Vincent of Fairhaven and Lovey West, int.Apr.7,1827.

Vincent and Sidney [female] Tillton, Mar.28,1833.


Thomas and Eliza Robinson, int.Jan.9,1827.

TAUKNUT (Tockanet, Tocknet, Tockquenett)

Elisha and Margaret Johnson, Indians, Dec.21,1769.*


Anderson of Hollowell, and Persis Pease, Jan.9,1791.*


Lydia of Lebanon, CT, and John Deane [?Doane], June10, 末末.*


Tamson and Tristram Weeks, int.Apr.5,1845.


Jone and Richard Hillman, July3,1775.*

Robert and Jane Nickerson, Jan.15,1768.*


Thomas of Edgartown, and Ruth Hillman, Mar.17,1768.*

TILLTON (Tilton)

Abigail and Reuben Tillton, Jan.28,1762.*

Allen, Capt., and Mary E. McCollum [int.McCullum, omits E.], Apr.29,1834.

Asa and Sarah Smith, Mar.19, [1801].

Bathsheba and William Stewort, Sept.17,1789.*

Bersheba and Joseas [?] Allen, Nov.4,1762.*

Beriah [dup. Tilton, s.William and Abiah] and Mary Mayhew, Dec.12,1728.*

Bethiah and John Tillton, Mar.11,1787.*

Cathrine and Vinal Skiff, Nov.11,1779.*

Cornelus and Jedidah Pease, Feb.16,1780.*

David and Mary Tillton, July2,1775.*

David and Matty Skiff, Feb.27,1800.*

Dinah and Jese Dunham, Mar.23,1769.*

Dinah and Eleazer Dunham, int.Oct.4,1800.

Elishai and Ruth Clifford, int.Feb.22,1804.

Elizabeth and Theophilus Mayhew, Feb.22,1776.*

Eunice and Oliver Tillton, [Jan.] 23,1791.*

Ezra and Elizabeth Bassett, Oct.28 [?23], 1765.*

Ezra and Mary Weeks, June20,1779.*

Fanny and Norton Bassett Jr., Apr.10,1823.*

Hannah and Jonathan Tillton, Dec.24,1767.*

Hannah and John Flanders, Dec.23,1792.*

Hannah G. and Lot Besse, int.Nov.23,1833.

James R. and Hannah Norton, int.Apr.26,1834.

Jedidah and Timothy Butler, Dec.21,1780.*

Jemima and Silas Cottle, Mar.19,1795.*

Jerusha and Silas Cottle, Nov.27,1777.*

John and Bethiah Tillton, Mar.11,1787.*

Jonathan and Hannah Tillton, Dec.24,1767.*

Joseph Jr. and Deidamia Davis, Dec.25,1788.*

Josiah and Mary B. Norton, Nov.24,1814.*

Julia F. and Charles Vincent, int.Sept.14,1833.

Lucy and Reuben Hatch, Dec.3,1789.*

Lyda and Jethro Dunham, Apr.10,1776.*

Peggy and William Churchill 3d,末蔓末 [rec. bet. Apr.14 and Apr.21], 1791.*

Mary and David Tillton, July2,1775.*

Mary and Daniel Norton, June15,1780.*

Mary and John Gray, Feb.17,1789.*

Mary Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Robert Allen, Nov.21,1793.*

Matthew Jr. and Anne Robinson, int.Aug.12,1803.

Meribah and Jonathan Burgis, Jan.27,1785.*

Nancy and Willmut Mayhew, Oct.27,1785.*

Oliver and Eunice Tillton, [Jan.] 23,1791.*

Olivia and William Bassett, Nov.16,1794.*

Pain and Susanna Tillton, Dec.17,1772.*

Parnal, Mrs., and Ephraim Briggs, Sept.6,1832.

Rebeccah and Stephen Tillton, Dec.14,1768.*

Remember and Jonathan Crowell, Apr.14,1791.*

Reuben and Abigail Tillton, Jan.28,1762.*

Ruhamah and Benjamin Smith, Aug.22,1793.*

Ruth and Joseph Look, Dec.31,1767.*

Salithiel and Unice Weeks, Nov.18,1781.*

Samuel and Mary Allen, May16,1768.*

Sidney [female] and Vincent Taber, Mar.28,1833.

Sophronia [int.Sophrona Tilton] and Elijah Howland, Apr.23,1830.

Stephen and Rebeccah Tillton, Dec.14,1768.*

Susanna and Pain Tilton, Dec.17,1772.*

Thomas and Jemima Mayhew, Dec.9,1725.*

William [dup. Tilton, s.Beriah and Mary] and Beersheba [dup. Bathsheba] Mayhew, Jan.14,1762.*

TILTON (Tillton)

Abiah and Timothy Mayhew, Jan.14,1730-1.*

Agnes L. and Capt. William Flanders, int.Jan.25,1840.

Alonzo and Corsandia Tilton, int.Jan.1,1848.

Anson of Easton, NY, and Julina Tilton, int.June3,1837.

Bathsheba and Stephen Skiff, Aug.26,1742.*

Benjamin S. and Susanna Hillman, Oct.24,1822.*

Chatherine [dup. and int.Chatharine] M. [dup. 22], d.Elisha and Ruth, and Charles M. Skiff, Apr.4,1844.

Charles and Rebecca Skiff, Nov.22,1840.

Charlotte [dup. and int.Tillton] and Owen Hillmar [Hillman] [dup. Hilliams] Jr., June16 [dup. June17], 1828.

Corsandia and Alonzo Tilton, int.Jan.1,1848.

Cyrano and Remember Tobey Jr., Jan.12,1730-1.*

David and Lavinnia Allen, Oct.11,1793, in Tisbury.*

David [int.Tillton] and Jedidah Robinson, Sept.25,1806.

Deborah M. and Nathan S. Bassett, Nov.8,1827.

Deidamia D. [int.24] and George West Jr., July31,1842.

Ebenezar and Hepsabah Parker, Jan.6,1785, in Falmouth.*

Horatio W., 24, s.Josiah and Patty, and Theresa [int.Thresa] T. Bassett, Apr.15,1847.

Isaac and Jemima Butler, Nov.25,1790, in Tisbury.*

James N. and Lydia B. Norton, int.June17,1837.

John and Sarah Gibs, Aug.30,1738.*

Joseph and Zilpah Mayhew, Apr.15,1742.*

Josiah and Elizabeth Mayhew, Feb.23,1743.*

Josiah [dup. Tillton] and Hannah Flanders Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Oct.21,1829.

Julina and Anson Tilton, int.June3,1837.

Lydia S. [int.Susen, 18], d.Pain and Perses, and William Goff, Dec.17,1843.

Margaret and Bartlet Norton, int.Dec.28,1827.

Mary A. and Ulissus P. Luce, int.Mar.12,1831.

Mary B. and Prince D. Athearn, Nov.29,1838.

Polly C. and Stephen D. Skiff, Feb.3,1842.

Mary A., 21, d.John and Mary, and Hiram Hammett, Sept.28,1845.

Matthew and Polly Dunham, Apr.1,1806.

Rachel and Jonathan Lumbert, Oct.19,1707.*

Salathiel and Mary Tobey, Mar.17,1741-2.*

Samuel and Hannah Moulton,末蔓末, 末末. "In the year 1673 came to the Isle of Marthas Vineyard."*

Sary Jr. [int.Sarah Tillton] and Mayhew Cottle, Dec.13,1804.

Sarah and John D. Rotch, Oct.28,1828.

Shadrack R. [dup. Capt. Shaduck R., int.Capt. Shadrach R. of Tisbury], 27, s.David and Judida, and Helen [int.Hellen] M. Ferguson, Nov.4,1847.

Sophia and Henry W. Look, int.Mar.8,1848.

Thomas and Fear Hawks, May11,1805.

Ward and Elizabeth Chase, Nov.3,1784, in Tisbury.*

William, s.William and Bathsheba, and Margaret Stewart,末蔓末, 末末.*

William, s.Samuel and Abiah Mayhew,末蔓末, 末末.*


Mary of Sandwich, and Salathiel Tilton, Mar.17,1741-2.*

Remember Jr. of Sandwich, and Cyrano Tilton, Jan.12,1730-1.*

TOCKANET (Tauknut, Tocknet, Tockquenett)

Esther and Joshua Stephens, int.Mar.7,1801.

TOCKNET (Tauknut, Tockanet, Tockquenett)

Hannah and Marshall Manning, int.Apr.7,1810.

TOCKQUENETT (Tauknut, Tockanet, Tocknet)

Elizabeth and William Weeks Indians,末蔓末,1797.*

Peggy Jr. and Joseph Gershom Indians, Aug.22,1796.*

Susannah and Thomas Cooper Jr. Indians, Dec.13,1798.*


Mercy and Samuel Pease, Jan.4,1710.*


Holder R., 21, b. New Bedford [int.of New Bedford], s.Francis and Any A. of New Bedford, and Mary, d.Hayden, Jan.1,1846.


Elizabeth and Ichobud Hach, May18,1781.*


Japhet and Elizabeth Hillman, Apr.21,1763.*

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