CADDING (Codding)

Prudence (Cadding) of Taunton, and David Hoard, int.Apr.8,1804.

CALWALL (Caulwell)

Peggey and William Peck of Bristol, int.Nov.25,1797.

CAMBEL (Cambell, Campbel, Campbell, Champbell)

Rachell and Daniell Braman, Nov.25,1714.*

Mary and John Finey of Bristol, Jan.12,1715-16.*

William and Lydia Pollard of Taunton, Nov.4,1731.*

Gershum and Sarah Andrus, May9,1732.*

Sarah 3d and John Allen Jr. of Bridgwater, int.June23,1753.

Sarah and Thomas Storey, int.Jan.5,1754.

Abigail and Philip White, Mar.2,1758.

Sheubel of Raynham, and Mary Pratt, Feb.11,1761.

Moses and Rhoda Edson of Easton, int.Oct.10,1767.

Susanah [int.Susannah] and Jeremiah Newland, Oct.19,1769.

CAMBELL (Cambel, Campbel, Campbell, Champbell)

Neome [int.Neomey] and Moses Acros, Feb.6,1723-4.

Salvenas and Ann Pratt, Dec.1,1726.*

Silvenus [int.Silvanus] and Abigail [int.Abigaill] Pollard of Taunton, May20,1746.

Shubell and Mary Jomes Jones of Rainham, int.Aug.20,1748.

Eleanor [int.Ellaner Cambel] and Jonathan Leonard, Feb.17,1763.

Sylvanas [int.Salvanus Cambel] and Roby [int.Robe] Horton of Rehoboth [int.Rehobath], Mar.12,1766, in Rehoboth.

CAMPBEL (Cambel, Cambell, Campbell, Champbell)

Anna [int.Anne Cambel] and Charles Finney of Easton, Mar.2,1758.

Eleonar [int.Elenor] and Henry Clement, Dec.5,1819.

CAMPBELL (Cambel, Cambell, Campbel, Champbell)

Betty and William Storey [int.Story],末蔓末, 末末 [int.Oct.15,1780].

Abiah and Ebenezer Finey, Aug.6,1720.*

Anna [int.Cambel] and Abiel Caswell, Jan.22,1771.

Jeremiah and Peggy Bragg of Wrentham, int.Nov.30,1783.


Benjamin of Attbeboro [int.Benjamen of Atelborrough], and Tabitha [int.Tabethy] Skinner, Oct.12,1748.

Banfield and Hannah Tucker, Dec.22,1757.

Elisha of Attleborough, and Abigail Makepeace, Jan.29,1761.

Peggy and Noah Smith of Taunton, Sept.7,1786.

Elisha and Hannah White [int.2d], Jan.10,1791.

Nancy and William Bolcum Jr. of Attleborough, int.June9,1791.

Denis of Attleborough, and Louisa Caroline Hodges, int.Aug.7,1828.

CARPENTER (Carpentor)

Mary and Hiram P. White,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Apr.28,1821].

Caty [int.Carpentor] and Eleazer [int.Eliazer] Walker, Apr.13,1767 [int.Jan.30,1768, sic], in Rehoboth.

Sarah and Asa Lincoln, June7,1774.

William and Sarah Fuller of Rehoboth, Dec.21,1775, in Rehoboth.

William Jr. and Hannah Kith, int.Feb.20,1779.

Abigail [int.Abigal] (Carpenter) 2d and Jude Feild [int.Field] of Taunton, Apr.17,1788.

Abel 2d of Rehoboth, and Rachel Hodges, int.Mar.16,1790.

Elizebeth and Benjamin Bassett, Mar.5,1797.

James and Anna Hunt, int.Jan.27,1806.

Elisha and Hannah Briggs 2d, Oct.27,1807.

William Jr. and Sophronia Seaver of Taunton, int.Mar.13,1808.

Polly and William Dunham [int.Jr.] of Mansfield, Feb.24,1811.

Elizabeth [int.Betsay] and John Deane [int.Dean] of Mansfield, Apr.4,1811.

Lucindia and Winthrop Parker Gray of Newbury-port, int.Aug.7,1814.

Nancy and Henry Kingman of Mansfield, Dec.8,1814.

Daniel and Hannah Danforth, Dec.6,1821.

Louisa and Abba [int.Alba] Howard of Bridgwater, Apr.14,1823.

William and Mrs.Prudence Hoard of Taunton, Feb.23,1824.

Jarvis and Ursula Fisher of Wrentham, int.Sept.24,1830.

Chloe D. (Carpenter) [int.Corpenter] and Henry H. Blandin, July31,1834.

Mary Jane and Henry T. Belcher of Holliston, June4,1839.

Hannah D. and William Carpenter of Foxborough, int.Apr.27,1842.

William of Foxborough, and Hannah D. Carpenter, int.Apr.27,1842.

Jarvis, widr., 47, shoemaker, s.William dec'd, and Caroline Simpson, wid.[dup. and int.Mrs., omit wid.], 38, d.George Wetherell, June8,1843.

Marcus S. of Foxborough [and] Emely King, int.Feb.25,1846.

CARPENTOR (Carpenter)

John of Rehobath, and Mary Woodward, Dec.23,1756.

William and Sarah Blake of Taunton, int.Feb.12,1757.

William Jr. and Elisabeth Briggs of Taunton, int.June23,1759.

Peter and Abigail Briggs of Taunton, int.Oct.9,1765.

Cyriel of Attelborough, and Luce Lane, int.Oct.19,1765.

Abigail and Jonathan Hodges 2d, Jan.8,1771.


John of Easton, and Emeline Phillips, int.Jan.14,1824.

CARSWEL (Caswell, Coswell)

Deborah and John Austin of Easton, June9,1726, in Easton.*


Abigail and Nathaniel Wood, Feb.24,1763.

Charlotte (Sarver) and Bradford W. Smith, int.Apr.8,1832.

Amelia and Gardner Lane, Apr.5,1840, in Mansfield.

Theodore and Caroline P. Bullock of Rehoboth, int.May9,1840.

David L. and Lauruna Laurana Nash of Canton, int.Apr.17,1842.

CASWELL (Carswel, Coswell)

Elisabeth and Samul Battey, int.Aug.27,1711.

Elizabeth and Benjamin Newland, Nov.29,1716.*

Hannah and John Newland, int.Aug.5,1721.

Bethiah and Henery Withrell, Jan.12,1726-7.*

Jedediah and Mary King, July11,1726.*

Samuell and Ursula White, Feb.5,1727-8.*

Sarah and Ebenezer White, May21,1730.*

Elizabet and Henery White of Eastton, Feb.9,1735-6.*

John Jr. and Marcy Tiffeney, Nov.10,1737.*

Hannah [int.Coswell] and Nicholas Smith, Mar.28,1748.

Judeth [int.Judah] and Phillep Athrington [int.Phillip Atherton], Nov.1,1749.

Meriam [int.Miriam] and John Linkon Jr. of Easton, Aug.15,1754.

Beal [int.Caswel] and Persillah [int.Persilla] Newland, d.Jacob, Jan.3,1760.

Solomon and Abigail Clark [int.of Easton], Aug.9,1764.

Abiel and Anna Campbell [int.Cambel], Jan.22,1771.

Elizebeth of Middleborough, and James Bassett, int.Oct.22,1786.

Richard of Winthrop, and Sarah Hodges 2d, May31,1818.

Ann W. of Taunton, and Luther Grover of Taunton, Oct.7,1824.*


Pricilla "a negro woman of Mr R sandersens of atelborrough," and Seser "a negro man of G Leonards," int.Sept.7,1744.

E.A., 26, of Cambridge, d.Lucy A., and Rev. William Barrows Jr., 34, s.William and Asenath, int.Oct.6,1849.

CAULWELL (Calwall)

George and Mehetable Wetherell 2d, int.Jan.28,1792.

Elizebeth of Taunton, and Samuel Godfrey, int.Jan.4,1794.


Henry and Lintha [int.Linthy] Woodward, Mar.29,1818.


Fanny of Freetown, and Soloman Lathrop, int.June8,1816.

Harvey of Rochester, NY, and Charlotte Verry, May20,1830.

Lamyra A. of Taunton, and Ephraim Lane, int.Sept.7,1834.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Nancy and Nathaniel Leonard, Nov.11,1821.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

James of Rainham, and Jane Leonard of Rainham, Sept.30,1792.*

CHAMPBELL (Cambel, Cambell, Campbel, Campbell)

Jeremiah [int.Cambel] and Susanna [int.Susannah] Blancher of Weymouth, Apr.11,1749, in Weymouth.


Gardner Esq. [int.Col. Gardniner, omits Esq.] of Worcester, and [int.adds Mrs.] Anna Leonard, Aug.2,1767.


Eliza B. of Uxbridge, and Laban M. Wheaton Esq., int.May23,1829.


Prushia of Boston, and James Harris of Mansfield, Nov.11,1808.*

John Jr. and Betcy Hewett of Taunton, int.Feb.26,1816.

William and Abigail Alden White, int.Mar.3,1821.

Sabrina and James Kelly of Easton, int.July26,1835.

CHASE (Chace)

CHEENEY (Chena, Chene, Cheney)

Keziah [int.Kezia Cheney 2d] and Abiel Knap, Jan.9,1766.

CHEEVER (Chivers)

Polly [dup. Molly, int.Chivers] of Wrentham, and Elisha Cobb, Mar.15,1797, in Wrentham.

CHENA (Cheeney, Chene, Cheney)

Mary of Taunton, and Josiah Harvey, int.Jan.9,1845.

CHENE (Cheeney, Chena, Cheney)

Rhode [int.Rhodey Cheny] and Thomas Briggs, Apr.8,1724.

Benjamen and Ruth Allen, July15,1729.*

CHENEY (Cheeney, Chena, Chene)

Benjamin and Kaziah Newland, Mar.9,1737-8.*

Thankful of Attleborough, and David Commins of Attleborough, Jan.20,1756.*

Mary and Simeon Briggs, Aug.20,1761.

Esther and Ebenezer Richardson, int.Dec.21,1764.

Sarah and Jacob Briggs [int.Brigs], Dec.3,1767.


William C. of Nantucket, and Mary Ann L'Hommedian of Nantucket, June18,1841, in Nantucket.*

CHIVERS (Cheever)

Harriot E. and Benjamin D. Standley, May6,1841.


Hannah and Joseph Andrews Jr., int.Nov.7,1795.


Thomas of Groton, and Abigail Willis of Taunton, June26,1733.*


Marget and Jonathan Wethrell, int.Mar.24,1721-2, "and thay ware ferbid by her father and on the 4th of febuary 1722-3 thay ware Published a Gaine by his Leive. "


Ephraim of Jamestowne, and Lidea Linkon of Tanton, Dec.25,1728.*

CLAFFIN (Claflen, Clafling)

Levi and Abigail Norton, Nov.19,1789.

CLAFLEN (Clafflin, Clafling)

Nathaniel Jr. and Mindwell Standley of Attleborough, int.Dec.21,1800.

CLAFLING (Claffin, Claflen)

Cloe [int.Chloe Claflen] and Timothy Ide of Rehoboth, May21,1801.

CLAP (Clapp)

Rachell of Siteuate, and George Leonard, int.Sept.8,1721.

Thomas of Taunton, and Mrs.Marcy Leonard, Sept.9,1731.*

Elizabeth and Eliphelet Hodges, Jan.29,1735-6.*

Silence and John Wild [int.Wilds], Oct.25,1744.

Sarah 2d and Pelegg Paddleford of Taunton, int.July3,1756.

Samuel Jr. and Anne Wild, Apr.21,1757.

Abiel and Bathshaeba Pratt [int.Bathsheba Prat], Apr.6,1758.

Jonathan and Jerusha Day of Wrentham, int.Sept.29,1759.

Elisabeth and David Copland of Milton, Nov.29,1759.

Mary and Israel Trow, Jan.1,1761.

Phebe and John Richardson, May28,1761.

Timothy of Stoughton [int.of Walpole], and Rhoda Wetherel, Mar.24,1762.

Elisabeth of Middleborough, and John Eddy, int.June29,1763.

Jemima and Abiel Dean Jr. of Raynham, int.Aug.13,1767.

David and Hannah King, Aug.18,1767.

Rachel and Richard Field of Taunton, June24,1770.

Annah and Jonathan Ingley of Taunton, int.Mar.17,1774.

Silence and Daniel Braman, Nov.28,1774.

Noah and Olive Shepard, Apr.16,1776.

Lydia and Lt. [int.omits Lt.] Jacob Shepard [int.Sheepard], Jan.11,1781.

Rufus and Sybal [int.Sibbel] Hodges, Nov.12,1782.

Eleazer and Silvey Gushey of Raynham, int.Mar.7,1784.

John and Polly Makepeace, May10,1785.

Sarah and James Godfrey 2d, int.July14,1787.

CLAPP (Clap)

Hannah [int.Clap 2d] and Dr. Levit [int.Levet] Bates,末蔓末, 末末 [int.May6,1797].

Samuel and Mary Pomroy of Stoughton, Nov.10,1733, in Stoughton.*

Jonathan 2d [dup. and int.Clap] and Peggy Wood, Aug.14,1788.

Margeret [int.Margret Clap] and Williams Field [int.Feild] of Mansfield, June23,1795.

Ichabod and Betsay Smith of Middleborough, int.Mar.13,1803.

Tiley and Nathan Perry of Bridgwater, int.Sept.21,1806.

Betsy [int.Betsay] and Calvin Lothrop of Boston, May14,1807.

Phebe and Stillman Cobb of Mansfield, May14,1807.

Sally and Elijah Spear of Canton [int.Conton], Mar.31,1812.

Elias and Barsena Wilber, int.Oct.25,1812.

James C. and Orilla Field of Taunton, int.Sept.12,1813.

Ollis of Walpole, and Anna Smith 2d, Dec.27,1814.

Delight of Taunton, and Timothy Lincoln of Taunton, Feb.6,1820.*

Anna, wid., and Samuel Wrigley, Mar.2,1820, in Walpole.*

Nancy and Thomas Williams Jr. of Easton [int.Eastown], Oct.1,1820.

Hannah and John Williams Jr. of Easton, int.Aug.3,1822.

Jonathan and Mrs.Lydia Field 2d of Mansfield, Aug.9,1825.

Louisa of Petersham, and Timothy Smith, int.May17,1828.

George of Grafton, and Melinda Wood, Dec.31,1829.

James C. and Mary Farnum of Hamden, CT, int.Oct.9,1831.

Lavina E. of Easton, and Gilford Burt of Easton, Oct.3,1837.*

Silas V. of Easton, and Fidelia W. Ripley of Easton, Jan.1,1839.*

James C. and Prudence Wilbur, May9,1841, in Rehoboth.

Martha and Horace B. Wetherell, int.July13,1844.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Abigail [int.of Easton] and Solomon Caswell, Aug.9,1764.

William and Phebe Smith of Taunton, int.Sept.5,1767. "the publishing forbid by the selectmen Sep' 14th 1767 and a hearing being had before 2 Justices of the peace I was to proceed and out publish sd William Clark and phebe Smith."

Eunice and Samuel Miller 2d of Rehobath, Mar.30,1770.

William [int.2d] and Rebecah Balkcom [int.Rebekah Bolcom] of Attleborough, May20,1773, in Attleborough.

William and Mary Tucker 2d, int.Apr.3,1789.

Nathan and Jemima Daggett, int.May6,1791.

Elisha and Hannah Bretten [int.Britten] of Mansfield, Aug.28,1795 [sic, int.July1,1796].

Pitt, Rev. [int.omits Rev.], and Rebecca [int.Becca] Jones of Hopkinton, Feb.1,1798, in Hopkinton.

Joa of Taunton, and William Brown, int.Mar.10,1800.

Sally and John Haskins Jr. of Taunton, int.July2,1813.

Mary and Henry Brown Dyer, Nov.9,1815.

CLARKE (Clark, Clerk)

James and Mary Randall of Rochester, Apr.15,1768, in Rochester.*

Sarah [int.Clark] and Richord [int.Richard] Webber of Rehoboth [int.Rehobath], Sept.26,1768, in Rehoboth.

William and Avis Thayer of Braintree, July30,1771, in Braintree.*

Asa [int.Clark] and Mercy [int.Marcy] Grover 2d [int.omits 2d] of Mansfield, Sept.18,1794, in Mansfield.

Abigail M. [int.Morton] and John J. Stimson of Providence, RI, Oct.23,1828.


Henry and Eleonar [int.Elenor] Campbel, Dec.5,1819.

Hery [int.Henry Crement] and Triphene White, Mar.26,1832.

CLERK (Clark, Clarke)

Seth and Mary Leonard, Sept.5,1744.

William and Elizebeth Jones, int.Apr.7,1745.

William and Sarah Olds of Atelberrough, int.Apr.18,1746.

Pitt, Rev., and Mary Jones Stimson of Hopkinton, int.Sept.20,1812.


John Jr. and Mary Jones, int.Nov.4,1721.

Elesebeth of Taunton [int.Elezebeth Colb of Tanton], and Elezer Eddy, Feb.6,1722-3.

Anna and Grover Skolley, Nov.11,1725.*

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Knap of Taunton, July25,1728.*

Abiah and Lewis Sweeting, Nov.21,1744.

John and Rebeckah Witherel, int.Dec.31,1748.

John and Elizebeth Hodges, int.Feb.26,1750. "Publishment forbid by her father. "

John 2d and Phebe Hodges, Nov.1,1750.

Benjamin Jr. and Phebe Witherell, June27,1751.

Abigail and Nathan Babbet Jr., int.Feb.1,1752.

Mercy [int.Marcy] and Richard Briggs Jr., Nov.16,1752.

Sarah and James Knap of Labanon, int.July19,1754.

Sarah 2d and Seth Smith Jr., Oct.10,1754.

Mary 2d and Eliphilet Briggs Jr., May12,1757.

William and Miriam Hodges, July9,1760.

Simeon and Hannah Shaw 2d, Jan.2,1761.

Zebroah of Attleborough [int.Ziporah of Cumberland], and Nathan Deane [int.Dean], Oct.6,1762.

Silas and Deliverance Hodges, May24,1764.

Rebecca [int.Rebekah] and Nathaniel Lane, Nov.8,1764.

Susannah and Simeon Hodges, July4,1765.

David and Hannah Basset 2d, Oct.10,1765.

William Jr. and Susannah Burt 2d of Taunton, int.Aug.19,1769.

Phebe 2d and Caleb Willis, int.Nov.3,1770.

David of Hollowell, and Mary Puffer, Oct.24,1771.*

Hannah and Amos Briggs, Nov.25,1773.

Josiah and Mehetable Hodges, Apr.19,1774.

George and Tamer Burt of Taunton, int.May24,1777.

Abigail 2d and Joseph Gannett of Stoughtonham, Feb.1,1781.

Elisha and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Sarah Braman, Aug.6,1782.

Rachel and John Martin Jr., Feb.24,1785.

Meriam [int.2d] and Josiah King Jr., May29,1787.

Elias and Mary Wilmouth [int.Wilmoth] of Rehoboth, Oct.14,1788.

Jude and Daniel Dryer of Rehoboth, int.Sept.24,1790.

Lyman [int.Lymand] and Betsy Branach, May5,1793.

Elisha and Polly [dup. Molly] Cheever [int.Chivers] of Wrentham, Mar.15,1797, in Wrentham.

Elisha and Lynda Fish of Taunton, int.June29,1800.

Betcy [int.Betsy] 2d of Taunton, and William Arnold, Nov.5,1800.

Silas [int.Silas Jr.] and Eunice Smith, Sept.27,1801.

Dilly and Isaac Bassett Jr., Jan.7,1802.

Silas Esq. and Sybil Ingal of Taunton, int.Apr.3,1803.

Sally and Sanforth Freeman, Nov.27,1806.

Stillman of Mansfield, and Phebe Copp, May14,1807.

Polly and Dr. Rufus Pierce, Apr.7,1811.

Nancy of Mansfield, and Josiah Newcomb Jr., Mar.30,1815.

Chloe of Mansfield, and Nathaniel Stone Jr., int.May13,1815.

Alanson and Marcy Danforth, June23,1817.

Ebenezer [int.Ebeneazer] of Taunton, and Mrs.Abigail Fisher, July9,1818.

Vesta of Mansfield and Bezar Lothrop of Bridgewater, May3,1820.*

Terrell [int.Terrel] and Nancy Presbrey [int.Presbury], Apr.9,1823.

Daniel S. and Harriot Patten, Nov.1,1836.

Dulcebella W. and Zeno Kelly, May3,1838.

CODDING (Cadding)

George [int.Coding] of Mansfield, and Sally Braman, Apr.16,1820.

Sally Barnes of Mansfield, and Thomas Braman 3d, int.Feb.21,1823.

Mary B. and Anson Brown of Foxborough, int.July20,1849.


William and Elezebeth Jones, int.Nov.4,1721.

Abigail and James Very [int.Verry] of Providence, Mar.14,1757.


Thomas M.C. McCoffe and Ann Gary of Taunton, int.Mar.10,1842.


Harriot (Horriot) and Burden Hunt, int.Jan.2,1841.


Susannah [int.Suza] and Thomas Storey [int.Jr.],末蔓末, 末末 [int.Oct.29,1780].

Robert [int.Robbert] and Deborah Newland, Nov.29,1759, in Easton.

Sarah and Jonathan Wilbor of Rainham, int.Aug.17,1789.

Lydia of Rainham, and Baranubus Shelley, Aug.26,1792.*

Phebe and William Bretten [int.Britan] of Rainham, Mar.6,1794.

Polly and Jonathan Shelly [int.adds Jr. of Sharon], Aug.14,1795.

Hannah and Elkanah Wilber [int.Wilbor] Jr. of Rainham, Feb.末,1798.

Betsey of Rehoboth, and William Grover, int.May4,1828.

COLEMAN (Colman)

Benjamin [int.Colman] and Jemima [int.Gemima] Howard, Aug.13,1794.

COLMAN (Coleman)

James and Molle Wetherel, Dec.25,1766.


Abigail of Foxborough, and Amos Keith, int.Apr.25,1845.

COMMINS (Cummings)

David of Attleborough, and Thankful Cheney of Attleborough, Jan.20,1756.*


William, Rev., of Lime, NH, and Mrs.Eunice Cook, Feb.15,1774.

Lydia of Attleborough, and Horace White of Attleborough, Apr.6,1838, in Attleborough.*


Samuel of Holley, NY, and Matilda M. Lincoln, int.May26,1824.


John A. of Johnston, RI, and Rebecca Nickerson of Patucket, Nov.18,1838, in Pawtucket.*


Mary and Thomas Donahue, int.Feb.17,1848.

COOK (Cooke)

Sarah and Joseph Hart, Feb.20,1753.

Abigail and James Person, June23,1757.

John and Mary Godfrey 2d, Mar.22,1759.

Mercy and Jonathan Knap Jr., Mar.13,1760.

Deborah and Zabediah Sheapardson of Attleborough, int.Aug.7,1762.

Silas and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Nixon of Shrewsbury, Apr.1,1763, in Shrewsbury.

Joshua and Mary Morey 2d, int.Sept.23,1769.

Eunice, Mrs., and Rev. William Conant of Lime, NH, Feb.15,1774.

Kingman of Bridgwater, and Susanna Lothrap, int.May10,1834.

COOKE (Cook)

Marcy of Kingstowne, and Edmund Hodges, Jan.6,1736-7.*


Roxana and Henry S. Freemon [int.Freeman], May26,1839.

COOPER (Cuper)

Philip and Sarah White, wid., of Mansfield, Nov.22,1787, in Mansfield.*

Thomas of Attleborough, and Ann Holmes, Apr.25,1830.

Charles of Charlestown, and Eliza J. Holmes, Apr.17,1836, in Taunton.

William [int.Copper] of Charlestown, and Julia A. Holmes, Oct.2,1836, in Taunton.


Jane of Boston, and William Milford, int.Apr.6,1759.

COPELAND (Copland)

Susanna [int.Susannah, dup. and int.Copland] and Elijah Danforth, Oct.1,1761.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth Copland] 2d and Jonathan Newcomb Jr., Feb.9,1769.

William and Martha [int.Marthew] White of Mansfield, Nov.28,1775.

Asa [dup. Assa] and Rachel Briggs [int.2d] of Situate, Oct.25,1781, in Situate.

Samuel and Eunice Danforth 2d, Oct.6,1788.

Ebenezer Jr. of Bridgwater, and Hannah Godfray, May17,1801.

Asa and Abigail Newcomb 2d [int.omits 2d], Sept.3,1801.

Joseph and Betsay Britton of Raynham, int.Apr.16,1809.

Samuel Jr. and Marcy [int.Mercy] Rich Titus, Nov.3,1811.

Belinda [int.Belindia] of Mansfield, and Cromwell Leonard, June15,1815.

Elizabeth [int.Elezebeth] and William Rich of Enfield, Oct.17,1816.

Sarah and Samuel King Hart of Brewer, ME, Nov.7,1819.

Elijah of Mansfield, and Nancy Hodges, Jan.4,1821.

Thomas, Capt., and Eliza Hodges, June4,1821.

John and Lidoria Ann Waid [int.Waide], Sept.14,1821.

Abby N. of Brewer, ME, and John B. Newcomb, int.Apr.15,1848.

COPLAND (Copeland)

Sarah [int.2d] and Thomas Shaw Jr., Feb.15,1759.

David of Milton, and Elisabeth Clap, Nov.29,1759.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Ephraim Lane 3d, Feb.9,1764.

Moses and Hannah Stone 2d, Sept.25,1766.

Eunice and Joseph Hunt, Sept.28,1769.

Ebenezer of Bridgewater, and Abbe Godfrey, Mar.19,1771.

Lydia and Ebenezer Morey, Mar.31,1774.

COSWELL (Carswel, Caswell)

Bethiah [int.Casuell] and Joseph White Jr. of Taunton, Aug.2,1744.


Rachel of Medway, and George Field, int.July30,1817.


Rachel of Pembroke [int.Koks of Pembrook], and Ephraim Hodges, Nov.15,1752 "New Stile," in Pembroke.

Lydia of Pembroke [int.Koks of Pembrook], and Timothy Hodges, June3,1756, in Pembroke.


Rachel and Ruben Tisdale, int.Dec.31,1780.

Hannah and Benjamin Walker of Taunton, int.July28,1789.

Terry and Rebecca Harvey [int.Rebeccah Havy] of Taunton, May20,1798.

Terry (Crone) and Matilda Macomber of Taunton, int.Jan.24,1802.

Terry [int.Terra] and Rhoby [int.Roba] King, Oct.30,1803.

Hennary of Taunton, and Betsay Arnold, int.Apr.24,1808.

Turner of Taunton, and Phebe Arnold 2d, Nov.26,1812.

John of Taunton, and Caroline Newcomb, int.Mar.27,1817.

John and Sally Harvey of Taunton, int.Mar.6,1825.

Roby K. and Leonard Hall of Taunton, June3,1827.

Hannah W. and Andrew H. Hall of Taunton, Nov.8,1832.

Harriot T. and Lemuel Arnold Jr. of Taunton, int.Aug.7,1834.

Nancy K. and Joseph W. Dean [int.Deane] of Taunton, Jan.19,1837.

Matilda M. and James W. Hathaway [int.Hothaway] of Freetown, Jan.26,1837.

Caroline and Abner Leonard 2d of Taunton, int.Apr.19,1839.

Daniel and Wealthy A. Hodges, June23,1842.

John C. and Eliza Pratt, int.Nov.13,1844.

Phebe A., b. Taunton, d.John and Caroline of Taunton, and Otis Lincoln, 30, mechanic, s.Timothy of Sutton, Oct.26,1845.

John H. and Sarah E. Bates, int.June20,1847.

George B. and Martha Jones of Raynham, int.Jan.5,1849.


Luther B. of Rochester, and Hannah D. Taber, int.Apr.9,1826.


Samuel Esq. of Mineral Point, WI, and Jane M. Sweet, int.July16,1849.


Sarah of Stoughton, and William Hill of Atelberrough, Sept.21,1750.*

CROASMAN (Crosman, Crossman, Crossmon)

Mercy 2d [int.Crosman] and Benjamin Basset Jr., Jan.17,1765.

CROSMAN (Croasman, Crossman, Crossmon)

Mary of Tanton, and William Basit, Mar.18,1718-19.*

Benjmen of Tanton, and Bethiah Hoskins of Tanton, Aug.11,1737.*

Deborah of Easton, and Zepheniah Newland, int.Dec.5,1749.

Elkanah and Phebe Allen, July14,1755.

Theophilus and Prisilla Wetherel, Mar.1,1764.

Jacob and Anna Andrews of Hopkinton, int.Dec.16,1764.

Josiah of Easton, and Sealey Briggs, int.Oct.27,1782.

James of Plainfield, and Molly Smith, int.Oct.7,1786.

Elisha and Betsy [int.Betsey] Balcom of Rehoboth, May27,1788.

Hannah and James Bolkcom [int.Balcomb], Mar.24,1791.

Asa and Anna [int.Amia] Simmons, Sept.1,1794.

Hannah and Elisha Wetherll, int.June23,1795.

Elisha and Ruth Darby [int.Derby], June18,1810.

Betsay and John Hopkins, July7,1811.

Nancy [int.Crossman] and French Richardson of Attleborough, Oct.26,1820.

Electy of Mansfield, and William Witherell 2d, int.Mar.9,1821.

Theophilus 2d and Hannah Hunt, Sept.11,1825.

Charlott [int.Charlotte] A. and Marcus T. Round of Taunton, Nov.19,1826.

Charles L. and Fanny Hunt, int.Dec.16,1827.


Joseph W. of E. Bridgwater [int.E. Bridgewater], and Mary Jane Danforth, Mar.8,1829.

CROSSMAN (Croasman, Crosman, Crossmon)

Deborah [int.Crosman] of Easton, and David Lincoln [int.Linkon], Nov.1,1750, in Easton.

John of Taunton, and Welthey Wetherel, int.Jan.10,1761.

Elisha Jr. [and] Anna Hathaway of Berkley, int.Feb.22,1818.

Parmelia A. and Zelotes Wetherell of N. Providence, RI, int.Jan.23,1841.

Harrison and Cordelia E. Titus, Apr.6,1842.

Fanny H. and Charles D. Lane, June16,1847.*

Harrison, widr.[int.omits widr.], 27, farmer, s.Elisha (Crossmen), and Elizabeth A. Bellows, 22, d.Jotham, Aug.31,1847.

CROSSMON (Croasman, Crosman, Crossman)

Sarah [int.Crosman "A transsiant person"] and Ebenezer Harring [int.Herring] of Dedham, June21,1770, in Easton.


John and Bythiah Heridon [int.Harridon], Apr.9,1761.

CUMINGS (Commins)

Marcey of Taunton, and Samuell Willis, int.May10,1746.

Nathaniel of Stoughtonham, and Katherine White, int.Dec.25,1766.


Michael and Mrs.Betsey Lincoln, int.July26,1835.

CUPER (Cooper)

Mary and William Nitengell of Brantrey [int.Brantery], May22,1722.

Josiah of Atelborrow, and Lidea Burt, Mar.26,1728.*


Joseph and Patience Rockett of Rrentham, July4,1715, in Dorchester.*

CUTING (Cutting)

Elizebeth of Atelborrough, and John Geary, int.July20,1746.


Beach of Pomferit, and Abigail Hodges [int.Abigaill Hadges], May13,1746.

Isaac of Concord, and Lydia H. [int.Harvey] Braman, Nov.24,1825.

CUTTING (Cuting)

Aaron of Attleboro, and Ruth Pratt, Nov.24,1748.

Aaron of Attleborough [int.Attlebourough], and Sarah Tucker, June10,1755.

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