Moses, ch.Moses and Neome [Naomi.CR1], Mar.1,1724-5.

Neome, ch.Moses and Neome [Naomi.CR1], Nov.1,1727.


Eunice (Richmond), w.Warren, Sept.30,1783

Eunice Hariot, ch.Warren and Eunice, Feb.18,1813. [w.Borden Hunt.GR3]

George W., ch.Warren and Eunice, Mar.9,1822.

Hannah, w.Abijah,末蔓末,1796.GR6

Henry Warren, ch.Warren and Eunice, Dec.2,1815.

Henry Bradford, ch.Henry W. and Thrina [Threrina.GR3], Nov.11,1834.

Joseph S. [h.Olive A.], June26,1812.GR3

Olive A., w.Joseph S., June27,1819.GR3

Therina, w.Henry W., May26,1815.GR3

Warren [h.Eunice], Jan.25,1783. [Jan.25,1784.GR3]

William F., ch.Henry and Thrina [Therina.GR3], Jan.2,1837.


Adna, ch.Jason Fobes and Keziah Eaton, Jan.16,1825.

Emily Ellen, ch.Jason Fobes and Keziah Eaton, Sept.19,1826. [Emely E., w.William Wetherell Jr.GR2]

Keziah E., w.Jason F., Dec.16,1799.GR2

Selina Ann Fobes, ch.Jason Fobes and Keziah Eaton, Mar.13,1823.

William Henry, ch.Jason Fobes and Keziah Eaton, July18,1828.


Abigaill, ch.Peter and Persilla, Oct.20,1734.

Experience, ch.Peter and Experience, Nov.11,1702.

Experience, ch.Peter and Persilla, Nov.末,1739.

Peter, ch.Peter and Experience, June2,1707.

Peter, ch.Peter and Persilla, May22,1737.

Prisilla, ch.Peter and Persilla, Feb.7,1732-3.

Sarah, ch.Peter and Experience, Apr.30,1712.

ALLEN (Allin)

Chloe, w.Capt. George Lane, May16,1787.GR2

Isaac, ch.John and Sarah, Aug.28,1754.

Jacob, ch.John and Sarah, Jan.27,1757.

Martha, d.James, mechanic and Abigail, Dec.21,1846.

ALLIN (Allen)

Ebenezer, ch.George and Mary, Aug.24,1740.

Sarah, ch.George and Mary, Sept.1,1738.


Julia, d.Ezekiel, mechanic, and Julia F., July18,1846.


Ardela, ch.Isaac and Hannah, Oct.19,1815.

Charles, ch.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.10,1805.

Daniel Briggs, ch.Isaac and Hannah, June28,1810.

Edmun, ch.Edmun and Keziah, July16,1743.

Edmon, ch.Edmun and Keziah, Aug.9,1744.

George, ch.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.29,1818.

Hannah (Andrewes), ch.John and Hannah, July3,1713.

Hannah, ch.John Jr. and Mary, Sept.19,1755.

Hannah, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.29,1769.

Isaac, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.12,1775.

Isaac, ch.Isaac and Hannah, Dec.6,1802.

James, ch.Joseph, bp. May24,1778.CR1

James, ch.Isaac and Hannah, May1,1813.

John, ch.John and Hannah, July28,1714.

John, ch.John and Hannah, Jan.12,1722-3.

John, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.9,1766.

Joseph, ch.John and Hannah, Jan.15,1718 or 20. [bp. July24,1720.CR1]

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.26,1758.

Keziah, ch.Edmun and Keziah, Oct.1,1746.

Lidia, ch.John and Hannah, Feb.7,1717-18. [Lydia.CR1]

Mary, ch.John Jr. and Mary, Oct.26,1752.

Nathan, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.11,1771.

Phebe, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.16,1763.

Sarah, ch.Joseph and Sarah, July4,1756.

Sarah, ch.Joseph, bp. June18,1758.CR1

Salley, ch.Isaac and Hannah, Sept.7,1807.

Susannah, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.8,1761. [Susanna.CR1]


Edward G.,末蔓末,1843.GR2


末末, s.John M., labourer, and Hannah, Feb.3,1847.

Adoline, ch.Lemuel and Anna, July6,1811.

Anna, w.Lemuel, Apr.22,1777.GR2

Ann Mory, ch.Asa and Gemima, July21,1810.

Asa, Aug.10,1768.GR2

Asa, ch.Asa and Gemima, Aug.9,1797.

Asa Leonard Hodges, ch.Asa and Hannah, Dec.23,1837.

Charles Grandson [Grandson, written in pencil], ch.Lemuel and Anna, Sept.19,1817.

David, ch.David and Phebe, Dec.23,1757.

David, ch.David, bp. July25,1762.CR1

David, ch.John and Elezebeth, Aug.21,1801.

David Augustus, ch.Lemuel and Anna, May11,1823. [May10.GR2]

Edgar Baylies, s.Lemuel Jr., mechanic, and Harriot T., Aug.3,1847.

Edwin Howard, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Jan.11,1819.

Betsey, ch.John and Elezebeth, June30,1788. [w.Capt. Aaron Lincoln, "formerly", w.Henry Crane.GR10]

Elizabeth Clementine, ch.David and Roby, Apr.28,1826.

Ester D., w.John, "former", w.Darius B. Mason,末蔓末,1808.GR2

Fanney Hodges, ch.Asa and Gemima, Oct.28,1802.

Fanny Maria, ch.Asa and Hannah [Hannah P.GR2], Oct.7,1833.


George Henry, ch.John Jr. and Fanny, Dec.2,1822.

Hannah P., w.Asa, June15,1803.GR2

Hannah Hodges, ch.Asa and Hannah, Apr.3,1826.

Hannah Dean, ch.David and Roby, Feb.10,1828.

Jemima, w.Capt. Asa,末蔓末,1770.GR2

John, ch.David and Phebe, May23,1763.

John Jr., ch.John and Elezebeth, Oct.13,1795.

Laban, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Nov.30,1807.

Lemuel, Sept.15,1776.GR2

Lemuel, ch.Lt. David, bp. Oct.10,1779.CR1

Lemuel, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Dec.27,1803.

Lydia B., w.Francis,末蔓末,1810.GR2

Martha Ellen, d.John M., farmer (b. Coventry, RI), and Hannah (b. Mansfield), Apr.29,1849.

Polly, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Sept.25,1805.

Mary Elizabeth,末蔓末,1842.GR3

Nancy, ch.Lemuel and Anna, July23,1802.

Phebe, ch.David and Phebe, Apr.1,1760.

Phebe, ch.David, bp. July25,1762.CR1

Phebe, ch.Asa and Gemima, Nov.10,1795.

Rebecca H.,末蔓末,1812.GR2

Samuel, ch.David and Phebe, Jan.13,1766.

Samuel, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Sept.17,1815.

William, ch.David, bp. Sept.4,1774.CR1

William Earl, ch.Lemuel and Anna, Apr.19,1813.

ARTHERTON (Atherton)

Daniel, ch.Uriah (Athertton) and Alice, June28,1746.

Hannah, ch.Uriah (Athertton) and Alice, Jan.1,1743.

Uriah, ch.Uriah (Athertton) and Alice, Nov.13,1740.

ATHERTON (Artherton)

Elbridge Gerry, ch.Percy and Abigail, Apr.27,1810.

Ezra, ch.Lona, bp. July20,1817.CR1

Nelson Almond, ch.Percy and Abigail, July17,1816.

Sarah, d.Joshua, bp. July末,1727.CR1

Shepard Field, ch.Percy and Abigail, Aug.28,1812.

AUSTIN (Austine)

Abigail, d.John bp.末蔓末,1721.CR1

Abigail, ch.David and Sarah, June29,1783.

Albert A.,末蔓末,1846.GR3

David [h.Sarah], Nov.1,1735.

David, ch.David and Sarah, Jan.24,1776.

Deborah, ch.David and Sarah, Apr.4,1779.

Esther, d.John, bp. Oct.30,1715.CR1

John, ch.David and Sarah, May11,1789.

Josiah, twin ch.David and Sarah, June15,1781.

Lewis L., July13,1831.GR9

Polly, ch.David and Sarah, May24,1786.

Palmer, ch.David and Sarah, July5,1792.

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp.末蔓末,1726.CR1

Samuel, ch.David and Sarah, May6,1777.

Sally, twin ch.David and Sarah, June15,1781.

AUSTINE (Austin)

Joseph, s.John, bp. Oct.末,1717.CR1


Joseph, Rev. [h.Sarah], Apr.6,1687.GR2

Sarah, w.Rev. Joseph, Nov.20,1700.GR2

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