John, and Mary Mason, Aug.14,1833.*


John, of Newbury, and Naomi Elliot, Oct.31,1739.*

Joseph, and Ellisabeth Jewell, Sept.30,1746.

Sarah, and Henry Tewksbury, Apr.26,1764.CR2*

CALL (Caul)

Elizebeth, and Daniel Heath, Mar.2,1753.*

Phillip, and Sarah Trussel, Jan.20,1706-7.*

CALLIS (Corliss)

Lydia, and Thomas Grant of West Newbury, int.Aug.15,1829.*


John, a.24y., cordwainer, s.John and Helen, and Mary A. Coffin, a.19y., d.Henry and Tabitha, Nov.2,1845.*

CAMET (Cammet)

Martha S., and James Blaisdell, jr., a.26y., cordwainer, s.James and Anna, Nov.23,1848.*

CAMMET (Camet)

Cyrus, of Salisbury, and Loiza Flanders, int.Oct.1,1836.*


David, and Betsey godfrey, int.July11,1835.*

CARELTON (Carleton)

Jonathan, and Susanna Bartlett, Nov.10,1740.*

CAREY (Cary)

Augustus C., a.21y., machinist, s.William and Sophia, and Harriet E. Folsom, a.20y., d.George and Clarrissa, Aug.17,1846.*

Calthea G., a.24y., dressmaker, d.William and Sophia H., and Francis C. Swett of Dedham, a.23y., manufacturer, s.Eliphalet, May28,1844.*

Milan G., and Emily M. Dennett of Salisbury, int.Apr.10,1847.*

CARLETON (Carelton, Carlton)

Charles P., and Mary P. Porter of Salisbury, int.Oct.25,1834.*

Granville C., jr., of Claremont, NH, a.22y., printer, s.Granville C. and Mary, of Claremont, NH, and Susan L. Morrill, a.20y., d.Adams and Eliza, Nov.6,1845.*

Hyram, of Plaistow, and Abigail Williams, Nov.6,1837.*

Joanna, of Salisbury, and Jeremy Peters, int.Aug.1,1835.*

CARLTON (Carleton)

George, jr., widr., of Bradford, a.37y., shoe manufacturer, s.Bezaleel and Mary, and Hannah M. Wadleigh, a.28y., d.John, Oct.15,1846.*

Jonathan, of Newbury, and Hannah Rowell, at Newbury, Aug.9,1736.*

Sally, of Newtown, and Edward H.R. Taylor, int.Apr.1,1837.*


Jemima, and Amos G. Kimball of Newton, NH, int.Sept.30,1848.*

John, and wid.Sally Gould, Oct.11,1837.*

John H., and Polly T. Gould, Jan.29,1843.*


Nabby, and William L. Abbot, Mar.11,1792.*

Anne, and Robart Bettell, Nov.11,1702.*

Catherine, and Thomas Grant of Salisbury, int Jan.22,1836.*

Daniel, and Sarah Hoyt, Oct.末,1785.CR2 [Oct.15. int.].*

Elisabeth, of Newbury, and Joseph Serjant, at Newbury, Nov.17,1715.*

Joseph, and Mary Chase, int.Oct.29,1831.*

Judith [Mrs., of Haverhill. int.], and Joseph Wingate, Jan.1,1777.CR2*

Robert, of Salsibury, and Hannah Eliot, at Salisbury, Mar.16,1730-31.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Samuel Carr, at Newbury, Nov.2,1784.*

Salvanus, and Sarah Elliot of Salisbury, Dec.7,1738.*

William, jr., of West Newbury, and Eunice Heath, int.Nov.5,1830.*


Priscilla, of Salisbury, and Aquila Martin, Oct.3,1769.CR1*


Abigail, of Salisbury, and Ezekell Wathen, jr., Dec.26,1704.*

Abigail, of Newtown, and Eliphalet Martain, int.Dec.21,1799.*

Ebenezer, and Mary G. Goodhue, int.June5,1830.*

John, jr., of Salisbury, and Judeth Bagly, Apr.25,1711.*

Mary [of], and David Eliot, Jan.2,1728-9.*

Rhody [Betsy.CR2], and David Colby, Nov.26,1807.*

Selley, of Newtown, and William Colby, jr., int.Apr.9,1814.*

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Anne Martin, Dec.25,1706.*

Thomas, and Judith Colby, int.June26,1731.*

Thomas, of Newtown, and Ann C. Nichols, int.Feb.23,1834.*

CARY (Carey)

William Addison, and Lydia Gould of Northfield, VT, int.Aug.14,1839.*


Hannah, or Mehitable, d.John, of Mendon, and Hannah, and Daniel Swett, s.Moses, deceased, and Mary, of Hampton, Feb.4,1730-31.CR3*

Joseph, and Sarah Flanders of Salisbury, Dec.19,1751.*


Elisabeth, wid., a.35y., d.Elijah and Priscilla Davis, and Theophilus M. [Goodridge. int.], a.29y., house carpenter, s.Theophilus M. and Nancy, July1,1849.*

Francis, and Elizabeth Davis, int.Sept.11,1836.*

Samuel D., of Northwood, NH, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Stephen D. and Lydia, and Mary A. Davis, a.19y., d.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.1,1846.*

CAUL (Call)

Philip [jr. int.], and Dorothy Hadly, July17,1729.*

CHACE (Chase)

James and Polley Colby, Sept.15,1805.*


William, and Betsey R. Tucker of Salisbury, int.Mar.21,1829.*

CHALIS (Challis)

John, and Sarah Frame, at Salisbury, Jan.26,1698-9.*

CHALLES (Challis)

Sarah, d.David, deceased, and Ruth, and Samuel Johnson of Lynn, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, deceased, 30:1m:1800.CR3*

CHALLESE (Challis)

John [jr. int.], and Ann Sargent, Nov.14,1728.*

CHALLIC (Challis)

William, and Margaret Fowler, at Salisbury, Jan.2,1698-9.*

CHALLIS (Chalis, Challes, Challese, Challic, Chellis)

Abigail, and William Trusell, Jan.10,1813.*

Anne, and Jonathan Currier, Jan.25,1721-2.*

Anne, and Jacob Clement, Sept.6,1750.CR2*

Christiana, and Thomas Cottel, Dec.24,1772.CR2*

David, s.Thomas and Sarah, both deceased, and Ruth Dow, d.Samuel and Marcia, of Salisbury, Dec.22,1763.CR3*

Dorethy, Newtown, and Trustram Barnard, jr., int.Feb.2,1760.*

Dolly, and John Tasker of Newburyport, int.Jan.6,1810.*

Eliner, and David Goodwin, Mar.10,1736-7.*

Elisabeth, and William Rowell, Jan.5,1731-2.*

Elisabeth, and William Hoyt, Nov.25,1762.*

Enoch, and Dorothy Hoyt of New Town, Oct.31,1751.*

Ephraim, and Anna Harvey, Sept.26,1782.CR2*

Ephraim, and Hannah Nachols, Feb.26,1793.*

Gertrude, and William Sargent, Sept.1,1748.*

Gideon, and Hannah Blasdell, Nov.23,1738.*

Hannah, and Robert Ring, Jan.2,1723-4.*

Hannah [], and Nicholas Chase [of], June28,1781.CR2*

Hannah, and Aaron Short, Jan.3,1819.*

Jacob, and Mary Currier, Apr.14,1736.*

John, and Meriam Sargent, Oct.9,1748.*

John, and [] Dorothy Harvey, Apr.27,1780.CR2*

John, and anna Colby, Oct.16,1803.*

Joseph, and Mary Rowell, Apr.11,1728. [Apr.1.PR1].*

Josiah D., s.Samuel and Judith, and Ruth Jones, d.Philip and Ruth, 9:11m:1826.CR3*

Lydia, and Joseph Moody, Aug.16,1739.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Joseph Dow, jr., May25,1687.*

Mary, and Jonathan Nickols, Jan.16,1718-19.*

Mary, and Aaron Rowel, Feb.18,1735-6.*

Mary, and Thomas Dent of Kingston, Apr.13,1742.*

Marey [], and Hezekiah Presy, Nov.末,1775.CR2*

Mary, and Joseph Hoag of Hampton, NH [Hampton Falls, NH int.], July18,1841.*

Meriam, and Stephen Brown, int.19:3m:1763.CR3*

Nancy, and Daniel F. Morrill, int.Oct.7,1837.*

Peleg, s.Thomas and Sarah, both deceased, and Mary Rowel, d.Philip and Elizabeth, of Salisbury, Feb.5,1761.CR3*

Philip, and Dorothy Weed, Dec.2,1725.*

Philip, and Elisabeth Wells, Jan.22,1740-41.*

Rebecca Wells [], and Sargent Bagley, May5,1776.CR2*

Samuel, and Judith Dow, Oct.24,1798.PR16*

Sarah, and Timothy Hoyt, Feb.15,1721-2.*

Sarah, and Theophilus Foot, Apr.14,1736.*

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, both deceased, and Moses Chandler, s.Nathaniel and Susanna, late of Hopkinton, NH, Jan.24,1760.CR3*

Sarah, and Jonathan Hoyt, jr., Dec.3,1761.CR2*

Sarah, 2d m., d Thomas, deceased, and Orlando Weed, denied 19:9m:1765.CR3*

Sarah, and George Sawyer, int.Dec.19,1822.*

Susan, and John Kindrick, Feb.12,1729-30.*

Thomas, and Sarah Weed, d.George, Sept.22,1727.*

Thomas, and Rhoda Bagly, Nov.22,1744.CR1*

Thomas [of Kingston. int.], and [] Anna Willcomb, Aug.22,1781.CR2*

Thomas, and Nancy Weed, int.Oct.17,1812.*

Timothy, and Mrs.Hannah Tuxbury of Salsibury, int.Jan.14,1780.*

William, and Hannah Weed, Oct.9,1734.CR2*

William, jr., and Miriam Weed, May6,1773.CR2*


Mary, of Newburyport, a.25y., d.Asa and Elizabeth, and Dony Locke, widr., of Newburyport, a.39y., carpenter, s.Samuel and Betsy, Nov.11,1849.*


Aaron, and Elizabeth Quinby, Apr.30,1772.CR2*

Hannah, and moses Eastman [of], Mar.20,1794.*

Isaac, of Salisbury, and Susan Barnet [], at Salisbury, Jan.7,1719-20.*

Jemima, of Salisbury, and moses Rowell, at Salisbury, Nov.28,1723.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Tucker, Mar.27,1718.*

Joseph, and Rhoda Peaslee, Sept.4,1800.*

Mehetable, and Ichabod Davis, Feb.28,1717-18.*

Moses, s.Nathaniel and Susanna, late of Hopkinton, NH, and Sarah Challis, d.Thomas and Sarah, both deceased, Jan.24,1760.CR3*

Nathaniel, of Salisbury, and Susannah Rowel, int.Dec.8,1727.*

Rhoda, of Andover, and James Russel, June3,1729.*

Rhoda W., of Minot, and Benjamin Atkinson, M.D., int.Oct.25,1831.*


Andrew, and Mary Woodman, int.Jan.21,1830.*

William L., and Abigail Brown, Apr.19,1825. [Apr.17. dup.]

CHASE (Chace)

Abiel, d.John and Lydia, of Kensington, and Simon Green, s.Jonathan, of Kensington, NH, and Huldah, Aug.19,1780.CR3*

Abigail G., of Haverhill, a.21y., spinster, b. Haverhill, d.William D., s.and Zelinda, of Haverhill, and Giles M. Kelly, a.31y., school-teacher, s.Jacob and Mary, Apr.20,1845.*

Abraham, and Elisabeth Collby, Nov.26,1746.*

Almira, of Newtown, and John C. Bartlett, May6,1827.*

Amos, s.Thomas, of Seabrook, NH, and Mary, deceased, and Elizabeth Kimbel, d.James and Meribah, of Hopkinton, NH, 2:7m:1780.CR3*

Amos, of Deering, NH, s.Thomas, of Seabrook, and Mary, deceased, and Huldah Dow, of Weare, NH, d.Bildad and Elinor, both deceased, 22:4m:1795.CR3*

Anna, and Isaac Lowel, Sept.15,1767.CR2*

Anne, of Haverhill, and Enoch Nichols, at Haverhill, Aug.18,1763.*

Bailey, and Hannah Folonsbee, Jan.28,1789. [1790.CR2; Nov.23,1789. int.].*

Content, d.Elihu and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Renald Jinkins of Kittery, ME, s.Jabez and Elizabeth, 19:1m:1788.CR3*

Daniel and Mary Downs, Nov.23,1765.CR2 [Nov.21.PR1]

Daniel, and Mrs.Mary Jewell, int.Nov.16,1781.*

Dolly, and David Nichols,末蔓末,1750.CR1*

Ebenezer, of Haverhill, and Hipzibah Sargent, Aug.29,1751.*

Electa F., of Boxford, and Jacob S. Fullington, int.Feb.23,1832.*

Elizebeth, and Elias Sargent, Feb.2,1754.*

Elisabeth, d.Elihud and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Jonathan Peurinton, s.Elisha, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and Phebe, Mar.31,1756.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Pilsbury [] of Newburyport, Apr.13,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Live [Levi. int.] William, Mar.21,1805.CR2*

Enoch, and Judith Coleby, at Salisbury, Jan.25,1726-7.*

Enoch, jr., and Mary Davis, Feb.13,1755.CR2*

Enoc, jr., and Gertrude Harvy, Mar.29,1759.CR2*

Enoch S., of Haverhill, and Mary Jane Currier, Oct.12,1842.*

Enoch S., widr.a.25y., tanner and currier, b. West Amesbury, s.William, and Emeline S. Currier, a.16y., d.Moses, of Newbury, Oct.16,1844.*

Ezra, and Juda Webster of Haverhill, int.Aug.3,1800.*

Frances, and John Ordwey of Lyndeborough, int.Aug.16,1760.*

Francis, and Sarah Pike, Sept.29,1737.*

Hannah, and Isaac Whittier [jr.CR2], July4,1799.*

Isaiah of Lynn, s.Benjamin and Eunice, deceased, and Phebe Hussey, d.Samuel, deceased, and Mercy of Somersworth, NH, 8:9m:1823.CR3*

James, and Mary Tucker of Salisbury, int.July8,1794.*

James, of Newtown, and Hannah Ferrington, Mar.1,1808.*

James and Olive Lucas of Charlestown, Oct.23,1811.CR2*

John, s.Elihud, of Kensington, NH, and Mary, and Lydia Green, d.John, jr., of Kensington, and Mary, Jan.2,1752.CR3*

Joshua [of], and Molly Stocker, Oct.23,1785.CR2*

Judith, of Newbury, and William Currier, at Newbury, Feb.19,1735-6.*

Judith, and Davis Harvey, Feb.19,1746-7.*

Judith, and Levi Green, int.19:10m:1775.CR3*

Judith, and Joseph Hoyt [jr.CR2] of Newburyport, Oct.30,1808.*

Katea, of Salisbury, and Primas Hale, int.Oct.28,1791.*

Levena, and Ebenezer Sargent,末蔓末,1820.*

Levena, and Abner Sargent, Oct.5,1820.*

Leonard, and Mary Jane Sargent, Oct.29,1829.CR2*

Martha, and Ephraim Davis, jr., Jan.4,1769.CR2*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Ebenezer Colby, Mar.15,1742.*

Mary, and Joshua Hadlt [of], Nov.5,1761.CR2*

Mary, and Amos Purinton, int.17:11m:1768.CR3*

Mary, and Solomon Hanson, int.16:7m:1776.CR3*

Molly, d.Nathan and Phebe, of Weare, NH, and Daniel Breed of Weare, NH, s.Zephiniah and Ruth, both deceased, 26:8m:1795.CR3*

Mary Jane, of Haverhill, and Ebenezer Fullington, int.Aug.10,1822.*

Mary, and Joseph Carr, int.Oct.29,1831.*

Mary, and Samuel S. Tuckwell, Dec.4,1834.*

Mary Ann, of Newburyport, and Joseph, s.Bailey, Dec.3,1835.*

Moses, jr., of Newbury, and Elisabeth Wells, Oct.12,1709.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Nabby Little, int.May2,1800.*

Nathan Green, and Phebe Hoag, int.16:2m:1775.CR3*

Nathaniel, and Mary Brown, int.17:8m:1780.CR3*

Nicholas [of], and [] Hannah Challis, June28,1781.CR2*

Olive, and Erastus Hutchins, Dec.17,1835.*

Phineas, a.28y., potter, s.James and Olive, and Ann Maria Sargent, a.24y., d.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.1,1849.*

Phebe, and Nathaniel Tucker, Aug.25,1726.*

Rachel, d.Thomas and Mary, of Seabrook, NH, deceased, and EliphaletPage, s.Samuel, deceased, and Mary, of Kensigton, NH, Nov.22,1783.CR3*

Rebecca, of Newbury, and Joseph Nicols, at Newbury, Feb.1,1732-3.*

Rufus L., of Haverhill, and Jane P. Wells, int.Nov.1,1845.*

Ruth, and Joseph Rutherford, Apr.28,1793. [Apr.29.CR2].*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Ebenezer Blazdell, int.Feb.5,1708-9.*

Sarah, Mrs., and David Currier of Salisbury, int.July19,1781.*

Sophia, and John Lancaster, Oct.28,1829.CR2*

Stephen, and Molly Brown, int.17:4m:1794.CR3*

Stephen, of Weare, NH, s.David and Judith, and Lois Morrison, d.Thomas C., of Starksboro, VT, and Sarah, deceased, 7:6m:1820.CR3*

Susan R. [K. dup.], and Timothy Colby [jr. int.], Oct.23,1825.*

Theophilus, of Haverhill, and Anna Farrington, Nov.19,1795.*

Thomas, s.John, of Hampton, and Mary Dow, d.Winthrop, of Hampton, cordwainer, 22:4m:1752.CR3*

Thomas, s.Elihue and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Abaill Green, d.John, jr. and Mary, of Kensington, NH, Jan.21,1761.CR3*

Wells, and Martha Morse of Newbury, int.Sept.10,1734.*

Wells [jr. int.], and Ruth Morse of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Mar.4,1762.*

Wells, and Mary Currier, Feb.27,1773.CR2*

William [jr. int.], of Newbury [Newburyport. int.], and Ruth Lowell, Dec.20,1803.*

William, and Susan F. Morrill, Nov.29,1839.*

CHELLIS (Challis)

Mary, d.Peleg and Mary, deceased, and James Purinton, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, of Kensington, NH, 28:5m:1801.CR3*


Ellen, a.23y., d.Mathias and Ellen, and T.H. Bagley of Salisbury, a.23y., carpenter, s.William H. and Hannah, June2,1848.*

Nancy, and Robert [J. int.] Plunket, Feb.5,1837.CR4*


Thomas, of Newburyport, and Molley Kindrick, int.Aug.16,1794.*


John, and Sally M. Kent, Sept.28,1825.*

John, and Zelphia A. Dow of Seabrook, NH, int.Sept.5,1846.*

CIMBAL (Kimball)

John, and Mara Prese, at Newbury, Feb.9,1712-13.*


Nancy, of Boston, and Daniel W. Stevens, int.Sept.9,1817.*


Amos, and Sarah Kelly, Dec.18,1739.*

Ann N[oyes.PR53], of Salisbury, and David C[urrier.PR53] Bailey, Sept.14,1842.*

Betsy, and Timothy Smith of Plaistow, int.July2,1796.*

Ezra B., and Ann Rowell, July16,1837. [June1,1839. int.; July4,1839.CR2].*

Jonathan, and Mary currier, Mar.16,1744-5. [Mar.26.CR2]

Mary, and Moses of Mathuen, at Methuen, June6,1745.*

Mary, and Moses Gile, Apr.16,1754.CR2*

Sarah, and John Currier, Apr.2,1761.PR1*

Selley, and Stephen Brown, int.Oct.3,1812.*

Sophia S., of Kingston, NH, and Ichabod S. Nichols, int.July31,1847.*


Eliza A., of Newbury, and Thomas P. Lord, int.Oct.30,1845.*

Jacob, and Polly Hodgskin, int.Jan.5,1833.*

Jacob G., and Mary Collins of Newbury, int.Jan.24,1846.*


Ann, and Wilibee H. Currier, Oct.20,1828.*


John, a.27y., bootmaker, b. Boston, s.Mary A., and Hannah Sargent, a.20y., d.Edmund, Jan.1,1845.*


Polley, and Merrill Flanders of South Hampton, May末 末,1807.*

Sally, and Jacob Eaton of East Kingston, Dec.25,1798.*

CLEMENT (Clements, Clemment)

Nabby, and William Jhonson [Johnson. int], Feb.24,1803.*

Anna, and Enos Kindrick, Mar.24,1803.*

Eliza Jane, a.19y., d.Moses and Betsy, and Charles H. Noyes, a.21y., painter, s.Amos and Rebecca P., Jan.29,1846.*

Hannah Jane, a.26y., d.Stpehen and Sally, and William p. Sargent, a.29y., trader, s.Patten and Dolly, Dec.25,1848.*

Jacob, and Anne Challis, Sept.6,1750.CR2*

Jacob, jr., and Rachel Sargent, Sept.28,1786.*

John, and Abigail Copps [of Hopkinton. int.], Oct.23,1831.PR6*

Mary, and Charles B. Patten, Aug.1,1817.PR38*

Mary, and F.R. [Jacob B. int.] Pattin, Aug.26,1817.CR2*

Moses, and Mrs.Molly Kindrick, May3,1787.*

Moses, and Betsy George of Haverhill, int.Apr.25,1818.*

Obadiah, of Haverhill, and Sarah Flanders, at Haverhill, Dec.20,1733.*

Prudence, and Joseph Grele, jr. of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Aug.6,1752.*

Sally, and John Patten, Feb.28,1794.*

Sally, and Phinehas Elliot, Jan.15,1818.*

Sally G., and Charles B. Sargent, Nov.30,1843.*

Stephen, and [] Anna Hoyt, Oct.10,1778.CR2*

Stephen, and Sally Patten, int.Apr.17,1819.*

Stephen, and Abigail Hutchins, Sept.13,1827.*

Willis P., and Sarah E. Morrill of Salisbury, int.Feb.28,1846.*

CLEMENTS (Clement)

Faun, of Salisbury, and Sarah Hoyt, Nov.21,1688.*

Sarah, and Thomas Sargent, jr., Sept.22,1748.*

CLEMMENT (Clement)

Anna and Seth Kindrick, June18,1795.*


Ira S. [of Lowell. int.], and Elizabeth A[nn. int.] Emmerson, May8,1843.*

CLOUG (Clough)

David, Ens., and wid.Methabel Worthen, June1,1743.*

CLOUGH (Cloug)

Alfred, and Mary W. Sawyer, Oct.22,1840.PR49*

Ann, and Azer O. Webster of Salisbury, Dec.30,1828.*

David, and Elisabeth Blasdell, jr., Nov.25,1781.*

David, and Dolly Stockman of Salisbury, int.Sept.12,1795.*

Elisabeth, jr., and Samuel Hunt, Oct.7,1714.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Colby, July6,1738.*

Hannah, and John Hunt, Dec.5,1705.*

Jemima, and Samuell Fowler, jr. of Salisbury, Dec.31,1707.*

Jemima, and John Currier, Aug.29,1751.*

John, and Anna Worthen, May7,1767.CR2*

John, and Mary Worthen of Salisbury, Feb.12,1826.*

Lydia, and Eliphelet Merril, July10,1739.*

Meriem, and Isaac Weed, Feb.26,1746.*

Mirriam, and David Currier, Jan.25,1788.*

Molly, and Richard Currier, June2,1771.PR80*

Polley, and Seth Sargeant, Mar.26,1795.*

Mary, and William O. Mills of Salisbury, May17,1819.*

Mary C., of Haverhill, a.17y., d.William A. and Lydia C., and Charles H. Kent of Haverhill, a.18y., shoemaker, s.Samuel N. and Cyntha, Nov.10,1847.*

Mehetable, and John [W. int.] Colby, Apr.23,1789.*

Nancy, and Thomas Jacobs, Jan.10,1795.*

Nancy, and Stephen Sargent, Mar.27,1796.*

Peter, and Sarah Hunt, July24,1735.*

Rachel, and William Sargent, jr., June2,1730.*

Ruth, and James Pecker [jr. int.], of Salisbury, July5,1804.*

Samuel, and Mary Blasdell, Dec.12,1706.*

Sarah, and John Haseltine, Apr.20,1757.CR2*

Sarah A.W., of Sandtown, NH, and Barzilliar H. Rand, int.Oct.15,1847.*

Stephen, of Danvers, and Sarah Huntington, int.Nov.27,1830.*

Thomas, and Martha Timmins, at Newbury, Aug.6,1758.*


Elisha, of Heborn, and Hannah Worthen, int.Sept.17,1813.*

COFFEN (Coffin)

Henry, and Tabathy Bootman, Feb.10,1810.*

Peter, of Newbury, and Mary Currier, Sept.1,1743.*

COFFIN (Coffen)

Amos, of Newbury, and Betsy Lurvey, int.Jan.4,1811.*

Anne, of Newbury, and Robert Sergeant, at Newbury, Jan.22,1740-41.*

Hezekiah, of Newbury, and Selley Currier, Mar.2,1811.*

John, of Newbury, and Louis Sargent, Jan.19,1797.*

John, and Abba C. Wadleigh of Salisbury, int.Oct.27,1838.*

Lydia E., of West Newbury, and William Smiley, Jan.5,1836.*

Mary, and Jeremiah S[] Currier of Cumberland, RI, Oct.13,1833.*

Mary A., a.19y., d.Henry and Tabitha, and John Calnin, a.24y., cordwainer, s.John and Helen, Nov.2,1845.*

Sarah A., a.27y., d.Hezekiah and Sarah, and Otis B. Merrill of Bradford, a.29y., shoemaker, s.James and Judith, Dec.20,1849.*

Tristram, and Anna Davis, Dec.29,1757.CR2*


Hathorn, jr., and Desier Curtin, int.18:9m:1738.CR3*

COLBE (Colby)

Daniel, and Hannah Gray of Andover, at Andover, Sept.2,1730.*

COLBEY (Colby)

Dorithy, and Samuell Hadley, jr., Jan.20,1703-4.*

Isaac, and Hannah Gatchell of Salisbury, Dec.5,1701.*

Isaac [jr. int.], and Mary Fowlor, Sept.23,1706.*

John, and Mary Frame, Dec.2,1702.*

Joseph, and Anna Bartlett, Nov.22,1704.*

Phillip, and Ann Webster of Salisbury, int.May1,1703.*

Rebecka, d.Isaac, of Rowley, deceased, and Martha, and Jeremiah Fowler, Jan.6,1706.*

Theophilus, and Elizabeth Harvey, Dec.8,1710.*

COLBY (Colbe, Colbey, Colebe, Coleby, Collby)

Aaron, and [] Mary Hoyt, May2,1776.CR2*

Abagail, and David Blasdell, int.Nov.16,1733.*

Nabby, and Enoch Johnson of Newburyport, Aug.19,1790.*

Abigail [of], and John W. Colby, Aug.20,1798.PR70*

Abigal, and Moses Sawyer, Feb.10,1808.*

Nabby, and Charles Weed, Dec.1,1808.*

Abraham, jr., and Pheabe Colman of Kingston, at Kingston, Feb.6,1738-9.*

Addenijah, and Hannah Flanders of Salisbury, int.Jan.26,1760.*

Alfred W., and Elizabeth L. Grant, int.Sept.17,1842.*

Alston G., and Sarah Gerry, int.May19,1842.*

Anna, and Challis Foot, Nov.23,1765.CR2 [Nov.21.PR1]

Anna, and John Challis, Oct.16,1803.*

Anne, Mrs., and John Waters of Boston, int.July25,1776.*

Bailey C., and Mary E. Corlis of Salisbury, int.Jan.3,1848.*

Barzilla, and Elizabeth Plummer, Jan.1,1756.CR2*

Barzillai, and [] Meriam Worthen, Sept.30,1799.CR2*

Barzilla, and Electa Currier of Newtown, int.Oct.26,1799.*

Barzillia, and Sarah Elizabeth Jones, int.Apr.6,1839.*

Catherine, and Enoch Wells, Aug.1,1809.*

Charles K., and Hannah C. Fowler of Salisbury, int.Oct.4,1845.*

Chase, and [] Esther Hardy of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.13,1777.*

Delia, and John Currier, June1,1802.*

Daniel, and Abigail Williams, Dec.24,1751.CR2*

[], and Mrs.[] Badger, Nov.25,1789.*

David, and Rhody [Betsy.CR2] Carter, Nov.26,1807.*

Dorothy, and Samuell Foot, Jan.29,1711-12.*

Dorothy, jr., and Samuel Wots of Haverhill, int.Nov.5,1727.*

Dorothy, and Charles Squiers, int.Mar.10,1783.*

Dolly, and Moses Thompson, Dec.25,1798.*

Dolley [], and John Purinton, June11,1811. [June16.CR2].*

Ebenezer, and Mary Chase of Haverhill, Mar.15,1742.*

Ebenezer [of Haverhill. int.], and Anna Hoyt, Dec.26,1782.CR2*

Ebenezer, and Dolly Blasdel of Salisbury, int.Nov.10,1787.*

Edmond, and Dorothy Ring of Salisbury, May25,1749.*

Elbridge Gerry, 2d m., of Salisbury, a.30y., sea captain, b. Salisbury, s.John and Dolly, of Salisbury, and Ann Elisabeth Morrill, a.26y., d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.31,1849.*

Elias, and Hannah Pressey, Nov.4,1714.*

Eliphalet, and Mary Rogers, Feb.14,1750-51.CR2*

Eliphalet G., and Betsy Rand, int.Nov.27,1839.*

Eliza, and Rufus Davice, Mar.22,1827.*

Elisabeth, and John Rowel, Mar.2,1714-15.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Gedion Lowel, "ye sd Elisabeth declared that she Enjoyed nothing which was her former husbands Estate. " June4,1735.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Pilsbury, Jan.11,1753.CR2*

Elizabeth, and David Moulton, Mar.25,1762.CR2*

Elisabeth, of Haverhill, and Thomas Harvey, at Haverhill, Feb.19,1765.*

Elizabeth, and John [Joshua.PR1] Wells, Sept.17,1767.CR2*

Elizabeth [], and David Pilsbury, Oct.22,1778.CR2*

Betty, and Henry Ousgood of Salisbury, int.Aug.27,1785.*

Betty, and Beniah Flanders of Salisbury, Sept.5,1793.*

Betsey, and Thomas Colby, jr., Nov.26,1807.*

Betsy, and Aaron Osgood of Salisbury, Oct.1,1809.*

Betsey, of Salisbury, and Timothy Colby, int.Nov.1,1817.*

Eliot, jr., and Judith Sargent, June26,1760.CR2 [June17.PR1].*

Enoch, jr. [of], and [] Lydia Worthen, July4,1781.CR2*

Enoc, and Hannah Kindrick, May29,1783.CR2*

Enoch, and Catherine Tyler, Sept.24,1799.*

Eunice, and John Bancroft, Oct.11,1826.*

Eunice, and Francis Waterhouse, Dec.17,1834.*

Ezekeil, and Mary Elliot, Dec.24,1724.*

Ezekil, and Mary Tuxbury, Mar.11,1755.*

Ezra, and Sally Stevens of Salisbury, int.Apr.14,1838.*

Frances, wid., and John Barnard, Dec.27,1676.NCTR*

Frances, jr., and Moses Lowell, Aug.6,1730.*

Gee, Capt., and Hannah Edwards [of], Mar.23,1785.PR70*

Gedion, and Elizabeth Tucker, Apr.29,1747.*

Hannah, and Daniel Goodwin, Jan.5,1735-6.*

Hannah, and Theodore Hoyt, Aug.26,1736.*

Hannah, and James Colony, Jan.23,1752.CR2*

Hannah, and Seth Kindrick, int.Jan.9,1762.*

Hannah, and Edmund Greenleaf, Nov.30,1769.CR2*

Hannah, and Hezekiah Nickols, int.June3,1775.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Kingston, and Daniel Tuxbury, int.July8,1775.*

Hannah, and John Colby of Newtown, int.May30,1783.*

Hannah, and Moses Trassel, July9,1794.*

Hannah, and Hezekiah Pressey, Jan.3,1799. [Jan.15.PR21].*

Hannah, of Salisbury, and David Worthen, jr., May22,1816.*

Hannah, and Nathan S. Colby, int.Sept.21,1844.*

Hannah, a.19y., d.James, and Oliver P. Titcomb, a.26y., engineer, s.Oliver and Mary, Oct.15,1848.*

Harriot N., and Francis Waterhouse, Aug.27,1835.*

Harris, and Mary Ann Kelley, int.Feb.23,1833.*

Icabod, and Esther Nickols, Jan.24,1723-4.*

Isaac, jr. [], and Mary Martain, jr. [], Jan.末,1727-8.*

Isaac, and wid.Judith Badger, "ye sd Judith did declare that she was then free from being in ye actual possession of Any of ye Estate of her formor husbands Stephen Badger," Aug.16,1753.*

Jacob, and Hannah Hunt, Apr.9,1711.*

Jacob, and Elisabeth Elliot, Nov.11,1724.*

Jacob, jr., and Hannah Kimball, jr., Dec.23,1736.*

Jacob, and Comfort Swett, int.19:4m:1753.CR3*

James, and Nancy Rand, Oct.25,1809.*

James, and Martha A. Sawyer, int.Oct.19,1845.*

Jersua [of Haverhill. int.], and Thomas Goodwin, Nov.2,1786.*

Joanna R., of Epping, NH, and Harry Stevens, int.Nov.8,1847.*

John, and Sara Eldredg, Dec.25,1675.NCTR*

John, Serg., widr., and wid.Ruth King, Feb.8,1714-15.*

John, and Allice Davis, Jan.12,1737-8.*

John, and Hannah Bagly, Nov.1,1750.*

John, and Rachel Barnod, Jan.24,1754.*

John, of South Hampton, and Abagiel Blasdell, int.July18,1782.*

John, of Newtown, and Hannah Colby, int.May30,1783.*

John [W. int.], and Mehetable Clough, Apr.23,1789.*

John, and Nabby Morrill of Salisbury, int.Apr.30,1790.*

John W., and Abigail Colby [of], Aug.20,1798.PR70*

John, 3d, and Mary Heseltine of Haverhill, int.May28,1808.*

John, jr., and Mary Jackman of Newbury, int.Oct.7,1818.*

John G., and Laura Ann Demerritt Dow of Salsibury, int.June12,1841.*

Jonathan, and Dorothy Tuexbrey, Mar.19,1722-3.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Ash, int.Apr.9,1785.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Huntington, int.June11,1803.*

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Warren, Mar.18,1735-6.*

Joseph S., and Susan Morrill of Salisbury, int.Oct.31,1834.*

Joshua, and Molle Williams, Apr.6,1786.*

Joshua [jr. int.], and Betsey Pecker, Dec.10,1820.*

Judith, and Thomas Carter, int.June26,1731.*

Judeth, and Samuel Silver, jr., Nov.6,1750.*

Judith, and Enos M. Purkins, int.Mar.2,1811.*

Judith, and Stephen [C.PR32] Kendrick, Dec.28,1825.*

Kezia, and David Currier, Dec.11,1718.*

Levi, and Mrs.Sarah Sargeant of Newtown, int.May26,1775.*

Lydia, and Timothy Smith of Haverhill, at Haverhill [Feb.1,1753.CR2].*

Lydia, and Tappen Emery, int.July27,1833.*

Makepeace [of], and Sarah Presy, Oct.23,1760.CR2*

Mirriam, and Martin Favor, Dec.8,1833.*

Mirriam H., and Henry Elkins of Hampton, int.June13,1835.*

Mary, and William Sargent, Sept.23,1668.CTR*

Mary, wid., and William Huntington, widr., Dec.9,1725.*

Mary [], and Joseph Gould [], Dec.5,1728.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Eastman, Oct.27,1737.*

Mary, and John Tewsbury, jr., Apr.2,1761.CR2 [June18.PR1].*

Molly, and Enoch Juel, June8,1769.CR2*

Molly, Mrs., and William Buswell [Jan.10,1787. int].*

Molley, and Benjamen Page of Salisbury, int.Feb.7,1789.*

Molly, and [Maj.CR2] Isaac Whittier, Nov.14,1798.*

Polley, and James Chace, Sept.15,1805.*

Polly, and Jonathan Hoyt, Jan.10,1827.*

Mary E[lizabeth.PR36], and George S. Rowel of East Kingston, NH, Jan.27,1840. [Jan.21.PR36].*

Mary S., a.26y., d.Timothy and Betsy, and John Neal, a.28y., wool sorter, s.Hiram and Elizabeth, Nov.2,1846.*

Mehitable, and John Currier, Oct.21,1817.*

Moses, of Kingston, and Anne Tuxbury, June22,1754.*

Nancy, and Ebenezer Rand, Sept.24,1806.*

Nancy, and Nathan Bartlet, Nov.19,1812.*

Nathan, and Hannah Warren [Worthen. int.], Dec.18,1735.*

Nathan S., and Hannah Colby, int.Sept.21,1844.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Clough, July6,1738.*

Nicholas, and Susanna Presy, Dec.4,1764.CR2*

Obediah, and Mary Merrill, Dec.16,1756.CR2*

Obadiah [jr. int.], and Sally Hoyt, Apr.20,1785.PR70*

Obadiah, and Mary A. Simpson, int.Oct.14,1848.*

Orlando, and Kezia Rowel of Salisbury, int.June1,1728.*

Peter, and Mary Straw, Aug.26,1730. [Aug.20.CR2].*

Peter [jr. int.], and Mary Brown of Salisbury, Jan.29,1815.*

Philip, and Tabothy Weed, Sept.4,1729.*

Philip, and Sarrah Stephens Mores of Haverhill, int.June18,1806.*

Philip, and Selley Colby, int.Apr.3,1813.*

Philip, of Haverhill, and Susan C. Morrill, Jan.29,1829.*

Rhoda, and Joseph Collens of Newtown, int.June19,1799.*

Ruth, Mrs., and William Lewvery, int.Dec.20,1780.*

Ruth, and Joseph Currier, Sept.19,1791.*

Salome, and Frederic W.P. Goodwin of Newtown, int.Oct.29,1836.*

Samuel, jr., and Anna Nickols, Oct.23,1718.*

Sarah, and John Elliot, jr., Dec.20,1721.*

Sarah, and Joseph Davis, jr., Jan.28,1724-5.*

Sarah, and John Tuxbury, jr., Nov.25,1736.*

Sarah, and Bennaiah Davis, Apr.2,1752.*

Sarah, and Robart Heaselton, May17,1753.*

Sarah, and Daniel Savery, int.Sept.16,1775.*

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Elias Bootman, int.Sept.28,1783.*

Sally, and Samuel Tilton, int.July30,1785.*

Sarrah, of Bradford, and John Kindrick [at Haverhill. dup.], July4,1790.*

Selley, and Ephraim Foot, int.Feb.22,1800.*

Selley, and Benjamin Hoyt, June25,1807.*

Selley, and Philip Colby, int.Apr.3,1813.*

Sally, and John Long, int.Aug.22,1818.*

Sarah S., of Newtown, and Anthony Kelly, int.July28,1819.*

Sarah Bagley [of], and Alfred Bailey, Nov.13,1844.PR53*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Maxfield, at Hampton. Mar.27,1738.*

Susan S., and William Allen of Salisbury, int.July27,1833.*

Tabothy, and Jonathan Barnord, Oct.6,1725.*

Tabitha, of Salisbury, and Thomas Sanbourn, int.Dec.10,1807.*

Theophilus, and Elisabeth Hastings of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Oct.18,1750.*

Thomas, and Hannah Rowell, Sept.16,1674.NCTR*

Thomas, jr., and Mary Rowell, Nov.21,1688.*

Thomas, 3d, and Sarah Pressy, Jan.21,1728-9.*

Thomas, and Dorathy Barnard, Mar.31,1789.*

Thomas, jr., and Betsey Colby, Nov.26,1807.*

Thomas, and Hannah currier, May3,1815.*

Timothy, and Hannah Heath, July4,1718.*

Timothy, jr., and Molly Blasdle of Salisbury, int.Aug.27,1785.*

Timothy, and Betsey Colby of Salisbury, int.Nov.1,1817.*

Timothy [jr. int.], and Susan R. [K. dup.] Chase, Oct.23,1825.*

True, of Salisbury, and Sophronia Flanders, Oct.19,1823.*

Volentine, and Elisabeth Lowell, Feb.1,1788.*

Valentine, and Salley Tuxbury of South Hampton, int.Mar.8,1793.*

William [Capt.PR70], and Polley Currier, May14,1797.*

William, and Mary Long of Newbury, int.July5,1805.*

William, jr., and Selley Carter of Newtown, int.Apr.9,1814.*

William, and Sally Payne of Salisbury, int.July30,1818.*

William T., and Sally Marston of Salisbury, int.Apr.8,1826.*

William T., and Joanna Gild of Salisbury, int.Nov.28,1829.*

William M., of Salisbury, and Adeline Stevens, int.Oct.6,1832.*

William P., a.23y., chaise trimmer, s.Joshua, and Lois K. Bancroft, a.21y., d.Samuel, Jan.1,1845.*

William H., a.21y., chaise builder, s.William and Sally, and Saphron Sanborn, a.18y., d.Levi and Polly, May25,1845.*

Willoby, and Sarah Sargent, Jan.14,1767.CR2*

Winthrop, and Mrs.Abigail Nickels, int.Apr.11,1778.*

Woodman, and Judith Rogers, Apr.24,1793.*

Zackaes, and Hannah Eastmand, Oct.2,1735.*

COLEBE (Colby)

Ruggles, and Abigail Davis of Newbury, Mar.15,1732-3.*

COLEBY (Colby)

Aaron, and Elizabeth Colbey,末蔓末,1750.CR1*

Anne, and Isaac Randal of Gloucester, Mar.5,1750-51.CR1*

Hannah, and William Osgood, 3d, June8,1693.CTR*

Hannah, and John Wells, jr.,末蔓末,1749.CR1*

Judith, and Enoch Chase, at Salisbury, Jan.25,1726-7.*

COLINS (Collins)

Mary, of Salisbury, and James C. Davis, Mar.5,1826.*

COLLBY (Colby)

Abraham, and Elisabeth Blasdel, Mar.23,1741-2.*

Ann, and Moses Wells, Dec.4,1740.*

David, and Mehitabel Straw, May25,1732.*

Dorothy, and William Hoyt, Jan.12,1687-8.*

Elisabeth, and Abraham Chase, Nov.26,1746.*

Frances, and Ezra Badger, July22,1736.*

Jacob, and Susanna Sargent, Oct.12,1749.*

Jane, and Joseph Bartlett, Dec.1,1743.*

Jemina, and Pasky Foot [Frost.CR2], May16,1733.*

John [Ichabod.PR1 and int.], and Ruth Rowell, Feb.25,1783.CR2 [Mar.3. int.].*

Martha, and Timothy Walker, Dec.5,1738.*

Martha, and Joseph Kimball, June5,1740.*

Moses, and Mary Sargent, Feb.24,1742-3.*

Obediah [Nells.CR2; Wells.PR1], and Judith Straw, Sept.6,1736.*

Rhoda, and Nathan Goodwin, Jan.13,1736-7.*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Ash, Mar.19,1746-7.*

Sarah, and John Bootman, Mar.13,1737-8.*

Susanna, and William Straw, jr., July13,1738.*

Valentine, and Hannah Kimbal, Aug.20,1747.*

Wiloughby, and Hannah Tuexberry, Feb.12,1746-7.*

COLLENS (Collins)

Joseph, of Newtown, and Rhoda Colby, int.June19,1799.*

Levi, of Newtown, and Ruthy Ferrington, int.Mar.8,1817.*

Mereim, of Salisbury, and Steven Lowel, int.Nov.18,1727.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Stephen Barnord, Oct.6,1743.*

COLLINGS (Collins)

Benjamin, s.John and Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and Mary Jones, d.John and Susanna, Aug.9,1732.CR3*

Joseph, of Salisbury, and Hannah Sargent, Aug.8,1723.*

COLLINS (Colins, Collens, Collings)

Abigail, and Zephaniah Breed, int.:9m:1791.CR3*

Currier, and Polly Osgood of Salisbury, int.Sept.5,1829.*

David O. [of], and Mary S. Crown, Feb.18,1827.*

David O., and Achsah Ann Moore of Salisbury, int.Sept.12,1835.*

Hannah, d.Tristram and Judith, of South Hampton, NH, and Edmond Johnson, s.Obadiah and Judith, of Kensington, NH, Dec.3,1755.CR3*

Jabez S., of Salisbury, and Betsy Sargent, int.Jan.7,1843.*

Jacob, and Judith Dow, int.21:6m:1770.CR3*

John, and Rhoda Currier, Nov.20,1794.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Dow, int.20:4m:1769.CR3*

Lucy, and Jacob Davice of Plaistow, Jan.末,1812. [Jan.25. int.].*

Lydia P., of Salisbury, and Samuel Mitchell, int.Dec.12,1840.*

Mary, and Moses Rowell, int.20:1m:1774.CR3*

Mary, and Nicholas Sargent, int.Aug.16,1834.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Jacob G. Clarkson, int.Jan.24,1846.*

Miriam, d.Benjamin and Mary, of Kingston, NH, and Ebenezer Hoag, s.Benjamin and Easther, 23:9m:1756.CR3*

Moses, jr., and Susan W. Flanders, both of Salisbury, Aug.11,1822.*

Phebe, and Beetfield Sawyer, int.15:6m:1769.CR3*

Ruben, of South Hampton, and Judith Worthen, int.Feb.13,1784.*

Robert, s.Tristram and Judith, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Keziah Dow, d.Elihue and Mehitabell, of Hampton Falls, NH, Feb.2,1763.CR3*

Samuel, s.Tristram, and Judith, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Hannah Dow, d.John and Patience, of Kensignton, NH, Jan.3,1759.CR3*

Samuel, s.Zaccheus, of Lynn, blacksmith, and Judith Dow, d.Abraham, of Hampton, NH, husbandman, May17,1766.CR3*

Sarah, d.Tristram, and Judith, of Seabrook, NH, and Hezekiah Purinton, s.Elijah and Dorothy, of Weare, NH, Mar.14,1775.CR3*

Susanna, of Newtown, and Timothy Wood, int.Feb.23,1805. [Apr.13. dup.]

Tristram, of Seabrook, NH, and Comfort Hoag, wid.Jonathan, of South Hampton, NH, May29,1771.CR3*

Winthrop, of Salisbury, and Ruth Curtis, Feb.10,1817.*

Winthrop, and Mary Bartlett, int.Oct.16,1819.*

Zechaus, and Elisabeth Sayer, int.17:11m:1722.CR3*


Pheabe, of Kingston, and Abraham Colby, jr., at Kingston, Feb.6,1738-9.*


James, and Hannah Colby, Jan.23,1752.CR2*

Rhody, and Benjamin Presey, Nov.24,1773.CR2*


Dorothy, and Jeremiah Green, int.16:9m:1721.CR3*

Dorothy, d.George, of Kensington, NH, and Martha, and Jonathan Eastes, s.Benjamin, of Berwick, ME, and Elizabeth, June8,1758.CR3*

Elisebeth, wid., of Salisbury, and Samuel Barnard, int.May10,1788.*

Mary, of Exeter, and Daniel Gale, int.Dec.2,1727.*


Charles, and Elizabeth Nichols, Nov.9,1769.CR2*

John L., of Salisbury, NH, a.24y., iron founder, s.Dame and Mary, and Alice Blumley of Haverhill, a.19y., d.Charles and Betsy, Nov.6,1844.*

Moody D., and Elizabeth Morse, int.Oct.15,1836.*


Charlotte P., and John J. Chase of Haverhill, int.Aug.16,1839.*

Elbridge G., of Haverhill, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Josiah and Sophia, and Mary P. Silloway of Haverhill, a.25y., d.David and Louiza, Sept.22,1845.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Osgood of Haverhill, int.July20,1832.*

Josiah, of Newbury, and Sophia Pattee, int.July12,1815.*

COPPS (Cops)

Abigail [of Hopkinton. int.], and John Clement, Oct.23,1831.PR6*

COPS (Copps)

David, of Haverhill, and Ann Tucker, int.Oct.16,1725.*

Selley, of Plaistow, and Nehemiah Sargent, jr., int.Apr.18,1788.*


Josiah, of Hopkinton, and Mrs.Elisabeth Lankester, int.Mar.4,1780.*


Sarah, of Haverhill, and Joseph Ayers, Nov.24,1686.*

CORLIS (Corliss)

Mary E., of Salisbury, and Bailey C. Colby, int.Jan.3,1848.*

CORLISS (Callis, Corles, Corlis)

Adaline D., of Methuen a.22y., d.Jonathan, and Henry Simpson fo Methuen, a.24y., stone mason, s.Henry and Abigail, July3,1846.*

COTTEL (Cottle)

Thomas, and Christiana Challis, Dec.24,1772.CR2*

COTTLE (Cottle)

Thomas, of Newbury, and Mrs.Hannah Lowell, Jan.6,1725-6.*


Daniel N., of Salem, and Sarah Jane Sylvester, int.Nov.11,1848.*


Asa, and Almira Frost, int.Apr.14,1828.*


Louisa, of Amhurst, and Rev. James B. Hadley, int.Nov.1,1837.*


Nabby, of Salisbury, and Richard Blasdell, int.Feb.13,1790.*


James, of Newbury, and Mrs.Dorothy Currier, [jr. int.], Nov.18,1725.*


Harriet M., and Jacob I. Danforth of Newburyport, int.July25,1846.*

James, and Laura M. Lee, int.Mar.18,1837.*

James M., widr.A. 30y., operative, s.Joseph and Judith, and Emily Osgood of Salsibury, a.27y., d.Richard and Mary, Mar.29,1846.*

Mary Jane, a.28y., d.Joseph and Judith, and Charles Augustus Barker of Charlestown, a.25y., trader, s.Noah and E., Apr.15,1846.*

Sarah, and Richard Osgood, int.Mar.29,1834.*

CROMBIE (Crumby)

Benjamin F., of Bradford, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Benjamin and Clarrissa, and Mary Hoyt of Georgetown, a.22y., d.Joseph and Abigail, Aug.16,1849.*


Abigail, and Edmund McNeill of Andover, Sept.12,1830.*

John, and Abigal Sawyer, Apr.3,1800.*

John, and Selley Hoyt, Oct.10,1802.*

John, and Sarah Foot, Aug.29,1820.*

Ruth M., and John Martin, jr., int.Dec.24,1842.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Jonathan Morrill, jr., int.Apr.26,1845.*


Nathaniel, of Gofistown, and Sarah E. Fletcher, int.Sept.19,1835.*


Hannah F., of Hopkinton, NH, and George W. Mitchell, int.Oct.19,1844.*

Robert, and Mary Cabot Tyng of Newbury, int.Oct.10,1829.*


Joseph, and Hannah Worthen, Feb.13,1797.*

Mary S., and David O. Collins [of], Feb.18,1827.*

CRUMBY (Crombie)

Eliza, of Bradford, and Joseph Moody, jr., int.Apr.2,1807.*


末末, and Richard Paine, Apr.6,1765.CR2*

Aaron, and Electa Well, Dec.15,1736.*

Aaron, and Judith Hadlock of South Hampton, int.June22,1780.*

Abigail, and John Currier of Kingston, Apr.27,1796.*

Nabby, and Thomas Hoyt, jr., Nov.28,1799.*

Abigail P., and Benjamin Currier [jr. int.] of South Hampton, Dec.3,1840.*

Abner, and Mary Harvy, Feb.16,1736-7.*

Alice, of Newbury, and Amos Davis, at Newbury, Nov.7,1745.*

Allis, and Moses Rowell, Apr.6,1788. [Mar.7,1789. int.].*

Amos M., a.22y., cabinet maker, s.Enoch, jr. and Lousia, and Ruth A[nn. int.] Brown of Salisbury, a.20y., d.Nathaniel and Ann, July4,1848.*

Anna, and Moses Merrill, Aug.22,1821.*

Ann, and Samuel Barnard, at Salisbury, Oct.22,1696.*

Ann, and Daniell Rowell, Mar.14,1728.*

Ann, and Peter Sargent, July15,1742.CR2*

Anne, and Robart Hoyt, Mar.9,1785.*

Ann, and George Jewell, int.Nov.24,1832.*

Bailey, unm., farmer, s.Timothy and Judith, and Abigail T. Moore, a.19y., d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.13,1845.*

Barzilla, and Mary Ann Healy, at Boston, May22,1836.*

Benjamin, of Salisbury, and Rhoda Jewell, int.Dec.28,1787.*

Benjamin M., and Louisa Ann Hoyt, int.July9,1836.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], of South Hampton, and Abigail P. Currier, Dec.3,1840.*

Barnard, and Mrs.Mary Emery of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.23,1739.*

Charles, of Salisbury, and Lavina Johnson, int.May8,1847.*

Daniel, and Sarah Brown, Dec.12,1717.*

Daniel, and Electa Currier, Apr.22,1742.*

Daniel, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Lowell Bayly, int.May6,1775.*

Daniel, jr., and Molley French of South Hampton, int.Feb.8,1800.*

David, and Kezia Colby, Dec.11,1718.*

David, and Susanna Bagly, Mar.13,1749.*

David, of Salisbury, and Mrs.Sarah Chase, int.July19,1781.*

David, and Mirriam Clough, Jan.25,1788.*

David, and Polly Rowell, Mar.4,1798.PR80*

David, and Nabby Huntington, Jan.10,1799.*

David [jr. int.], of Salisbury, and Betsey Currier, Aug.18,1805.*

David, jr., and Sarah Jane Page of Dover, NH, int.Apr.11,1845.*

Dorothy, Mrs.[jr. int.], and James Crocker of Newbury, Nov.18,1725.*

Dorothy, and Tristram Barnard, Dec.14,1743.*

Dorothy, and Joseph Hoyt [of], Mar.3,1763.CR2*

Dolly, and Richard Currier, jr., int.Mar.4,1785.*

Dorothy, and Archibald Taylor of Portsmouth, int.May20,1785.*

Dorothy, and John Osgood [jr. int.] of Salisbury, Oct.25,1809.*

Dorothy, and Ebenezer Bartlett of Kingston, Apr.7,1819.*

Dolly, a.26y., d.Richard and Dolly, and William C. Binney of Roxbury [of Boston.CR4], a.24y., counselor-at-law, b. Boston, s.John and Judith, of Boston, Jan.25,1848.*

Ebenezer, and Judith Osgood of Salsibury, at Salisbury, Dec.8,1713.*

Ebenezer, and Anne Jones, Dec.28,1737.*

Edwin M., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Moses and Mary E., and Ruth B. Nutter, a.23y., d.Nathan and Ruth, Jan.25,1846.*

Elinor, and David Stevens [now resident of], Nov.21,1728.*

Elenor, and Henry Morrill of Salisbury, Oct.5,1756.*

Electa, and Daniel Currier, Apr.22,1742.*

Electa, and [Lt. int.] Joseph Bartlet, Nov.15,1789.*

Electa, of Newtown, and Barzilla Colby, int.Oct.26,1799.*

Elijah, and Hannah Currier, Apr.9,1741.*

Elijah, and Anne Quimby, Oct.26,1754.*

Eliphelet, and Mary Lowell, Dec.11,1740.*

Elisabeth, and Eliphelet Sweet, Oct.18,1739.*

Betty, of South Hampton, and Moses French, int.Nov.30,1784.*

Betsy, and Semion Bartlet [of Warner. int.], Dec.31,1789.*

Elizebeth, and Ephraim Goodwin, June8,1794.*

Elisebeth, and Richard Hoyt, July11,1802.*

Betsey, and David Currier [jr. int.] of Salisbury, Aug.18,1805.*

Betsy, and Thomas Bailey, Nov.10,1815. [Nov.12.PR53].*

Betsy, and Nehemiah Heath of Newtown, int.Apr.8,1817.*

Elisebeth J., and Page M. Ring of Ware, int.Aug.15,1829.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Mann, Nov.8,1837.*

Elizabeth B., os Salisbury, and Joseph Green, Feb.22,1844.*

Emeline S., a.16y., d.Moses, of Newbury, and Enoch S. Chase, widr., a.25y., tanner and cutter, b. West Amesbury, s.William, Oct.16,1844.*

Enoch, and Sally Wadliegh [of], Oct.7,1806.PR26*

Enoch [jr. int.], and Loiza Blasdell, Dec.29,1822.*

Ephraim, and Sarah Weed, Dec.30,1736.*

Ephraim, and Abigail Patten, Feb.24,1762.CR2*

Ephraim, and Polley Flanders of Salisbury, Apr.7,1796.*

Ezekiel, and Betsy Merrill, Jan.27,1813.*

Gilman B., unm., of South Hampton, NH, a.45y., yeoman, b. South Hampton, s.Thomas, of South Hapmton, and Lavinia Bartlett, a.39y., d.William and Molly, Mar.8,1847.*

Hannah, and Samuel Lowel, Oct.26,1721.*

Hannah, and Elijah Currier, Apr.9,1741.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Salisbury, and Jonathan Morrill, int.July18,1777.*

Hannah, and Stephen Blasdel, Nov.13,1787.*

Hannah, and Valantine Bagley, July24,1796.*

Hannah, and Thomas Colby, May3,1815.*

Hannah, and Enoch Osgood, June11,1834.*

Isaac, and Elizabeth Hadlock of South Hampton, int.Apr.10,1784.*

Isaac [M. int.], of Portsmouth, NH, and Mary E[lizabeth.PR77] Tuxbury, Jan.1,1838.*

Israel, and Judith Jones, Jan.3,1738-9.*

Jacob, of Salisbury, and Mary Barnord, Mar.18,1723-4.*

Jacob B[agly.PR1], and [] Elizabeth Johnson, Aug.18,1776.CR2*

Jacob B[], and Mary Hoyt, June13,1805.*

Jacob, of Salisbury, and Sarah Currier, Nov.末,1811.*

Jacob, jr., of Salisbury, and Mrs.Mary Kendrick. Nov.5,1840.*

James, of Newtown, and Lydia Morrill [Merrill.TC], int.Mar.1,1784.*

James M., of Manchester, NH, and Sarah Brown, int.Nov.14,1846.*

Jeremiah, and Anna Bagly, May1,1729.*

Jeremiah S[], of Cumberland, RI, and Mary Coffin, Oct.13,1833.*

Jerusa, Mrs., and Jeremiah Morrill of Salisbury, int.Jan.11,1777.*

Jerusha, and Melliot [] Merrill of Salisbury, Oct.15,1803.*

Jerusha, and Thomas Ordway of Newburyport, Jan.1,1811.*

John, and Mary Johnson of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.23,1728-9.*

John, and Mary Wells,末蔓末,1750.CR1*

John, and Jemima Clough, Aug.29,1751.*

John, and Sarah Clark, Apr.2,1761.PR1*

John, and Judeth Stevens of Salisbury, Nov.29,1795.*

John, of Kingston, and Abigail Currier, Apr.27,1796.*

John, and Delia Colby, June1,1802.*

John [jr. int.], and Rachel Pecker, Aug.14,1806.*

John, and Mehitable Colby, Oct.21,1817.*

John, 4th, and Eliza B. Sawyer of West Newbury, int.Sept.10,1830.*

John, of Mewton, NH, and Mary Merrill, int.May4,1839.*

John H., and Olive A. Dow, int.Mar.9,1844.*

John O., and Mary S. Hough of Cambridge, int.Feb.22,1846.*

Jonathan, and Anne Challis, Jan.25,1721-2.*

Joseph, and Sarah Brown, of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Dec.9,1708.*

Joseph, and Ruth Colby, Sept.19,1791.*

Joseph, and Betty Kindrick, Aug.26,1792.*

Joseph, jr., and Bethsheba T. Hoyt, int.Oct.23,1818.*

Joshua, of South Hampton, and Mary Ferrington, int.Nov.22,1803.*

Joshua, and Abigal Sargent, Dec.1,1808.*

Joshua, and Sarah S. Huse, Nov.12,1834.*

Juda, and Timothy Morrill of Salisbury, int.Aug.16,1788.*

Judith, and Samuell Sheperd, May22,1735.*

Judith, and David Hoyt, jr., Jan.19,1758.*

Kezia, wid., and Jacob Bagly, June2,1748.*

Kezia, Mrs., and James Follansbe of Salisbury, int.Oct.23,1799.*

Lois, and Robert Hoyt, int.Dec.10,1814.*

Lydia, and David Huntington, Nov.29,1798.*

Lydia A., a.40y., d.Benjamin and Abigail, and Jeremiah D. Jewett, widr., of Newbury, a.39y., cordwainer, s.Jonathan and Alice, June15,1848.*

M[erriam.TC], and John Hoit, Nov.5,1745. [Nov.4.CR2]

Mirriam, and Abrahaim Page, Dec.9,1762.*

Mary, and Robart Hoyt, Mar.17,1706-7.*

Mary, and Jacob Challis, Apr.14,1736.*

Mary, and Peter Coffen of Newbury, Sept.1,1743.*

Mary, and Jonathan Clark, Mar.16,1744-5. [Mar.26.CR2]

Mary, and Thomas Person, Jan.4,1753.CR2*

Mary, and Isaac Blasdel, Mar.16,1758.CR2*

Mary, and Wells Chase, Feb.27,1773.CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Merrill, int.Dec.20,1781.*

Mary, and William Bartlet, int.Apr.6,1791.*

Polley [Sally.CR2], and Robert Marsh of Haverhill, Dec.20,1795.*

Polley, and [Capt.PR70] William Colby, May14,1797.*

Polley, and Eliphelet Barnard, June9,1801.*

Polly, and Ebenezer Bordman, Sept.14,1803.*

Mary, of Gilmanton, and Jonathan Hoyt, int.Sept.6,1806.*

Mary, of Newtown, and Iseral Ingals, int.Oct.20,1810.*

Mary, and Ezra Worthen, int.Oct.31,1812.*

Polly, and Stephen Sawyer, May2,1821.*

Mary, and Daniel Morrill of Salisbury, int.Mar.23,1822.*

Mary, and Ephraim Merrill, June8,1828.*

Mary Pearson, and Jonathan Mann, June23,1835.PR7*

Mary Jane, and Enoch S. Chase of Haverhill, Oct.12,1842.*

Mehitabel, and William Straw, jr.,末蔓末,1746.CR1*

Mehetable, and Joseph Gerish [] of Newbury, Jan.1,1761.*

Mahitable, and David Fallinsbee of Salisbury, Sept.5,1797.*

Miriam, and Moses Titcomb, Dec.19,1728.*

Miriam, and Micah Hoyt of Newtown, July19,1759.*

Meriam, and Joseph Bradley, jr. of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Sept.22,1796. [Sept.20. dup.].*

Miriam, and Joseph Weed, Apr.25,1798.*

Miriam, and Jacob Barnard, Apr.8,1817.*

Moses, and Rhoda Wells, Oct.24,1734.*

Moses, and [] Rachel Sargent, May19,1778.CR2*

Moses, of Newtown, and Salley Merril, Feb.6,1797.*

Moses, a.23y., and Mary E. Bartlett of Newtown, NH, a.20y., Dec.28,1820.PR35*

Nathan, and Mehitabel Silver, Mar.21,1732-3.*

Nathan [Nathaniell.PR1; jr. int.], and [] Sarah Bussell, Nov.24,1778.CR2*

Nathan, and Molly Noyes of Plaistow, int.Nov.15,1786.*

Nathan, jr., and Ruth Dow of Plaistow, int.Oct.18,1806.*

Noah, and Mary Barnard, May27,1810.*

P. Jane, and Jeremiah W. Eaton, both of South Hampton, NH, Dec.24,1846.*

Paulina, and George Ring of Salisbury, int.Mar.1,1828.*

Peter, and Abigal Pecker, Mar.18,1806. [1807.CR2].*

Rachell, and John Wells, July20,1756.*

Rebeckah, and Levi Hadlock of Deering, int.Aug.18,1795.*

Rhoda, and John Collins, Nov.20,1794.*

Rhoda, of Salisbury, and Isaiah Falker, int.Oct.15,1814.*

Richard, and wid.末末 Sargent, Oct.26,1676.NCTR*

Richard, and Hannah Bagly, Feb.19,1750.*

Richard, jr., and Dolly Currier, int.Mar.4,1785.*

Richard [jr. int.], and Doroty Morrill [of], May8,1806.PR80*

Richard, and Betsy Eastman of Newtown, Feb.20,1810.*

Richard, 3d, and Sally Currier of Newtown, int.Dec.15,1821.*

Rodney H., a.21y., cordwainer, s.Moses and Mary, and Mary E. Bagley, a.20y., d.William and Mary, Sept.6,1846.*

Roxanna, and Joseph True of Salisbury, int.Feb.3,1849.*

Ruth, and Stephen Bartlet, Mar.26,1741.*

Samuell, and Dorithy Foot, int.Dec.14,1700.*

Sarah, of Salisbury, wid.Daniel, and Joseph Sargent, widr.Apr.8,1731.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Badger, Jan.19,1737-8.*

Sarah, and Vallingtine Bagly, Dec.21,1763.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Bagly [jr.PR14], Jan.17,1773.*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Harbut of Salisbury, int.Aug.1,1778.*

Salley, of South Hampton, and Thomas Barnard, int.Feb.27,1790.*

Salley [Polly.CR2], and Henry Williams, Dec.20,1795.*

Salley, and Benjamin Osgood [jr. int.] of Salisbury, June22,1796.*

Selley Jhonson, and Benjamin Morrill [jr. int.] of Salisbury, May19,1805. [May18.PR7].*

Selley, and Aaron Sawyer, Oct.25,1809.*

Selley, and Nicholas Sargent, Nov.16,1809.*

Selley, and Hezekiah Coffin of Newbury, Mar.2,1811.*

Sarah, and Jacob Currier of Salisbury, Nov.末,1811.*

Sally, of Newtown, and Richard Currier, 3d, int.Dec.15,1821.*

Sarah Abigail, and Jones Ring of Salisbury, int.Feb.19,1836.*

Sarah A., and Moses Flanders, Dec.26,1839.*

Sarah Ann, of Salisbury, and Jacob Flanders, int.Sept.17,1842.*

Sargent, and Sarah Ann Fitz of Candia, int.Oct.25,1831.*

Seth, and Allice Sargent, Jan.16,1766.CR2*

Seth, and Tabitha Goodwin, Feb.26,1800.*

Seth, and Sarah Johnson, Nov.30,1836.*

Sophronia, of Salisbury, and Adams Morrill, jr., int.July19,1833.*

Susanna, and Henry Quimby, June25,1761.*

Tabitha, and Stephen Osgood of Salisbury, June19,1794.*

Theophilus, and Sarah Lister, Sept.2,1762.*

Theophilus, and Selley Barnard, Mar.6,1801.*

Thomas, and Mary Osgood, Dec.9,1668.CTR*

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Barnard, d.Nathenell, of Nantucket, Sept.19,1700.*

Thomas, 3d, and Jerima Morrill of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Mar.5,1740-41.*

Thomas, jr., and Molley [] Osgood of Salisbury, June4,1797.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Dolly Bagley, Oct.5,1803.*

Thomas [jr. int.], of Salisbury, and Abigail Tewsbury, Oct.8,1803.*

Thomas, jr., and Hannah Hoyt, June1,1806.*

Thomas [], and Miriam Tuxbury, Feb.末,1808.*

Thomas [], and Betsy Osgood, Mar.20,1809.*

Thomas [], and Sarah Hoyt, d.William and Mary, Mar.18,1815.PR45*

Thomas S., and Betsey Emery, Mar.3,1830.CR2*

Thomas J., and Lucinda Gove [of Kensington. int.], at Boston, June19,1836.*

Timothy, and Judeth Hook [jr. int.], Jan.31,1727-8.*

Timothy, and wid.Hannah Ballerd of Salisbury, "ye sd.Hannah Sollommonly declared as in ye presence of allmighty God and before many witnesses that she was no ways in possession of her former husbands Estate of what kind so ever nither possession or in evertion," Sept.28,1748.*

Timothy, and Nancy Fowler of Salisbury, int.Nov.4,1790.*

Timothy, and Judia Goodwin, int.Dec.8,1798.*

Timothy, and Patience Barnard, int.Mar.11,1831.*

William, and Rachel Sargent, Dec.14,1704.*

William, and Hannah Harvey, Mar.8,1721-2.*

William, and Judith Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.19,1735-6.*

William, and Elisebeth Weed, May6,1787.*

William, and Lydia O. Gale, int.Apr.24,1830.*

William H., and Eliza S. Tilton of Hampton Falls, int.Nov.27,1836.*

Willis, and Sarah Bartlet of Newtown, int.Nov.16,1784.*

Willibee H., and Ann Clay, Oct.20,1828.*

Woodman C., and Eunice M. Brookings of Newburyport, int.Aug.11,1827.*

CURTICE (Curtis)

Nancy, and Nicholas Lewis, June13,1802.*


Desier, and Hathorn Coker, jr., int.18:9m:1738.CR3*

CURTIS (Curtice)

Benjamin, and Sally Edwards, Aug.25,1803.*

Daniel, and Ruth Morrill, Oct.27,1799.*

Nancy, and Amos Fallonsbee, Aug.8,1801.*

Richard, and Polly Flanders, Jan.29,1826.*

Ruth, and Winthrop Collins of Salisbury, Feb.10,1817.*

Timothy, and Hannah Blasdell, July25,1824.*

William, and Betsy Tilton, July7,1808.*


Fanny K., of Newburyport, a.26y., d.Timothy and Mary, and Gorham Phillsbury, widr., of Newbury, a.32y., cordwainer, s.Amos and Alice, Apr.26,1849.*

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