William of Addison, and Mary Coffin Jr. [int.3d], Sept.2,1805.

William Nicolas of Steuben, and Belinda Coffin, int.Oct.10,1807.


Abiah and Ezra Cleveland, Dec.13,1770.*

Loas and Salathial Peasse, Apr.3,1788.* [Lois and Salathiel Pease.CR1]

Thomas and Louis female Hewes, July17,1744.*

Thomas and Deborah Coffin, Dec.3,1786.*


Patience and Emanuel Selvrea of Chilmark, int.Sept.13,1806.


Alexander and Parnel Mantor, June15,1801.*.CR1

Almira of Tisbury, and Benjamin Davis Jr., int.Sept.24,1825.

Bayes and Amme Martain, d.Thomas and Anne, Feb.5,1733-4.*

Elizabath and John Adkins, Mar.5,1699-1700.*

Embling and Samuell Adkins, Apr.8,1703.*

John, s.Simon and Elles Lumbert, Sept.23,1709.*

Joseph and Joyce Butler, d.Capt. Butler, Nov.20,1705.*

Joyce and Paletich Peletiah Jones, June10,1731.*

Mary, "Reputed", d.Andrew and Ann, and Jonathon [dup. Jonathan] Pease, June13,1728.*

Simon Jr. of Labonan, and Mrs.Jerusha Lathropp, Nov.17,1740.*

Zerviah and Josiah Bearse, Nov.2,1716.*


Love, Mrs., and Christopher Hammonck of Middleborough, int.Dec.30,1815.


Emanuel Sylvaney and Sarah Fish, Jan.11,1776.*


Howes and Elevina M. Smith of Tisbury, Aug.5,1832.

Olive and Benjamin B. Norton, Dec.23,1824.


Jane, Mrs., and Andrew Mecarty Ryan "a trancient Person," Mar.8,1784.* [Noise and Andrew McCartney Ryan.CR1]


Aaron and Abigail Norton, Dec.27,1770.*

Aaron and Lucy Fisher, Dec.25,1808.

Abigail and John Pease, Mar.21,1765.*

Abigail and Aaron Norton, Dec.27,1770.*

Abigail and Harlow Crosby, Nov.1,1816. [Nov.17.CR1]

Abigail and Rufus Davis, Mar.15,1818.

Abner and Mary Claghorn, Apr.12,1770.*

Achsah Ann of Tisbury, and James C. Osborn, int.Oct.5,1845.

Adaline [int.Norten] and Samuel N. Davis, Nov.7,1839.

Adriana [int.adds F.] and John W. Norton of Tisbury, May4,1841.

Agness and Elijah Norton of Somerset, Oct.16,1791.* [Mrs.Annis and Elijah Norton of Somersett.CR1]

Almira D. and Elihu Wimpenney, int.Aug.22,1835.

Amey and Seth Norton, Feb.7,1760.*

Anna and Cornelius Ripely Jr., Oct.30,1791.* [Mrs.Anna and Cornelius Ripley Jr.CR1]

Ansell and Deborah Marchant, Nov.19,1761.*

Arial and Cordelia Vincent, Aug.26,1827.

Arial and Sophia Worth, int.Dec.22,1838.

Bays and Patiance Norton, Aug.21,1766.*

Bays Jr. and Rhodah Norton, Dec.9,1784.* [Bayze and Rhoda Norton.CR1]

Belinda and Oliver Crosby [int.Thomas Dunham of Tisbury], Mar.4,1819 [see Thomas Dunham]. [Oliver Crosby of Tisbury.CR1]

Benjamin and Hannah Norton, Jan.1,1797.*

Benjamin B. and Olive Norris, Dec.23,1824.

Benjamin B. and Margaret Tilton of Chilmark, Feb.12,1828.*

Beriah and Mrs.Anna Frances Cussens, Dec.15,1757.*

Bethiah and William Manchester, Nov.16,1715.*

Caroline S. of Farmington, ME, and Constant Norton, Mar.18,1831.

Catharine S. and George Fifield, Apr.17,1842.

Catharine W. and Zebulen [int.Zebulon] Mayhew, Nov.16,1843.

Charlottee and Henry Butler, Sept.23,1792.* [Mrs.Charlotte.CR1]

Charlotte and Warren [int.adds W.] Nye of Rochester, Mar.13,1833.

Charlotte B. and Norris G. Abbott [int.Abbot] of Providence, RI, Nov.1,1833.

Clement and Martha Pease, Nov.4,1815. [Nov.9.CR1]

Clement and Mary E. Look, int.Oct.31,1847.

Constant and Caroline S. Norton of Farmington, ME, Mar.18,1831.

Cordelia and Grafton Norton 2d [int.Jr.], Aug.29,1825.

Cornelius and Lydia Claghorn, Dec.12,1765.*

Daniel and Hannah Earl of Nantucket, int.Sept.6,1823.

Darius and Polly Norton, Dec.18,1788.*

David and Lucinda Prebble, Dec.3,1770.*

Deborah and Isaac Norton Jr., Nov.28,1791.*

Deborah and Thomas Donham of Tisbury, June1,1800. [Dunham.CR1]

Deborah G. and George Magrath [int.Megrath] of Kennebuk [int.Kennebeck], ME, May10,1831. [Mcgrath.CR1]

Deborah D. and Ellis Lewis, Nov.6,1831.

Desire and Robert Allen of Chilmark, Dec.21,1752.*

Dinah and Noah Look, Jan.8,1745.*

Dinah and Uriah Norton, Apr.20,1786.*

Dinah and Ephraim Ripely, Nov.10,1799.* [Ephraim Ripley.CR1]

Dinah and Joseph Linton Jr., Nov.11,1824.

Dolly and Harler Crosbey, Oct.3,1790.* [Mrs.Dolly and Harlow Crosby of Tisbury.CR1]

Ebenezer and Deborah Mayhew of Chilmark, Nov.18,1715.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Elisabeth Smith, Sept.24,1761.*

Ebenezer and Charlotte Luce, int.Apr.23,1848.

Edward and Lucy Cleveland, Sept.20,1829.

Eliakim and Hannah Bulter, Aug.18,1774.*

Elihew P., Dr. [int.Elihu P., omits Dr.], and Julia Butler, Dec.23,1824.

Elijah of Somerset, and Agness Norton, Oct.16,1791.* [of Somersett, and Mrs.Annis Norton.CR1]

Elijah of New Vineyard, and Rhoda Norton, May14,1812.*

Elijah and Rebecca W. Norton, int.Sept.18,1825.

Eliza A. and Abraham Osborn, Dec.27,1830. [Capt. Abraham, Jan.末, 末末.CR1]

Eliza and Joseph V. Kelley, Nov.25,1823.

Eliza and Thomas M. Norton Jr., May6,1824.

Eliza, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.] 43, d.Lot and Mary, and Isaiah Mills, widr.[int.omits widr.], 53, 2. James and Jerusia, Sept.30,1849.

Elizabath [dup. Elisabeth] and Benjamin Coffin, Sept.1,1743.*

Elizabeth and Peter Riply Jr., Oct.29,1761.*

Elizabeth and Lemuel Pease, Nov.28,1765.*

Betsey and Benjamin Worth, Jan.1,1793.* [Mrs.Betsey.CR1]

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Simons Vincent [int.Simmons Vinson], May27,1804. [Simons Vinson.CR1]

Enoch and Hephzibah Daggett, Dec.17,1725.*

Enoch and Elizabeth Riply, Oct.26,1748.*

Ephriam [int.Ephraim] and Jane West Norton, June6,1813.

Eunice and John Cunningham, Jan.6,1748. -9.*

Eunice F. and William Vinson [int.2d], Oct.30,1831.

Fanny and Nickerson [int.Noherson] Chace of Tisbury, Jan.1,1801. [Nickerson Chase.CR1]

Francas and Lydia Davis, Dec.15,1768.*

Feeman and Mary Holmes of Tisbury, int.Sept.3,1808.

George and Velina Butler, Dec.1,1807.

George and Sarah S. Russell of New Bedford, int.Aug.30,1834.

Grafton 2d [int.Jr.] and Cordelia Norton, Aug.29,1825.

Grafton 2d and Sarah Davis, int.Nov.4,1837.

Hannah, d.Nicolas, and Isaac Norton, Jr., Nov.25,1736.*

Hannah and Silvanus Norton, Nov.8,1751.*

Hannah and Timothy Pease Jr., June25,1795.* [Mrs.Hannah.CR1]

Hannah and Benjamin Norton, Jan.1,1797.*

Hannah and Silas Luce, Dec.11,1806.

Hannah and Elisha Lumbert, Feb.20,1828.*

Hannah P. and Edwin Coffin, July15,1839.

Harriet N. and James Russell of New Bedford, int.June9,1838.

Henry and Mary Davis, Dec.22,1764.*

Henry Cheney and Rebeca Luce, Sept.17,1798.* [Rebecca, Sept.27.CR1]

Henry 2d and Mrs.Eliza [int.Elsa] Dunham, Oct.1,1833.

Henry D., 25, mariner, s.Shubael C. and Polly D., and Mary A. Beetle, 17, d.Christopher and Charlotte, Jan.6,1848.

Hepsibah and Prince Peas, Sept.24,1772.*

Hepzibah and Cornelius Davis, Dec.17,1807.

Hepsibah B. and Samuel Pent Jr., int.Dec.12,1840.

Hiram F. and Mary Ann Sears of Dartmouth, int.June6,1835.

Hope and Zephaniah Luce, Apr.19,1714.*

Hope and Shubal Norton, June5,1760.*

Hope and Samuell Daggett, Dec.15,1796.* [Samuel.CR1]

Hopestill and Alexander P. Weeks, Nov.5,1827.

Horatio and Abigail Athern, Sept.4,1830.* [Horatio G. and Abigail Atherton.CR1]

Huldah and Simeon Howse of Yarmouth, May30,1776.*

Huldah and Enoch Coffin Jr., Mar.2,1780.*

Huldah and William Norton, Mar.18,1792.* [Mrs.Huldah.CR1]

Huldah, 24, d.Aaron and Lucy, and Lorenzo D. Smith, 28, mariner, s.John and Lucinda, Feb.7,1846 [sic, int.Jan.10,1847].

Ichabod, 29, mariner, s.James and Mary, and Sarah Mayhew, 25, d.Joseph and Nancy, Aug.6,1847.

Isaac Jr. and Hannah Norton, Nov.25,1736.*

Isaac Jr. and Deborah Norton, Nov.28,1791.*

Isaac and Lydia N. Bailey of Farmington, ME, Sept.3,1843.

Jabez and Elizabath Allen, d.Ichabod of Tisbury, Feb.9,1736.*

Jabez and Sarah Luce, Apr.20,1769.*

James and Lydia Norton, Jan.23,1800.* [Ludia.CR1]

James A. and Elizabeth F. Luce, int.July10,1841.

Jane and Benjamin Larrabee of Portland, int.Jan.11,1801.

Jane West and Ephriam [int.Ephraim] Norton, June6,1813.

Jane W., 23, d.Shubeal C. and Polly, and Joseph Thaxter, 24, mariner, s.John and Mary, Mar.16,1845.

Jared and Margarett Huxford, Dec.13,1840.

Jean and Thomas Vinson Jr., Nov.22,1748.*

Jean and David Raynolds, Apr.2,1767.*

Jeremiah C., 25, mariner, s.Shubael and Polly, and Margaret S. Vincent, 23, d.Matthew and Sophia, Oct.6,1845.

Jerusha and Ichabod Wiswall of Dorchester, Dec.9,1735.*

Jerusha and John Pease Jr., Jan.13,1756.*

Jerusha and Lemuel Clark, Nov.6,1803.

Jethro and Mary Pease, Jan.17,1811.

Jethro and Polly Stewart, Jan.4,1827.CR1

John and Hepzibah Coffin, d.Enoch Esq., Nov.23,1734.*

John Jr. and Mary Norton, May7,1752.*

John and Jean Smith, Mar.25,1761.*

John Presbury [int.Presbery] of Tisbury, and Nancy P. [int.Pease] Butler, Oct.18,1810.

John Warren and Hepzibah Fisher, int.Nov.10,1820.

John R. and Charity [int.adds C.] Gibbs, Apr.13,1836.

John W. of Tisbury, and Adriana [int.adds F.] Norton, May4,1841.

John O. and Charity Randell of New Bedford, int.May29,1841.

Joseph, 76, and Hepsiba [int.Hepsibah] Claghorn, 62, Nov.18,1819.

Joseph of Framington, ME, and Sarah Smith, Mar.29,1835.

Judah and Jerusha Vinson, Aug.31,1749.*

Julia Ann and Thomas Worth of Tisbury, int.May28,1842.

Katharine and Thomas Fisher Jr., July14,1804. [Catharine, July15.CR1]

Keziah of Tisbury, and Edmand [int.Edmund] Luce, Feb.8,1826.CR1

Lois, Mrs., and William Pease, Apr.28,1757.*

Lot Jr. and Mary Roson [int.Rosen], Oct.9,1803. [Rawson.CR1]

Louisa A. and James Connelly of Baltimore, int.Aug.14,1830.

Love and Prince Norton, Jan.11,1753.*

Love and Immanuel Francis, May20,1779.*

Love and Noah Norton, Dec.22,1791.*

Lucinda and John Smith Jr., Sept.8,1799.*

Lucy and Benjamin F. Danforth [int.Danfourth] of New Bedford, May6,1834.

Lyida, d.Joseph Esq., and Richard Arey, Dec.6,1705.*

Lydia and Nathan Bassatt of Chilmark, Sept.22,1791.* [Bassett.CR1]

Lydia and James Norton, Jan.23,1800.* [Ludia.CR1]

Lydia and Peter Norton Jr. of Tisbury, Oct.22,1809. [Oct.26.CR1]

Lydia D. and Albion Gibbs, Oct.22,1837.

Lydia B., 32, d.Henry C. and Rebecca, and William A. Wardwell, widr.[int.omits widr.], 30, of Providence, RI, b. Providence, RI, s.Allen and Mary A. of Providence, RI, Dec.24,1848.

Marriam and Thomas Vinson, Dec.12,1765.*

Martha W. [dup. Wyer] and Ira Darrow of Waterford, CT, Oct.30,1823.

Martha P. [int.omits P.] and Grafton [int.Graftan] Hillman of Tisbury, Aug.1,1837.

Martin and Susanna Cleveland, Feb.20,1794.* [Cleavland.CR1]

Mary and Christopher Beetle, Oct.25,1718.*

Mary and John Norton Jr., May7,1752.*

Mary and Samuel Norton, Nov.23,1766.*

Mary and Nathaniell Coffin, Mar.26,1769.*

Polly and Darius Norton, Dec.18,1788.*

Polly [int.Nortown] and Dennis Davis, Nov.26,1800.

Mary and Daniel Butler, Mar.17,1814.

Polly Davis and Shubael Claghorn Norton, Sept.22,1816.

Mary d.of Tisbury, and William Marchant, int.Aug.17,1822.

Mary Ann and Tristram P. Fisher, Oct.6,1833.

Mary and John S. Smith, May21,1835.

Mary [int.Mercy] O. and Abraham Lewis, May8,1842.

Mary S., 22, d.Supply B. and Sarah H., and Holmes D. Luce, 29, mariner, of Tisbury, b. Tisbury, s.Jonathan and Sarah H. of Tisbury, May4,1847.

Mary N., 32, d.Dennis and Polly, and obed Luce, widr.[int.adds Capt., omits widr.], 41, s.George and Abigail, Sept.12,1847.

Mary D., 19, d.Shubael C. and Polly D., and Philip Smith Jr., 25, mariner, s.Philip and Sarah, Dec.1,1847.

Matthew P. [int.Norten] and Eliza Ann Stewart, Aug.19,1838.

Mehetabbe and Henry Butler Jr., Feb.14,1771.*

Mercy, see Marcey.

Marcey, d.Isaac, and James Claghorn, Nov.30,1715.*

Marcey, Mrs., and Zebolon Wade of Situate, Oct.24,1744.*

Mitchel Daggett and Jane Vincent, Oct.30,1813.

Nancy and Oliver Davis, Sept.23,1810.

Nancy M. and Charles F. Starbuck of Nantucket, Apr.4,1830.*

Nicholas and Lovy Stuart, Apr.8,1779.*

Nicholas and Mary M. Jernegan, Oct.21,1832.

Noah and Love Norton, Dec.22,1791.*

Obed and Mehetable Peas, Dec.4,1770.*

Olive and Thomas Mayhew, Sept.3,1795.* [Mrs.Olive.CR1]

Olive and Jeremiah Crowel of Tisbury, int.July末,1817.

Oliver and Harriat Holly [int.Harriot Holley], Jan.17,1805. [Harriot Holly.CR1]

Patiance and Bays Norton, Aug.21,1766.*

Peter Jr. and Elisabeth Beetle, Dec.23,1775.*

Peter Jr. of Tisbury, and Lydia Norton, Oct.22,1809. [Oct.26.CR1]

Prince and Love Norton, Jan.11,1753.

Prissilia and James Millikins, Oct.25,1718.*

Prudence and Nathan Jernegan, Nov.末,1816. [Nov.28.CR1]

Rachele and Joshua Smith, July17,1701.*

Rachel [int.Mrs.Rachal C.] and Holmes Mayhew of Farmington, ME, Sept.26,1830. [Mrs.Rachel.CR1]

Rebecca W. and Elijah Norton, int.Sept.18,1825.

Rhodah and Bays Norton Jr., Dec.9,1784.* [Rhoda and Bayze Norton Jr.CR1]

Rhoda and Elijah Norton of New Vineyard, May14,1812.*

Rhoda, 22, d.Shubael and Sophronia, and Henry D. Thomas, 24, of Plymouth, b. Plymouth, s.Ezra and Hannah of Plymouth, Oct.9,1849.

Richard and Rachel Pease, Dec.28,1823.

Richard E. and Jane Ann Cottle of Tisbury, int.May2,1847.

Robert W. and Sarah Dunham, Nov.6,1834.

Robert and Mary A. [int.B.] Huxford, Oct.31,1837.

Ruth and Isreal Daggett, Jan.31,1701.*

Ruth and Jason Luce of Tisbury, Apr.12,1795.* [Mrs.Ruth.CR1]

Samuel and Mary Norton, Nov.23,1766.*

Samuel and Anna Vinson, Apr.27,1780.*

Samuel and Anna Davis, int.Aug.12,1804.

Samuel and Lydia Fisher, Dec.13,1812.

Sarah, d.Isaac Jr., and Ebenzer Haws of Yarmouth, Feb.23,1699-1700.

Sarah and John Peas, Feb.19,1767.*

Sally and Aaron Pease, Sept.24,1786.*

Salley and Elihu Marchant, Jan.20,1796.* [Mrs.Sarah.CR1]

Sarah P. of Norridgewalk, ME, and Elisha T. Smith, int.July7,1838.

Seth and Amey Norton, Feb.7,1760.*

Shubal and Hope Norton, June5,1760.*

Shubael Claghorn and Polly Norton, Sept.22,1816.

Shubael and Sophrona [int.Sophronia] Smith, Jan.22,1818.

Shubael L., 24, s.Shubael and Sophronia, and Phebe A. Davis, 23, d.Benjamin and Almira, Aug.9,1849.

Silvanus and Hannah Norton, Nov.8,1751.*

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Sophia F. and William Cleavland [int.Cleveland],末蔓末, 末末 [int.June16,1832].CR1

Sophronia and Harrison Smith, July10,1825. [Soprona.CR1]

Sophronia and Joseph T. Pease, Nov.1,1835.*

Stephen and Lydia Smith, Mar.4,1787.* [Stephen Jr.CR1]

Stephen of Farmington, and Damaris Pease, Nov.16,1807.

Supply B. of Industry, ME, and Sally [int.Sarah] H. Smith, Jan.15,1824.

Susan and Jonathan Fisher Jr., Feb.23,1821.

Susanna and Bethuel Luce, Oct.18,1765.*

Susanna and Daniel Colt of Tisbury, Apr.3,1803.

Susanna and Francis Fisher, May20,1810.

Thankfull and Thomas Smith, Dec.25,1765.*

Theodore and Harriet N. Carter of Tisbury, int.June27,1847.

Thomas and Louisa Adams of Tisbury, int.Oct.4,1806.

Thomas M. Jr. and Eliza Norton, May6,1824.

Thomas H. and Jane Eliza Butler, Mar.30,1837.

Thomas A. and Lydia G. Kidder, Oct.12,1837.

Thomas H. and Eliza W. Beetle, June19,1842.*

Timothy and Sally Covel, June26,1816.

Tristram and Jane Marchant, Dec.19,1790.* [Dec.14.CR1]

Tristram Jr. and Salley Butler, Dec.2,1794.* [Sally.CR1]

Uriah and Dinah Norton, Apr.20,1786.*

Velina and marshal Luce, Dec.6,1812.

Velina, Mrs., 50, and Cornelius Marchant Esq., 74, int.July8,1837.

William Jr. and Mrs.Hannah Daggett of Tisbury, Dec.26,1782.* [Daggett.CR1]

William and Huldah Norton, Mar.18,1792.* [Mrs.Huldah.CR1]

William A. and Susan J. Walrond, int.Mar.11,1837.

Zoradah and Timothy Coffin, Aug.21,1788.* [Zorada.CR1]

NUCOM (Newcomb)

Joshua of Chilmark, and Betsy Codudy, int.Sept.6,1801.


Thomas of Trinadad, WI, and Mrs.Margret David of New York City, Nov.23,1800.*.CR1


Elisha and Mehitable Robertson, May19,1776.*

Lousia [int.Louisa] and Caleb Thaxter, Oct.29,1823.

Lucinda W. of Rochester, and Bartlett Claghorn Jr. int.May30,1829.

Susanna of Chilmark, and Uriah Coffin Jr., int.Oct.20,1805.

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