Joseph and Dorcas Smith, Feb.16,1769.*

Judah and Mary Look, Feb.22,1765.*

Moses and Thankfull Gray, July20,1769.*

Nathaniel Jr. and Ann Lumbert, Sept.7,1732.*


Sarah Lewis and Edward Drapper, June8,1774 [dup. 1775].*

BARROWS (Burrows)

John J. and Lydia C. Smith, Apr.23,1838.

Thomas Jr. and Tamson Luce, int.Sept.3,1831.


Seth and Ruth Allen, Dec.1,1766.*

Silas and Ruth Luce, Oct.21,1768.*


Paschepoli and Jean Daggett, Nov.24,1792.*


Elisha and Keturah West, July14,1793.

Leander and Hulda Jeffers of Gay Head, int.May19,1832.

Peggey and Zachariah Harskell of Rochester, Nov.14,1802.* [Peggy and Zechariah Haskell.CR]

Peres and Peggey Norton, June28,1795.*

Rebecca and Timothy Chase,末蔓末, 末末.* [Nov.23.PR6]


Nabby and William Harding, Nov.10,1805.* [Hardin.CR]

Charles and Emily Norton, Dec.31,1826.

Cynthia and Mathew Luce, Mar.8,1802.*

Betsey and Thomas Harding,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May29 and Dec.18,1808] [int.Aug.20,1808].

John and Polly Dexter, Jan.27,1805.*

John Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Fostina Gray, Aug.24,1835.

Malachi and Rhoda Manter, Apr.24,1777.*


Amelia of St Andrews, N.B., and Edward Evens of St Andrews, N.B., int.Dec.21,1821.

BEACHER (Beecher)

Eliza and Ezikel Perry of Thomastown, ME, Oct.17,1827.

Neome [int.Naomi] and Right Brownell of New Bedford, Nov.2,1828.

BEECHER (Beacher)

Jane C. and George C. Gifford of New Bedford, int.Apr.10,1831.


Christopher R. of Edgartown, and Charlotte N. Smith, Nov.12,1826.

Hannah, b. Edgartown, and Thomas Bradley, Sept.1,1814.*

James and Mary Butler, Aug.24,1775.*


Katerine and Jabez Athearn, Nov.30,1705.*


George and Peggey Manter, May15, 末末.* [May15,1789.CR]

Precila and Patrick Fitchgerrel, June16,1822.

Thomas and Hannah Vincent of Edgartown, Oct.31,1822.


Edward [int.of Plymouth, Eng.] and Sarah J. Willbur, Oct.29,1843.


Thomas D., Rev. [int.Jr., omits Rev.] of Chilmark, and Hannah D. Norton, May13,1841.


Abra Washburn and William West Jr., Sept.25,1842.

Harriet A., 24, d.William T and Catharin, and William Cook, 26, master marriner, s.Enoch and Jane, Sept.12,1848.*

William [int.Capt. William] T. of [int.adds Passelborough] Maine, and Catharine Luce, Sept.6,1819.

BOARDMAN (Bordman)

Jane and Sarson Chase, Mar.1,1792.*


Samuel Jr. of Rochister, and Mary Waldron, Dec.12,1759.*


James C., Rev., and Eliza J. [int.omits J.] Luce, Sept.2,1838.

BORDMAN (Boardman)

Harbart and Mary Merry, Dec.4,1788.*


Susan B. of Falmouth, and Rev. George Weeks, int.July8,1826.


Charles and Nancy Athearn, Oct.11,1840.

Emily and Capt. Zenas Dillingham, June2,1838.

Henery [int.Henry] and Caroline [int.adds W.] Daggett, Aug.1,1839.

Jane and Samuell Andrews, May7,1843.

Thomas and Hannah Beetle, b. Edgartown, Sept.1,1814.*


Orrok P. and Hannah C. New, Sept.29,1833.


Benjamin F. and Susan M. Norton, Feb.16,1840.

William of Baltimore, and Delphina Norton, int.Feb.3,1844.


Joseph of Westport, and Polly Merry, int.Oct.26,1806.

Right of New Bedford, and Neome [int.Naomi] Beacher, Nov.2,1828.


Ebenezer B. [int.Capt. Ebenezer Bradford of Boston] and Sally West,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May8 and Dec.1,1808] [int.Apr.9,1808] [Capt. Ebenezer Bradford Brush of Boston, May8,1808.CR]

Emily B. and John C. Daggett, int.Aug.2,1830.

Gilbert and Betsey D. Vincent, Mar.28,1838.

Hosaper [int.Hosapher] N. and Warren B. Ewer of Dedham, May22,1839.

Samuell N., 26, marriner, s.Ebenezer B. dec'd and Sarah dec'd, and Ann E. Dexter, 25, d.Benjamin and Betsy, May17,1847.


Elizabeth and Samuel Weekes Jr., Oct.11,1764.* [Briant, and Samuel Weeks Jr.DR]


John "a transient Person," and Sally [int.Polly] Norton, Oct.29,1820.


Thomas D. [int.Buffham] of Salem, and Mary Rogers, May11,1826.


Ruben and Mary Chace, Sept.23,1731.*

BURGES (Burgis)

Benjamin and Susanna Manter, Nov.12,1772.*

Benjamin and Desire Burges, May28,1778.*

Desire and Benjamin Burges, May28,1778.*

Mary and Robart Luce Jr., Aug.3,1783.*

Rhoda and Stephen Look, Feb.20,1777.*

Sarah and Alsbury Luce, Oct.25,1789.*

BURGIS (Burges)

Jonathan of Chilmark, and Meribah Tilton of Chilmark, Jan.27,1785.*.CR

Luce and Lidia Luce, Aug.13,1752.*

Robert and Ruth Weeks, Nov.30,1748.*

BURROWS (Barrows)

James L. [int.Barrows] and Mrs.Hannah Norton, Oct.1,1839.

BUTLER (Buttler)

Almira E. of Edgartown, and Levi Pierce, int.July7,1847.

Anna and Peter West Jr. of Industry, int.June22,1806.

Arnold of Edgartown, and Prudence Smith, Oct.12,1809.

Christopher and Lydia Luce Jr., Jan.2,1772.*

Daniel of Edgartown, and Dina [int.adds D.] Smith, July12,1827.

David and Sarah Horrass, Nov.8, 末末.* [Harris, Dec.8,1789.CR]

David and Lidia Butler, Aug.28,1745.*

David and Celia Cottle, Jan.7,1824.

David p., 22, phrenologist, s.David and Celia, and Martha H. Chase, 22, d.Joseph dec'd and Hannah dec'd, Dec.15,1846.*

Ebenezer of Edgartown, and Jerusha Butler, Feb.23,1777.*

Eliza [int.Elisa] W. and John W. Willis of Industry [int.of "province of Mane"], Sept.4,1817.

Betsey, Mrs.[int.Betsy Buttler, omits Mrs.], and Michael Daggett [int.Michael Dagget], Mar.30,1795 [int.Nov.8,1795, sic].

Hannah and Zacheus Chace, Feb.22,1759.*

Huldah and Thomas Luce, June29,1769.*

Jeams and Puella Luce, Feb.11,1762.* [James and Mrs.Puella Luce.DR]

Jane and Clifford Dunham Jr., int.Oct.15,1816.

Jedidah (Butler) and Thomas Jones, May2,1765.*

Gedido [dup. Jedida] and Samuell Dagett, Mar.13,1777.*

Jemima and Isaac Tilton of Chilmark, Nov.25,1790.*

Jerusha and Ebenezer Butler of Edgartown, Feb.23,1777.*

John and Ann Manter, Nov.5,1775.*

Keziah, Mrs., and Thomas Allen, Jan.20,1757.*

Lidia and David Butler, Aug.28,1745.*

Peggy [dup. Pegy Bullen] and Jonathan Reynolds, Apr.13,1775.*

Martha and Henry Wade, July23,1829.

Mary and James Beetle, Aug.24,1775.*

Mary [int.Polly] and [int.adds Capt.] Edmund Cottle, Dec.9,1810.

Mary A. [int.Ann] and Cathcart Luce, Oct.21,1819. [Maraan Butlar, Oct.18.CR]

Nancy Pease of Edgartown, and John Presberrey Norton, int.Oct.1,1810.

Rebecca and Thomas Butler, Oct.31,1754.*

Samuel of Providence, and Ziviah Allen, Aug.30,1787.* [Samuel Jr. and Zerviah Allen.CR]

Silas and Mary Neal, Oct.12,1767.*.DR

Thomas and Rebecca Butler, Oct.31,1754.*

Thomas and Abigil West, Feb.23,1769.*

Thomas Jr. and Sally Athearn, Dec.20,1813.

BUTTLER (Butler)

Mary and William Worth, Oct.24,1719.*

Peter, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Polly Luce [int.Jr.], July5,1795.

Seruel and Susannah West, Aug.15,1791.*

Thomas and Parnal Smith, Oct.19,1797.*

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