Eliza A.(Baker), Nov.23,1839.CR1 [Eliza Anna Babbitt, w.James M., Nov.23,1838, a.24y.10m.8d.GR1]

Warren, "Father," Dec.10,1845, [on stone beside that of Saba(Macomber), b. 1781.]GR38


George, Mar.7,1771, in 79th y.GR39



Francis, Sept.20,1772, a.27.GR39

Jane, d.Capt. Joseph A. and Ruth, Dec.5,1805, a.2y.6m.GR1

Jane, d.Joseph A. and Ruth, Nov.30,1829, a.13y.3m.GR1

Matthew, s.Joseph A. and Ruth, May27,1840, in 22d y., "on board Ship South Carolina on the coast of Japan."GR1

Rowland Clifford, s.Capt. Joseph A. and Ruth, Dec.9,1834, a.7y.10m.16d.GR1

Ruth, w.Capt. Joseph A., Feb.6,1827, a.46.GR1


Archelus [Dea.Archelles.dup.], Apr.22,1836.CR1 [Dea.Archelaus, a.69, [on stone beside those of Mahitable and Sarah].GR1]

Eliza, Mar.25,1842, in 67th y.GR1

Ensign, Capt., h.Sarah (Nickerson), Jan.7,1835, a.56y.6m.GR1

George Sylvester, s.Paul and Rebecca, Nov.11,1829, a.13m.11d.GR1

Ghoram,末蔓末, h.Sarah, 1839.CR1 [Gorham, Aug.30,1840, a.40.GR1]

Gorham R., "only" ch.Gorham and Abagail(Rogers), Nov.5,1841, a.11m.GR1

Joseph N., s.Mathews and Roxey(Baker), drowned, Aug.11,1846, a.11y.10m.6d.GR1

Mary Mannary, d.Ensign and Eunice(Taylor), Nov.15,1831, a.1y.7m.15, d.GR1

Mahitable(Chase), w.Dea.Archelaus, Apr.11,1822, a.55.GR1

Paul, s.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.14,1840.GR1

Rhoda(Smith), Sept.18,1842.CR1 [w.Archelaus, a.47.GR1]

Zebina, Sept.13,1833.CR1

Zebina H., ch.Michael and Lucy(Warner),Oct.13, 1842.GR1

Zebina H., ch.Michael and Lucy(Warner),Apr.27, 1849.GR1

Sarah R., Sept.21,1839, [on stone with Gorham, 1840.]GR1

Sarah, wid.Dea.Archelaus, Apr.6,1844, in 77th y.GR1

Thankful, Mrs., Dec.20,1805, in 21st y.GR1


Abraham, ch.Joseph and Rebeca(Smith), 6:2m:1776.CR3

Caleb, ch.James and Elisabeth (Tucker), 11:3m:1750, in 21st y.CR3

Edward, ch.Joseph and Rebekah, 24:12m:1756.CR3

Elizabeth(Tucker), w.James, d.Abrahamand Hannah (Mott) Tucker, 2:4m:1768, in 77th y.CR3

Hannah, ch.William and Hannah(Wood), "abt. Oct.末,1750", a.abt. 1y.7m.CR3

Hannah, w.Charles, Apr.23,1846, in 57th y.GR39

James Jr., ch.James and Elisabeth (Tucker), 19:6m:1742, in 20th y., in Philadelphia.CR3

James, h.Elisabeth [d.Abraham Tucker], 19:2m:1750, in 57th y.CR3

Johanna, w.Robert and 1st h.John Russell, d.Abraham Tucker and Hanna (second w.), 30:11m:1772.CR3

John, s.Robert and Ruth (Tucker), 9:12m:1834 [on stone beside that of Amy (Howland), b. 1786].GR34

Judith, ch.Joseph and Rebekah(Smith), 8:1m:1757.CR3

Lemuel, h.Maria (Tripp), s.Jabez and Meribah (Borden), June24,1819, a.56.GR12

Nancy, d.Lemuel and Meriah, Feb.25,1817.

Rebecah(Russell), w.Jabez, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Forbes), May24,1764.

Rebecca(Smith), w.Joseph, d.Gershom and Rebecca (Ripley), 24:10m:1792, a.82.CR3

Robert, Sept.6,1765, in 93d y.

Ruth(Tucker), w.Robert, Feb.13,1817.

Sarah H., d.Capt. Samuel and Mary C.(Fletcher), Feb.7,1849, a.8y.4m.7d.GR1

Susanah(Potter), w.William, 4:10m:1835.CR3

William, h.Haannah (Wood), h.Amey, s.James and Elizabeth(Tucker), 11:1m:1796.CR3


Aron, 4:12m:1714, in 69th y., in Rochester.CR3


Bathsheba(Wilbur), wid.Griffin, d.Jonathan and Huldah (Ricketson), 25:12m:1840, a.72.GR34

Frank,末蔓末, 末末.GR39

Griffin, 2:4m:1839, a.79.GR34


James N., s.Silvanus and Mary(Nye), Feb.7,1825, a.24, in Port au Prince.GR1

Mary(Nye), w.Dea.Silvanus, July22,1826, in 54th y.GR1

Silvanus, Dea., Jan.8,1848, a.71.GR1


Anson Augustus, s.Capt. Joseph and Prudy(Nye), July23,1821, a.1y.8m.18d.GR39


Patience R.(Ricketson), w.Andrew, d.Clark and Mary (Wood), Sept.10,1831.GR1


Delia, d.Daniel and Mary (Greenleaf),末蔓末,1817.GR39

Mary, w.Daniel, mother of Delia, d.William Greenleaf and Mary(Brown),Oct.5, 1836.GR39

BENNETT (Bennet)

Peter, Sept.11,1841, in 70th y.GR13


Alden, s.Lot and Sarah, Oct.23,1820, a.17.GR39

Lot, Apr.5,1836, a.59.GR39


Bethany, w.John, Oct.6,1787, a.61.GR39[It is possible that Bethany was Parthenia Shaw.]

Jehannah, d.Nathaniel and Jehannah(Hathaway), Nov.13,1724, a.2y.3m.GR39

Joanne, w.Nathaniel, Mar.16,1749-50, in 65th y.GR39


Abishai, s.Benjaminand Rebecca (Tobey), June末,1785, a.9m.GR39

Bathsheba(Percival), w.Benjamin, June7,1796, in 71st y.GR39

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Mehitable, Oct.25,1797, in 76th y.[on stone beside that of Bathsheba(Percival)].GR39

Clarinda, d.Elijah and Alice (Milk), Dec.末,1838.PR44

Elijah, h.Alice (Milk),末蔓末,1840.PR44

Levi, s.Benjamin and Rebekah(Tobey), May8,1785, a.8m.10d.GR39

Mehetable, wid.Joseph, Mar.16,1771, a.89y.6m.12d.GR39

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Bathsheba(Percival), Feb.17,1775, a.14y.8m.22d.GR39

Sarah B., d.Benjamin B. and Sarah, Feb.7,1846, a.2m.GR9

BOLLES (Bowles)

Rebecca, w.Joseph, July13,1813, a.16y.11m.GR1


Lydia, spinster, fit, July6,1848, a.83y.6m.5d.


Amy(Allen), w.Stoughton, d.Joseph and Mary (Fawn), Jan.11,1849, a.87y.8m.22d.GR11

John, Mar.24,1812, a.31.GR39

Mary(Davis), w.Zebedee, d.Nicholas and Hope (Hathaway), Apr.5,1818, in 23d y.GR4

Noah, s.Elijah and Hannah(Russell), Nov.20,1808.

Stoughton, s.Anthony and Rachel (Parker), July8,1837, in 75th y.[on stone beside that of Amy(Allen)].GR11

Zebedee, h.Mary (Davis), s.Zebedee and Catherine, Jan.25,1821, in 32d y.GR4



Betsey Huttleston, w.Capt. Samuel, Nov.8,1802, a.25.GR39


Samuel Jr., s.Capt. Samueland Betsy (Huttleston), Aug.18,1847, a.45.GR39


末末, inf.d.Amos and Anna (Leavitt),末蔓末,1832.GR39

Anna Leavitt, w.Amos,末蔓末,1840.GR39

Ezekiah W., Aug.1,1846, a.6y.5m.20d.GR39

Peddy Howland Leavitt, w.Amos,末蔓末,1848.GR39


Jedidah H.,末蔓末,1849, a.41.GR39


Betsey(Swift), wid.Rev. John, d.Jireh and Elizabeth (Haskell), Nov.27,1825, a.55.GR39


Mary Ann, d.Walter and Phebe(Akin), 1:4m:1833, a.20y.7m.26d.GR40

Walter, Aug.末,1765.


George A., s.Samuel and Esther(Gifford), drowned, Apr.30,1840, a.20y.1m.8d.GR25


George, Lt., h.Mary (Thurston), s.Thomas and Mary (Pearce), Sept.22,1756, in 72d y.

Martha, d.William, July6,1736.

Mary, d.William and Lidia, Nov.17,1732.

BUFFINTON (Buffington)

Benjamin Mowry, ch.Stephen and Huldah (second w.), suddenly, 31:3m:1847, "whilest in Boston."CR3

Caleb, ch.Stephen and Sarah(Sherman), 23:11m:1777.CR3

David, ch.Stephen and Sarah(Sherman), 24:8m:1779.CR3

Huldah (Buffington), w.末末, d.John Tucker and Rhoda(Wing), 29:12m:1796.CR3

Sarah, w.Stephen, d.Caleb and Elizabeth (Lawton), 1:6m:1807.CR3

Stephen, ch.Stephen and Sarah, 25:11m:1777.CR3


Hyram, s.Seth and Huldah(White), Sept.11,1811, a.7m.25d.GR39


Mary R.(Gifford), w.James A., d.Tillinghast Giford and Mary(Robertson), July16,1840, in 24th y.GR32


Benjamin, Dr., Sept.18,1748, in 40th y.GR39

Mercy(Perry), w.Dr. Benjamin, July4,1746, in 36th y.GR39

BURGESS (Burges)

末末, s.Thomas and Dorothy(Newton), Jan.25,1777.GR39

Dorothy(Newton), w.Thomas, Feb.15,1777, in 25th y.GR39


James, h.Mehitalbe (Russell), 29:11m:171.CR3

Mehitabel(Russell), wid.James (Burril), July24,1739.


Lydia(Waldron), w.William, Jan.31,1845, a.43y.3m.26d.GR11


Hannah Vienna(Gidley), w.Joel L., of New Bedford, d.John Gidley and Hannah(Negus), Dec.20,1847, a.22y.4m.8d.GR28


Clarra D., d.Capt. Peter and Ophelia, Oct.24,1844, a.6m.GR1

Samuel, ch.Benjamin and Esther(Kempton), 5:12m:1776.CR3


Levi H., h.Amy(Reed), s.Holder and Comfort (Brightman) Jenks,末蔓末,1843 [on stone with Augustus S. Russell].GR1

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