Elizebeth and William Harlow Jr. of Plymouth, Jan. 13, 1797.

Hannah of Atelborough, and Jonathan White 2d, int. Nov. 8, 1743.

Hannah of Attleborough, and Luke Little of Attleborough, May 23, 1751.*

Levitt [int. Levet] Taylor of Brunswick, ME [int. Brunswik, omits ME], and Betsy [int. Betsey] Hall, June 22, 1820.

Patty and Wheaton Wheeler, int. Oct. 21, 1815.

Samuel of Attleborough, Bristol Co., and Freelove Eddy, May 15, 1810, in Providence, RI.

Sarah of Attleborough [int. Attleborow], and Daniel Hunt, June 30, 1757, in Attleborough.

Susannah and John White 2d, July 13, 1758.


Jedidiah and Sarah Hall, int. Nov. 19, 1797.


Rachel [int. Johnnot] of Worcester, and Limos [int. Lymas] Leonard, Feb. 6, 1789, in Worcester.


Adam and Sarah Hodges, Oct. 14, 1773.


Bethiah [int. Bythiah] and Walley Sullard [int. Walle Sulled] of Easton, Mar. 29, 1759.

Ebenezer of Rainham, and Mary Finey, 2d, int. June 13, 1747.

Elezebeth and William Codington, int. Nov. 4, 1721.

Elizebeth and William Clerk, int. Apr. 7, 1745.

Elizebeth and Robert Tucker Jr., Sept. 1, 1748.*

Elizabeth "late of Raynham" [int. Elizebeth 2d of Rainham], and John Finney Jr., Aug. 2, 1751.

John and Hopestell Francklin, int. Mar. 28, 1724.

Joseph of Easton [dup. Eastton], and Marcy Oewen of Easton [dup. Eastton], July 24, 1741.*

Levina of Taunton, and Daniel Leonard, int. Feb. 12, 1791.

Patty of Raynham, and Barnard Dean, int. Nov. 5, 1809.

Martha of Raynham, and George B. Crane, int. Jan. 5, 1849.

Mary and John Cobb Jr., int. Nov. 4, 1721.

Mary (Jomes) of Rainham, and Shubell Cambell, int. Aug. 20, 1748.

Mercy of Taunton, and John Newland, int. June 3, 1768. "the publishing forbid by the above named John Newland July the 2d 1768. "

Phebe of Willington, and Benjamin Stanley, June 4, 1815.

Rebecah and Robart Tucker, Feb. 18, 1724-5.*

Rebecca [int. Becca] of Hopkinton, and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Pitt Clark, Feb. 1, 1798, in Hopkinton.

Sarah of Tanton, and Josiah Pratt, Nov. 22, 1716.*

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