DAGETT (Dagget, Daggett)

Abigail and Joseph Hammett, Mar.6,1777.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth Daggett] and Isaac Luce, Jan.31,1782.*

Mary and Peleg Hilman, May13,1779.*

Peter and Damaris Luce, Dec.1,1791.* [Daggett, and Damaras Luce.CR]

Samuell and Gedido [dup. Jedida] Butler, Mar.13,1777.*

Sarah and Andrew Newcomb, Dec.4,1770.*

DAGGET (Dagett, Daggett)

Fraklin [int.Franklin Daggett] and Serena Mantor [int.Manter], Oct.7,1830.

Hepsa and William Andrews Jr., Oct.27,1831.

Silas Jr. and Peggy Cleveland, Aug.2,1802.*

Tristram and Jean Merry, Sept.11,1785.*

DAGGETT (Dagett, Dagget)

Abigal W. and Joseph R. Luce of New Bedford, June22,1828.

Abigal and Samuel Tilton of Chilmark, Jan.1,1830.

Alonzo and Eliza B. Smith of Edgartown, Aug.17,1835.

Amanda M. and George B. Manchester, int.Apr.18,1834.

Agusta [int.Augusta] N. and Joseph Claghorn of Edgartown, Mar.末,1828.

Caroline [int.adds W.] and Henery [int.Henry] Bradley, Aug.1,1839.

Charles N. and Betsey Linton of Edgartown, int.Sept.25,1837.

Deborah and Thomas Tilton Jr., Apr.28,1833.

Dolly B. and Capt. Matthew Luce, int.July10,1824.

Elenora and James S. West [int.Jr.], May5,1822.

Elijah and Mrs.Jedidah Chase, Nov.9,1757.*

Elijah and Peggey Smith, Mar.8,1787.* [Dagett, and Peggy Smith.CR]

Elisha of Edgartown, and Permelia Dunham, Nov.4,1838.

Emily B. [int.omits B.] and William A. Robinson, Sept.27,1838.

Freeman and Mary Furgeson [int.Ferguson], Feb.26,1828.

Hannah and Russel Luce, Oct.20,1829.

Henry and Mary Ann Taber of Fairhaven, int.Aug.7,1834.

Isaac and Abigail West, Jan.17,1759.*

Isaac and Abigail Robinson of Chilmark, Jan.1,1839.*

Isaac C. and Eliza N. Robinson, Mar.28,1844.

Jane and William Daggett jr., Feb.11,1796.* [Doggett, and William Daggett Jr.CR]

Jane and James Cottle, Oct.24,1816.*.CR

Jethro, Capt., of Edgartown, and Hannah Cottle, Nov.8,1796.*

John and Rachel Myers, Apr.14,1757.*

John of Edgartown, and Bety Crowel, Oct.31,1804.* [Betsy Crowell, Oct.31,1803.CR]

John C. and Emily B. Brush, int.Aug.2,1830.

John T. and Harriot [int.Harriet] B. West, May26,1833.

Joseph and Sophia Dexter, July5,1836.

Leander [int.adds Capt.] and Almira Luce of New Sharon [int.New Sharon], ME, Sept.23,1821.

Leander, Capt. and Pheba [int.Phebe] Ann Newcombe, Apr.28,1825.

Polley and Robart Wilpany, int.May8,1794.

Polly [int.Dagget] and Leonard Merry [int.Lenard Merrey], June18,1794.

Polly, Mrs.[int.Mary Dagget, omits Mrs.], and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Jesse Luce, Feb.10,1795 [sic, int.Nov.19,1795].

Polly, Mrs., and Capt. William Cottle, Mar.17,1795.*

Mary and Edward Hatch of Boston, Dec.11,1827.

Mary of Falmouth, and Capt. Thomas Dunham Jr., int.Sept.5,1829.

Mary and Leander Luce, May27,1833.

Matthew and Rebeca Daggett, Mar.28,1788.* [Andrew Dagett and Rebecca Dagett.CR]

Hetty and Lamuel Luce, May25,1784.*

Michel [int.Michael Dagget] and Mrs.Betsey Butler [int.Betsy Buttler, omits Mrs.], Mar.30,1795 [sic, int.Nov.8,1795.]

Michal [int.Michael] and Mercy Look, Mar.28,1813. [Michael and March Look.CR]

Mitchel and Mrs.Abigail Luce, July7,1796.*

Nathan [dup. Dagett] and Ann Wilkins, May14,1773.*

Peter and Martha Luce Jr., Feb.18,1803.*

Philander, Capt., of Falmouth, and Sophia J. Cook, int.June29,1843.

Rebeca and Samuel Daggett, Oct.3, 末末.* [Rebecca 3d and Samuel Daggett Jr., Oct.3,1790.CR]

Rebeca and Matthew Daggett, Mar.28,1788.* [Rebecca Dagett and Andrew Dagett.CR]

Rebecca 3d [int.omits 3d] and William Daggett 3d, Dec.12,1819.

Rhodea [int.Rhoder C.] and Grafton Luce, May5,1825.

Samuel and Rebeca Daggett, Oct.3, 末末.* [Samuel jr. and Rebecca Daggett 3d, Oct.3,1790.CR]

Samuel and Sarah Chace, Nov.8,1733.*

Sarah and Peter West Jr., May4,1788.* [Dagett.CR]

Seth and Elizabeth West, Dec.23,1734.*

Seth, mariner, and Mary [dup. Polly] Dunham [dup. Jr.], d.David and Deborah (Luce), Feb.28,1799.* [Polly.PR5]

Sophronia and William Dunham, May21,1815.

Silvanus and Alic Stuart, May2,1756.*

Silvanus and Polly Luce, Aug.21,1806.*

Thomas and Rebeccah Luce, Oct.31,1782.*

Timothy and Tabitha M. Gill of Eastham, int.Oct.12,1833.

William Jr. and Jane Daggett, Feb.11,1796.* [Doggett, and Jane Doggett.CR]

William 3d and Rebecca Daggett 3d [int.omits 3d], Dec.12,1819.

William, capt., and Mrs.Jane Cottle, int.June13,1836.

William F. of Edgartown, and Lydia D. Luce, int.Dec.3,1837.

William 4th, 25, merchant, s.William and Harriet, Aug.15,1848.*


George, Rev., and Mrs.Dinah Athearn, Oct.14,1762.*


Abigail [dup. Abigal] J., 20, d.William and Ann, and Stephen Luce [dup. Jr.], 25, s.Stephen and Rebecca (Davis), Feb.6,1827.

Abigail of Chilmark, and Dr. William H. Luce [末 末,1840].* [Dec.3,1840.CR]

Benjamin Jr. of Edgartown, and Almira Newcomb [int.Newcombe], Oct.10,1825.

David of Edgartown, and Olive Mayhew of Chilmark, Nov.30,1786.*.CR

Betsy and Presbury Norton, Oct.24,1799.*

Eunice M., 17, d.William H., farmer, and Mary C., and Samuel Skiff, teacher, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, June23,1845.

Hepzibah and Shubael [dup. Shobal] Cottle [dup. Jr.], Oct.10,1776.*

Hepzabeth [int.Hepzibeth] and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Ward M. Parker of Falmouth, July27,1815.

Joanna of Edgartown, and Obed Luce, int.Mar.27,1831.

John Jr. and Sophronia Cottle, int.Oct.6,1816. [m.Nov.28.CR]

Joseph of Falmouth, and Mrs.Mary Smith, Dec.5,1751.*

Joseph of Falmouth, and Mrs.Lucy Manchester, Sept.13,1831.

Josiah and Bethsheba Mills, Aug.28,1729.*

Lydia and George W. Fraizer of Rainham, May19,1822.

Nathaniell and Hannah Lumbert, Oct.15,1719.*

Rebecca of Falmouth, b. Falmouth, d.Abner and Sarah (Bodfish), and Stephen Luce, 27, s.Timothy and Martha (Lewis), May14,1797.*

Rufus H. of Edgartown, and Abigail Hillman of Chilmark, Nov.5,1840.*

Shobal and Jane West, Oct.16,1770.*

Silvanus [int.Silvenus] of Falmouth, Barnstable Co., and Katharine [int.Katherine] Smith, Jan.2,1794. [Silvanus and Katharine Smith.CR]

Thankful of Falmouth, and Job Gorham of Barnstable, int.Sept.20,1818.

William H. and Mary C. Chase, Dec.7,1825.


Isaac of NY, and Mrs.Lydia Weeks of Christian Town, int.Dec.20,1840.

DEGRASS (D'Grasse)

Caroline, colored, and William Weeks [int.Wicks], colored, of Chilmark [int.of Gayhead], May1,1843.

James W., colored and Cindrilla Cooper, colored, of Gay Head, Dec.6,1838.* [Lucinda of Gayhead in Chilmark.CR]

Recol of Gayhed [int.Gayhead], and Love Jeffrey [int.Jefrey] of Christian Town, "people of Coulour," May1,1814.


Ann E., 25, d.Benjamin and Betsy, and Samuell N. Brush, 26, marriner, s.Ebenezer B. dec'd and Sarah dec'd, May17,1847.

Benjamin and Betsey Hillman [int.Hilman], July12,1809.

Clarissa and William Cleavland [int.Clevland], May28,1840.

Denis [int.Dennis] and Mary D. Luce, May22,1831.

Elisha and Eliza Merry, May24,1824.

George [int.adds H.], Capt., and Caroline P. Luce, Mar.26,1837.

Hiram and Love Lumbert [int.Lambert], Sept.10,1835. [Lumbert.CR]

Ira and Clarrisa Look, Jan.13,1820.

Joseph and Mary Luce, Oct.14,1779.*

Joseph Jr. and Charlotte Norton, Jan.2,1806.*

Joseph Jr. and Lucy Norton, Aug.12,1830.

Keziah and Belcher Athearn, Oct.25,1803.*.PR10

Polly and John Baxter, Jan.27,1805.*

Mary, 29, d.Benjamin and Betsey, and Clifford Dunham, 23, mariner, s.Saunders and Mary, July3,1849.

Noah and Epiphani Hamett, Oct.16,1729.*

Prissilla and Bartlet Allen Esq. of Industry, ME, int.Aug.25,1821.

Rodolphus W. and Irena Clifford, int.May5,1838.

Sophia and Joseph Daggett, July5,1836.

D'GRASSE (Degrass)

Caroline and Benjamin Franklin, int.June24,1834.


Abby H., 20, d.Joseph and Betsey, and John F. Robinson, 26, carpenter, b. Chillmark, s.John and Jane, July27,1848.*

Christina [dup. Cristina, omits B., int.Christine] B. and Lorenzo Smith, May10,1840.

Joseph and Sarah Manter, Jan.4,1780. [dup. 1781].*

Josep and Eliza Holmes, int.July20,1815. [Joseph and Eliza Holmis, m.Aug.31.CR]

Sarah M., 25, d.Joseph and Betsy, and Calvin Tilton, 28, carpender, s.David and Jedida, July16,1846.*


Broderick and Rhoda Robinson, Feb.25,1763.*.DR

Charles and Rebecca Downs, int.Dec.16,1849.

Edward, 24, marriner, s.Zenas and Betsey, and Caroline P. Hatch, 20, d.James W. and Laura, Nov.5,1848.*

Betsey [int.adds L.] and Charles West, July10,1837.

John and Mrs.Hepsey Pent of Edgartown, int.June12,1847.

Marinda D. [int.Merinda L.] (Dillingham) and Gustavus D. Smith, June29,1842.

Sophronia Jane and John Linton of Edgartown, Apr.6,1829.

Zenas of Sandwich, and Jane [dup. Jean] Dunham, 20, d.David and Deborah (Luce), Apr.14,1803.* [Jane.CR.PR5]

Zenus and Elizabeth [int.Elizabith] Slocum, wid., Mar.19,1815.

Zenas, Capt., and Emily Bradley, June2,1838.


Amy N. and Thomas Robinson, Dec.18,1825.

Baxter and Louisa [int.Loisa] Clifford, May4,1834.

Charles and Mary P. Manter, Oct.1,1826.

Constant C. and Rebeccah D. Luce, int.July25,1834.

George W. and Emily Andrews, Apr.5,1840.

Love C. and Abraham Chase, int.June1,1828.

Mary P., 17, d.Charles and Mary, and Frances [sic] [int.Francis] Nye [int.Jr.], 26, painter, b. Falmouth, s.Francis and Phebe of Falmouth, June28,1844.

Rebecca and Charles Dillingham, int.Dec.16,1849.

William and Love Chace [int.Chase], Nov.7,1793.

William [int.Down] and Rebeca Manter [int.Rebecca Mantor], Sept.14,1820.

William C. and Sophrona Sophronia Manter, June29,1823.


Edward and Sarah Lewis Barber, June8,1774 [dup. 1775].*


Abigal N. and Davis A. Lock [int.Look] of Chilmark, Nov.28,1826.

Anna [dup. Ann] and Benjamin Foster, June25,1775.*

Anna [int.Ann] and Henry Athearn, Sept.14,1823.

Charles F. of Edgartown, and Matilda V. Mayhew of Chilmark, Nov.26,1840.*

Charlotte and David Smith Jr., Dec.25,1806.

Charlotte and Isaac Cowins [int.Isaac L. Cowings], Dec.11,1840.

Clifford Jr. and Jane Butler, int.Oct.15,1816.

Clifford, 23, mariner, s.Saunders and Mary, and Mary Dexter, 29, d.Benjamin and Betsey, July3,1849.

Content, 24, d.David and Deborah (Luce), and Timothy Chase [dup. Jr.], 24, s.Timothy and Rebecca (Bassett), Sept.27,1804. [Sept.23.CR]

Cornelus and Sarah Butler, Dec.14,1769.*

Cornelus [dup. Cornelius] and Abigil Hammett [dup. Hamett], Apr.28,1774.*

Dameres and Andrew Norton of Edgartown, Nov.15,1787.* [Damaris.CR]

Daniel Jr. and Barsheba Gray, Mar.12,1767.* [Bathsheba Grey.DR]

David and Deborah Luce, Jan.16,1777.*

David and Abigail Clevland, wid., Nov.23,1815.

Edmund and Mary [int.Mercy] Look, July25,1819.

Elisha and Mary Luce, June28,1812.

Eliza [dup. Betsy, d.David and Deborah (Luce)] and Peter Joy [int.of Nantucket], June21,1810. [Betsy.PR5]

Elizabeth W. and Thomas H. Smith Jr., Mar.21,1841.

Ephraim and Thankfull Look [dup. Lord], Apr.7,1774.*

Eugena [int.Euginia] D. and Bayse [int.Bayes] Norton of Edgartown, Nov.19,1837. [Eugenia D. and Bayse Norton.CR]

Eunice and Edmund Luce, Apr.20,1794. [Edmond.CR]

George and Eliza Manter [int.Mantor], June25,1820.

George and [int.add [Mrs.]] Mary Luce, May15,1836.

George W. and Rebeca P. Allen of Chilmark, May6,1840.* [Rebecca P.CR]

Garshom and Jane Foster, June22,1762.* [Gershom.DR]

Gursham [int.Gersham] and Nancy Gillman [int.Hillman], Apr.23,1820.

Gersham and [int.add Mrs.] Jane Cleveland, Apr.12,1835.

Harriot S. and Ira Dexter, Apr.8,1827.

Jane and Peter Merrey, Dec.23,1779.*

Jane [dup. Jean], 20, d.David and Deborah (Lucee), and Zenus Dillingham of Sandwich, Apr.14,1803.* [Jane.CR.PR5]

Jane and John Cleveland Jr., Nov.3,1822.

Jemima and Edmond Cottle, Apr.5,1768.*

Jerush [dup. Jerusha] and Noah Norton, Sept.4,1773.*

John and Nancy S. Mayhew of Chilmark, int.July13,1839.

Jonathan and Judah Luce, Feb.11,1718-19.*

Jonathan and Rebecca Norton, Sept.24,1772.*

Lydia and Lot Norton, Dec.17,1767.* [Lott.DR]

Peggey and Edmund Cottle, July18, 末末.* [Edmond, July18,1790.CR]

Margarett and George West, Mar.21,1765,* [Margaret.DR]

Peggy C. and Presbury Luce, Apr.13,1815.

Margarett [int.Margarette] L. and Henry W. Richardson, May18,1843.

Mary and Lemuell [dup. Lemuel] Jenkins, Jan.1,1778.*

Poly and Salvenus Cleveland, Jan.3,1799.*

Mary [dup. Polly Jr.], d.David and Deborah (Luce), and Seth Daggett, mariner, Feb.28,1799.* [Polly.PR5]

Permelia and Elisha Daggett of Edgartown, Nov.4,1838.

Phebe and Cornelus Peas, Feb.14,1771.*

Rebecca S. and Peter M. Pease of Edgartown, Nov.12,1843.

Sanders [int.Saunders] and Mary Gray, July12,1821.

Sarah and Nathan Luce, Feb.3,1763.*

Sarah H. and Jonathan Luce Jr., int.Nov.25,1816.

Shubael and Charlote Norton, Aug.8,1783.*

Shubael and Mary B. Ray of Nantucket, int.Oct.11,1835.

Thomas and Polley Holmes, Oct.25,1792.*

Thomas Jr. Capt., and Mary Daggett of Falmouth, int.Sept.5,1829.

William and Sophronia Daggett, May21,1815.

William C., 28, mariner, s.William and Sophrona, and Mary Crowell, 17, d.Hebron and Sarah, Oct.5,1846.*

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