Henry and Martha Butler, July23,1829.

John, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], of Boston, and Sophronia Smith, Sept.6,1829.

WALDEN (Waldron, Walrond, Welden)

Robart and Peggey Luce, Nov.7, 末末.* [Robert Walrond and Peggy Luce, Nov.7,1790.CR]

WALDRON (Walden, Walrond, Welden)

Eliza and Ezra [int.Ezry] Athearn, Oct.29,1820.

Lavina and Bartlet Stuart of Edgartown, int.Nov.5,1815. [Bartlett, m.Dec.21.CR]

Peggy and George D. Cottle, July26,1818.*

Mary and Samuel Bolls Jr. of Rochister, Dec.12,1759.*

Mary A., 24, d.Thomas dec'd and Rebecca dec'd, and [int.adds Capt.] Charles Fisher, widr.[int.omits widr.], 44, master mariner, of Southborrough [int.Southborough], b. Edgartown, s.Thomas dec'd and Margarett dec'd, Nov.18,1849.

Minerva C. and William Vincent of Edgartown, Nov.10,1831.

Minevar C., 17, d.Thomas and Rebbeca, and Frederick M. Ripley, 24, farmer, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s.Henry and Polly of Edgartown, Oct.25,1848.*

Thomas and Mary Athearn, d.Simon and Mary (Butler),末蔓末, 末末.*.PR13

Thomas and Rebecca Jones, int.Aug.29,1819. [Walrond, and Rebeckah Jones, m.Oct.8.CR]


Orian T., Rev., 24, of Orleans, b. Preston, s.Levi and Phebe of Stonington, CT, and Velina [int.adds P.] Worth, 22, d.Henry P. and Mercy, Dec.11,1844.

WALROND (Walden, Waldron, Welden)

Cordelia and Hugh Vincent of Edgartown, Mar.30,1837.

Micah and Sarah Crowell, Apr.28,1791.* [Crowel.CR]

Noah and Ann Athearn, Aug.21,1785.*

Warren and Bethiah B. Hiller, int.Aug.31,1839.


Harriet A., of Gayhead, and Isaac D. Rose, colored, of Gayhead, Apr.27,1841.* [Harriet A. of Gay Head, and Isaac D. Rose of Gay Head.CR]


Robe and Sampson Seadock, Mar.4,1774.*


Ann [int.Anne], Mrs., and Samuel Smith [int.3d of Edgartown], s.Capt. Samuel of Edgartown, Oct.12,1752.

WEECKES (Week, Weekes, Weeks)

Nathan and Huldah Luce, June19,1766.* [Weeks.DR]

WEEK (Weeckes, Weekes, Weeks)

Benjimin of Falmouth, and Mary Chase, Jan.14,1704.*

Love and Elijah Nye of Falmouth, Jan.5,1795.*

WEEKES (Weeckes, Week, Weeks)

Elizabeth and Samuel Ny[torn], Dec.31,1765. [Weeks, and Samuell Nye.DR]

Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth Bryant, Oct.11,1764.* [Weeks, and Elizabeth Briant.DR]

WEEKS (Weeckes, Week, Weekes)

Agnes B. [int.Agness B. Weaks] and Edmund Lewis of Edgartown, Dec.16,1832.

Arvin L. of Manchester, NH, and Elizabeth Cottle, May21,1840.

Charles and Zelmira [int.Zilmira] Lambert, Aug.16,1821.

Debsey and Arvin Luce, Sept.26,1811. [Debsy and Arvan Luce.CR]

Betsey and George Luis, int.Sept.15,1815. [Betsy and George Lewis, m.Oct.15.CR]

George, Rev., and Susan B. Bourne of Falmouth, int.July8,1826.

Hannah B. of Chilmark, and John W. Gifford of Chilmark, Dec.29,1840.*

Harriot and Constant Norton, Jan.15,1829.

Hiram and Margerett D. Cottle, Aug.14,1825.

James and Doboroah Luce, Sept.10,1786.*

Jeremiah S., 27, farmer, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s.Beriah and Sarah of Edgartown, and Sarah Chase, 20, seamstress, d.Timothy and Sally, Oct.16,1845.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Christian Town, and Isaac Day of NY, int.Dec.20,1840.

Mary and Ezra Tiltton, June20,1779.*

Meriam and Samuel [int.Samuell] Nye of Talmouth [int.Falmouth], Oct.5,1810. [Samuel of Falmouth.CR]

Olive L. [int.omits L.] and Bartlett Pease Jr., Dec.25,1827. [Olive L.PR7]

Rodah, Mrs.[int.Rhoda, omits Mrs.], and Elis Luce, Oct.29,1795.

Ruth and Robert Burgis, Nov.30,1748.*

Samuel and Thankful Luce, Oct.11,1774.*

Shubael and Olive Luce, Nov.10,1799.*

Thankfull, Mrs., and Samuel Crowel, May26,1796.*

Tristram and Prudence Lumbart [int.Prudance Lambert], Oct.24,1811. [Prudence Lumbert.CR]

William and Mrs.Susanna Merrey, July3,1760.*

William and Susan Randal of Edgartown, int.Dec.20,1812.

William [int.Wicks], colored, of Chilmark [int.of Gayhead], and Caroline Degrass, colored, May1,1843.

Zerviah and Amass Lewis, Aug.25,1763.*.DR

WELDEN (Walden, Waldron, Walrond)

Susan J. [int.Walrond] and William A. Norton of Edgartown, Apr.13,1837. [Waldron.CR]


Abigail and Isaac Daggett, Jan.17,1759.*

Abigil and Thomas Butler, Feb.23,1769.*

Abigail and John Holmes, Mar.18,1819.

Abner and Jean Cottel, Nov.17,1707.*

Albert and Sally Merrey [int.Merry], Mar.27,1823.

Charles and Sophia Luce, Mar.5,1821.*

Charles and Betsey [int.adds L.] Dillingham, July10,1837.

Charlotte E. and Thomas Foster, July15,1833.

Deborah and Thomas H. [int.omits H.] Smith, Dec.20,1810.

Druzilla and Elisha Luce, Apr.18,1799.*

Drucilla [int.Drucila A.] and Charles G. Smith of Edgartown, Jan.31,1829.

Edward [int.adds S.] and Mary Flurry [int.Fleury], Jan.27,1840.

Elisha Jr. and Anna Coffin, July3,1769.*

Eliza C. and Benjamin R. [int.K.] Studley of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. June1,1837] [int.May7,1837].

Elizabeth and Seth Daggett, Dec.23,1734.

Elizabeth and Jessey Luce, Feb.23,1769.*

Elizabeth and Stephen Winslow, Oct.26,1772.*

Elizabeth and Isaac Winslow, Apr.26,1786.*

Betsy and Isaac Winslow, Apr.26,1795.*

Betsey and William West of Chilmark, Nov.21,1820.*

Elnora [int.Elenora] D. and William C. Luce, Jan.3,1841.

Emily S., 27, d.William and Poly, and Jacob Clifford, 22, mariner, s.Jacob and Abigale, Apr.30,1848.*

George and Margarett Dunham, Mar.21,1765.* [Margaret.DR]

George and Mary Chace, Dec.10,1767.*

Gustavus L., 23, painter, s.James and Charlotte, and Deborah R. Allen, 19, b. Chilmark, d.Benjamin Jr. and Dealia of Chilmark, Feb.24,1848.

Harriot [int.Harriet] B. and John T. Daggett, May26,1833.

James and Charlotte Hammond, June1,1797.*

James S. [int.Jr.] and Elenora Daggett, May5,1822.

Jane and William West, Dec.23,1734.*

Jane and Shobal Davis, Oct.16,1770.*

Jane and Edward Harding, May5,1831.

Jerual and Deborah Shaw,末蔓末, 末末.*

John and Mrs.Eliza [int.adds W.] Willis, Dec.31,1843.

Keturah and Elisha Bassett, July14,1793.

Laura Ann and James W. Hatch of Falmouth, Oct.1,1826.

Leander and Love C. Robinson, Nov.12,1837.

Love and Nathaniel Skiff, Dec.22,1774.*

Lydia and John Claghorn, Feb.7,1770.*

Peggey and Lot Luce, Jan.8,1787.

Mary and David Carrey [int.Carry], Dec.8,1822.

Peter and Elizabeth Chace [wid.Thomas], Dec.16,1740.*

Peter and Hannah Cottle, Dec.21,1769.*

Peter Jr. of Industry, and Anna Butler, int.June22,1806.

Peter, Capt., and Mrs.Almira Mayhew of Edgartown, int.Mar.8,1845.

Philander D., 22, mariner, s.James S. and Alenora, and Mary Cleveland, 19, d.Warren and Lucretia, Oct.3,1849.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Benjamin Luce of Edgartown, June11,1770.*

Sally and Ebenezer B. [int.Capt. Ebenezer Bradford] Brush [int.of Boston],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May8 and Dec.1,1808] [int.Apr.9,1808]. [Capt. Ebenezer Bradford Brush of Boston, May8,1808.CR]

Shubel and Mary Edmunds, Jan.20,1793.*

Silas [int.adds Dr.] and Betsey Clevland, Apr.24,1814. [Betsy Cleveland.CR]

Susannah and Seruel Buttler, Aug.15,1791.*

Thomas and Mary 末末, Jan.29,1712. -13.*

Thomas and Sally Spalding, Mar.24,1805.*

Thomas of Chilmark, and Hannah H. Lumbert [int.Lambert], July30,1835. [Lambert.CR]

William and Jane West, Dec.23,1734.*

William and Polly Pool of Chilmark, int.Nov.21,1808.

William of Chilmark, and Betsey West, Nov.21,1820.*

William Jr. and Abra Washburn Blish, Sept.25,1842.

William C., 24, mariner, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, s.George and w., and Abby A. Luce, 20, d.Richard and Hepsey, June末,1849.

WHEALDEN (Wheelden, Whelden, Whielden)

Thomas and Mary Luce, Jan.1,1792.*

WHEELDEN (Whealden, Whelden, Whielden)

Elizabeth and Josiah Luce, Oct.13,1761.* [Elizabeth Whelden.DR]

WHELDEN (Whealden, Wheelden, Whielden)

Joseph W., Capt., of Providence [int.adds RI], and Martha L. Luce, Nov.21,1824.

Susanna of Homeshole, and Mark Snow of Rochester, Oct.3,1774.*

WHIELDEN (Whealden, Wheelden, Whelden)

Sarah and Zophar Wood [dup. Ward], Aug.25,1774.*

WHINSLOW (Winslow)

Peleg and Rebecca Lambert, int.Jan.15,1816.


Buelah of Wareham, and Charles E. Cleveland, int.June24,1849.

John "a transant person," and Merinda Luce, Aug.9,1812.


Mary and Beniamin Maner, Apr.4,1695.*


William, Rev., and Mrs.Prudence Hencock, Sept.16,1762.*


Ann and Nathan Daggett [dup. Dagett], May14,1773.*


Sarah J. and Edward Beverly [int.of Plymouth, Eng.], Oct.29,1843.

WILLIAM (Williams)

Russel and Lydia Mayhew, Feb.25,1763.* [William Russell, Feb.24.DR]

WILLIAMS (William)

Ann and Thomas Gardner, Nov.22,1768.*

John and Hepzebah [int.Hepza] B. Athearn, Mar.8,1832.

John and Roxanna Luce, Oct.22,1843.

William and Anna Swain, Jan.28,1762.*


Eliza [int.adds W.], Mrs.and John West, Dec.31,1843.

John W. of Industry [int.of "province of Mane"], and Eliza [int.Elisa] W. Butler, Sept.4,1817.

WILPANY (Umpony, Wimpenney, Winpaney)

Robart and Polley Daggett, int.May8,1794.


Robert T. [int.adds Capt. of Portland, ME] and Susan [int.adds H.] Merry, June27,1833.

WIMPENNEY (Umpony, Wilpany, Winpaney)

William ofo Chilmark, and Barsheba Luce of Chilmark, int.Jan.11,1811.


Jonathan and Susanna Look, June21,1770.*

Jonathan of Plymouth, and Rebecca Look, Jan.20,1801.*

WINPANEY (Umpony, Wilpany, Wimpenney)

Mary and Timothy Ruggles of Rogester, int.Oct.2,1813.

WINSLOW (Whinslow)

Barsheba and Elisha Nye of Sandwich, Nov.10,1803.* [Barsheba.CR]

Deborah L. and William H. Mosher [int.of New Bedford], June6,1831.

Betsey [int.Whinslow] and John [int.Capt. Jo] Manter, Oct.8,1820.

Isaac, 2d m., and Deborah Lambert,末蔓末, 末末.*

Isaac and Elizabeth West, Apr.26,1786.*

Isaac and Betsy West, Apr.26,1795.*

James and Mrs.Rhoda Chace, Nov.3,1757.*

James and Elizabeth Holmes [dup. Homes], Aug.5,1779.*

James W. and Jane [int.adds D.] Merry, May28,1828.

Peleg and Susanna [int.Sukey] Dunham, July23,1809. [Susanna.CR]

Sally H. and Oliver Grinnell Jr., Sept.18,1825.

Stephen and Elizabeth West, Oct.26,1772.*


Jobe [int.Job] P., Capt. [int.omits Capt.], of Falmouth, and Mary Cathcart, Mar.9,1825.

Mary and Bernard [int.Barnard] Luce, Oct.10,1841.

Zophar [dup. Ward] and Sarah Whielden, Aug.25,1774.*


Adeline and Capt. William Owen of Wiscassett, ME, int.Mar.9,1829.


Alice [dup. Allice] B. and William Merry, 2d m., mariner, June30,1839.

Henry F. and Lydia Cleavland [int.Lydia G. Cleaveland], May20,1838.

John and Mrs.Sarah Athearn, May26,1748.*

Velina [int.adds P.], 22, d.Henry P. and Mercy, and Rev. Orian T. Walker, 24, of Orleans, b. Preston, s.Levi and Phebe of Stonington, CT, Dec.11,1844.

William and Mary Buttler, Oct.24,1719.*

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