Cynthia Ann of Fairhaven, and Owen Fisher, int. Sept. 25, 1841.


Hannah and Anthony Gum of Nantuckett [int. Nantucket], negroes [int. omits negroes], ––– ––, –––– [rec. between Apr. 6 and Aug. 10, 1806] [int. Mar. 23, 1806]. CR1


Ebenezer and Ann Smith, Mar. 3, 1777.*


Elisha of Chilmark, and Margaret Johnson, Indians, Dec. 21, 1769.*


David Y. of Peperrill, and Sophronia Cleveland, int. June 2, 1832.


Joseph, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], and Ann Smith, July 24, 1803.

Joseph Jr. and Sally Worth, Dec. 3, 1809.

John and Mrs. Mary Jones of Tisbury, int. Sept. 27, 1817.

Polly [int. Mrs. Sally] and Heman Arey, May 5, 1818. [Sally, wid. Joseph Thaxter Jr. CR1]

Caleb and Lousia [int. Louisa] Nye, Oct. 29, 1823.

Ann, d. Rev. Joseph, and Charles Grandison Athearn of Tisbury, Jan. 1, 1824. [Athern. CR1]

Caleb and Ethel B. Perry, Feb. 18, 1838.

Hannah, 22, d. John and Mary, and George B. Osborn of Boston, Oct. 28, 1844.

Joseph, 24, mariner, s. John and Mary, and Jane W. Norton, 23, d. Shubeal C. and Polly, Mar. 16, 1845.

Mary, 27, tailoress, d. John and Mary, and Andrew B. Fuller, candle manufacturer [int. of Nantucket], b. Nantucket, Jan. 18, 1846.


John of NJ, and Miriam [int. Mariam] Marchant, Sept. 7, 1800.

Jane and Isaac Freeman of NY, int. Nov. 29, 1818.

Henry D., 24, of Plymouth, b. Plymouth, s. Ezra and Hannah of Plymouth, and Rhoda Norton, 22, d. Shubael, Oct. 9, 1849.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Ann B. of Nantucket, and Cyrus Fisher, int. Nov. 17, 1844.

THOMSON (THompson)

Miriam, Mrs., and Silas Butler, int. Jan. 7, 1821.


John G. of Providence, RI, and [int. adds Mrs.] Eliza Beetle, Oct. 15, 1826. CR1

TILLTON (Tilton)

Katharine [sic, Keturah] and Jonathan Luce, Dec. 26, 1790.*

TILTON (Tillton)

Sophia of Chilmark, and Matthew Vincent, int. July 1, 1809.

Patience N. of Chilmark, and Richard Holley, int. Sept. 6, 1823.

Margaret of Chilmark, and Benjamin B. Norton, Feb. 12, 1828.*

David, Rev., and Sarah F. Batcheler of Danvers, int. Feb. 20, 1836.


Joseph and Martha Trask, Nov. 21, 1765.*


Mary A. of Dorchester, and William A. Pease, int. Apr. 11, 1847.


Anne of Waymouth, and Thomas Butler Jr., Sept. 18, 1702.*

TRAP (Trapp)

Elisabeth and Elijah Webster of Lebanon, Mar. 28, 1757, "the Sd Elisabeth appearing naked Exepting hir Shift at ye time of Marrage. "*

TRAPP (Trap)

Samuel and Thankfull Pease, Mar. 16, 1714.*

Jabez and Hephziabth Daggett, ––– 10, 1716.*

Mary, d. Thomas, and William Coles of Little Milton, Oxferdshair, Eng., June 4, 1716.*

Bulah and Thomas Arey, Sept. 4, 1740.*

Mary and Stephen Colver of Norwich, Aug. 25, 1746.*


Martha and Joseph Todd, Nov. 21, 1765.*

TRIP (Tripp)

John and Mrs. Jedidah Smith, Sept. 1, 1784.*

TRIPP (Trip)

John of West Port, and Caroline Fisher, int. May 4, 1845.

Caroline, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 20, d. Abner Fisher and Sarah, and Joseph Lewis, 32 of Nantucket, s. Francisco and Mary F., Feb. 7, 1848.


Henry "a trancient man said to belong to East India," and Mrs. Martha Williams, int. May 10, 1828.


Elizabeth T. of Boston, and Benjamin Ripley, int. Sept. 4, 1835.


Robert of Phelidelphia, and Jane Job, int. Dec. 8, 1818.

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