BABBIT (Babbitt)

Sarah (Bobbit), twin ch.Nathan and Mary, Aug.8,1745.

Nathan [h.Mary], Feb.25,1775, in 66th yr.GR5

Abigail, w.Lt. Nathan, Mar.10,1782, a.50 "to a day."GR5

Mary, wid.Nathan, Dec.16,1783, a.80.GR5

Edward, Lt., Oct.2,1790, in 30th y.GR5

Nathan, Lt. [h.Abigail], Aug.31,1794, in 64th y.GR5

Levi Sr. [h.Betty], May8,1795. [in 38th y.GR5]

Betty [w.Levi], Apr.9,1800. [wid.Levi, in 41st y.GR5]

Rhoda, wid.Edward, Sept.28,1807, a.64.GR5

BABBITT (Babbit)

Judith, wid.Lt. Nathan, formerly, w.Joseph Newcomb, Mar.7,1802, in 75th y.GR4

BAILEY (Bayley)


Betey, ch.Samuel (Bolkcom) and Abigail, May1,1805.

Enoch, Aug.8,1808.


Edwin, s.George W. and Marbery (Manchester), Mar.19,1844.GR2


Eliza Rowena, first, ch.Rev. William and Lucia A., Nov.末,1846.GR3

Lucia Amanda Case, d.Rev. William and Lucia A., Mar.17,1848, a.4m.18, d.GR3

BASIT (Basset, Bassett, Bassit)

Martha, wid.Joseph of Bridgwater, Mar.14,1716 or 1717.


Thomas, Nov.21,1789, in 31st y.GR3

BASSET (Basit, Bassett, Bassit)

Mary, w.Daniel, Nov.24,1774.

BASSETT (Basit, Basset, Bassit)

Mary, ch.William and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

Sarah, ch.William and Mary, Nov.18,1721.

Ruth, ch.William and Mary, Feb.20,1733-4.

Calven, ch.William 3d and Anne, Feb.20,1773.

William Jr., Dec.13,1776, in 50th y.GR3

William, Nov.19,1783, in 90th y.GR3

Luther, s.Isaac and Mehetable, Mar.8,1786, in 3d y.GR3

Charles, s.Isaac and Mehetable, Nov.6,1792, a.3.GR3

Elizabeth, w.Daniel, Aug.18,1827, a.63. [a.63y.2m.18d.GR3]

Daniel [h.Elizabeth], Mar.24,1843. [Mar.17, a 81y.5m.18, d.GR3]

BASSIT (Basit, Basset, Bassett)

Solomon, ch.William (Bassett) and Mary, May6,1735.


Bradford, ch.Dr. Levit and Hannah, Sept.17,1814. [s.Dr. Leavitt and Hanah, in 14th y.GR3]

David C., h.Sarah T., Sept.1,1838, in 35th y.[s.Dr. Leavitt and Hanah.GR3]

Sarah T., d.John Sweet and Eunice, Feb.23,1839, a.34.GR3


Bethiah, ch.Samuell and Elizabeth, Jan.4,1722-3.


Joseph, s.Joseph and Miram, Dec.29,1752.


Sarah, w.Jason, June10,1831.


Stephen,末蔓末, 末末CR2

BLANDIN (Blanding)

末末, s.Benjamin and Susanna, July1,1784, a.26 hrs.GR3

Catey, ch.Capt. Benjamin, Feb.2,1805. [d.Capt. Benjamin and Susanna, in 12th y.GR4]

Sarah, mother of Jesse, Nov.25,1819.

Benjamin, Capt. [h.Susanna] [Sept.6,1820], a.69.GR4

Levi Whittherell, ch.Jesse and Susanna, Sept.1,1825, a.4. [Sept 2, a.3y.9m.GR3]

Isaac Alden, ch.Isaac S. and Eliza, Dec.27,1831. [a.3y.1m.19, d.GR4]

Susanna, wid.Capt. Benjamin, Mar.2,1833, in 78th y.GR4

末末, wid., Mar.2,1833.

末末, d.Isaac [dup. adds S.] and Eliza, soar mouth, Sept.20,1844, a.1 m 10d.

Hellen, d.Jessa H. and Eunice M., hooping cough and fitts, Sept.4,1849, a.1y.2m.[Helen Eunice.GR3]

BLANDING (Blandin)

Cromwell Austin, Oct.12,1841, a.2y.8m.25, d.GR2


Seth, ch.Henry (Boks) and Meriam, Nov.8,1833.


Abiah, ch.James and Sary, Sept.22,1725.

John, ch.James and Sary, Mar.7,1727-8.


Eugene, s.Pattrick and May, consumption, Sept.10,1849, a.2m.12d.


Horatio N., s.Henry and Lucinda, May8,1815, a.11m.GR2

Henry, Jan.17,1839, a.62.GR2


Thomas Sr., June7,1709.

Hannah, w.Thomas, Sept.18,1714.

Mira Mica, ch.John and Mary, Mar.末,1736-7.

El末, [ch.John and Mary], [Sept.末,1749.]

Daniel, Nov.1,1758. [in 40th y.GR2]

Hannah [ch.Thomas and Hannah], Apr.15,1778.

Sylvanus, Nov.1,1782, in 60th y.GR2

Gardner, ch.Daniel and Silence, July28,1792.

Elijah, Feb.3,1813, in 35th y.GR2

Elijah Sr., h.Hannah, Feb.3,1814.

Clerissa Harlow, ch.William and Lydia, Oct.21,1814.

Charlotte (Briggs),末蔓末,1816.GR3

William Henry [ch.William and Lydia], Feb.24,1817.

Hannah, w.Thomas, Oct.12,1827, a.77.

Almira P., d.Elijah dec'd, Apr.3,1830, in 25th y.GR2

Sally Barns, w.Thomas 3d, Sept.2,1830.

末末, w.Sylvanus, Mar.6,1832.

Sarah, w.Sylvanus Jr., Mar.8,1832. [Mar.7, in 76y.GR2]

Andrews, h.Nancy, Mar.20,1832, in Providence, RI.

Thomas, h.Hannah, Apr.29,1833 a.82 [blotted].

Benjamin, h.Anna, Mar.5,1837.

William, Jan.28,1839, in 59th y.GR2

Sylvanus B., Nov.19,1844.CR3 [[h.Polly] a.54.GR2]

Thomas [dup. Brannan], m, farmer, consumption "Caus by a fall" Aug.21,1848, a.72y.3m.[dup. a.72.]


Rachel, d.James and Damris,末蔓末, 末末.CR2

Hannah, d.John Sr., Nov.4,172.

Patiant, w.George, Aug.28,1741.

末末, Mrs., Oct.末,1741, in 54th y.GR3

Hannah, ch.Phinehas and Esther, May2,1742.

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Apr.末,1747.

Rufas, ch.John 3d and Lydia, May23,1749. [Rufus, s.John 3d and Lidia, May30, a.13m.CR2]

Phineas, s.Phineas and Easter, June15,1749, a.6.CR2

Marcy, w.Richard, Sept.末,1749, in 56th y.GR3

John, Dea., June20,1750, in 81st y.GR3

Susanna, ch.Timothey and Marcy, May18,1751.

Daniel, ch.Phinehas and Esther, Oct.末,1754.

Caleb, ch.James and Dameras, Nov.2,1755. [Calep, s.James and Damris, a.8.CR2]

Timothy, ch.Jabez and Tabatha, Jan.25,1756.

Sarah, w.Simeon, June11,1759, in 27th y.GR2

Hannah, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Feb.16,1777.

John, Aug.24,1778, in 79th y.GR3

Marcy, w.Timothy, Oct.17,1781. [Oct.7, in 70th y.GR3]

Phinehas, ch.Phinehas and Sarah, Dec.17,1784.

Betty, d.George and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1792, in 1st y.GR3

Anna, Mrs., Aug.2,1793, in 45th y.GR3

Hannah, w.Timothy, Aug.4,1798, in 81st y.GR3

末末, second, w.Timothy, Aug.4,1798.

Timothy, Apr.11,1803 [[h.Marcy] in 91st y.CR3]

Elijah, s.Silas and Miriam, Nov.21,1808, a.2m.7, d.GR3

Simeon, Feb.6,1818, a.89.

Abigal, w.Dea.Timothy, Nov.14,1818, in 73d y.GR3

Timothy, Dea.[h.Abigal], Nov.10,1819, a.74.GR3

Alice [dup. Allice], ch.[dup adds Lt.] Daniel and Esther, Mar.18,1822.

Avery, ch.[dup. adds Lt.] Daniel and Esther, Dec.18,1823. [dup. a.23]

Esther, w.Daniel, Apr.15,1825.

末末, first, w.Daniel, Apr.15,1825.

John, Mr., Aug.29,1825.

Edwin, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, Nov.16,1828.

Demi, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah, July28,1830.

Hannah, w.John Jr., Feb.4,1832, a.84.

末末, wid.John, Feb.4,1832.

末末, wid.Simeon, Oct.3,1833, a.93.

Nehemiah, h.Hannah, Dec.31,1833.

Sarah, wid.Dea.Timothy, Aug.7,1835, a.82.

Daniel [h.Esther], May6,1838, in 70th yr.

Daniel Jr., h.Calistia, Mar.8,1840, a.44 y 2d.[Capt. Daniel.GR3]

Esther, w.Hezekiah, June5,1846, a.76.GR3

Elizabeth, w.Benjamin, dysentery, Nov.6,1849, a 36.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Dec.20,1849, a.2m.


Hannah, w.Samuell Jr., Mar.20,1712 or 1713.

Esther (Brintinal) [w.Lt. Samuell], Dec.20,1730.


Hannah E., d.Zachariah and Polly, Apr.10,1828, a.14y.2m.GR17


Adaline, twin ch.Westley and Almira [dup. fitts], Jan.9,1849 [dup. a.6m.].


Thomas, labourer, b. Ireland, drinking cold water, July31,1849, a.25.


Isaac Lyman, "by discharging a gun, the contents of which went into his mouth and out at the back of his head," Jan.22,1825.


Lidya, w.Ebenezar, June7,1718, a.44.GR2

Ebenezar, May29,1724, a.33.GR2

Marcy, ch.Ebenezer and Naomey, Feb.19,1735-6.

Moses, twin ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, May17,1740.

Edward, ch.Boutholomew and Abigaiell, Dec.7,1748.

Ebenezar, Sept.2,1760, in 67th y.GR2

Josiah, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail, Mar.30,1768.

Ephraim, Oct.30,1773, in 32d y.[Ephriam.GR2]

Abigail, w.Ebenezer, Dec.28,1778.

Jonathan, May3,1781, in 74th y.GR2

Nancy, ch.Dea.Ebenezer and w., July21,1786.

Benjamin, ch.William and Prudence, Jan.18,1787.

Ephraim, ch.Ebenezer and w., Apr.7,1788.

Lincoln, ch.William and Prudence, July16,1799.

Naomey 2d, ch.Ebenzer and Naomey, hung herself, July4,1808.

William E., ch.William 3d and Celia, Aug.7,1830. [a.2y.3m.GR4]

Abagail, d.William, Mar.8,1832, a.52. [Mar.7, a.53.GR4]

William Esq., Nov.17,1832, in 88th y.[[h.Prudence]GR4]

Lowel Dean, ch.William 3d and Celia, Sept.5,1834. [Sept.8, a.2y.7m.GR4]

Prudence, w.William Esq., May12,1842.GR4

Abby E., d.Willam and Celia, July4,1843, a.5y.2m.GR4

Betsey, w.Bartholomew, d.Daniel Woodward and Sybil, Jan.11,1846, a.56y.9m.

William, widr., farmer, old age or consumption, Dec.2,1848, a.74.

John Otis, s.Benjamin and Harriot F., brain fever, Nov.13,1849, a.2.

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