WADE (Waid)

Charles H. and Semantha White of Easton, May1,1842.*


Margerett of Duxbery, and Capt. George Mory, int.June22,1749.

WAID (Wade)

Lidoria Ann [int.Waide] and John Copeland, Sept.14,1821.


Pentacoast [int.Pentacost Walcut] of Attleborough, and Mrs.Hannah Sprought [int.Sproat], May21,1809.


Abigaill of Tanton, and Gershom Williams of Dighton, Aug.2,1729.*


Sarah, Mrs., of Taunton, and Capt. Simeon Witherel, int.Feb.3,1749.

Eleazer [int.Eliazer] and Caty Carpenter [int.Carpentor], Apr.13,1767 [int.Jan.30,1768, sic], in Rehoboth.

Hannah and Zebedee Sprout of Middleborough, int.Mar.23,1771.

Abigail of Dighton, and Joseph Newcomb, Oct.末,1777 [sic, int.Dec.5,1778], in Dighton.

Benjamin of Taunton, and Hannah Crane, int.July28,1789.

Salley [int.Sally] and Samuel Hunt Jr., Jan.28,1790.

Content of Mansfield, and Joseph Titus, Jan.7,1802.

George and Nancy Titus, Jan.20,1803.

James and Leona Eddy, Aug.4,1805.

George and Polly Titus, June22,1806.

Deborah of Franklin, and Alanson Makepeace, int.July13,1806.

Hannah and Asa Danforth, Nov.27,1806.

Eleazer Jr. and Abigil Danforth Horton, int.May7,1815.

Clarissa and Newton Sweet, Dec.31,1816.

Chloe Nelson and Daniel Morey, Oct.11,1818.

Sarah C. of Fall River, and Zebulon P. White, int.Apr.2,1840.

Lydia, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 47, b. Berkley, d.Nathaniel Hathaway and Anna of Berkley, and William Sweet, 55, farmer, s.Michael dec'd and Phebe, Apr.15,1847.


Rebecca of Taunton, and Hosea Williams of Taunton, Aug.12,1827.*

Mary of Providence, RI, and Edward B. Goodwin, int.Oct.30,1837.

WARE (Wares)

Marey and Seth Makepease, June21,1732.*

William and Anna Hodges, Sept.27,1733.*

Jerusha (Ware) of Wrentham, and Hezekiah King, July11,1734.*

Miletiah, Mrs., of Wrentham, and Ephraim Leonard Esq., int.June28,1745.

Lucey [int.Lucy] and Jonathan Lawrance [int.Lawrence] Jr., Feb.2,1748 [sic, int.Dec.31,1748].

Mary and Jonathan Eddy, May4,1749.

Ichabod of Wrentham, and Sarah Skinner [int.Skiner], May30,1754, in Wrentham.

Moses Jr. and Rebecca [int.Rebekah] Puffer 2d, Dec.3,1761.

WARES (Ware)

Moses [int.Ware] and Mary Titus of Rehoboth [int.Rehobath], Sept.18,1746, in Rehoboth.

WASHBURN (Washburne, Woshbon)

Mary [int.Woshbond] of Plymouth, and Abijah Fisher, July23,1752, in Plymouth.

Melatiah and Zilpah Shaw of Plimton, int.Jan.13,1756.

Melatiah [int.Meletiah] and Eunice Wetherel, Jan.11,1770.

Meletiah [int.Malatiah Woshbourn] and Mary Hearth [int Heath] of Swansey, Feb.20,1777, in Swansey.

Susanna of Easton, and Jeremiah Whipple Daggett, int.Sept.30,1824.

James S. and Betsey Bryant, int.June29,1833.

WASHBURNE (Washburn, Woshbon)

Martha [int.Washbond] of Rehobath, and Nathaniel Briggs, July31,1766.

WASTCOAT (Westcoatt)

Cornelius of Dighton, and Sarah Wetherl, int.July17,1788.


Hannah of Halifax, and Timothy Briggs, int.Aug.25,1782.

WATERS (Watters)

Samuel [int.Samuell Woters] and Bethiah Thayer, Aug.31,1723.


Elkanah Jr. of Freetown [int.Freeton], and Rachel Smith 2d, Mar.3,1789.

WATTERS (Waters)

John and Hannah Newland, int.Feb.15,1777. "Cryed one Time and forbid by the Select meen. "


Walter and Eunice Leonard, int.Feb.12,1834.


Richord of Rehoboth [int.Richard of Rehobath], and Sarah Clarke [int.Clark], Sept.26,1768, in Rehoboth.

Rebecah of Taunton, and John Andrews, int.Jan.8,1791.

Lucy of Taunton, and Seth Hodges, Jan.9,1794.

Nathaniel, mechanic, b. Taunton, and Celia M. Perry, b. Providence, RI, d.Ichabod and Celia, July27,1847.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

WELLMAN (Welman)

Ebenezar and Sarah Hall, Dec.11,1716.*

Sarah and John Hall, Mar.7,1726-7.*

Ebenezer [int.Welman Jr.] and Sarah Payson of Stoughton [int.Peson of Stoton], May28,1747.

Elkanah and Mehittable Wellman of Lyn, int.Feb.2,1748-9.

Mehittable of Lyn, and Elkanah Wellman, int.Feb.2,1748-9.

Hannah of Attleboro [int.Atelborrough], and Isaac Wellman [int.Isaace Welman], Aug.4,1748.

Isaac [int.Isaace Welman] and Hannah Wellman of Attleboro [int.Atelborrough], Aug.4,1748.

Mary [int.Marey] and Abraham Darrey [int.Derrey], Aug.22,1776.

WELMAN (Wellman)

Joseph [int.Wellmon] and Charity [int.Charety] Hall, July31,1722.

Samuell and Hannah Hall, June9,1730.*

Abigaile of Atelborough, and James Powel of Atelborough, Nov.11,1730.*

Ebenezer and Martha Welman of Atelborough, Apr.27,1736.*

Martha of Atelborough, and Ebenezer Welman, Apr.27,1736.*

Hannah and Elisha Patridg of Stoughton, Dec.11,1740.*

Hannah and Ebenezer Grover, June12,1744.

Sarah [int.Wellman] and John Forest [int.Forrest] Jr. of Stoughton, July13,1749, in Stoughton.

Ruben [int.Reuben Wellman] and Mary Grover [int.Grovier], Jan.16,1752.

Silas [int.Wellman] and Ketherine Payson [int.Katharine Pearson] of Stoughton, Mar.5,1752.

Sarah and James Grover, Apr.18,1754.

Timothy and Rachel Newland, Aug.14,1755.

Ebenezer and Prisilla Day of Stoughton, Mar.26,1761.

Mary and George Britnel, Jan.15,1767.

WENCHEL (Winchil)

Sarah and Simeon Briggs, June21,1753.

Mary and Hezekiah Willard, Mar.15,1764.

Hannah [int.Wenchal] and Ephraim Burr [int.Bur] of Easton, June9,1774.


Peleg of Easton, and Mrs.Charlotte Newcomb, int.Sept.22,1837.

WESTCOATT (Wastcoat)

Mary S. of Providence, and Michael Sweet Jr., int.Feb.5,1810.


James and Aseneth Danforth of Taunton, int.June28,1817.


William of Attleborough, and Pathene [int.Pethene] Lane, Sept.22,1763.

WETHEREL (Wetherell, Wetherl, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Abigail and William Leonard, Apr.1,1718.*

Marcy and Isaac Dunham, Jan.31,1731-2.*

Charaity and Epharaim Hewit of Eastton, Oct.7,1735.*

Nathaniell Jr. and Dina Lincol, Aug.4,1737.*

Isaac and Ester Austin, Nov.10,1737.*

Dina and Henery Wetherel, July6,1738.*

Henery and Dina Wetherel, July6,1738.*

Judith and Joseph Austin, Mar.13,1739.*

John 3d and Mary Gilbert, Oct.16,1740.*

Mary [int.2d] and William Puffer Jr., Feb.27,1753.

Nathaniel and Hannah Richmond of Taunton, int Aug.11,1753.

George and Mary Makepeace [int.2d], Dec.11,1754.

Henry Jr. and Phebe Austen of Dighton, int.Sept.27,1760.

Welthey and John Crossman of Taunton, int.Jan.10,1761.

Bathsheba and Philip Wilbore of Taunton, Jan.27,1761.

Phebe and Elijah Wilbore of Raynham, int.May30,1761.

Rhoda and Timothy Clap of Stoughton [int.of Walpole], Mar.24,1762.

Lucy and Stephen Austen, int.Dec.11,1762.

Miriam and Elkanah Wilbore of Raynham, int.May7,1763.

Prisilla and Theophilus Crosman, Mar.1,1764.

William and Hannah Makepeace, June7,1764.

Zurviah and James Perry of Easton, Jan.31,1765.

David and Annah Wilbore of Raynham, int.June8,1765.

George and Lydia Philips [int.Phillips 2d], July25,1765.

Ebenezer and Lydia Lincoln 2d, July30,1765.

Solomon and Hannah Sweating [int.Sweeting], Oct.30,1765.

Ephraim Jr. and Tabitha Harvey, int.Nov.2,1765.

Abijah and Mary Ranger, int.Mar.16,1766.

Molle and James Colman, Dec.25,1766.

Benjamin Jr. and Molle Forrest of Stoughtonham, int.Sept.4,1767.

Easther and Israel Newland, Jan.5,1769.

Soloman [int.Solomon] and Sarah Lincoln 2d, Apr.27,1769.

Elijah and Mehetable [int.Mehetebel] Wetherel, Nov.16,1769.

Mehetable [int.Mehetebel] and Elijah Wetherel, Nov.16,1769.

Eunice and Melatiah [int.Meletiah] Washburn, Jan.11,1770.

Hannah and Abiel Lincoln Jr., Apr.5,1770.

Dinah 2d and George Burt Jr. of Taunton, int.June29,1770.

Sibbel [int.Sibel] and Daniel White, Aug.28,1770.

Mercy and Edward Derby, Mar.14,1771.

Sarah 4th and Nathan Shaw, June4,1771.*

Margret and Rufus Briggs, Oct.14,1772.*

Elias and Sally Hunt, Nov.20, 末末 [int.Sept.14,1806].

WETHERELL (Wetherel, Wetherl, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Patience [int.Witherel] and Zebulon Field of Taunton, Feb.22,1749-50, in Easton.

John 2d and Anna Bolcom of Attleborough, Sept.23,1772, in Attlelborough.*

Esther and Joseph Barrows of Attleborough, Nov.17,1774.

Simeon and Hannah Pershow of Raynham, int.Apr.1,1775.

Hannah and Josiah Keith of Easton, Sept.11,1775, in Easton.*

Loney [int.Leony] and Ealiphalet [int.Eliphalet] Felt of Dedham [int.Deadham], Nov.4,1779.

Anna and Gamaliel Leonard of Raynham, int.Sept.15,1782.

James and Zuby Williams, int.Feb.2,1783.

Lydia 2d [int.Wetherl] and Nathan Franklin Jr. of Westmorland, Sept.2,1790.

Molly Ranger 2d and Abiel Ripley of Eastown, int.Nov.12,1790.

Mehetable 2d and George Caulwell, int.Jan.28,1792.

Allic [int.Alice] 2d and Abiel Ames of Bridgwater, Feb.8,1792.

John [int.2d] and Rebeccah [int.Rebecah] Ripley of Easton [int.Eastown], June12,1792, in Easton.

Seley [int.Selah] and Edward Simmon [int.Simmons] Jr., Dec.5,1793.

Dency and David Newland, Oct.16,1794.

Prudenc [int.Prudence] and Joseph Hunt Jr., Nov.20,1794.

Nancy [int.Wetherll] and Masa Newland, Nov.19,1795.

James and Priscilla Burt of Berekey, int.June1,1800.

Lettice and Pliney [int.Plyna] Puffer [int.Puffor], Aug.14,1803.

Lincoln and Betsy [int.Betsay] Skinner [int.2d], Aug.11,1805.

Rebecca of Easton, and Macy Phillop of Easton, Feb.20,1814.*

Elezebeth and David Wood of Carver, int.Nov.4,1816.

Eunice 2d and Stilman Smith, Nov.28,1816.

Betcy [int.Betsy] and Moses Tibbits of Easton, Mar.11,1824.

Polly B. [int.omits B.] and Hathaway Leonard, Sept.9,1824.

Rhoda and Zechariah Drake of Easton, int.Apr.21,1825.

Caroline and George W. Simson of Boston, Nov.7,1825.

Sally M. and Seth Smith, Feb.15,1826.

Solomon of Raynham, and Luranah Woodward, int.Oct.3,1827.

Newman and Celia Field, Aug.16,1829.

Mary Jane and Isaac Wilcox of Taunton, int.Sept.26,1834.

Sally M. and Schuyler Freeman, Oct.26,1837.

Benjamin C. and Sarah L. Sweet, Apr.9,1838.

Zelotes of N. Providence, RI, and Parmelia A. Crossman, int.Jan.23,1841.

Eunice H. and Luin [int.Luen] C. Leonard, Apr.26,1841.

Hiram H. and Lurinda S. White of Taunton, int.Jan.24,1842.

Caleb S. and Cordelia E. Lane, Nov.7,1842.

Angeline and William R. Fobes, int.Jan.20,1844.

Hannah Jane, 28, d.Elias and Sarah, and Henry K.W. Smith, 26, machinist, s.Stillman and Eunice, Jan.26,1846.

William Jr. and Emmily E. Alden, int.June27,1846.

Lydia, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 67, d.Joseph Hunt and Eunice, and Joseph Titus, widr.[int.omits widr.], 72, farmer, s.Ebenezer and Mehetable, Nov.22,1846.

Stillmon [int.Stillman] A., 25, farmer, s.George and Lydia, and Adeline Smith, 20, d.Jarvis and Henrietta, Apr.13,1848.

WETHERL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Abijah Jr. of Easton, and Selah Bassett, int.June30,1787.

Asa and Hannah White of Taunton, int.Aug.10,1787.

Raney [int.Rayna] and Abraham Burt of Taunton, Mar.20,1788.

John 2d and Keziah White of Rainham, int.July6,1788.

Sarah and Cornelius Wastcoat of Dighton, int.July17,1788.

David and Hannah Burt 2d of Taunton, int.Sept.16,1789.

WETHERLL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherl, Wethrell, Witherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Elisha and Hannah Crosman, int.June23,1795.

WETHRELL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherl, Wetherll, Witherel, Witherell, Withrell)

Jonathan and Marget Cirth, int.Mar.24,1721-2. "and thay were ferbid by her father and on the 4th of febuary 1722-3 thay ware Published a Gaine by his Leive. "

Hannah [and] John Briggs Jr., int.Aug.5,1721.

Simeon and Lidea Makepeice of Tanton, int.Oct.1,1723.

Ephraim and Barshebe Wilde, July10,1742.*

Job and Jean Pershow of Middleberough [int.Janney Peshoe of Midelberrow], July12,1744.

Margeret of Easton, and Noses Moses Haward of Easton, July15,1747.*

Rebecah [int.Rebeccah Witherell] and Seth Gilbert [int.Guilbert], Dec.28,1749.

Miriam [dup. and int.Meriam Witherell] and William Tiffeny [dup. Tiffeney, int.Tiffany], Mar.1,1750.

Lydea [int.Lydia Witherel] and Samuel Wild, July17,1750.

Samuel [int.Wetherel] and Elizebeth Willbour [int.Elizabeth Wilbur], Apr.14,1799.

WHEALER (Wheelar, Wheeler, Wheller)

Elkanah [int.Wheeler] and Rhoda Richardson, Sept.12,1830.

WHEATEN (Wheaton, Wheeton)

Laban [int.Laben Wheaton] Esq. and Fanney [int.Fanny] Morey, June1,1794.

WHEATON (Wheaten, Wheeton)

Abigail of Mansfield, and John Hodges, Nov.2,1780, in Mansfield.

Daniel and Hannah Lebaron Goodwin [int.Hannah Lebarron Goodin] of Easton, Feb.3,1794, in Easton.

George and Lydia Shaw of Rainham, int.Apr.16,1798.

Elizabeth [int.Elezebeth] and Minor [int.Miner] Sprague Lincoln of Boston, May17,1818.

Eliza F. and Dr. Woodbridge Strong of Boston, June27,1826.

Laban M. Esq. and Eliza B. Chapin of Uxbridge, int.May23,1829.

WHEELAR (Whealer, Wheeler, Wheller)

Roby [int.Ruba] and Bela Peck of Rehoboth, Nov.8,1807.

WHEELER (Whealer, Wheelar, Wheller)

Rhoda of Rehoboth [int.Whealler of Rehobath], and Jacob Leonard, Dec.8,1763, in Rehoboth.

Nancy of Rehoboth, and Samuel Arnold, Feb.19,1799 [sic, int.Feb.4,1792], in Rehoboth.

Wheaton and Patty Jackson, int.Oct.21,1815.

Martha Ann [int.J.] and Sanford White of Easton, June10,1838.

Nathaniel J. and Elizabeth Stearns of Franklin, int.Feb.16,1844.


Loomas J. and Catharine M. Storey, Mar.25,1834.

WHEETON (Wheaten, Wheaton)

George [int.Wheeten] and Elizebeth Mory, Oct.4,1750.

WHELLER (Whealer, Wheelar, Wheeler)

James of Rehobath, and Elizabeth Brintinal, Oct.2,1738.*


Abigail of Rehoboth, and Jonathan Fisher, Oct.12,1738, in Rehoboth.*


Ebenezer, Rev., and Hannah Richards of Roxbery, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.26 and June26,1749].

Hiram P. and Mary Carpenter,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Apr.28,1821].

Susanna [int.Susannah] and James Witherell [int.Wetherell],末蔓末, 末末 [int.June27,1784].

Ursula and Samuell Caswell, Feb.5,1727-8.*

Elizebeth of Taunton, and Thomas Storer, Nov.7,1727.*

Nicholas and Sarah King, May1,1728.*

Philip and Lydia Hall, Mar.17,1730-1.*

Ebenezer and Sarah Caswell, May21,1730.*

Damaras and Benjamin Tree, 末蔓29,1731.*

Margrit and Benjamin Woodcoock of Atteburough, Mar.20,1734-5.*

Judith and Nathan Williams, May9,1734.*

Lydia and Thomas Morey, Jan.29,1735-6.*

Henery of Eastton, and Elizabet Caswell, Feb.9,1735-6.*

Content of Tanton, and Thomas Sheperd, June5,1735.*

Jacob and Elizabeth Williams, Apr.6,1738.*

Priscilla and Jacob Newland, Mar.27,1739.*

Josiah and Elizebeth Smith of Taunton, Nov.13,1740.*

Isaac and Hannah Hews of Wrentham, int.Mar.14,1743-4.

Dameras and James Briggs, May5,1743.

Jonathan 2d and Hannah Jackson of Atelborough, int.Nov.8,1743.

Abigaill and Joseph Woodkack [int.Woodkock] of Atelberrough, Jan.10,1744-5.

Joseph Jr. of Taunton, and Bethiah Coswell [int.Casuell], Aug.2,1744.

Daniel [int.Daniell] and Phebe Keith of Easton, Sept.3,1746.

Marcey [int.Marcy] and Nehemiah Elliot [int.Ellit], Sept.23,1746.

Benjamin [int.Benjamen] and Sarah [int.Saroh] Williams, July30,1748.

Hannah of Easton, and Joseph Godfree, int.Nov.19,1748.

Ursula and Thomas Morey, int.Nov.21,1748.

Simeon of Taunton, and Dinah Witherell, int.Mar.3,1749.

Samuel and Sarah Grover [int.Grovier], Sept.26,1749.

John and Mary Grovier, Sept.5,1751.

Elisabeth 2d and Daniel Philips, int.May30,1752. "the publishment did not stand 14 Days."

David of Raynham, and Abigail Austen, Aug.26,1752.

Phebe and George Braman, Sept.14,1752.

Sarah and John Person, Mar.14,1753.

Susannah of Raynham, and James Fillebrown, int.Nov.2,1753.

Sarah and George Fuller of Attleborough, Feb.7,1754.

Elizabeth and Peter Porter of Taunton, int.Dec.4,1755.

Experience and Samuel Pratt [int.2d], Jan.15,1756.

Nicolas Jr. and Sarah Person, wid., int.Jan.24,1756.

Philip and Abigail Cambel, Mar.2,1758.

John 2d and Susannah Jackson, July13,1758.

Elisabeth [int.3d] and John Hall, Sept.14,1758.

Josiah Jr. and Mary Worsley [int.Wussley] of Walpole, Nov.16,1758.

Nathan and Mary Leonard of Easton, Feb.15,1759.

Elisabeth [int.2d] and Thomas Wilson of Newtown, July12,1759.

David and Sarah Bates, int.Nov.3,1759.

Experience, Mrs., of Taunton, and [int.adds Maj.] George Leonard Jr. Esq. [int.omits Jr. Esq.], Nov.27,1759.

Sarah and Nathan Williams Jr., Mar.12,1761.

John Jr. [int.omits Jr.] of Haverhill [int.Haverel], and Mrs.Sarah Labaron [int.Lebaron], Nov.10,1761.

Mercy and Nathan Sterns of Wrentham, int.Jan.22,1762.

Nathaniel Jr. of Taunton, and Mehetabel [int.Mehetable] Morey, Aug.5,1762.

Mary 3d and Lemuel Fisher, Apr.7,1763.

Eliab and Mary Bates, June27,1763.

Elisabeth and Benjamin Lincoln [int.Linkon] 3d of Taunton, May17,1764.

Josiah 2d and Kezia Smith of Taunton, int.Sept.25,1764.

Job and Lusannah Williams of Easton, June4,1765.

Ebenezer 2d and Mary Hinks, Sept.19,1765.

Levi and Hannah Lincoln of Taunton, int.Nov.2,1765.

Ebenezer and Sarah Grover, June25,1766.

Rachel and John King, Aug.28,1766.

Katherine and Nathaniel Cumings of Stoughtonham, int.Dec.25,1766.

Anne, Mrs., of Taunton, and Daniel Leonard, int.Jan.3,1767.

Mary and Jonathan Piddg of Attleborough, int.Jan.14,1767.

Hannah 3d and Soloman [int.Solomon] Pratt, May13,1767.

Charity and Micajah Dorman, int.June末,1768.

David and Mary Story, June20,1768.

Elijah and Lydia Merrey, int.Mar.18,1769.

Abigail and John Dean, Sept.19,1769.

Jonathan 2d and Mercy Grover, Dec.6,1769.

Hannah 3d and Vinton Richardson of Attleborough, int.Feb.9,1770.

Abijah and Amma White, int.Feb.24,1770. "the publishing forbid March 9th 1770 by his father Henry White."

Amma and Abijah White, int.Feb.24,1770. "the publishing forbid March 9th 1770 by his father Henry White. "

Ketherine and Amos Smith, int.Mar.24,1770. "The publishment Did not stand up 14 Days."

Edward 2d [int.omits 2d] and Anna Hewit [int.Anne Hewet] of Easton, May3,1770, in Easton.

Daniel and Sibbel [int.Sibel] Wetherel, Aug.28,1770.

Keziah and David Lovell of Mansfield, Nov.15,1772, in Mansfield.*

Judith of Mansfield, and Thomas Storey, Nov.17,1772.*

Martha [int.Marthew] of Mansfield, and William Copeland, Nov.28,1775.

Saul and Elizabeth Smith of Stoughton, June12,1776, in Stoughton.

Hannah 2d of Rainham, and John Tisdal, int.Apr.9,1780.

Lydia and John McDonail, int.May7,1780.

Timothy of Taunton, and Sarah Smith, Nov.7,1782.

Olive of Marshfield, and Jesse Hodges, Dec.1,1782, in Marshfield.

Isaac, Maj., of Mansfield, and Mehitable [int.Mehetible] Lane, Feb.6,1783.

Hannah of Taunton, and Asa Wetherl, int.Aug.10,1787.

Lydia and Abijah Lincoln, Nov.5,1787, in Easton.

Sarah, wid., of Mansfield, and Philip Cooper, Nov.22,1787, in Mansfield.*

Olive of Mansfield, and Voden Tucker, int.Apr.19,1788.

Keziah of Rainham, and John Wetherl 2d, int.July6,1788.

Epharim of Taunton, and Elisabeth Smith 2d, int.Aug.18,1788.

Silance and Joseph Hodges of Taunton, int.July18,1789.

Solomon of Braintre [int.Braintree], and Rhoda Braman, Oct.29,1790.

Elizabeth [int.Elizebeth] and Daniel Derby [int.Darby] of Taunton, Dec.30,1790, in Mansfield.

Hannah [int.2d] and Elisha Capron, Jan.10,1791.

Abraham Jr. and Betty Randall of Easton [int.Betsy Randell of Eastown], Feb.10,1793, in Easton.

Adonijah and Keziah Howard [int.Haward] of Easton [int.Eastown], Feb.20,1794, in Easton.

Nabby of Taunton, and Abijah Wilbor of Taunton, Aug.13,1795.*

Rachel of Taunton, and Thomas Smith of Taunton, Nov.22,1795.*

Laurinda [int.Linda] and Elkanah Wood, May17,1798.

Sally and Asahel Dean Jr., May28,1798.

Patty Keith and Abel Sampson of Bridgwater, Nov.27,1806.

Howe and Temprance Dean of Raynham, int.Dec.7,1806.

Abigail and John Tisdale of Easton, int.Oct.25,1807.

Daniel Jr. and Betsa Storey, Jan.13,1809.

Zebalon Jr. and Barsheba Pierce of Middleborough, int.Mar.26,1809.

Lewis and Nancy Godfray, Oct.5,1809.

Prudence and James Pitts of Taunton, Nov.30,1809.

George of Easton, and Deborah Leonard, int.Feb.18,1810.

Isaac of Mansfield, and Sophia Hodges, May24,1810.

Zebulon, Maj., and Mrs.Sarah Everett of Wrentham, int.Aug.10,1811.

Lucymari of Taunton, and Reuben Wilbor, int.Feb.9,1812.

Elijah and Sophia Storey, Apr.15,1813.

Peggy of Hallifax, and Zebelon White Jr., int.Jan.4,1815.

Zebelon Jr. and Peggy White of Hallifax, int.Jan.4,1815.

Daniel of Mansfield, and Prutia Thompson, int.Oct.31,1817.

Cyrus [int.Sirus] of Halifax, and Sarah [int.adds Samson] Blandin, Dec.2,1819.

Abigail Alden and William Chapman, int.Mar.3,1821.

Fanny and Eli Wood, Sept.29,1824.

Josephus [int.Josephas] of Hanson, and Abigail Ann Wood, Sept.29,1824.

Abigail and Ebenezar Hodges of Mansfield, int.Feb.25,1826.

Charles of Hanson, and Nancy W. Rider, May26,1829.

Susannah M. of Taunton, and Christopher C. Blanchard of Taunton, Dec.26,1830.*

Triphene and Hery Clement [int.Henry Crement], Mar.26,1832.

Julia Maria and Elethan [int.Ethan] Howard Howard [sic] [int.omits Howard] of Easton, June19,1836, in Raynham.

George Jr. and Sarah Ann Makepeace, int.May6,1837.

Jason of Easton, and Betsey B. Lincoln, May21,1837.

Clarrisa of Taunton, and Robert H. Bellamy, int.Oct.12,1837.

Horace of Attleborough, and Lydia Conant of Attleborough, Apr.6,1838, in Attleborough.*

Sanford of Easton, and Martha Ann [int.J.] Wheeler, June10,1838.

Prudence A. and George M. King, int.June23,1839.

Zebulon P. and Sarah C. Walker of Fall River, int.Apr.2,1840.

Earl C. and Elizabeth [int.adds A.] Sweet, Apr.25,1841.

Abigail S. of Mansfield, and David W. Makepeace, int.Sept.28,1841.

Lurinda S. of Taunton, and Hiram H. Wetherell, int.Jan.24,1842.

Semantha of Easton, and Charles H. Wade, May1,1842.*

Lysander, shoemaker, of Easton, b. Easton, s.Howe and Mary Beals, Oct.29,1843.

Jared Jr., 28, farmer, of Mansfield, and Harriot B. Braman [int.Bramon], 19, bonnet sewer, d.Thomas Jr., Oct.20,1844.

Nancy C., housekeeper, b. Raynham, d.末末 of Raynham, and [int.adds Capt.] Almond Tucker, widr.[int.omits widr.], 41y.11m., mechanic, s.Benejah and Lydiae, May18,1845.

Thomas J., 19, farmer, of Raynham, b. Raynham, s.Joshua and Nancy of Raynham, and Julia Palmer, 18, b. Dighton, Mar.10,1847.*

Cyrus, widr.[int.omits widr.], mechanic, b. Hallifax, and Arsenath [int.Asenath] Bradford, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], of Attleborough, May13,1847.

Stephen, manufacturer, of S. Hadley, and Lydia Bradstreet, May18,1847.

Cyrus N., 22, s.Cyrus and Sarah (Moulder), and Ruth P. Shepardson, 26, of Franklin, d.John (Sheperdson) [and] Mary, int.Dec.22,1849.

WHITEMAN (Whitman)

David of Waymouth, and Johannah Fisher, Jan.26,1736-7.*

WHITFORD (Whittford)


Ephraim of Wrentham, and Abigaile Mason of Taunton, June23,1731.*

Samuell of Rentham, and Patience Tytus, int.Jan.20,1749.

John and Marcy Titus, June18,1795.

Betsey of Norfolk, VA, and Leonard Smith, int.July26,1828.

Joseph M. of Franklin [int.Francklin], and Clarisa Ann Dary, Jan.17,1839.

Daniel Peter of Franklin, and Lydia Adeline Briggs, int.Nov.2,1841.

WHITMAN (Whiteman)

John and Rebeckah Manley, "both of the Esten of Taunton north purchase," int.Feb.25,1712-13.

Daniell of Weymouth, and Zerviah Braman, Apr.6,1742.*

Jane of Easton, and Benjamin Lane, int.Sept.4,1758. "and his Publishing was forbid september 15th 1758 By the select Men of the town of Norton from under Their hands in Writing. "

Lydia of Bridgewater, and Daniel Deane, Sept.27,1770, in Bridgewater.*


Avis Palmer of Dighton, and William Hodges, int.Aug.1,1822.

Francis A., 40, farmer, of Dighton, b. Dighton, s.Robert and Avis of Dighton, and Emeline Hodges, 30, d.Seth dec'd and Lucy, Nov.11,1849.


Eunice of Taunton, and David W. Wilbor, int.Aug.3,1822.


Amme of Rehoboth, and Samuel Stephens, int.Dec.10,1780.

WILBER (Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilbur, Willbour)

Naomi [int.Wilbor] of Taunton, and Beriah Willis, May24,1792.

Elkanah [int.Wilbor] Jr. of Rainham, and Hannah Cole, Feb.末,1798.

Seth of Bridgwater, and Rachel Shelly, int.July26,1801.

Ephraim Jr. and Susan Leonard, int.Oct.13,1811.

Field and Martha Burtt, int.May10,1812.

Barsena and Elias Clapp, int.Oct.25,1812.

WILBOR (Wilber, Wilbore, Wilbur, Willbour)

Joseph Jr. of Taunton, and Abigail Briggs 2d, int.Mar.19,1785.

Zehiah of Taunton, and Levi Woodward, int.Nov.4,1785.

Benjamin and Michel [int.Michal] Wilbor of Taunton, July10,1793.

Michel [int.Michal] of Taunton, and Benjamin Wilbor, July10,1793.

Isaiah [int.Wilbore of Taunton] and Prudanc [int.Prudence] Burt, Nov.20,1794.

Abijah of Taunton, and Nabby White of Taunton, Aug.13,1795.*

Joel of Rainham, and Anna Keith 2d, Dec.22,1796.

Hannah (Willor) and Elijah Braman, Jan.14,1808.

Reuben and Lucymari White of Taunton, int.Feb.9,1812.

David W. and Eunice Whitmore of Taunton, int.Aug.3,1822.

Hannah of Easton, and Cyrus Drake of Easton, Aug.12,1822.*

WILBORE (Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbur, Willbour)

Lydia of Raynham, and Elijah Barney, int.Nov.9,1754.

Elijah of Raynham, and Charity Pratt, int.July14,1759. "And the publishing forbid by the said Charity pratts Mother Tabitha pratt July18th 1759. "

Philip of Taunton, and Bathsheba Wetherel, Jan.27,1761.

Elijah of Raynham, and Phebe Wetherel, int.May30,1761.

Elkanah of Raynham, and Miriam Wetherel, int.May7,1763.

Annah of Raynham, and David Wetherel, int.June8,1765.

Linus of Raynham [int.Wilbor of Rainham], and Huldah [int.Hulda] Gilbert, Aug.28,1806.

Hannah and Abizor [int.Abizer] Field Jr., Jan.4,1807.

Deborah of Taunton, and Nadebiah Lincoln Jr., int.July5,1807.

Calvin and Maria Leonard of Raynham, int.Nov.9,1815.

Abiather [int.Wilbur] of Raynham, and Abigail Walker Newcomb, Feb.22,1818.

Charlottee of Raynham, and John Eddy Jr., int.Oct.20,1821.

WILBUR (Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbore, Willbour)

Field and Rhoda Dean, int.Dec.23,1804.

Dinah of Taunton, and Stephen Austin of Taunton, Dec.20,1823.*

Mary W. and John L. Pierce of Taunton, int.Oct.19,1829.

Clarrisa R. and Cornelius Roise of Easton, int.Dec.7,1831.

Hannah and David Holmes of Taunton, Jan.1,1832.

Artemas of Raynham, and Mary M. Field of Raynham, Oct.27,1834.*

Joseph and Lydia Field of Taunton, Mar.27,1838.

Prudence and James C. Clapp, May9,1841, in Rehoboth.

Susan of Rayenham, and Amasa Lincoln of Rayenham, Dec.7,1841.*

Enoch B. of Raynham, and Elizabeth C. Arnold, int.Mar.6,1844.

Alvin D. [int.Wilber], of Raynham, b. Raynham, s.末末 of Raynham, and Cornelia W. Lothrop, 20, d.Solomon, May4,1845.

Hannah F. and Ebenezer Fuller Jr. of Carver, int.Aug.24,1845.

Oren Jr. and Lousnizar Lonizar L. Levvit of Mansfield, int.Mar.25,1848.


Isaac of Taunton, and Mary Jane Wetherell, int.Sept.26,1834.

WILD (Wilde)

Abigaile and Benjamin Skinner, Aug.24,1731.*

Mary and Jacob Lenord of Tanton, Oct.13,1737.*

John [int.Wilds] and Silence Clap, Oct.25,1744.

John Jr. and Anna [int.Anne] Hodges, May1,1746.

Samuell [int.Samuel] and Lydea Wethrell [int.Lydia Witherel], July17,1750.

Samuel and Marcy Pratt of Taunton, int.May9,1752.

Anne and Samuel Clap Jr., Apr.21,1757.

Lydia and Samuel Clap Jr., int.Aug.13,1768.

Benjamin and Sarah Babbit, May11,1773.*

John of Taunton, and Sarah Kingman, int.Apr.21,1782.

Samuel 3d [int.Jr.] of Taunton, and Abiah Hall 2d, June4,1794.

Sarah [int.2d] and Lysander Makepeac, Sept.11,1794.

John and Lydia Newcomb 2d, Feb.11,1802.

Betsy of Taunton, and William Lane Jr., int.Jan.25,1823.

Warren of Walpole, and Charlotte [int.Charlottee] Lincoln, Apr.1,1827.

WILDE (Wild)

Barshebe and Ephraim Wethrell, July10,1742.*

Abiah of Taunton, and David C. Lane, int.Oct.9,1829.

Sally N. of Mansfield, and Samuel Holms, int.June18,1836.

John of Mansfield, and Mrs.Phebe Bassett of Taunton, June30,1837.*


Sarah and George Briggs, Jan.6,1742-3.*


Patience of Newton [int.Pethene of Newtown], and Ephraim Lane, Dec.7,1752, in Newton.

Perthene and Asaph Lane, Dec.4,1755.

Hezekiah and Mary Wenchel, Mar.15,1764.

Sarah and William Hodges of Mansfield, Apr.28,1785.

Abijah, Dr. [int.omits Dr.], of Uxbridge, and Fanny Hodges, Nov.24,1807.

WILLBOUR (Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilbur)

Betsey 2d of Rainham, and James Balderey Jr., int.Sept.5,1779.

Elizebeth [int.Elizabeth Wilbur] and Samuel Wethrell [int.Wetherel], Apr.14,1799.


Hannah of Easton, and Nathan Gibbs of Easton, Apr.1,1756.*


Benjamen and Elisebeth Dean, Dec.4,1707.*

Benjamin and Susanna Howard of Bridgewater, Dec.22,1720, in Bridgewater.*

Worham and Abigaill Leonard, May23,1728.*

Experience of Taunton, and Nathan Hodges, Dec.12,1728.*

Gershom of Dighton, and Abigaill Waldron of Tanton, Aug.2,1729.*

Nathan and Judith White, May9,1734.

Silas of Easton, and Mary Dunham, July19,1737, in Easton.*

Elizabeth and Jacob White, Apr.6,1738.*

Abigaill Williams and Josiah Pratt Jr., int.Sept.17,1743.

Sarah [int.Saroh] and Benjamin [int.Benjamen] White, July30,1748.

Ketherine and Samuel Fillebrown, Jan.25,1753.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Josiah Blanchard, Jan.3,1760, in Easton.

Abigail [int.adds Mrs.] of Easton, and [int.adds Col.] Ephraim Leonard, Mar.18,1760, in Easton.

Nathan Jr. and Sarah White, Mar.12,1761.

Elisabeth of Easton, and Benjamin Kieth of Easton, May7,1761.*

Elisabeth 3d and James Gilbert, June24,1761.

Mary of Easton, and Nathaniel Perrey of Easton, Apr.1,1762.*

Elijah and Elisabeth Bates, int.Mar.18,1763.

Lusannah of Easton, and Job White, June4,1765.

Benjamin Jr. and Mercy Newcomb 2d [int.omits 2d], Oct.29,1765.

Experience of Taunton, and Abiel Hodges, int.May8,1766.

Judith and Joseph Blanchard, July8,1766.

Ebenezer and Deborah Braman, Oct.27,1767.

Nathan and Elisabeth Danforth of Taunton, int.Nov.24,1768.

Sarah and Joseph Burt, Nov.30,1768.

Anne and Seth Keith of Easton, Jan.12,1773.*

Lusanah of Taunton, [and] Joseph Hodges, int.Jan.5,1775.

Abigail and Abiel Hodges, int.Nov.18,1775.

Phebe and Jonathan Robinson of Raynham, int.Jan.16,1779.

Nathaniel of Taunton, and Lucilda [int.Lusilda] Hodges, Apr.20,1780.

Zuby and James Wetherell, int.Feb.2,1783.

Azubah and Seth Williams, Sept.11,1783.

Seth and Azubah Williams, Sept.11,1783.

Abigail and John Freeman [int.Treeman], Oct.28,1792.

Benjamin of Easton, and Betsy Godfrey, Mar.4,1794.

Asa and Rachel Harvey, Sept.21,1800.

Isaac and Sally Phillips, Mar.24,1805.

Benjamin of Mansfield, and Hannah Willis, int.June7,1807.

Thomas Jr. of Easton [int.Eastown], and Nancy Clapp, Oct.1,1820.

John Jr. of Easton, and Hannah Clapp, int.Aug.3,1822.

Hosea of Taunton, and Rebecca Wardwell of Taunton, Aug.12,1827.*

Polly H. and Asahel Tucker, Aug.1,1830.

Eliza C. and James Drake of Taunton, int.Nov.18,1832.

Asa Jr. and Lucy Lincoln, Jan.13,1833.

Sarah L. and Bradford N. Woodward, Apr.28,1833.

Eliza Ann of Mansfield, and John Rogers of Mansfield, Oct.15,1833.*

Nancy A. and David Field Jr., May16,1836.

Benjamin Jr. and Nancy M. Makepeace, June6,1842.

John B. of Easton, and Abby S. Bellows, int.Mar.18,1848.


Josiah and Zilpah Dellano, Aug.21,1772.*

WILLIS (Willes)

Abigail of Tanton, and Thomas Cimber of Groton, June26,1733.*

Anna of Taunton, and John Stephens, int.June11,1743.

Samuell and Marcey Cumings of Taunton, int.May10,1746.

Mary of Taunton, and Nehemiah Fisher, Aug.14,1746.

Obediah of Taunton, and Judah Stevens, int.Mar.9,1748-9.

Ruth and Simeon Baker of Raynham, int.Sept.18,1756.

Ruth and Edmond Fisher, Mar.17,1757.

Benjamin and Lydia Hall of Taunton, int.Jan.30,1762.

Martha of Midelborough, and Robert Tucker Jr., int.June23,1763.

Sarah and Benjamin Freeman of Attleborough, Dec.12,1764.

Caleb and Phebe Cobb 2d, int.Nov.3,1770.

Beriah and Naomi Wilber [int.Wilbor] of Taunton, May24,1792.

Judah and Noah Smith, int.May17,1797.

Sarah 2d and Ebnezer Lincoln of Taunton, int Mar.21,1802.

Hannah and Benjamin Williams of Mansfield, int.June7,1807.

Beriah and Olive Burt, Dec.22,1808.

Sally and Ebenezar Burt, int.Nov.17,1822.

Amasa and Lydia Woodward, Mar.16,1823.

Calvin and Sally Holmes, int.Jan.24,1824.

Ebenezar of Taunton, [int.Tauntion], and Mrs.Chloe Hack, Feb.21,1826.

Celia and William Burt 3d, int.Mar.17,1827.

Olive B. and Nathan Smith, Nov.6,1836.

WILLMOUTH (Wilmarth, Wilmath, Wilmoth, Wilmouth)

Elezabeth 2d of Attleborough, and Joshua Pond, int.Mar.3,1782.

WILMARTH (WIllmouth, Wilmath, Wilmoth, Wilmouth)

Moses [int.Willmarth] of Attleborough, and Elisabeth Hodges, Apr.20,1756.

Zebina W. and Mary Ann Derry of Rehoboth, int.Aug.3,1833.

Elias K. of Mansfield, and Mrs.Betsey Dailey of Taunton, Mar.13,1843.*

WILMATH (Willmouth, Wilmarth, Wilmoth, Wilmouth)

Esther [int.Wilmouth] and Hezekah [int.Hezekiah] Briggs, Feb.13,1794.

WILMOTH (Willmouth, Wilmarth, Wilmath, Wilmouth)

Leonad [int.Larnard Wilmouth] of Attleborough, and Betsy [int.Betsey] Lane, Apr.9,1795.

Nathan 2d of Attleborough, and Anna Perry, int.Mar.1,1798.

WILMOUTH (Willmouth, Wilmarth, Wilmath, Wilmoth)

Mary [int.Wilmoth] of Rehoboth, and Elias Cobb, Oct.14,1788.

Hannah of Attleboro, and Elijah Lane, int.Aug.13,1796.


Thomas of Newtown, and Elisabeth White [int.2d], July12,1759.

James of Newhaven, and Zurviah Hide, int.July29,1769.

Sally of Taunton, and Simeon Smith of Taunton, Oct.24,1824.*

WINCHIL (Wenchel)

Thomas and Lydya Hodges, Dec.7,1732.*


James of Freetowne, and Charrity Hodges, June8,1738.*

Ebenezer Jr. [int.2d] of Berkley, and Sarah Dean, Dec.9,1762.

Sally of Berkley, and Josiah Hodges Jr., int.Apr.26,1801.

Sarah Jane [int.T.] and Sanford R. Bolton of Easton, Jan.1,1839.

WISWALL (Wiswell)

Noah [int.Wisall] of Dorchester, and Hannah Hodges 3d, Nov.8,1753.

Noah Jr. and Sarah Tay of Bilirica, int.Sept.19,1778.

Noah and Mary Pond of Mansfield, Mar.23,1780.

Anna and Rev. James Briggs of Commington [int.Comington], Oct.19,1780.

Marcy and William Verry, Dec.2,1786.

Amase and Polley Heath, int.Sept.28,1787.

Elijah and Nancy Verrey [int.Verry], Apr.29,1792.

Elijah and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza, int.Elizebeth] Verry, Aug.17,1794.

Mary [int.Mery] 2d and Thomas Leonard [int.Leonad] of Easton, Oct.18,1798.

George and Molly Morey [int.May], Nov.11,1798.

Rachel [int.Wiswell] and William [int.adds Perkins] Griffin of Portland, Mar.29,1804.

Jason [int.Wiswell] and Sally Stanley, Oct.29,1807.

WISWELL (Wiswall)

Noah and Mary Doggit of Attleborough, int.Nov.23,1806.

Hannah Brown and Charles Knapp, Mar.20,1807.

WITHEREL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherl, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherell, Withrell)

Hannah [int.Wetherell] and John Hill of Brookfeild [int.Brookfield], May17,1748.

Rebeckah and John Cobb, int.Dec.31,1748.

Simeon, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Walker of Taunton, int.Feb.3,1749.

WITHERELL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherl, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherel, Withrell)

James [int.Wetherell] and Susanna [int.Susannah] White,末蔓末, 末末 [int.June27,1784].

Dinah and Simeon White of Taunton, int.Mar.3,1749.

William Jr. [int.Wetherell] and Eunice [int.Eunic] Hunt 2d, Nov.29,1792.

William 2d and Electy Crosman of Mansfield, int.Mar.9,1821.

Horace B. [int.Wetherell] and Maria S. Shaw, Sept.25,1828.

Abiathar Jr. [int.Wetherell] of Taunton, and Polly M. Braman, Dec.31,1833.

Horace B. and Martha Clapp, int.July13,1844.

WITHRELL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherl, Wetherll, Wethrell, Witherel, Witherell)

Henery and Bethiah Caswell, Jan.12,1726-7.*


Sarah of Raynham, and Benjamin Eaten, int.Feb.19,1768.

WOLCOTT (Walcutt)


Nathaniel and Abigail Carver, Feb.24,1763.

Molle and Elisha Dean of Taunton, Dec.8,1763.

Sarah and David Austing, int.Nov.24,1774.

Peggy and Jonathan Clapp [dup. and int.Clap] 2d, Aug.14,1788.

Nathaniel Jr. and Naby [int.Nabby] Hodges, June9,1793.

Isaac and Sarah [int.Sally] Duglass, Dec.9,1794.

Elkanah and Laurinda [int.Linda] White, May17,1798.

Peleg of Bristol, and Rebecca [int.Rebecah] Miller, May21,1802.

David of Carver, and Elezebeth Wetherell, int.Nov.4,1816.

Elkanah and Mrs.Olive Lincoln, int.May13,1818.

Elkanah Jr. and Lemira Blandin, Sept.15,1822.

Abigail Ann and Josephus [int.Josephas] White of Hanson, Sept.29,1824.

Eli and Fanny White, Sept.29,1824.

Melinda and George Clapp of Grafton, Dec.31,1829.

Polly and Cyrus Hicks of Boston, int.Dec.8,1840.

Ansel of Middleborough, and Mrs.Phebe Hamilton, June14,1842.

Isaac of Taunton, and Sarah W. Drake, int.Apr.19,1847.


John and Marcy Merry, Nov.10,1729.*

WOODCOCK (Woodcoock, Woodkack)

Jonathan of Attelborouh, and Melatiah Lane, Oct.11,1728.*

Michael of Stoughton, and Jemima Pain, int.Jan.29,1761.

Bela of Easton [int.Meleah of Eastown], and Sarah Mabury [int.Salley Mabrey], Aug.25,1791, in Easton.

Molley of Easton, and Enos Storey, int.May4,1795.

Joseph and Lydia Hodges 2d, int.June24,1804.

Rufus and Hannah Penno [int.Panno], Nov.27,1806.

WOODCOOCK (Woodcock, Woodkack)

Benjamin of Atteburough, and Margrit White, Mar.20,1734-5.*

WOODKACK (Woodcock, Woodcoock)

Joseph of Atelberrough [int.Woodkock of Atelborrough], and Abigaill White, Jan.10,1744-5.


Joseph and Hannah Fisher, Jan.20,1731-2.*

Sarah of Tanton, and William Britain of Rainham, Mar.21,1733-4.*

Sarah and Nathaniel Stone, Feb.19,1746-7.*

Mary and John Carpentor of Rehobath, Dec.23,1756.

Dinah and Nathaniel Brown of Attleborough, Apr.20,1758.

Hannah and Job Macomber of Taunton, int.July1,1758.

Robert 2d of Taunton, and Mary Field, int.Jan.18,1766. "January 23d 1766 the publishing forbid by the above Named Mary field."

Hannah 3d and Joseph Woodward, May28,1766.

Joseph and Hannah Woodward 3d, May28,1766.

Sarah and Matthew Macomber of Taunton, int.Jan.21,1769.

Martha (Marthew) and Appolas Eddy of Taunton, int.Jan.14,1775.

Elknah and Anna Field of Raynham, int.Apr.10,1776.

Mercy and Ezekiel Lincoln of Taunton, June6,1776.*

Josiah and Sarah Burt, Nov.5,1777.

Rebekah of Taunton, and Nathaniel Stone Jr., int.July18,1778.

Levi and Zebiah Wilbor of Taunton, int.Nov.4,1785.

Daniel 2d of Taunton, and Marcy Eddy, int.Feb.8,1786.

Nancy and Steven Smith, Feb.25,1795.*

Elkanah Jr. and Polly Woodward, Nov.11,1798.

Polly and Elkanah Woodward Jr., Nov.11,1798.

Anna 3d and Samuel Lincoln Jr. of Taunton, Mar.9,1800.

Katharine and Richmond Danforth, July3,1800.

Ambrose [int.Ambros] Jr. of Taunton, and Sybil Stone, Sept.7,1806.

Sophia and Elisha Haraden, int.Feb.23,1807.

Hannah of Taunton, and Abiather Knapp, June4,1809.*

Samuel of Taunton, and Judah Richman, int.May19,1811.

Scukey [int.Sukey] and Charles Church Stacey, Mar.12,1815.

Abigail Hall and Ezra Daniels of Franklin, Jan.17,1817.

Betcy of Taunton, and Bartholomew Burt, Mar.5,1817.

David and Lucindia Richmond, Mar.27,1817.

Lintha [int.Linthy] and Henry Cave, Mar.29,1818.

Simeon and Peddy Leonard of Taunton, int.Apr.29,1818.

Molley and James Smith Jr., Nov.7,1819.

Levi Jr. and Elizabeth [int.Elezebeth] Andrews, Nov.3,1820.

Josiah Jr. and Lurana Lincoln, Dec.2,1822.

Lydia and Amasa Willis, Mar.16,1823.

Susanna and Woodward Lincoln of Taunton, int.Aug.19,1824.

William and Betsy Eddy of Taunton, int.July30,1825.

Isaac and Amity Lincoln of Taunton, int.Sept.30,1825.

Luranah and Solomon Wetherell of Raynham, int.Oct.3,1827.

Mary and Daniel Briggs, Oct.21,1827.

Reuben and Mrs.Betsey Lincoln, int.July21,1832.

Bradford N. and Sarah L. Williams, Apr.28,1833.

Lucinda 2d and Joseph S. Peck of Rehoboth, May14,1837.

David Jr. and Ann Maria Arnold, Nov.25,1838.

Sylvester R. of Taunton, and Sephrona A. Leonard, int.Nov.6,1845.

Ambrose M. of Taunton, and Hannah J. Lincoln, int.Aug.5,1846.

Rachel L. of Taunton, and James Smith Jr., int.June9,1848.

Eliza M. of Taunton, and Henry Pizer, int.Sept.5,1848.


Mary [int.Wussley] of Walpole, and Josiah White Jr., Nov.16,1758.

WOSHBON (Washburn, Washburne)

Mary of Tanton, and Daniell Shepardson of Atelborrow, May9,1728.*

Bethiah and Daniell Braman Jr., int.Sept.22,1750.


Soranus [int.Soranous] G., 27, mechanic, b. Taunton, and Mary Ann Fisher, 22, b. Mansfield, d.Samuel, July4,1847.


Samuel and Anna Clapp, wid.Mar.2,1820, in Walpole.*

Mary A. and William J. Sweet, int.Mar.9,1844.

Adelia M. and George W. Storer, int.May2,1846.


Samuel of Quincy, and Sally Austin, int.May5,1805.

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