Sarah Ann [m.],末蔓末,1819.GR3



Agnes, d.Philip, laboerer, and Mary, July20,1846.

Barney, s.Philip, opperative in copper works (b. Ireland), and Mary (b. Ireland), June9,1849.

Bridget, d.Daniel, labourer, and Catharine, Sept.25,1846.

Daniel Jr., s.Daniel, mechanic, and Mary, Apr.5,1844.

Ellen, d.Edward, labourer, and Mary, Aug.29,1846.

Jane, d.John, laborer, and Bridget, Apr.2,1845.

John Methos, s.Daniel, operative copper work (b. Ireland) and Catharine (b. Ireland), Oct.3,1848.

Rosannah, d.Philip (Gallagon), labourer, and Mary, Dec.29,1844.

Sarah, d.Hugh, cotton operative (b. Ireland), and Grace (b. Ireland), Dec.22,1849, in Canton.


Anna, w.Jacob Shaw, Mar.15,1757.


Abigail, ch.Stephen and Lydia, Apr.27,1756.

Molle, ch.Stephen and Lydia, Jan.15,1754.


Mary Reed [m.],末蔓末,1830.GR2


Alma W., d.Warren and Lydia, w.Bradford Smith, Nov.18,1845, in Dartmouth.GR2

GILBART (Gilbert)

Thomas, ch.Job (Gilbert) and Zibiah, May21,1777.

GILBERT (Gilbart)

Abigaile, ch.John and Marcy, Feb.25,1733-4.

Benjamin (Gilbart), ch.John and Marcy, Aug.19,1739.

Charles Theadore, ch.George and Christain, Feb.1,1807.

Daniel, ch.Seth, bp. May14,1769.CR1

David, ch.James and Elisabeth[(Williams)], June11,1771.

Eliezer, ch.Eliezer and Marcy, Jan.20,1714-15.

Eliezer, ch.Eliezer and Mercy, bp. Aug.31,1718.CR1

Elisabeth, ch.James and Elisabeth[(Williams)], June10,1767.

George, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Jan.19,1767.

George Godfrey, ch.George and Christain, Nov.3,1804.

Harriat Sprague, ch.George and Christain, Aug.4,1802.

Huldah, ch.Seth and Rebecah, June22,1764.

Hulda, ch.John and Polly, Jan.23,1789.

James, ch.James and Elisabeth[(Williams)], May24,1769.

Job, ch.John and Marcy, June14,1742.

John, ch.Eliezer and Marcy [Mercy,CR1], Oct.5,1719.

John, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Dec.12,1750.

John, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Sept.30,1760.

John, ch.John and Polly, Mar.11,1795.

Joseph, ch.Eliezer and Marcy, Sept.22,1713.

Joseph, ch.Eliezer and Mercy, bp. Aug.31,1718.CR1

Josiah (Gilbart), ch.John and Marcy, Dec.7,1740.

Molle, ch.James and Elisabeth[(Williams)], Aug.22,1762.

Mehithobel, ch.John and Marcy, July30,1738.

Mercy, ch.John and Marcy, May20,1737.

Mercy (Gilbart), ch.James and Elisabeth[(Williams)], Aug.25,1773.

Nemiah, ch.John and Marcy, Mar.17,1736.

Rachel, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Apr.28,1756.

Ruth, d.Eliezer, bp.末蔓末,1721.CR1

Sarah, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Aug.16,1752.

Sarah, ch.Seth, bp. Sept.2,1753.CR1

Salle, ch.John and Polly, Aug.5,1785.

Timothey, ch.Eliezer and Marcy, Mar.2,1716-17.

Timothy, ch.Eliezer and Mercy, bp. Aug.31,1718.CR1

Welthey, ch.James and Elisabeth, July28,1764.


Caroline (Cololine) Eliza, ch.Thomas and w., Feb.23,1830.

Caroline Eliza, ch.Thomas and w., Feb.15,1833.

Ellen Augusta Nelson, ch.Thomas and w., June1,1835.

GODFRAY (Godfree, Godfrey)

David, ch.James and w., Nov.25,1794.

George, ch.James and w., July16,1799.

Guilford, ch.James and w., Feb.6,1797.

James, ch.James and w., Apr.19,1788. [[h.Patty]GR4]

Nahum, ch.James and w., Feb.3,1812.

Nancy, ch.James and w., Sept.29,1790.

Rachel, ch.James and w., Mar.27,1804.

Samuel, ch.James and w., June21,1801.

GODFREE (Godfray, Godfrey)

Abbe, ch.James and Mary, Mar.10,1752.

Barshebe, ch.James and Mary, May9,1738.

Gershom, ch.James and Mary, Feb.29,1744.

James, ch.James and Mary, Mar.19,1742.

Mary, ch.James and Mary, May4,1740.

Rachell, ch.James and Mary, Sept.2,1748.

Samuell, ch.James and Mary, July7,1746.

GODFREY (Godfray, Godfree)

Elmira, ch.James Jr. and w., Aug.28,1814.

David, ch.James, bp. Sept.16,1804.CR1

Elijah, ch.Albert W. and w., Mar.11,1817.

Betsy, ch.Samuel and Mary, Sept.16,1775.

Betsey N., w.David [Aug.末,1796].GR4

Ezra, ch.Ezra and Molly, July12,1768.

Frances B., ch.Albert W. and w., Mar.2,1823.

George, ch.James, bp. Sept.16,1804.CR1

Gershom, ch.Samuel and Elizebet, June1,1769.

Guilford, ch.James, bp. Sept.16,1804.CR1

Hannah, ch.James (Godfree) and Mary, July5,1754.

Hannah, ch.Samuel and Mary, May9,1778.

Hannah, w.Dea.Jones, Aug.16,1813.GR7

Hariot, ch.James Jr. and w., July1,1816.

James 2d, ch.Samuel and Elizebet, Dec.2,1767.

Jane H., ch.Albert W. and w., July4,1819.

Jones W., s.Jones, farmer, and Honnoh, Dec.4,1843.

Laura E., w.Jeremiah Pierce, Mar.10,1822.GR4

Laura Jane, ch.George and Sarah Jane, Aug.17,1838.

Lurana, w.Gresham,末蔓末,1774.GR4

Mariah, ch.James Jr. and w., Nov.13,1818.

Patty, w.James, Oct.3,1788.GR4

Molly, ch.Ezra and Molly, May27,1765.

Mary Ann, ch.James Jr. and w., Oct.18,1820.

Nancy, ch.James, bp. Sept.16,1804.CR1

Roziller Bowden, ch.George and Sarah Jane, Feb.28,1840.

Samuel, ch.James, bp. Sept.16,1804.CR1

Sarah, w.Capt. James [July末,1770].GR4

Salley, ch.Samuel and Mary, Jan.1,1777.

Shepard, ch.James Jr. and w., June5,1809.


Abigal, w.Rufus [Apr.末,1819].GR2

Abby Jane, ch.Silas R. and Hannoh Jane, Dec.1,1841.

Mary Everett, ch.Silas R. [dup. house carpenter], and Hannoh [dup. Hanah] Jane, Dec.6,1847.

Oren Wilson [June末,1846].GR3

Roxana, w.Silas R.,末蔓末,1817.GR3

Silas R., [Oct.末,1813].GR3


Sally B., w.Ebenezer, May9,1809.GR2


Abigal Patten, d.Daniel and Polly, Oct.14,1798.GR3

Benjamin Lewis, ch.Capt. Daniel and Polly, Aug.28,1819. [Benjamin Louis,GR3]

Edward Byam, ch.Capt. Daniel and Polly, Jan.5,1810.

Frederick Dean, ch.Daniel and Polly, Feb.15,1804.

Hannah Lebaron, ch.Capt. Daniel and Polly, June5,1814.

Henry Bradford, ch.Daniel and Polly, Apr.16,1802. [Rev. Henry Bradford of Charles Co., MD, second, s.Daniel and Polly,GR3]

James Briggs, ch.Daniel and Polly, Mar.2,1806.

Mary De Wolf, ch.Capt. Daniel and Polly, Feb.26,1812.

Nathan, s.Lewis B., farmer, and Abby A., Feb.22,1846.

Thomas Shepard, ch.Capt. Daniel and Polly, Jan.3,1817.


Sarah, w.William,末蔓末,1820.GR2

William [h.Sarah] [Apr.末,1807].GR2


Betcy Dean, ch.Jacob and Betsal, Nov.19,1806.


Mary, w.Alanson Bruce, July12,1811.GR5


Joel, ch.Rev. Roland and Hannah, Mar.28,1770.

Roland, ch.Rev. Roland and Hannah, May9,1765.

Zuinglius, ch.Rev. Roland and Hannah, May7,1767.


Sally, w.L.S. Esq. [Mar.末,1810].GR6


Betsey W. [m.],末蔓末,1811.GR2

Rachel, w.William P., Aug.16,1777.GR2

William P. [h.Rachel], Dec.19,1776.GR2


John, "born a slave in VA," Oct.22,1848.GR7

GROVER (Grovier)

Abigail, d.Ephraim and Mary, bp. Dec.12,1714.CR1

Abygaile, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Apr.8,1733.

Abigail, twin ch.Jams and Sarah, Mar.4,1736.

Amasa, ch.Phineas and Joanna, May26,1761.

Andrew, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Anne, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Apr.6,1743.

Araunah (Grovah), ch.David and Rebeckah, Feb.15,1767.

Daved, ch.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.12,1727.

David, ch.David and Rebeckah, May15,1755.

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezer and Sarah, Nov.17,1737.

Elisebeth, twin ch.Jams and Sarah, Mar.4,1736.

Elizabeth, ch.John and Hamah, May24,1739.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Mary, bp. Dec.12,1714.CR1

Epharim, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Apr.1,1738.

Ester, ch.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.19,1723.

Esther, d.[blot]mas, bp. May末,1725.CR1

Unus (Grovier), ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, June23,1745.

Gideon, ch.Phineas and Joanna, Oct.18,1749.

Hannah, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Hannah, d.John, bp.末蔓末,1727.CR1

Hannah, ch.John and Hamah, Aug.29,1728.

Isaac, ch.David and Rebeckah, Nov.26,1759.

Jabez (Grovier), ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, July8,1748.

James, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

James, ch.Jams and Sarah, Aug.15,1729.

James, ch.James and Sarah, Mar.21,1753 [sic, see marriage].

Jedediah, ch.Jams and Sarah, May23,1734.

Jemima, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, May17,1729.

Jerusha, ch.Ebenezer and Sarah, Dec.27,1740.

Joannah, ch.Phinehas and Joannah, Apr.3,1744.

John, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

John, ch.John and Hamah, Apr.1,1723.

John, ch.Jams and Sarah, June20,1739.

Joseph, ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.1,1754.

Joseph, ch.David and Rebeckah, Jan.14,1765.

Lemuel, ch.David and Rebeckah, Feb.5,1762.

Levi, ch.Phineas and Joanna, July21,1754.

Loes, ch.Thomas 3d and Margret, June4,1752.

Luther (Grovah), ch.David and Rebeckah, Sept.6,1768.

Margrit, ch.John and Hamah, July16,1733.

Martha, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Martha, ch.John and Hamah, July12,1738.

Mary, d.Ephraim and Mary, bp. Dec.12,1714.CR1

Mary, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Mary, d.John, bp. Mar.20,1724-5.CR1

Mary, twin ch.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.22,1729-30.

Mary, ch.Ebenezer and Sarah, July19,1742.

Molle, ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, Mar.16,1752.

Mary, ch.Phineas and Joanna, Mar.31,1759.

Marcy, ch.John and Hamah, Nov.16,1724. [Mercy,CR1]

Marcy, ch.John and Hamah, Feb.23,1730.

Marcy, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Feb.22,1732.

Marcy, ch.Stephen and Sarah, Feb.20,1740-1.

Mercy, ch.Ephraim 3d and Mercy, Sept.26,1765.

Miriam, ch.Phineas and Joanna, Sept.24,1747.

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Joannah, Sept.15,1742.

Phebe, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Mar.29,1740.

Rachell, ch.Phinehas and Joannah, Jan.10,1745-6.

Rebekah, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, June18,1735.

Remember, ch.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.15,1758.

Ruth, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Sarah, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Sarah, twin ch.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.22,1729-30.

Sarah, ch.Jams and Sarah, May3,1732.

Sarah, ch.Ebenezer and Sarah, June6,1734.

Sarah, ch.Stephen and Sarah, Dec.3,1739.

Sarah, ch.Ephraim and Jemima, Feb.17,1746.

Sybil, ch.Phineas and Joanna, Sept.30,1756.

Stephen, ch.Andrew and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1720.CR1

Tabathey, ch.John and Hamah, May25,1735.

Thomas, ch.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.18,1725.

Zilpah, ch.Phineas and Joanna, Apr.27,1752.

GROVIER (Grover)

Abigaill, ch.Ephreim and Mary, May21,1712.

Alce (Grover), ch.Ephreim and Mary, Oct.18,1716. [Alice Grover, d.Ephraim and Mary,CR1]

Andrew, ch.Andrew and Mary, Feb.14,1717-18.

Ephraim, ch.Ephreim and Mary, May27,1706.

Hannah, ch.Andrew and Mary, Dec.10,1707

Martha, ch.Andrew and Mary, May9,1715.

Mary, ch.Ephreim and Mary, Feb.19,1703-4.

Marcy, ch.Andrew and Mary, Nov.1,1712.

Robert, s.Thomas and Mary, Aug.18,1714.

Ruth, ch.Andrew and Mary, Aug.30,1703.

Sarah, ch.Andrew and Mary, Nov.28,1709.

Stephen, ch.Andrew and Mary, July8,1705.

GUELLO (Guellow)

Abigail, ch.Daniel and Phebe [written in pencil], Apr.19,1818.

Daniel F., ch.Daniel and Phebe [Lucy, written above in pencil], Feb.14,1811.

Eliza D., ch.Daniel and Phebe [written in pencil], July3,1829.

Ira D., ch.Daniel and Phebe [written in pencil], Oct.23,1820.

Lucy G., ch.Daniel and Phebe [written in pencil], May6,1824.

Phebe B., ch.Daniel and Phebe [Lucy, written above in pencil], Sept.26,1813.

Sarah Ann, ch.Daniel and Phebe [written in pencil], Aug.29,1831.

GUELLOW (Guello)

Daniel, ch.Francis, June19,1787.

Nancy, ch.Francis, June3,1791.

Salla, ch.Francis, Oct.16,1788.

Tyler, ch.Francis, Mar.17,1793.

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