CAMBEL (Cambell, Campbell)

Gershum, ch.Gershum and Sarah, June20,1733.

Sarah, ch.Gershum and Sarah, July24,1735.

Alennor, ch.Gershum and Sarah, Nov.26,1739.

CAMBELL (Cambel, Campbell)

Rachell, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Jan.31,1692 or 3.

Deborah, ch.Selvanis and Mary, July17,1694.

Mary, ch.Selvanis and Mary, May8,1696.

Abiah, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Nov.22,1697.

Sarei, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Feb.27,1698.

Selvanis, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Oct.19,1701.

Ruth, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Mar.26,1703.

Gershom, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Nov.14,1704.

Neomi, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Feb.9,1705 or 6.

Abigaill, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Oct.10,1707.

William, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Jan.1,1709 or 10.

Caleb, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Apr.13,1711.

Ruth, ch.Selvanis and Mary, Apr.9,1714.

Jeremiah, ch.Selvanis [Sylvanus,CR1] and Mary, Feb.17,1715-16.

Lidya, ch.William and Lidya, Aug.13,1732.

Lidya, ch.William and Lidya, Aug.27,1739.

Abigail, ch.William and Lidya, July11,1742.

Phebe, ch.William and Lidya, Feb.2,1746-7.

Susannah, ch.Jeremiah and Susannah, May17,1750.

CAMPBELL (Cambel, Cambell)

Ebenezer, ch.Joshua and Abigail, Nov.4,1740.

Vincent, posthumous, ch.Jeremiah, bp. May20,1764.CR1


William [h.Mary B. (Earl)], Jan.29,1808.GR3

Mary B. (Earl), w.William, Mar.8,1808.GR3

Isabella, w.Moses L.,末蔓末,1809.GR2


Hannah, ch.Elisha and Hannah, Sept.20,1793.


Lucy A., w.James S.,末蔓末,1819.GR2

James S. [h.Lucy A.],末蔓末,1823.GR2


Mary J., d.Thomas (Carns), cotton operative (b. Ireland) and Catharine (b. Ireland), July18,1848.

CARPENTER (Carpentor)

末末, youngest, ch.James,末蔓末, 末末, in Foxbury.

Abigail, ch.William and Abigail, June8,1750.

Isaac, ch.William and Abigail, Sept.23,1752.

Sarah (Carpentor), ch.William and Abigail, Sept.28,1754.

David, ch.John of Rehoboth, bp. Apr.2,1758.CR1

James, Dea.,末蔓末,1761.GR3

Elisabeth, ch.William (Carpentor) Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.19,1777.

Samuel, ch.William (Carpentor) Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.22,1779.

James, ch.William and Hannah, July14,1780.

Ebenezer, ch.William (Carpentor) Jr. and Elisabeth, June15,1781.

William, ch.William and Hannah, Feb.16,1782.

Sarah, ch.William (Carpentor) Jr. and Elisabeth, May14,1783.

Hannah, ch.William and Hannah, Nov.6,1783.

Polley, ch.William and Hannah, Jan.16,1786.

Lucinda, ch.William and Hannah, Mar.14,1789.

Nancy, ch.William and Hannah, Aug.18,1790.

Daniel, ch.Williamm and Hannah, June28,1792. [[h.Hannah (Danforth)] GR3.]

Lucy, ch.William and Hannah, Aug.4,1795.

Jarvis, ch.William and Hannah, Apr.24,1797.

Thomas, ch.William and Hannah, Jan.7,1800. [[h.Edna Dow (Parker)] GR3.]

Anna, ch.James [Dea.James, GR3] and Anna, Feb.10,1807.

James Jr., ch.James and Anna, Jan.1,1809.

Betsy, d.Isaac and Elizabeth, Jan.15,1810.

Isaac, ch.James and Anna, Oct.19,1810.

Edna Dow (Parker), w.Thomas, Jan.15,1811.GR3

Betcy, ch.Elisha and Hannah, Feb.6,1812.

Chloe D., ch.James and Anna, June29,1814.

George, ch.James and Anna, Aug.30,1818.

Hannah Danforth, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Oct.25,1822.

Caroline N., Oct.9,1824.GR3

Nancy Caroline, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Oct.9,1824.

George Franklin, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.4,1826, in Uxbridge.

Charles D., ch.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.17,1833.GR3

Jarvis Fisher, ch.Jarvis and Ursula, Dec.27,1835.

William Francis, ch.Jarvis and Ursula, June24,1837.

Maria E., ch.Daniel and Hannah, June21,1841.GR3

Willard Minot, ch.Thomas and Ednah, Aug.20,1842.

Thomas Henry, ch.Thomas and Ednah, Sept.2,1843.

Dauphin K. [King, written in pencil], s.Jarvis, farmer, and Caroline, Dec.13,1844.

CARPENTOR (Carpenter)

William, ch.William Jr. and Elisabeth, June25,1760.

Elisha, ch.Peter and Abigail, Apr.26,1766.

John, ch.William Jr. and Elisabeth, May12,1767.

Abigail, ch.Peter and Abigail, Mar.19,1769.

Peter, ch.Peter and Abigail, Oct.7,1771.


Sarah M., d.Rev. Samuel J. and Mary, Dec.28,1844.


John, s.James (Carigen), laborer, and Jane, Jan.28,1845.


Polly, w.Clifford, Sept.2,1774.GR3

Clifford [h.Polly], Sept.27,1780.GR3

Theodore [h.Caroline P.], Oct.1,1813.GR3

Amelia, w.Gardner Lane,末蔓末,1815.GR3

Caroline P., w.Theodore, Feb.18,1818.GR3

Laura A., d.David L., farmer, and Lorana, Feb.20,1844.

Theadore C., s.Theadore, soap manufacterer, and Caroline, Dec.30,1846.

CASSWELL (Caswel, Caswell)

Beal, ch.John (Caswell) Jr. and Marcy, Jan.21,1738-9.

CASWEL (Casswell, Caswell)

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.8,1716.

Jemima, ch.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.8,1716.CR1

Judith, ch.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.8,1716.CR1

Zipporah, ch.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.8,1716.CR1

Elijah, s.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Aug.末,1719.CR1

CASWELL (Casswell, Caswel)

Sare, d.John Jr. and Hannah, May31,1712.

John, s.John Jr. and Hannah, July11,1713.

Marcy, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Mar.16,1715-16.

Elizaboth, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Mar.20,1718.

Joseph, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, May7,1720.

Jonathan, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Mar.10,1721.

David, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Feb.25,1724.

Bethiah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.1,1726.

Josiah, ch.Jedediah and Mary, July26,1727.

Phebe, ch.Samuell and Ursula, Apr.10,1728.

Judith, ch.Samuell and Ursula, Feb.24,1729-30.

Johnathan, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.13,1730. [This entry crossed out.]

Jedediah, ch.Jedediah and Mary, July29,1730.

Miriam, ch.Samuel and Ursula, Feb.22,1731-2.

Hannah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Mar.29,1731-2. [This entry crossed out.]

Mary, ch.Jedediah and Mary, July4,1733.

Anna, ch.Jedediah and Mary, Aug.22,1736.

Elizabeth, ch.Jedediah and Mary, June7,1740.

Marcy, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, May2,1743.

David, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, Jan.30,1744-5.

Joseph, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, May28,1747.

John (Coswell), ch.John Jr. and Marcy, Aug.16,1749.

Keziah, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, Oct.31,1751.

Samuel, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, Jan.31,1756.

Molley, ch.John Jr. and Marcy, Aug.9,1758.

Abigail, ch.Beal and Persillah, Apr.28,1760.

Anne, ch.Beal and Persillah, July29,1763.

Josiah, ch.Beal and Persillah, Aug.9,1766.

Ziba, ch.Beal and Persillah, Apr.5,1769.

Anna (Sampson), w.Alvarey, May11,1799.GR3

Alvarey [h.Anna (Sampson)], June29,1799.GR3

Alexis, s.Alvarey and Ann S. [Mar.末,1843].GR3


William [Nov.末,1830].GR3


Thankfull, ch.Benjamen (Chene) and Ruth, July24,1732.

Ruth, ch.Benjamen (Chene) and Ruth, Dec.31,1734.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamen (Chene) and Ruth, June26,1737.

Ester, ch.Benjamin and Kaziah, Mar.25,1738-9.

Keziah (Cheeney), ch.Benjamin and Kaziah, May26,1743.

Sarah, ch.Benjamin and Kaziah, July30,1746.

Peter, ch.Benjamin and Kaziah, Apr.6,1751.


Levi, ch.Levi and Abigail, Sept.30,1790.

CLAP (Clapp)

Elizabeth, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.20, 末末 [rec. after, ch.b. Oct.1,1714].

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, June6,1710.

David, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, Jan.25,1711-12.

Jonathan, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1714.

Elizabeth 2d, ch.Samuel [Samuell,CR1] and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1719-20.

Jonathan (Clap), s.Samuell and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.9,1719.CR1

Samuell (Clap), s.Samuuell and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.9,1719.CR1

Abiel, ch.Samuel and Bethiah, Feb.7,1728.

Eliazer, ch.Samuel and Bethiah, Feb.3,1731.

Sarah, ch.Samuel and Mary, Aug.31,1736.

Marcy, ch.Samuel and Mary, May27,1738.

Sarah, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, May10,1739.

Phebe, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.7,1740.

Elizabeth, ch.Samuel and Mary, July1,1741.

Jemima, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.8,1742.

Hannah, ch.Samuel and Mary, Aug.22,1743.

David, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Aug.30,1744.

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Mary, Aug.16,1745.

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.21,1746.

Rachel, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.16,1748.

Noah, ch.Samuel and Mary, Apr.5,1748.

John, ch.Samuel Jr. and Anne, Apr.3,1758.

Abijah, ch.Abiel and Bathshaeba, Feb.26,1759.

Jonathan, ch.David and Hannah, Aug.14,1768.

Otes, ch.Elkanah and Abigail, Feb.11,1769.

Samuel, ch.Samuel Jr. and Lydia, May17,1769.

Samuel, ch.Samuel Jr., bp. June3,1770.CR1

Sarah, ch.David and Hannah, July8,1770.

Oliver, ch.Samuel Jr. and Lydia, Mar.22,1771.

Ichabod, ch.Samuel Jr. and Lydia, Aug.27,1773. [Clapp.CR1]

Hannah, ch.David and Hannah, May7,1775.

Jonathan, ch.David, bp. Aug.13,1775.CR1

Margaret, ch.David, bp. Aug.13,1775.CR1

Sarah, ch.David, bp. Aug.13,1775.CR1

Polley, ch.Noah and Olive, May14,1777.

David, ch.David and Hannah, Aug.28,1777.

Tiley, ch.David and Hannah, Apr.1,1779.

Salmon, ch.Noah and Olive, Jan.17,1780.

Betsey, ch.David and Hannah, Sept.11,1781.

Elias, ch.Noah and Olive, Jan.19,1782.

Constant, ch.Noah and Olive, Nov.11,1784.

Abiel, ch.Elezar [Eleazer,CR1] and w., Apr.16,1785.

Phebe, ch.Capt. David and Hannah, Aug.22,1786.

Appolas, ch.Noah and Olive, Feb.27,1787.

Fobes, ch.Elezar [Eleazer,CR1] and w., Apr.6,1787.

George, ch.Capt. David and Hannah, Mar.15,1789.

Salley, ch.Noah and Olive, Aug.17,1789.

Benjamin, ch.Eleazer, bp. May23,1790.CR1

Reuel, ch.Noah and Olive, Apr.4,1792.

John, ch.Capt. David and Hannah, Nov.5,1793.

Nancy, ch.Noah and Olive, Feb.9,1796.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah,末蔓末,1847.GR4

CLAPP (Clap)

Lucinda, w.Oliver, Oct.8,1776.GR3

Beccah [dup. Clap], ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, June24,1789.

David, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, June7,1791.

James Carver, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, June14,1792.

Silas, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Oct.28,1794.

Else, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, May17,1797.

Hannah, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Nov.12,1799.

Delight, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Dec.25,1802.

Fanny, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Apr.24,1805.

David, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Apr.30,1807.

George Tyler, ch.George and w., Apr.13,1809.

Artemus, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Aug.31,1809.

Emuline, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Oct.4,1811.

Barnum, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Mar.23,1814.

Martha, d.Ollis and Anna, w.Horace B. Wetherell, Jan.1,1816.GR2

Thomas, ch.George and w., Feb.26,1816.

Thomas Kilborn, ch.George and w., Aug.18,1818.

Silas Varnum, ch.George and w., June18,1820.

Perez Christopher, ch.George and w., Mar.18,1822.

Eustis King, ch.George and w., Oct.28,1824.

Betsey Lincoln, ch.George and w., Nov.2,1826.

Hannah Brigham, ch.George and w., June4,1829.

David Williams, ch.George and w., July11,1834.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

John, ch.Seth, bp. Jan.29,1758.CR1

Pitt, Rev. [h.Rebecca], Jan.5,1763, in Medfield.GR2

Matilda, ch.David and Matilda, Sept.5,1777.

Fanny, ch.Asa and w., Apr.15,1795.

Lavinia, ch.Asa and w., Apr.26,1800.

Elizabeth G., Sept.8,1819.GR2

Charles Edward, s.John (Clarke), house carpenter (b. Taunton), and Mary M. (b. Taunton), July26,1849.

CLARKE (Clark, Clerk)

Abigail Morton, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Nov.21,1798.

William Pitt, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Feb.25,1800.

John Jones (Clerke), ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Feb.24,1803.

Caroline, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Feb.15,1806.

George Leonard, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Aug.26,1809.

George Leonard, ch.Rev. Pitt and Mary (second w.), Aug.10,1813.

Harriot, ch.Rev. Pitt and Mary (second w.), Feb.27,1815.

Manlius Stimson, ch.Rev. Pitt and Mary (second w.), Oct.17,1816.

Edward Hammond, ch.Rev. Pitt and Mary (second w.), Feb.2,1820.


Nancy Wheler, ch.Henry and Nancy, May24,1813.

Henry Wheaton, ch.Henry and Nancy, Mar.7,1815.

CLERK (Clark, Clarke)

Unice, ch.Seth and Mary, Jan.1,1745-6.

Abigail, ch.Seth and Mary, Mar.28,1747.

Sarah, ch.Seth and Mary, Sept.20,1750.

William (Clark), ch.Seth and Mary, Apr.27,1752.

David, ch.Seth and Mary, Mar.18,1755.

John (Clark), ch.Seth and Mary, Dec.14,1767.


Abiah, ch.Benjamen and Mary, May20,1726.

Abigail, d.John and Susannah, bp.末蔓末,1727.CR1

John, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Dec.19,1727.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Dec.26,1729.

Abigail, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Mar.5,1731-2.

Marcy, ch.Benjamen and Mary, June13,1734.

Mary, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Jan.31,1736-7.

Sarah, ch.William and Anne, Mar.21,1737-8.

Rebekeh, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Aug.10,1737.

Mason, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Feb.2,1740-1.

Anne, ch.William and Anne, Apr.28,1740.

David, ch.William and Anne, Jan.1,1742-3.

Silos, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Sept.4,1743.

William, ch.William and Anne, June14,1745.

Rebecah, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Mar.25,1746.

Susannah, ch.William and Anne, Jan.1,1747-8.

Josiah, ch.William and Anne, June21,1750.

Phebe, ch.John 2d and Phebe, Sept.18,1751.

Richard, ch.William and Anne, Oct.12,1752.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Apr.13,1753.

George, ch.William and Anne, Nov.6,1754.

Mason, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Aug.13,1755.

Elisha, ch.William and Anne, Mar.20,1757.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin Jr., bp. June5,1757.CR1

Mason, ch.Benjamin Jr., bp. June5,1757.CR1

John, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Nov.9,1757.

Abigail, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Nov.12,1759.

Salmon, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Oct.22,1761.

Jonathan, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Mar.23,1764.

Miriam, ch.Silas and Deliverance, Oct.23,1764.

Job, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Feb.12,1766.

Hannah, ch.David and Hannah, Dec.26,1766.

Daniel, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Jan.4,1767.

末末, s.Silas and Deliverance, Feb.19,1767. [Feb.2, GR5.]

Silas Jr., ch.Silas and Deliverance, Sept.25,1768. [Silas Esq., counselor at law, s.Gen. Silas, GR3.]

David, ch.David and Hannah, May29,1769.

David, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Dec.30,1769.

William, ch.William Jr. and Susannah, Oct.27,1770.

Susanna, ch.William Jr. and Susannah, July26,1772.

Salle, ch.Silas and Deliverance, July22,1773.

Charlotte, ch.Nathan and Abigail, Sept.8,1773.

Dolley, ch.Nathan and Abigail, Apr.5,1775.

Eunice, w.Silas, July6,1775.GR3

Plyna, ch.Silas and Deliverance, Sept.21,1775.

Edmund, ch.Silas and Deliverance, Aug.13,1779.

Nancy, w.Job W. Hall, "formally", w.Appollas B. Leonard,末蔓末,1781.GR3

Delly, ch.Silas and Deliverance, Oct.14,1782.

William, ch.Elisha and Sarah, June7,1783.

Tirrell [h.Nancy],末蔓末,1785.GR5

Daniel, ch.Elisha and Sarah, Feb.12,1785.

Polley, ch.Silas and Deliverance, Oct.6,1785.

Salley, ch.Elisha and Sarah, July12,1787.

Nancy, ch.Elisha and Sarah, Mar.4,1789.

Ruel, Jan.20,1791.GR5

Chloe, ch.Elisha and Sarah, Feb.15,1791.

Katharine, ch.Lyman and Betsy, Dec.10,1793.

Lucinda, ch.Elisha and Sarah, July15,1794.

Chloe, ch.Elisha, bp. July27,1796.CR1

Lucinda, ch.Elisha, bp. July27,1796.CR1

Nancy, ch.Elisha, bp. July27,1796.CR1

Salla, ch.Elisha, bp. July27,1796.CR1

George Kingsbury, ch.Lyman and Betsy, May3,1797.

Polly, ch.Elisha and Milly, Jan.20,1798.

Dilla Hodges, twin ch.Lyman and Betsy, July17,1799.

Sally Mason, twin ch.Lyman and Betsy, July17,1799.

Elisha, ch.Elisha and Lynda, June18,1801.

Sillinda Fobes, ch.Lyman and Betsy, Aug.3,1801.

Melinda, ch.Elisha and Lynda, Oct.3,1803.

Sindribila, ch.Lyman and Betsy, Dec.19,1803.

Daniel S. [h.Harriet P.], May25,1804.GR3

Anne B., w.Daniel S. Esq., Aug.22,1810.GR3

Harriet P., w.Daniel S., May12,1811.GR3

Louiza Ann, ch.Elias, bp. Aug.30,1812.CR1

James Presbrey, ch.Terrell and Nancy, Apr.19,1814.

Mason Agustus, ch.Alanson and Marcy, May14,1815.

Eliza, ch.Alanson and Marcy, Jan.30,1817.

Salley Ann, ch.Terrell and Nancy, Oct.31,1817.

Sally A., ch.Tirrell and Nancy,末蔓末,1819.GR5

Susan S., d.Daniel S. and Anne B., July4,1832.GR3

Daniel S., s.Daniel S. and Anne B., June9,1833.GR3

Silas Hodges, ch.Daniel S. and Harriot, Sept.5,1837.

Dearick Wales, ch.Daniel S. and Harriot, Jan.2,1842. [Derick W., s.Daniel S. and Harriet, GR3.]

Dulcebella [m.] [Jan.末,1844].GR3


George, June20,1791.GR19

Sally m, Dec.5,1802.GR19

William Henry,末蔓末,1827.GR2

Martha B., w.William H. [Sept.末,1828].GR2

Charlotte O., w.Oren Walker,末蔓末,1833.GR2


Ruben, ch.Joseph and Amety, Oct.28,1744.

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Amety, Jan.24,1746-7.

Silence, ch.Joseph and Amety, May5,1750.

Elisabeth, ch.Joseph and Amety, June11,1753.

John, ch.Joseph and Amety, Jan.8,1756.

Susa, ch.Robert and Deborah, Jan.22,1761.

Deborah, ch.Robert and Deborah, May25,1763.

Lydia, ch.Robert and Deborah, May23,1765.

Sarah, ch.Robert and Deborah, Jan.14,1768.

Molly, ch.Robert and Deborah, Apr.12,1770.

Hannah, ch.Robert and Deborah, Dec.15,1772.

Phebe, ch.Robert and Deborah, Sept.27,1775.

Elizabeth, w.James E., Dec.22,1838.GR2


David, ch.Mercy Hodges, Dec.19,1738. "Said mercy Hodges Saith the father of Said Child is David Colson Junior of Boston. "


Eliza Frank, d.Welcome and Annie of Providence, RI, w.Henry K.W. Smith, Oct.2,1823.GR2


Mary L., w.Oliver Jr. [Feb.末,1797].GR3


Edward, ch.Samuell and Mary of Attleborough, bp. Aug.17,1718.CR1

Ruth, ch.Samuell and Mary of Attleborough, bp. Aug.17,1718.CR1

Sarah, ch.Samuell and Mary of Attleborough, bp. Aug.17,1718.CR1

Samuel ([torn]erse), ch.Samuell and Mary, bp. Sept.25,1720.CR1

James, s.Samuel, bp.末蔓末,1727.CR1


Samuel, ch.Robbert and Patiance, July11,1753.

Lathrop, ch.Paul and Joanah, July25,1754.

Samuel, ch.Robert, bp. June15,1755.CR1

James, ch.John and Mary, Feb.12,1760.

Metilde, ch.John and Mary, May12,1761.

Patience, ch.Ebenezer, bp. June14,1767.CR1

Susanna, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Sept.17,1769.CR1


Mary, w.Edwin Freeman,末蔓末,1810, in Monmouth, ME.GR2


Ann S., w.末末 [Feb.末,1808].GR16

COPELAND (Copland)

Susannah, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.1,1740. [w.末末 Danforth.GR4]

Elizabeth, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.3,1742.

William, ch.William and Martha, Oct.18,1778.

Hannah, ch.William and Martha, Sept.5,1780.

Assa, ch.Assa and Rachel, Sept.21,1782. [Asa, ch.Asa.CR1]

Joseph, ch.Assa [Asa.CR1] and Rachel, July29,1784.

Lemuel, ch.Assa [Asa.CR1] and Rachel, Aug.14,1786.

Thomas, ch.Assa [Asa.CR1] and Rachel, June9,1789. [[h.Eliza (Hodges)]GR4]

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Eunice, Aug.22,1789.

Benjamin, ch.Samuel and Eunice, May11,1791.

David, ch.Asa, bp. Feb.5,1792.CR1

David, ch.Assa and Rachel, Dec.25,1792.

Dentcy, ch.Samuel and Eunice, May22,1793.

Elizebeth, ch.Assa and Rachel, Feb.5,1794. [Elizabeth, ch.Asa.CR1]

Rachel (Copelad), ch.Assa [Asa.CR1] and Rachel, Apr.2,1796.

John, ch.Samuel and Eunice, Sept.9,1796.

Sarah, ch.Assa [Asa.CR1] and Rachel, Nov.14,1798.

Samuel Danforth, ch.Samuel Jr. and Marcy (Rich), Oct.22,1812.

Thomas Hodges, ch.Capt. Thomas and Eliza, Feb.27,1823. [[h.Lydia A.]GR4]

Harriot Eliza, ch.Capt. Thomas and Eliza, July19,1827.

Thomas Hodges, ch.Thomas, bp. July27,1828.CR1

Joseph, twin ch.Capt. Thomas and Eliza, May22,1830. [[h.Laura Pickens (Bassett)] GR7.]

Mary, twin ch.Capt. Thomas and Eliza, May22,1830. [w.末末 Brettun, GR4.]

Laura Pickens (Bassett), w.Joseph, Nov.7,1831, in Winslow, ME.GR7

Lydia A., w.Thomas H., Dec.5,1833.GR4

COPLAND (Copeland)

Eunice, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, Nov.17,1743.

Moses, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, Nov.16,1745.

William, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, Mar.20,1747-8.

Samuell, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, May30,1750.

Asa, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, May8,1752.

Lydia, ch.Benjamin (Copeland) and Sarah, Oct.16,1755. [Copeland, ch.Dea.Benjamin.CR1]

David, ch.David and Elisabeth, Oct.11,1760.

Hannah (Copeland), ch.David and Elisabeth, Feb.26,1763.

Joseph, ch.David and Elisabeth, Apr.27,1765.

Hannah, ch.Moses and Hannah, Jan.15,1767.

Elisabeth, ch.David and Elisabeth, Aug.11,1767.

Sarah, ch.Moses and Hannah, July19,1768.

Zion, ch.David and Elisabeth, Sept.29,1769.

Moses, ch.Moses and Hannah, Jan.18,1770.


Margaret, d.Daniel, labourer, and Bridget, Feb.21,1846.

Eugene, s.James, labourer, and Bridget, Mar.12,1847.

Philips, s.Daniel, labourer, and Bridget, Oct.15,1847.

Thomas James, s.James, copper operative (b. Ireland), and Bridget (b. Ireland), Dec.2,1848.

Julia, d.Daniel, copper operative (b. Ireland) and Bridget (b. Ireland), Nov.20,1849.


Ann, ch.Bryan and Catharine, Aug.29,1829, in Canton.

Henry, ch.Bryan and Catharine, Aug.12,1831.

Mary, ch.Bryan and Catharine, July7,1833.

John, ch.Bryan and Catharine, Mar.4,1835.

Mary A. (Coyl), d.Edward, laboerer, June11,1844.

Bridget (Coyl), d.Edward, laboerer, and Ann, Oct.31,1846.

John, s.Edward, copper operative (b. Ireland), and Ann (b. Ireland), Jan.10,1849.


John, ch.John and Rachel, Mar.26,1756.

George, ch.John and Rachel, Nov.8,1758.

Rachel, ch.John and Rachel, Sept.12,1761.

Calvin, ch.John and Rachel, May13,1764.

Hannah, ch.John and Rachel, June18,1766.

Terry, ch.John and Rachel, Apr.28,1774.


John, Jan.29,1793.GR10

Caroline, w.John [May末,1794].GR13

John, s.Terry and Rebecca [dup. Rhoby, crossed out], Jan.11,1799. [Hon. John [h.Sally (Harvey)].GR10]

Sally (Harvery), w.Hon. John, Mar.28,1801.GR10

Rebecca, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Sept.8,1804.

Roby King, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Dec.28,1805.

Harriot Tisdale, ch.Terry and Rhoby, May18,1807.

Hannah Walker, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Mar.18,1809.

Nancy King, ch.Terry and Rhoby, June10,1812.

Matilda Macomber, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Mar.20,1814.

Daniel, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Nov.4,1815. [[h.Wealthy (Hodges)]GR10]

Martha J., w.George B., Dec.30,1815.GR10

Abigail Williams, ch.Terry and Rhoby, July25,1817.

Elizabeth Lincoln, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Aug.17,1819.

George [h.Harriet R.], Feb.20,1820.GR10

John Calvin, Dec.11,1822.GR10

John Harvey, ch.John and w., Jan.29,1826.

Polly E., w.Daniel B. Davis,末蔓末,1827.GR12

Augustus T., ch.John and w., May10,1831.

Harriet R., w.George C., Aug.22,1834.GR10

Mary A., d.Daniel, farmer, and Wealthy A., Feb.1,1845.

Henry C., s.John C., school teacher, and Eliza of Taunton, Nov.30,1845.

CROSMAN (Crossman)

Molle, ch.Elkanah and Phebe, Dec.19,1756.

Josiah, ch.Elkanah and Phebe, Nov.25,1761.

Molly, ch.Elkanah, bp. July25,1762.CR1

Phebe, ch.Elkanah and Phebe, Aug.13,1764.

末末, ch.Stephen, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR1

Elisha (Crosmas), ch.Thoephitus and Persilla, Jan.31,1767.

Hephzibah, ch.Elkanah, bp. May1,1768.CR1

Asa, ch.Thoephitus and Persilla, Sept.12,1769.

Hannah, ch.Thoephitus and Persilla, Aug.15,1772.

William, ch.Thoephitus and Persilla, July25,1775.

Isaac, ch.Thoephitus [Theophilus.CR1] and Persilla, Mar.29,1781.

Roland, ch.Thoephitus [Theophilus.CR1] and Persilla, Jan.3,1783.

Betsy, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Oct.30,1788.

Hannah, ch.Elisha and Betsy, May10,1790.

Nancy, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Aug.23,1793.

Elisha, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Dec.16,1795.

Charles Leonard, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Feb.26,1798.

Theophilus, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Mar.27,1800.

Betcy, ch.Elisha, bp. Nov.4,1804.CR1

Charles Leonard, ch.Elisha, bp. Nov.4,1804.CR1

Elisha, ch.Elisha, bp. Nov.4,1804.CR1

Theophilus, ch.Elisha, bp. Nov.4,1804.CR1

CROSSMAN (Crosman)

Harrison Orin, s.Harrison, farmer, and Cordelia E. (Titus),末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between June30,1843, and Apr.30,1844].

Fanny, w.Charles L., July25,1805.GR2

Orrin, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, Nov.22,1810.

Pamelia Adeline, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, July3,1812.

Wheaton, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, Mar.9,1815.

Harrison, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, Mar.6,1820.

Hannah Jane, ch.Theophilus (Crosman) 2d and Hannah, July5,1827.

Fanny Hunt, ch.Charles L. and Fanny, Mar.18,1828.

Barnam B., ch.Theophilus (Crosman) 2d and Hannah, July28,1830.

Josephine D. m, Apr.21,1839.GR2

Francis E., s.Harrison, farmer, and Elizabeth A., Nov.2,1847.


John, ch.John and Bythiah, July7,1763.


Gilbert, R.,末蔓末,1844.GR2

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