Mary F. [int.C.], 18, d.Otis and Mary, and Willard Bessey, Feb.1,1846.


Remember of Falmouth, and Nathan Weeks, Aug.10,1737, in Falmouth.*

William of Falmouth, and Hannah Allen, Nov.5,1801.


Lemuel of Metepoice, and Elizabeth Allen, Dec.29,1774.*


Waren of Tisbury, and Keziah Hawks, int.May8,1802.


Thomas, Dr., and Lucy Mayhew, Dec.13,1733.*


Alfred, 25, of Tisbury, s.Mayhew and Mary of Tisbury, and Jane M. Cottle, July20,1845.

Almira and John Clifford, Aug.14,1827.

Daniel of Addison [int.of Addington], and Lois Hillman, Oct.7,1804.

Davis A. and Abigail N. Dunham, int.Nov.9,1826.

Eunice and Samuel Norton, July11,1811.*

George of Tisbury, and Persis [int.Percy] Allen, Nov.27,1800.

Henry W. of Tisbury, and Sophia Tilton, Mar.8,1848.*

James, 40, s.George and Perres, and Irenea W. [int.omits W.] Cottle, Oct.6,1846.

Joseph of Tisbury, and Ruth Tillton, Dec.31,1767.*

Lucy of Tisbury, and Maletiah Mayhew, Oct.18,1804.*

Martha of Tisbury, and Moses Adams, Mar.24,1799, in Tisbury.*

Prince of Tisbury, and Sarah Lumbart, Nov.29,1787.*

Rebeccah of Tisbury, and Ephraim Allen Jr., int.Mar.1,1807.

Robert and Enice Hillman, May30,1779.*

Samuel Jr. of Tisbury, and Mrs.Nancy Hillman, int.Mar.6,1808.

Thankful of Tisbury, and William Adams, Jan.14,1795, in Tisbury.*


George and Hannah Johnson, int.June11,1808.*


Abigail [int.Abagail], 24, d.Daniel and Abigail and Joseph Luce, June10,1846.

Abby A. of Tisbury, and William C. West, int.May19,1849.

Benjamin of Tisbury, and Sarah White, Aug.25,1774.*

Benjamin Jr. and Prudence Pease, Aug.14,1791.*

Content A. of Tisbury, and Frederick B. Skiff, int.Mar.19,1825.

Daniel and Abigail Holister, int.Sept.16,1803.

Deborah of Tisbury, and William Ferguson, Dec.11,1793, in Tisbury.*

Edwin A., Capt. [int.of Tisbury], and Celina Hillman, July16,1837.

Francis N. of Tisbury, and Bathsheba Hillman, Nov.15,1831.

Hannah and Mayhew Norton, July6,1797.*

Ira F., of Tisbury, and Eliza Hillman, Mar.1,1836.

Jabez of Tisbury, and Reliance Nicolls Jr., int.Apr.3,1802.

Joseph, 38, b. Tisbury, of Tisbury, s.Joseph and Elizabeth of Tisbury, and Abigail [int.Abagail] Luce, June10,1846.

Keziah and Jonathan Hilman, June29,1749.*

Lovey of Tisbury, and Lot Hillman, June20,1780, in Tisbury.*

Lydia of Tisbury, and Bartlett Pease, Jan.22,1795, in Tisbury.*

Mary C. [dup. 23], d.David and Polly, and Henry Mantor [dup. and int.Manter] Dec.末,1843.

Rollin of Tisbury, and Tamson Mayhew,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Aug.15,1828].*

Ulissus P. of Tisbury, and Mary A. Tilton, int.Mar.12,1831.

Warren of Tisbury, and Salley West, Oct.19,1797.*

Zacheus and Sarah Sog, Aug.10,1749.*

LUMBART (Lumbert, Lumbut)

Sarah and Prince Look, Nov.29,1787.*

LUMBERT (Lumbart, Lumbut)

Abisha Haden (Lambert) and Hephsabah Coffin, Oct.16,1792.*

Bathshaba and William Pool, May17,1798.*

Deborah and Isaac Winslow, Nov.20,1800.

Deborah P. and Capt. George P. Manter, int.Apr.14,1849.

Jerusha and Jonathan Mosieur, July4,1776.*

Jonathan (Lumbert) and Rachel Tilton, Oct.19,1707.*

Jonathan and Love Manter, Nov.19,1800.

Keziah [dup. and int.Kaziah] F. and Samuel Flanders, Apr.2,1837.

Lemel (Lumbert) and Reliance Cottel, Oct.14,1756.*

Mary and Jeremiah Stewart, Nov.6,1788.*

Sarah and Isaiah Hillman, int.Jan.3,1846.

Sophrona P. and John Pease Jr., Jan.3,1830.

Thomas and Parnell Hillman, Oct.30,1791.*

William M. of Tisbury, and Betsey W. Hancock, Oct.30,1828.

LUMBUT (Lumbart, Lumbert)

Thomas H. and Deborah A. 末末, Nov.26,1817.* [Lambert, Nov.26,1818.GR]

Thomas H. and Lydia West, Jan.22,1825.*

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