John, lost at sea,末蔓末,1783.GR2 [[s.Thomas and Lois (Stewart)], a.25 [?].PR]

Lois, wid.Thomas, Jan.28,1803, in 89th y.GR2 [[d.Charles Stewart and Margaret, wid.Thomas Hewes and Thomas Neal], a.89.PR]

Thomas, bur.末蔓末,1763, a.50.PR


末末, Mr., Jan.7,1835, "on board the Schooner Hudson from New York bound to Boston went on shore in a N.E. Gale vessel bilged the Gale was very severe. "


John Esq., Dec.1,1763, in 43d y.GR1 [a.43.PR]

Mary, mother of Rev. John, Sept.28,1755, in 71st y.GR1


Alonzo, s.Samuel and Lucy, Sept.23,1827, a.22.GR7

Lucy [dup. crossed out, adds wid.], Apr.21,1841, a.45. [d.Samuel and Lucy, Apr.13, a.44y.10m.GR7]

Lucy, old age, Mar.29,1844, a.84. [w.Samuel, Mar.27, a.82y.8m.GR7]

Mary Shaw, d.Samuel and Lucy, Dec.19,1822, a.24y.2m.24d.GR7 [[d.Samuel and Lucy (Shaw)] Dec.17, a.24, in Holmes Hole.PR]

Olive, d.Samuel and Lucy, Aug.5,1827, a.43y.10m.24d.GR7

Samuel, Mar.1,1822, a.68y.3m.11d.GR7 [in Homes Hole.PR]


末末, d.John and Hepzibah, June21,1735, "within ye space of two hours."

末末, s.Enoch.bur.末蔓末,1762, a.20.PR

末末, wid., bur.末蔓末,1763.PR

末末, ch.William, bur.末蔓末,1764.PR

末末, ch.末末, bur.末蔓末,1764.PR

末末, ch.Henry, bur.末蔓末,1765.PR

末末, ch.William, bur.末蔓末 [rec. bet. June3 and June19], 1768.PR

末末, ch.Lot, bur. Apr.末,1769, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Abner, bur. June6,1771, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Bayes Jr., bur.末蔓末 [rec. bet. Dec.14 and Dec.28], 1771, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Obed, bur.末蔓末 [rec. bet. Jan.28 and Apr.末], 1772.PR

末末, ch.Joseph, bur. Aug.7,1774.PR

末末, ch.John, bur. June24,1776, a.16.PR

末末, ch.Eliakim, bur. June18,1778, a.1.PR

末末, ch.Nicholas, "scalded to Death in a Tub of boiling Lye," bur. May28,1782, a.2.PR

末末, twin, s.Lot and Deborah, June8,1783.GR2 [bur. [Jan.] 20, "lived but a few Hours.".PR]

末末, twin, s.Lot and Deborah, June8,1783.GR2 [bur. [Jan.] 20, "lived but a few Hours.".PR]

末末, ch.Samuel of Homes Hole, fits, bur. Mar.22,1784, a.2.PR

末末, ch.Jabez, scalded, bur. Oct.25,1785.PR

末末, s.Obed, "fell thro the Ice & . . . drowned," bur. Dec.12,1786, a.14.PR

末末, s.Zachariah, fits, bur. Dec.7,1790, a.12d.PR

末末, s.William Jr., dysentary, bur. Sept.12,1793, a.1y.1m.PR

末末, d.Noah, worms, bur. Sept.22,1793, a.10m.PR

末末, d.Noah, bur. Apr.2,1794, a.7d.PR

末末, d.Tristram, worms, bur. Apr.28,1796, a.4.PR

末末, s.Samuel, Oct.19,1810, a.4d.PR

末末, s.Lot, Oct.26,1813, a.3.PR

末末, twin d.Lot, Mar.15,1815, a.16m.PR

末末, w.Joseph, Apr.1,1817, a.70.PR

末末, s.Abisha, July28,1817, a.3.PR

末末, s.Aaron, fits, Nov.9,1817, a.6w.PR

末末, ch.Thomas, June9,1818, a.3m.PR

末末, twin s.Shubal, July4,1818, a.9d.PR

末末, twin s.Shubael, July8,1818, a.13d.PR

末末, d.Aaron, Nov.19,1818, a.15d.PR

末末, s.Zadock, Sept.4,1825, a.18m.PR

末末, w.Obed,末蔓末 [rec. bet. Apr.10 and May8], 1830 [? 1831].

末末, ch.Edward, Jan.10,1834, a.10m.

末末, d.Capt. T.A., Aug.5,1838, a.3 hrs.

末末, d.John R., May12,1841.

末末, d.Thomas A., still born, May17,1841.

末末, s.J.R., May25,1842, a.1d.

末末, twin d.Thomas A. and Lydia, still born, July20,1847.

末末, twin s.Thomas A. and Lydia, still born, July20,1847.

Aaron, s.William, Mar.18,1830. [Aron 2d, Mar.17, a.44y.3m.18d.GR2]

Abraham, d."Jos," drowned, bur. July31,1798, a.23.PR

Ama, d."Jos," influenza, bur. [Jan.] 25,1803, a.30.PR

Amy [first] w.Timothy [s.Bayes] [d.John Daggett and Sarah], bur. June14,1775, a.50.PR

[Anna (Pease)] [first] w.David, bur. July17,1769, a.35.PR

Ann Francis, Dec.30,1819, a.83.CR1 [w.Hon. Beriah, Dec.31,1820 [sic], a.82.GR2] [Ann Frances, w.Col. Beriah [d.John Cosens and Jememah (Norton)], "She had declined for a number of Years and was helpless.".PR]

Ann, Dec.19,1823. [Ann Frances, d.Hon. Beriah and Ann F., a 47.GR2] [Ann Frances, d.Col. [Beriah and Ann Frances (Cosens)], a.47.PR]

Annis, d.Huldah [d.William Sr. and Huldah (Daggett) (second w.)], "Mortification in Consequence of a Cold taken suddenly," Apr.18,1815, a.17.PR

Arial, Dec.21,1839, a.39y.9m.[a.40y.10m.7d.GR2]

Avis [d.Nicholas and Martha (Daggett)], consumption "fortasse," bur. Oct.25,1785, a.53.PR

Barnabas Cosens, s.Beriah Esq. and Ann Frances, May29,1784, a.23y.29d.GR2 [Barna Cousins, "killed on board a Ship in letting got the Anchor he was caught in the Cable," a.24.PR]

Bartlett, bur. June末,1796, a.24, in West Indies.PR

Baze [h.Dorcas], drowned, Jan.末,1782.CR1 [Capt. Baze [h.Dorcas], Jan.14, a.36, near Gay Head.GR2] [a.38.PR]

Bayes, Mar.1,1785, in 87th y.GR1

Bays, cancer, Nov.15,1816.PR

Bays, Nov.16,1817, a.55y.3m.20d.GR7

Benjamin of Quampechee, old age, bur. Mar.3,1785, a.89.PR

Benjamin, cancer in face, Aug.9,1833, a.81.

Beriah, Hon. [w.Ann Frances], Dec.4,1821 [sic, 1820], a.87.GR2 [Bereiah Esq., 1820, a.86.PR]

Charles, s.William, drowned, Apr.3,1818, a.25.PR

Charles Fordom P., s.Clement and Martha, Aug.13,1827.GR2

Clarrissa, Feb.22,1836, a.42. [Clarissa, d.Noah and Love, a.40y.8m.19d.GR2]

Clement, m., mariner, ch.Lot and Lydia [crossed out, and Deborah Hillman second w., written in pencil], drowned,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Feb.6,1847], a.53. [Capt. Clement, Aug.24,1846, a.52, in Oahu, S.I.GR2]

Cordelia, Oct.2,1834. [w.Ariel, a.30.GR2]

Daniel, bur. Aug.末,1794, a.15, in West Indies.PR

Darius, June8,1845, a.84.GR8

David, Capt., Nov.13,1806, in 71st y.GR2 [consumption, a.72.PR]

Deborah, wid.Ebenezer, Dec.3,1772, in 92d y.GR1 [Dec.2, a.93.PR]

Deborah, wid., Oct.21,1828, a.72. [w.Lot, Oct.23.GR2]

Deborah, ch.Samuel, old age, June16,1848, a.78.

Dinah, d.Shubael, "fortasse," abt. Sept.15,1816, a.58.PR

Dorcas, d.Prince, "She followed Intenerant Preacher got degranged & died in a Miserable Condition," Jan.1,1814, a.52.PR

Dorcas, wid., Capt. Baze, May1,1821, a.76.GR2

Dorcas, wid., May4,1824, a.70. [wid.Bays [d.John Pease and Abigail (Burgess)], "She was left with Six Children," May3, a.77.PR]

Ebenezer Esq., Apr.11,1769, in 79th y.GR1.PR

Edmund [s.Oliver and Harriet (Holley)], lost at sea,末蔓末,1813.PR

Edmund, Jan.29,1829, a.14y.9m."lacking 2 days."

Elihu P., m., farmer, ch.Tristram and Jane, consumption, Apr.26,1848, a.52. [Elihu P. Esq.GR2]

Elizabeth, wid.[second w.Enoch, wid.Abraham Ripley, d.John Marchant and Hepsibah (Huxford)], bur. Apr.27,1781, a.73.PR

Enoch, bur. June19,1768, a.68.PR

Eunice, see Unas.

Unas, ch.John and Hepzibah, Aug.末,1729.

Francis Butler, only, s.John P. and Nancy P., July14,1846, a.20y.5m., at sea.GR2

Frederick, s.Beriah, "died at Sea of a Fever," bur. Feb.末,1793, a.22.PR

George, fever, Mar.14,1811.PR

Grafton 2d, broken leg, May6,1842, a.47. [May19, a.42.GR7]

Hannah [first] w.Isaac [d.Nicholas Norton and Martha (Daggett)], bur. Oct.末,1778, a.58.PR

[Hannah (Norton)] w.Silvanus, paralysis, bur. Dec.15,1786, a.67.

Hannah [(Norton)], w.Benjamin, Dec.4,1825, a.70.PR

Hannah, wid., Nov.27,1838, a.77. [wid.William Jr.GR2]

Henry, Aug.30,1764, in 26th y.GR8

Henry, bur. Aug.31,1765, a.27.PR

Henry, very suden, July15,1835. [a.68.GR2]

Hepsibah, w.John, d.Enoch Coffin Esq.,末蔓末, 末末, a.90.CR1 [Hepzibah, wid.Thomas [d.Nathan Skiffe and Hepsibah Codman (first w.)], bur. May2,1769.PR]

Hepsibah, [second] w.Joseph [prob., d.Thomas Claghorn Jr. and Mary Huford], "She went to bed well he awoke about 10 oclck & lay by his side dead," Nov.18,1825, a.65.PR

Hilyard of Charleston, SC, "supposed" malignant fever, Sept.8,1810, a.28PR

Hope, w.Shubael [d.Bayes Norton and Mary (Merry)], cancer, bur. July18,1805, a.71.PR

Huldah [(Daggett)], wid.William [William Sr.] [wid.Job Norton], consumption, Apr.9,1815, a.59.PR

Ichabod Esq., farmer, s.Peter and Sarah, old age, June29,1847, a.85y.6m.[a.86.GR2]

Isaac, bur. Nov.23,1765, a.85.PR

Isaac, pain in stomach, bur. Dec.23,1789, a.80.PR

Isaac, cancer, bur. Aug.11,1797, a.71.PR

Isaac, Apr.12,1843, a.72.

James, billious, bur. Jan.6,1783, a.29, in Quampachee.PR

Jane, w.Tristram, May5,1828, a.62 "last January."

Jedidah [(Allen)], wid.[second w.] Timothy, consumption, bur. Oct.22,1796, a.59.PR

[Jerusha (Vincent)], w.Judah, bur. July29,1772, a.42.PR

Jethro, s.Capt. David and Anna, Jan.14,1782, a.21.GR2 [" a ship cast away at Gay Head.".PR]

Jethro, s.Capt. David and Lusenda, May12,1805, in 24th y., at sea.GR2 ["on his Passage from West Indies ".PR]

John, Dec.6,1730, a.abt. 56.GR1

John, "he had been blind for about 12 Years he left a widdow in her 93d year," July17,1814, a.84.PR

John W., s.J.W. and Adriana, dropsy on the brain, Sept.21,1846, a.7m.[s.John and Adriana.GR2]

Joseph Esq., Jan.30,1741-2, a.89y.10m.GR1

Joseph, Mar.7,1830 [? 1831], a.87.

Judah, father of Thomas Martin, old age, Sept.3,1813, a.89.PR

Lot, "Paralit. & Consump," Mar.6,1812, a.69.PR

Lot, Apr.4,1813, a.68.GR2

Lot, light-keeper, s.Lot and Lydia, dropsy, Nov.21,1844, a.73.

Love, wid., bur. Apr.19,1773, a.74.PR

Love, w.Prince, bur. June5,1791, a.66.PR

Love, Nov.8,1830, a.75.

Love, old age, Dec.3,1843, a.88.

Lucy, wid., Aug.8,1830, a.82y.6m.

Lucy, d.Robert F., Aug.17,1842.

Lucy, w.Aaron, consumption, May23,1849, a.71y.6m.[d.Jonathan Fisher.GR2]

Lydia, "a poor miserable object with a canser which eat for several Years till her Nose was entirely gone," Feb.23,1821, a.68 "fortasse."PR

Peggy of Baltimore, w.Dennis[?], consumption, bur. May1,1804, a.29.PR

Maria, d.Jared, July27,1842, a.8m.[Mariah H., d.Jared and Margaret, July28, a.8m.15d.GR2]

Martha, May4,1816, a.72.GR2 [d.Peter Esq.PR]

Mary, ch.John and Hepzibah, Nov.20,1740. [d.John and Hepsibah, Nov.21, a.6y.4d.GR1]

Mary, w.Bayes, Mar.13,1754, a.58.GR1

Mary, w."Dns" [d.Capt. Thomas Daggett and Elizabeth (Hawes)], bur. Dec.14,1778, a.82.PR

Mary, w.Dea.Matthew, Dec.13,1779, a.80y.4m.GR1

Mary, Miss,末蔓末,1781.GR1

Mary, d.Beriah and Ann Frances, Sept.23,1781, a.6y.11m.8d.GR1 [Polly, "choaked to Death by a Bean in her Wind Pipe," a.7.PR]

Mary [(Norton)], wid.John, old age, July29,1814, a.93.PR

Mary, wid., Jan.20,1820, a.77.CR1 [Molly, w.Capt. Samuel, Feb.20,1820, a.76y.1m.6d.GR7] [wid.Samuel [wid.Henry Norton, d.Col. Malatiah Davis and Jemimah (Dunham)], "she was sister to the Davises . . . she lanquished for several Years," Feb.20.PR]

Molly, w.Jethro, Feb.24,1826. [Mary first, w.Jethro, d.Zach Zachariah Pease [and Lydia (Crowell)], sister of Jesse Pease, a.52.PR]

Polly, wid., "formerly Polly Pease" w.Harper Pease, Mar.末,1830, a.73.

Mary L., d.Thomas A. and Lydia, Aug.4,1838.GR2

Mary, d.Daniel, Apr.26,1839, a.1y.10m.

Mary F., ch.John W. and Adarina Adriana, fits, Jan.26,1846, a.2. [Mary Fletcher, d.John and Adriana, a.2y.7d.GR2]

Polly, w.Darius,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Nov.11,1847], a.78. [Nov.1,1847.GR8]

Matthew, Dea., Dec.5,1779, a.82y.7m.13d.GR1 [Dec.5,1778, a.84.PR]

Matthew, s.Beriah Esq., "he had been in a state of mental derangment for upwards of 25 years for the last 15 he very sildom went to bed or even laid down he sildom suffered any of his Clothes to be Shifted often than twice or Three Times a Year. He eat but once in 24 Hours.The last sex months he never lay down He suffered himself to sleep but very little," bur. Feb.26,1807, a.44.PR

Mehitable, wid.Obed [d.Stephen Pease and Jemimah (Vincent)], suddenly, June8,1818, a.75.PR

Mercy, [first] w.William [Sr.] [d.Samuel Osborn and Keziah (Butler)], "a Schirrous Tumor in her Breast," bur. Nov.2,1790, a.49.PR

Nicholas [h.Love], "drowned by falling oveboard while piloting a Vessel,"末蔓末, 末末 [before 1808].CR1 [bur. [Feb.] 23,1808, a.60.PR]

Noah, June26,1830, a.78.

Obed, "fell thro the Ice & . . . drowned," bur. Dec.12,1786, a.37.PR

Obed, "Drowned of Cape Horn," Mar.末,1841.

Patience, wid.[second w.] Baze [wid.Phinehas Norton, d.Ebenezer Cleveland and Mary (Vincent)], bur. Oct.26,1805, a.92.PR

Peleg, Sept.18,1823, a.71y.19d.[cancer in face, [Sept.] 19, a.72.PR]

Peter Esq., Feb.3,1792, in 74th y.GR2 [Dea.Peter of Holmes Hole, scurvey.PR]

Prince, "Pauper," bur. Mar.8,1806, a.78.PR

Rebecca, d.William Jr. [and Hannah (Daggett)], Apr.14,1815, a.27, at the Factory in Taunton.PR

Rhoda, wid., Oct.8,1838, a.83. [w.Bays, Oct.9.GR7]

Richard, Apr.2,1826, a.40y.2m.17d.["A soldier in the war of 1812, cap. & conf. in Darmoor prison," a.40y.2m.12d.GR2] ["He had done thro great Hardship at Sea his Constitution was worn down a mortifcation took Place on his Leg," a.41.PR]

Robart, "Schirrous Liver," bur. June7,1783, a.27.PR

Samuel, Capt., Nov.22,1801, in 59th y.GR7 [strangulation, a.59.PR]

Sarah, d.William Jr., dysentary, bur. Oct.14,1797, a.2.PR

Sarah, wid.Peter Esq., Sept.7,1804.GR2 [[d.Samuel Bassett and Martha], a.86.PR]

Sarah P., of Norridge walk, ME, Sept.7,1838.

Shubael, cancer, Oct.27,1810.PR

Silvanus, old age, bur. Apr.11,1801, a.83.PR

Stephen, "Languismt," bur. Oct.17,1800, a.73.PR

Susan, wid.Thomas M., consumption,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. June末,1849], a.82. [w.T. Martin, July14,1849.GR2]

Susan, ch.Edward and Lycy, Jan.12,1833, a.1y.8m.

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Thomas M. Jr.,末蔓末 [rec. bet. Oct.2 and Oct.17], 1834, a.37.

Thomas M., June7,1835, a.35, at sea.GR2

Thomas, May3,1840.CR3 [a.56y.6m.GR2]

Thomas M., m., farmer, ch.Judah and w., old age, Feb.5,1849, a.84. [T. Martin, a.85.GR2]

Timothy [s.Nicholas and Martha (Daggett)], bur. Aug.2,1768, a.58.PR

Timothy [s.Bayes and Mary (Merry)], pulmonary consumption, bur. Aug.4,1787, a.71.PR

Tristram, May22,1836, a.72.GR2

William Jr., July7,1807, in 40th y.GR2 [fever, a.49.PR]

William Sr., dropsy, bur. July18,1807.PR


末末, Mrs., Sept.22,1830, a.78. [Tamar, wid.John, Sept.21, a.78y.7m.3d.GR2]

John [h.Tamar], Oct.23,1822, a.76y.9m., in Sandwich.GR2

Rebecca C., d.Warren W. and Charlotte N., Mar.19,1847, a.7y.6m.GR7

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