HACH (Hatch)

Ann and David Butler, Dec.4,1725.*

Ichobud of Falmoth, and Elizabeth Tufs, May18,1781.*

Joseph and Lydia Cottle, Dec.30,1726.*

Martha and Selvanus Cottle, Dec.9,1725.*

Samuell and Mary Clifford, Dec.1,1724.*


Moses, Rev., of Plainfield, and Peggy Allen, Sept.12,1792.*


Simeon F. of Falmouth, and Eliza A. Gifford, int.Apr.14,1832.

HAMMETT (Hannet)

Benjamin of Tisbury, and Mrs.Olive Hillman, Dec.1,1791.*

Elizabeth R., 51 [dup. Elizabeth N., 41], b. Tisbury, d.Abijah and Olivia, and Walter Frayne, Nov.28,1847.

Hiram, 25, b. Tisbury, s.Franklin and B., and Mary A. Tilton, Sept.28,1845.

John of Tisbury, and Sally D. Cottle, Dec.20,1825.*

Jonathan and Mary Hilman, Oct.25,1744.*


Cloe and Fenious Butler, May17,1781.*


Aurilla [int.Aurelia A.] and George W. Cleavland [int.Cleveland], Oct.12,1831.

Casandra and Washington Adams, Oct.10,1833.

Cyrus, 39, s.Samuel and Frances, and Thankful Mantor, Dec.26,1844.

Deborah R. and Ephraim Harding, int.Aug.26,1835.

Betsey W. and William M. Lumbert, Oct.30,1828.

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas T. Mayhew, int.May3,1845.

Rhodolphus and Mary Cottle, int.Aug.31,1827.

HANNET (Hammett)

Samuel of Christiantown, and Prudence Cooper, int.July10,1827.


Ephraim of Tisbury, and Deborah R. Hancock, int.Aug.26,1835.


Charls and Mercy Porrige [?Dorrige], Feb.20,1800.*

HATCH (Hach)

Abiah and Isaac Parker, Sept.10,1773.*

Anna of Falmouth, and Zepheniah Robenson, Feb.27,1757, in Falmouth.*

Benjamin and Reliance Mayhew, Jan.14,1762.*

Cyrus and Betsey Flanders, Sept.1,1791.*

Ichabod of Falmouth, and Abegail Weeks, Sept.2,1714, in Falmouth.*

James and Judeth Cottle, Mar.22,1719-10.*

Nathan of Falmouth, and Mary Weeks, Sept.2,1714, in Falmouth.*

Reuben and Lucy Tillton, Dec.3,1789.*


Martha of Falmouth, and Joseph Fuller, June13,1717, in Falmouth.*

Philip of Dartmouth, and Susanah Allen, July17,1765.*


Fear and Thomas Tilton, May11,1805.

Keziah and Waren Lewis, int.May8,1802.

Sylvia and Benjamin Richardson, Mar.24,1791.*

HAWWOSSUEE (Hourvoiwee, Howwaswee)

Anna of Gayhead, and Coombs Cooper, int.July6,1835.


Mary D., 26, d.John and Lucretia and Holder R. Tripp, Jan.1,1846.


Eliza and Prince Johnson, int.May8,1835.

HENERY (Henry)

Joseph of RI, and Mrs.Sarah Paull, int.Aug.2,1802.

HENRY (Henery)

Sarah, Mrs., of Gayhead, and Philip Johnson, int.Sept.12,1845.


Sanford and Temperance S. [int.Patience] Robinson, N[ov.] 18,1827.

HILLMAN (Hilman)

Abigail and Rufus H. Davis, int.Sept.26,1840.

Ann and John Bassett, Mar.7,1776.*

Bathsheba and Francis N. Luce, Nov.15,1831.

Celina and Capt. Edwin A. Luce, July16,1837.

Clarissa [dup. Clarrissa] and Samuel Nickerson, May17,1829.

Deborah and Lot Norton, Dec.4,1777.*

Edward and Lydia Hillman, Dec.9,1787.*

Eliza and Ira F. Luce, Mar.1,1836.

Elizabeth and Japhet Turner, Apr.21,1763.*

Enice and Robert Look, May30,1779.*

Fear and Jeremiah Mayhew, Apr.7,1776.*

Hannah and John Peas, Feb.22,1776.*

Harriet N., 17, d.Jireh and Nancy, and Moses C. Vincent, Mar.20,1846.

Henry and Sorah Mayhew, [Dec.] 9,1790.*

Isaiah and Sarah Lumbert, int.Jan.3,1846.

Jane and Walter Boardman, Dec.4,1790.*

Jain [int.Jane] N. and Otis Smith, Oct.30,1833.

Lois and Daniel Look, Oct.7,1804.

Lot and Lovey Luce, June20,1780, in Tisbury.*

Love of New Bedford, and Robert Hillman Jr., int.Nov.9,1807.

Lydia and Nathaniel Nicholson, Sept.21,1780.*

Lydia and Edward Hillman, Dec.9,1787.*

Martha and Joseph Chase, Nov.26,1772.*

Mary N. [int.omits N.] and Shubal Norton, Feb.21,1828.

Moses and Lydia Chase [dup. Chace], Sept.11,1794.*

Nancy and Prince Hillman, July18,1801.*

Nancy, Mrs., and Samuel Look Jr., int.Mar.6,1808.

Olive, Mrs., and Benjamin Hammett, Dec.1,1791.*

Owen and Polly Norton, Aug.20,1795.*

Owen Jr. (Hillmar) [dup. Hilliams] and Charlotte Tilton [dup. and int.Tillton], June16 [dup. June17], 1828.

Parnell and Thomas Lumbert, Oct.30,1791.*

Prince and Nancy Hillman, July18,1801.*

Prudence and Abraham [int.Abram] Knowles, July9,1807.

Rebeca and Robert Hillman, May11,1769.*

Richard and Jone Thompson, July3,1775.*

Robert and Rebeca Hillman, May11,1769.*

Robert Jr. and Love Hillman, int.Nov.9,1807.

Ruth and Thomas Thorp, Mar.17,1768.*

Sarah and John Flanders, Jan.27,1769.*

Shadrach and Prudence Butler, Mar.20,1794.*

Silas Jr. and Sukey Jones, Nov.21,1798.*

Silas and Mary B. Norton, Oct.29,1835.

Stephen and Bathsheba [int.Bersheba] Skiff, Apr.24,1806.

Susanah and Benjamin Skiff Jr., Dec.12,1765.*

Susanna and Benjamin S. Tilton, Oct.24,1822.*

Uriel and Betsy Adams, Dec.21,1797.*

Whitten and Olive Roch, Sept.2,1784, in Tisbury.*

Zerviah and John Cottle, Jan.6,1731.*

HILMAN (Hillman)

Ezra and Zerviah Jones, Dec.4,1766.*

Jean and Ebenezer Jones, Sept.21,1733.*

Jonathan and Keziah Luce, June29,1749.*

Martha and Shobal Claghorn, Jan.7,1748.*

Mary and Jonathan Hammett, Oct.25,1744.*

Mehetabel and John Merry,末蔓末, 末末.*

Rhoda and Malachi Merry, June26,1766.*

Silas and Susanah Mayhew, Dec.4,1755.*


Samuel and Deberah Dexter, Apr.23,1719.*


Mary and Miles Cotten, July27,1721.*


Abigail of Edgartown, and Daniel Luce, int.Sept.16,1803.

HOLMES (Homes)

Augustus, 26, b. Hanover, NH, [int.of Hanover, NH], s.Robert and Rebecca of Hanover, NH, and Almira D. Cottle, Mar.21,1847.

HOMES (Holmes)

Margaret and John Allen, Mar.1,1716.*

HORSEWIT (Horswet)

Anny and John Cole, int.June10,1804.

HORSWET (Horsewit)

Peggy and James David Indians, int.Apr.13,1805.


Lydia and Soloman Weeks, int.Oct.2,1802.


Bathsheba, Mrs., of Gayhead, and Amos Jeffers, int.Oct.4,1849.

HOURVOIWEE (Hawwossuee, Howwaswee)

Zaccheus of Gayhead, and Elizabeth Warmsley, int.Aug.21,1827.


Elijah of New Bedford, and Sophronia Tillton [int.Sophronia Tilton], Apr.23,1830.

HOWWASWEE (Hawwossuee, Hourvoiwee)

Almoth of Gayhead and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Cook, June4,1840.

Jane W.P. of Gayhead, and Joseph Nolden, int.Oct.5,1847.


Jeane and Samuell Nickenson, July5,1744.*

Mary and Nathaniel Knoles, Feb.末,1706-7.*

Samuell and Lois Mayhew, Jan.7,1747.*


Joseph of Edgartown, and Mehtable Johnson, int.Feb.8,1809.


Sarah and Daniell Denham, Nov.19,1739.*

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