Laurana (Lauruna) of Canton, and David L. Carver, int.Apr.17,1842.


William, Rev., and Mrs.Sarah Reed of Midleborough, int.July16,1774.

William, Rev., and Mrs.Hannah Backus of Canterbury, int.Apr.10,1778.

NEULAND (Newland, Nuland)

David [int.Newland] and Abigaill Bobbit [int.Boblit] of Easton,末蔓末, 末末 [int.June27,1744].

Joseph of Easton, and Abigaill Bobbit, Nov.22,1744.*


Anna and Dr. Nathan Babbit [int.Jr.],末蔓末, 末末 [int.Mar.14,1779].

Judith and John Ambross, int.Nov.末, 末末 [rec. between Nov.8,1743 and Mar.2,1743-4].

Sarah and John Bennit Jr. of Wrentham, int.Oct.1,1743.

Benjamin and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Mary Everet of Dedham, Nov.24,1743, in Dedham.

Judah and Moses Miller of Rehobath, int.Jan.16,1745-6.

Deborah [int.Deberah] and Jonathan Hodges 1st [int.omits 1st], Mar.20,1745-6.

Joseph and Judith [int.Judah] Pratt, Oct.3,1745.

Judeth [int.Judah Nucomb] and Bliss Tolman of Stoughton [int.Stoughten], May23,1748.

William and Mary Barney [int.2d], Mar.20,1755.

Josiah [int.Newland] and Esther [int.Easther] Briggs of Easton, Feb.16,1758.

Samuel and Mary Morey, Apr.13,1758.

Hannah and Benjamin Rogers, Oct.8,1761.

Mercy 2d [int.omits 2d] and Benjamin Williams Jr., Oct.29,1765.

Jonathan Jr. and Elizabeth Copeland [int.Elisabeth Copland] 2d, Feb.9,1769.

Mary and Gideon Horton, Nov.24,1774.

Joseph and Abigail Walker of Dighton, Oct.末,1777 [sic, int.Dec.5,1778], in Dighton.

John and Lydia Bassett 2d, Dec.4,1777.

James and Esther Dean of Taunton, int.Oct.10,1778.

Rachel and Seth Smith Jr., Mar.16,1780.

Josiah and Rebakah Godfrey 2d of Easton, int.Oct.27,1782.

Judith and Lt. Nathan Babbit, int.Nov.8,1782.

Annas and Abigail Babbit, int.May15,1783.

Susanah [int.Susannah] and Jacob Shaw, Dec.16,1784.

Mehitable [dup. Mehetabul, int.Mehetable] and Elkanah Hall of Mansfield, Sept.2,1790 [dup. 1789] [int.Mar.29,1789].

Betsy and Rishard Feilds Jr. of Mansfield, int.Apr.6,1789.

Asa and Sally Sweet 2d [int.omits 2d] of Mansfield, Apr.6,1790, in Mansfield.

Silvester and Phebe Hall of Rainham, int.Apr.11,1791.

Metilda of Mansfield, and Ebenezer Felch of Mansfield, Feb.15,1795.*

Richard [int.Richad] and Betsy Knowles [dup. Knowls], Sept.15,1797.

Abigail 2d [int.omits 2d] and Asa Copeland, Sept.3,1801.

Lydia 2d and John Wild, Feb.11,1802.

Rebecca [int.Rebecah] 2d and Simeon Prisbury Jr., Dec.8,1804.

Polly and Henry Harvey of Taunton, int.Apr.26,1812.

Josiah Jr. and Nancy Cobb of Mansfield, Mar.30,1815.

Caroline and John Crane of Taunton, int.Mar.27,1817.

Abigail Walker and Abiather Wilbore [int.Wilbur] of Raynham, Feb.22,1818.

Nathaniell and Betsy Lincoln of Taunton, int Oct.31,1822.

William of Taunton, and Almira Hodges, Jan.2,1828.

Josiah and Charlotta [int.Charlotte] Forrist of Foxborough, Dec.12,1833.

Rachel J. and Ozias Bobinson Robinson of Mansfield, int.Oct.17,1835.

Charlotte, Mrs., and Peleg West of Easton, int.Sept.22,1837.

Gilford C. and Harriot B. Sanford of Mansfield, Oct.3,1837.

Jasiah L. and Nancy Snow of Mansfield, int.Apr.29,1841.

Samuel A. and Harriot B. Staples of Taunton, int.Dec.30,1843.

Betsey T. and William A. Hayward of Milford, int.Jan.28,1844.

Betsey and David Godfrey, int.Oct.3,1846.

Josiah L. and Sarah A.C. Dane of Mansfield, int.Oct.10,1846.

John B. and Abby N. Copeland of Brewer, ME, int.Apr.15,1848.

Washington L. and Sarah Jane Smith, int.Mar.3,1849.


Jemima of Taunton, and Nahum W. Hill, int.July2,1846.

NEWLAND (Neuland, Nuland)

Anna [dup. Anne], in 23d y., and Simeon Presbrey [int.Prisbey, int.Prisbury] of Taunton, in 23 d y.,末蔓末, 末末 [int.June17,1781.]

Benjamin and Elizabeth Caswell, Nov.29,1716.*

John and Hannah Caswell, int.Aug.5,1721.

Sarah and Thomas Grover [int.Jr.], Mar.21,1722-3.

Jemima and Ephraim Grover, July25,1728.*

Josiah and Abigaill Grover, Feb.12,1729-30.*

Israel and Abigaile Allen, Dec.26,1734.*

Jacob and Priscilla White, Mar.27,1739.*

Joseph of Easton, and Abigail Bittes, int.Apr.9,1744.

Abigail [int.Abigaill] and Nehemiah Pratt, June28,1748.

Zepheniah and Deborah Crosman of Easton, int.Dec.5,1749.

Zepheniah and Rachel Raymond of Taunton, int.Dec.27,1750.

Jeremiah and Mary Burt, Jan.14,1752.

Abigail and Samuel Briggs, Mar.13,1755.

Rachel and Timothy Welman, Aug.14,1755.

Mary, wid., and Daniel Hunt, int.Feb.7,1756.

Jeremiah and Experience Hunt [int.2d], Mar.31,1757.

Deborah and Robert [int.Robbert] Cole, Nov.29,1759, in Easton.

Persillah [int.Persilla], d.Jacob, and Beal Caswell [int.Caswel], Jan.3,1760.

Naomi and Jotham Basset, Apr.30,1761.

Amoss and Sarah Born of Dighton, int.Nov.20,1762.

Amos and Esther [int.Easther] Briggs, May2,1765.

Jacob [int.Jr.] and Mary Man of Wrentham, Oct.30,1765.

John and Mercy Jones of Taunton, int.June3,1768. "the publishing forbid by the above named John Newland July the 2d 1768. "

Israel and Easther Wetherel, Jan.5,1769.

Jeremiah and Susanah Cambel, Oct.19,1769.

Hannah and John Watters, int.Feb.15,1777. "Cryed one Time and forbid by the Select meen. "

Abiah and Joshua Atherton Jr. of Mansfield, int.Aug.3,1777.

John and Lydia Thayer of Taunton, int.Aug.11,1782.

Easther 2d and Thomas Lincoln of Taunton, int.Oct.24,1784.

Enos and Lucy Franklin, int.Aug.23,1794.

David and Dency Wetherell, Oct.16,1794.

Masa and Nancy Wetherell [int.Wetherll], Nov.19,1795.

Jonathan and Hannah Danforth, Apr.14,1807.


Elizabeth [int.Elizebeth of Taunton] and Daniel Bassett, Sept.25,1792.

Lydia and Isaac Burt, Apr.5,1796, in Rehoboth.

NICHOLSON (Nickerson)

Elizabeth of Wrentham, and Nathon Deane, Dec.28,1737, in Wrentham.*

NICKERSON (Nicholson)

Rebecca of Patucket, and John A. Coney of Johnston, RI, Nov.18,1838, in Pawtucket.*



Daniel Jr. of Easton, and Elisabeth Randall of Easton, Nov.20,1760.*

David of Alexandria, NH, and Betsy Downing, Sept.2,1792.*


William of Brantrey [int.Brantery], and Mary Cuper, May22,1722.


Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] of Shrewsbury, and Silas Cook, Apr.1,1763, in Shrewsbury.


Rufus and Maloncey Daley of Smithfield, RI, int.Nov.27,1836.


William and Charity Harridon, int.June26,1767.

Abigail and Levi Claffin, Nov.19,1789.

John of Taunton, and Bethiah Hodges of Taunton, Sept.1,1793.*

Sally and Enos Storey, int.Sept.27,1800.

John and Ellethear Rounds of Attleborough, int.June20,1802.

Abigail and Daniel Elles of Mansfield, int.Nov.27,1803.

Abigail and George Skinner of Mansfield, Dec.18,1803.*

Allen and Adah [int.Ada] Shepard, July1,1812.

NULAND (Neuland, Newland)

Esther and Nehemiah Pratt, int.Mar.30,1747.

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