Benjamin, b. 1815d.末蔓末,1816.GR1

Caroline T., b. 1827d.末蔓末,1828.GR1

Jane, b. Salisbury, d.Benjamin and Lois, consumption, bur. Sandy Hill, d.Oct.11,1849, a.36y.

Lois Edwards, w.Benjamin Dean, b. 1789d.末蔓末,1832.GR1

Philip C., b. 1822d.末蔓末,1823.GR1

WAIT (Waite)

Daniel, Dec.末,1814.

Judith, w.Sylvanus, Aug.9,1841, a.50y.GR1

WAITE (Wait)

Eliza, d.Salvanus and Judith, Feb.14,1815.

Hiram, s.John and Anna, drowned, Nov.10,1813.

James, s.John and Anna, at Boston, Sept.2,1815.

John, m., ship master, s.Daniel and Lydia, old age, July20,1845, a.74y.

Judith, w.Sylvanus, Aug.9,1839, a.69y.

Samuel, s.John and Anna, Aug.8,1802.

Sylvanus, m., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, palsy, bur. Sandy Hill, d.Dec.3,1849, a.78y.

WATERHOUS (Waterhouse)

Eunic, w.Francis, Feb.21,1835. [a.18y.CR2]

WATERHOUSE (Waterhous)

Harriot [N.CR2], w.Francis; Jan.15,1837. [a.17y.GR3]

WATHEN (Worthen)

Thomas, June19,1702.


末末, wid., Jan.4,1812.


Enoch, Mar.29,1822. [Mar.28, a.48y.GR1]

John B., s.Enoch, Nov.末,1825.

Laura L., w.Jonathan B., Mar.5,1836, a.23y.GR1

Maria Louisa, d.Nathaniel and Mary, consumption, bur. Sandy Hill, d.Feb.27,1848, a.21y.9m.

Mary, wid.Nathan [former, w.Thomas Sargent.GR2], May24,176. [1766, in her 86th y.GR2]

Mary, w.Jonathan B., Jan.27,1834, a.32y.GR1

Nathan, of Chester, Aug.31,1746, a.68y.GR2

Selley, w.Capt. Stephen [d.James and Abigail Bayley.GR1], Nov.5,1813. [a.39y.GR1]

Stephen Henry, s.Jonathan B. and Abby R., Sept.5,1848, a.5y.6m.GR1

Susan, wid., Sept.14,1822.


末末, s.Daniel, Apr.末,1820, a.5w.GR2

末末, d.Daniel, Dec.16,1832. [a.38h.GR2]

Daniel, s.Nathenell and Sarah, July4,1706.

Daniel [town clerk.CR2], Oct.21,1839. [a.50y.CR2]

Davied, s.Joseph and Rachell, Sept.3,1704.

David, Apr.5,1815, a.65y.6m.CR2

Daborah, wid.John, Apr.20,1695.

Dorothy Bagley, w.Elijah, b. 1771d.末蔓末,1818.GR2

Ebenezer, m., farmer, b. Kingston, NH, s.David and Anna, decline, Oct.14,1845, a.68y.

Elenor [d.Daniel and Elenor.GR2], Feb.14,1841. [a.18y.GR2]

Elijah, Mar.5,1823.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas [and Betsy.GR2], spinal irritation, disease of liver, May7,1843, a.24y.

Elizabeth, w.David, d.Isaac and Betsy Martin, asthma, Apr.25,1846, a.65y.

Emily Smith, d.Amos and Sally, July9,1845, a.10y.6m.

Emily Frances [Frances Emily.CR2], d.Amos and Sally, fever, Dec.3,1848, a.8y.[Dec.4.GR2]

Ephraim, July30,1802. [a.85y.GR2]

Ephraim, s.Daniel and Ellinor, Oct.13,1815. [a.4y.GR2]

Ephraim [Capt.GR2], Dec.28,1831. [a.82y.GR2]

Hannah, w.Ephraim, May22,1782. [a.82y.GR2]

Hannah, d.Elijah and Dorothy, Dec.9,1809.

Isaac, June6,1811.

John, Lt., sr., Mar.15,1688-9.

John, s.Nathenell and Sarah, July4,1706.

Judith, w.[Capt.GR2] Ephraim, Jan.12,1829. [a.82y.GR2]

Molley, w.Isaac, Sept.24,1801.

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Elenor, fever, Sept.10,1846, a.31y.

Moses, s.Capt. Ephraim and Judith, Nov.25,1796, a.17y.GR2

Nathan, s.Thomas and Joana, Mar.16,1708-9

Samuell, 1st, s.Samuell and Bethia, Feb.26,1686-7.

Samuell, 2d, s.Samuell and Bethia, July13,1688.

Sarah, d.Nathenell and Sarah, July4,1706.

Sarah, w.Nathenel, July4,1706.

Sally, d.Capt. Ephraim and Judith, Nov.25,1796, a.6y.GR2

Sarah E.C. [Elizabeth Condee, d.Daniel and Eleanor.GR2], Mar.8,1840. [a.12y.GR2]

Sally W., d.Amos and Sally, consumption, Apr.16,1845, a.19y.16d.

Thomas, m., farmer, s.Ephraim and Judith, cancer of rose kind, Sept.13,1848, a.66y.??


Francis, Rev. [s.Joseph of Plaistow, NH, h.Priscilla (Adams).GR3], Pastor of 2d Ch., Dec.15,1793, a.28y.CR2


Abby, d.Moses and Hannah, 2:7m:1845.CR3

Anna, Dec.15,1714, in her 23d y.GR1

Anna, Dec.9,1799, in her 30th y.GR1

David, s.John, Sept.12,1753.

Dorothy, w.Luke, Sept.29,1715.

Dorathea, w.John, Apr.28,1769, in her 77th y.

Enoch, Jan.11,1840.

Enoch, Jan.13,1841, a.53y.GR1

Hannah, w.John, jr., Sept.21,1753.

Hannah, w.Nathan, Dec.5,1833, a.50y.GR1

John, jr., Nov.6,1767.

John, pauper, Apr.9,1792, a.abt. 78y.CR2

Mary, w.Rev. Thomas, Jan.26,1726-7. [a.75y.GR1]

Mary, Mrs., Feb.11,1838, a.84y.GR1

Moses, 8:5m:1824.CR3

Nathan, Mar.4,1844, a.64y.GR1

Philip, s.Titus and Joannah, Feb.2,1714-15.

Rebeco, d.John, Oct.2,1753.

Thomas [Rev., 1st pastor of the First Church, in the 62d y.of his ministry.GR1], July10,1734. [in his 87th y.GR1]

Timothy, s.John and Dorothy, Dec.15,1751, in his 24th y.


Amanda Avadna Josephine, rec. June末,1849, a.1y.

Melinda Holt, d.Isaiah and Lucinda, brain fever, Nov.2,1848, a.36y.


Fitch, bur. Jan.24,1844, a.47y.CR4


Nancy M., d.John and Dolly, Jan.14,1843, a.8y.7m.GR1


John, May16,1775, a.25y.GR1


末末, inf.ch.Aaron, May7,1793.CR2

Adelia E., d.James and Emerline, b. Sept.6,1847d.Aug.25,1849.GR1

Anna, d.William and Abigel, Dec.17,1749.

Clarissa Ann, d.William, Oct.10,1826.

Clarissa, w.William [suicide.CR2], June5,1830. [a.25y.CR2]

Edmund [colic.CR2], Dec.15,1833. [a.42y.CR2]

Elizabeth, d.Abner and Jemima, June11,1733. [a.4y.GR3]

Isaac, Nov.20,1754, in his 28th y.GR3

Isaac, Col., Feb.18,1808. [a.54y.CR2; a.51y.GR2]

Isaac, s.Edmund and Anna, Sept.9,1822, a.2y.6m.GR2

Jemima, w.Abner, May6,1753.

John [s.Joseph and Sarah.CR3], 11:6m:1831, a.70y.GR1

Molley, w.Col. Isaac, Jan.5,1807. [a.52y.GR2]

Polly, w.James, Mar.4,1819.

Moses, s.Joseph and Sarah, 23:1m:1824.CR3 [a.61y.GR1]

[Rhoda.GR2], w.Capt. Isaac, May15,1794, a.39y.CR2

Sarah, d.Isaac, Aug.25,1831. [Aug.30, a.1 1-2y.CR2]

Thomas, unm., carriage maker, colic, Feb.16,1847, a.53y.

Wendell B., s.James and Emerline B., b. Feb.3,1842d.Sept.8,1842.GR1


Jane, Aug.25,1789, a.67y.CR2


末末, inf.ch.Aaron, May7,1793.CR2

末末, ch.William, June3,1833.CR2

Joseph, Feb.12,1795, a.80y.CR2

Nchiles, June末,1794.CR2

WILD (Wilde)

Caleb, July6,1817. [a.32y.GR1]

WILDE (Wild)

John, bur. Jan.23,1839.CR4

William, bur. July31,1838.CR4


末末, w.William,末蔓末,1808.CR2

末末, ch.William,末蔓末,1811.CR2

末末, ch.William,末蔓末,1818.CR2

末末, ch.William, Mar.24,1820, a.1y.6m.CR2

Dolley, w.Thomas, Apr.26,1803.

Dolly, unm., pauper, consumption, Apr.25,1848, a.70y.

Hanry, Mr., Mar.7,1751, in his 53d y.GR3

Judith, d.William, Jan.3,1794.CR2

Levi, Oct.31,1829. [a.46y.CR2]

Lois, wid.William, Jan.29,1846, a.58y.GR3

William, Dec.21,1812.

William, consumption, July25,1836.CR2 [a.57y.GR3]


Lucy, w.Robert, consumption, Sept.10,1844, a.30y.

Lydia, b. Seabrook, NH, w.Moses G., d.John Gove, consumption, Sept.3,1844, a.33y.

Lydia Ann, d.Moses G. and Lydia, Sept.18,1844, a.3m.10d.


Abijah, Rev., Feb.11,1833, a.67y.GR1

WINGATE (Winget)

John, s.Pain and Mary, Mar.4,1741-2.

Mary, w.Rev. Paine, Oct.9,1787, a.81y.GR3

Paine, Rev., pastor of Church in West Parish, nearly 60 years, Feb.19,1786, a.83y.GR3

WINGET (Wingate)

Pain, 1st, s.[Rev.GR3] Pain and Mary, Oct.10,1736. [a.4y.2m.GR3]

Sarah, 1st, d.[Rev.GR3] Pain and Mary, Oct.26,1736. [1737, a.almost 2y.GR3]


John Francis, s.John F. and Susan S., b. Dec.15,1844d.July28,1845.GR1

Samuel, bur. June26,1847, a.68y.CR4


James, Mar.2,1833, a.51y.GR1


末末, Mrs., May29,1830, a.30y.CR2

Warren Augustus, s.John C. and Judith S., 3:3m:1847.CR3


Hannah, grandch.John Kelly, Apr.8,1799, a.9y.CR2

WORTHAN (Worthen)

Anna, Oct.10,1735, in her 6th y.GR1

WORTHEN (Wathen, Worthan, Worthin)

Abigail M., d.Josiah, influenza, Feb.6,1848, a.37y.[a.40y.6m.GR1]

Anna, w.David, June2,1833.

Charles, Mar.22,1740, a.33y.GR1

David, widr., s.Thomas and Mary, chronic crysipelas, bur. Ferry, d.Apr.19,1845, a.68y.

Emma, A., d.Joseph and Dorothy, Nov.18,1845, a.1y.3m.15d.GR1

Ezekiel, Capt. Apr.7,1803.

Ezra, Lt., Dec.7,1804. [Dec.6, a.66y.GR1]

Ezra, suddenly, at Chelmsford, June18,1824.GR1

Hannah, wid., Apr.13,1816.

Jerusha, wid.Ezra, Feb.4,1819. [in her 76th y.GR1]

Joanna, w.William, Feb.20,1814.

Mary, d.Acquilla and Hannah, Feb.23,1749.

Mary, d.David, Nov.2,1839, a.35y.

Polly, w.Josiah, June25,1841. [a.59y.GR1]

Mary, wid.Ezra, Mar.15,1843, a.54y.GR1

Molly, w.Thomas, July14,1846, a.92y.GR1

Nancy, d.William, Nov.末,1817.

Thomas, Feb.24,1828. [a.81y.GR1]

William, Sept.末,1817.

WORTHIN (Worthen)

Polley [Mary.CR2], d.Joseph and Hannah [fever.CR2], Mar.6,1814.

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