Marcy, w.Elisha, Mar.11,1793, in 29th y.CR


Polly, m., disease of heart,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. [June14,1848]], a.53.

Polly, w.Capt. John, Dec.13,1847, a.63.GR1

Rhoda, wid.[dup. omits wid.], d.Jonathan Manter and Sarah, old age, Dec.28,1843, a.84.


Maomia, diarhea, Oct.4,1843, a.78. [Mrs.Naomi Beecher.GR5]


末末, ch.Wid.Benson, buried Nov.21,1807.CR

Peggey, wid.George, July11,1807.GR6


末末, ch.Edward and Sarah Jane,末蔓末, 末末.GR4

末末, ch.Edward and Sarah Jane,末蔓末, 末末.GR4

Ellen, ch.Edward and Sarah J. [dup. omits J.], consumption [dup. canker], June4,1847, a.7m.15d.[dup. a.7m.]

Sarah, b. Philips, ME, w.Edward, apoplexy, Oct.10,1847, a.34. [Sarah Jane, Oct.9, a.30.GR4]


末末, s.Thomas and Hannah (Beetle) (b. Edgartown), May25,1825, a.2d.


末末, s.O.P., colrera infantum, Aug.5,1843, a.16m.[William Gower, s.Orrok P. and Hannah C.GR4]


末末, "Black,", w.Samuel, Nov.1,1805.CR

Franklin, mariner, b. Bristol, ME, bilious fever, July16,1849, a.27.


Ebenezer B. [h.Sarah], Jan.17,1822, a.41y.2m.15d., in Matanzas, Island of Cuba.GR4

Emily B., ch.Gilbert (Bush) and Betsey, disentary, Sept.11,1849, a.2. [Emely B., d.Gilbert and Betsey D., Sept.19, a.2y.2m.10d.GR4]

Sarah, w.Ebenezer B., May19,1832, a.41y.1m.GR4

Thomas T., s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Oct.30,1840, a.27.GR4


Luce, Dec.31,1791, in 64th y.CR


末末, s.Charles and Love, premature,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.4,1845], a.ス d.

末末, wid., Mar.8,1815.CR [Hannah, wid.Capt. Francis, in 51 st y.GR2]

Abigail, w.Thomas, Dec.3,1791, a.19y.11m.GR6

Abigail, w.Thomas, Dec.4,1791, in 54th y.CR

Anne, w.David, Feb.22,1745.

Daniel, s.David and Anne, Mar.21,1742.

David, s.Peter, July29,1802, a.3y.4m.GR6

David, Jan.17,1817.CR [[h.Sarah] Jan.16, a.74.GR2]

Francis, Capt. [h.Hannah], June末,1790, in 37th y., at sea.GR2

Sarah, wid.David, Apr.14,1832, a.67.GR2

Sarah, w.Thomas, Feb.2,1849, a.79.GR1

Sarah, Mrs., Dec.2,1849, a.78.CR

Sarah, wid., bronchitis, Dec.18,1849, a.77.

Thomas, buried Jan.2,1816, a.86.CR

Thomas, Feb.22,1836, a.73.CR [[h.Sarah].GR1]

Zerviah, w.Samuel Jr. of Providence, Sept.8,1791, in 27th y.CR [w.Samuel Jr. of Providence, RI, d.Capt. Benjamin Allen and Eleanor, a.26y.4d.GR1]

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