Benjamin J., s.Thomas and Sarah of Deer Isle, ME, "drowned in an attempt to escape from the wreck of Brig London," Nov.26,1846, a.27y.8m.GR2

John, negro,末蔓末,1795.CR2

Joseph, Capt. July13,1804, a.32.GR2 ["formerly of Cape Ann, cholera morbus.PR]


Ebenezer,末蔓末,1781, on prison ship.GR2 [[s.Jonathan of Plympton, and Abiah (Smith), h.Keturah Pease, "served in the war of the Revolution as private in Capt. Benjamin Smith's company, in the regiment for Dukes County"] buried末蔓末,1783, a.26.PR]

James, lost at sea,末蔓末,1783.GR2 [["served in the war of the Revolution as lieutenant in Capt. Benjamin Smith's company, stationed on the island of Martha's Vineyard.He married an Edgartown woman. He May have come from Plympton"], a.50[?].PR]

SILVARA (Salvara)

末末, ch.Emanuel Sr., consumption, buried July19,1788, a.9m.PR

末末, s.Immanuel, quinsey, buried Nov.9,1793, a.5.PR

Sarah, w.Immanuel [d.Thomas Fisher and Lydia (Fisher)], lethergy, Nov.14,1808, a.54.PR


Joseph, Mar.21,1829.

Mary Ann, ch.William and Mary S., hooping cough, Feb.2,1846, a.1y.8m.

Sanford P., Oct.25,1849, a.4y.6m.GR2

SKIFF (Skiffe)

末末, ch.James, buried末蔓末,1779.PR

SKIFFE (Skiff)

James,末蔓末,1783, in the West Indies.GR2 [Skiff, buried末蔓末, [rec. between July末 and Sept.28], a.30.PR]


末末, ch.Timothy, buried Apr.23,1774.PR

末末, ch.Benjamin, buried Oct.13,1775, a.2.PR

末末, s.Benjamin and Love, still-born, Apr.2,1776.

末末, s.Ebenezer and Jean, still-born, May13,1777.

末末, d.David, worms, buried Dec.12,1797, a.20m.PR

末末, s.John Jr., buried July27,1805, a.3m.PR

末末, s.Thomas, "Burnt to Death by its clothes Taking Fire," Oct.23,1821, a.3y.3m.PR

末末, inf.s.Tisdale and Jedidah, June29,1836.GR2

末末, inf.d.Charles P. and Joanna, Sept.9,1845.GR8

Abagail, Oct.6,1831, a.68.

Abigail, wid.Daniel, Oct.6,1836, a.68y.4d.GR2

Abraham, "killed in the West Indies by a fall from mast," buried Feb.末,1793, a.23.PR

Anna, w.Harrison, Sept.20,1823, a.35.GR2 [d.William Beetle [and Jane (Coffin)], consumption, a.36.PR]

Ann, Mrs., Mar.2,1803, in 69th y.GR2 [Anna, wid.Samuel Esq. [d.Wilmot Wass and Rebecca (Allen)] a.70.PR]

Benjamin Esq., July4,1720, in 65th [? 63d] y.GR1

Benjamin Esq., Dec.18,1737, in 46th y.GR1

Benjamin Esq., May4,1821, a.81y.1m.25d.[May5, a.82.PR]

Benjamin, Oct.25,1827, a.60y.5m.GR2

Cornelius, brothr of Jonathan Sr., "Perished on Situate Beach," Dec.5,1786. [s.Ebenezer Esq., "perished being cast away at Marsfiel near the North River," a.24.PR]

Daniel [h.Abigail], Jan.3,1825, a.56y.6m.12d.[a.56y.6m.11d.GR2] [a.58.PR]

[Deborah (Pease)] third, w.Samuel [Jr.], buried Feb.17,1774, a.46.PR

Ebenezer Esq., buried Oct.15,1771, a.71.PR

Ebenezer Esq. [h.Jane], May23,1794, in 60th y.GR7 [mortification bowels, a.60.PR]

Ebenezer, Aug.5,1840, a.63. [a.62.GR7]

Eliakim, s.Thomas and Jedidah, Oct.4,1820, a.5y.10m.19d.GR2 [suddent, a.6.PR]

Elijah, Capt. [h.Bethiah], Feb.8,1802, in 89th y.GR2 [appoplexy, a.89.PR]

Eliza C., d.Ebenezer and Mary, Aug.2,1820, a.13m.GR7 [a.1.PR]

Betsey, d.Ebenezer Esq., fever, buried July23,1782, a.12.PR

Enoch, ch.Benjamin and Love, Oct.10,1775.

Eunice, w.Samuel, May31,1762, in 50th y.GR2 [[Eunice (Vincent)] second, w.Samuel, buried June末,1763, a.50.PR]

Eunice [d.Samuel Jr. and Eunice (Vincent) (second W.)], "she had been in a low state bereaved of her Reason for a Number of Years her Body so drawn that she could not be straightened," Apr.9,1813, a.63.PR

Eunice, wid.Sept.28,1840, a.93y.4m.[Eunice Manter, wid.Philip, Sept.9, a.93y.9m.GR2]

Fanny, d.Benjamin Esq. and Love, Oct.8,1806, in 27th y.GR2 [consumption, a.27.PR]

Frederick, s.Holmes W. and Sophia, Aug.22,1824, a.3m.GR2 [s.Homes, Aug.21.PR]

George S., s.Thomas 2d, May27,1839, a.9m.18d.

George R., ch.Holmes W. and Sophia, consumption, Oct.1,1845, a.3m.[a.3m.15d.GR2]

Grace, wid.Benjamin Jr., Feb.16,1841, a.66. [a.65.GR2]

Holmes W., m., mariner, ch.Benjamin and Grace, consumption, Jan.23,1849, a.50y.9m.[Holmes Wass, h.Sophia.VR1] [Capt. Holmes W.GR2]

James, killed by a whale,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Aug.13 and Oct.19,1828]. [s.Benjamin and Grace, Feb.19,1828, a.27y.6m.GR2]

James A. Jones, s."Slm" [? Solomon] Jr., Dec.20,1828.

James, mariner, s.Benjamin and Love, old age, Sept.5,1844, a.76. [Sept.6, a.75.GR2]

Jane, wid.Ebenezer Esq., Mar.21,1809, a.69.GR7 [[second, w.Ebenezer Esq., wid.Garrison Mears, d.Thomas Claghorn and Susannah (Gibbs) (second w.)], appoplexy, a.70.PR]

Jean, w.Ebenezer, May31,1777. [Jane, w.Ebenezer Esq., in 39th y.GR7] [[Jean (Marchant)] first, w.Ebenezer Esq., a.39.PR]

Jedidah, w.Benjamin Esq., Jan.6,1736, in 80th y.GR1

Jeremiah [?], s.Thomas and Jedidah, Oct.23,1827, a.9y.7m.29d.GR2

John, May21,1777, in 56th y.GR1 [a.61.PR]

John, Aug.5,1830, a.75 "lacking one month or there about. " [in 74th y.GR2]

John W., mariner, b. Eastside H. Harbor, s.Ebenezer and Mary, consumption, Apr.6,1846, a.22.

Jonathan, drowned,末蔓末, 末末 [before 1793].CR1

Jonathan Sr., brother of Cornelius, "Perished on Situate Beach," Dec.5,1786. [Jonathan, "cast away at Marshfield near North River," Dec.15.GR2] [s.Ebenezer Esq., a.27.PR]

Jonathan S., s.Benjamin Esq., lost at sea,末蔓末,1811.PR

Joseph A., s.Holmes W., Feb.20,1838, a.1y.8m.[s.Holmes W. and Sophia, a.20m.8d.GR2]

Joshua S., s.Daniel, meazles, Mar.26,1842, a.10m.11d.

Love, wid.Benjamin, Nov.16,1823, in 82d y.GR2 [wid.Benjamin "late" dec'd [d.Enoch Coffin Jr. and Jane (Claghorn) Whellen], a.82.PR]

Love, w.Samuel, Oct.7,1835, a.73y.7m.[a.73.GR2]

Mary, only, ch.John and Mary, Jan.7,1877, in 8th y.GR1

Nancy, ch.Ebenezer and Mary, Apr.19,1805. [a.1y.8m.9d.GR7]

Nancy H., d.Capt. Charles G. and Drusilla, July4,1834, a.12.GR7

Nathan, farmer, ch.John and Caroline, dysentery, June2,1848, a.46.

Oliver, s.Philip, "Drowned at the East Chop," buried Mar.5,1792, a.20.PR

Philip, father of Oliver, "Drowned at the East Chop," buried Mar.5,1792, a.46.PR

Samuel [h.Eunice], June15,1796, in 84th y.GR2 [[s.John and Hannah (Pease)], decay, a.84.PR]

Samuel Esq., Oct.25,1796, a.68y.4m.GR2 [[s.Capt. Samuel and Katherine (Homes) (second w.)], schirrous liver, a.69.PR]

Samuel Esq., Jan.10,1838, a.79. [a.78.GR2]

Samuel P.,末蔓末,1848.GR2

Samuel of Norridgewock, ME, Sept.25,1848, a.76.

Sarah [(Skiff)], first, w.David, "hect:Decay," buried July13,1787, a.29.PR

[Thankful, prob.], wid.Ebenezer, of Holmes Hole, gout in stomach, buried May8,1787, a.84.PR

Thankful, wid.Capt. Thomas, Jan.22,1814, a.69.GR2 [[d.Isaac Norton Jr. and Hannah (Norton)], a.70.PR]

Thomas, Capt. Feb.28,1808, in 68th y.GR2 [consumption, a.68.PR]

Timothy, Jan.10,1779, in 53d y.GR1 [drowned, a.53.PR]

Wafford, "fell from a loft & Killed at sea," July14,1830 [? 1831].

William Jr., s.W.P., Dec.23,1840, a.1y.6m.[William Coffin, s.William P. and Lydia, Dec.23,1810 [sic], a.16m.GR2]


末末, inf.d.Charles B. and Sarah R., Mar.11,1837.GR2

Abigail, Mrs., consumption, Dec.5,1840, a.62. [w.Timothy, Dec.23.GR2]

Enoch C., ch.Charles B. and Sarah R., Sept.7,1845, a.9m.GR2

Priscilla [d.Thomas and Priscilla (Butler)], consumption, buried July12,1793, a.56.PR


末末, s.John, consumption, buried Apr.2,1791, a.1y.5d.PR

John, 'drowned, Dec.6,1804.GR2 ["struck overboard about a mile from Nantucket Bar & drowned," a.55.PR]


John, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.12,1730, a.21y.10m.10d.GR1


Charles F., fever,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Nov.2 and Nov.15,1841], a.35, on Coast of New Zeland.

Susan M. [ch.Charles F. and Nancy M.], Jan.31,1848, in Wis.

Thomas, inf., s.Charles F. and Nancy M., Mar.25,1838.GR2


Robert, s.Nicholos and Julia, dysentery, Sept.20,1844, a.2y.5m.5d.

STEWART (Stuart)

末末, ch.Benjamin, "Female nep:" buried May22,1788, a.4m.PR

Bersheba, wid.William, Feb.6,1841, a.71y.1m.13d.[Barsheba, a.72.GR2]

Benjamin, Apr.10,1840. [Apr.9, a.82.GR2]

Daniel, s.Elijah, mortification, buried Feb.25,1782, a.3.PR

Edmund, m., laborer, b. Chilmark, ch.William and Bathsheba, dysentery, Oct.26,1848, a.38.

Elijah Esq., Nov.7,1827, a.73.GR2

Eliza Ann, ch.Edmund and Lurana, dysentery, Oct.11,1848, a.5.

Eunice [d.Samuel and Sarah], cancer, buried Jan.31,1798, a.53.PR

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Jan.10,1796, a.3y.10m.GR2 [Stuart, canker rash, a.4.PR]

Hannah W., d.T.M., Oct.27,1839, a.17m.

Hannah, wid., Thomas, July31,1841, a.93. [July23, a.93y.6m.11d.GR2]

Hepsibah, w.Elijah Esq., "very sudden fainted in her Chair," Apr.25,1824. [Hepsibeth, a.64y.7m.23d.GR2] [second, w.Elijah Esq. [wid.Thomas Pease Jr., d.John Pease Jr. and Jerusha Norton], "She had Four Children by her former Husband They all died some Years age.PR]

Jedidah, w.Elijah, Feb.11,1804, in 49th y.GR2 [second, w.Elijah [d.Gamaliel Butler and Mercy (Dunham) (second) w.], a.49.PR]

John, s.William and Bathsheba, Aug.1,1827, a.24y.10m., "on his passage from New Orleans to Boston. ".GR2

John B., s."Emd" and Lorana, convulsions, Mar.17,1845.

Philander, s.James, "Yellow fever 3 days after leaving Havannah for Europe,"末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Oct.27 and Nov.12,1839] [May13,1839, a.27.GR2]

Sally, w.James, Feb.19,1829. [w.Capt. James, a.41y.5m.14d.GR2]

Sophronia, Aug.24,1830 [? 1831]. [d.William and Bathsheba, Aug.24,1831, a.31.GR2]

Thankful, June29,1830, a.80. [Thankful, w.Benjamin, a.78y.4m.GR2]

Thomas, July2,1823, a.79y.9m.GR2 [July24, a.80.PR]

William, Apr.14,1829, a.60y.10m.2d.[d.62y.11m.28d.GR2]


Dorcas [w.William], "fortasse" buried May末,1795, a.75.PR


Robert Sr., Mar.12,1689-90, a.65.GR1

STUART (Stewart)

Daniel, buried Nov.28,1778, a.67.PR

James, ch.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.15,1785.

Jane [Jean (Vincent), wid.Daniel], pulmonary consumption, buried Jan.26,1791, a.75.PR

Jean, ch.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.30,1790.

Jedidah, ch.Samuell and Sarah, May6,1773.

Michael, ch.Samuell and Sarah, Mar.24,1790. [billious fever, a.25.PR]

Samuel, consumption, "occasioned by a Wound by oversetting a Cart upon him," buried May15,1793, a.71.PR


Benjamin, s.John and Jedidah, Nov.7,1739. [a.3m.GR1]

Susanna, d.John and Susanna ["mistake," written above Susanna], Sept.28,1740. [Susannah, d.John and Susannah, in 11th y.GR1]


John, buried Feb.末,1794, a.16, in West Indies.PR


Isaac Y. of Nantucket, Jan.2,1834, a.20y.6m.

SWASEY (Swazey)

末末, s.Joseph Jr., buried Aug.15,1782, a.5, in Chapaquid.PR

Joseph Jr. of Chapaquiddick, "Bleeding at the Mouth from a Hurt," buried July23,1785, a.35.PR

Joseph, Feb.27,1807, a.63y.3m.20d.GR2 [appoplexy, a.64.PR]

Joseph [s.Capt. Joseph and Susannah (Pease)], lost at sea,末蔓末,1813.PR

Susannah, wid., May11,1824, a.77. [Susanna, wid.Joseph [d.John Pease and Hepsibah (Ripley)], "she was long confined to her bed underwent great Pain," May13, a.81.PR]

SWAZEY (Swasey)

Susanah, d.Joseph and Susanah, Sept.9,1773. [Susanna Swasey, d.Joseph and Susanna, Sept.7, a.29y.9d.GR1]


Caroline W., b. Falmouth, ch.William and Maria, dysentery, Aug.21,1849, a.6y.6m.

Nancy, w.Solomon, Apr.2,1839, a.26.

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