Asa H. Capt., Nov.10,1821, in Harwich.GR4


Charles [Nov.末,1838].GR4


Thomas G., Capt. [Jan.末,1833].GR1


Betsey R., w.John C.,末蔓末,1807.GR5

John C. [h.Betsey R.],末蔓末,1803.GR5


末末, s.David T., Dec.8,1837. [Stephen.PR14]


Cyrus, s.John and Polly, bp. May18,1806.CR

Polly, d.William, bp. Apr.1,1803.CR

William, s.John and Polly, bp. Sept.30,1804.CR


Abigail, ch.Gershom and Mary (second W.), Sept.3,1743.

Benjamin, s.Gershom and Martha, Nov.19,1720.

Charlotte, w.Thomas,末蔓末,1797.GR1

Hugh, ch.Gershom and Mary (second w.), Mar.2,1745.

Hulda, ch.Gershom and Martha, June13,1731.

Jonathan, ch.Gershom and Mary (second w.), June15,1741.

Joseph, ch.Gershom and Mary (second w.), Jan.21,1739.

Love, ch.Gershom and Martha, July13,1725.

Nancy, ch.Gershom and Mary (second w.), Dec.4,1748.

Pernall, d.Gershom and Mary (second w.), Feb.23,1736.

Phebe, ch.Gershom and Martha, Apr.23,1729.

Prudence, d.Hugh, bp. July30,1786.

Robert, ch.Gershom and Martha, Feb.23,1727-8.

Thomas, eldest, s.Gershom and Mary (second w.), Mar.25,1734.

CHACE (Chas, Chase)

Abraham, s.Valentine and Eunice, Dec.9,1756.

Cornelius, s.Isaac and Mary, June10,1759.

David, s.Abraham and Mercy, June4,1739.

Eunice, d.Valentine and Eunice, Mar.18,1759.

George, s.Isaac and Mary, Mar.30,1744.

Georg, ch.Shouble (Chase) and Sarah, July16,1761.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Mary, Aug.16,1756.

Jedidah, ch.Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb.14,1736.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Mary, Aug.6,1750.

Margaret, May6,1750.

Margarett, d.Abraham and Mercy, May21,1750.

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary, June11,1748.

Pernal, ch.Shouble (Chase) and Sarah, Nov.14,1759.

Rhoda, d.Isaac and Mary, May5,1741.

Samuel, ch.Thomas and Elizabeth, May26,1734.

Sarah, ch.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.8,1739.

Valentine, s.Abraham and Mercy, June15,1735.

Wait Still Mercy, d.Abraham and Mercy, Apr.9,1741.

Zacheus, s.Abraham and Mercy, June15,1737.


Carrie B. [w.Obed C. Lewis], July24,1832.GR4

CHAS (Chace, Chase)

Isaac, s.Isaac and Mary, Jan.21,1681.

CHASE (Chace, Chas)

末末, d.Timothy and Rebecca, Mar.9,1777.PR6

末末, s.Alford, Mar.11,1842.

Abigail, ch.Timothy and Rebecca,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.末,1775.PR6]

Abigail, d.Abraham and Abigail, Aug.30,1714.

Abigail, ch.Timothy and Sally, Apr.14,1829.

Abbie, w.Alpheus, Apr.15,1829.GR3

Abraham, s.Isaac and Mary, Jan.10,1683.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Abigail, Feb.14,1716.

Abraham, s.Timothy Jr. and Content (Dunham) [(d.David Dunham and Deborah (Luce)).PR15], Oct.2,1807.

Amy Downs, d.Tristram L. [dup. omits L.], master mariner, and Hannah M. (Robinson), Dec.22,1842, in Holmes Hole.

Ann Judson, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Sept.11,1840.PR14

Apheus, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Aug.末,1826.PR14

Benjamin, ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Mar.2,1779.

Benjamin, ch.Timothy and Sally, Apr.2,1833.

Carrie E., second, w.George [Mar.末,1837].GR3

Celia P., w.George [Dec.末,1831].GR3

Constantine, s.Joseph, dentist (b. Boston), and Clara d'Anville (Luce) [s.Joseph and Clara d'A. (d.Jonathan Luce Jr. and Sarah H. (Dunham)).PR14], Jan.21,1845, in Holmes Hole.

Content, ch.Timothy and Sally, Mar.4,1819.

Deliverance, ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Jan.21,1784. [Deliverance.PR6]

Ebenezer, Rev. [h.Eliza],末蔓末,1785.GR1

Elenar, d.Abraham and Abigail, Oct.8,1712.

Eliza, w.Rev. Ebenezer [May末,1801].GR1

Elezebeth, d.Isaac and Mary, Sept.7,1703.

Betsey A., ch.Timothy and Sally, Jan.29,1831.

Eunice, ch.Isaac (Chace) and Mary, Aug.4,1738.

Eunice Rotch, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), July24,1829.PR14

George, ch.Joseph and Eunice (Rotch),末蔓末,1803.PR14

George, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Oct.末,1823.PR14

George [h.Celia P.] [h.Carrie E.],末蔓末,1827.GR3

Hannah, d.Isaac and Mary, Nov.25,1693.

Hanah, d.Abraham and Abagial, Mar.15,1725.

Hannah, ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Sept.5,1789.

Isaac, s.Isaac (Chace) and Mary, May8,1746.

Isaac, ch.Joseph and Eunice (Rotch),末蔓末,1805.PR14

Isabell E., w.Alpheus [May末,1826].GR3

James, s.Isaac and Mary, Jan.15,1685.

John Gray, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), June22,1820.PR14

Jonathan, s.Isaac and Mary, Dec.28,1691.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Mary, Feb.26,1698.

Joseph, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Jan.末,1835.PR14

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary, Jan.17,1687.

Mary, d.Timothy Jr. and Content (Dunham) [(d.David Dunham and Deborah (Luce)).PR15], June28,1805.

Mary, ch.Joseph and Eunice (Rotch),末蔓末,1807.PR14

Mary Gray, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Dec.25,1824.PR14

Mary, ch.Timothy and Sally, Apr.7,1827.

Patience G., ch.William and Temperance (Gray),末蔓末,1827.PR14

Prissila, d.Isaac and Mary, Nov.12,1697.

Rachel, d.Isaac and Mary, Oct.25,1679.

Rebecca, ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Feb.14,1787.

Rebecca Luce, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Feb.25,1831.PR14

Reliance, w.Capt. Henry B. [Mar.末,1828].GR6

Sary, d.Isaac and Mary, Oct.15,1695.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Jean, Dec.14,1717.

Sally, w.Timothy [Aug.末,1793].GR6

Sarah E., w.William Athearn,末蔓末,1823.GR1

Sarah, ch.Timothy and Sally, Dec.4,1824.

Sophronia, ch.Timothy and Sally, Apr.10,1821.

Susan G., w.William Jr. [Apr.末,1842].GR3

Temperance, w.Dea.William [Apr.末,1798].GR3

Thomas, s.Isaac and Mary, Nov.9,1677.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Jean, Dec.29,1713.

Thomas G. Robinson, s.Tristram L., master mariner, and Hannah M. (Robinson), July4,1847, in Holmes Hole.

Timothy, s.Abraham and Abigail, July23,1717.

Timothy [h.Rebecca (Bassett)], June22,1745.

Timothy Jr., ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Nov.28,1780.PR6

Timothy, ch.Timothy and Rebecca, Nov.28,1781.

Timothy, ch.Timothy and Sally, Dec.27,1822. [Timothy Jr.PR3]

Tristram, ch.Joseph and Eunice (Rotch),末蔓末,1809.PR14

William, Dea.[h.Temperance] [Jan.末,1800].GR3 [ch.Joseph and Eunice (Rotch).PR14]

William, ch.William and Temperance (Gray), Dec.末,1833.PR14


末末 [w.Joseph Luce], 末蔓21,1727.PR8

末末, d.Joseph, Feb.20,1837. [Ethelinda.PR14]

末末, d.Bartlett Jr., June20,1840. [Sarah.PR14]

末末, s.Bartlett Jr., Mar.15,1842. [Joseph.PR14]

Augusta N. Mar.27,1806.GR7

Augusta Matilda, d.Samuel and Philura P., Dec.12,1812, in Norwich, New London Co., CT.

Ethelinda T., d.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Dec.20,1839, in Holmes Hole.

Hannah Wilson, d.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Feb.10,1837, in Holmes Hole.

James Paxton, s.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Sept.2,1844.

James Paxton, s.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Apr.6,1847.

Joseph, Dec.17,1806.GR7

Mercy A., d.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), July16,1833, in Holmes Hole.

Peter D., s.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Jan.2,1832, in Holmes Hole.

Rufus Spalding, s.Samuel and Philura P., Aug.30,1815.

Sarah J., d.Joseph, pilot (b. Edgartown), and Augusta N. (Daggett), Mar.13,1829, in Holmes Hole. [Sarah Jane, w.Valentine Lewis.GR7]


Mary Ann, w.Charles [Mar.末,1808].GR1

CLEAVELAND (Cleavland, Cleveland)

Adeline M., ch.Henry and Mary A., Oct.25,1840.PR11

Daniel A., ch.Henry and Mary A., July16,1829.PR11

Henry, Capt. [h.Mary Ann] [Oct.末,1799].GR1

James F., ch.Henry and Mary A., July25,1823.PR11

Mary Ann, w.Capt. Henry [Apr.末,1806].GR1

Sylvanus, ch.Henry and Mary A., May9,1826.PR11

Warren, Capt. [h.Lucretia (Luce)], Feb.23,1789.GR4

CLEAVLAND (Cleaveland, Cleveland)

末末, s.Elijah, June27,1840. [Sidney S.GR4] [Charles F. [sic] Cleveland.PR14]

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland, Cleavland)

末末, ch.Henry and Mary Ann, Mar.21,1831.GR1

末末, s.Elijah, Mar.10,1838.

Abbie S., d.Elijah, mariner and pilot (b. Lamberts Cove, Tisbury), and Beulah D. (Allen) (b. Chilmark), Jan.28,1847.

Ada S., w.Capt. Benjamin [July末,1847].GR1

Beulah D., w.Capt. Elijah, Aug.29,1811.GR4

Beulah K., w.Capt. Charles E. [Feb.末,1829].GR5

Charles E., Capt. [h.Beulah K.] [Jan.末,1824].GR5

Clarissa L., first, w.Capt. William, Jan.30,1821.GR4

Elijah, Capt. [h.Beulah D.], Nov.19,1796.GR4

Elijah Swift, s.Elijah, pilot and mariner (b. Lamberts Cove, Tisbury), and Beulah D. (Allen) (b. Chilmark), Dec.3,1849.

Emily D., second, w.Capt. William, May30,1819.GR4

Henry N., s.William H., boat builder, and Elizabeth A. (Winslow) (b. St. Stephens, NB), May20,1848, in Holmes Hole.

Jacob L., Capt. [Apr.末,1821].GR5

Leonard C., Mar.21,1826.GR7

Lydia G., d.William, master mariner (b. Lamberts Cove, Tisbury), and Clarissa L. (Dexter) (b. Holmes Hole), May16,1848, in Holmes Hole.

Prudence, w.James, July26,1781.GR3

Susan, w.Capt. Peter Cromwell, Sept.1,1814.GR6

Warren D., s.Elijah, mariner and pilot (b. Lamberts Cove, Tisbury), and Beulah D. (Allen) (b. Chilmark), July23,1844.

William H., July31,1819.GR7


末末, s.Nathan, Mar.6,1837. [Vernal S.PR14]

Content A., w.Alfred [Jan.末,1815].GR3

Elizabeth, w.Nathan, Sept.20,1803.GR3

Hellen M., d.Jacob, mariner, and Emily, Aug.14,1849.

Louisa, w.Baxter Downs, Mar.4,1817.GR4

Lydia C., w.Elijah Smith,末蔓末,1787.GR5

Nathan [h.Elizabeth], July16,1798.GR3

Stephen L., s.Alfred, mariner, and Content, Oct.7,1848.


Benjamin, Capt. Mar.17,1819.GR5


Matthew [h.Harriet (Allen)], Sept.27,1801.GR3

Peter, s.Benjamin and Jedidah, Dec.27,1776.

COOK (Cooke)

末末, d.Enoch, Feb.9,1837. [Eliza G.PR14]

Enoch, Capt. [h.Jane Catharine], Sept.23,1794.GR5

Enoch Jr. [ch.Capt. Enoch and Jane Catharine], Aug.8,1829.GR5

Jane Catharine, w.Capt. Enoch, June25,1801.GR5

William [ch.Capt. Enoch and Jane Catharine], Mar.3,1822, in Baltimore.GR5

William H., s.William, master mariner, and Harriet A. (b. Vasselborough, ME), June23,1849.

COOKE (Cook)

Albert W., "Capt. 57th Mass.Vol.,"末蔓末,1843.GR5


末末, s.James M., Jan.17,1837. [James M. Jr.PR14]

末末, d.James M., Dec.4,1837. [Celeste.PR14]

COTTEL (Cottle)

Reliance, d.John and Mary, Apr.3,1719.

Salvanas, s.John and Jane, May9,1704.

COTTLE (Cottel)

末末, s.Edmund, Sept.11,1836. [Edmund C.PR14]

末末, d.George D., Feb.11,1837. [Margaret.PR14]

末末, d.Charles, Dec.31,1837. [Tamson.PR14]

末末, s.George D., Jan.14,1838. [Edmund.PR14]

末末, s.James, Mar.6,1838. [James Jr.PR14]

末末, d.Edmund, June26,1838. [Eliza W.PR14]

末末, d.Edmund, June4,1840. [Content.PR14]

末末, s.James, Oct.23,1840. [Shubael.PR14]

末末, s.Edmund, Oct.1,1842.

Abigail, d.Edward and Abigail, June6,1702.

Amy N., d.Davis and Abagail [Feb.末,1838].GR2

Amy Norton, ch.Davis and w., bp. Aug.10,1845.CR

Anna, ch.Silvanus and Martha, June6,1732.

Annah, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Sept.20,1806.

Arabella, ch.Davis and w., bp. Aug.10,1845.CR

Benjamin, ch.Silvanus and Martha, Mar.17,1730.

Celia, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Dec.25,1793.

Charles E., s.Charles, tanner, and Mary H. (Norton), May26,1834, in Lamberts Cove, Tisbury.

Content, second, w.Capt. Edmund, Mar.4,1819.GR4

Davis, d.John and Love (Luce), Apr.4,1813. [Dea.Davis "of Congregational Church West Tisbury.".GR2]

Davis E., s.Davis, farmer and school teacher, and Abigail (Mayhew) (b. Chilmark), May24,1848. [D. Elliott "Dea.of Congregational Church West Tibury" [h.Emma (Parker)].GR2]

Edmund, Capt. [h.Eliza Ann] [h.Content] [Feb.末,1805].GR4

Edward, ch.Silvanus and Martha, July25,1728.

Betsey, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Nov.16,1787.

Elizabeth W., d.Charles, tanner and Mary H. (Norton), Jan.1,1838, in Lamberts Cove, Tisbury.

Alvira, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Jan.16,1811.

Frank [sic] S., w.William M. [Aug.末,1838].GR2

George Dunham, ch.Edmund and Peggy, bp. May26,1805.CR

George B., Capt. [June末,1830].GR1

Harriot, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Aug.5,1804.

Harriet B., d.Charles, tanner, and Mary H. (Norton), July11,1844.

Isaac, ch.Silvanus and Martha, Sept.7,1726.

Jabez, s.Silvanus and Abigail (second w.), Feb.22,1747.

James [h.Jane], July2,1784.GR4

James, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, June29,1800.

Jane, ch.Silvanus and Martha, Feb.11,1736.

Jane, w.James, Feb.12,1799.GR4

Jemima, ch.Edmund and Peggy, bp. Apr.7,1805.CR

John, s.John (Cottle) and Jean, Apr.10,1706.

John, s.John and 末末, Aug.1,1788.

John, s.John and Love (Luce), May22,1827.

Joseph, s.Silvanus and Abigail (second w.), July28,1753.

Keziah, ch.Silvanus and Martha, Oct.25,1737.

Kimball H., s.Charles, tanner (b. Holmes Hole), and Mary H. (Norton) (b. Holmes Hole), May9,1848.

Love [? m.] [Apr.末,1790].GR2

Luther M., s.Charles, tanner (b. Holmes Hole), and Mary H. (Norton) (b. Holmes Hole), July14,1846.

Lidia, ch.Silvanus and Martha, Aug.22,1733.

Lydia, ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Jan.16,1790.

Peggy Dunham, ch.Edmund and Peggy, bp. May26,1805.CR

Mary, ch.Silvanus and Martha, June7,1741.

Mary, w.Edmond [Mar.末,1778].GR6

Mary, d.Edmund and Peggy, bp. Aug.23,1808.CR

Mary, d.William Jr., Feb.24,1819.

Mary F., d.Charles, tanner and Mary H. (Norton), Mar.12,1832, in Lamberts Cove, Tisbury.

Robert Jr., ch.Capt. Robert and Lydia, Jan.15,1797.

Rhua L., d.John and Love (Luce), Apr.18,1822.

Sarah H., d.Charles, tanner, and Mary H. (Norton), Apr.30,1842, in Lamberts Cove, Tisbury.

Shubael, s.Edmund and Peggy, bp. June8,1806.CR

Sophronia, ch.Edmund and Peggy, bp. Apr.7,1805.CR

Sophronia, w.John [July末,1837].GR2

Silvanus, s.Silvanus and Abigail (second w.), June15,1750.

Tamozine, d.Charles, tanner and Mary H. (Norton), July12,1840, in Lamberts Cove, Tisbury.

Timothy Chase, s.Edmund, farmer, and Content (Chase), May14,1846.


William Mayhew, ch.Davis and w., bp. Aug.10,1845.CR


末末, s.Isaac L., Nov.14,1841.


Daniel, ch.Abiah and Judeth, Oct.4,1766.

Nathan, ch.Abiah and Judeth, Feb.9,1769.

Ruth, ch.Abiah and Judeth, Apr.6,1763.


Clara F.,末蔓末,1848.GR5

Rodolphus W. [h.Sarah E.], Mar.26,1816.GR5

Sarah E., w.Rodolphus W., Nov.23,1822.GR5

Wendell, Mar.20,1818.GR5

CROMWELL (Crumwell)

Helen M., d.Benjamin C., master mariner, and Abby B. (Luce), Apr.1,1848, in Holmes Hole Village. [w.Andrew J. York.GR5]

Isaac [ch.Moses T. and Jedidah C.], June13,1830.GR6

Jedidah C., [w.Moses T.], Apr.6,1785.GR6

Moses T. [h.Jedidah C.], June4,1785.GR6

Susan Folger, d.Peter, master mariner, and Susan (Cleveland), July9,1845, in Holmes Hole Village.


末末, s.Moses, July27,1843, in W. Tisbury.[James.PR14]

John [h.Mary (s.Bethuel Luce)],末蔓末,1740.PR12

Lucy [w.Moses],末蔓末,1777.PR9

Mary Ann, twin, d.Moses and Lucy, Feb.18,1808.PR12

Moses [h.Lucy],末蔓末,1783.PR9

Sally Butler, twin, d.Moses and Lucy, Feb.18,1808.PR12

CROWEL (Crowell)

Elisha, s.Benjamin, bp. July20,1786.CR

Shubael, s.Benjamin and Joanna, bp. May29,1785.CR

CROWELL (Crowel)

末末, s.Arnold, Oct.29,1836. [Alonzo.PR14]

末末, d.Edmond Jr., Dec.30,1837.

末末, s.William, Oct.21,1838. [Barzilla.PR14]

末末, d.Arnold, Jan.9,1841.

末末, s.Edmund Jr., Sept.3,1841.

末末, s.John, Sept.3,1843. [John Jr.PR14]

Ann, d.Elisha and Remember, Dec.28,1735.

Barzillai, "Soldier 20th Regt. Mass.Vols.,"末蔓末,1838.GR5

Benjamin, s.Elisha and Remember, Feb.15,1733.

Catharine A., w.Hebron M. [Mar.末,1846].GR6

Clarence M., s.Joseph M., mariner (b. Holmes Hole), and Abby P. (Merry) (b. Holmes Hole), Mar.21,1849, in Holmes Hole.

Delia, w.Edmund [Jan.末,1784].GR4

Deborah, d.Elisha and Remember, Nov.27,1746.

Edmond, ch.Benjamin and Joanna, July7,1775. [Edmund [h.Delia].GR4]

Elezar, ch.Benjamin and Joanna, Aug.3,1771.

Elventon, s.Elisha and Remember, May27,1743.

Henry M., s.Joseph M., mariner (b. Holmes Hole), and Abby P. (Merry) (b. Holmes Hole), Dec.15,1845, in Holmes Hole.

Jared W., s.Joseph M. [dup. omits M.], mariner (b. Holmes Hole), and Abby P. (Merry) (b. Holmes Hole), Feb.24,1837, in Holmes Hole.

John, Jan.9,1798.GR6

John Howland, s.Arnold, mariner, and Anna (Luce), Nov.19,1844, in Holmes Hole Village.

Joseph M., h.Abby P. (Merry), Aug.30,1813, in Holmes Hole.

Joseph P., s.Joseph M. [dup. omits M.], mariner (b. Holmes Hole), and Abby P. (Merry) (b. Holmes Hole), July10,1840, in Holmes Hole. [Jared [sic].PR14]

Mary, w.Elisha Luce, w.George Dunham, Sept.18,1795.GR6

Mary C., w.Capt. William [May末,1807].GR5

Rhoda L., d.John and Cordelia, Aug.5,1825.GR6

Sally, w.Hebron [Mar.末,1794].GR6

Silas, ch.Benjamin and Joanna, July12,1773.

William B., Capt. [h.Ellen M.] [July末,1826].GR6

CRUMWELL (Cromwell)

Benjamin Coffin, ch.Capt. Moses T., Sept.7,1820. [Capt. Benjamin C. Cromwell [h.Abby Bradford (Luce)].GR5]

Jedidah Norton, ch.Capt. Moses T., June30,1822.

Peter Norton, ch.Capt. Moses T., Feb.7,1814. [Capt. Peter Cromwell [h.Susan (Cleveland)].GR6]

Samuel, ch.Capt. Moses T., Apr.15,1818.

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