William [Nov.末,1839].GR5


John [h.Mary],末蔓末,1823.GR2

Mary, w.John,末蔓末,1828.GR2


James Manning, ch.Rev. Ebenezer and Chloe, Aug.17,1791.


Anna M., d.Jessa and Maria, June30,1844.

NEWCAMB (Newcomb)

Rachel, ch.Jonathan (Nucamb) 2d and Marcey, May21,1738.

Hannah, ch.Jonathan (Nucamb) 2d and Marcey, Feb.21,1739-40.

NEWCOMB (Newcamb)

Marcey, ch.Jonathan (Nucamb) 2d and Marcey, Aug.15,1742.

Mary, ch.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.25,1744.

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Judith, June28,1746.

Daniel, ch.Jonathan (Nucamb) 2d and Marcey, Apr.19,1747.

Benjamen, ch.Benjamin and Mary, May4,1747.

Sarah, ch.Joseph and Judith, Oct.14,1748.

John, ch.Benjamin and Mary, May10,1749.

Jude, ch.Jonathan (Nucamb) 2d and Marcey, May25,1749.

William, ch.Benjamin and Mary, May31,1751.

Samuel, ch.Joseph and Judith, Dec.1,1752.

Ebenezer, ch.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.18,1754.

Abigail, ch.William and Mary, Feb.3,1756.

Anne, ch.Joseph and Judith, Apr.15,1756. [Anna.CR1]

Deborah, ch.William and Mary, May22,1757.

Rachel, ch.Samuel and Mary, Jan.3,1759.

James, ch.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.11,1759.

Mary, ch.William and Mary, May1,1759.

Asa, ch.Joseph and Judith, Dec.15,1759.

David, ch.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.24,1760.

Rebecca, w.Josiah,末蔓末,1761.GR4

Mehetable, ch.Samuel and Mary, May9,1761.

William, ch.William and Mary, Aug.8,1761.

Annas, ch.Joseph and Judith, Mar.25,1762.

Susanna, ch.Samuel and Mary, June10,1763.

Hannah, ch.William and Mary, Mar.22,1764.

Josiah, ch.Joseph and Judith, Apr.14,1764.

Richard (Bichard), ch.William and Mary, July1,1766. [[h.Betsy]GR4]

Mehetabel, ch.Samuel, bp. May31,1767.CR1

Rachel, ch.Samuel, bp. May31,1767.CR1

Susanna, ch.Samuel, bp. May31,1767.CR1

Sylvester, ch.Samuel and Mary, Oct.8,1768.

Metilda, ch.William and Mary, Nov.1,1768.

Betsy, ch.William and Mary, Aug.19,1771.

Betsey, w.Richard,末蔓末,1776.GR4

Benjamin, ch.William 2d and Hannah, May10,1777.

Lydia, ch.John and Lydia, June11,1778.

Arnold, ch.William 2d and Hannah, Oct.30,1778.

Mary, ch.John and Lydia, Aug.3,1780.

John, ch.John and Lydia, July1,1782.

Becca, ch.Josiah and Rebecah, Feb.29,1784.

Salome, ch.John and Lydia, Aug.27,1784.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Rebecah, Dec.22,1785. [[h.Nancy]GR17]

Everet, ch.John and Lydia, June3,1786.

Nancy, w.Josiah [Oct.末,1788].GR17

Rachel, ch.John and Lydia, Feb.17,1789.

Leprelet, ch.John and Lydia, Feb.23,1791.

Polly, ch.Sylvester and Phebe, Aug.30,1792. [w.Henry Harvey, Aug.10.GR10]

Hannah, ch.John and Lydia, Feb.25,1793.

Asa, ch.Asa and w., June20,1793.

Caroline, ch.Sylvester and Phebe, May8,1794.

Betsey, w.Nathaniel, Feb.10,1795.GR4

Gideon, ch.John and Lydia, May4,1795.

Sally, ch.Asa and w., July16,1795.

Betsy, ch.Richard and Betsy, Aug.7,1796 [sic, see marriage].

Charlotte, w.Asa, Mar.13,1797.GR5

Nathaniel, ch.Josiah and Rebecah, Apr.12,1797. [[h.Betsey]GR4]

Lura, ch.John and Lydia, July19,1797.

Sylvester Jr., ch.Sylvester and Phebe, Apr.27,1798.

Abigail Walker, ch.Richard and Betsy, May21,1798.

Anna, d.Josiah and Rebecca, Mar.14,1799.GR4

末末, fourth, ch.Josiah and Rebecah, Mar.14,1799.

William, ch.Richard and Betsy, Mar.8,1800.

Hennary, ch.Richard and Betsy, Mar.19,1802. [Capt. Henry.GR4]

Deborah, ch.Richard and Betsy, Sept.26,1804.

Anna, ch.Richard and Betsy, May22,1807.

Rebecca, w.Guilford C. [Apr.末,1808].GR17

Rachel Jane, ch.Richard and Betsy, July27,1810.

John Barney, ch.Richard and Betsy, Feb.3,1812.

Gilford Cobb, ch.Josiah Jr. and Nancy, Feb.7,1816. [[h.Rebecca]GR17]

Charlotte Susan, d.Asa and Charlotte,末蔓末,1817.GR5

Josiah Leprelet, ch.Josiah Jr. and Nancy, May14,1818. [[h.Nancy]GR17]

Abigail C., w.John B.,末蔓末,1821.GR4

Nancy Jane, ch.Josiah Jr. and Nancy, July29,1821.

Oratio Merick [ch.Asa Jr.], Mar.13,1824.

Joseph Godfrey, ch.Josiah Jr and Nancy, Aug.27,1824.

Betsy Thomas, ch.Nathaniel, Apr.5,1825.

Alanson Lothrop, ch.Josiah Jr., Mar.19,1829.

Asa T., father of David T.,末蔓末,1830.GR5

Harriett Augusta, ch.Nathaniel, Jan.3,1833.

Emilie Helen, d.Asa and Charlotte [Feb.末,1835].GR5

Abby, d.John B., farmer, and Abigail C. (b. Brewer, ME), Feb.1,1848.

Nathaniel L., s.Josiah L., house carpenter, and Augusta C. (B. Fayette, ME), June26,1848.


Rachel, ch.Enos and w., Feb.末, 末末 [rec. after, ch.b. Aug.24,1796].

Benjamen, ch.Benjamen and Sarah, Apr.23,1702.

Sarah, ch.Benjamen and Sarah, Aug.15,1704.

Joseph, s.Josiah and Hannah, bp. Aug.17,1718.CR1

David, s.Jonah, bp.末蔓末,1721.CR1

Abigail, d.Jonah, bp. Aug.末,1722.CR1

Mary, ch.John and Hanna, Oct.16,1722.

Zephaniah, s.Jonah, bp. May末,1725.CR1

Antony, ch.John and Hanna, Aug.8,1726.

Benjamen, ch.John and Hanna, Feb.9,1728-9.

Abigail, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, Nov.12,1730.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, Dec.29,1732.

Deborah, ch.John and Hannah, Mar.9,1734.

Jonathan, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, Nov.30,1734.

Keziah (Newlland), ch.Israel and Abigaile, Sept.14,1735.

Amos, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, June9,1738.

Israel, ch.Israel and Abigaile, Oct.1,1738.

Jacob, ch.Jacob and Priscilla, Oct.19,1740.

Josiah (Nuland), ch.Josiah and Abigaill, Dec.27,1740.

Sarah, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, Apr.8,1742.

Priscilla, ch.Jacob and Priscilla, Jan.13,1743-4.

Isreall, s.Israel and Abigaile, Aug.3,1743.

Daniell, ch.Jacob and Priscilla, July8,1745.

Abigaill, ch.Israel and Abigaile, Dec.20,1747.

Daniel, ch.Jacob and Priscilla, Sept.1,1751.

David, ch.Josiah and Abigaill, May27,1752.

Jonathan, ch.Jeremiah and Mary, May27,1752.

Israel, ch.Joseph and Abigail, July27,1752.

Mary, ch.Antony and Patience, Jan.10,1757, in Easton.

John, ch.Jeremiah and Experience, Feb.19,1758.

Hannah, ch.Antony and Patience, May10,1758.

Anna, ch.Josiah and Easter, Nov.15,1758.

Experience, ch.Jeremiah and Experience, Feb.23,1760.

Abiah, ch.Antony and Patience, Sept.9,1761.

Dan, ch.Jeremiah and Experience, Mar.27,1762.

Jabez, ch.Antony and Patience, Apr.5,1764.

Lucy, ch.Jeremiah and Experience, June30,1764.

Easther, ch.Amos and Esther, May13,1766.

Metelda, ch.Jeremiah and Experience, July5,1766.

Betty, ch.Jacob and Mary, Oct.9,1766.

Sarah, ch.Antony and Patience, Oct.15,1766.

Molley, ch.Jacob and Mary, Mar.6,1768.

Abner, ch.Antony and Patience, Apr.1,1769.

Enos, ch.Jeremiah and Susanah, May2,1770.

David, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Jan.12,1772.CR1

Enos, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Jan.12,1772.CR1

Rubba, ch.Antony and Patience, Feb.23,1772.

Masa, ch.Jeremiah and Susanah, June19,1773.

Asa, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Oct.24,1773.CR1

Lydia, ch.John and Lydia, Dec.9,1783.

Nancy, ch.John and Lydia, Oct.1,1785.

James, twin ch.John and Lydia, Oct.16,1786.

John, twin ch.John and Lydia, Oct.16,1786.

Lucy, ch.Enos and w., Mar.8,1795.

David, ch.David and Dency, Mar.30,1795.

Enos, ch.Enos and w., Aug.24,1796.

Masa, ch.Masa and Nancy, Jan.21,1797.

Densa, ch.David and Dency, Mar.20,1797.

Zina, ch.Masa and Nancy, Oct.24,1799.


William, ch.William, bp., Apr.17,1768.CR1

Daniel, ch.William, bp., Apr.1,1770.CR1

John, ch.William, bp., Apr.26,1772.CR1

Abigail, ch.William, bp. May22,1774.CR1

Sarah, ch.William, bp., Apr.21,1776.CR1

Rufus, Aug.11,1777.

Samuel, ch.William, bp., Sept.19,1779.CR1

Polly, ch.William, bp., June23,1782.CR1

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