BABBET (Babbit, Babbitt)

Abigail (Babbit), ch.Nathan and Abigail, Mar.31,1764.

Levi (Babbit), ch.Nathan and Abigail, Aug.31,1757. [Babbitt, ch.Nathan Jr. and Abigail.CR1]

Nathan, ch.Nathan and Abigail, Mar.6,1755.

Sarah, ch.Nathan and Abigail, Sept.25,1752.

Snellem, ch.Nathan and Abigail, Dec.11,1760.

BABBIT (Babbet, Babbitt)

Abiathar, s.Seth, bp. Nov.30,1718.CR1

Abigaill, twin ch.Nathan and Mary, Aug.11,1724.

Abigail, ch.Levi and Betty, Oct.7,1788.

Anna, ch.Edward Jr. and Anne, July13,1794.

Ebenezer, ch.Snellum and Betty, Nov.11,1784.

Edward, ch.Nathan and Mary, Mar.1,1740.

Edward, ch.Edward Jr. and Anne, Oct.29,1796.

Elezabeth, d.Seth, bp. Nov.30,1718.CR1

Elizebeth (Bobbit), ch.Nathan and Mary, Sept.1,1726.

Betsy [dup. Betty], ch.Levi and Betty, June3,1784.

Betsey, ch.Willard, bp. Aug.3,1823.CR1

Emmaline, ch.Levi and Polly, Mar.21,1809.

Emeline, ch.Levy, bp. Mar.12,1815.CR1

Fanny, ch.Edward Jr. and Anne, Sept.2,1800.

George Willard, ch.Levi and Polly, Sept.8,1812.

George Willard, ch.Levy, bp. Mar.12,1815.CR1

Hannah, ch.Nathan and Mary, Oct.11,1735.

Irena Adayline [ch.Isaac and Sally], Apr.30,1809.

Isaac, ch.Levi and Betty, Sept.1,1781.

Isaac Thompson [ch.Isaac and Sally], Dec.21,1806.

Joseph Hewes, ch.Dr. Nathan and Anna, Nov.14,1782.

Judith, ch.Dr. Nathan and Anna, Jan.22,1785.

Laban S., ch.Edward Jr. and Anne, June18,1798.

Levi Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], ch.Levi and Betty, June26,1780.

Mary, ch.Nathan and Mary, Oct.16,1732.

Mary Leonard, ch.Levi and Polly, Jan.1,1805.

Mary Leonard, ch.Levy, bp. Mar.12,1815.CR1

Nancy, ch.Dr. Nathan and Anna, Aug.13,1780.

Nathan (Bobbit), ch.Nathan and Mary, Oct.8,1730.

Plyna, ch.Levi and Betty, July23,1785.

Rachell, ch.Nathan and Mary, Sept.14,1745.

Sarah (Bobbit), twin ch.Nathan and Mary, Aug.11,1724.

Snell (Babbet), ch.Snellum and Betty, Sept.9,1783.

Thomas, ch.Levi and Polly, Mar.12,1807.

Thomas, ch.Levy, bp. Mar.12,1815.CR1

Willard, ch.Levi and Betty, Dec.11,1787.

BABBITT (Babbet, Babbit)

Edward, ch.Nathan, bp. May3,1772.CR1

James L.,末蔓末,1818.GR3

John [h.Rhoda], Dec.16,1785.GR3

Mary, ch.Nathan, bp. Mar.15,1767.CR1

Nathan, ch.Nathan Jr., bp. Apr.25,1756.CR1

Samuel Morey, ch.Willard, Oct.5,1817.CR1

Sarah, ch.Nathan Jr., bp. Apr.25,1756.CR1


Charles Frederick, ch.Milton [dup. blacksmith] and w., Dec.12,1843.

George Brown, ch.Milton and w., Mar.8,1836, in Taunton.

Harlow P., s.Milton, mechanic, and Lydia, July11,1846.

Henry Milton, ch.Milton and w., Apr.28,1834, in Taunton.

Mary Scott, ch.Milton and w., Aug.17,1838.

William Henry Harrison, ch.Milton and w., Nov.27,1840.

BAILEY (Bayley)

Bette, ch.Benjamin and Tabitha, May10,1765.

Samuel, ch.Benjamin and Tabitha, Aug.31,1761.


Asa, ch.Joseph, bp. May10,1778.CR1

BALCOM (Balkcom, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Aluna, ch.David and w., Oct.21,1783.

Lannard, ch.David and w., June6,1785.

Milla, ch.David and w., June16,1782.

Peddy (Bolckom), ch.David and w., Aug.3,1787.

BALKCOM (Balcom, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Elaxander, ch.Elexander (Bolk Com) and Hannah, Oct.18,1759.

David, ch.Samuel (Bolk Com) and Hannah, Oct.18,1755.

Betsey, ch.Samuel (Bolkcom) and Abigail, Feb.8,1811.

Fanny, ch.Samuel (Bolkcom) and Abigail, Feb.10,1805.

Hannah Kieth, ch.Samuel (Bolkcom) and Abigail, Sept.30,1807.

Harriot, ch.Samuel (Bolkcom) and Abigail, Oct.2,1815.

Lusanda, ch.Elexander (Bolk Com) and Hannah, Nov.29,1762.

Namon, ch.Enoch and w., June17,1803.

BALKOM (Balcom, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Sarah, ch.Elexander (Bolk Com) and Hannah, Jan.7,1758.


Addie F. (Dunham), w.Alfred, Nov.2,1833.GR2

Alfred [h.Addie F. (Dunham)], Jan.16,1834.GR2

Edwin, s.George W. and Marbery (Manchester), Nov.2,1828.GR2

George W. [h.Marbery (Manchester)], Sept.22,1798.GR2

John M., Capt., Dec.3,1830.GR2

Marbery (Manchester), w.George W., Apr.24,1803.GR2


Joseph, ch.Joseph and Betty, June17,1774.


Elijah, ch.John and Marcy, Mar.26,1735.

Hannah, ch.Elijah and Lydia, May7,1756.

Lydia, ch.Elijah and Lydia, Dec.18,1757.


Hannah, d.Michael, copper operative (b. Ireland), and Mary (b. Novascotia, NB), May末,1848, in New Brunswick, NS.


Abigail, w.Albert S. Tucker [Oct.末,1824.GR2]

Eliza Rowena, first, ch.Rev. William and Lucia A., Nov.末,1846.GR3

Rebecca C., w.Allen D. Lane,末蔓末,1820.GR2


Samuel F. (Brastow),末蔓末,1834.GR2

BASSET (Bassett, Bassit, Bassitt)

Abigaial (Bassit), ch.William and Thankful, Apr.4,1741.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Mary, Oct.14,1761.

Elijah, ch.Jeremiah Jr. and Sarah, May12,1754.

Gideon, s.William, bp. May末,1722.CR1

James, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, May15,1765. [Bassett.CR1]

Jedediah, ch.William, bp. Nov.26,1753.CR1

Jeremiah, ch.Jeremiah Jr. and Sarah, Feb.9,1751.

Jotham (Bassit), ch.William and Thankful, May29,1738.

Mary, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, Mar.29,1761. [Bassett.CR1]

Nathan, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, Sept.11,1769. [Bassett.CR1]

Samuel, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, Mar.1,1754.

Susannah, ch.Jeremiah Jr. and Sarah, Dec.5,1749.

William, ch.William, bp. Nov.26,1753.CR1

BASSETT (Basset, Bassit, Bassitt)

Bathsheba, ch.Gideon (Basset) and Bathsheba, June9,1755.

Calven, ch.William 3d and Anne, Feb.13,1771.

Charles, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, July14,1790.

Charles Cobb, ch.Isaac Jr. and Dilly, Feb.24,1805.

Gideon, ch.William and Mary, Oct.9,1719.

Gideon, ch.Gideon (Basset) and Bathsheba, Jan.18,1745-6.

Hannah Strange, ch.Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1797.

Hannah, Strange, ch.Daniel, bp. June1,1806.CR1

Isaac, ch.Issac and Mehitable, June17,1779.

James, ch.Gideon (Basset) and Bathsheba, Apr.16,1749.

Jedidiah, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, Dec.28,1751.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and May, Feb.22,1722.

John, s.Jeremiah and Mary, June6,1725.

Joseph, s.Jeremiah and Mary, Mar.6,1726-7.

Joseph Palmer, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, Mar.26,1795.

Lettice, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, Mar.24,1793.

Laura Pickens, w.Joseph Copeland, Nov.7,1831, in Winslow, ME.GR7

Lemuel, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, June11,1787.

Luther, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, July10,1783.

Mary, ch.William and Mary, Nov.15,1724.

Mary, ch.Daniel and Elizabeth, July22,1793.

Polly, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, Feb.26,1798.

Mary Ann Sprage, ch.Isaac Jr. and Dilly, Nov.22,1802.

Mary, ch.Daniel, bp. June1,1806.CR1

Masa, ch.Isaac, bp. May30,1784.CR1

Massa, ch.Isaac and Mehitable, Apr.19,1781.

Hette, ch.Issac and Mehitable, May29,1785. [Hittee.CR1]

Marcy, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Mar.10,1728-9.

Ruth, ch.William and Mary, Mar.7,1723.

Samuel Morey, ch.Isaac, bp. Mar.6,1803.CR1

Sarah, ch.William and Mary, Aug.15,1721.

William, ch.William (Bassit) Jr. and Lydia, Feb.10,1749-50.

William, ch.William 3d and Anne, Sept.10,1772.

BASSIT (Basset, Bassett, Bassitt)

David (Bosset), ch.William Jr. and Lydia, Mar.30,1763. [Bassett.CR1]

Isaac (Bosset), ch.William Jr. and Lydia, Dec.18,1755. [Basset.CR1]

Lydia (Bosset), ch.William Jr. and Lydia, Sept.20,1757. [Basset.CR1]

Massa, (Bosset), ch.William Jr. and Lydia, Apr.14,1759. [Masa Basset.CR1]

Rachal [ch.Jeremiah (Bassett) and Mary], June1,1739.

Samuel [ch.Jeremiah (Bassett) and Mary], Dec.26,1734.

Sela (Bosset), ch.William Jr. and Lydia, July23,1767. [Basset.CR1]

Solomon, ch.William (Bassett) and Mary, Apr.22,1730.

William, ch.William (Bassett) and Mary, June5,1726. [Basset.CR1]

BASSITT (Basset, Bassett, Bassit)

Ardela, ch.Dr. Levit and Hannah, Jan.3,1808.

Ardelia, ch.Dr. Leavit, bp. Sept.10,1809.CR1

Bradford, ch.Dr. Levit and Hannah, Mar.27,1801.

Bradford, ch.Levit, bp. May29,1803.CR1

Daniel, s.Jeremiah (Bassett) and Mary, July13,1731.

David C., ch.Dr. Levit and Hannah, Apr.14,1804. [David Clapp, ch.Leavit.CR1]

Emeline, ch.John, Feb.8,1808.

George W., ch.John, Dec.29,1804. [George Washington.CR1]


Hannah, ch.Dr. Levit and Hannah, July15,1799.

Hannah, ch.Leavit, bp. May29,1803.CR1

Hannah Bradford, ch.David C. and Sarah T., June17,1833.

Harriot S., ch.John, Mar.8,1812. [Harriet Sprague.CR1]

Horatio, [h.Sarah H. (Sweet)], Feb.3,1819.

Julia Ann, ch.David C. and Sarah T., Oct.10,1828. [w.Benjamin H. Richmond.GR2]

Leavitt, Dr.,末蔓末,1770.GR3

Sarah Ann, ch.John, Mar.10,1814.

Sarah H. (Sweet), w.Horatio, July16,1820.

Sarah Ellen, ch.David C. and Sarah T., May17,1827.

Sarah Jane, ch.Horatio and Sarah K., Jan.8,1840.

Savillion H., ch.Horatio and Sarah K., Feb.23,1842.

Silence Lane, ch.John, Mar.5,1816.

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Bethiah, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Nov.24,1720.

Hannah, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1717.

Prudance, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Sept.11,1715.

Samuell, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Apr.5,1712.

Thomas, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1713.


Eliza R. (Knight), w.Rev. Samuel, Sept.25,1813, in Fitzwilliam NH.GR3

Ellen W., d.Samuel and Eliza R., Oct.5,1843, in Great Falls, NH.GR3

Florence V., d.Samuel and Eliza R., June11,1842, in Great Falls, NH.GR3

Samuel, [h.Eliza R. (Knight)], Mar.1,1812, in Lyman, NH.GR3


David, ch.John and Jane, Aug.2,1801.

Edgbert, ch.John and Jane, Oct.28,1799.


Lucinda, w.David Makepeace, Nov.16,1775.GR5

Maryann, ch.Nathan and Sally, Oct.17,1804.

Nathan Allen, twin ch.Nathan and Sally, Sept.1,1807.

William Lawless, twin ch.Nathan and Sally, Sept.1,1807.


Edward, ch.Jonathan and Marcy, Apr.6,1735.

BLANCHARD (Blancher)

Lydia, w.Alanson Soul Sweet, Apr.27,1811, in Mansfield.GR2

BLANCHER (Blanchard)

末末, d.Stephen, bp.末蔓末,1726.CR1

John, ch.Stephen and Abigail, June28,1718.

Joseph, ch.Stephen and Abigail, May24,1717.

Stephen, ch.Stephen and Abigail, May24,1717.

BLANDIN (Blanding)

末末, s.Isaac S. [dup. omits S.] (Blondin), mechanic [dup. farmer], and Eliza, Aug.10,1844.

Abbott H., s.Jesse H., overseer of the cotton factory, and Eunice, Mar.28,1843 ["b. 1844. " added]. [s.Jesse H. and Eunice M., 1844.GR3]

Arthur Augustus, s.Augustus, hous carpenter, and w., Oct.20,1843.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin (Blanding) and Susanna, Oct.22,1781. [[h.Nancy].GR3]

Benjamin Augustus, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, July17,1817.

Catey, ch.Capt. Benjamin, June14,1793.

Catherine Rebeckah, ch.Simeon and w., Mar.18,1817.

Edgar G., s.Simeon G., shoemaker, and Caroline, June10,1845.

Eliza (Davis), w.Isaac S., Aug.18,1804.GR4

Elizabeth, ch.Henry H. and Chloe D., July7,1837.

Emily, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, Dec.27,1824.

Gardner, ch.Isaac S. and Eliza, June30,1839.

George Henry, ch.Henry H. and Chloe D., July17,1835.

George Otis, ch.Isaac S. and Eliza, Feb.4,1837.

Harriot Codding, ch.Simeon and w., Nov.26,1818.

Helen E., d.Jesse H., farmer and Eunice M. (b. Chesterfield, NH), July6,1848.

Henry Horatio, ch.Jesse and Susanna, Aug.18,1810.

Henry Horatio, ch.Jesse, bp. Aug.3,1817.CR1

Herbert B., s.Sumner, mechanick (b. Colerain) and Louisa, July13,1848.

Isaac Shaw, ch.Capt. Benjamin, Aug.1,1798. [[h.Eliza (Davis)].GR4]

Isaac Alden, ch.Isaac S. and Eliza, Nov.8,1828.

Jesse [h.Susannah], Feb.15,1787.GR3

Jesse Harison, ch.Jesse, bp. Aug.3,1817.CR1

Levi Witherell, ch.Jesse and Susanna, Dec.5,1821.

Lemira, ch.Capt. Benjamin, Aug.1,1801.

Lucius Davis, ch.Simeon and w.[Rebeckah.GR7], Nov.16,1826.

Mary Emely, c. Sumner, mason, and Louisa (Messenger), Feb.21,1844.

Nancy, w.Benajmin, Oct.24,1786.GR3

Nancy Wilmarth, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, Apr.8,1819, in Attleborough.

Rebeckah, w.Simeon, Feb.22,1795.GR7

Sarah Sampson, ch.Capt. Benjamin, July4,1791.

Sarah Susanna, ch.Jesse and Susanna, Jan.10,1820.

Sarah Jane, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, May18,1821.

Simeon, ch.Capt. Benjamin, June4,1789. [[h.Rebeckah].GR7]

Simeon Gardner, ch.Simeon and w., July9,1821.

Susanna, ch.Benjamin (Blanding) and Susanna, Nov.5,1785.

Susannah, w.Jesse,末蔓末,1786.GR3

Thomas, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, Aug.3,1823.

Willard, ch.Isaac S. and Eliza, Aug.28,1832.

William Brainard, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Nancy, July26,1827. [[h.Aurelia J. (Sweet)]GR3]

BLANDING (Blandin)

Frances L.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Herbert M.,末蔓末,1848.GR2

Louisa [Nov.末,1811].GR2

Mary C., w.Henry W.,末蔓末,1843.GR2

Sumner [Nov.末,1805].GR2


Henry Jr., ch.Henry (Boks) and Meriam, Dec.2,1773.

Seth, ch.Henry (Boks) and Meriam, Sept.17,1777.

BOLCOM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkom, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Elijah, ch.Elexander (Bolk Com) and Hannah, Aug.6,1753.


Abiah, ch.James and Sary, Sept.27,1724.

James, ch.James and Sary, Mar.28,1726. [Boldrey.CR1]

John, ch.James and Sary, Mar.7,1727-8.


Sarah E., d.Pattrick, mechanic, and Mary, Feb.17,1846.

BOLKCOM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolkum)

Abigail, ch.Samuel and Abigail, Mar.18,1798.

Hannah, ch.Elexander, (Bolk Com) and Hannah, June11,1751.

John Adams, ch.John (Bolkum) and Abigail, Jan.3,1798.

BOLKUM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolkcom)

Nabby Gilbert, ch.John and Abigail, Apr.10,1796.

John, s.John and Mary, bp.末蔓末,1721.CR1


William S. [h.Flora J.], May2,1830.GR7


Charles Ames, ch.Lebbeus (Bonny) and Louisa, Oct.24,1821.

George Fobes, ch.Lebbeus (Bonny) and Louisa, Sept.4,1817.

Henry Theodore, ch.Lebbeus (Bonny) and Louisa, Sept.24,1813.

Louisa Allen, ch.Lebbeus (Bonny) and Louisa, Feb.26,1820.


Peddy, w.Hon. Jabez, L.L.D., of Providence, RI, d.Hon. George Leonard, L.L.D., Oct.7,1760.GR2


Alden B.,末蔓末,1821.GR3


Catherine, d.Peter, labourer, and Catherine, Feb.24,1846.

Eugene, s.Pattrick, copper operative (b. Ireland), and Bridget (b. Ireland), June29,1849.

Thomas B., s.Peter, mechanic, and Catharine, Jan.24,1847.


Lucinda, w.Henry [Jan.末,1779].GR2

Lucindia Loisa Maria, ch.Henry and w., Mar.31,1817.


末末, ch.John and Mary, July18,1738.

Adelade Jemima Cheever, ch.Andrews and Nancy, June17,1826.

Albert, s.Washborn [Washburn.CR1] and Polly, Oct.8,1820.

Almirah Patience, ch.Elijah and Hannah, Mar.10,1812.

Andrews, ch.Sylvanus Jr. and Sarah, Jan.29,1792.

Anjanette Eugenia Ware, ch.Andrews and Nancy, Mar.30,1824.

Anne, ch.George and Phebe, Dec.22,1755.

Anne, ch.Salvenas and Experience, May26,1763. [Anna, ch.Sylvanus.CR1]

Anson, ch.Daniel and Silence, Mar.25,1788.

Anson, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Benjamin, ch.Daniel and Bythiah, July1,1754.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Anna, July4,1778.

Benjamin, ch.Washborn and Polly, Nov.23,1831.

Bythiah, ch.Daniel and Bythiah, Apr.15,1757. [Bethiah.CR1]

Bethiah, ch.Daniel, bp. Sept.3,1797.CR1

Bradish, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Charles, ch.Daniel and Silence, Jan.28,1790.

Charles, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Charlotte (Briggs), w.Washburn,末蔓末,1793.GR3

Chloe, ch.Benjamin and Anna, Mar.20,1796.

Chloe Emeline, ch.William and Lydia, Feb.6,1818.

Chloe Adaline, ch.Sylvanus Blanchard and Polly, Apr.3,1822.

Cloe, ch.Washborn and Polly, Sept.24,1823. [Chloe.CR1]

Clarissa Harlow, ch.William and Lydia, July26,1813.

Synthe, ch.Daniel and Silence, Nov.24,1781.

Synthia, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Daniell, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.11,1688.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Ra[torn] [Rachel.CR1], Feb.13,1718.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Bythiah, Feb.27,1752.

Daniel, ch.Daniel, bp. July29,1753.CR1

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Silence, Sept.22,1775.

David, ch.George and Phebe, Mar.20,1753.

Don Egbert Erastus, ch.Andrews and Nancy, Sept.21,1814.

Edwin Augustus Lane, s.Allen D., farmer, and Rebeca C., June19,1845.

Edwin, s.George W., house carpenter, and Ann Eliza (b. Rehoboth), July19,1849.

El末, [ch.John and Mary], Aug.末, 末末 [rec. after, ch.b. July18,1738].

Elias, ch.Benjamin and Anna, Apr.20,1786.

Elijah, ch.Sylvanus Jr. and Sarah, Dec.3,1778.

Elijah, ch.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.27,1810 [sic, see Hannah].

Elisa Ann, ch.William and Lydia, Sept.6,1809.

Betcy, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Experience, ch.Salvenas [Silvanus.CR1] and Experience, May6,1755.

Fanny, ch.Washborn and Polly, Mar.4,1834. [Fannie, ch.Washburn.GR3]

Gardner, ch.Daniel and Silence, Apr.6,1792.

George, ch.John and Mary, Apr.28,1732.

George Washington, ch.William and Lydia, Oct.13,1815.

Hanah, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.2,1690.

Hannah, d.Daniel, bp.末蔓末,1721.CR1

Hannah, ch.John and Mary, May18,1726.

Hannah, ch.Salvenas [Silvanus.CR1] and Experience, June20,1759.

Hannah, ch.Elijah and Hannah, Dec.8,1809 [sic, see Elijah].

Hannah Skinner, ch.Thomas 2d, bp. July4,1813.CR1

Hodges, ch.Washborn and Polly, Nov.11,1828. [ch.Washburn.CR1GR3]

Hodijah Baylies, ch.Andrews and Nancy, Dec.31,1818.

Isaac, ch.Salvenas [Sylvanus.CR1] and Experience, July5,1770.

Isaac, ch.Benjamin and Anna, Dec.17,1800.

Isaac Thomas, ch.Thomas 3d and Sally B., Oct.1,1829.

James, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Jan.20,1699.

James, ch.Josiah and Marcy, July28,1730.

Jason, ch.Daniel and Silence, Jan.17,1784.

Jasen, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Jesse, ch.Daniel and Silence, Aug.19,1777.

John, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.10,1692.

John, ch.John and Mary, Dec.25,1728.

Josiah, ch.Thomas and Hannah, May19,1705.

Julia Ann, ch.Sylvanus Blanchard and Polly, Oct.2,1820.

Latimer Hawes, ch.Andrews and Nancy, June12,1821.

Lydia,, w.William,末蔓末,1785.GR2

Lydia Harvey, ch.William and Lydia, Dec.29,1805.

Mary, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.29,1702.

Mary, ch.John and Mary, Jan.12,1718-19.

Polly, [dup. twin], ch.Benjamin and Anna, Aug.14,1792.

Polly, w.Sylvanus B., Nov.26,1794.GR2

Polly Makepeace, ch.William and Lydia, June16,1811.

Marey Hodges, ch.Sylvanus Blanchard and Polly, Aug.8,1819.

Mary J., w.Isaac T., Nov.26,1827.GR2

Matilda Sanford, ch.Thomas 3d and Sally B., Dec.29,1826.

Marcy, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.27,1697.

Marcy, ch.John and Mary, July18,1721.

Marcy, ch.Josiah and Marcy, Apr.13,1734.

Mira Mica, ch.John and Mary, Feb.末,1736-7.

Nancy, ch.Benjamin and Anna, May26,1788.

Nathaniell, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Jan.10,1694-5.

Olive, ch.Salvenas [Silvanus.CR1] and Experience, May25,1761.

Otis, ch.Daniel and Silence, Aug.10,1779.

Phebe, ch.Salvenas and Experience, Jan.19,1749-50.

Phebe, ch.George and Phebe, Oct.26,1754.

Plany, twin ch.Benjamin and Anna, Aug.14,1792.

Rachal, ch.Daniel and Ra[torn], Aug.31,1715.

Rachel, ch.Daniel and Rachel, bp. Sept.末,1717.CR1

Rebecah Crane, ch.William and Lydia, Jan.31,1820.

Rhoda, ch.Salvenas [Silvanus,CR1] and Experience, Feb.15,1766.

Sarai, ch.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.31,1704.

Sarah, ch.John and Mary, Nov.13,1724.

Sarah, ch.John and Mary, June4,1734.

Sarah, ch.Daniel and Bythiah, Nov.8,1758.

Salle, ch.Sylvanus Jr. and Sarah, Apr.25,1781.

Sally B., w.Thomas, Jan.21,1802.GR2

Sally, ch.Thomas Jr., and Sarah, Dec.5,1802

Sally, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. May11,1806.CR1

Sarah Elizabeth, ch.Thomas 3d and Sally B., Mar.4,1828.

Selah, ch.Salvenas [Silvanus,CR1] and Experience, Mar.16,1768.

Solvanus, ch.Salvenus and Experience, June17,1753. [Silvanus, ch.Sylvanus.CR1]

Susanna, ch.Josiah and Marcy, June18,1732.

Sylvanus Blanchard, ch.Sylvanus Jr. and Sarah, Apr.29,1790.

Thomas, ch.Daniel and Ra[torn] [Rachel.CR1], Oct.31,1716.

Thomas, ch.Salvenas and Experience, Aug.2,1751.

Thomas, ch.Thomas and Hannah, May16,1776.

Thomas, ch.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Sept.27,1799. [Sept.29.GR2]

Thomas, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. May11,1806.CR1

Washburn, ch.Benjamin and Anna, Jan.14,1784.

William, ch.Benjamin and Anna, Jan.15,1781.

William Henary, ch.William and Lydia, July14,1807.

Zeolide Antoynette Hawes, ch.Andrews and Nancy, Sept.29,1816.

BRASTOW (Barstow)


Frederic Hardin, ch.Rev. A.M. and Martha S., Sept.1,1839. [Frederic Harding, ch.[Rev. Asarelah Morse Bridge].CR1]

BRIGGS (Brigs)

Abigail, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Feb.4,1752.

Abigail, ch.Eliphilet Jr. and Mary, Jan.26,1758.

Abigail, ch.Eliphilet Jr., bp. Mar.29,1761.CR1

Nabby, ch.Nathaniel, bp. June13,1773.CR1

Alfred, July19,1823.GR2

Alice, ch.Daniel and Esther, Jan.7,1794.

Amos, ch.George and Sarah, Sept.24,1748.

Anna, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Sept.26,1786.

Anna, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Aug.29,1797.

Anna, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Sept.8,1798. [sic, see Isaac].

Asa, ch.Nathaniel and Martha, Apr.12,1772.

Asa, ch.Nathaniel, bp. June13,1773.CR1

Avery D., ch.Daniel and Esther, Aug.15,1798.

Bathsheba, ch.John (Brigs) Sr. and Hanah (Rocket), Dec.30,1717.

Benjamin [h.Elizabeth W.], Apr.4,1810, in Newport, RI.GR3

Caleb, ch.James and Dameras, Sept.8,1747.

Caleb, ch.James and Dameras, June13,1758.

Caroline E., w.Dr. Briggs [Feb.末,1821].GR3

Caspar W., s.Daniel H., gentleman, and Caroline, Mar.10,1847.

Charles H., ch.Daniel and Esther, Mar.12,1808.

Charlotte, ch.Nathaniel and Martha, Apr.9,1769.

Charlotte, ch.Nathaniel, bp. June13,1773.CR1

Charlotte, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, Aug.27,1775.

Charlotte, ch.Daniel and Esther, Jan.14,1792.

Charlotte, w.Washburn Braman,末蔓末,1793.CG3

Chloe, ch.John 3d and Lydia, Feb.14,1765. [Cloe.CR1]

Daniel, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Jan.15,1754.

Daniel, ch.George Jr. and Moley, Aug.15,1768.

Daniel Jr., ch.Daniel and Esther, Mar.6,1796.

Daniel H., ch.Daniel Jr. and Calistia, May29,1822.

Deborah, ch.Timothey and Marcy, Dec.4,1741.

Demi, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, May15,1809.

Edmond, ch.Emerson and w., July4,1818.

Edmund A., s.Edmund, farmer, and Ann, Mar.13,1847.

Edwin, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Sept.10,1802.

Elijah Jr., ch.Elijah and Susannah, July4,1796.

Eliphilet, ch.Eliphilet Jr. and Mary, Jan.26,1762.

Elisha, ch.Eliphilet [Eliphalet,CR1] Jr. and Mary, Jan.19,1766.

Elizabeth, ch.Joseph and Mehetabel, Aug.25,1723.

Elizabeth, d.John Jr., bp.末蔓末,1727.CR1

Betsy, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Dec.23,1787.

Elizabeth W. [末末望, w.Benjamin, June22,1830, in New Bedford.GR3

Elizabeth Alvira, w.A. Nelson, [Sept.末,1846].GR2

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, labourer (b. Providence, RI) and Elizabether (b. Tiverton, RI), Oct.25,1849.

Emerson, Dec.10,1784.GR18

Easther, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Sept.25,1741.

Esther, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, Oct.1,1777.


Eunice, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Apr.14,1748.

Eunice S., w.Harrison H., Jan.7,1834.GR2

George, ch.Richard (Brigs) and Marcy [Mercy,CR1], June19,1715.

George, ch.George and Sarah, Nov.6,1743.

George Jr., ch.George Jr. and Moley, Nov.末,1788.

Gedeon, ch.James and Dameras, Sept.3,1750.

Hannah, d.[Samuel dec'd] and Mary [m.second Benjamin Caswel], bp. Jan.末,1716.CR1

Hannah, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Sept.3,1740.

Hannah, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Aug.13,1746.

Hannah, ch.Simeon and Sarah, Mar.13,1757.

Hannah, ch.Timothy Jr. and Abigail, June23,1773.

Hannah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Nov.16,1774.

Hannah, ch.Rufus and Margret, May23,1776.

Hannah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, May3,1784.

Hannah, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Sept.18,1794 [dup. 1795.].

Harriot, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Mar.15,1813.

Harison Hodges, ch.Charles H. and Linthy A., Nov.25,1833.

Henry, s.Alfred and Polly T. [Oct.末,1847].GR2

Hipzebah, ch.George and Sarah, Apr.9,1751.

Hezehiah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, July18,1772.


Hezekiah Sanford, ch.Hezekiah and Lucinda, Oct.23,1823.

Huldah, ch.Job and Mary, Dec.31,1764.

Isaac, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, May14,1799 [sic, see Anna].

Jabez, ch.John (Brigs) Sr. and Hanah (Rocket), June29,1723.

Jabez, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Mar.8,1760.

Jacob, ch.George and Sarah, Apr.9,1745.

Jam穆, s.Richard and Mercy, bp. June末,1719.CR1

James, ch.James and Dameras, Jan.17,1745.

James, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Aug.28,1791.

Job, ch.Job and Mary, Aug.13,1767.

Joel, ch.George and Sarah, Apr.15,1757.

John, ch.John (Brigs) Sr. and Hanah (Rocket), July15,1720.

John, ch.John 3d and Lydia, June3,1747.

John, ch.Simeon and Mary, May17,1765.

John, ch.Simeon, bp. Oct.16,1768.CR1

John, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Feb.26,1771.

John, ch.Hezekiah and Lucinda, May5,1828.

John [May末,1829].GR2

Jonathan, ch.Timothey and Marcy, Sept.3,1752.

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Mehetable, June3,1730.

Lemuel, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, May23,1773.

Lindal, ch.Eliphilet Jr. and Mary, Feb.2,1768. [Lindall, ch.Eliphalet.CR1]

Loiso, ch.Emerson and w., May18,1813, in Mansfield.

Lorita Rosimond, ch.Emerson and w., Dec.7,1815.

Lucinda [m.],末蔓末,1795.GR3

Lucindia Mariah, ch.Hezekiah and Lucinda, Dec.28,1825.

Lucy, ch.George Jr. and Moley, May6,1770.

Lucy, ch.Rufus and Margret, Apr.24,1783.

Luther, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Sept.15,1792.

Lydia, ch.John 3d and Lydia, Aug.30,1753.

Lydia, ch.Simeon and Sarah, May7,1755.

Lydia, ch.Simeon, bp. July3,1757.CR1

Lydia, ch.John, bp. Apr.14,1765.CR1

Lydia (Biggs) m, Jan.31,1787.GR18

Margaret, d.Hannah, bp. May末,1725.CR1

Margret, ch.Rufus and Margret, May22,1774.

Mary, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Dec.9,1752.

Mary, ch.James and Dameras, Nov.6,1756.

Mary, ch.Job and Mary, Nov.25,1762.

Mary, ch.Eliphilet Jr. [Eliphalet.CR1] and Mary, Nov.11,1763.

Molley, ch.Simeon and Mary, Nov.2,1768. [Molly.CR1]

Polley, ch.Timothy Jr. and Abigail, June16,1775. [Polly, w.Capt. Daniel Goodwin.GR3]

Mary, ch.George Jr. and Moley, Aug.9,1781.

Mary, w.Daniel,末蔓末,1782.GR3

Mary Bird, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, June3,1797.

Polly A., d.Alfred and Polly [Feb.末,1849].GR2

Mehithobel, ch.Joseph and Mehetabel, Jan.11,1720.

Marcey, ch.Timothey and Marcy, May4,1747.

Mercy, ch.Mercy, wid., bp. Oct.22,1758.CR1

Moses, ch.George and Sarah, Nov.13,1760.

Nancy, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, Mar.1,1782.

Nathaniell, ch.John 3d and Lydia, Aug.23,1743.

Nathaniel, ch.Nathaniel and Martha, Oct.14,1770.

Nathaniel, ch.Nathaniel, bp. June13,1773.CR1

Noah, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Mar.11,1795.

Patience, ch.George and Sarah, Nov.1,1753.

Peter, ch.James and Dameras, May13,1749.

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Sept.30,1743.

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Apr.15,1750.

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, Mar.26,1780.

Rachell, ch.James and Dameras, Feb.22,1743[-4].

Rachel, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Mar.25,1764.

Rachel, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Jan.6,1790.

Rhoda, d.Thomas and Rhoda, bp.末蔓末,1725.CR1

Richard, ch.Richard (Brigs) and Abigail, Nov.19,1733.

Richard, ch.Mercy, wid., bp. Oct.22,1758.CR1

Rufas, ch.John 3d and Lydia, Apr.14,1749.

Rufus, ch.John 3d and Lydia, Feb.7,1750.

Rufus, ch.Rufus and Margret, May18,1788.

Ruth, ch.Simeon and Mary, Oct.16,1763.

Ruth, ch.Simeon, bp. Oct.16,1768.CR1

Samuel, ch.James and Dameras, Dec.15,1752.

Sarah, ch.Simeon and Sarah, Sept.15,1753.

Sarah, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Dec.9,1754.

Sarah, ch.Simeon, bp. July3,1757.CR1

Sela, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Sept.2,1762.

Silas, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.22,1782.

Simeon, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Dec.12,1786.

Stephen, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Apr.9,1745.

Stephen A., s.Edmund, farmer, and Anna (b. Attleborough), Mar.28,1849.

Susanna, ch.Timothey and Marcy, Sept.24,1750.

Tabitha, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, July21,1758.

Thomas, s.Samuell dec'd and Mary [m.second Benjamin Caswel], bp. Apr.8,1716.CR1

Timothy, ch.Timothey and Marcy, Apr.27,1745.

Timothy, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Mar.23,1751.

Timothy, ch.Timothy Jr. and Abigail, Aug.3,1771.

Warren, ch.Jonathan and Betsy, Jan.7,1793.

BRIGS (Briggs)

Rachel, d.John Sr. and Hanah (Rocket), Aug.21,1713.

Timmothy, s.Richard and Marcy, Jan.3,1712 or 1713.

BRINTINAL (Brintnell, Britnel)

Barshabe, ch.Ebenezer (Brintnell) and Easter, Oct.8,1729.

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezer (Brintnell) and Easter, Apr.14,1731.

Lydia, ch.Ebenezer (Brintnell) and Lidea, Mar.15,1729-30.

Margrit, ch.Ebenezer (Brintnell) and Lidea, Nov.9,1727.

Penelepy, ch.Ebenezer (Brintnell) and Lidea, July28,1732.

BRINTNELL (Brintinal, Britnel)

Easther, ch.Ebenezer and Easter, Apr.1,1734.

Joseph, ch.Ebenezer and Easter, Aug.26,1737.

Margret, d.Lt. Samuell and Esther, Nov.23,1701.

Nathaniell, s.Lt. Samuell and Esther, June23,1704.

Obediah, ch.Ebenezer and Easter, Apr.23,1739.

Samuell, ch.Ebenezer and Easter, Dec.28,1735.

BRITNEL (Brintinal, Brintnell)

Anne, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, Sept.13,1742.

Ebenezer, twin ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, July23,1767.

Easther, ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, Oct.26,1757.

Hannah, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, Apr.5,1745.

Job, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, Feb.17,1755.

Joseph, twin ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, July23,1767.

Levine, ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, July24,1765.

Lowes (Brintnell), ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, June4,1760.

Mary, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, Feb.17,1740.

Nathaniel, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, June1,1747.

Obediah (Britnell), ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, July6,1762.

Samuel, ch.Margret, Nov.25,1759.

Sarah, ch.Nathaniel (Brintinal) and Sarah, May6,1738.


Adaline, twin d.Westley, laborer (b. Mansfield), and Almira (b. Mansfield), Aug.10,1848.

Caroline, ch.Westley and Almira, May21,1837.

Emeline (Brown), twin d.Westley, laborer (b. Mansfield), and Almira (b. Mansfield), Aug.10,1848.

Frances C. (Smith), w.William,末蔓末,1840.GR3

Mary, d.Wesley [dup. Westley], laborer and Almira, Sept.15,1846.

Nathaniel, ch.Nathaniel and Dinah, Mar.18,1759.

William [h.Frances C. (Smith)],末蔓末,1837.GR3


Alanson [h.Mary (Grey)], Mar.2,1803.GR5

George, s.Alanson, farmer, and Mary, Mar.7,1846.

Joseph, ch.Alanson and Mary, Dec.18,1834.

Mary (Gray), w.Alanson, July12,1811.GR5

William, ch.Alanson and Mary, Jan.12,1838.


Polly, w.Francis Sturtevant, Feb.6,1783.GR2


Elizabeth, w.Seneca Lincoln, Apr.7,1805, in Somerset.GR9


Pattrick Francis, s.Pattrick, copper operative (b. Ireland) and Mary (b. Ireland), Oct.3,1849.

Stephen Joseph, s.Pattrick, mechanic, and Mary, Dec.26,1847.


Charles G., s.Charles R.A., mechanic, and Mary H., Oct.6,1845.

George A., s.Charles R.A.C., mechanic, and Mary H., May13,1847.


Charles, ch.Seth and Susannah, Mar.4,1786.

David, ch.Seth and Susannah, Jan.2,1799.

Hannah, ch.Seth and Susannah, Oct.7,1801.

John, ch.Ephraim and Hannah, Jan.9,1777.

John, ch.Seth and Susannah, Sept.17,1791.

Laban, ch.Seth and Susannah, May27,1795.

Lanson, ch.Seth and Susannah, Jan.28,1783.

Lusinday, ch.Seth and Susannah, Aug.25,1784.

Marten, ch.Seth and Susannah, Mar.20,1797.

Polley, ch.Seth and Susannah, Aug.22,1793. [This entry crossed out.]

Samuel, ch.Ephraim and Hannah, Mar.17,1775.

Seth, ch.Seth and Susannah, July17,1788.

Simeon, ch.Seth and Susannah, Jan.25,1804.

Susanna, ch.Seth and Susannah, July1,1790.

BURT (Burtt)

末末, s.William, farmer, and Celia, Apr.21,1843.

Nabbe, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Nov.18,1763.

Abigail, ch.William and Prudence, Sept.18,1778.

Nabbe, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Lucy, Oct.29,1792.

Abby E., ch.William 3d and Celia, Apr.29,1838.

Anna, ch.Dea.[Ebenezer and w.], Apr.17,1790.

Ann Maria, ch.Bartholomew and Betcy, Oct.8,1835. [Annie Maria, ch.Bartholomew and Betsey, GR4.]

Bartholomew, ch.William and Prudence, Mar.30,1786. ["Son of William Burt Esq and Prudence (Lincoln of Taunton) Burt, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary (Clapp of Walpole) Lincoln, grandson of Bartholomew Burt (killed in the French war) and Abigail (Ellis of Dedham) Burt great grandson of Ebenezer Burt and Lydia (Tippen) Burt," GR4.]

Benjamin, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, June14,1752.

Benjamin, ch.William and Prudence, Jan.17,1784.

Benjamin D., s.George, laborer, and Catharine, June7,1844.

Celia (Snow), w.William,末蔓末,1804.GR4

Charles, ch.Joseph Jr. and Welthy, July8,1797.

Daniel, ch.William and Prudence, June4,1781 [sic 1791].

David, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, July11,1759.

David, ch.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.15,1771.

David, ch.David and Experienc, Jan.7,1806.

David Allen, ch.Bartholomew and Betcy [Betsey, GR4], Oct.9,1830.

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezer and Naomey, Jan.14,1736-7.

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Mar.9,1766.

Ebenezer [h.Sally], Sept.18,1795.GR4

Ebenezer, ch.William and Prudence, Sept.16,1799 [sic 1779].

Edward, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, Nov.16,1747.

Eliza Jane, ch.William 3d and Celia, Mar.31,1836.

Betsey, w.Bartholomew, d.Daniel Woodward, a soldier of the Revolution and Sybil (Woodward), Apr.5,1789, in Taunton.GR4

Betsy, ch.David and Experienc, Aug.12,1799.

Ella Abby, ch.Gilford and Lovina E., Feb.18,1846.

Ephraim, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Jan.16,1741-2.

Ephraim, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., Jan.9,1788.

Fanny, ch.Joseph Jr. and Welthy, Feb.7,1803.

Fredereck William, ch.William 3d and Celia, May2,1830.

Gilbert, ch.Joseph Jr. and Welthy, July31,1795.

Gilford [h.Lovina E.] [Aug.末,1813].GR4

Hannah, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., Aug.13,1786.

Hannah, ch.William (Burtt) Jr. and Hannah, July8,1802

Hannah E., ch.William 3d and Celia, Feb.20,1834.

Harriot Ellen, d.Benjamin W., malder (b. Taunton) and Harriot F. (b. Middleborough), Dec.6,1849.

Henry S., s.Benjamin W., mechanic, and Harriot F., Jan.21,1846.

Ichabod W.,末蔓末,1844.GR4

Isaac, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Sept.17,1769.

John, ch.Boutholomew [Bartholomew,CR1] and Abigaiell, Aug.7,1757.

John Oren, s.Benjamin W., mechanic, and Harriot F., Nov.21,1847.

Jonathan, twin ch.Dea.[Ebenezer and w.], Nov.9,1794.

Joseph, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Apr.24,1746.

Joseph, twin ch.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.6,1769.

Joseph Dean, ch.Darius and Sarah, June17,1810.

Josiah, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Mar.21,1768.

Lincoln, ch.William and Prudence, Jan.25,1781.

Lovina E., w.Gilford [Oct.末,1813].GR4

Lowel Dean, ch.William 3d and Celia, Jan.10,1832.

Lucy, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., Feb.1,1785.

Lucy, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Lucy, Sept.30,1790.

Lurany, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., Oct.2,1783.

Lidia, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, Aug.28,1749.

Martha, ch.William and Prudence, Feb.26,1789.

Martha Elizabeth, ch.Melzear and Martha, Jan.29,1840, in Mansfield.[d.Melzar and Martha Willis, GR4.]

Mary, twin ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Apr.29,1740.

Molley, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Oct.20,1776.

Polley, ch.William and Prudence, Aug.22,1793. [Polly, GR4.]

Melzer, Aug.17,1810.GR4

Marcy, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Feb.10,1735-6.

Moses, twin ch.Ebenezer and Naomey, Apr.29,1740.

Nancy, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., Aug.20,1782.

Naome, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Feb.27,1743-4.

Odavilla R. [dup. Ebdonilla Rodges], d.Gilford, shoemaker (b. Easton), and Lovina E., Apr.30,1849.

Olive, ch.William and Prudence, Apr.23,1773.

Peddy, ch.David and Experience, Nov.30,1794.

Priscilla, d.Abner and Mary, w.James Witherell, July6,1759, in Burkley.GR7

Prudence, w.William Esq., Sept.23,1751.GR4

Prudence, ch.William and Prudence, Jan.29,1771.

Sarah, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, Mar.6,1751.

Sarah, twin ch.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.6,1769.

Salla, ch.Dea.[Ebenezer and w.], Jan.26,1792.

Sally, w.Ebenezer, Jan.22,1803.GR4

Sarah Williams, ch.Darius and Sarah, Mar.24,1809.

Sarah Louisa, ch.William 3d and Celia, Mar.16,1840.

Sybil Woodward, ch.Bartholomew and Betcy [Betsey, GR4], Mar.13,1818.

Submitt, ch.Ebenezer and Mary, Nov.23,1724. [Submit, d.Mary, wid., bp.末蔓末,1725.CR1]

Thankful, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Feb.17,1772.

Welthy, ch.Joseph Jr. and Welthy, Nov.3,1793.

William, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, June28,1745.

William, ch.William and Prudence, Dec.10,1775.

William [h.Celia (Snow)],末蔓末,1805.GR4

William E., ch.William 3d and Celia, Apr.26,1828.

Williams, ch.David and Experienc, Mar.5,1798.

BURTT (Burt)

Bartholomew, ch.Ebenezer and Lidya, Sept.19,1717.

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