ABEL (Abell)

Sephrona (Abell) and Augustus Walcutt of Vernon, CT, int. Jan. 21, 1820.

Robert and Asseneth Staple, int. Apr. 30, 1825. [Asaneth Staples, m. May 21. CR1]

ADAMS (Adam)

Bethiah [dup. Bethia] and Peter Sullad [dup. Sullard] of Norton, July 4, 1735, in Norton. [Bethiah and Peter Sullard of Norton. BCM]

John (Adam) and Sarah Leonard of Easton, Nov. 16, 1749, in Easton.*

Anna and Samuel Codding, Jan. 14, 1777.*

Edward (Adam) and Rebecca Rose. Feb. 20, 1787.*

Seth and Susannah Simmons of Freetown, Sept. 16, 1798, in Freetown.*

John of Barrington and Joanna Redding, Apr. 22, 1804.

Charity and Gilford Brown, Nov. 30, 1809.*

Warren and Eunice Richmond, int. July 10, 1812.

John (Adam) and Nancy Churchill, int. Sept. 10, 1831.

John J. and Phebe Ann Allen of Athol, int. May 25, 1833.

Henry Warren of Norton, and Thira Lincoln, int. Apr. 26, 1834.

Edward and Lucy W. Morse, int. Nov. 3, 1834.

Matilda and Daniel Woodward, Nov. 13, 1834, in Norton.

Charles and Miss Ruth Adams, Dec. 13, 1835.

Ruth, Miss, and Charles Adams, Dec. 13, 1835.

Esther B.H., Miss, and Amasa C. White, Apr. 25, 1842.

John Q. and Miss Catharine Chapman, int. June 22, 1842.

Lavinia [int. Miss Louisa] and Richmond Paine, Aug. 3, 1844.

Anna E., Miss, of E. Greenwich, RI, and Rev. William Livesey, int. June 7, 1848.


John and Mary Conner, int. June 10, 1832.


Wanifer and John White, int. Sept. 30, 1836.


George of New Bedford and Lucinda Thrasher, int. Oct. 5, 1833.


William and Miss Sarah Ann Leonard, int. Dec. 6, 1845. [Ashfout, m. Apr. 7, 1846. CR7]


Alexander William and Miss Sophia Louisa Cook, int. Nov. 28, 1845.


Jerusha of Rehoboth and Ezra Dean, Dec. 25, 1766 in Rehoboth.*


Sarah Ann and John H. Borden, Oct. 2, 1839.*


Sarah and Joseph Crossman, Nov. 24, 1685.* [Crosman. PR21].

Mercy and John Burrill, June 26, 1688.*

Josiah of Bridgewater and Bathsheba Jones of Raynham, Dec. 24, 1761, in Raynham.* PR25

Silas of Middleborough and Silence Dean of Raynham, May 20, 1762, in Raynham.* PR28

Samuel and Hannah Williams, both of Raynham, Nov. 18, 1762,* [Allden and Hannah Williames, both of Raynham. PR28]

Nathan and Priscilla Miller, both of Middleborough, Oct. 16, 1766.* CR4

Peter C. and Lydia W. Keith, both of Middleborough, May 1, 1825.* CR4

Charity H. of Middleborough and Capt. Lorenso Lincoln, int. Sept. 13, 1828.

John W. of New Bedford and Lois T. Caswell, int. Sept. 13, 1828. [John Waldron [omits Alden] of New Bedford, m. Oct. 19. CR3]

Caleb and Deborah Thompson, both of Mid[dleborough], Feb. 14, 1831.* CR4

Marietta of Middleborough and Jonas N. Diggles, int. Mar. 17, 1833.

ALDRICH (Aldrick, Aldridge, Auldridge)

Betty (Auldridge) and Thomas Marbel, both of Swanzey, Feb. 19, 1752. [Mrs. Bettey and Thomas Marbel Jr., both of Swanzey. PR28

Joseph (Aldridge) of Bridgwater and Elizabeth Andrews, Sept. 12, 1754.* [Elisabeth. PR25].

Silas (Aldridge) and Silence Petingale, "both residents in Easton", June 16, 1767.*

Sarah of Middleboro and Benjamin Cain, Nov. 8, 1774.* CR4

Pruday of Wellington and Othaniel Tripp, int. Sept. 2, 1815.

Welcome (Aldrick) [int. William Aldrich] of Smithfield, RI, and Nancy Williams, June 5, 1831. [Welcome Aldrich of Smithfield, RI. CR3]

Mercy J. and John W. Tidd, int. Aug. 16, 1834.

Caroline P., and Jonathan Lincoln of Norton, int. June 20, 1839.

Sumner and Marietta Nelson, Sept. 9, 1839.

Sarah, Miss, of Uxbridge, and Horace R. Wetherell, Nov. 3, 1840 in Uxbridge.

Ira T. and Miss Betsey G. Dyke, int. Dec. 6, 1845.


John of Thompsonville, CT, and Miss Jane Plant, int. Mar. 19, 1849. [m. Apr. 24. CR7]


John and Johanah King, Apr. 9, 1702.*

Sarah of Easton and Jeremiah Bassett Jr., Nov. 24, 1748, in Easton.* [Basset Jr. BCM

James N. and Miss Roxanna M. Dean of Raynham, Mar. 10, 1839.

Charles H. and Miss Augusta W. Babbitt, int. July 23, 1847.

ALLEN (Allin)

Jonah, see Jonah Asten.

Mercy (Allin) and William Corbitt, July 10, 1710.*

Mary and Samuel Hodges of Norton, Mar. 7, 1717, in Norton.*

Mary [dup. Allin] of Rehoboth and Ephraim Dean , Mar. 17, 1723. [dup May 17, 1724] in Rehobath.* [Allin of Rehoboth and Ephraim Dean, May 7, 1724. BCM]

Martha A. and Zachariah Padelford, Feb. 14, 1733,*

Joseph of Barrington and Deborah Dean, Nov. 25, 1736.*

Jerush of Barrington and Japhat Becknall of Rehoboth, Oct. 5, 1741.*

Rebecca of Barnstable and Josiah Crocker, July 27, 1742, in Barnstable.*

David of Warren and Mary Dean, Feb. 20, 1755.*

Abigail of Middleborough and Eira Briggs of Berkley, May 7, 1755.* BCM

Hopestill of Middleborough and Cephas Briggs of Berkley, Mar. 11, 1762.* CR4

Amos of Providence and Molly Macomber, Mar. 24, 1767.*

Keturah of Middleborough and Gideon Briggs of Berkley, Jan. 17, 1769.* CR4

Lois, Miss, and Jephthah Ripley, both of Middleboro, June 21, 1778.* CR4

Noah of E. Winsor and Miss Elizabeth Strobridge of Middleboro, Oct. 4, 1781.* DR4

Hope, Miss, and Ebenz Howland, both of Middleborough, Jan. 18, 1787.* CR4

Noah and Sally Horskins, Nov. 29, 1787.

Nehemiah and Lurana Pratt, Aug. 31, 1794.*

Jonathan and Deborah Leonard, Nov. 29, 1796.*

Ephraim of Norton and Mrs. Sally Briggs, Jan. 30, 1801.*

John and Betsy Crosman, Jan. 3, 1802.*

Chloe of Middleborough and Lemuel Edminister [of] Berkley, July 8, 1804.* CR4

Amos, Dr., and Miss Polly Burt, both of Berkley, Feb. 2, 1809, in Berkley.* PR25

Lurana, and Phillip Miller of Rehoboth, int. July 10, 1812.

Hannah of Middleborough and Benjamin Dean, int. June 28, 1816.

James,"resident of" T., and Jemima Cooper of Freetown, int. Aug. 24, 1822.

Elizabeth and William H. Leonard, int. Sept. 1, 1822.

Asael and Nancy R. Kennison, int. Dec. 6, 1823.

Reuben of Seekonk and Phebe Leonard, int. Mar. 13, 1824.

Foster and Phebe S. Caswell, int. Jan. 29, 1825. [m. May 26. CR1]

James and Abigail Leonard, int. May 26, 1827. [m. June 21. CR1; Abigail, "eldest" d. Lemuel and Olive Lee, m. June 21. PR22]

Willard and Lydia Round, Nov. 29, 1827.

John Jr. and Hannah Williams, both of Middleborough, Jan. 10, 1828.* CR4

John Jr. and Rhoda Wilbur, int. Sept. 5, 1829. [m. Sept. 28. CR3]

Martha A. and Elijah D. [int. V] Lincoln, Sept. 4, 1831. [Elijah D. PR7]

Mary D. and Lyman Willis of W. Bridgewater, Feb. 22, 1832.

Phebe Ann of Athol and John J. Adams, int. May 25, 1833.

Frederick D. of Boston and Mary R. Baylies, June 19, 1833. [June 17. CR3]

Mary of Berkley and Frederick A. Paul, int. Sept. 14, 1833.

Kay of N. Providence, RI and Mary Green, int. July 6, 1836. [m. July 24. CR7]

James of Dighton and Sally C. Wilbar, int. Sept. 3, 1836.

Oliver W. of Walpole and Miss Eliza Carpenter of Rehoboth, June 13, 1837.* [Ann Eliza of Rehoboth. CR3]

Hannah and William Hoard of Middleborough, int. Oct. 19, 1839.

Caroline, Miss, of Berkley, and Hiram Baker, int. Nov. 16, 1839.

Betsey A., Miss, of Berkley, and Ichabod Bassett Jr., int. Jan. 3, 1842.

Hannah T., Miss, and David A. Waldron [int. Jr.], Dec. 4, 1842. [David A. CR3]

Davis and Susan C. Wetherell, June 22, 1843.* [both of Berkley. CR3]

Stephen B., Capt., and Miss Susan Hathaway of Dighton, July 20, 1843.

Edwin F. and Miss Cordelia Macomber of Middleboro, int. Oct. 1, 1845.

Philena B. Miss, and Cyrus L. French of Berkley, int. Mar. 12, 1846.

Mary B., Miss and Ruel Richmond, single, May 5, 1846.

Harriet L., Miss, and Bartlett Haskins of Middleborough, Apr. 12, 1847.

Harriet, Miss, of Fall River, and William Cooper 3d, int. Nov. 4, 1848.

Judith W., Miss, of Middleborough, and George W. Hart Jr., int. Apr. 21, 1849.

Jared B. of Bridgewater and Miss Angeline Holloway, int. Dec. 22, 1849.


Meribah and Cyrus Cason, Apr. 30, 1787.*


Tuney and Andras Potter, Jan. 7, 1798, in Swansey.*

Samson of Bridgewater and Betsy Richmond, Mar. 21, 1819. [Sampson of Bridgewater and Betsey Richmond. PR7 PR25]


Israel, and Sarah Louisa Whipple of Providence, RI, int. Sept. 17, 1836.

ANDREWS (Andrewes, Andross, Androws)

Sarah (Androws) [TPR Andrewes] and Israell [ TPR Garad] Talbut, Apr. 1, 1664.* [Andrewes and Garett Talbutt. PCR]

Hannah [dup. Andreus; TPR Andrewes] and Isack Negas [TPR. Negus], Apr. 7, 1679.* [Andrewes and Isacke Negus. PCR]

Henry (Andrewes) and Mary Dean, Feb. 17, 1685-6.*

Grace and Abell Burt, June 26, 1685.* [Andrewes. PR21]

Mary and Joseph Richmond, June 26, 1685.* [Andrewes. PR21]

Henry (Andrewes) and Mary Williams, July 4, 1688.*

Abigail and Joshua Tisdale, July 5, 1688.*

Mehitable and Samuel Richmond, Dec. 20, 1694.* [Mahitabell and Samuell Richmond. PR21]

Ester and Thomas Linkon, Aug. 16, 1733.* [Lincoln. CR1 Linkon. PR27]

Hannah and Josiah Andrews, Jan. 6, 1736.* CR1

Josiah and Hannah Andrews, Jan. 6, 1736.* CR1

Josiah and Hannah Richmond, Jan. 27, 1736.*

John, Capt. and Mrs. Mary Barney, May 20, 1736.*

Mary and George Ussell, Dec. 1, 1736.* [Uffell. CR1  PR27]

Elizabeth (Andross), and Salvanus Freeman of Perbrook, June 22, 1738,* [Elisabeth,"Resident in" T. PR25]

Stephen and Mary Reed [dup. Mary (Richmond) Reed, wid. William (s. John)] –ember [dup. Nov.] 6, 1738.* [Sept. 6. CR1; –mber 6. PR27]

Lydia of Norton and William Hodges, June 21, 1739, in Norton.*

Seth and Sarah Linkon, Jan. 21, 1741.*

Edmund and Keziah Dean of Raynham, Oct. 2, 1742, in Raynham.* [Oct. 21. BCM]

William and Charity West, May 19, 1743.*

James and Mary Read, Oct. 6, 1743.*

Elizabeth and Joseph Aldridge of Bridgwater, Sept. 12, 1754,* [Elisabeth. PR25].

Nathaniel Jr. and Damaras Keen, ––– ––, 1759.*

Hannah and Samuel White Jr. of Raynham, Oct. 16, 1760.*

Mary and Thomas Williams, Nov. 15, 1763*

Rebecca and Moses Caswell, Dec. 8, 1763.*

Molly and George Waldron of Dighton, Mar. 12, 1767.*

David and Neomi Briggs of Berkley, May 14, 1767, in Berkley.*

Phebe and Jothem Briggs of Berkley, June 2, 1768.* [Mrs. Phebe. PR25]

Josiah Jr. and Mary Paddleford, July 27, 1769.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Sarah Elliot, June 26, 1770.* [Andrew Jr. and Sarah Eliot. PR25]

Abigail and Joseph Foster of Attleboro, Aug. 30, 1770.* [Abegail Andrewes. PR28]

Sarah and George Codding, Nov. 25, 1773.*

Lydia and Jonathan Macomber, Aug. 8, 1775.*

Seth and Miss Abigail Barrows, Dec. 31, 1777.* CR4

Betty and Benjamin Rayment of Middleborough, Apr. 7, 1780.* CR4

Nathan and Miss Azubah Raymond of Middleboro, Mar. 8, 1781.* CR4

Abigail, Miss, and Samuel Niles of Middleboro, Aug. 31, 1785.* CR4

Mary Ann and Abel Franklin, July 27, 1786.*

Hellen and David Arnold Jr., Jan. 9, 1788.*

Zephaniah of Raynham and Hepzibah Lescombe, July 20, 1788.* [Luscombe. PR25]

Philip and Nancy Crossman, ––– ––, 1789.* [Crossman. BCM; Phillip Andross and Nancy Crosman [dup. Crossman]. CR1]

Lincoln and Amy Short, July 26, 1789.*

Hannah and Zephaniah Richmond, Oct. 25, 1790.*

Peggy (Andross), Miss, and Elisha Gibbs, both of Middleboro, Nov. 25, 1790.* CR4

Phebe and Samuel Graves, Sept. 29, 1791.*

Susanna of Norton [dup. Susannah, omits of Norton] and Josias Hall, Dec. 8, 1791 in Norton.* [Susanna of Norton. BCM]

Polly and Peleg Bowen, Jan. 15, 1792.*

John of Norton and Rebekah Webber, Feb. 8, 1792.*

Jedediah and Miss Philena Farrington, July 29, 1793.* CR4

Darius and Miss Keziah Caswell of Middleborough, Dec. 24, 1793.* CR4

Abia and John Hall of Bridgewater, July 10, 1794.* [Abiah. PR25]

Gideon and Miss Olive Hooper, Aug. 29, 1794.* CR4

Betsy and Benjamin Lee, Oct. 5, 1794.* [Betsey CR1]

Nathaniel Jr. and Miss Ruth Holmes, Sept. 3, 1795.* CR4

Joseph Jr. and Hannah Church, both of Norton, Dec. 22, 1795.*

John Jr. of Raynham and Abigail Padelford, Apr. 3, 1806.

Polly and Samuel Leonard 3d, int. Jan. 13, 1811.

Sally and Benjamin King , Jan. 27, 1813.

Elkanah and Almy Brown of Providence, int. Apr. 10, 1813.

Abiel and Sarah Cain, int. May 10, 1813. [Miss Sarah, m. July 3. CR4]

Henry and Rhoda Read of Berkley, int. Aug. 17, 1813.

Phebe and Noah Staple Jr., int. Aug. 13, 1814.

Samuel T. and Rachel Staple, int. Sept. 13, 1815.

Nancy [int. Andros] and Seth Burt of Berkley, Feb. 23, 1819. [Andros. PR7]

Moses and Sarah Vaughn, int. Mar. 13, 1819.

Samuel and Lydia Hathaway of Freetown, int. Oct. 19, 1823.

Philena and Ebenezer Staple, int. Dec. 27, 1823.

Zephaniah and Lydia Richmond of Freetown, int. Feb. 14, 1824.

Manasseh of Bridgewater and Harriet Leonard of Middleborough, Sept. 15, 1825.* CR4

Joseph Jr. and Abigail Tisdale, int. May 16, 1829.

Polly and Orrin Hall, int. Feb. 21, 1830.

Susan and Robert Rothwell, int. Mar. 12, 1831. [m. Mar. 29. CR7].

Sarah, Miss, and Barzillai Staples [int. Staple], Dec. 2, 1834.

Betsey, Miss, and Henry A. Dean of Raynham, int. Nov. 10, 1838.

Stillman S. and Bathsheba R. Miller, both of Middleboro, Jan. 19, 1839.* CR4

Sarah E. and Zenas Paull, int. June 25, 1840.

Henry Nelson and Miss Meribah [int. Meribee] D. Macomber, Mar. 4, 1841, in Freetown, Assonet.

Levi and Miss Rebecca T. Kinnicut, Nov. 21, 1843, in Raynham.

Lavinia P., Miss, and Nathaniel J.E.H. Whitaker, int. Mar. 14, 1845.

Sally, Miss, and Edward P. Sherman, int. Aug. 31, 1845.

Francis C., single, 35, farmer, s. Carmi and Nelly, and Caroline Leonard, 23, d. Amasa, all of Raynham, Oct. 24, 1847.

Dorcas, Miss, of Johnson, RI, and Richard Hill, int. Dec. 1, 1847.


Ichabod Jr. and Almira French, int. Sept. 17, 1831.


Margaret [int. Anger] and Harrison Peck, June 5, 1836. [Angier. CR1]


Seth and Charity Haskins, June 22, 1775 in Berkley.*

Tryphena and Noah Edmenter [dup Edmister] of Berkley, July 18, 1793, in Freetown.* [Edmister [dup. Edminster] of Berkley. BCM]

Apollos and Sarah S. Evens [int. Evans] of Berkley, Sept. 4, 1817, [Evans of Berkley. PR7]

Edmund and Polly Tisdale, int. Dec. 17, 1821.

Perry of Wellington and Betsey Baker, int. Oct. 6, 1822.

Betsey and Ebenezer Gooding of Wellington, int. Sept. 17, 1825.

Edmund and Ruth A. Soper, Apr. 21, 1831.

Apollos and Lydia Sekell [int. Seekell], Nov. 14, 1833.

Edmund and Miss Nancy Jane Hodges int. June 16, 1838.

Elizabeth C. [int. E.], Miss, and Charles [int. adds W.] Freeman, Mar. 1, 1839 in Raynham.

Mary B., Miss, and Job W. King of Raynham, int. Oct. 22, 1842.

Sarah J. [int. Miss], and Augustus Wilmarth [int. Wilbarth], July 31, 1843. [Sarah J. and Augustus Wilmarth. CR3]

Simeon H. of Fall River and Lydia A. Hathaway of Dighton, July 31, 1843.* [Sylvia A. of Dighton. CR3]

Charles and [int. Miss] Sarah P. Simmons of Raynham, Feb. 25, 1844.

Frederick A., single, 26, agent of C. factory, b. Fall River, s. David of Fall River, and Elizabeth M. Fisher, 23, d. Nathan, Sept. 16, 1845.


Asher and Mrs. Fanny M. Burt, Feb. 10, 1833.


Nehemiah and Abigail Dean, Sept. 10, 1812.

ARMSBEE (Ormsbee)

Thomas and Mary Fitch of Rehoboth, May 11, 1667.*


William, widr. [int. omits widr.], 32, barber, and Susanna F. Geyer, 21, d. Mary, Nov. 28, 1847.


David Jr. and Hellen Andrews, Jan. 9, 1788.*

John and Elizabeth Harvey, May 22, 1788.* [Elisabeth. BCM]

Asa of Norton and Jemima Hodges, Dec. 27, 1794.* [Nov. 27. CR1]

Betsy of Norton and Henry Crane, May 22, 1808, in Norton.*

Phebe of Norton and Turner Crane int. Oct. 10, 1812.

David of Norton and Rhobe Dean, int. Apr. 9, 1825. [Klobe [sic], m. June 24. CR1]

Laban of Norton and Rebecca H. Thayer, Feb. 10, 1831.

Alfreda and Samuel Brown, May 6, 1832.* CR3

Lemuel Jr. and Harriet T. Crane of Norton, int. Aug. 9, 1834.

Augustus C.L. and Hannah C. Atwood, int. Nov. 22, 1834.

Mary, Miss, and Samuel Morse Jr., June 2, 1835.

Raymond [int. Ramon] and Miss Susan Church, Nov. 22, 1840. [Raymond. CR3]

Frances, Miss of Attleborough, and Joseph H. Paine, int. Jan. 28, 1843.

ASHBY (Ashbey)

Robert (Ashbey) and Miss Frances Elizabeth Briggs, int. Apr. 9, 1846.

Jacob H. and [int. Miss] Mary S. Merrell, Mar. 5, 1848.


James and Anner Caswell of Middleborough, Feb. 17, 1767.* CR4

Noah of Freetown and Miss Abigail Hoar of Middleboro, Dec. 14, 1780.* CR4

Parcifall of Freetown and Miss Mihitabel Macomber of Middleborough, Nov. 6, 1791.* CR4

Luther and Miss Abigail Pierce, both of Middleborough, Apr. 25, 1805.* CR4

Lucy F. of Dartmouth and Abraham Peirce 2d, int. Sept. 8, 1832.

Louisa S. of Raynham and David Tew, int. June 4, 1836.

Abial W. and [int. Miss] Loisa S. Staples, July 4, 1841.

ATHERTON (Atheton)

Joshua and Elizabeth Leonard, July 23, 1712.* [Elisabeth. PR21]

Pircy and Abigail Field, both of Norton, Oct. 30, 1808.*

Sally (Atheton) of Mansfield and Lovet Morse int. Sept. 6, 1828.

Thomas and Grace Fyfield, Aug. 7, 1831. [Tyfield. CR7]

Lucy and James H. Thurber, Feb. 2, 1835.


Abigail of Berkley and Samuel Pratt Jr., June 27, 1744 [?in Berkley].*

Sylvester of Dighton and Doretha Walker, Feb. 16, 1748-9, in Dighton.*

Abiel of Berkley and Hannah Babbitt of Norton, Mar. 11, 1755.* [Mrs. Hannah Babbet of Norton, Bristoll Co. PR28]

Esther of Dighton and Seth Godfrey, Mar. ––, 1780, in Dighton.*

Ephraim of Dighton and Anna Hathaway, Oct. 14, 1802.* [Anne, Oct. 4. CR1]

Ephraim and Esther Stephens, int. Aug. 13, 1813. [m. Sept. 23. CR1]

Mary and Fredrick A.M. Carver, int. Sept. 21, 1816. [m. Oct. 29. CR1]

George B. and Ann Sproat, int. Nov. 29, 1817. [George Bowers Atwood, m. Dec. 18. CR1]

Joanna S. of Providence and Isaac Washburn Jr., int May 11, 1822.

George B. and Eliza Fales Baylies, int. Oct. 13, 1822. [ m. Oct. 31. CR1]

Charlotte A. and John N. Pierce both of Middleborough, June 8, 1823.* CR4

Martha L. and John H. Bowen, int. Jan. 29, 1825. [m. June 12. CR1]

Mary L. and Elijah Wilbur of Raynham, int. Nov. 12, 1825. [m. ––– –– 1826. CR1]

Almira and Ziba Wilbour of Raynham, int. Aug. 30, 1828.

Stephen H. and Lydia Tew, int. Dec. 6, 1828. [m. Jan. 1, 1829. CR1]

Ann B. and George [int. adds W.] Willard, Mar. 12, 1832. [George. CR1]

George B. and Eliza A. Sumner, int. Mar. 17, 1832.

Charles R. and Susan P. Dean, int. Sept. 8, 1832.

Abigail B. and Edwin Sack [sic, ? Park], int. Feb. 9, 1833.

Hannah C. and Augustus C.L. Arnold, int. Nov. 22, 1834.

Walter H. Jr. and Miss Mary L. Howard, Aug. 5, 1838.

George T., single, 24, merchant, s. George B. and Eliza, and H. Amelia Dean, 20, d. Philander and Harriet, Sept. 14, 1847.

Abial, single 30, machinist, of Fall River, s. Tisdale and Olive, and Sally Jordon [int. Jorden], wid., 34, d. Enos Burt, Sept. 24, 1848. [Jordan. CR3]


Thomas, see Unidentified.

AUSTIN (Aslen, Asten, Aust, Austen)

Jonah (Asten) Sr. and Francis [sic. TPR Frances] Hill of Ontkife [TPR Onckite], Dec. 14, 1667.* [Jonah Allin Sr. and Francis Hill of Unketey PCR]

Easter and Anthony Newland, Dec. 6, 1682.* [Dec. 16. PCR]

Esther, see Easter.

Mary and Samuel Hoskins, Feb. 5, 1684.*

Sarah and John Knap, Oct. 7, 1685.* [Knapp. SCF Knap. PR7]

Jonah and Tamason Lincolne, Apr. 20, 1692.*

John (Austen) and Sarah Hall, Nov. 23, 1699.* PR7

John (Aslen) 3d and Hannah Smith, both of Norton, Apr. 21, 1757, in Norton.* [Asten 3d, both of Norton. PR25]

Samuel (Austen) and Sarah Drake, Apr. 28, 1761.*

Bathsheba and Richard Luscombe, June 11, 1761.* [June 14. PR28]

Phebe (Austen) of Dighton and Henrey Wetherell Jr. of Norton Oct. 1, 1761, in Dighton.* PR25

Deborah of Dighton and William Codding, Dec. 29, 1763.* [in Dighton. PR28]

Jonathan of Dighton and Sarah Tisdale, Apr. 17, 1765.*

Seth and Elizabeth Cooper, Jan. 13, 1767.* [Austen and Elisabeth Cooper. PR28]

Jacob (Austen) of Norton and Prudence Dean, Nov. 30, 1769.*

James and Meletiah Hayden of Norton, Feb. 1, 1770.*

Zuhanah Jr. and Elisabeth Pigsly of Dighton, Mar. 22, 1770.* [Zechariah Jr. and Elizabeth Pigsby [dup. Pigsly] of Dighton. BCM]

Hannah [dup. Witherel], Mrs., and John Reed, s. William, Jan. ––, 1771 [dup. Jan. 9, 1771, in Norton, sic].* [Mrs. Hannah Austin, Jan. 9. PR28]

David and Sarah Wood, both of Norton, Jan. 9, 1775, in Norton.* PR28

Lyda and Abijah Knap, Aug. 28, 1777.*

Wetha (Aust) and Alven Burt, Oct. 12, 1779.*

Lucinda and Samuel Hodges, Aug. 1, 1785 [? in Dighton].*

Daniel and Ruth Field, Oct. 18, 1787.*

Abiather and Tiley Smith, Sept. 13, 1789.*

Solomon and Nancy Harvey, Jan. 16, 1791.*

Salome, see Selome.

Selome of Dighton and Joseph Hayward, Apr. 25, 1792 [?in Dighton].*

John (Austen) of Woodstock and Alleathea Paul, Feb. 26, 1799*

Abijah and Ruth Walker, both of Dighton, Sept. 22, 1799.*

Lydia, Mrs. of Dighton and James Stacy Jr., Jan. 25, 1801.*

Phebe, Mrs., of Dighton, and Silvanus Stacy, Feb. 12, 1801.*

Mary, Mrs., of Dighton, and John Sweet of Attleborough, Feb. 2, 1804.*

Solomon (Austen) Jr. and Zilpha Wilbore, int. Sept. 29, 1810.

Betsy [dup. Austen] and Luther Haskins, int. July 27, 1811.

Barney (Austen) and Samuel Graves Jr. of Raynham, int. Oct. 12, 1811.

John (Austen) and Parmelia Wilbore, Aug. 2, 1812.

Abigail (Austen) and Joseph Holmes of Easton, int. Jan. 29, 1814.

Phebe (Austen) and Thomas B. Strange, int. May 29, 1814.

Rhoda (Austen) and David Basset, int. June 15, 1815.

Palmer (Austen) and Eliza Phillips, Aug. 11, 1816.

Lucy (Austen) and Barton White, int. Dec. 26, 1818.

Abiathar Jr. and Esther Wilbour, int. Mar. 24, 1821.

Stephen and Dinah Wilbore, int. Oct. 11, 1823.

Nancy H. and Aaron Dean, int. Feb. 18, 1826.

Eliza and Elijah B. Packard, int. May 13, 1827.

Charles and Mary Barney, int. June 29, 1828.

Mary Ann and Thomas B. Borden, Apr. 26, 1831.

Ruth and Timothy White, Aug. 30, 1832.

Sally and Ranson [int. Ransom] Matteson, Jan. 6, 1833. [Ransom. CR3]

Otis C. and Catharine A. Shorey of Canton, Nov. 10, 1836.

Mary, Miss, and George W. Field, May 7, 1839, in Raynham.

Hannah and George L. Harvey, Sept. 4, 1839.

Harriet [int. Miss] and Ira B. Pratt of Raynham, Feb. 13, 1842. [Harriett. CR3]

Philena [int. Filena] W., Miss, and Solomon Dean of Raynham, June 20, 1842. [Philena W. CR3]

Daniel L. and Miss Jane A. Titus, Jan. 22, 1843.

Nancy, Miss, and Edwin Hathaway of Raynham, Aug. 20, 1843.

Rhoda B., Miss, and Benjamin H. Paull, Sept. 17, 1843.

Gilbert L., single, 25, mechanic, and Miss Caroline Eaton, 23, June 23, 1844.

Betsey, wid., and Adolphus Barney, widr., farmer, Feb. 8, 1845.

John Jr. and Miss Ann Cummings, int. May 8, 1845.

Adeline, 20, d. of Stephen and Dinah, and ––––– [int. James] Francis, single, 21, manufacturer, s. James and Nancy, Sept. 21, 1845.

Rhoda, Miss, and Samuel L. Pendergrass of Randolph, int. Nov. 7, 1845.

Serena D. [int. Miss] and Ezra Kidder [int. Kitter], Aug. 2, 1846.

Rosina R., Miss, and Joseph N. Pratt, int. Oct. 31, 1846.

Francis and Miss Eliza Jane Field, int. May 8, 1847.

Henry and Miss Sarah Salsbury, int. July 3, 1847.

Henry C. and Miss Mary A.E. Bryant, int. Nov. 6, 1847.

Angeline [dup. int. Miss, of Raynham] and George W. Pratt, July 2, 1848.

Hannah, Miss, and David Wood, int. June 16, 1849.

Charles B. and Miss Prudence E. Gay, int. Oct. 12, 1849.

AXTILL (Axell)

Ebenezer, "Resident in Berkley," and Hannah Hathway of Berkley, Oct. 15, 1751.*

William and Marcy Linkon, June 23, 1763.*

Benjamin (Axell) and Jemmina Briggs of Rehoboth, Feb. 19, 1778, in Rehoboth.*

AYRES (Eayrs)

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