LAMBERT (Lumbart, Lumbert, Lumburt)

Charlote [int.Charlotte] and George Weeks, Mar.30,1820.

Deborah and Isaac Winslow, 2d m.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elisha and Hannah Norton of Edgartown, int.Jan.25,1828.

Elisha, 23, seaman, b. Noridgewalk, ME, s, Levi and Eliza of Noridgwalk, ME, and Loretta [int.Loretto W.] Robinson, 17, d.Hervy, gentleman, and Peggy, July15,1845.

Lawra W. and Edmand [int.Edmond] Lewis of Edgartown, June8,1837. [Laura W. and Edmond Lewis.CR]

May N., 18, d.Elisha and Hannah, and John A. Luce, 24, mariner, s.Shubael and Bettsey, Jan.1,1849.*

Rebecca and Peleg Whinslow, int.Jan.15,1816.

William M., 27, mariner, b. Chilmark, s.Jonathan and Love (Manter), and Betsey W. (Hancock), 17, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, d.John and Mary (Look), Oct.30,1829.

Zelmira [int.Zilmira] and Charles Weeks, Aug.16,1821.



Benjamin of Portland, and Jane Norton, June25,1801.*


John and Lucy Crowell, Mar.31,1748.*


Hannah and William Athearn, Sept.20,1792.*

LEWES (Lewess, Lewis, Luis)

Benjiman and Patience Look, Oct.25,1703.*

LEWESS (Lewes, Lewis, Luis)

Crosby [int.Lewis] and Eliza Ann Luce, Nov.1,1840.

LEWIS (Lewes, Lewess, Luis)

Almira and Clement [int.Clemant] Vincent, Sept.25,1820.

Amasa and Zerviah Weeks, Aug.25,1763.*.DR

Constant and Emeline Chase of Chilmark, Apr.19,1835.

Edmund of Edgartown, and Agnes B. Weeks [int.Agness B. Weaks], Dec.16,1832.

Edmand [int.Edmond] of Edgartown, and Lawra W. Lambert, June8,1837. [Edmond and Laura W. Lambert.CR]

Freeman and Eunice Luce, Dec.16, 末末.*

Freeman and Eunice Luce Jr., Dec.16,1790.*.CR

Freeman 2d [int.Jr.], 38, mariner, s.Freeman and Eunice and Hannah S. Heald, 21, d.John and Hannah, Dec.5,1844.

George W. [int.Washington] and Prudence Chase, Apr.1,1832.

Hosea, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], of Hingham, and Maria [int.adds P.] Hillman, June17,1827.

Jabez and Dinah D. Smith, int.Aug.9,1819.

Jabez and Eunice Luce, Apr.18,1822.

John and Sally Norton, int.Sept.15,1818.

John and Polly Norton, int.Sept.3,1819. [Mary, m.Sept.16.CR]

Lovy and Willard Luce, Dec.4,1804.* [Dec.4,1803.CR]

Martha, Mrs.[dup. omits Mrs.], b. Rochester, d.Samuel, and Timothy Luce [dup. Jr.], 25, s.Stephen and Content (Presbury), Dec.24,1767.*

Mary A. [int.An] and George Norton of VA, Sept.22,1837.

Mercy and Thomas Look, Oct.27,1731.*

Rhoda and Edward Luce, Apr.27,1833.

Shubael and Julia Ann Nye of Sandwich, int.June4,1835.

Susan and Mason Pierce [int.of Rehoboth], Nov.26,1832.

Warren and Keziah Hawks of Chillmark, May27,1802.*


Sarah W., 24, d.Benjamin and Sophia, and Thomas Edwards, 31, pedlar, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept.28,1846.*


Betsey of Edgartown, and Charles N. Daggett, int.Sept.25,1837.

John of Edgartown, and Sophronia Jane Dillingham, Apr.6,1829.

Joseph of Edgarton, and Elanor Allen of Edgarton, July12,1812.* [Joseph of Edgartown, and Eleanor Allen of Edgartown.CR]


Mary C. and George W. Smith, Dec.1,1840.

LOCK (Look)

Catharine [int.Look] of Chilmark, and George W. Smith, Aug.21,1825.

Charlotte and Samuel Thompson, int.Sept.18,1824.

Davis A. [int.Look] of Chilmark, and Abigal N. Dunham, Nov.28,1826.

James [int.Look] and Sally B. Crosby, Oct.26,1826.


James and Elenor Chace, Nov.29,1734.*

LOOK (Lock)

Aaron and Prudence Mantor, int.Apr.3,1815. [Manter, m.Nov.2.CR]

Abigail and William Luce, Mar.11,1762.*

Allen and Eliza Mayhew of Chilmark, int.Nov.24,1811.

Almira of Chilmark and John Clifford, int.July21,1827.

Amanda [int.adds F.] and Arial [int.Ariel R.] Luce, Nov.6,1834.

Anna and Edey Manter, Jan.18,1770.*

Barsheba and John Lumbart, Oct.23,1811. [Bathsheba and John Lumbert.CR]

Catharine [dup. Catherine] and John Cleavland, Sept.1,1775.*

Clarrisa and Ira Dexter, Jan.13,1820.

David and Hannah Nickerson [int.Nichonson] of Denis, Sept.29,1814. [Nickerson of Dennis.CR]

Deborah and Elazer Kelly of Dartmouth, Nov.7,1803.* [Eleazar.CR]

Elijah and Mary Russel, Mar.9,1780.*

Emerly [int.Emily O.] and Leanard [int.Leonard] Luce of Chilmark, Sept.20,1837.

Eunice and Silas Hilman [dup. Hillman], Mar.18,1779.*

Eunice [int.adds Mrs., dup. int.Unice] and Samuell Norton of Chilmark, July11,1811. [Eunice and Samuel Norton.CR]

Everlina A. and Thomas Harding,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Dec.14,1837] [int.Nov.12,1837].

Hannah and David Luce, Jan.9,1777.*

Hannah and William S. Vincent of Edgartown, Feb.28,1820. [Feb.29.PR1]

Harriot and David Nickerson, Dec.2,1830.

James and Nanney Cathcart [dup. Cithcart], Sept.28,1775.*

Joan and Hemans B. Merry, int.Oct.22,1815. [Joanna and Heman B. Merry, m.Sept.12,1816.CR]

Job Jr. and Prudence Hancock, Nov.25, 末末.* [Nov.25,1790.CR]

John and Rebeca Nickerson, Dec.6,1821. [Rebecca.PR4]

Jonathan and Druzilla Luce, Dec.28,1775.*

Joseph and Ruth Tilton, 24, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, Dec.31,1767, in Chilmark.*

Joseph Jr. and Cybil Athearn, Dec.17,1818.*

Love [int.Lovey] and John Mantor [int.Manter], Jan.2,1840. [Love and John Manter, Jan.2,1841.PR14]

Lucy and Meltiah Mayhew of Chilmart, May16,1805.* [Miltiah of Chilmark.CR]

Peggy and Peter Norton of Farmington, Apr.17,1806.* [Apr.17,1805.CR]

Martha and Moses Adams of Chillmark, Mar.24,1799.* [Moses of Chilmark.CR]

Mary and Judah Baker, Feb.22,1765.*

Mary and John Hancock [dup. Hencock], Aug.8,1792.* [Hancock.CR2]

Polly and John Case, Oct.15,1801.*

Mary and Williard Luce, Jan.10,1819.

Mary Ann and Henry Cleveland, int.June4,1825.

Mary E., 24, d.Mayhew and Mary, and Clemant [int.Clement] Norton, 24, seaman [int.of Edgartown], b. Edgartown, s.Clemant and Martha of Edgartown, Nov.16,1847.

Mayhew and Mary Nickerson of Denis, int.Aug.4,1816.

Mercy and Michal [int.Michael] Daggett, Mar.28,1813. [Marcy and Michael Daggett.CR]

Patience and Benjiman Lewes, Oct.25,1703.*

Phebe and William Gardner, Sept.23,1766.*.DR

Prince and Sarah Lumbert of Chilmark, Nov.29,1787.*.CR

Rebecca and Jonathan Wing of Plymouth, Jan.20,1801.*

Rebecca and Ephraim Allen [int.Jr.] of Chilmark, Apr.2,1807.

Rebecca and Seth Luce, Mar.5,1844.

Rhoda and Stephen Luce, Dec.29,1774.*

Rhoda and Barzalla [dup. Brazila] Crowell, Oct.10,1781.*

Samuel, s.Thomas, and Thankful 末末, Oct.19,1704.*

Samuell and Margett Chase, Apr.11,1769.*

Samuel Jr. and Mrs.Nancy Hilman of Chilmark, int.Mar.19,1808.

Sally and Barzillai Luce, Feb.12,1807.

Seth and Remember [int.Remembrance] Luce,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May8 and Dec.1,1808] [int.Mar.26,1808]. [Remember, Dec.1,1808.CR]

Seth and Susanna Allen, Sept.5,1733.*

Sophronia, 21, teacher, d.William and Rebecca, and Benjaimin [int.Benjamin] Hillman, 22, seaman, s.Walter and Adaline, July16,1845.

Stephen and Rhoda Burges, Feb.20,1777.*

Susanna and Jonathan Wing, June21,1770.*

Thankfull, Mrs., and Hezekiah Luce, Sept.21,1752.*

Thankfull [dup. Lord] and Ephraim Dunham, Apr.7,1774.*

Thankfull and William Adams of Chillmark, June14,1795. [William of Chilmark.CR]

Thomas and Mercy Lewis, Oct.27,1731.*

William and Rebecca M. Adams of Chilmark, int.Sept.6,1817.

William A., 24, mariner, s.William and Rebecca, and Maryetta [int.Mary Etta] Luce, 19, spinstress, d.Hovey and Betsey, Feb.18,1845.



Timothy B. [int.Lovel] and [Mary A. Frazier], Mar.7,1841.


Aaron [int.Aron] C. and Harriot N. Luce, Apr.13,1837. [Aaron C. and Hariet N. Luce.CR]

Abigil and Zabdial Cleavland, Dec.15,1772.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Mitchel Daggett, July7,1796.*

Abigail and Jacob Clifford, int.Aug.8,1813.

Abby B., 19, d.Richard G. and Virginia, and [int.adds Capt.] Benjamin Cromwell, 26, marriner, s.Moses and Jedida, July13,1847.

Abby A., 20, d.Richard and Hepsey, and William C. West, 24, mariner, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, s.George and w., June末,1849.

Abijah and Mrs.Judith Luce, June5,1760.*

Abijah and Mary Lumbart, Jan.1,1784.*

Abijah Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Nancey [int.Nancy] Norton, Apr.8,1813. [Abijah Jr. and Nancy Norton.CR]

Abisha and Rebeca Allen, Mar.29,1769.*

Adonijah and Patience Rogers, Jan.7,1779.*

Almira of New Sharon [int.New Sharron], ME, and [int.adds Capt.] Leander Daggett, Sept.23,1821.

Alphonso D. of W. Tisbury, and Jane H. Mayhue [int.Mayhew] of W. Tisbury, Dec.18,1842. [Mayhew.CR]

Alsbury and Sarah Burges, Oct.25,1789.*

Angeline, Mrs., and Charles G. Luce, May7,1843.

Anna [dup. Ann] and Malachi Luce [dup. Lue], Sept.23,1779.*

Anner D. and Charles S. Norton, Apr.9,1844.

Ann and Arnold Crowell, Nov.8,1835.

Anthony and Thankfull Crosbey, Dec.12,1754.*

Anthony and Charlotte Luce, Sept.12,1793.

Arial [int.Ariel R.] and Amanda [int.adds F.] Look, Nov.6,1834.

Arvin and Debsey Weeks, Sept.26,1811. [Arvan and Debsy Weeks.CR]

Arvin and Dianna Luce, May4,1820.

Barnabus and Abagail Norton, Oct.30,1791.*

Bartimus, 2d m.fisherman, s.Thomas and Thankful (Manter), and Jeddiah Luce, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, May28,1826.

Berzalla and Rhodia Lewis, Oct.21,1784.*

Barzillai and Sally Look, Feb.12,1807.

Barsheba of Chilmark, and William Wimpenney, of Chilmark, int.Jan.11,1811.

Benjamin of Edgartown, and Mrs.Ruth West, June11,1770.*

Beriah and Remember Foster, Jan.25,1753.*

Barnard [int.Bernerd] and Sukey Athearn, Dec.25,1819.

Bernard [int.Barnard] and Mary Wood, Oct.10,1841.

Caroline E. and Edwin W. Athearn, int.June4,1831.

Caroline P. and Capt. George [int.adds H.] Dexter, Mar.26,1837.

Cathcarrt and Mary A. [int.Ann] Butler, Oct.21,1819. [Maraan Butlar, Oct.18.CR]

Catharine and William [int.Capt. William] T. Blish of [int.adds Passelborough], Maine, Sept.6,1819.

Catharine C. and Joseph Smith, int.Apr.23,1825.

Celia and William Andrews,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May8, and Dec.1,1808] [int.July9,1808]. [m.July24,1808.CR]

Charles and Katharine Merry, Oct.13,1784.*

Charles and Catherine [int.adds M.] Cottle, Nov.16,1837.

Charles A. and Lydia C. Luce, Oct.12,1842.

Charles G. and Mrs.Angeline Luce, May7,1843.

Charlotte and Anthony Luce, Sept.12,1793.

Charlote, Mrs., and Jonathan Luce, Mar.13,1795.*

Charlote [int.Charlottee] and Constant Chase, May28,1812. [Charlotte.CR]

Charlotte, 55, d.Lemuel and Mahitable, and Ebenezer Norton, widr., 69, farmer, of Edgartown, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, June8,1848.*

Clarina A. [int.Clarinda D.A.] and Joseph Chase [int.of Boston], July9,1843.

Clarisa and Elezer Luce, int.Apr.24,1809. [Clarissa and Eleazer Luce, m.Nov.30.CR]

Content and Prince Athearn, Dec.15,1796.*

Cordelia and Jonathan Crowell, int.Dec.11,1824.

Cordelia and John Luce of Edgartown, Mar.27,1831.

Damaris and Peter Dagett, Dec.1,1791.* [Damaras and Peter Daggett.CR]

Daniel and Elizabeth Merrey, Jan.1,1769.*

Daniel Jr. of Chilmark, and Mary D. Norton, Mar.15,1843.

David and Elezebeth Peas, Dec.9,1707.*

David and Hannah Look, Jan.9,1777.*

David and Polly Clifford, int.Feb.2,1817.

David and Prissa Luce, Oct.21,1819.*.CR

David of Chilmark, and Betsey Luce, May2,1822.

Deborah and David Dunham, Jan.16,1777.*

Doboroah and James Weeks, Sept.10,1786.*

Deborah, 21, d.Timothy and Martha (Lewis), and William Furgerson [dup. Fogerson, int.Fegerson] of Chilmark, Dec.12,1793. [Fogerson.CR]

Deobrah [int.Deberah] of Chilmark, and Bartlett Pease, May30,1827.

Desire and Thomas Chase, Mar.8,1780 [dup. 1781].*

Desier and Joseph Rynolds, Sept.26,1805.* [Desire and Joseph Reynolds.CR]

Dianna and Arvin Luce, May4,1820.

Dorcas and Robert Luce, Mar.26,1778.*

Druzilla and Jonathan Look, Dec.28,1775.*

Ebenezer of Chilmark, and Mary Ann Joseph, int.Aug.20,1815. [Ebenezar, m.Dec.7.CR]

Edmund and Eunice Dunham, Apr.20,1794. [Edmond.CR]

Edmand [int.Edmund] and Sally Luce, Sept.10,1820.

Edmund of Edgartown, and Keziah Norton, int.Jan.21,1826.

Edward and Rhoda Lewis, Apr.27,1833.

Edwin and Sally Reynolds, int.June19,1830.

Eleanor and Thomas W. Tuckerman, Feb.20,1833.*

Eliazer and Ann Merrey, Mar.21,1731-2.*

Elezer and Clarisa Luce, int.Apr.24,1809. [Eleazer and Clarissa Luce, m.Nov.30.CR]

Elijah and Lovy Cleveland, Dec.19,1799.*

Elijah and Sally Luce, Sept.2,1815.

Elisha and Druzilla West, Apr.18,1799.*

Elisha, Capt., and Hepizibah Cottle, Mar.27,1803.*

Elisha Jr. and Hanah Chase, Oct.14,1810. [Hannah.CR]

Elisha and Mary Crowell of Edgartown, int.June4,1825.

Eliza and [int.adds Capt.] John Luce, Aug.20,1820.

Eliza J. [int.omits J.] and Rev. James C. Boomer, Sept.2,1838.

Eliza Ann and Crosby Lewess [int.Lewis], Nov.1,1840.

Eliza G., Mrs., and Sylvenas [int.Sylvenus] C. Manter, Mar.25,1844.

Betsy and Samuel Luce, Aug.23,1770.*

Betsy and Jonathan Cowen of Rochester, Nov.21,1799.*

Betsey and David Luce of Chilmark, May2,1822.

Betsey and Peter B. Luce, June9,1831.

Elizabeth F. and James A. Norton, of Edgartown, int.July9,1841.

Elizabeth A. and Moses Crosby, int.July30,1842.

Elis and Mrs.Rodah [int.Rhoda, omits Mrs.] Weeks, Oct.29,1795.

Emeline and Isaac L. Vincent, Dec.6,1832.

Eunice and Freeman Lewis, Dec.16, 末末.* [Eunice Jr., Dec.16,1790.CR]

Eunice and Jabez Lewis, Apr.18,1822.

Ezekiel and Hannah Manter, Dec.15,1768.*

Francis [int.of New Sharon, ME] and Angeline Newcomb, Sept.25,1838.

Franklin of Chilmark, and Prudence L. [int.omits L.] Cleavland, June30,1841.

Gamaliel and Abigil Allen, Dec.7,1780.*

George and Abigail Lumbart, Nov.19, 末末.* [Lumbert, Nov.19,1789.CR]

George [int.Jr.] and Rebecca Crowell of Edgartown, June27,1819.

George of Edgartown, and Sophia B. Allen, June5,1839.

Grafton and Rhodea [int.Rhoder C.] Daggett, May5,1825.

Hannah and Danel Peas, Jan.23,1766.* [Daniel Pease.DR]

Hannah and Elverton Crowell, July18,1776.*

Hannah Chace and Henery Luce, Aug.3,1803.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Alfred Norton, Dec.9,1826.

Harriot N. and Aaron [int.Aron] C. Luce, Apr.13,1837. [Hariet N. and Aaron C. Luce.CR]

Harriet N., d.Matthew and Cynthia, and Samuel H. Cromwell, mariner, s.Moses and Jedidah, June4,1838.*

Henery and Phebe Cathcart, Oct.18,1722.*

Henry and Mary Hatch, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Henry and Abia Chambers, Jan.30,1766.* [Henery and Abiah Chambers.DR]

Henery and Hannah Chace Luce, Aug.3,1803.*

Holmes D. and Mary S. Norton of Edgartown, int.Apr.1,1847.

Hovey and Nancy [int.Nancy] Clifford, May11,1806. [Nancy.CR]

Huldah and Nathan Weeckes, June19,1766.* [Weeks.DR]

Isaac and Elizabeth Dagett [dup. Elizabeth Daggett], Jan.31,1782.*

Isabel and William Canfield of New Bedford, Feb.18,1835 [sic, int.Jan.26,1836]. [Feb.18,1836.CR]

Israel and Mary Dagett, June8,1774.*

James and Hannah Harden, Mar.27,1777.*

Jane and Milton Foster, May28,1752.*

Jane W. and Calep G. Parler, June22,1823.

Jason of Edgartown, and Tamson Luce, int.Apr.14,1821.

Jedidah and Francis Norton, Oct.24,1765.*

Jedidah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, and Bartimus Luce, 2d m., fisherman, s.Thomas and Thankful (Manter), May28,1826.

Jemimah and John Luce, Jan.3,1733-4.*

Jessey and Elizabeth West, Feb.23,1769.*

Jesse, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], and Mrs.Polly Daggett [int.Mary Daggett, omits Mrs.], Feb.10,1795 [sic, int.Nov.19,1795].

Jesse and Emeline M. Merry, May5,1832.

Jirah and Mary Cottle, Aug.4,1839.

Joanna and Benjamin Crowell, Nov.24,1768.*

John and Jemimah Luce, Jan.3,1733-4.*

John [int.adds Capt.] and Eliza Luce, Aug.20,1820.

John of Edgartown, and Cordelia Luce, Mar.27,1831.

John A., 24, mariner, s.Shubael and Bettsey, and May N. Lambert, 18, d.Elisha and Hannah, Jan.1,1849.*

Jonathan Jr. and Carinda Cooke of Edgartown, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Jonathan and Katharine Tilton, Dec.26,1790.*

Jonathan and Mrs.Charlote Luce, Mar.13,1795.*

Jonathan Jr. and Sarah H. Dunham, int.Nov.25,1816.

Joseph and Jedidah Claghorn, Apr.4,1748.* [Apr.末,1747.PR8]

Joseph Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Elizabeth Lumbert, Aug.31,1794.

Joseph R. of New Bedford, and Abigal W. Daggett, June22,1828.

Josiah and Lucey Chase [dup. Lucy Chace], Apr.18,1782.*

Judah and Jonathan Dunham, Feb.11,1718-19.*

Judith, Mrs., and Abijah Luce, June5,1760.*

Judeth and Abiah Coye, Mar.3,1762.*

Lavinia and Clement Vinsent [int.Vinson of Edgartown], Apr.3,1809.

Leander and Mary Daggett, May27,1833.

Lamuel and Hetty Daggett, May25,1784.*

Leanard [int.Leonard] of Chilmark, and Emerly [int.Emily O.] Look, Sept.20,1837.

Lot and Peggey West, Jan.8,1787.*

Lot, Capt., and Adelia Crowell, June5,1836. [Adilea.CR]

Louisa and Fredric [int.Frederick] Smith, June16,1830.

Lovey and Lot Hillman [dup. Hilman] of Chilmark, June20,1780.*

Love and John Cottle Jr., int.Feb.4,1809. [Lovy, m.Sept.7.CR]

Lucretia and Warren Clevland, Oct.11,1812. [Cleveland.CR]

Lidia and Luce Burgis, Aug.13,1752.*

Lydia Jr. and Christopher Butler, Jan.2,1772.*

Lydia and Robart Cottle, Aug.17,1784.*

Lydia and Bartelett Pease of Chilmark, Jan.22,1795. [Bartlett Peas of Chilmark.CR]

Lydia [int.adds Mrs.] and Joseph Chase, Jan.7,1819.

Lydia and Francis Robins of Boston, Aug.27,1820.

Lydia D. and William F. Daggett of Edgartown, int.Dec.3,1837.

Lydia C. and Charles A. Luce, Oct.12,1842.

Malachi [dup. Lue] and Anna [dup. Ann] Luce, Sept.23,1779.*

Malatiah and Elenor Harley, July5,1738.*

Merinda and John White "a transant person," Aug.9,1812.

Peggey and Robart Walden, Nov.7, 末末.* [Peggy and Robert Walrond, Nov.7,1790.CR]

Peggey and Ebenezer A. Smith, Dec.12,1822.

Mariah [int.Maria] A. and Dr. Leroy M. Yale, Apr.23,1838. [Mariah A.CR]

Maryetta [int.Mary Etta], 19, spinstress, d.Hovey and Betsey, and William A. Look, 24, mariner, s.William and Rebecca, Feb.18,1845.

Martha and Peter Luce, Oct.9,1760.*

Martha and Matthew Manter, Jan.21,1790.*

Martha Jr. and Peter Daggett, Feb.18,1803.*

Martha L. and Capt. Joseph W. Whelden of Providence [int.adds RI], Nov.21,1824.

Mary and Thomas Allen, Dec.24,1770.*

Mary and Joseph Dexter, Oct.14,1779.*

Mary and Thomas Whealden, Jan.1,1792.*

Polly, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Peter Buttler, July5,1795.

Polly and Prince Rodgers, Sept.9,1810.

Polly and Isiah [int.Isaiah] D. Pease of Edgartown, Apr.7,1812.

Mary and Elisha Dunham, June28,1812.

Mary Ann and Charles L. Clark of Chilmark, Sept.12,1825.

Mary D. and Denis [int.Dennis] Dexter, May22,1831.

Polly D. and John A. Swain [int.Swaine], May22,1831.

Mary [int.adds [Mrs.]] and George Dunham, May15,1836.

Mary C. of Chilmark, and Henry Mantor [int.Manter], Dec.15,1843.

Mathew and Cynthia Baxter, Mar.8,1802.*

Matthew, Capt., and Dolly B. Daggett, int.July10,1824.

Matthew, Capt., and Hepsa Coffin of New Bedford, int.Dec.16,1829.

Mayhew A. and Cyntha Norton, June27,1802.* [Cynthia.CR]

Mahitable, Mrs., and Emanuel Joseph, Apr.7,1796.*

Mercy and Shubal Luce, Nov.27,1728.*

Meriam and Benjamin Cottle, Nov.14,1787.* [Miriam.CR]

Nancy and Seth Allen of Edgartown, Dec.7,1797.*

Nancy and Berzalel Frost of Williamsburge, Nov.21,1802.* [Bazaleel of Williamsburgh.CR]

Nathan and Sarah Dunham, Feb.3,1763.*

Nathan and Anna Crowell, Apr.8,1766.* [Croel, Apr.3.DR]

Obed and Sarah Peas, Sept.1,1790.*

Obed and Joanna David of Edgartown, int.Mar.27,1831.

Olive and Shubael Weeks, Nov.10,1799.*

Paul and Susanna Newcomb, Mar.21,1759.*

Paul of Edgartown, and Prudence Luce, int.Apr.14,1816. [m.Apr.18.CR]

Peter and Martha Luce, Oct.9,1760.*

Peter and Susanna Luce, Jan.5,1774.*

Peter B. and Betsey Luce, June9,1831.

Philip and Ann Manter, Mar.14,1811. [Phillip and Anne Manter.CR]

Presbury and Peggy C. Dunham, Apr.13,1815.

Presberry [int.Capt. Presbury] and Lucretia Norton, Sept.25,1834.

Presbury N., 23, mariner, s.Mayhew and Syntha, and Hepsey H. Mantor [int.Manter], 22, d.Jeremiah, gentleman and Betsey, Mar.2,1845.

Priscilla and Francis Chase, Dec.8,1804.* [Priscilla, Dec.8,1803.CR]

Prissa and David Luce, Oct.21,1819.*.CR

Prudance and James Cleveland, Nov.21,1802.* [Prudence.CR]

Prudence and Paul Luce of Edgartown, int.Apr.14,1816. [m.Apr.18.CR]

Puella and Jeams Butler, Feb.11,1762.* [Mrs.Puella and James Butler.DR]

Rebecah [int.Rebecca] and Ephraim Harding Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Feb.16,1809] [int.Oct.22,1808]. [Rebecca, Feb.16,1809.CR]

Rebeccah and Thomas Daggett, Oct.31,1782.*

Rebeccah D. and Constant C. Downs, int.July25,1834.

Remember [int.Remembrance] and Seth Look,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May8 and Dec.1,1808] [int.Mar.26,1808]. [Remember, Dec.1,1808.CR]

Rhoda and Stephen Cunningham, Aug.24,1773.*

Richard, Capt., and Hepzibeth M. Allen of Chilmark, int.Nov.25,1816.

Richard Jr. and Virginia Manchester, July9,1826.

Richard Jr. Eliza Ann Johnson, Apr.8,1844.

Richard Jr., widr.[int.omits widr.], 27, marriner, s.Richard and Hepsibah M., and Mary A. Carey, 17, d.David T. dec'd and Mary dec'd, July17,1847.

Robert and Dorcas Luce, Mar.26,1778.*

Robart Jr. and Mary Burges, Aug.3,1783.*

Roxanna and John Williams, Oct.22,1843.

Ruhama [int.Ruhamah] and Seth Allen, Nov.15,1812. [Ruhamah.CR]

Russel and Hannah Daggett, Oct.20,1829.

Ruth and Silas Barstow, Oct.21,1768.*

Samuel and Bettey Luce, Aug.23,1770.*

Samuel [int.Samuell] and Lucy Cathcart [int.Cithcart], July18,1793. [Samuel and Lucy Cathcart.CR]

Samuel and Anna Cottle, Sept.30,1798.*

Sarah and Seth Luce, Jan.18,1776.*

Sarah and Mathew [int.Matthew] Manter Sr. [int.omits Sr.], Apr.16,1812. [Matthew Sr.CR]

Sally and Elijah Luce, Sept.2,1815.

Sarah [dup. and int.Sally] and Timothy Chase, June7,1818 [sic, int.Oct.末,1818].

Sally W. and David Clevland, Sept.9,1819.

Sally and Edmand [int.Edmund] Luce, Sept.10,1820.

Sarah [int.Sarrah] D. and John Ferguson [int.Farguson], May16,1824.

Seth and Sarah Luce, Jan.18,1776.*

Seth and Abigal Pease, Feb.7,1828.

Seth and Rebecca Look, Mar.5,1844.

Shubal and Mercy Luce, Nov.27,1728.*

Shubael and Betsey Smith, May1,1806.* [Betsy.CR]

Sophia and Charles West, Mar.5,1821.*

Stephen, 20, s.Zephaniah and Hope (Norton), and Content Presbury, d.Stephen and Deborah (Skiff), Sept.5,1735.*

Stephen and Rhoda Look, Dec.29,1774.*

Stephen, 27, s.Timothy and Martha (Lewis), and Rebecca Davis, of Falmouth, b. Falmouth, d.Abner and Sarah (Bodfish), Mar.14,1797.*

Stephen [dup. Jr.], 25, s.Stephen and Rebecca (Davis), and Abigail [dup. Abigal] J. Davis, 20, d.William and Ann, Feb.6,1827.

Susanna and Peter Luce, Jan.5,1774.*

Susannah and Peter Cottle, July25,1779.*

Sylvanus and Pemala [int.Pamala] Keith of Edgartown, Dec.15,1814.

Tamzen and Edmund Cottle Jr., Sept.26,1802.*

Tamson and Jason Luce of Edgartown, int.Apr.14,1821.

Tamson and Thomas Barrows Jr., int.Sept.3,1831.

Thankful and Samuel Weeks, Oct.11,1774.*

Thankful and Thomas Luce, July4,1782.*

Thankfull and Whitten Manter, Dec.1,1805.* [Thankful and Whitten Mantor.CR] [Thankful and Whitten Manter.PR4]

Thankful [int.Thankfull D.] and Franklin Gray, Oct.15,1831.

Thomas and Huldah Butler, June29,1769.*

Thomas and Thankful Luce, July4,1782.*

Timothy Jr. and Elizabeth Chase, Dec.24,1767.*.DR

Timothy [dup. Jr.], 25, s.Stephen and Content (Presbury), and Mrs.[dup. omit Mrs.] Martha Lewis, b. Rochester, d.Samuel, Dec.24,1767.*

Timothy Jr. and Jane Smith, May10,1816.

Timothy 3d [int.Jr.] and Joan Norton, Oct.27,1831.

Tristram, Capt., and Maria Rotch, Aug.26,1808.*

Tristram [int.Trustram] and Rebecah Chase, Jan.24,1811. [Capt. Tristram and Rebeccah Chase.CR]

Ulyisses P. and Mary A. Tilton of Chilmark, int.Mar.13,1831.

Urane and Nathan Clifford, Dec.6,1781.*

Urania C. and Joseph Clevland [int.Cleavland] of Edgartown, Jan.2,1840.

Warren and Almira Crowell, Feb.3,1843.

Waty and William Merry [Jr.], Oct.16,1800.*

Willard and Lovy Lewis, Dec.4,1804.* [Dec.4,1803.CR]

Williard and Mary Look, Jan.10,1819.

William and Abigail Look, Mar.11,1762.*

William H., Dr., and Abigail Davis of Chilmark [末 末,1840].* [Dec.3,1840.CR]

William C. and Elnora [int.Elenora] D. West, Jan.3,1841.

Winthrop and Clarasa Mantor [int.Clarissa Manter], July3,1814.

Winthrop and Eliza Mayhew, May31,1838.*

Zachaus and Sarah Clifford, Nov.19,1767.* [Zachariah.DR]

Zephaniah and Prudence Manter, Apr.6,1775.*

Zepheniah [int.Zephaniah] and Thankdul Crowell, Jan.2,1794. [Zephaniah.CR]

LUIS (Lewes, Lewess, Lewis)

George and Betsey Weeks, int.Sept.15,1815. [Lewis, and Betsy Weeks, m.Oct.15.CR]

LUMBART (Lambert, Lumbert, Lumburt)

Abigail and George Luce, Nov.19, 末末.* [Lumbert, Nov.19,1789.CR]

Anne [int.Nanna] and Timothy Athearn, Dec.12,1793. [Anna Lumbert.CR]

Elisa and Phebe Young, June12,1788.*

John and Barsheba Look, Oct.23,1811. [Lumbert, and Bathsheba Look.CR]

Laura of Chilmark, and William Lumbart, int.Jan.11,1811.

Mary and Abijah Luce, Jan.1,1784.*

Moses and Sarah Harden, Apr.8,1762.* [Lambert.CR]

Prudence [int.Prudance Lambert] and Tristram Weeks, Oct.24,1811. [Prudence Lumbert.CR]

Rachel and Nathan Tilton, Mar.3,1764.* [Lambert, and Nathan Tillton.DR]

Samuel and Mary Chace, Apr.4,1787.* [Lumbert, and Mary Chase.CR]

William and Laura Lumbart of Chilmark, int.Jan.11,1811.

LUMBBURT (Lambert, Lumbart, Lumbert)

Abigail [dup. Lumbert] and Robert Parker of Falmouth, Dec.26,1717.*

LUMBERT (Lambert, Lumbart, Lumburt)

Ann and Nathaniel Baker Jr., Sept.7,1732.*

Cordelia and Alexander Newcomb, May9,1833.

Dency A. and Ephraim Allen Jr. of Chilmark, Feb.5,1839.

Elisha and Eunice Norton, Dec.19,1754.*

Frederick [int.Fredrick] M. and Caroline Newcomb, Apr.14,1833.

Hannah and Nathaniell Davis, Oct.15,1719.*

Hannah H. [int.Lambert] and Thomas West of Chilmark, July30,1835. [Lambert.CR]

Love [int.Lambert] and Hiram Dexter, Sept.10,1835. [Lumbert.CR]

Mary and William Crowell, int.May3,1834.

Sarah of Chilmark, and Prince Look, Nov.29,1787.*.CR

Zacheus of Chilmark, and Mrs.Hannah Fales [dup. Allen of Sherbourn], Feb.8,1754.*


James of New Port, RI, and Sophia W. Pool, Oct.11,1822.

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