CAMBEL (Cambell)

Gershum, ch.Gershum and Sarah, June20,1733.

CAMBELL (Cambel)

Ruth, ch.Selvanis and Mary, May24,1703

Mary, w.Salvenas, Feb.13,1723-4.

Lidya, ch.William and Lidya, Aug.24,1732.


John, s.Elder Carpenter, Oct.18, 末末, a.15.CR2

Isaac, s.Elder Carpenter, Aug.3,1750.CR2

Abigail, w.Elder Carpenter, Apr.2,1756.CR2

William 2d, Mar.30,1784, in 48th y.GR3

Hannah, w.William, June6,1806.

Peter, Sept.16,1807, in 64th y.GR3

Elisah, s.Elisah and Hannah, Oct.24,1808, a.2m.GR3

Amasa, Apr.24,1809, in 33d y.GR3

Isaac, s.Peter, Nov.13,1809.

Betsy, d.Isaac and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1810. [a.6, w.GR3]

Isaac, ch.James and Anna, July22,1813. [a.2y.10m.GR3]

Anna, w.James, Aug.20,1821, in 40th y.GR3

Louisa, d.James and Anna, Dec.末,1821, a.10m.GR3

末末, youngest, ch.James, Dec.15,1821.

Elish, h.Hannah, Nov.21,1822.

William [h.Prudence], Aug.25,1837, a.77.

Charles D., ch.Daniel and Hannah, Dec.17,1837.GR3

Ursula, w.Jarvis, Mar.28,1838.

William Francis, ch.Jarvis and Ursula, May1,1838.

Marie E., ch.Daniel and Hannah, Oct.17,1841.GR3

Thomas Henry, ch.Thomas and Ednah, Sept.10,1843.

Ednah, b. Bradford, w.Thomas, child bead, July5,1845, a.34.

Jarvis, m., farmer, s.William dec'd, consumption, Feb.3,1846, a.48y.8m.4d.

Prudence, wid., old age, June13,1848, a.82.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah, measles, Dec.16,1848, a.65y.1m.20d.


Clifford [h.Polly], Mar.25,1842.GR3


Joseph, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Oct.25,1724.

Jonathan, ch.John Jr. and Hananh, Feb.23,1725.

Marcy, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.17,1733, in 18th y.

David, s.John and Hannah, Oct.26,1742.

Marcy, ch.John Jr. and Hannah, Oct.3,1743.


John Jr., s.John (Chapan), Aug.3,1824, a.abt. 5.

末末, s.John, Aug.5,1824, a.3.


Benjamin, ch.Benajmen (Chene) and Ruth, June28,1737.

Ruth, w.Benjamin, June28,1737.

CLAP (Clapp)

Elizabeth, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.21, 末末.

David, ch.Samuel and Elizabeth, July末, 末末.

Sarah, ch.Samuel and Mary, Dec.18,1736.

Mary, w.Samuel, Nov.12,1754.

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.2,1756, in 10th y.

Hannah [ch.Samuel and Mary], Sept.28,1756.

Sarah, w.Jonathan, Oct.29,1756, in 48th y.[in 47th y.GR4]

Samuel [h.Bethiah], June13,1762, in 80th y.GR4

Temperance, wid.Dea.Stephen of Scituate, Dec.3,1768, in 91st y.GR2

Bethiah, wid.Samuel, Oct.12,1778, in 83d y.GR4

Silas, ch.Capt. David and Hannah, Feb.14,1787. [in 4th yr.GR4]

CLAPP (Clap)

Samuel Jr., July28,1773, in 28th y.GR4

David, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, June9,1791.

Jerusha, wid.Jonathan, Oct.3,1807, a.93.GR4

Beccah, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, Mar.8,1815. [Becca, in 26th y.GR3]

Silas, ch.Jonathan 2d and Peggy, May2,1816.

Noah, Dea., Nov.10,1820, a.73.GR4

David, Capt., Sept.5,1823, a.79.

Piggy, w.Jonathan, Jan.30,1824.

Else, d.Jonathan, Apr.29,1827, a.30.

Polly, May4,1833, in 56th y.GR4

Content, May25,1835, in 51st y.

Malinda, w.George, Sept.29,1840, a.36, in Grafton.GR3

Sarah Elizabeth, d.George and Malinda, Feb.2,1842, a.3, in Halifax.GR3

George, Jan.26,1845, a.46.GR3

Olive, w.Dea.Noah, Feb.13,1845, a.90.GR4

Betsey, d.George and Esther, consumption, June13,1849, a.25. [Betsey L., a.22y.9m.GR4]

Thomas K., June14,1849, a.30y.10m.GR4

CLARK (Clarke)

Mary, w.William, Feb.18,1833, in 74th y.GR20

CLARKE (Clark)

Caroline, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Mar.23,1806. [a.5, w.GR2]

George Leonard, ch.Rev. Pitt and Rebeca, Oct.29,1809. [Clark.GR2]

Rebeca, w.Rev. Pitt, Mar.2,1811. [Rebecca Clark, a.44.GR2]

Harriot, ch.Rev. Pitt and Mary (second w.), Feb.28,1815.

William, Dec.9,1834.


Rebekeh, ch.Benajmen and Mary, Mar.7,1739-40.

Mason, ch.Benjamen and Mary, Apr.19,1750.

John, Feb.11,1756, a.28.GR5

Anne, w.William, Nov.20,1759. [Anna, Nov.20,1739, in 30th y.GR5]

Benjamin, May11,1763, in 62d y.

Job, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Phebe, Mar.3,1766.

末末, s.Silas and Deliverance [Feb.22,1767], a.4, d.[[Feb.6]GR5]

Mary, wid.Capt. Benjamin, Apr.16,1780, in 86th y.GR5

Daniel, ch.Elisha and Sarah, Dec.4,1786.

Rebeckah, w.Benjamin, Apr.6,1789, in 86th y.

Chloe, w.Lt. John, Oct.7,1791, in 98th y.GR5

Sarah [w.Elisha], Aug.10,1796.

Deliverance, w.Gen. Silas, June26,1801, in 55th y.GR5

William [h.Miriam], Mar.1,1802.

Benjamin, June12,1811, in 82d y.GR5

James Presbrey, ch.Terrell and Nancy, Mar.20,1816. [s.Tirrell and Nancy, a.1y.11m.GR5]

Silas Esq., counselor at law, s.Gen. Silas, July9,1818, a.49.GR3

末末, second, w.Silas Esq., July6,1827, a.67.

Phebe, wid.Benjamin, Dec.25,1828, in 99th y.GR5

Susan S., d.Daniel S. and Anne B., July28,1832.GR3

Daniel S., s.Daniel S. and Anne B., June9,1833.GR3

Silas, Oct.28,1833, in Barry.

Anne B., w.Daniel S. Esq., Nov.30,1835, a.25.GR3

Benjamin [h.Sarah], Jan.28,1840, in 87th y.GR5

John, Capt. [h.Catherine], Feb.4,1840, in 83d y.GR5

Sarah, wid.Benjamin, Oct.30,1840, in 78th y.GR5

Catherine, wid.Capt. John, Mar.29,1842, a.75.GR5

Dulubella W., Nov.12,1842.CR3

Nancy, w.Terrell, Mar.1,1847, in 55th y.[w.Tirrell.GR5]


Amittai, d.Joseph and Amittai, Sept.18,1749, in 6th y.GR4

Ruben, ch.Joseph and Amety, Sept.26,1749.

Joseph, Mar.22,1757, in 40th y.GR4


Thomas, July25,1807, a.93.GR4


Oliver Jr. [h.Mary L.], Nov.6,1843, a.44.GR3


Samuel, ch.Robert and Patiance, July5,1756.

Nathaniel, Dr., Oct.22,1778, in 26th y.GR4


Abigail, w.Philip, June6,1785, in 78th y.GR4

COPELAND (Copland)

Rachel, w.Asa, Dec.23, 末末. [w.Dea.Asa, 1800, in 46th y.GR4]

Isaac, s.Lt. William and Martha, Dec.7,1777, in 2d y.GR4

Benjamin, Dea., Oct.2,1790, a.82. [[h.Sarah] Oct.20.GR4]

David, s.Rachel, May22,1798, in 7th y.GR4

Sarah, w.Benjamin (Copland), Mar.20,1801. [wid.Dea.Benjamin, a.90.GR4]

Tentey, d.Samuel and Eunice, Sept.8,1802, in 10th y.GR4

末末, s.Samuel and Eunice, Mar.3,1804, a.5m.GR4

Asa, Oct.18,1814, in 33d y.GR4

Asa [h.Abigail], Dec.14,1829. [Dea.Asa, in 78th y.GR4]

Samuel, h.Eunice, Jan.3,1833. [Jan.2, in 83d y.GR4]

Eunice [w.Samuel], Apr.26,1837. [wid.Samuel, a.74.GR4]

Abigail, w.Asa, July27,1839. [w.Dea.Asa, July26, in 84th y.GR4]

Asa, s.Thomas and Eliza, Apr.19,1841, a.19m.GR4

COPLAND (Copeland)


Rebecca, w.Terry, Apr.2,1800. [Rebeckah, w.Capt. Terry, Apr.26, a.27.GR10]

John, Capt. [h.Rachel], June1,1800, in 70th y.GR10

Matilda, w.Capt. Terry, Sept.23,1802, a.28.GR10

Rebecca, ch.Terry and Rhoby, Dec.22,1804. [Rebecca H., d.Terry and Ruby, a.3m.14, d.GR10]

Clarissa, d.George, May26,1819, a.19y.5m.GR10

Rachel, wid.John, Feb.18,1820, in 90th y.GR10

Augustus T., ch.John and w., May10,1831, a.12 hrs.

Abigail Williams, ch.Terry and Rhoby, June1,1835. [d.Terry and Ruby, a.17y.10m.6, d.GR10]

Albert S., s.Henry and Betsey, Oct.29,1839, in 8th y.GR10

Terry, m.[dup., h.Rebecca, second dup., h.Rhoby], farmer, s.John and Rachel dec'd, inflammation in the bowels, Sept.17,1843, a.69y.4m.12, d.[Capt. Terry.GR10]

Roby [dup. Rhoby], wid., b. Raynham [dup., wid.Terry], jaundice, Aug.15,1848, a.71y.3m.18, d.[w.Capt. Terry, a.71.GR10]

CROSMAN (Crossman)

Hannah, ch.Elisha and Betsy, Oct.8,1793.

Elisha Jr., Jan.3,1823, a.27.

Persilla, w.Thoephitus, Oct.9,1824. [Priscilla Crossman, w.Theaphilis, a.82.GR2]

Thoephitus [h.Persilla], Aug.15,1826. [Theophilis Croseman [h.Pricilla], a.84.GR2]

Ruth, w.Elisha, Jan.23,1834. [Crossman, w.Capt. Elisha, Jan.24, a.62.GR2]

CROSSMAN (Crosman)

Betsey, w.Capt. Elisha, Dec.11,1806, a.39.GR2

Wheaton, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, Mar.7,1820.

Fanny, w.Charles L., Apr.8,1828, a.23.GR2

Fanny Hunt, ch.Charles and Fanny, Apr.11,1828.

William, Mar.22,1830. [a.55.GR2]

Isaac, Dec.25,1831, a.52.

Orrin, ch.Elisha (Crosman) and Ruth, Dec.17,1836, a.26. [Oren, s.Capt. Elisha and Ruth.GR2]

Elisha, Capt. (Crossmon), h.Ruth, Aug.25,1840, a.73.

Charles, widr., s.Elisha and Betsey, consumption, Apr.18,1849, a.52. [Charles L., a.51.GR2]

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