Sarah and Moses Lumbert, Apr.8,1762.* [Lambert.DR]

HAMETT (Hammatt, Hammett, Hammitt, Homett)

Epiphani and Noah Dexter, Oct.16,1729.*

Eunice and Jeremiah Manter, Dec.28,1777.*

Sarah and Jonathan Hilman, Nov.16,1780.*

HAMMATT (Hamett, Hammett, Hammitt, Homett)

Joseph and Hannah Claghorn, May4,1806.* [Hammett.CR]

HAMMETT (Hamett, Hammatt, Hammitt, Homett)

Abigil [dup. Hamett] and Cornelus [dup. Cornelius] Dunham, Apr.28,1774.*

Betty and John Heaslton [dup. Haselton], May4,1775.*

John and Sally D. Cottle of Chilmark, Dec.20,1825.*

Joseph and Abigil Dagett, Mar.6,1777.*

Mary and James Foster, Jan.18,1797.*

HAMMITT (Hamett, Hammatt, Hammett, Homett)

Franklin [int.Franckling Hammet] and Elizabeth [int.Betsey S.] Tilton of Chilmark, Dec.1,1819.


Charlotte and James West, June1,1797.*

Elnathan of Rogester, and Elizabeth Allen, June4,1817.

HANCOCK (Hencock)

Aurilla A. and George W. Cleveland, int.Aug.19,1831.

Deborah R. of Chilmark, and Ephriam Harding, Sept.24,1835.

Betsey W., 17, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, d.John and Mary (Look), and William M. Lambert, 27, mariner, b. Chilmark, s.Jonathan and Love (Manter), Oct.30,1829.

John [dup. Hencock] and Mary Look, Aug.8,1792.* [Hancock.CR]

Nathanael and Mrs.Sarah Torrey, July16,1729.*

Philura of Chilmark, and John Johnson, int.Oct.18,1818.

Rodolphus [int.Rodolph] of Chilmark, and Mary Cottle, Dec.4,1827.

Russel and Mrs.Deborah Norton, Feb.6,1766.*

Samuel T. of Chilmark, and Lucey Athearn, int.Nov.12,1824.

Solomon and Mary Torrey, Nov.4,1730.*

HARDEN (Harding)

Hannah and James Luce, Mar.27,1777.*

HARDING (Harden)

Abisha L. and Susan C. Merry, int.Aug.14,1841.

Charles D. and Caroline A. Allen, Apr.4,1832.

Edward and Jane West, May5,1831.

Ephraim Jr. and Rebecah [int.Rebecca] Luce,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Feb.16,1809] [int.Oct.22,1808]. [Rebecca, Feb.16,1809.CR]

Ephraim and Deborah R. Hancock of Chilmark, Sept.24,1835.

Evelina, wid.[int.omits wid.], 30, d.Joseph Look and Sybel, and Charles Gidley, widr.[int.omits widr.], 47, yeoman, of Dartmouth, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.27,1849.

Rebeca [int.Mrs.Rebecca] and William Pool, Sept.17,1820.

Rebeccah A. and Abraham M. Gifford of New Bedford, int.Apr.22,1831.

Thomas and Betsey Baxter,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May29 and Dec.18,1808] [int.Aug.20,1808].

Thomas and Everlina A. Look,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Dec.14,1837] [int.Nov.12,1837].

William and Nabby Baxter, Nov.10,1805.* [Hardin.CR]

William Jr., 26, sea captain, s.William and Abigail (Baxter), and Sarah E. Norton, 16, b. Norridgewock, ME, d.Ichabod and Sarah (Pratt), Feb.26,1844 [dup. 1843, sic.].


Elenor and Malatiah Luce, July5,1738.*


Kimball, Capt., of Duxbury, and Frances P. [int.S.] Norton, May7,1843.

HARSKEL (Harskell, Haskel)

Ruben of Rochester, and Levina Athearn, Oct.8,1801.* [Reuben Haskell of Rochester and Lavina Athearn.CR]

HARSKELL (Harskel, Haskel)

Zachariah of Rochester, and Peggey Bassett, Nov.14,1802.* [Zechariah Haskell and Peggy Bassett.CR]

HASKEL (Harskel, Harskell)

David and Pricilla Gray, Jan.23,1772.*


Caroline P., 20, d.James W. and Laura, and Edward Dillingham, 24, mariner, s.Zenas and Betsey, Nov.5,1848.*

Edward of Boston, and Mary Daggett, Dec.11,1827.

Honnor and Joseph Palmer, Feb.25,1763.*.DR

James and Abigail Knight, July24,1728.*

James W. of Falmouth, and Laura Ann West, Oct.1,1826.

Mary and Henry Luce, Feb.11,1747-8.*


Keziah of Chillmark, and Warren Lewis, May27,1802.*


Hannah S., 21, d.John and Hannah, and Freeman Lewis 2d [int.Jr.], 38, mariner, s.Freeman and Eunice, Dec.5,1844.

William, 25, mechanic, and Julia Ann Norton, 23, Sept.27,1846.*


John [dup. Haselton] and Betty Hammett, May4,1775.*

HENCOCK (Hancock)

Prudence, Mrs., and Rev. William Whitwell, Sept.16,1762.*


Samuel S. and Mrs.Jemima Saunders, int.Aug.17,1829.

HERSEL (Hersell, Hursell)

John [int.Hursell] and Eliza [int.Mrs.Eliza N.] Reynolds, Mar.31,1844.

HERSELL (Hersel, Hursell)

Sophronia, 16, seamstress, d.John and Eliza, and Presberry L. Smith, 23, seaman, s.Nathan and Polly, Oct.12,1845.*


Bethiah B. and Warren Walrond, int.Aug.31,1839.

HILLMAN (Hilman)

Abigail of Chilmark, and Rufus H. Davis of Edgartown, Nov.5,1840.*

Benjaimin [int.Benjamin], 22, seaman, s.Walter and Adaline, and Sophronia Look, 21, teacher, d.William and Rebecca, July16,1845.

Charlotte [int.Hilman] and Isaac Morehous [int.Morehouse] of New Milford, CT, Aug.27,1820.

Betsey [int.Hilman] and Benjamin Dexter, July12,1809.

Grafton and Martha P. Norton of Edgartown, int.July16,1837.

Julia Ann and Capt. Thomas L. Prouty of Cituate [int.Scituate], June12,1825.

Lot of Chilmark, and Lovey Luce, June20,1780.*

Lydia and Timothy Goodwin of Boston, May14,1819.

Maria [int.adds P.] and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Hosea Lewis of Hingham, June17,1827.

Mary Norton of Chilmark, and Shubal [int.Shubel] Norton, Feb.21,1828.

Mary J. and Samuel G. Stanton of Stonington, CT, Sept.3,1833.

Thomas and Marana Homett, int.Mar.17,1743.

Thomas N. [int.Hillmon] and Mrs.Betsey [int.Betsy, omits Mrs.] West, Nov.25,1834.

Walter of Chilmark, and Adeline Norton, int.May23,1820.

HILMAN (Hillman)

Benjamin and Abigail Manter, Feb.4,1761.*

Elijah and Charlote Coffen, Aug.17,1788.* [Charlotte Coffin.CR]

Jonathan and Sarah Hamett, Nov.16,1780.*

Nancy, Mrs., of Chilmark, and Samuel Look, int.Mar.19,1808.

Peleg and Mary Dagett, May13,1779.*

Silas [dup. Hillman] and Eunice Look, Mar.18,1779.*

Whiten of Chilmark, and Olive Roche, Sept.2,1784.*

HOLMES (Homes)

Eliza and Josep Dias, int.July20,1815. [Holmis, and JOseph Dias, m.Aug.31.CR]

Elizabeth [dup. Homes] and James Winslow, Aug.5,1779.*

John and Abigail West, Mar.18,1819.

Poly [int.Polly Thomas] and Freeman Norton of Edgartown,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May29 and Dec.18,1808] [int.Sept.17,1808].

Polley and Thomas Dunham, Oct.25,1792.*


Alvah and Lydia Freeman of Sandwich, int.Sept.3,1833.

HOMES (Holmes)

John and Betsey Norton, Jan.26,1787.* [Holmes.CR]

HOMETT (Hamett, Hammatt, Hammett, Hammitt)

Marana and Thomas Hillman, int.Mar.17,1743.


Sarah and David Butler, Nov.8, 末末.* [Harris, Dec.8,1789.CR]


Eleanor of Brighton, Middlesex Co., and Rev. Abisha Samson, int.Apr.4,1807.

Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Keturah Foster, June14,1778.*


John [int.adds W. of New Bedford] and Rebecca L. Crowell, Feb.7,1837 [sic, int.Jan.21,1838].


Olive and William Mingo of West Port, int.Feb.2,1822.


Alfred and Betsy Grinell [int.Betsy W. Grinnell], Jan.13,1841.

HURSELL (Hersel, Hersell)

John of Weymouth, and Eliza Smith, Nov.2,1823.*

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