Daniel, May24,1832, a.80. [a.79.GR2]

Electa B., July24,1818, a.6m.GR2 [d.Daniel, "The 5 Daugt which they have lost," July25.PR]

Hannah, wid., Sept.末,1840.

Henry O., s.Daniel Jr. and Sally, May15,1821, a.8y.8m.GR2 [Henry Osborn, a.9.PR]

Hermoine, Nov.9,1835, a.49. [Hermione, w.Samuel W., Nov.1.GR2]

Hiram H., s.Daniel Jr. Esq.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after May11,1824]. [s.Daniel Jr. and Sally, June29,1824, a.17.GR2] ["This is the Ninth Child he has lost. He had been to Carolina & taken the Southern Fever under which he languished a long Time. He has but one left a feeble son," June29,1824, a.18.PR]

Sally, Apr.13,1817, a.4m.GR2 [d.Daniel, Apr.4, a.5m.PR]

Sally, w.Daniel Esq., Aug.16,1842, a.63. [Sarah.CR1] [a.68.GR2]

Susan O., July17,1815, a.3m.GR2 [d.Daniel, July19.PR]

William A., s.Daniel Jr. and Sally, May14,1823, a.20, at sea.GR2 [a.21, "in the Almira Capt. I. Daggett Pacific Ocean. ".PR]

FISH (Fisher)

末末, ch.Nathaniel, bur. Aug.11,1771, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Nathaniel, bur. Feb.末,1773.PR

末末, ch.Henry, bur. Oct.12,1775, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Henry, bur.末蔓末,1779.PR

末末, ch.Samuel, bur.末蔓末,1779.PR

末末, inf.Samuel "late" dec., bur. Apr.27,1782.PR

末末, ch.James Jr., overlaid, bur. June5,1788, a.25d.PR

末末, s.James Jr., bur. Sept.19,1789, a.9w.PR

末末, inf.James Jr., bur. Oct.17,1790, a.8d.PR

末末, s.Daniel, "H.C.," bur. July10,1795, a.4m.PR

Dinah, wid.Samuel [d.Joseph Vincent, dropsy], bur. Apr.5,1782, a.41.PR

Ellis, s.James Jr., "Drowned in coming into to Waqua his Father attempted to swim on Shore with him on his back he was washed of and seen no more an early Blossom soon cut down," bur.末蔓末 [rec. bet. Apr.7 and June3], 1800.PR

Easter, first, w.Joseph [d.Ebenezer Dunham and Abigail (Vincent)], lying in fever, bur., Jan.28,1785.PR

Esther, see Easter.

Gamaliel, lost at sea, Apr.末,1801.PR

Henry, hectic decay "fortasse," bur. Apr.7,1800, a.75.PR

Peggy, d.Jonathan, cancer, bur. Mar.22,1797, a.12.PR

Robert [s.Jonathan (Fisher) and Eunice (Holley)], bur. Feb.末,1794, a.20, in West Indies.PR

Ruth, wid.Thomas [d.Henry Butler], old age, bur. Oct.23,1785, a.84.PR

Samuel, "perished.in a ship cast away at Gay Head," Jan.14,1782, a.40.PR

Sally, first, w.Daniel [d.John Fish and Sarah (Fish)], in travail, bur. Apr.1,1800, a.33.PR


末末, s.Richard, bur. Apr.末,1801, a.7m.PR

末末, d.Daniel, putrid malignant fever, Aug.7,1813, a.6.PR

末末, s.Gamaliel, Mar.16,1815, a.4w.PR

末末, inf.Nancy, Dec.11,1816.PR

末末, s.William, Sept.21,1819, a.13m.PR

末末, s.William, "This is the 3d he has lost. The two first while he lived at Homes Hole," May5,1822, a.19m.PR

末末, s.Matthew, Feb.14,1823, a.14m.PR

末末, s.Amaziah, thrown overboard by mutineers, "heard of" Oct.20,1824, "in the ship Globe of Nantuckett. ".PR

末末, ch.Jonathan Jr., Feb.6,1826. [Jonathan Jr., Feb.5, a.3.PR]

末末, ch.William, Jan.12,1827. [William, "This is the fourth male He has two Females," Jan.13, a.14m.PR]

末末, ch.William,末蔓末,1828.

末末, ch.Abner, Sept.17,1830, a.2.

末末, ch.Abraham Jr., Dec.29,1830, a.7d.

末末, ch.末末 of Chappaquiddick,末蔓末,1832.CR1

末末, ch.Abraham, July19,1837.

Abigail, wid., Jan.1,1820, a.73.CR1 [[wid.James, d.Samuel Osborn and Keziah (Butler)] "a Town Pauper she had been helpless by a shock of the Palsy.".PR]

Abner, "Town Paup. He had passed thro a vast Scene of Distress," Nov.28,1824, a.57.PR

Alexander P. Jr., Apr.4,1840, a.13d.

Amaziah, Jr., "He had been married 4 months," Apr.9,1820.PR

Anna, w.Aaron, Oct.22,1834. [Oct.23, a.49.GR2]

Augustus, "Killd in the Pacific Ocean by a Barrel or Cask of Bread falling on him," June末,1839, a.16.

Bartlett, s.Gamaliel dec'd, "struck overboard by the steering Oar coming in at Washqua & drowned," Apr.11,1825, a.27.PR

Caroline, w.Bazillia, Oct.22,1842, a.25y.6m.7d.[w.Barzilla.CR1; w.Barzillai N., d.Rev. Frederick Baylies.GR2]

Coffin, s.Amaziah,末蔓末 [rec. bet. Nov.21 and Dec.9], 1805, in West Indies.PR

Daniel, Nov.8,1835, a.71y.8m.23d.GR2

Edward P., s.Capt. Thomas and Catharine, lost at sea,末蔓末, 末末, a.25y.5m.GR2

Edward A., July16,1839, a.15y.4m., at sea.GR2

Elizabeth [(Whippey)], w.Henry [Jr.], "fortasse," July26,1824, a.68.PR

Betsy, Dec.8,1841, a.76. [Betsey, w.Abraham, Dec.7, a.76y.5m.GR2]

Eunice, Apr.3,1834. [w.Jonathan, a.78.GR2]

Francis, Oct.30,1813, a.25.GR2 ["by the prevailing Fever. he is the first out of 70 a very long & distressing Fever has been prevalent from Augt 15.," Oct.31, a.27, "fortasse. ".PR]

Frederick, s.Rufus, quinsy, Mar.17,1815, a.32m.PR

Freeborn, s.Amaziah, fever, Dec.7,1820, a.17.PR

George O., consumption and fever, Aug.15,1834. [s.Obed and Betsey, a.25.GR2]

Henry, Feb.20,1829.

Hephzibah, w.Obed, Aug.15,1802, a.24y.8m.5d.GR2 [Hepsibah first, w.Obed [d.Silas Butler and Mary (Neal)], a.25.PR]

Hiram, Capt., "Lost at Sea near the coast of New Zealand," Dec.25,1836, a.34.GR2

Hiram, s.Hiram and Margaret, lost at sea, Jan.18,1849, a.16y.11m.GR2

James, "He had lain in a helpless Condition a long Time & died suddently He has lived with his Wife 51 Years & not a Death in his Family He left 13 children 51 Grand Children 6 Gt Gd Children," May26,1816, a.77.PR

John, "He went to bed well as usual and was dead by the side of his wife in the morning," Dec.25,1811, a.85.PR

John Bartlett, Feb.21,1837, a.32.

Jonathan Jr., May29,1834. [Capt. Jonathan, a.37.GR2]

Jonathan, May9,1837, a.83, "lacking one month."

Joseph "angina Pect," Apr.29,1823, a.67.PR

Levi, Aug.26,1820. [Aug.20, a.29y.3m.GR2] [Levy, palsy, a.30.PR]

Levi, "drowned on the Coast of New Zeland," Dec.25,1840, a.22y.8m.[Levi C., a.22.GR2]

Lydia, w.Capt. Richard, Sept.21,1800, in 21st y.GR2 [Lydia Fish [(West)], child bed, a.22.PR]

Lydia [(Fisher) of Falmouth], wid.Thomas, old age, bur. Nov.29,1807, a.85.PR

Peggy, wid., May8,1830 [? 1831], a.70. [Margaret, May7,1831, a.69y.21d.GR2]

Margaret, d.Charles and Emeline, May20,1835, a.3m.GR2

Margaret, d.Hiram, Sept.3,1838. [Margaret N., d.Capt. Hiram and Margaret, a.3y.4m.11d.GR2]

Mary, m., b. Falmouth, ch.Peleg Lawrence and Thankful, consumption, July20,1845, a.24.

Nancy, "Convuls Fits, fortasse," Dec.11,1816, a.24.PR

Osborn, "He had been Georgia, come Home Sick after about 10 Days a Dysentery took Place of which he Died," Sept.22,1818, a.27.PR

Richard West, s.Capt. Richard and Lydia, Apr.27,1801, a.8m.GR2

Rufus, "drowned Cuming from Nantucket," Dec.8,1833, a.45.

Ruth [d.Henry and Susannah (Vincent)], "she had laboured under great Infirmity fro mre than 20 Yrs.," Feb.18,1827, a.66.PR

Sarah, wid.John [d.Thomas (Fish) and Ruth (Butler)], old age, Feb.21,1814, a.83.PR

Sarah [(Butler)], first, w.Andrew, child bed, Mar.5,1822, a.31.PR

Sarah, d.Abner, Mar.14,1841, a.8.

Sidney, s.A.K., Jan.10,1836, a.9m.

Susan, d.Jonathan and Susan, Jan.20,1821, a.9w.GR2

Susanna, wid., Dec.29,1825, a.92. [Susannah [wid.Henry Sr., d.Joseph Vincent and Matilda (Dunham)], Dec.27, a.93.PR]

Thomas, "The Family of Fish have changed their Name to Fisher," bur. May5,1804, a.80.PR

Thomas, Nov.6,1826. [decay, Nov.7, a.70.PR]

Thomas Jr., Jan.10,1827, at sea.[Capt. Thomas, Jan.6, a.43y.23d.GR2] [Capt. Thomas, "on his Passage from the West Indies.".PR]

Thomas, Nov.16,1827, a.69y.7m.21d.GR2


Anna, Oct.21,1826. [[wid.Benjamin, d.Samuel Osborn and Keziah (Butler)], "Pauper," asthma, a.76.PR]

Benjamin, "a Town Pauper," "he had a shock of the Palsey 14 Years ago He had been helpless a Bed rid for a long Time & has no Reason," June27,1818, a.67.PR


Anthony, Jan.14,1787, in 41st y.GR1 [Flag, consumption, a.42.PR]

Hepsibah, w.Anthony, Aug.22,1782, a.42y.2m.4d.GR1 [[d.Abraham Ripley], nervous fever, a.43.PR]


Jane, wid.[d.Israel Daggett and Ruth (Norton)], mother of Thomas Cooke Esq. "by a former Husband" ["She was three times a widow.Her first husband was Temple Philip Cooke. She married next a Crittenden or Cruttenden, perhaps Dr. Thomas, of Guildford, CT. The third was a Folger, given name not known"], bur. Sept.12,1801, a.90.PR


Mary, d.John and Mary, May13,1777, a.35.GR7 [Frederick, a.31.PR]


Emeline, July24,1842.CR1


末末, ch.Matthew, Sept.24,1843.

末末, ch.M., Oct.1,1843.

Catthrin [?], ch.Matthew, Nov.末,1843.

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