Mary Ann of Fairhaven, and Henry Daggett, int.Aug.7,1834.


Ann of Edgartown, and Charles G. Athearn, int.Nov.1,1823.

John of Edgarton [int.Edgartown], and Mary Jones, Oct.14,1817. [John of Edgartown.CR]


Samuel and Charlotte Lock, int.Sept.18,1824.

TILLTON (Tilton, Tiltton)

Daniel of Chilmark, and Lavina Allen, Oct.11,1793.* [Daniel Tilton Jr., Oct.11,1792.CR]

James R. of Chilmark, and Hannah Norton, int.Apr.26,1834.

TILTON (Tillton, Tiltton)

Agnes of Chilmark, and Capt. William Flanders of Chilmark, Mar.9,1840.* [Agnes L.CR]

Bethiah of Chilmark, and John Tilton of Chilmark, Mar.11,1787.*.CR

Calvin, 28, carpender, s.David and Jedida, and Sarah M. Dias, 25, d.Joseph and Betsy, July16,1846.*

Elisha of Chilmark, and Ruth Clifford, Sept.22,1804.*

Elizabeth [int.Betsey S.] of Chilmark, and Franklin Hammitt [int.Franckling Hammett], Dec.1,1819.

Isaac of Chilmark, and Jemima Butler, Nov.25,1790.*

James N. of Chilmark, and Lydia B. Norton of Chilmark, July2,1837.*

John of Chilmark, and Bethiah Tilton of Chilmark, Mar.11,1787.*.CR

Katharine and Jonathan Luce, Dec.26,1790.*

Mary A. of Chilmark, and Ulysses P. Luce, int.Mar.13,1831.

Mary B. of Chilmark, and Prince D. Athearn, int.Nov.10,1838.

Meribah of Chilmark, and Jonathan Burgis of Chilmark, Jan.27,1785.*.CR

Nancy of Chilmark, and Wilmot Mayhew of Chilmark, Oct.27,1785.*.CR

Nathan and Rachel Lumbart, Mar.3,1764.* [Tillton, and Rachel Lambert.DR]

Osborn C. of Chilmark, and An [int.Ann] Austin, Mar.15,1838. [Osborne C. Ann Austin.CR]

Otis, 32, marriner, of Chilmark, s.Elisha and Ruth of Chillmark, and Mary P. Chace, 23, d.William (Chase) and Temperan, July20,1848.*

Peter and Mrs.Sarah Foster, Jan.11,1759.*

Ruth, 24, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, and Joseph Look, Dec.31,1767, in Chilmark.*

Samuel of Chilmark, and Abigal Daggett, Jan.1,1830.

Temperance, Mrs., and Fredrick Smith, Nov.19,1795.*

Thomas Jr. and Deborah Daggett, Apr.28,1833.

Ward of Chilmark, and Elisabeth Chace, Nov.3,1784.*

TILTTON (Tillton, Tilton)

Elisha and Abigail Norton, May21,1761.* [Tillton.DR]

Ezra and Mary Weeks, June20,1779.*


William and Meriah Foster, Oct.16,1764.* [Moriah.DR]


John and Zerviah Athearn, d.Simon and Mary (Butler),末蔓末, 末末.*.PR13

Josiah, Rev., and Sarah Athearn, d.Simon and Mary (Butler),末蔓末, 末末.*.PR13

Margarett and Ezra Athearn, Sept.2,1735.*

Mary and Solomon Hancock, Nov.4,1730.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Nathanael Hancock, July16,1729.*


Thomas and Abigail Eddy, Jan.18,1716-17.*

Thomas and Jean Citcart, Sept.4,1719.*


Benjamin J.H. and Sarah S. Smith, int.June19,1824.


Benjamin C., 33, merchant, of Providence, s.John and Harrett, and Mary [int.Marey] Norton, 28, d.Peter and Lydia, June15,1849.

Eliza Ann (Tuckman) of New Bedford, and Charles Reynolds, int.July23,1836.

Elizabeth T. of Boston, and Benjamin Ripley of Edgartown, Sept.24,1835.*

Thomas W. and Eleanor Luce, Feb.20,1833.*


Mary Ann [int.Maryann of Boston] Sollomon [int.Solomon] Norton, Feb.27,1837. [Mary Ann and Solomon Norton.CR]

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