Simeon A. and Nancy W. Robinson, int.Aug.1,1840.


Michael of Edgartown, and Diana Peters, June2,1830.*

MANING (Manning)

Abiah of Gayhead, and Nathan F. Cooper, int.May27,1837.


Thomas P. [int.omits P.] of New Bew Bedford, and Eliza Gifford, Apr.6,1831.

MANNING (Maning)

Abel of Gayhead, and Almira Cook, May24,1844.

Hannah, Mrs., of Gayhead, and George W. Gardner, int.Feb.24,1838.

Marshall and Hannah Tocknet, int.Apr.7,1810.

Mary of Gayhead, and William [int.Williams] L. Brooks, July26,1839.

MANTER (Mantor)

George P., Capt., of Tisbury and Deborah P. Lumbert, int.Apr.14,1849.

Granville, Capt. and Catharine C. Mayhew, int.Oct.27,1838.

Jane, Mrs.[int.34], and Capt. Daniel Flanders, Mar.5,1843.

Love of Tisbury, and Jonathan Lumbert, Nov.19,1800.

Samuel, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Cox, int.Nov.14,1801.

Sanderson and Jane H. Mayhew, int.Sept.27,1834.

MANTOR (Manter)

Henry [dup. and int.30] of Tisbury, s.Thomas and Hannah, and Mary C. Luce, Dec.末,1843.

Thankful, 21, d.Whitten and Thankful, and Cyrus Hancock, Dec.26,1844.

MARCH (Marche)

Wilson and Abigal Allen, Dec.9,1748.*

MARCHE (March)

Joanna and Timothy Robinson, July7,1762.*


Abiah, d.Thomas, and William Tilton,末蔓末, 末末.*

Abiah and Daniel Norton, May31,1787.*

Abagal and Jonathan Allen, Nov.17,1733.*

Abigail and William Jernigan Jr., Sept.20,1781 [dup. 1780].*

Abigail and Davis Cottle, int.Apr.8,1837.

Abner [int.Jr.] and Eunice Smith, Nov.5,1807.

Allen, Dr., and Eunice Allen, Dec.18,1795.*

Asenath P. [int.W. [?]] and Thomas Clifford, July23,1836.

Bartlet and Thankful Mayhew, int.Oct.6,1826.

Beersheba [dup. Bathsheba, d.Dea.Timothy] and William Tillton [dup. Tilton], Jan.14,1762.*

Benjamen and Hannah Skiff, May13,1704.*

Benjamin and Lidia Mayhew, Feb.8,1784.*

Benjamin [dup. and int.56], s.Benjamin and Lydia, and Hannah Smith, Nov.23,1843.

Bethiah and William Clerk, Sept.4,1707.*

Bethia and Jacob Norton Jr., Feb.3,1731-2.*

Caroline and Capt. William Mayhew [int.Jr.], Aug.14,1834.

Catharine C. and Capt. Granville Manter, int.Oct.27,1838.

Clarissa [dup. Clarrissa] and Tristram Allen, Dec.17,1795.*

David and Martha Mayhew Jr., int.Sept.26,1802.

Deborah and Abel Baker, Aug.23,1795.*

Deborah and James Mayhew, int.Oct.30,1830.

Deidamia S. and Joseph Mayhew Jr., Sept.15,1839.

Edward, 26, s.George and Clarissa, and Jane A. Swett, June26,1845.

Elijah and Eunice Norton, June11,1729.*

Elijah and Martha Mayhew, int.Oct.10,1835.

Elijah L., 59, s.Melitiah and Lucy, and Asenath M. Norton, Apr.18,1847.

Eliza L. [int.19], d.Abner and Eunice, and Josiah Mayhew, May25,1843.

Ellizabeth and Josiah Tilton, Feb.23,1743.*

Elizabeth and Lemuel Jenkins, Aug.20,1775.*

Elizabeth and Marshall Jenkins, Dec.16,1777.*

Ephraim Jr. and Susanna [int.Susannah] Pease, Feb.13,1805.

Ephraim Jr. and Lucinda Pool, Nov.24,1836.*

Experience and Remember Bourne, Dec.4,1711.*

Francis and Sophronia Smith, Dec.11,1788.*

Frederick and Mary Blackwell, int.Jan.15,1836.

George and Mehitable [int.Mehiteble] Mayhew, Oct.7,1830.

Hannah and Zephaniah Mayhew, Oct.23,1735.*

Hannah and Elijah Smith, Aug.14,1768.*

Hannah D., 17, d.Davis and Cynthia, and Oliver Mayhew, May28,1845.

Hariff [int.Harriph] and Sally Smith, July4,1832.

Hebron and Deborah Stewart, [Sept.20 [?], 1792.*

Hilyard and Susanna Bassett, Feb.16,1764.*

James and Deborah Mayhew, int.Oct.30,1830.

James and Caroline Cottle, int.June27,1835.

Jane H. and Sanderson Manter, int.Sept.27,1834.

Jean and John Bassett, July31,1735.*

Jedidah and Joseph Mayhew, int.June7,1803.

Jemima and Thomas Tillton, Dec.9,1725.*

Jeremiah Jr. and Abigail Bassett, Mar.3,1768.*

Jeremiah and Fear Hillman, Apr.7,1776.*

Jeremiah, Capt., of New Bedford, and Mrs.Peggy Mayhew, [Oct.] 26,1792.*

John Jr. and Hannah Gray, Jan.15,1783, in Tisbury.*

Jonathan and Parnell Mayhew, Oct.25,1792.*

Jonathan and Jane S. Pool, June26,1842.

Joseph and Jedidah Mayhew, int.June7,1803.

Joseph Jr. and Deidamia S. Mayhew, Sept.15,1839.

Josiah and Rebecca Skiffe, Oct.21,1779.*

Josiah [int.28], s.Melatiah and Lucy, and Eliza L. Mayhew, May25,1843.

Julina T. and William Rogers, Apr.4,1841.

Keziah and Daniell Butler, Oct.8,1730.*

Lois and Samuell Hunt, Jan.7,1747.*

Louisa and Herman Vincent, Nov.6,1831.

Lucinda and Levi Davis, int.Mar.2,1827.

Lucy and Dr. Thomas Little, Dec.13,1733.*

Lucy and Wiliam Mayhew, Dec.31,1772.*

Lucy and Charles Norton, int.Mar.24,1828.

Lidia and Benjamin Mayhew, Feb.8,1784.*

Maletiah and Lucy Look, int.Oct.18,1804.

Peggy and William Mayhew, Jan.7,1773.*

Peggy, Mrs., and Capt. Jeremiah Mayhew, [Oct.] 26,1792.*

Martha and Shubil Smith Jr., Jan.末,1723-4.*

Martha and Silvanus Parker, Dec.9,1749.*

Martha Jr. and David Mayhew, int.Sept.26,1802.

Martha and Capt. Allen Dexter, int.Mar.2,1827.

Martha [int.adds Mrs.] and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Samuel Blackwell, Aug.末,1833.

Martha and Elijah Mayhew, int.Oct.10,1835.

Mary and Jethro Athearn, Sept.8,1720.*

Mary [dup., d.Matthew] and Beriah Tillton [dup. Tilton], Dec.12,1728.*

Mary and Peleg Burrig, Sept.20,1742.*

Mary and John Allen, Oct.17,1777.*

Polly and Ephraim Poole, Oct.18,1804.

Matilda and Elijah Smith, [Aug.] 28,1791.*

Matilda V. and Charles F. Dunham, int.June6,1840.

Matthew and Mary 末末, Mar.1,1674.*

Matthew and Mary Allen, Jan.3,1744.*

Mehitable [int.Mehiteble] and George Mayhew, Oct.7,1830.

Mercy and Abil Chase, Feb.14,1744.*

Mercy and Ephraim Smith, Oct.2,1800.

Moses and Rebecca Mayhew, Nov.28,1824.*

Nancy S. and John Dunham, Aug.6,1839.

Nathan and Abigail Bordman, Nov.8,1781.*

Nathaniel and Mary Athearn, Feb.20,1784, in Tisbury.*

Olive and David Davis, Nov.30,1786.*

Oliver and Jane Stewart, May26,1791.*

Oliver, 27, s.Malitiah and Lucy, and Hannah D. Mayhew, May28,1845.

Pain and Mary Rankin, Dec.8,1699.*

Pain Jr. and Dinah Norton, Dec.1,1724.*

Pain Jr. and Margate Wass, Nov.17,1757.*

Parnell and Jonathan Mayhew, Oct.25,1792.*

Phebe, Mrs.and William Mayhew, Jan.1,1795.*

Phebe and David L. Adams, int.May26,1826.

Pricilla and Nathan Bassett, Oct.29,1828.

Prudence and Zebulon [dup. Sibulon] Allen, May7,1789.*

Rebecca and Mayhew Adams, Dec.27,1750.*

Rebecca and Rufus Davis, Dec.4,1794.*

Rebecca and Moses Mayhew, Nov.28,1824.*

Reliance and Benjamin Hatch, Jan.14,1762.*

Sarah and Abishai Folger, Nov.6,1727.*

Sarah and William Allen, Nov.13,1737 [dup. 1739. sic].*

Sorah and Henry Hillman, [Dec.] 9,1790.*

Seth and Mercy Skiff, Dec.15,1763.*

Seth and Elizabeth [int.Betcy] Cottle, June4,1801.

Simon and Abiah Vinson, Apr.27,1749.*

Simon and Matilda Vinson, Apr.21,1796.*

Smith and Thankful V. Cottle, int.Feb.3,1827.

Susanah and Silas Hilman, Dec.4,1755.*

Susanna and Ransom Norton, [Mar.] 27,1791.*

Tamson and Rollin Luce,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Aug.15,1828].*

Thankful and Barlet Mayhew, int.Oct.6,1826.

Theophilus and Elizabeth Tillton, Feb.22,1776.*

Thomas Waid and Parnal Adams, Dec.21,1780.*

Thomas T. and Mrs.Mary Hancock, int.May3,1845.

Timothy and Abiah Tilton, Jan.14,1730-1.*

Tristram [int.Tristra], 39, s.David and Martha, and Jane Nickerson [int.Nickenson], Nov.25,1849.

Wadsworth and Elizabeth Gregrey, Oct.5,1775.*

William of Edgartown and Lucy Mayhew, Dec.31,1772.*

William and Peggy Mayhew, Jan.7,1773.*

William and Mrs.Peggy Mayhew, Jan.1,1795.*

William B. [int.Brandon] and Prudence Allen [dup. Jr.], Nov.6,1800.

William [int.adds Jr.], Capt., and Caroline Mayhew, Aug.14,1834.

William L. and Sarah C. Merry, int.July6,1844.

Willmut and Nancy Tillton, Oct.27,1785.*

Zaccheus [dup. Zacheus] and Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah] Pope, Sept.6,1750.*

Zaphaniah and Bathyah Wadsworth, Mar.末,1711.*

Zephaniah and Hannah Mayhew, Oct.23,1735.*

Zephaniah and Polite Wadsworth, Nov.24,1773, in Tisbury.*

Zilpah and Joseph Tilton, Apr.15,1742.*


Archabald and Patty Godfrey, Apr.24,1800.*

Mary E. [int.McCullum, omits E.] and Capt. Allen Tillton, Apr.20,1834.


William of Nontuckett, and Deborah Skiff, Oct.20,1774.*


Jean and Edward Carturight, Jan.1,1749.*

MERRY (Mery)

Benjamin and Hannah Skiff, Oct.23,1740.*

Benjamin of Tisbury, and Rebecca [int.Rebeca] Robinson, Apr.17 [int.Apr.24.], 1835.

James L., 30, b. Tisbury, of Tisbury, s.Matthew and Betsey of Tisbury, and Emily A. Cottle, Oct.7 [?11], 1846.

John and Mehetabel Hilman,末蔓末, 末末.*

Larthrop [int.of Tisbury] and Abigal Pease, Dec.26,1805.

Malachi of Tisbury, and Rhoda Hilman, June26,1766.*

Sarah C. of Tisbury, and William L. Mayhew, int.July6,1844.

MERY (Merry)

Abigal and Samuell Cottle, Oct.23,1724.*


Martha of Falmouth, and Jabez Robinson, Feb.25,1768, in Falmouth.*


John and Bathsheba Allen, Oct.31,1726.*

MINGO (Mingoe)

Charles of Tisbury, and Mrs.Sarah Goodwin, int.May6,1837.

Olive, Mrs., of Gayhead, and Josiah Jared, int.Nov.22,1844.

MINGOE (Mingo)

Samuel of Tisbury, and Hannah Cuffe, Aug.21,1831.


William and Prudence West, int.Feb.2,1833.


Jonathan and Jerusha Lumbert, July4,1776.*


Hannah and Samuel Tilton,末蔓末, 末末.*

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