Thomas [dup. Bakon] and Mary Skiff [dup. Skiffe], Sept.7,1721.*


Abel of New Sharon, and Deborah Mayhew, Aug.23,1795.*


Hannah, Mrs., of Pembrook, and Jacob Norton, June8,1727, in Pembrook.*


Jane of Plymouth, and Matthew Claghorn, Oct.4,1759, in Plymouth.*


Abigail and Jeremiah Mayhew Jr., Mar.3,1768.*

Benjamin [dup. Bassitt] and Abigail Nicholson [dup. Nickerson], Jan.22,1778.*

Ebenezer and Abigail Adams, May21,1780.*

Elizabeth and Ezra Tillton, Oct.28 [?23], 1765.*

Elizabeth and Zadock Davis, Nov.15,1804.

Fortunatus and Sarah Bassett, Feb.9,1769.*

John and Jean Mayhew, July31,1735.*

John and Ann Hillman, Mar.7,1776.*

Martha and Nathan Bassett, Mar.17,1776.*

Martha G. and William Norton, June30,1842.

Mary and Nathan Bassett, June9,1763.*

Polly and William Norton, Nov.10,1791*

Nathan and Mary Bassett, June9,1763.*

Nathan and Martha Bassett, Mar.17,1776.*

Nathan and Lydia Norton, Sept.22,1791.*

Nathan S. and Deborah M. Tilton, Nov.8,1827.

Nathan and Priscilla Mayhew, Oct.29,1828.

Nathaniel [dup. Esq.], s.William and Anna, and Katharine [dup. Katherine] Boardman, May2 [dup. May1], 1788.*

Norton and Charissa [dup. Carrissa] Stewart, [Sept.] 22 [dup. Sept.12], 1791.*

Norton Jr. and Fanny Tillton, Apr.10,1823.*

Sarah and Fortunatus Bassett, Feb.9,1769.*

Silas and Jane Allen, Mar.11,1779.*

Susanna and Hilyard Mayhew, Feb.16,1764.*

Theresa [int.Thresa] T., d.Nathan S. and Deborah, and Horatio W. Tilton, Apr.15,1847.

William and Olivia Tillton, Nov.16,1794.*


Abiah of Gayhead, and Lewis Cook, July19,1838.


Hannah, Mrs., of Boston, and Capt. Mayhew Cottle, int.Mar.2,1839.


George of Chapaquidic, and Sophia Peters, int.Oct.16,1835.

BESSE (Bessey)

Lot of Fairhaven, and Hannah G. Tillton, int.Nov.23,1833.

BESSEY (Besse)

Willard, 25, s.Lothrop and Malintha, and Mary E. [int.C.] Lake, Feb.1,1846.


Mary of Sandwich, and Frederick Mayhew, int.Jan.15,1836.

Samuel, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], of Nantucket, and [int.adds Mrs.] Martha Mayhew, Aug.末,1833.

BOARDMAN (Bordman)

Katharine [dup. Katherine] and Nathaniel Bassett [dup. Esq.], May2 [dup. May1], 1788.*

Walter and Jane Hillman, Dec.4,1790.*

BORDMAN (Boardman)

Abigail and Nathan Mayhew, Nov.8,1781.*

Catherine [?Bordman], Mrs.(Bordnn), and Shubal Cottle Esq., Nov.23,1780.*


Remember of Sandwich, and Experience Mayhew, Dec.4,1711.*


James of Gayhead, and Mrs.Mahitable [int.Mehitable] Allen, June28,1847.


Samuel and Lydia Pease, Nov.25,1762.*


Ephraim of Westport, and Mrs.Parnal Tillton, Sept.6,1832.


William [int.Williams] L. of Gayhead, and Mary Manning, July26,1839.


Thomas of Henniker, NH, and Mary Smith, Apr.1,1832.


Philip of CT, and Mrs.Hannah Gardner, int.Oct.3,1846.

BURGES (Burgis)

Benjamin and Abigail Peas, Feb.25,1740.*

Mary and William Poole, Dec.10,1767.*

BURGIS (Burges)

Jonathan and Meribah Tillton, Jan.27,1785.*


Peleg and Mary Mayhew, Sept.20,1742.*


Athearn and Desire Allen Jr., Oct.2,1788.*

Daniell and Keziah Mayhew, Oct.8,1730.*

David and Ann Hach, Dec.4,1725.*

Fenious and Cloe Hammon, May17,1781.*

Jemima of Tisbury, and Isaac Tilton, Nov.25,1790, in Tisbury.

Jeremiah and Hannah Robinson, Nov.14,1781.*

Mary and William Worth, Oct.24,1717.*

Matthew [int.Mathew] P. of Edgartown, and Martha Robertson [int.Baberson], Oct.29,1835.

Nicholas [dup. Nicholos] and Lucy Norton, Nov.5,1789.*

Phineus and Hannah Robinson, Mar.3,1743.*

Prudence and Shardrach Hillman, Mar.20,1794.*

Rhoda and Moses Nye, Nov.11,1793.*

Sarah and Thomas West, Dec.21,1775.*

Solomon and Rebecca Allen,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. between Sept.12 and Sept.20 [?], 1792.]*

Thomas of Edgartown, and Katharine Stewart, Apr.5,1776.*

Timothy of Edgartown, and Jedidah Tillton, Dec.21,1780.*

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