CARTURIGHT (Cartwright)

Edward and Jean Megee, Jan.1,1749.*

CARTWRIGHT (Carturight)

Bryant and Elizabeth Weeks, Oct.19,1732.*


Robert and Mary Jons, Dec.11,1755.*

CHACE (Chase)

Mary [dup. Chase] and Richard Crookes, July9 [dup. June7], 1720.*


W. and Anna H. Robinson, Sept.25,1825.*

CHASE (Chace)

Abil and Mercy Mayhew, Feb.14,1744.*

Elizabeth of Tisbury, and Ward Tilton, Nov.3,1784, in Tisbury.*

Joseph of Tisbury, and Martha Hillman, Nov.26,1772.*

Lydia [dup. Chace] and Moses Hillman, Sept.11,1794.*

Olive of Tisbury, and James Norton Jr., Mar.26,1783, in Tisbury.*

Patience G., 16, of Tisbury, and Rufus N. Smith, Aug.末,1843.

Sarah and Thomas Cocks, Nov.12,1786.*

Zepheniah and Abigail Skiffe, Oct.10,1773.*


Lydia and Oliver Slocum, Sept.7,1792.*


Martha of Barnstable, and Freeman Norten, Apr.19,1774.*

Mercy of Barnstable, and Nathan Skiffe, Dec.13,1699, in Sandwich.*


Caleb and Mercy Pope, Jan.29,1752.*

Deborah and Ichabod Stodard, Aug.9,1749.*


William 3d of Plympton, and Peggy Tillton,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. between Apr.14 and Apr.21], 1791.*

CLAGHERN (Claghorn)

Dorcus and Shubal Pease, Nov.5,1761.*

CLAGHORN (Claghern)

James and Salome Cottle, Feb.17,1774.*

Matthew and Jane Bartlett, Oct.14,1759, in Plymouth.*

Shobal and Martha Hilman, Jan.7,1748.*

CLARK (Clerk)

Bethiah and Samuell Coos, Feb.14,1743.*

Hannah and William Wimpenney, Feb.26,1746.*

Mary and Isaac Cottle, Aug.24,1749.*


Elijah of Tisbury, and Beulah D. Allen, int.June12,1835.

George W. [int.Cleveland] of Tisbury, and Aurilla [int.Aurelia A.] Hancock, Oct.12,1831.

CLERK (Clark)

William of Plymouth, and Bethiah Mayhew, Sept.4,1707.*


Ellizebeth and Ichabod Allen, Nov.4,1728.*

Jacob and Bathsheba Skiff, Nov.8,1742.*

John of Tisbury, and Almira Look, Aug.14,1827.

Mary and Samuell Hach, Dec.1,1724.*

Ruth (Clifford) of Tisbury, and Elishai Tillton, int.Feb.22,1804.

Sarah and David Donham, Apr.11,1723.*

Thomas of Tisbury, and Asenath P. [int.W. [?]] Mayhew, July23,1836.


William and Expereance Weeks, Nov.1,1758, in Falmouth.*


Thomas and Sarah Chase, Nov.12,1786.*


Beulah and Ezra Allen, Apr.6,1797.*

Hephsabah of Edgartown, and Abisha Haden Lumbert, Oct.16,1792.*

James of Edgartown, and Huldah Allen, Sept.9,1773.*

Love and William Allen, Mar.10,1779.*

Matthew of Edgartown, and Betsey Allen, Feb.21,1799.*

Matthew [int.Mathew] and Harriet Allen, Apr.15,1827.


Ann and Joshua Johnson, int.Nov.27,1808.

John and Anny Horsewit, int.June10,1804.


Almira of Gayhead, and Abel Manning, May24,1844.

Austina [Fostenia, written above] of Gayhead, and Thomas Francis, int.Mar.2,1836.

Elizabeth of Gayhead, and Alexander Cuff, int.Apr.21,1838.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] of Gayhead, and Almoth Howwaswee June4,1840.

Lewis of Gayhead, and Abiah Bates, July19,1838.

Mary of Gayhead, and Philop Johnson, int.May2,1840.

Thadeus of Edgartown, and Polly Johnson, int.Oct.19,1805.

Thaddeus of Gayhead, and Anna Cooper, int.Oct.7,1840.

Thaddeus of Gay Head, and Emily Sailsbury, int.Oct.4,1849.


Aaron Jr. of Gayhead, and Lucy Peters, int.May30,1840.

Anna of Gayhead, and Thaddeus Cook, int.Oct.7,1840.

Anna, Mrs., of Gayhead, and David T. [int.Daniel F.] Nevers, Jan.1,1843.

Bethiah and Amos Jeffers, int.Jan.15,1806.

Cindrilla of Gayhead, and James W. Degrass, int.Nov.17,1838.

Clarissa of Gayhead, and William Shepherd, int.May21,1841.

Coombs of Gayhead, and Anna Hawwossuee, int.July6,1835.

James and Elizabeth Johnson, int.Feb.13,1805.

Louisa of Gayhead, and Thomas Corvet, int.Apr.15,1836.

Louisa of Gayhead, and George David, int.Sept.27,1836.

Lovina and George David, int.Mar.9,1827.

Mary and William Ephraems, int.July24,1802.

Nathan F. and Abiah Maning, int.May27,1837.

Prudence of Gayhead, and Samuel Hannet, int.July10,1827.

Thomas Jr. and Susannah Tockquenett Indians, Dec.13,1798.*

Thomas [int.of Gayhead] and Mrs.Jane Wormsley, May7,1837.


Samuell of Glocester, Essex Co., and Bethiah Clark, Feb.14,1743.*


Thomas of New Bedford, and Louisa Cooper, int.Apr.15,1836.

COTTE (Cottel, Cottle)

Thankful V. [? Cottle] and Smith Mayhew, int.Feb.3,1827.

COTTEL (Cotte, Cottle)

Lydia and John Stuart, Dec.24,1772.*

Reliance and Lemel Lumbert, Oct.14,1756.*


Miles and Mary Hix, July27,1721.*

COTTLE (Cotte, Cottel)

Abishai and Catharine 末末, Nov.3,1765.*

Almira D., 16, b. Tisbury, d.George and Margaret, and Augustus Holmes, Mar.21,1847.

Amy of Tisbury, and Constant Norton, Sept.11,1788, in Tisbury.*

Caroline and James Mayhew, int.June27,1835.

Cynthia and James Allen, int.Aug.20,1803.

Davis of Tisbury, and Abigail Mayhew, int.Apr.8,1837.

Elizabeth [int.Betcy] and Seth Mayhew, June4,1801.

Emily A., 23, d.Mayhew and Sarah, and James L. Merry, Oct.7 [?11], 1846.

Irenea W. [int.Irena, omits W.], 33, d.Mayhew and Sarah, and James Look, Oct.6,1846.

Isaac and Mary Clark, Aug.24,1749.*

Jane M., 19, d.George and Margaret, and Alfred Look, July20,1845.

Jerusha T. and George W. Stewart, Sept.15,1831.

John and Mary West, Dec.3,1717.*

John and Zerviah Hillman, Jan.6,1731.*

John and Rebecca Adams, Dec.22,1774.*

John Jr. and Caroline Williams, int.Mar.5,1809.

John, s.Mayhew and Sally, and Margaret W. Sprague, Nov.23,1847, [int.1877. sic].

Judeth and James Hatch, Mar.22,1719-20.*

Lot of Tisbury, and Catharine [int.Katharine] Smith, Sept.30,1804.

Lydia and Joseph hach, Dec.30,1726.*

Mary of Tisbury, and Rhodolphus Hancock, int.Aug.31,1827.

Mayhew and Sary Tilton Jr. [int.Tillton, omits Jr.], Dec.13,1804.

Mayhew, Capt. and Mrs.Hannah Baulstone, int.Mar.2,1839.

Prudence, 17, d.Francis and Sophronia, and Rodney R. Reed, Nov.6,1846.

Salome and James Claghorn, Feb.17,1774.*

Samuell and Abigal Mery, Oct.23,1724.*

Sarah and Mayhew Smith, int.Mar.12,1803.

Sally D. and John Hammett, Dec.20,1825.*

Shubal Esq. of Tisbury, and Mrs.Cathrine Bordnn [?Bordman], Nov.23,1780.*

Shubael Esq. of Tisbury, and Mrs.Mary Allen, int.May26,1803.

Silas and Jerusha Tillton, Nov.27,1777.*

Silas and Jemima Tillton, Mar.19,1795.*

Selvanus and Martha Hach, Dec.9,1725.*

Sophronia W., 19, d.Francis and Sophronia, and Lemuel B. [int.R.] Reed, Nov.6,1846.

Silvanus (Cottle) and Abigail Sherman, Feb.18,1745.*

Trueman and Mary A. Allen, int.Apr.8,1837.

William and Anna [int.Anny] B. Williams, Jan.23,1806.

COX (Cocks)

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Samuel Manter, int.Nov.14,1801.


Richard and Mary Chace [dup. Chase], July9 [dup. June7], 1720.*


Jonathan of Tisbury, and Remember Tillton, Apr.14,1791.*

William H. [int.Crowel], 26, b. Tisbury, of Tisbury, s.Jeremiah and Olive of Tisbury, and Mary M. Sprague, July21,1846.

CUFF (Cuffe)

Alexander of Gayhead, and Elizabeth Cook, int.Apr.21,1838.

Cloe and Paul Wainier, int.Sept.29,1804.

John and Chloe Dodge, int.Aug.5,1800.

Jonathan of Gayhead, and Hannah Peters, Apr.12,1843.

Lydia and Samuel Johnson, int.Nov.20,1808.

CUFFE (Cuff)

Hannah of Gayhead, and Samuel Mingoe, Aug.21,1831.

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