MARCHANT (Merchant)

Abiah Mayhew, d.John and Matilda, bp. Sept.15,1799.CR1

Nabby, d.George and Naby, bp. Aug.9,1804.CR1

Armelis, ch.Abisha and Susanna, bp. Dec.10,1788, a.12.CR1

Belinda, ch.Abisha and Susanna, bp. Dec.10,1788, a 8.CR1

Bernard Case, s.Cornelius Jr. and Thankful, bp. Sept.5,1802.CR1

Caroline B., d.Henry H., mariner, and Mary, May末 [dup. May13], 1843.

Catharine D., ch.Bernard C., Mar.23,1841.

Catharine D. 2d, ch.Bernard C., Oct.18,1842.

Charles, s.Jervas and Susan, bp. Oct.13,1811.CR1

Cordelia D., d.Alexander, laborer, and Susan, Aug.12,1848.

Cornelius Beetle, s.George and Naby, bp. Apr.20,1817.CR1

Cornelius M., ch.Bernard C., Apr.7,1826.

Damaris, ch.Gamaliel (Merchant) and Lydia, bp.末蔓末,1781, a.14.CR1

Drusilla, d.Alexander, farmer, Aug.3,1846.

Edgar, s.George and Naby, bp. Aug.16,1807.CR1

Edgar, s.George and Abigail, bp. July24,1814.CR1

Edward Dalton, s.Elihu and Sarah, bp. July3,1808.CR1

Eliza E., ch.Alexander, Dec.25,1841.

Eliza Ann, ch.Cornelius B. [dup. omits B.] and Betsy K. [dup. Betsey, omits K.], Feb.21,1844.

Betsy, ch.Gamaliel (Merchant) and Lydia, bp.末蔓末,1781, a.11.CR1

Ephraim, Aug.30,1769.GR2

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Polly, bp. Oct.29,1797.CR1

Gamaliel, s.John and Miriam (Cleveland), Oct.末,1740.PR

Gamaliel, s.George and Abigail, bp. June6,1813.CR1

George, Capt. June10,1774.GR2

George, ch.Gamaliel (Merchant) and Lydia, bp.末蔓末,1781, a.7.CR1

George Ripley, s.George and Nabby, bp. Aug.30,1801.CR1

George W., s.Charles, mariner, Oct.24,1844.

Harriet B., ch.Bernard C., May18,1833.

Henry, s.Elihu and Sarah, bp. Aug.3,1797.CR1

Henry Hobart, s.Ephraim and Sophia, bp. June30,1805.CR1

Henry Edward [dup. Edwards], s.Elihu, mariner, and Sarah, Feb.23,1844.

Hepsibah, d.Cornelius Jr. and Hannah, bp. Sept.15,1793.CR1

Huxford, ch.Abisha and Susanna, bp. Dec.10,1788, a.14.CR1

Jane Coffin, d.George and Abigail, bp. Sept.2,1821.CR1

Janet, d.Edgar, printer, and Janet, Oct.12,1849.

Jean [w.Ebenezer Smith], Aug.15,1738.

John, s.John and Matilda, bp. Oct.14,1792.CR1

John T. [name written in pencil], s.Edgar, editor, and Jenette, Apr.17,1848.

Joseph, ch.Abisha and Susanna, bp. Dec.10,1788, a.5.CR1

Lavina P., ch.Alexander, Sept.5,1839.

Polly Coffin, d.Ephraim and Polly, bp. June28,1801.CR1

Matilda Dunham, d.John and Matilda, bp. June5,1796.CR1

Melissa R., d.Seth, farmer, and Mary S., Sept.18,1848.

Miriam, bp. Dec.31,1780, a.20.CR1

Nancy, d.Cornelius and Hepsibah, bp. July7,1776.CR1

Peter Ripley, s.George and Abigail, bp. July4,1819.CR1

Phebe, ch.Gamaliel (Merchant) and Lydia, bp.末蔓末,1781, a.8.CR1

Phebe, d.George and Nabby, bp. Oct.28,1810.CR1

Phebe, A., ch.Bernard C., July5,1828.

Rebeccah, d.John and Matilda, bp. Jan.3,1790.CR1

Richard Butler, s.George and Nabby, bp. Jan.2,1803.CR1

Richard J., s.Henry, cooper, Dec.24,1844.

Sara Abbey, d.Seth, farmer, Oct.末,1845.

Seth, s.John and Matilda, bp. Sept.11,1803.CR1

Sophia W., w.Ephraim, July28,1778.GR2

Sophia Weston, d.Henry H., master mariner, and Mary, Apr.末,1847.

Thomas Garvis, ch.Gamaliel (Merchant), and Lydia, bp.末蔓末,1781, a.4.CR1

Thomas, s.Jervis and Susanna, bp. Aug.27,1809.CR2

Thomas Ely, s.Henry 2d and Eunice, July4,1842.

William, s.Cornelius and Thankful, bp. June10,1798.CR1

William B., ch.Bernard C., Feb.23,1831.

MARTAIN (Martin)

Ame, d.Thomas and Ame, Sept.1,1716.

Benjamin, ch.Thomas and Ame, June8,1726.

Brotherton (Martin), ch.Thomas and Ame, Oct.6,1719.

Peter, ch.Thomas and Ame, Jan.30,1717-18.

Samuel, ch.Thomas and Ame, June8,1724.

Thomas, ch.Thomas and Ame, Feb.25,1722-3.

MARTIN (Martain)

Sarah, d.Peter and Elizabeth [dup. w.Capt. Eddy Coffin], Feb.29,1741.

Sarah, d.Elizabeth, bp. Apr.3,1746.CR1


Timothy, ch.Sarah, bp. May14,1786, a.14.CR1

William, ch.Sarah, bp. May14,1786, a.17.CR1


Margaret, w.William H. [Feb.末,1826].GR7


末末, s.Zebulon, cooper, and Catherine, Jan.26,1847.

Abigail, d.Nathan of Chilmark, w.William Jernegan, May4,1764.

Allen, s.Theodore G. Esq. [dup. omits Esq.], attorney at law, and Amanda, Sept.25,1843.

Amanda, w.Theodore G., Dec.7,1809.

Anna, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Ann Eliza, ch.Theodore G. and Eliza, Sept.24,1823.

Araminta, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Jan.7,1820.

Araminta, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Feb.26,1822.

Athalinda, d.Zebelan, farmer, and Catherine, Jan.16,1849.

Beriah Norton, s.Thomas and Olive, bp. Apr.26,1801.CR1

Charles A., s.Zebulon, cooper, Sept.12,1844.

Clarissa, d.Theodore, lawyer, and Amanda, Oct.6,1849.

Constant, Apr.15,1790.GR2

Edward, ch.Thomas and Margaret, Oct.6,1806.

Eliza, w.Theodore G., Oct.17,1792.

Eliza Ann, d.William and Jane, bp. Aug.19,1804.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Matthew and Phebe, bp. May末,1771.CR1

Betsey, d.William and Peggy of Chilmark, bp. May6,1781.CR1

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Jedidah of Chilmark, bp. Aug.17,1778.CR1

Ephraim Pease, s.Dea.William and Jane, bp. June14,1807.CR1

Eunice, ch.Theodore G. and Amanda, Oct.4,1838.

Eunice, ch.Theodore G. and Amanda, July6,1841.

Francis Everet, ch.Harrison and Susan, bp. Aug.28,1836.CR1

George P., ch.Thomas and Margaret, Sept.9,1813.

George P., s.Edward, mariner, and Mary J., Nov.6,1849.

Hannah Kelly, d.Dr. Mayhew and Jane, bp. Sept.14,1799.CR1

Harriet, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Mar.5,1818.

Harrison Allen, ch.Harrison and Susan, bp. Aug.28,1836.CR1

Jedidah (Cleavland), w.Thomas, Feb.9,1801.

Jedidah, d.Thomas, merchant, Sept.17,1844.

John, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Dec.19,1833.

Jonathan, s.William and Lucy, bp. Aug.9,1789.CR1

Joseph, s.William and Lucy, bp. Nov.20,1791.CR1

Joseph Addison, ch.Harrison and Susan, bp. Aug.28,1836.CR1

Lucy, ch.William and Lucy, bp. Aug.5,1781, a.4.CR1

Lucy, d.Nathan and Abigail of Chilmark, bp. Sept.7,1783.CR1

Lucy, ch.Thomas and Margaret, Apr.13,1816.

Margaret (Latham) [w.Thomas], Nov.11,1782.

Maria H., ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Oct.28,1837.

Martha, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Apr.1,1829.

Mary, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Mary, ch.Matthew 2d and Rebecah, bp.末蔓末 [rec. bet. Nov.30 and Dec.7], 1783.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d.Edward [dup. mariner] and Mary Jane [dup. omits Jane], Jan.16,1844.

Matilda, d.Theodore G. Esq., attorney at law, Aug.16,1845.

Matthew, s.Matthew and Phebe, bp. June8,1766.CR1

Matthew, s.Matthew 2d and Rebecah, bp. [? June20], 1784.CR1

Phebe, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Phebe, ch.William and Lucy, bp. Aug.5,1781, a.6.CR1

Phebe M., ch.Thomas and Jedidah, May23,1843.

Puella, d.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Apr.8,1764.CR1

Rebecca [w.William Jernegan], Apr.13,1792.

Rebeccah, d.Dea.William and Lucy, bp. Sept.10,1797.CR1

Ro [sic] [Roanna], w.Constant, Mar.15,1795.GR2

Samuel, ch.Theodore G. and Amanda, Nov.30,1839.

Sarah, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Sarah P., ch.Thomas and Margaret, Aug.1,1811.

Sophia W., ch.Thomas and Margaret, Apr.30,1809.

Susanna, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Susanna, ch.Matthew 2d and Rebecah, bp.末蔓末 [rec. bet. Nov.30 and Dec.7], 1783.CR1

Theodore G. [h.Eliza], Jan.4,1797.

Theodore A., ch.Theodore G. and Eliza, Dec.24,1826.

Thomas, s.Matthew and Phebe, bp. May末,1769.CR1

Thomas 2d, s.William [h.Margaret (Latham)], Sept.4,1784. [s.William and Lucy.CR1]

Thomas, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Nov.27,1824.

Tristram, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, Jan.2,1827.

William, ch.Matthew and Phebe, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

William Manning, inf.William and Lucy, bp. Aug.5,1781.CR1

William Manning, s.Dea.William and Jane, bp. Jan.11,1801.CR1

William Henry, s.Matthew Jr. and Drusilla, bp. June15,1803.CR1

William, ch.Thomas and Jedidah, July13,1831.


Jean (Claghorn) [w.Garrison], Mar.10,1740.

Sally, d.Garrison and Jean, May28,1761.

Susannah, d.Garrison and Jean, Jan.2,1765.


Anna, d.Francis and Mary, bp. Dec.15,1783.CR1

Christopher Pease, ch.Francis and Mary, bp. Jan.28,1781, a.5.CR1

Francis, ch.Francis and Mary, bp. Jan.28,1781, a.7.CR1

John, ch.Francis and Mary, bp. Jan.28,1781, a.9.CR1

Joseph, ch.Francis and Mary, bp. Jan.28,1781, a.2.CR1

William, s.Francis and Molly, bp. Apr.10,1785.CR1


Howard, s.Amos teamster, and Mary J., Apr.3,1848.


William, s.John, mariner, and Ann J., Dec.28,1846.

MERCHANT (Marchant)

Cornelius, ch.Cornelius and Hephzibah, bp. June15,1766.CR1

Elihu, s.Cornelius and Hepsibah, bp. Oct.14,1770.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Silas and Hephzibah, bp. Jan.29,1748.CR1

Henry, s.Huxford and Sarah, bp. June14,1741.CR1

Henry, s.Cornelius and Hepzibah, bp. Apr.24,1768.CR1

Huxford, s.Silas and Hephzibah, bp. June2,1751.CR1

Jane, ch.Cornelius and Hephzibah, bp. June15,1766.CR1

Love, d.Silas and Hepzibah, bp. Oct.13,1765.CR1

Mary, ch.Silas and Hepzibah, bp. May22,1763.CR1

Mary, d.Cornelius and Hepzibah, bp. Aug.30,1778.CR1

Mary, d.Cornelius and Hepzibah, bp. Nov.26,1780.CR1

Silas, ch.Silas and Hepzibah, bp. May22,1763.CR1

Thaddeus, s.Cornelius and Hepzibah, bp. June27,1773.CR1

William, s.Silas and Hephzibah, bp.末蔓末,1752.CR1


Cyrus A., s.Samuel N., mariner, Jan.2,1845.

Margaret Latham, d.Samuel and w., bp. Mar.10,1839.CR1


Pamelia G., d.Isaiah, mariner, Aug.15,1844.


William Hamnet, s.Thomas and Jane, bp. June4,1809.CR1


Mary, d.John, bp. Dec.27,1724.CR1

Sarah, d.John [and Rachel], bp. July1,1722.CR1

MOADLEY (Modley)

James, s.John, cooper, and Deborah, Aug.9,1847.

MODLEY (Moadley)

Sophronia, d.John, mariner, and Deborah, May24,1848.


Adeline, d.Stephen and Sarah, Apr.6,1843.

Charles M., s.Albert, mariner, June17,1844.

Ellen J. [Jane Ann, written in pencil] [dup. Ellen Jones], d.John O., merchant, and Mary, Aug.13,1843.

Josiah Gorham, s.John O., mariner, July18,1845.

Love P., d.Stephen, cooper, Feb.9,1845.

Mary H., d.John O., mariner, and Mary, Nov.6,1849.

Sarah Ann, d.Stephen, cooper, and Sarah, Mar.9,1847.

Uriah 2d, s.Albert C., master mariner, and Eveline, Nov.18,1848.

Walter Scot, s.Stephen, cooper, and Sarah, May末,1849.


John Rusel, s.William H., merchant, and Sarah, Oct.22,1847. [Oct.25.GR2]

William Henry, s.William H., merchant, Dec.3,1845.

MYERS (Mires)

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