1[Apr.25,1846. Death certificate.]

Ealce, d.William [William and Hannah.CR3], Feb.15,1705.

George, s.William [William and Hannah.CR3], Oct.5,1695.

George, s.Nathan, Aug.15,170 [1709†]. [Rec. in group with Content, 1705.]

George, s.George and Lidia, Apr.12,1730.

Gedion, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, June22,1771.

Hannah, d.William, June1,1694. [Soule, ch.William and Hannah.CR3]

Hannah, d.William and Rachell, Aug.12,1722.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Oct.22,1742.

Isaac, s.Nathaniel and Jone, Aug.22,1742.

Jacob, s.Joseph and Mary, June25,1738.

James, s.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), May25,1761.

John, s.Nathan, Nov.20,170 [1707†, rec. aft. Content, 1705.]

Jonathan, s.William, Dec.15,1710.

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel, Mar.3,1711.

Joseph, s.William [William and Hannah.CR3], Nov.8,1701.

Joseph, s.Jacob, Feb.16,1710-11. [Rec. aft. mar. record of Jacob and Rebeckah Gifford.]

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Anne, Jan.11,1731.

Joseph, s.William and Rachell, "first of" Sept.1733.

Lemuell, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.5,1745.

Lidia, d.William and Rachell, "first of" Mar.1725-6.

Margret, d.George and Lidia, June3,1720.

Martha, d.Benjamin and Meribah, "first of" Oct.1743.

Mary, d.George Jr., July30,1695.

Mary, d.William, Jan.23,1698-9. [Mary, d.William and Hannah.CR3]

Mary, d.Nathan, Oct.11,1720. [Rec. in group with Content, 1705.]

Mary, d.Benjamin, Mar.9,1726-7. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1731.]

Mary, d.William and Rachell, Sept.15,1731.

Mary, d.George, s.Nathan, and Avis, May31,1732.

Mary, d.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), May25,17末 [rec. aft. William.]

Mary, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Mar.8,1770.

Meribah, d.Nathaniel, June10,1709.

Nathan, s.George, s.Nathan, and Avis, Oct.9,1738.

Nathaniel, Lt., s.Nathaniell and Roze, Jan.12,1681.

Nathaniel, s.Jacob, Jan.23,1717-18. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Olever, s.Jacob, Sept.7,1714. [Rec. in group with Joseph 1710-11.]

Patience, d.Benjamin and Meribah, Jan.31,1745.

Preserved, s.William and Silvia, Aug.12,1789.

Rebeckah, d.Jacob, Dec.18,1715. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Rebekah, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.19,1740.

Reliance, d.John and Meribah, Sept.16,1745.

Robert F., h.Ellen E.(Sampson),末蔓末,1840.GR1[May14. Death certificate. In the marriage record, his name is recorded as Franklin.]

Rouland, s.George and Lidia, Nov.5,1733.

Rosamon, d.Jacob, July28,1723. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Ruth, d.Nathaniel, s.Jacob, and Jone, Oct.15,1746.

Samuell, s.William, June26,1708.

Sarah, d.William [William and Hannah.CR3], Nov.8,1703.

Sarah, d.George and Lidia, Mar.21,1726.

Sulvenus, s.Benjamin, Aug.6,1722. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1731.]

Stephen, s.Jacob, Jan.1,1726-7. [Rec. in group with Joseph, 1710-11.]

Susanna, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, June15,1768.

Thankful, d.William, Jr., Feb.9,1718-19. [Rec. with chn. of William and Rachell.]

Temothy, s.Nathan, Apr.10,1714. [Rec. in group with Content, 1705.]

William, s.William [William and Hannah.CR3], Aug.28,1692.

William, s.Wesson and Ruhama(Hicks), July9,176 [rec. aft. Elisabeth.]

William, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Sept.17,1764.


Alanson, Sept.9,1808, (on stone with John).GR1

Edward, Aug.17,1815, (on stone with John).GR1

Betsey H. [?m], Feb.14,1789, (on stone with John).GR1

Betsey W., Dec.7,1810, (on stone with John).GR1

Eunice K., Dec.27,1812, (on stone with John).GR1

John, Sept.8,1784, (on stone with Betsey H.).GR1

Luther, Feb.9,1821, (on stone with John).GR1

SPOONER (Spuner)

末末, s.John Sr., Apr.16,1706.

Abigal, d.William, Dec.6,1702.

Abigail, d.Samuell Jr. and Deborah, Apr.11,1732.

Abigail, d.Elnathan and Elisabeth, May11,1759.

Alden, s.Walter and Allathea, Mar.2,1750.

Allis, d.Nathaniel and Phebe, Aug.23,1730.

Alie, d.William, Mar.27,1718.

Amariah, s.Samuell Jr. and Rebekah, Mar.9,1725.

Anna, d.Samuell, Apr.18,1700.

Anna, d.William and Mercy, Sept.29,1723.

Annah, d.Micha and Patience, Nov.17,178 [1782‡].

奔ariah [Azariah‡], s.Simson and Mary, 末蔓9,1778.

Barnabas, s.John, Feb.5,1699.

Barnabas, s.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.14,1735.

Benjamin, s.William, Mar.31,1690.

Benjamin, s.Simson and Sarah, June25,1729.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. July11,1742.CR4

Benjamin, s.Samuel Jr. and Susannah, July4,1756.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.16,1771.

Benjamin, s.William and Remember, Aug.22,1780.

Bulah, d.Samuell, June27,1705.

Bigford, s.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.18,1743.

Caleb, s.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Dec.22,1755.

Cornelus, s.Simson and Sarah, Dec.10,1732.

Daniell, s.Samuell, Feb.28,1693.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Dec.10,1741.

David, s.Cornelius and Elisabeth, Apr.9,1763.

Debroah, d.John, Aug.10,1694.

Daborah, d.Nathan, Feb.27,1714.

Deborah, d.Simson, Nov.15,1724. [Rec. with chn. of Simpson and Sarah.]

Ebenezer, s.William, May29,1724.

Edward, s.Isaac, Dec.27,1701.PR42

Edwin Sears, Feb.4,1835.GR13

Elenor, d.John, Feb.1,1685.

Elennor, d.Jabez, Dec.31,1725.

Elanor, d.Benjamin, bp. July11,1742.CR4

Eleanor, d.Cornelius, bp. Aug.7,1774.CR4

Eleazer, s.Benjamin, bp. July11,1742.CR4

Eliakim, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Apr.7,1740.

Elizabeth, d.John, June19,1683.

Elizabeth, d.William Jr., May22,1705.

Elizebeth, d.Simpson and Sarah, Dec.29,1726.

Elizebeth, d.Daniel and Elizebeth, July14,1731.

Elisabeth, d.Simson and Sarah, Feb.28,1737-8.

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth, June1,1741.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Mary, July27,1760.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Apr.13,1761.

Elisabeth, d.Cornelius and Elisabeth, June14,1764.

Elnathan, s.Samuell Jr. and Deborah, Nov.20,1730.

Hester, d.Samuell Jr. and Rebekah, Jan.26,1716-17.

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.24,1776.

Exsperience, d.Samuell, June19,1702.

Experience, d.Samuel Jr. and Susanna, Jan.22,1753.

Gamaliel, s.Simson and Sarah, Mar.15,1735-6.

Gardner, s.Isaac and Ruth, June21,1745.

謀don [Gideon‡], d.[s.written above d.crossed out‡], Simson and Mary, Sept.26,1777.

Hanah, d.Samuell, Jan.27,1696.

Hannah, d.Samuell Jr. and Rebekah, Aug.18,1719.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, June25,1743.

Hannah, d.Nathaniell Jr. and Lurany, Oct.15,1776.

Hepzibah, d.Isaac and Ruth, Dec.18,1754.

Isaac, s.William, Jan.9,1715-16.

Jabesh, s.William, Feb.18,1692.

James, s.John and Elisabeth, Sept.5,1739.

Jane, d.Barnabas and Suruiah, Feb.8,1727-8.

Jean, d.William Jr., May12,1703.

卜ima [Jemima†, Susanna‡], d.William Jr., Dec.7,1700.

John, s.John, July2,1668.

John, s.Nathan, Nov.16,1715.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1745.

John, s.Lydia, wid., bp. Sept.4,1774.CR4

John, s.Nathaniell Jr. and Lurany, Jan.16,1778.

Jonathan, s.John, Aug.28,1681.

Jonathan, s.Nathan, Nov.26,1711.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.31,1755.

Jashop [Joseph‡], s.Samuell, Nov.13,1698.

Joseph, s.William Jr. (s.Samuell) and Mercy, May19,1718.

Joshua, s.William, Mar.16,1694.

Lazarus, s.Jonathan and Mary, Jan.23,1747.

Lemuel, s.Elnathan (s.Samuell) and Elisabeth, Feb.3,1753.

Lois, d.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Apr.17,1752.

Luce, d.Daniel and Elizebeth, Oct.29,1729.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Sept.2,1757.

Luraney, d.Nathaniel and Luranah, July10,178.

Margret, d.Micha and Patience, Sept.8,178 [1784‡].

Mary, d.Samuell, Jan.4,1690.

Mary, d.Isaac and Ruth, Feb.24,1753.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.6,1767.

Mary, d.Weston, bp. Oct.30,1774.CR4

Mary, see Mary Andrews, 1821.

Mercy, d.Isaac, Apr.22,1707.PR42

Marcy, d.William Jr., Jan.8,1713-14.

Mercy, d.William Jr. and Mercy, Aug.20,1721.

Marcy, d.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), July8,1759.

Marcy, d.Micah [crossed out., Micha.dup.] and Patience, Apr.14,1778.

Mica, s.William Jr., Apr.2,1707.

Micah, s.Nathaniel and Hannah (Blackwell), May22,1754.

Moses, s.Barnabas and Suruiah, Feb.7,1725.

Nathan, s.John, Sept.21,1689.

Nathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, May17,1740.

Nathaniel, s.William Jr., Apr.21,1709.

Nathaniel [Nethaniel, h.Hannah (Blackwell). dup.], s.William Jr. (s.Samuell), Sept.10,1716.

Olive, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.10,1755.

Patience, d.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.9,1749.

Patience, d.Micha and Patience, Sept.21,1779.

Pashent, d.Nathan, Mar.20,1717-18.

Paul, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Mar.20,1745-6.

Paul, s.Cornelius and Elisabeth, May22,1758.

Persie, d.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.23,1763,

Phillip, s.William Jr. (s.Samuell), Nov.9,1714.

Phillip, s.Daniel and Elizebeth, Dec.13,1733.

Phillip, s.Nathaniel and Hannah (Blackwell), Aug.14,1756.

Phebe, d.John, May11,1687.

Phebe, d.John Sr., Apr.16,1708.

Phebe, d.Benjamin, bp. Mar.27,1743.CR4

Puneler [?Puneler or Purcler, Pruneler†; Punela‡], d.Nathan, July9,1721.

Rebekar, d.John, Oct.18,1691.

Rebeckah, d.William Jr., Nov.17,1710.

Rebekah, d.Nathaniel and Phebe, Jan.9,1731-2.

Rebekah, d.Samuel Jr. and Susanna, Oct.2,1751.

Rosaman, d.John Jr., Jan.4,1723-4.

Rose, d.Walter and Allathea, Sept.21,1753.

Ruggles, s.Daniel and Elizebeth, Mar.24,1737.

Ruth, d.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Mar.25,1750.

Samuell, s.Samuell, Feb.4,1692.

Samuell, s.William Jr. and Mercy, Aug.31,1726.

Samuel, s.Benjamin, bp. July11,1742.CR4

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Susanna, May5,1754.

Sarah, d.William, Oct.6,1700.

Sarah, d.William Jr., Jan.18, "1711 or 12."

Sarah, d.Jabez, Jan.20,1723-4.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Ruth, Nov.26,1746.

Sarah, d.Walter and Allathea, June22,1755.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Lurany, Jan.16,177 [1773‡. rec. bef. ch.b. Oct.15,1776.]

Seth, s.Samuell, Jan.31. 1694.

Seth, s.Walter and Allathea, July31,1751.

Seth, s.Samuel Jr. and Deborah, Jan.31. 1755-6.

Seth, s.Elnathan and Elisabeth, Mar.8,1762.

Shear Jashub, s.Daniel and Elizebeth, Aug.14,1735.

Shubal, s.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.13,1758.

Siles, s.Cornelius and Elisabeth, Dec.26,1760.

Simson, s.Isaac, Jan.12,1699.PR42

Simson, s.Joseph and Deborah(Spooner), Feb.8,1754.

Simson, s.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.4,1773.

Stephen, s.William and Remember, Apr.6,1779.

Susanna, see Jemima.

Thomas, s.Samuell Jr. and Rebekah, Apr.3,1721.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.13,1737.

Thomas, s.Lydia, wid., bp. Sept.4,1774.CR4

Walter R., Deputy Sheriff, Oct.26,1847.GR39

Ward, s.Isaac and Ruth, Apr.21,1751.

Weston, s.末末, bp. Sept.20,1767.CR4

William, s.John, May11,1680.

William, s.Samuell, Feb.13,1688.

William, s.William, Jan.29,1719-20.

William, s.Isaac and Ruth, Apr.24,1748.

William, s.Nathaniel and Hannah (Blackwell), July13,1750.

William, s.Samuell Jr. and Susanah, Aug.6,1750.

William, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lurany, Apr.18,1783.

Wing, s.Samuel, Apr.30, 末末.

Wing, s.Daniel and Elizebeth, Dec.29,1738.

Zephaniah, s.Samuell Jr. and Rebeckah, May15,1724.

Zoeth, s.Jabez and Hannah, Nov.29,1721.


Ann, d.Edward and Freelove, May5,1743.

Edward, s.Edward and Freelove, Nov.27,1752.

Freelove, d.Edward and Freelove, Aug.16,1760.

James, s.Edward and Freelove, Jan.5,1747-8.

Job, s.Edward and Freelove, Mar.16,1745.

Nathan C., s.John, farmer, and Eliza, 末:6m:1843.

Samuel, s.Edward and Freelove, July6,1750.

Stephen, s.Edward and Freelove, Oct.27,1757.

Stutley, s.Edward and Freelove, Mar.10,1755.


Lucy Ann [?m],末蔓末,1833.GR39


Margret, d.John and Susanah, Oct.8,1729.

Merebah, d.John and Susanah, Feb.23,1730-1.


Heman N., 2:3m:1837.GR1

STODDARD (Stodder)

末末, ch.Capt. Samuel and Virtue, June4,1789.GR39

Caleb, s.Ichabod and Deborah, Apr.16,1772.

Elisabeth, d.Ichabod and Deborah, Jan.20,1756.

Innosent, d.Ichabod and Deborah, Mar.19,1759.


Deborah, d.Leven and Elisabeth, May10,1783.

Elisabeth, d.Leven and Elisabeth, Aug.15,1780.

Leven, s.Leven and Elisabeth, Mar.10,1778.

Nathaniel, s.Leven and Elisabeth, May31,1775.

STOWELL (Stowel)

末末, d.Frederick, calker, and Cyntha(Sherman), 25:12m:1845.

Alexander T., s.George W., caulker, and Mary, 17:7m:1845.

Charles W., s.Columbus, labourer, and Nancy, Oct.13,1847.

Cynthia(Sherman), "Mother," w.Frederick , Mar.17,1810.GR38

Frederick L., "Father," July10,1813.GR38

Frederick, s.Frederick, caulker, and Cynthia(Sherman), 27:5m:1844.

Humphrey S., s.Frederick, calker, and Cynthia(Sherman), Feb.24,1849.

Phebe A., d.Daniel, calker, and Hitty, Sept.17,1847.

Richard T. [F. dup.], s.Columbus, caulker, and Nancy R. Chase, June28,1845.

Susan C., d.Frederick L., calker, and Cynthia(Sherman), Aug.13,1847.

Susan A.(Jeffers), w.Asa T., Mar.12,1848.GR1[Mar.18. Dartmouth VRs]

Susanna, d.Susana, bp. Mar.9,1777.CR4

Susana H., d.Mary T., wid., Jan.26,1848.


Joseph, s.Jacob, dec., and Sarah(Haskins), Feb.22,1782.

Sarah(Haskins), w.Jacob, Aug.9,1757.


Lois, d.Oder and Margreat, Aug.7,1763.


末末, s.Anthony, mariner, and Hannah, 27:3m:1845.

Allen, Dec.18,1811, [on stone beside that of Mehitable].GR1

Mehitable(Baker), w.Allen, May17,1812.GR1

STURTEVANT (Sturdevant, Sturtivant)

Charles F., Mar.31,1848.GR1

George, s.Josiah and Lucy, Feb.11,1814.

Lucy, d.Josiah and Lucy, Oct.7,1816.


Benjamin, s.Daniel and Reliance(Jenne), bp. June14,1767,CR4

Catherine, d.Daniel and Reliance(Jenne), Oct.11,1770.

Daniel, s.Thomas, Nov.15,1713.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Reliance(Jenne), Mar.18,1766.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Keturah, July6,1749.

John, s.Daniel and Katurah, Nov.26,1745.

Thomas, s.Thomas, Apr.15,1711.

Thomas, s.Daniel, Sept.16,1739.PR25


Abby A.(Gifford), w.Townsend, 1:12m:1818.CR3

Townsend, s.Townsend, schoolteacher, and Abby, 2:4m:1846. [Edward T.CR3]


Albert B., s.William, mariner, and Elezabeth P.(Wilbur), May11,1847.

Elisabeth S., d.William, mariner, and Elisabeth P.(Wilbur), 10:5m:1846.

Frederick C., s.William, mariner, and Eliza(Wilbur), 7:5m:1844.

Lydia B.(Sherman), w.William H.,末蔓末,1829.GR1[Jan.3. Death certificate]


Richard M.,末蔓末,1845.GR1[Jan.6. Death certificate.]


Daniel,末蔓末,1849.GR1[Feb.22. Death certificate.]


Emily J.(Baker),末蔓末,1842, [on stone with James H.]GR1[Nov.12. Death certificate.]

James H.,末蔓末,1828, [on stone with Emily J.(Baker)]GR1

Jonathan, s.Benjamin, May16,1720.

Stephen, s.Benjamin, Oct.29,1723.


Francis,末蔓末,1844.GR1[Apr.5,1843. Calculated from age at death:70y.9m.8d.on Jan.13,1914.]


James, h.Mary Ann,末蔓末,1820.GR1

Mary Ann(McCarty), w.James,末蔓末,1832.GR1


Alfred Gibbs,末蔓末,1847.GR39[July31. New Bedford VRs]

Bertha Wesselhoeft, w.Humphrey Hathaway,末蔓末,1841.GR39[Sept.10. Calculated from age at death:69y.8d.on Sept.18,1910.]

David, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth(Bourne), Jan.31,1756.

Deborah, d.Jireh and Deborah(Hathaway), July7,1748.

Elisha, s.Silas, bp. July19,1772.CR4

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, dec., and Elizabeth(Bourne), bp. May1,1763.CR4

Betsey, d.Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), July4,1770. [Betty, d.Jireh Jr., bp. July1.CR4]

Hannah K.(Sherman), w.Sylvanus, 19:1m:1834.CR5

Humphrey Hathaway,末蔓末,1819, [on stone beside those of Rebecca D. and William R., d.1840,].GR39[Nov.31. Calculated from age at death:91y.4m.28d.on Apr.28,1911.]

Jirah, s.Jirah and Deborah(Hathaway), May31,1741.

Jireh, ch.Silas, bp. July11,1771.CR4

Jireh, s.Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), Sept.26,1773. [s.Dea.Jireh Jr.CR4]

John, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth(Bourne), July10,1754.

Jonathan, s.Jireh and Deborah(Hathaway), Dec.12,1730.

Jonathan, s.Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), Oct.5,1763.

Jonathan, ch.Jireh Jr., bp. Aug.30,1767.CR4

Lemuel, s.Silas and Deborah(Tobey), Apr.28,1767.

Lemuel, ch.Silas, bp. July11,1771.CR4

Loes, d.Jireh and Deborah(Hathaway), Sept.4,1737.

Lois, d.Silas, bp. June18,1784.CR4

Lydia, d.Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), Apr.29,1780.

Nancy, d.[Dea.CR4] Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), Mar.30,1785.

Nancy, d.Foster Esq. and Deborah(Delano), Feb.9,1787.

Rebecca D., d.Jireh and Elizabeth (Hathaway),末蔓末,1824, [on stone beside those of William R., d.1840, and Humphrey Hathaway Swift.]GR39[Nov. or Dec. Calculated from age at death:68y.1m.on Jan.2,1893.]

Rhodolphus Nye, Capt., Nov.29,1810, [on stone beside that of Sylvia Hathaway Nye Swift].GR39

Rubert Gideon Nye, s.Rhodolphus and Sylvia, Feb.27,1845.GR39

Ruth, d.Jireh and Elisabeth(Haskell), July7,1766.

Ruth, ch.Jireh Jr., bp. Aug.30,1767.CR4

Sally, d.Foster and Deborah(Delano), Feb.24,1788.

Silas, s.Jireh and Deborah(Hathaway), Mar.2,1745.

Sylvanus,末蔓末,1832, [on stone beside that of Hannah K.]GR14[Mar.21. Falmouth VRs]

Susanah, d.Jireh and Deborah(Hathaway), Feb.21,1734.

Susanna, d.Jonathan, bp. Jan.15,1762.CR4

Susannah, ch.Silas, bp. July11,1771.CR4

Susannah, d.Silas and Deborah, Sept.17,178 [sic, rec. aft. Lemuel, 1767.]

Sylvia Hathaway Nye, w.Rhodolphus N., July21,1814.GR39

William, ch.Reuben and Ruth, 28:8m:1792.CR3


Abraham, s.Manuel, sailor, and Susan, 1:9m:1845.

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