Joanna C. [m.],末蔓末,1799.GR2


William Nelson [h.Ann Melissa (Richmond)], Aug.17,1843, in Boston.GR2


Sarah [m.], Apr.20,1816.GR3

THARE (Thayer)

Ephraim, s.Philip, bp. July末,1727.CR1

THAYER (Thare)

Henry A., ch.Rachel, wid., Sept.3,1823.


Alfred,末蔓末, [1848]GR2

Caroline, w.Jason S. [June末,1821].GR5

Fannie D., w.Amasa, Oct.13,1816.GR2


Hannah B. (Thorton), second, w.Timothy Smith, Jan.30,1804.GR2


Edward F. [May末,1841].GR3

TIFENEY (Tiffaney, Tiffeney, Tiffiny, Tyffany)

Miriam, ch.William (Tiffeny) and Miriam, Aug.15,1754. [Tyifany.CR1]

TIFFANEY (Tifeney, Tiffeney, Tiffiny, Tyffany)

George, ch.Dr. Gedeon and Sarah, June20,1765.

Lucinda, ch.Dr. Gedeon and Sarah, Aug.10,1761.

Margret, ch.William (Tiffeny) and Miriam, Oct.12,1758.

Olliver, ch.Dr. Gedeon and Sarah, June24,1763.

Seth, ch.William (Tiffeny) and Miriam, June1,1756.

Silvestor, ch.Dr. Gedeon and Sarah, Aug.9,1759.

TIFFENEY (Tifeney, Tiffaney, Tiffiny, Tyffany)

Elisabeth, ch.Benjamin and Abigail, June25,1756.

Marcy (Tifeny), ch.William and Marcy, Apr.19,1743.

William, ch.William (Tiffeny) and Miriam, June9,1753. [Tyffany.CR1]

TIFFINY (Tiffaney, Tiffaney, Tiffeney, Tyffany)

Joseph, ch.William (Tiffeney) and Meriam, Aug.13,1750.


William Philips, s.Rev. William P. and Mary I. (Foster), Aug.23,1843. [William Phillips.CR1].


Abby M., d.Ebenezer [dup. Jr.], mechanic, and Adeline, Mar.8,1844.

Adeline, w.Ebenezar, July6,1811.GR2

Ebenezar [h.Adeline], Feb.11,1818.GR2

TISDALE (Tisdell)

John, twin ch.Seth (Tisdell) and Rebecah, Mar.25,1759.

Molle, twin ch.Seth (Tisdell) and Rebecah, Mar.25,1759.

Mary, d.Seth and Silence [May末,1810].GR3

Phebe, ch.Seth (Tisdell) and Rebecah, Nov.14,1753.

Ruben, ch.Seth (Tisdell) and Rebecah, Apr.29,1757.

Sarah, ch.Seth (Tisdell) and Rebecah, Nov.27,1762.

TISDELL (Tisdale)

Becke, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Mar.21,1745-6.

Seth, ch.Seth and Rebecah, Mar.5,1748-9.


Ebenezar, s.Silas and Mercy, Sept.26,1742.

Ebeneazer Jr., ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Apr.10,1768.

Elizebeth, ch.Samuell and Hipsebeth, Feb.22,1747-8.

Fanny, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Apr.1,1780.

Harriot, ch.Joseph and Content, Aug.23,1812. [Harriett, w.Don Ferdinand Lane.GR2]

Harrison, ch.Joseph and Content, June9,1806.

Henry Oliver, ch.Oliver S. and Angelina, July4,1837.

Hepsebeth, ch.Samuell and Hipsebeth, Feb.22,1742-3.

Joseph, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Aug.28,1774.

Lettice, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Oct.8,1786.

Levi, ch.Samuell and Hipsebeth, Oct.11,1745.

Polly, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, July22,1782.

Mary Ann, ch.Joseph and Content, Nov.22,1802. [w.Charles Lane.GR2]

Mehetable, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Feb.7,1776.

Mercy, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Mar.8,1770.

Nancy, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, July15,1778.

Neomi, ch.Samuell and Hipsebeth, Oct.18,1738.

Oliver Starkweather, ch.Joseph and Content, Mar.7,1804.

Rubin, ch.Samuell and Hipsebeth, Nov.19,1740.

Sarah, d.Silas and Mercy, Aug.16,1745.

Salley, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, May9,1766.

Silas, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, Sept.9,1764.

Silvester, ch.Eleneazer and Mehetable, June30,1772.


Ann E., w.Stillman L.B. Smith, Oct.22,1824.GR2

Mary, ch.Nathaniel, bp. Apr.14,1765.CR1


Nathaniel Carter, Dr. [h.Eunice (Makepeace)], Dec.1,1805, in Alton, NH.GR4


Augusta M., d.George D.G., mechanic, and Louisa M., Apr.16,1847. [Agusta, d.George D.W. and Louisa M.GR2]


Ann C., w.William [May末,1819].GR2


Marcy, ch.Benjamin and Damaras, Sept.22,1732.


Nancy (Smith), w.Thomas [Aug.末,1791].GR2

Thomas [h.Nancy (Smith)] [Mar.末,1791].GR2


Benjamin, ch.Israel and Mary, Apr.18,1763.

Israel, ch.Israel and Mary, May11,1766.

Jreeanes, ch.Solomon and Ruth, Mar.2,1769.

Lusendy, ch.Solomon and Ruth, Sept.12,1771.

Margret, ch.Solomon and Ruth, Mar.2,1763.

Orrin, ch.Israel and Mary, Nov.9,1769.

Ruth, ch.Solomon and Ruth, Nov.3,1764.

Solomon, ch.Solomon and Ruth, Feb.17,1767.


末末, d.[dup. adds Dea.] Almond, mechanic, and Nancy [dup. adds C. (second w.)], Nov.21,1845.

Abel, ch.Benager and Mehitabel, Aug.15,1775.

Abial, ch.Robart and Rebecah, Jan.16,1734-5.

Abigail (Barrows), w.Albert S. [Oct.末,1824].GR2

Albert S., ch.Benajah and Lydia, Feb.19,1811. [[h.Abigail (Barrows)]GR2]

Alden Gray, ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, Nov.20,1831.

Alden Gray, ch.Almond, bp. May25,1834.CR1

Alford, ch.Robert Jr. and Martha, Aug.9,1767.

Alice B., w.Allen B. [Mar.末,1807].GR3

Allen Boiden, ch.Asahel and Abigail, Oct.12,1793. [[h.Alice B.]GR3]

Almond, ch.Benajah and Lydia, June15,1804.

Almond H., ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, May2,1830.

Almond Hathaway, ch.Almond, bp. May25,1834.CR1

Althea, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, Mar.24,1745-6.

Anna, ch.Benjamin, bp. May3,1754.CR1

Ann Eliza, ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, June27,1842. [Anna Eliza.CR1] [w.末末 Horton.GR2]

Asahel, ch.Dea.Almond, bp. May21,1837.CR1

Asel, ch.Benager and Mehitabel, Mar.16,1772.

Benjamin, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Dec.25,1705.

Benjamin, ch.Robert and Mehetabel, bp. Mar.20,1719-20.CR1

Charles Amsberry, ch.Asahel and Abigail, Feb.12,1795.

Charles, ch.Hezekiah and Hannah, July21,1797.

Charles Boyden, ch.Allen B. and Allice, May1,1838.

Cornlios, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Dec.23,1710.

Cornelious, ch.Robert and Mehetabel, bp. Mar.20,1719-20.CR1

Cornelus, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, July4,1736.

Daniel, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Mar.25,1714.

Daniel, ch.Robert and Mehetabel, bp. Mar.20,1719-20.CR1

Daniel, ch.Samuel and Marcy, May6,1737.

Daniel Luther, ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, Oct.25,1833.

David, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, Mar.18,1752.

David, ch.Cornelius, bp. Sept.25,1757.CR1

David A., ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, Jan.1,1837.

Edmun, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, June19,1738.

Edmund, ch.Cornelius, bp. May9,1762.CR1

Eliab, ch.Hezekiah and Hannah, Oct.10,1799.

Elizabeth Hunt, ch.Asahel and Abigail, Sept.7,1799.

Elizabeth Louisa Calista, ch.Asahel and Polly H., Nov.30,1838.

Emily A., d.Albert S., w.Hiram Fisher,末蔓末,1842.GR2

Emily A., d.Albert, mason, and Abigail, Apr.28,1845.

Ephariam Raymond, s.Susannah, May24,1800.

Eunice Makepeace, ch.Allen Boyden and Polly, Nov.11,1823.

Frank M., ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, July29,1840.

Frank Morton, s.Dea.Almond and Betsy, bp. May3,1842.CR1

George Washington, s.Ephraim Barton, May29,1826.

George N., ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, Oct.31,1838. [George Nathaniel.CR1]

Harriot Allice, ch.Allen B. and Allice, Feb.16,1834.

Harrison Everett, ch.Asahel and Abigail, Oct.17,1812.

Harrison Allen, ch.Allen B. and Allice, Mar.18,1832.

Henry Francis, ch.Asahel and Polly H., Sept.15,1830.

Hezekiah, ch.Jedediah and Jemima, May20,1765.

Hulday, ch.Josiah, Mar.27,1762.

Isaac, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, Jan.26,1741-2.

James, ch.Benjamin, bp. May3,1754.CR1

James, ch.Amos and Ziporah, July27,1774.

Jeddiah, ch.Samuel and Marcy, Jan.12,1734-5.

Joseph, ch.Robart and Rebecah, Jan.31,1731-2.

Joseph, ch.Amos and Ziporah, Dec.4,1777.

Joshua, ch.Cornelius, bp. Aug.3,1755.CR1

Joshua, ch.Josiah, Jan.15,1764.

Joshua, ch.Robert Jr. and Martha, Apr.7,1769.

Josiah, ch.Samuel and Marcy, Dec.20,1738.

Josiah, ch.Josiah, May3,1771.

Josiah, ch.Josiah, May12,1776.

Judah, ch.Robart and Rebecah, Feb.25,1729.

Laban, ch.Robert Jr. and Martha, Nov.18,1771.

Louisa, ch.Hezekiah and Hannah, Aug.1,1793.

Lucresay, ch.Hezekiah and Hannah, Mar.18,1796.

Lidea, ch.Samuel and Marcy, May21,1743.

Lydia, ch.Josiah, Mar.19,1766.

Lydia, d.Albert S. and Abigail, w.Albert White [Aug.末,1839].GR2

Maria [m.],末蔓末,1805.GR2

Mary, ch.Samuel and Marcy, June4,1741.

Molly, ch.Cornelius, bp. July30,1758.CR1

Polly, ch.Jedediah and Jemima, July20,1773.

Polly H., w.Asahel,末蔓末,1795.GR4

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Allen Boyden and Polly, Apr.14,1820.

Mary Ann Abiah, ch.Asahel and Polly H., Jan.26,1832. [w.末末 Pollard.GR4]

Mehithobel, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Oct.21,1707.

Mehetabel, ch.Robert and Mehetabel, cp. Mar.20,1719-20.CR1

Mehithobel, ch.Robart and Rebecah, Jan.14,1733-4.

Mehetable, ch.Robert Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.22,1748-9.

Moses Hunt, ch.Asabel and Abigail, May6,1804.

Moses H., ch.Dea.Almond and Betsey, Feb.17,1835.

Moses Hunt, ch.Dea.Almond, bp. Oct.1,1837.CR1

Olive, ch.Abiel and Sarah, Sept.30,1762.

Rachell, ch.Samuel and Marcy, Jan.9,1744-5.

Rebekah, ch.Amos and Ziporah, Apr.3,1780.

Robart, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Mar.25,1703.

Robert, ch.Robert and Mehetabel, bp. Mar.20,1719-20.CR1

Robard, ch.Robart and Rebecah, Dec.6,1727.

Robert, ch.Robert Jr. and Martha, Apr.20,1766.

Samuel, ch.Robard and Mehithobel, Apr.25,1701.

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Marcy, July17,1732.

Seth, ch.Robert Jr. and Martha, July4,1764.

Silence, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, May10,1744.

Stillman Day, ch.Asahel and Abigail, July4,1797.

Thomas Fobes, ch.Hezekiah and Hannah, May18,1802.

Tyler, ch.Josiah, Sept.3,1781.

Voden, ch.Amos and Silence, Mar.18,1766.

Waitstill, ch.Cornelios and Waitestill, May14,1748.

Waty, ch.Benager and Mehitabel, Oct.16,1779.

William, ch.Samuel and Marcy, Jan.23,1746-7.

William, ch.Robert Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.16,1750-1.

Zachary Taylor, Nov.24,1846.GR2

Zephaniah, ch.Samuel and Marcy, May17,1731.


Jane, w.George W. Freeman [Oct.末,1818].GR2

TYFFANY (Tifeney, Tiffaney, Tiffeney, Tiffiny)

Joseph, ch.William, bp. Mar.17,1754.CR1

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