BABBET (Babbett, Babbit, Babbitt, Babit, Bibbit, Bobbit)

Edward and Rhoda Allen, int.May18,1764.

Elisabeth [int.Babbit] and Levi Frances, Apr.12,1758.

Hannah and Abiel Atwood of Berkley, int.Dec.13,1754.

Lydia [int.Babbett] and John Lincoln, June16,1842.

Nathan Jr. and Abigail Cobb, int.Feb.1,1752.

Rachel and Josiah Gilbert, int.Nov.12,1763.

BABBETT (Babbet, Babbit, Babbitt, Babit, Bibbit, Bobbit)

Mary Augusta [int.Babbitt], b. Taunton, d.Mary, and Harrison Lane, 33, operator in cotton manufactery, s.Daniel, Sept.1,1844.

BABBIT (Babbet, Babbett, Babbitt, Babit, Bibbit, Bobbet)

Abigail and Annas Newcomb, int.May15,1783.

Edward Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Anne [int.Anna] Smith [int.3d], Sept.12,1793.

Elizabeth of Easton, and James Howard of Bridgewater, June12,1765.*

Betty of Hardwick, and Lroi [dup. and int.Levi] Babbit, Dec.21,1779, in Hardwich.

Betsy and Amasa Makepiece [int.Makepeas], May18,1800.

Hannah and Seth Swettland of Berkley, int.Dec.24,1754. [This entry erased.]

Isaac and Sally Finney, Mar.13,1806.

Lroi [dup. and int.Levi] and Betty Babbit of Hardwick, Dec.21,1779, in Hardwich.

Levi and Polly Leonard, Dec.29,1803.

Mary and Stephen Hatheway of Berkley, Feb.27, [1751-2].

Nathan [int.Jr.], Dr., and Anna Newcomb,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Mar.14,1779].

Nathan, Lt., and Judith Newcomb, int.Nov.8,1782.

Sarah [int.Bobit] of Easton, and Joseph Blanchard [int.Blancher], Jan.13,1745 [sic, int.Dec.7,1745], in Easton.

Simeon [int.Bobbit] of Easton, and Sarah Balcom [int.Balkom], Dec.13,1748, in Easton.

Snell [dup. Snellum, int.Snellon] and [dup. adds Mrs.] Betty Blanchard of Stoughtonham [dup. of Sharon], Dec.12,1782, in Sharon.

Willard of Easton [int.Eastown], and Sophia Morey, Apr.13,1815.

William [int.Bobbit] of Easton, and Sarah Blanchard [int.Blancher], July12,1744.

BABBITT (Babbet, Babbett, Babbit, Babit, Bibbit, Bobbit)

Emeline of Petersham, and Simeon W. Hodges, int.Apr.27,1841.

Mary H., Mrs., of Taunton, and Charles R.A. Burbank, int.Nov.1,1844.

BABCOCK (Badcock)

BABIT (Babbet, Babbett, Babbit, Babbitt, Bibbit, Bobbit)

Tabatha [int.Tabitha Babbit] and Jabez Briggs, Sept.21,1751.


Hannah, Mrs., of Canterbury, and Rev. William Nelson, int.Apr.10,1778.


Joanna of Needham, and Ebenezer Skinner, Sept.30,1732, in Needham.*


Abraham and Susa Francis of Rehoboth, int.Mar.10,1795.

BAILEY (Baily, Bayley)

Abijah [int.Bayley] and Sarah Grover, Nov.20,1765.

Benjamin [int.Bayley] and Tabitha Grover, Mar.5,1761.

BAILY (Bailey, Bayley)

Hannah and Andrew Grover, Feb.16,1740-1.*


Simeon of Raynham, and Ruth Willis, int.Sept.18,1756.

BALCOM (Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Elijah and Jemima [int.Jemimah] Skinner of Mansfield, Feb.12,1778, in Mansfield.

Hannah [int.Bolkcom] and Joseph Green, May24,1810.

Harriot [int.Harriot C. Balkcomb] and Charles Rodgers, Sept.27,1843, in Taunton.

Sarah [int.Balkom] and Simeon Babbit [int.Bobbit] of Easton, Dec.13,1748, in Easton.

BALDEREY (Boldery, Boldry)

James Jr. and Betty Willbour 2d of Rainham, int.Sept.5,1779.

BALKCOM (Balcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Balcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

David and Jane Pulling of Attleborough, int.Feb.27,1780.

Rebecah [int.Rebekah Bolcom] of Attleborough, and William Clark [int.2d], May20,1773, in Attleborough.

Sarah [int.Bolkum] and Jason Blake of Wrenthem [int.Renthem], Nov.7,1793.

BALKCON (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Lucinda and Josiah Harvey, int.May21,1801.

BALKOM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Hannah and Peres Foster, int.Mar.26,1837.


Pedy of Taunton, and Thomas Harvey, int.Mar.13,1780.

BALLCUM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

John of Atterburo, and Mary Grover, Mar.29,1720.*


Mehetebel and Charles Brittan of Raynham, int.Mar.9,1754.


Hannah [int.of Wrentham] and Ebenezer Britnel, Mar.31,1756.


BARNES (Barns)


Elijah and Lydia Wilbore of Raynham, int.Nov.9,1754.

Mary [int.2d] and William Newcomb, Mar.20,1755.

Milton B. of Taunton, and Sarah W. Hodges, Nov.18,1838.

Sally of Taunton, and William Presbry 3d of Taunton, Nov.27,1825.*


David, Rev., of Scituate, and Mrs.Rachel Leonard 2d [int.omits 2d], Aug.5,1756.

BARRARS (Barrows)

Hannah of Plymton, and Job Tucker, int.Dec.24,1763.

BARROWS (Barrars)

Abigail of Attleborough, and Albert S. Tucker, int.Nov.12,1837.

Clarrassa of Attleborough, and James H. Lawson, int.Oct.29,1843.

Joseph of Attleborough, and Esther Wetherell, Nov.17,1774.

William Jr., Rev., 34, s.William and Asenath, and E.A. Cate, 26, of Cambridge, d.Lucy A., int.Oct.6,1849.


William and Mrs.Abigail Ellis of Dedham, Oct.14,1742, in Dedham.*

BASIT (Basset, Bassett, Bassit)

William and Mary Crosman of Tanton, Mar.18,1718-19.*


Mary of Brantrey, and Timothy Smith, int.Feb.14,1766.

Polly [int.Molley] and John Gilbert, Aug.28,1783.

BASSET (Basit, Bassett, Bassit)

Abigail and Ebenezer Burt Jr., Dec.30,1762.

Benjamin Jr. and Mercy Croasman [int.Crosman] 2d, Jan.17,1765.

Daniel and Mary Burt, Jan.15,1761.

Gideon and Bathsheba Briggs, Feb.21,1739-40.*

Gedeon and Olive Fisher, Mar.26,1767.

Hannah 2d and David Cobb, Oct.10,1765.

Hannah 2d [int.omits 2d] of Rehoboth, and John Briggs Jr., Apr.12,1770.

John [int.Bassett] of Taunton, and Sarah Sheapard, Jan.25,1757.

Joshua and Mehetable Hathaway of Berkley, int.Jan.14,1764.

Jotham and Naomi Newland, Apr.30,1761.

Ruth and Josiah King, Jan.7,1762.

William and Thankful Briggs, Aug.25,1737.*

William (Bosset) and Penellope Brintnal [int.Penelepe Brintnell], Aug.7,1747.

BASSETT (Basit, Basset, Bassit)

Alven and Hannah Thayer, int.Mar.17,1792.

Benjamin and Elizebeth Carpenter, Mar.5,1797.

Daniel and Elizabeth [int.Elizebeth] Nichols [int.of Taunton], Sept.25,1792.

Hannah [int.adds S.] and Charles Edson, Feb.12,1824.

Isaac and Mehitable Makepeace, Aug.20,1778.*

Isaac Jr. and Dilly Cobb, Jan.7,1802.

James and Elizebeth Caswell of Middleborough, int.Oct.22,1786.

Jediah [int.Jedediah] and Sarah Briggs [int.3d], Dec.2,1773.

Jeremiah and Mary Felch of Westourne, int.Mar.3,1721-2.

Jeremiah Jr. of Taunton, and Lydia Stone, Nov.22,1809.

Joshua and Basheba [int.Barsheba] Thayer, July26,1790.

Lydia 2d and John Newcomb, Dec.4,1777.

Lydia [int.adds Mrs.] and Dr. [int.Dea.] David Edson of Bridgwarter, Oct.16,1786.

Peggy and Leonard Hill, Sept.30,1789 [dup. 1790].

Marey and Daniel Phillips Jr., int.May27,1785.

Masa of Providence, and Chloe [int.Chloa] Hodges 2d, Sept.6,1804.

Phebe and Trancis Francis Geullow, int.Jan.20,1787.

Phebe, Mrs., of Taunton, and John Wilde of Mansfield, June30,1837.*

Ruth and John King Jr., Mar.31,1795.

Samuel of Taunton, and Hannah Stone, Apr.6,1808.

Selah and Abijah Wetherl Jr. of Easton, int.June30,1787.

Susan A. of Easton, and Silas W. Lincoln, int.Nov.1,1845.

William 3d [int.Basset] and Anne Lane, Nov.8,1770.

Zilpah of North Bridge, and Thomas Braman, int.Dec.19,1778.

BASSIT (Basit, Basset, Bassett)

William Jr. [int.Basset, omits Jr.] and Lydia Fisher, Mar.16,1748.

BATE (Bates)

BATES (Bate)

Almira and Bravis C. Dunbar [int.Dunber] of Easton, Mar.5,1833.

Ardelia and Andrew B. Randall of Easton, Oct.15,1837.

Benjamin and Abigail Billings of Stoughtonham, Apr.25,1768, in Sharon.*

David C. and Sarah T. Sweet, May30,1826.

Elisabeth and Elijah Williams, int.Mar.18,1763.

Hannah of Wrentham, and Thomas Skiner [int.Skinner Jr.], Nov.14,1751.

Horatio and Sarah K. [int.H.] Sweet, Sept.26,1838, in Attleborough.

Julia Ann, 16, d.David C. dec'd, and Benjamin H. Richmond, 23, shoemaker, s.Benjamin, Oct.22,1844.

Levit [int.Levet], Dr., and Hannah Clapp [int.Clap 2d],末蔓末, 末末 [int.May6,1797].

Levet [int.Bate] and Elisabeth Pain of Stoughtonham, Nov.15,1769.

Lydia and James Danield of Foxborough, int.Oct.26,1823.

Mary and Eliab White, June27,1763.

Polly [int.Polley] and Harlow [int.Harlon] Hodges, Feb.1,1818.

Mary Ann and Richard H. Hall, July23,1830.

Patience of Plymouth, and Elijah Lincoln, int.Mar.10,1815.

Sarah and David White, int.Nov.3,1759.

Sarah E. and John H. Crane, int.June20,1847.

Solomon of Wrentham, and Hannah Grover, Nov.12,1729, in Wrentham.*


Samul and Elisabeth Caswell, int.Aug.27,1711.

BAYLEY (Bailey, Baily)

Mary and Samuel [int.Samuell] Austen, May7,1724.


Mary and Lysander White, shoemaker, of Easton, b. Easton, s.Howe, Oct.29,1843.


Polley [int.Bears] of Rehoboth, and Joshua Tucker, Sept.11,1792.


Daniel of Easton, and Caroline T. Drake of Easton, Sept.21,1837, in Easton.*

Henry T. of Holliston, and Mary Jane Carpenter, June4,1839.


John of Attleboro, and Anna Blancher, int.Nov.21,1749.


Robert H. and Clarrisa White of Taunton, int.Oct.12,1837.


Abby S. and John B. Williams of Easton, int.Mar.18,1848.

Elizabeth A., 22, d.Jotham, and Harrison Crossman, widr., 27, farmer, s.Elisha (Crossmen), Aug.31,1847.


John Jr. of Wrentham, and Sarah Newcomb, int.Oct.1,1743.


Hannah [int.Berwick] of Stoughton, and Samuel Titus, Jan.16,1756.

BETSS (Bettice, Bettis, Bittes)

Mercy of Dighton, and Seth Puffer of Dighton, Feb.12,1753.*

BETTICE (Betss, Bettis, Bittes)

Marcy and Nehemiah Briggs, Nov.14,1734.*

BETTIS (Betss, Bettice, Bittes)

Mary [int.Betis] and Ebenezer Burt, Feb.27,1723-4.

BIBBIT (Babbet, Babbett, Babbit, Babbitt, Babit, Bobbit)

Mary and Abiather Lincoln of Taunton, int.Aug.24,1783.

BILLING (Billings)

Hepzebah of Stougton, and Jonthan Pratt, int.Jan.10,1758.

BILLINGS (Billing)

Abigail of Stoughtonham, and Benjamin Bates, Apr.25,1768, in Sharon.*

Benjamin of Stoughton, and Rachel Pratt, int.Oct.19,1759.

Beriah of Stoughtonham, and Anne Britnel, Nov.19,1765.

Fanny of Mansfield, and Rev. Richard Briggs of Mansfield, May末,1816.*


Elizabeth of Mansfield, and Jonathan Briggs, Sept.22,1785, in Mansfield.

Hannah and Nehemiah Briggs, int.Nov.12,1790.

Warren, widr., [int.adds Rev., omits widr.], 53, surveyor of Foxborough, b. Foxborough, s.Elijah dec'd and Sarah of Foxborough, and Calista Briggs, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 45, housekeeper, d.Isaac Makepeace dec'd and Anna, Apr.15,1845.


Chloe of Attleborough, and Isaac Hodges Jr., July25,1782.

Joseph of Atelborrough, and Miriam Hodges, Apr.22,1736.*

Mehetabel [int.Mehetable] and Samuel Pitts of Taunton, Sept.28,1761.

Miriam, Mrs., of Attleborough, and Joseph Hodges, int.Nov.15,1749.

Nathan and Sabrah Rich of Greenwich, int.Dec.12,1802.

Rhoda and Edmund Lothrop Jr. of Easton, int.Dec.27,1801.

Silvay [int.Lucilva] of Attleborough, and David Makepeas [int.Makepeac], Aug.24,1797.

Timothy of Attleborough, and Hannah Lane, Mar.5,1767, in Attleborough.

Zephaniah [int.Zaphaniah] of Attleborough, and Sarah Stone, Aug.6,1765.

BITTES (Betss, Bettice, Bettis)

Abigail and Joseph Newland of Easton, int.Apr.9,1744.

BLACK (Blacke)

Sarah and John Hectar, negroes, Feb.19,1740-1.*

BLACKE (Black)

Hannah of Tanton, and Benjamin Stimson, May10,1716.*

BLAINE (Bleen)


Aaron of Wrenthem, and Hannah Hodges 2d, int.Sept.14,1753.

Anna Hanover of Taunton, and Daniel Presbrey, int.Oct.21,1815.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Wrentham, and Capt. Samuel Brintnall, May23,1734, in Wrentham.*

Jason of Wrenthem [int.Renthem], and Sarah Balkcom [int.Bolkum], Nov.7,1793.

Jemime of Wrentham, and Ruben Tinkham, int.Mar.1,1818.

Joseph of Providence, and Lydia Tucker, Nov.29,1788.

Lois and James French Jr., July31,1796.

Lydia C. of Mansfield, and Benjamin Sweet, int.Sept.1,1826.

Rachel Eddy and Selon [dup. and int.Celand] Skinner of Mansfield, Oct.19,1812.

Sarah of Taunton, and William Carpentor, int.Feb.12,1757.

BLANCHARD (Blancher, Blancherd)

Abigail [int.Abigaill Blancher] and Solomon Moise [int.Mors] of Stoughton, Nov.30,1747.

Anna and John Sheapardson of Attleborough, Jan.17,1754.

Christopher C. of Taunton, and Susannah M. White of Taunton, Dec.26,1830.*

Betty [dup. adds Mrs.] of Stoughtonham, and Snell [dup. Snellum, int.Snellon] Babbit, Dec.12,1782, in Sharon.

Hannah and John M. Arnold, Feb.19,1837.

Joseph and Judith Williams, July8,1766.

Joseph of Mansfield and Hannah Pratt of Mansfield, Aug.6,1792.*

Josiah and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Williams, Jan.3,1760, in Easton.

Lydia and Alanson Sweet, July4,1836.

Pardon and Sarah Jane Alden, Aug.31,1835.

Ruth and John Linkon, int.Mar.27,1756. "The Banes forbidden by Stephen Blanchard."

Sarah [int.Blancher] and William Babbit [int.Bobbit] of Easton, July12,1744.

Thomas of Abington [int.Abbington], and Mary Andrews, Dec.24,1761.

Williams and Martha Bloom of Northbridge, int.Nov.30,1834.

BLANCHER (Blanchard, Blancherd)

Anna and John Bell, int.Nov.21,1749.

Elizabeth of Weymouth, and James Boldry, int.Jan.5,1749.

Experience of Weymouth [int.Waymouth], and Sylvanus [int.Silvenus] Braman, May3,1748, in Weymouth.

Stephen and Abigail Pratt of Easton, Sept.15,1736, in Easton.*

Susanna [int.Susannah] of Weymouth, and Jeremiah Champbell [int.Cambel], Apr.11,1749, in Weymouth.

BLANCHERD (Blanchard, Blancher)

Hannah [int.Blancher] and Joseph Fobes of Easton, Nov.3,1747, in Easton.

Sarah [int.Blanchard] and Levi Francis [int.Levy Frances], Jan.28,1779, in Mansfield.

BLANDIN (Blanding, Blondin)

Benjamin A. and Sarah A. Dunham of Attleborough, int.Nov.1,1840.

Catharine R. and John W. Dean of Raynham, Mar.30,1841.

Henry H. and Chloe D. Carpenter [int.Corpenter], July31,1834.

Isaac S. and Eliza Davis, Oct.25,1827.

Jesse of Attleborough, and Susanna Blandin [int.2d], Nov.27,1808.

Jesse H. and Eunice M. Tucker, int.Sept.17,1842.

Lemira and Elkanah Wood Jr., Sept.15,1822.

Otis Jr. [int.Blondin] and Nancy A. Freeman, July17,1832.

Sarah [int.adds Samson] and Cyrus [int.Sirus] White of Halifax, Dec.2,1819.

Sarah S. and William H. Simmons of Coventry, RI, int.June29,1848.

Simeon G. and Nancy C. French, Oct.23,1843, in Middleborough.

Susanna [int.2d] and Jesse Blandin of Attleborough, Nov.27,1808.

BLANDING (Blandin, Blondin)

Benjamin and Susanna [int.Susannah] Wetherell, Oct.8,1778.

Lamech and Lydia Lamburd, int.Oct.22,1780.

Rachel of Attleborough, and Peter Derry, int.Dec.25,1774.

Rebecca [int.Rachel] and John Derry [int.Derrey], Dec.10,1778.

Sumner and Louisa Messenger, Sept.26,1831.



James 3d of Rehobath, and Rhoda Tisdale, int.Dec.17,1820.

Ruth of Rehoboth, and David Fisher, May5,1763, in Rehoboth.


Samuel of Attleborough, and Patience Briggs, int.Mar.6,1778.

BLONDIN (Blandin, Blanding)

Harriot C. and Thomas W. Stebins [int.Stebbings of Brookline, VT], Mar.30,1841.


Martha of Northbridge, and Williams Blanchard, int.Nov.30,1834.

BOBBIT (Babbet, Babbett, Babbit, Babbitt, Babit, Bibbit)

Abiather of Easton, and Abigaill Bobbit of Easton, May26,1743.*

Abigaill of Easton, and Abiather Bobbit of Easton, May26,1743.*

Abigaill [int.Boblit] of Easton, and David Neuland [int.Newland], int.June27,1744.

Abigaill and Joseph Neuland of Easton, Nov.22,1744.*

BOICE (Boise, Boyce)

James and Margaret Boise of Easton, Apr.6,1735-6 [sic], in Easton.*

BOISE (Boice, Boyce)

Margaret of Easton, and James Boice, Apr.6,1735-6 [sic], in Easton.*


Henry [int.Bokes], "a transient person," and Meriam [int.Miriam] Fisher, July12,1769.

BOLCOM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Anna of Attleborough and John Wetherell 2d, Sept.23,1772, in Attleborough.*

Zilpah of Attleborough and Ichabod Shaw Jr., int.Aug.6,1763.

BOLCUM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolkam, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

William Jr. of Attleborough, and Nancy Capron, int.June9,1791.

BOLDERY (Balderey, Boldry)

James and Sary Cambell, Mar.17,1723-4.

BOLDRY (Balderey, Boldery)

James and Elizabeth Blancher of Weymouth, int.Jan.5,1749.

BOLKAM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkcom, Bolkum)

Mary of Atelborrough, and John Fisher, Mar.30,1732, in Atelborrough.*

BOLKCOM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkum)

Abigail and Nathaniel Smith of Stoughton, Jan.25,1824.

Caleb and Abigail Andrews, Mar.31,1803.

Betsey [int.Balkcom] and Macey Randall [int.Jr.] of Easton, Dec.30,1838.

Fanny and Daniel Shaw of Rehoboth, Dec.5,1822.

Hannah [int.Balcom 2d] and Samuel Tiffany [int.Jr.] of Attleborough, June2,1769.

James [int.Balcomb] and Hannah Crosman, Mar.24,1791.

Samuuel and Abigail Keith, int.Feb.19,1797.

Sally and Abiather [int.Abiathar] Richardson [int.Jr.] of Attleborough, June23,1811.

BOLKUM (Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Balkom, Ballcum, Bolcom, Bolcum, Bolkam, Bolkcom)

Jacob of Rehoboth, and Metilda Perry of Rehoboth, Nov.20,1794.*

John [int.Balkcom] and Abigail Smith 2d [int.3d], Apr.23,1795.


Sanford R. of Easton, and Sarah Jane [int.T.] Winslow, Jan.1,1839.


Lebbeus [int.Libbeus Bonna] and Louisa Tucker, Nov.26,1812.


Joptha of Mansfield, and Mrs.Silence Dean of Taunton, Aug.1,1837.*

BORN (Bourn)

Sarah of Dighton, and Amoss Newland, int.Nov.20,1762.


Eliza of Sandisfield, and Jacob Allen, July24,1783, in Sandisfield.*

Betty of Barrington [int.Bettey of Barington], and Nathan Hodges Jr., Apr.17,1777.


Mary of Smithfield, RI, and Capt. Lyman Eddy, int.Jan.5,1840.

BOURN (Born)

Elenor [int.Barn] and David Mathews, Oct.11,1781, in Attleborough.

BOWARS (Bower, Bowers)

Sucky and Tower Umphry of Weston, int.Feb.27,1780.


Ephraim of Rehoboth [int.Ephraim of Rehoboth], and Sarah Arnold, July11,1819.

Jabez, Hon. [int.adds Esq.], of Providence, and Peddy Leonard, May21,1801.

BOWER (Bowars, Bowers)

Peggey of Summerset, and Benjamin King, int.July28,1805.

BOWERS (Bowars, Bower)

Lot "Negro man of Swanzey" [int.Swansway] and Sukey [int.Suky] "a Negro woman belonging to the Honble George Leonard Esq," May25,1775.

BOYCE (Boice, Boise)

Ann (Boyce) and John Mackelara "trancent parson," Jan.29,1735-6.*

David and Mary Ames of Bridgewater, June10,1737, in Bridgewater.*


Arsenath, wid.[int.Mrs.Asenath], of Attleborough, and Cyrus White, widr.[int.omits widr.], mechanic, b. Hallifax, May13,1847.


Lydia and Stephen White, manufacturer, of S. Hadley, May18,1847.


Hiram L. and Almira Dean of Taunton, int.Aug.7,1831.

Lucinda L.M. and George D.W. Townsend, Feb.26,1846.

Sarah [int.2d] of Wrentham [int.Wrenthem], and John Hall 3d, Feb.15,1789, in Wrentham.

BRAMAN (Bramen)

Abiah and Daniel Haws Jr. [int.omits Jr.] of Wrentham, Sept.21,1756.

Andrews and Nancy Haws of Wrentham, int.June26,1813.

Benjamin and Anna Makepeas [int.Makepeace], Mar.26,1777.

Bethiah and William Dryar Jr. [int.Drier 2d] of Rehoboth, Dec.8,1774.

Bethiah and John White 2d of Mansfield, June3,1784.

C. Adaline [int.Adeline], 22y.11m., d.Sylvanol B. (Bramen), and Henry T. Gilmore, boot and shoe manufacterer, of Raynham, b. Raynham, s.Otheniol of Raynham, Mar.3,1845.

Cloe [int.Chloe] and Hanan Hack of Taunton, May26,1816.

Daniell and Rachall Cambel, Nov.25,1714.*

Daniell Jr. and Bethiah Woshbon, int.Sept.22,1750.

Daniel and Silence Clap, Nov.28,1774.

Daniel of Cambridge, and Patty Gilbert, Jan.13,1805.

Deborah and Ebenezer Williams, Oct.27,1767.

Elijah and Hannah Willor Wilbor, Jan.14,1808.

Eliza An [int.Ann] and Daniel Burt of Taunton, June10,1827.

Experience 2d and Ichabod Perrey Jr. of Attleborough, Mar.3,1772.*

Experience [int.Experiance] and Ichobud [int.Ichabod] Perry of Attlborough [int.Attleborough], Mar.4,1784.

George and Phebe White, Sept.14,1752.

Hannah and David Derbey, Jan.1,1755.

Hannah and Samuel Staples of Taunton, Nov.2,1775.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Elisha Hodges, Oct.1,1819.

Hannah and Daniel F. Guello, Oct.23,1831.

Hannah S. and Mason Freeman, Sept.4,1832.

Harriot B. [int.Horriot B. Bramon], 19, bonnet sewer, d.Thomas Jr., and Jared White Jr., 28, farmer, of Mansfield, Oct.20,1844.

Isaac of Rowley, and Hannah Palner Palmer, int.July1,1797.

Isaac, Maj., and Jemima P. Willis of Taunton, int.Oct.9,1825.

John and Mary Gray, May28,1718.*

John and Sarah Merry, int.Mar.23,1793.

Josiah of Freetown, and Anna [int.Annah] Fisher, Sept.20,1759.

Lydia H. [int.Harvey] and Isaac Cutler of Concord, Nov.24,1825.

Polley and Capt. Ebeneazer Stedman of Cambridge, int.Mar.2,1817.

Polly M. and Abiathar Witherell [int.Wetherell] Jr. of Taunton, Dec.31,1833.

Mary H., 26, d.Sylvanus B., and Cassander Gilmore, widr.[int.omits widr.], boot and shoe manufacturing, of Raynham, b. Raynham, s.Otheniol of Raynham, Mar.3,1845.

Marcy and William Tiffeney, Mar.4,1741-2.*

Olive and Simeon Thayer Jr. [int.2d] of Brantree [int.Brantre], Apr.8,1779.

Phebe and James Skiner, Mar.16,1768.

Phebe and Nathan Perry, May20,1773.

Rachell and Jonathan Pratt, Mar.13,1745-6.

Rachel and Seth Robinson of Stoughtonham, Jan.22,1776.

Rebecca C. and Allen D. Lane, Apr.17,1839.

Rhoda and Solomon White of Braintre [int.Braintree], Oct.29,1790.

Sarah, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Elisha Cobb, Aug.6,1782.

Sally and Zaccheus Richardson of Taunton, Sept.20,1807.

Sally and George Codding [int.Coding] of Mansfield, Apr.16,1820.

Sylvanus [int.Silvenus] and Experience Blancher of Weymouth, May3,1748, in Weymouth.

Sylvanus [int.Salvenus] Jr. and Sarah Andrews, June17,1777.

Sylvanus Blanchard and Polly [int.Polley] Hodges, Nov.5,1818.

Thomas and Hannah Skinner of Mansfield, Aug.31,1775, in Mansfield.

Thomas and Zilpah Bassett of North Bridge, int.Dec.19,1778.

Thomas Jr. and Sarah Richardson 2d of Attleborough, int.Dec.24,1798.

Thomas 3d and Sally Barnes Codding of Mansfield, int.Feb.21,1823.

Thomas 3d and Mardy S. Lathrop [int.Lothrop] of Mansfield, May19,1833.

Washburn and Charlotte Briggs, Nov.11,1813.

Welthy (Broman) and Jacob Hoar, Jan.22,1761.

William and Lydia Harvey of Taunton, Mar.31,1805.

Zerviah and Daniell Whitman of Weymouth, Apr.6,1742.*

BRAMEN (Braman)

Sarah E. [int.Braman], 18, b. Mansfield, d.Thomas (Braman) Jr. and Sally, and Lewis F. Grover, 22, mechanic, s.Halsey and Sally, Sept.27,1846.


Betsy and Lyman [int.Lymand] Cobb, May5,1793.

BRETTEN (Britain, Brittan, Britton)

Abiel of Easton, and Elizabeth Austen of Easton, Dec.19,1751.*

Hannah [int.Britten] of Mansfield, and Elisha Clark, Aug.28,1795 [sic, int.July1,1796].

William [int.Britan] of Rainham, and Phebe Cole, Mar.6,1794.

BRIANT (Bryant)

Erin of Easton, and Eleanor Smith of Taunton, Mar.20,1831.*


Asarelah M., Rev., and Martha S. Harding of Newsalem, int.June30,1838.

BRIGGS (Brigs)

Abigail of Taunton, and Peter Carpentor, int.Oct.9,1765.

Abigail 2d and Joseph Wilbor Jr. of Taunton, int.Mar.19,1785.

Alfred, farmer, of Attleborough, s.Emerson and Polly T. Shaw [int.Show], d.John [and Polly], Apr.10,1845.

Amos and Hannah Cobb, Nov.25,1773.

Asa and Polley Briggs, Jan.30,1794.

Bathsheba and Gideon Basset, Feb.21,1739-40.*

Bradford [int.Brigg] of Providence, RI, and Zeruah Harridon [int.Haradon], June9,1833.

Caleb of Rehobath, and Bethiah [int.Bythiah] Eddy, Nov.29,1764.

Calista, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 45, housekeeper, d.Isaac Makepeace dec'd and Anna, and [int.adds Rev.] Warren Bird, widr.[int.omits widr.], 53, surveyor, of Foxborough, b. Foxborough, s.Elijah dec'd and Sarah of Foxborough, Apr.15,1845.

Charles H. and Linthy A. Hodges, Feb.13,1832.

Charles W. of Dighton, and Sarah Allen, Oct.7,1838.

Charlotte and Washburn Braman, Nov.11,1813.

Daniel of Tanton, and Deborah Vesey, May29,1734.*

Daniel and Salle Kingman of Easton, int.Sept.8,1787.

Daniel [int.2d] and Esther Smith, Feb.1,1791.

Daniel Jr. and Calistia [int.Calista] Makepeace, Apr.22,1821.

Daniel and Mary Woodward, Oct.21,1827.

Daniel H., 22, farmer, s.Daniel dec'd, and Caroline E. Shaw [int.of Raynham], b. Raynham, d.Samuel and Rachel of Raynham, May8,1844.

Deborah and William Makepeace, Feb.17,1773.*

Edwin of Mansfield, and Abigail Fuller of Taunton, Nov.24,1825.*

Eliab of Benson, VT, and Katherine [int.Katharine] Robinson Paine [int.Pane], June18,1813.

Elijah and Mercy Briggs 3d, int.July21,1764.

Elijah [int.Jr.] and Susanna [dup. Susannah] Richards of Sharon, Oct.8,1795, in Sharon.

Eliphilet Jr. and Mary Cobb 2d, May12,1757.

Elisha [int.1st] and Mary Fisher [int.Tisher] of Wrentham, Mar.30,1758, in Wrentham.

Elisabeth of Taunton, and William Carpentor Jr., int.June23,1759.

Esther [int.Easther] of Easton, and Josiah Newcomb [int.Newland], Feb.16,1758, in Easton.

Esther [int.Easther] and Amos Newland, May2,1765.

Fanny [int.Fanney] and Lemuel Fuller of Easton, Feb.4,1796.

George and Patince Gay, Feb.16,1737.*

George and Sarah Wilkinson, Jan.6,1742-3.*

George and Elizabeth [int.Elizebeth] Whitman of Bridgewater [int.Bridgwater], Oct.26,1791, in Bridgewater.

Hannah [int.2d] and Noah Dean,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Jan.14,1797].

Hannah and John Silley, Jan.12,1723-4.

Hannah and William Stone Jr., Aug.26,1756.

Hannah and John Keith of Easton, May28,1766, in Easton.

Hannah of Taunton, and Isaac Andrews, June16,1802.

Hannah 2d and Elisha Carpenter, Oct.27,1807.

Hezekah [int.Hezekiah] (Briggs) and Esther Wilmath [int.Wilmouth], Feb.13,1794.

Hezekiah of Mansfield, s.Hezekiah, and Lucinda Persho of Taunton, Dec.1,1822.*

Jabez and Tabatha Babit [int.Tabitha Babbitt], Sept.21,1751.

Jacob and Easther Skinner, Mar.28,1765.

Jacob [int.Brigs] and Sarah Cheney, Dec.3,1767.

James, Rev., of Commington [int.Comington], and Anna Wiswall, Oct.19,1780.

Jesse of Tanton, and Elizabeth Fisher, Apr.8,1736.*

Jesse and Mary Parmenter [int.Palmetrey] of Attleborough, Aug.21,1766, in Attleborough.

Job and Mary Allen, Feb.5,1761.

John Jr. [and] Hannah Wethrell, int.Aug.5,1721.

John "the Eldest" and Mary Burt, May29,1727.*

John 3d and Lydia Finney, Mar.12,1741.*

John Jr. and Hannah Basset 2d [int.omits 2d] of Rehobath, Apr.12,1770.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Bird of Mansfield, Sept.22,1785, in Mansfield.

Joseph and Mehetabel Hall, Oct.20,1718.*

Joshua of Rehobath, and Sarah Luther of Rehobath, Nov.6,1735.*

Jotham of Dighton, and Mary Fisher, Jan.28,1762.

Louritta and Stimpson Harvey of Taunton, int.Apr.10,1846.

Lucy and Masa Knap, int.Mar.8,1788.

Lidea and Samuell Brintrell, Dec.22,1726.*

Lydia Adeline and Daniel Peter Whiting of Franklin, int.Nov.2,1841.

Mary and John Smith Jr., Nov.9,1714.*

Mary [int.5th] and Isaac Smith, July26,1764.

Mary 4th and James Hodges, Dec.2,1766.

Polley and Asa Briggs, Jan.30,1794.

Polly [int.Polley] and Daniel Goodwin [int.Goodwine] of Easton, Nov.1,1795.

Mary of Dighton, and Simeon Dean, int.Nov.1,1812.

Marcy and Timothey Briggs, July13,1738.*

Mercy 3d and Elijah Briggs, int.July21,1764.

Miriam and Silas Briggs, int.Apr.26,1801.

Nancy, 19, of Dighton, d.George and Syntha, and Henry C. Perry, 21, farmer, s.James W. and Lovina, int.Sept.29,1849.

Nathaniel and Martha Washburne [int.Washbond] of Rebobath, July31,1766.

Nehemiah and Marcy Bettice, Nov.14,1734.*

Nehemiah and Hannah Bird, int.Nov.12,1790.

Nehemiah Jr. and Rosamund [int.Rosmond] Finney, Mar.22,1818.

Patience and Samuel Bloice of Attleborough, int.Mar.6,1778.

Phinehas and Esther Finney, Dec.27,1739.*

Phebe and Job Smith of Taunton, Jan.3,1808.

Rachal and Jonathan Burt, May24,1739.*

Rachel [int.2d] of Situate, and Asa [dup. Assa] Copeland, Oct.25,1781, in Situate.

Rachel of Raynham, and James Leonard, Oct.10,1836, in Taunton.

Richard Jr. and Mercy [int.Marcy] Cobb, Nov.16,1752.

Richard, Rev., of Mansfield, and Fanny Billings of Mansfield, May末,1816.*

Rufus and Margret Wetherel, Oct.14,1772.*

Samuel and Abigail Newland, Mar.13,1755.

Sarah [int.3d] and Jediah [int.Jedediah] Bassett, Dec.2,1773.

Salley of Taunton, and Ephraim Allen, int.Apr.3,1800.

Sealey and Josiah Crosman of Easton, int.Oct.27,1782.

Seth and Ithamer Fisher, Dec.6,1764.

Silas and Miriam Briggs, int.Apr.26,1801.

Simeon and Sarah Wenchel, June21,1753.

Simeon and Mary Cheney, Aug.20,1761.

Simeon and Sarah Farington [int.Furrington] of Mansfield, Sept.4,1788, in Mansfield.

Simeon 2d and Elizebeth [int.Betsay] Skinner, Apr.8,1813.

Solomon [int.Solomen] of Taunton, and Experience Page, Mar.23,1747-8.

Solomon and Remember [int.Remembrance] Litchfield of Situate [int.Scituate], Dec.15,1760, in Situate.

Solomon and Mary Lincoln of Cohasset [int.Molley Linkon of Hingam], Feb.7,1763, in Cohasset.

Stephen and Sarah Pratt, Sept.26,1765.

Submit M. and Gilbert W. Rounds of Rehoboth, int.May4,1839.

Thankful and William Basset, Aug.25,1737.*

Thomas and Rhode Chene [int.Rhodey Cheny], Apr.8,1724.

Timothey and Marcy Briggs, July13,1738.*

Timothy Jr. and [torn] Patten of Stoughton, int.May18,1770.

Timothy and Hannah Waterman of Halifax, int.Aug.25,1782.

Tisdale of Berkley, and Anna Storrey, int.Oct.25,1812.

BRIGS (Briggs)

Richard and Abigail Andrus, Mar.1,1732-3.*

BRINTINAL (Brintnal, Brintnall, Brintnell, Brintrell, Britnel, Britnell)

Elizabeth and James Wheller of Rehobath, Oct.2,1738.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Hardin, Feb.21,1736-7.

BRINTNAL (Brintinal, Brintnall, Brintnell, Brintrell, Britnel, Britnell)

Penellope [int.Penelepe Brintnell] and William Bosset Basset, Aug.7,1747.

BRINTNALL (Brintinal, Brintnal, Brintnell, Brintrell, Britnel, Britnell)

Samuel, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Blake of Wrentham, May23,1734, in Wrentham.*

BRINTNELL (Brintinal, Brintnal, Brintnall, Brintrell, Britnel, Britnell)

Ebenezer and Easter Skiner, Dec.16,1728.*

BRINTRELL (Brintinal, Brintnal, Brintnall, Brintnell, Britnel, Britnell)

Samuell and Lidea Briggs, Dec.22,1726.*

BRITAIN (Bretten, Brittan, Britton)

William of Rainham, and Sarah Woodward of Tanton, Mar.21,1733-4.*

BRITNEL (Brintinal, Brintnal, Brintnall, Brintnell, Brintrell, Britnell)

Anne and Beriah Billings of Stoughtonham, Nov.19,1765.

Ebenezer [int.Britnell] and Hannah Bardens [int.of Wrentham], Mar.31,1756.

George and Mary Welman, Jan.15,1767.

BRITNELL (Brintinal, Brintnal, Brintnall, Brintnell, Brintrell, Britnel)

Mary [int.Britnel] and Edward Tucker, Apr.5,1764.

Sarah [int.Britnel] and Solomon Skiner [int.Jr.], Mar.10,1757.

BRITTAN (Bretten, Britain, Britton)

Charles of Raynham, and Mehetebel Barber, int.Mar.9,1754.

BRITTON (Bretten, Britain, Brittan)

Betsay of Raynham, and Joseph Copeland, int.Apr.16,1809.

BROW (Brown)

Lemuel of Andover, and Eliza R. Knight, June16,1841.*

BROWN (Brow)

Anson of Foxburough, and Mary B. Codding, int.July20,1849.

Nathaniel of Attleborough, and Dinah Woodward, Apr.20,1758.

Samuel and Alphreda Arnold, int.Apr.6,1832.

William and Joa Clark of Taunton, int.Mar.10,1800.


Betcy and Gilford Hodges of Mansfield, int.July17,1818.


Alanson of Taunton, and Mary Gray of Taunton, Sept.8,1834.*

BRYANT (Briant)

Betsey and James S. Washburn, int.June29,1833.


John of Bridgewater, and Mary Eams, Dec.25,1739, in Bridgewater.*

Thomas of Easton, and Thankfull Seely of Easton, Oct.1,1761.*


Elenor of Mansfield, and John Harris, int.Nov.1,1807.

BULLOCK (Bullok)

Caroline P. of Rehoboth, and Theodore Carver, int.May9,1840.

Lurana of Rehoboth [int.Lurania of Rehobauth], and Eliphalet Simons [int.Eliphlet Simmons], Jan.11,1795, in Rehoboth.

BULLOK (Bullock)

Kint of Rehoboth [int.Kent Bulock of Rehobauth], and Seleah [int.Selah] Hodges, Dec.11,1795.


Charles R.A. and Mrs.Mary H. Babbitt of Taunton, int.Nov.1,1844.


Daniel and Susannah Danforth 2d, int.Oct.3,1785.

Ephraim [int.Bur] of Easton, and Hannah Wenchel [int.Wenchal], June9,1774.

Susan and Otis Atherton of Mansfield, int.Aug.30,1807.

Susannah and Samuel Hartwell of Bridgewater, int.Feb.28,1782.

BURT (Burtt)

Abigail [int.Naby] and Amos Stacy [int.Stacey] of Taunton, Apr.8,1790.

Abraham of Taunton, and Raney [int.Rayna] Wetherl, Mar.20,1788.

Benjamin W. of Taunton, and Harriot F. Standish, int.Sept.18,1844.

Bildad of Taunton, and Roxana Dean, Dec.15,1835.

Daniel and Sally Daniels Patten of Foxborough, int.Apr.2,1819.

Daniel of Taunton, and Eliza An [int.Ann] Braman, June10,1827.

Darius of Berkley [int.Berckley], and Sarah Burt 2d, Nov.26,1807.

David and Experienc [int.Experieanc] Makepeace, Nov.7,1793.

Dinah 2d and William Leonard of Taunton, Dec.9,1804.

Ebenezer, Dea., [int.omits Dea.], and 末末 [int.Mary] Morse,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Nov.5,1780].

Ebenezer and Mary Bettis [int.Betis], Feb.27,1723-4.

Ebenzer and Naomey Acors, Mar.12,1734-5.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail Basset, Dec.30,1762.

Ebenezer Jr. and Lucy Stacy [int.of Taunton], Nov.19,1789.

Ebenezar and Sally Willia, int.Nov.17,1822.

Betsy, Mrs., of Troy, and Elijah Hodges, int.Sept.17,1824.

George Jr. of Taunton, and Dinah Wetherel 2d, int.June29,1770.

Gilford of Easton, and Lavina E. Clapp of Easton, Oct.3,1837.*

Hannah 2d of Taunton, and David Wetherl, int.Aug.29,1789.

Isaac and Lydia Nichols, Apr.5,1796, in Rehoboth.

John, Lt. [int.omits Lt.], of Taunton, and Hannah Lincoln, Nov.26,1778.

Jonathan and Rachal Briggs, May24,1739.*

Joseph and Sarah Williams, Nov.30,1768.

Joseph Jr. and Wealthy [int.Welthy] Gilbert of Mansfield, Oct.28,1782 [sic, int.Aug.25,1792], in Mansfield.

Luranah of Taunton, and Ichabod Perrey, int.Apr.18,1778.

Lidea and Josiah Cuper of Atelborrow, Mar.26,1728.*

Lydia of Attleborough, and David Smith 2d, int.Apr.23,1757. "the publishing forbiden by Ebenezer Burt of Norton. "

Lydia 2d [int.omts 2d] and Leonard Dean of Rainham, Dec.18,1796.

Mary and John Briggs "the Eldest," May29,1727.*

Mary and Jeremiah Newland, Jan.14,1752.

Mary and Daniel Basset, Jan.15,1761.

Olive and Beriah Willis, Dec.22,1808.

Prudanc [int.Prudence] and Isaiah Wilbor [int.Wilbore of Taunton], Nov.20,1794.

Sarah and [torn], in. [torn] [rec. before Oct.24,1771].

Sarah and Josiah Woodward, Nov.5,1777.

Sarah 2d and Darius Burt of Berkley [int.Berckley], Nov.26,1807.

Susannah 2d of Taunton, and William Cobb Jr., int.Aug.19,1769.

Tamer of Taunton, George Cobb, int.May24,1777.

Thomas of Taunton, and Catee Hewit, int.Aug.1,1779.

Trifenah of Berkley, and Ichobad Perry, int.Jan.19,1815.

William and Prudence Lincoln of Taunton, Jan.11,1770.

William Jr. and Hannah Rogers 2d of Mansfield, int.Mar.21,1801.

William 3d and Celia Willis, int.Mar.17,1827.

BURTT (Burt)

Martha and Field Wilber, int.May10,1812.


Hypsey and Nathaniel Prior, int.Aug.16,1794.

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