Anna, w.Rev. Joseph, Apr.9,1821, a.59y.33d.CR1 [Ann, a.59y.34d.GR2] [Ann, second, w.Rev. Joseph [d.Samuel Smith Esq. and Anna Wass], dropsy, a.60.PR]

John, m., In-holder, ch.Rev. Joseph and Molly, palsy, May22,1848, a.52.

Joseph, s.Rev. Joseph and Molly, drowned, Feb.3,1815, a.28y.24d.GR2 [Joseph Jr., "drowned on the South Side of Nantuckett," a.28.PR]

Joseph, Rev., July18,1827.CR1 [a.83y.2m.14d.GR2]

Louisa, w.Caleb, d.John Nye and Tamar, Sept.1,1837, a.34, in New Bedford.GR2

Mary, w.Rev. Joseph,末蔓末, 末末. [Molly, Apr.5,1802, in 45th y.CR1] [Molly, Apr.5,1802, a.44y.2m.2d.GR2] [Molly Mary [d.Robert Allen and Desire (Norton)], abscess in side, Apr.5,1802, a.45.PR]

Robert, s.Joseph and Molly, lockjaw, Mar.2,1805.CR1 [s.Rev. Joseph and Molly, in 12th y.GR2] ["at Six Years & a half old he lost his sight by Nervous Pain in his 9 Years he had a severe shock of the Palsy & died of the Lock Jaw," a.12.PR]


Meriam, Jan.2,1835, a.73.

Pamelia K., d.Shubael and Sarah, June9,1827, a.16y.4m.12d.GR7

Susannah B., d.Shubael and Sarah, Nov.8,1826, a.21y.10m.GR7


Sarah F., Oct.末,1848, in Marblehead.CR1


Mary, of New London, wid.Jeremiah, June13,1849, a.48.

TRAPP (Trapps)

Abigail, w.Thomas, Feb.14,1717, a.29y.5m.GR1

Thomas, Oct.15,1719, a.85.GR1

TRAPPS (Trapp)

John, Feb.4,1717. [Trapp, Feb.3,1717-18, a.42.GR1]

Sarah, w.John, June18,1718. [Trapp, a.35y.4m.14d.GR1]


末末, wid.[mother of Dr. Benjamin], buried Mar.29,1774, a.70.PR


末末, d.James, buried Oct.3,1802, a.13m.PR

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