JACKMAN (Jacman)

Caroline T., of Salisbury, a.22y., d.James and Meriam, and John Johnson, unm., a 35y., spinner, s.John and Agnes, Sept.12,1847.*

Dorothy T., and Alonzo Nutter, int.Apr.24,1837.

Hannah E., of Salisbury, and William D. Bartlett, int.Oct.19,1833.

Levina, and John Dow, jr. of Salisbury, int.Feb.22,1834.

Mary, of Newbury, and John Colby, jr., int.Oct.7,1818.

Mary, and David Barnard, Oct.15,1829.

Nancy, of Newbury, and William Davis, int.June13,1831.

JACMAN (Jackman)

Richard, of Newbury, and Abigail Blaisdell, Aug.14,1803.*


Thomas, and Nancy Clough, Jan.10,1795.*


Massa, of Chichester, and Richard Maxfield, int.Mar.2,1792.


Mary A., of Seabrook, NH, and Samuel Brown, int.Nov.11,1843.

Olive G., and Buckley Blackburn, int.Sept.25,1830.


Jeremiah N., of Newburyport, and Susan Webster, int.Apr.6,1833.

Sarah Williams, and Edward C. Peabody of Newburyport, int.Oct.25,1834.


Elizabeth, of Milton, and Reuben Tilton, int.June28,1836.

John [P. int.], of Newbury, and Sally Huntington, Sept.21,1827.*

Renald, of Kittery, ME, s.Jabez and Elizabeth, and Content Chase, d.Elihu and Mary, of Kensington, NH, 19:1m:1788.CR3

Stephen, s.Reynolds and Content, of Eliot, ME, and Jemima Green, d.Nathan and Mehitable, of Pittsfield, NH, 23:6m:1815.CR3


Elisabeth S., of Salidbury, a.22y., d.William and Phebe, and Jonathan H. Winn of Salisbury, a.25y., tin plate worker, s.Joshua and Temperance, Aug.22,1849.

JEWEL (Jewell)

Abihail, and Lawrance Straw, June3,1725.*

Charles, and Betsy Tuxbury, int.Sept.14,1822.

Jacob, of South Hampton, and Mary Barnard, Oct.25,1795.*

John, and Hannah Prowse, Jan.9,1701-2.*

John, and Sarah Preesey, May14,1745.

Joseph, and Ann Quimby, Jan.1,1716-17.*

Lydia, of South Hampton, and Joseph Hoyt, Oct.9,1752.

Ruth, wid.Thomas, jr., and John Davis, 3d, Dec.22,1707.*

Samuell, and Sarah King, Nov.6,1712.*

Susanna, and John Silver, jr. [of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], Sept.17,1747.

Thomas, and Judith Lankester of Salisbury, int.Feb.19,1731-2.

JEWELL (Jewel, Juel, Juell)

Barns, and Dorothy Jones, May13,1740.

Charles, and Ruth H. Rowell, Sept.19,1836.*

Charles O., and Perlina Ring, int.Aug.8,1847.

Bette, and Samuel Morrill, int.Feb.13,1784.

Elizabeth Ann, of South Hampton, NH, and Charles H. Goodrich, int.Oct.23,1841.

Ezra, and Elisabeth French of Salisbury, int.Oct.31,1751.

George, and Ann Currier, int.Nov.24,1832.

Hannah, and Jonathan Osgood of Salisbury, int.May12,1705.

Hannah, and Peter Bryer, Sept.2,1735.

Jonathan [of South Hampton. int.], and Sarah Barnard, Nov.11,1742.*

Joseph [of South Hampton, NH. int.], and Sarah S. Goodhue, May10,1842.*

Mary, and Joseph Barnard, Dec.1,1693.CTR

Mary, and Joseph Merrill of Salisbury, Jan.16,1739-40.

Mary, and Philip Wells, July16,1741.

Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Chase, int.Nov.16,1781.

Molley, of South Hampton, and Samuel Shepard, int.Nov.1,1788.

Molley, and Samuel Shepard, int.Aug.11,1792.

Mary Elizabeth, and Charles Fuller of Brentwood, NH, int.Mar.11,1843.

Rhoda, and Benjamin Currier of Salisbury, int.Dec.28,1787.

Samuel, and Mary staples of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May20,1742.

Sarah, and Elias Bussell, Jan.31,1733-4.


Jeremiah D., widr., of Newbury, a.39y., cordwainer, s.Jonathan and Alice, and Lydia A. Currier, a.40y., d.Benjamin and Abigail, June15,1848.*

Wade H., of Salisbury, and Abigail B. Bartlett, int.Dec.24,1842.

JHONSON (Johnson)

William [Johnson. int.], and Nabby Clement, Feb.24,1803.*8

JIMSON (Gemson)

John, and Hester Martyn, Mar.15,1669-70.CTR

JOHNSON (Jhonson, Johnston, Jonson)

Abigail, of Haverhill, and James Peaslee, Jan.13,1742.

Abigal, d.Obadiah and Judith, of Kensington, NH, and Thomas Morril of Berwick, ME, s.Peter, May9,1754.CR3

Daniel, jr., of Haverhill, and Sarah Davis, at Haverhill, May25,1742.

Daniel B., of Unity, NH, s.Edmond and Huldah, and Lydia F. Miller, d.Jonathan and Abigail, of Pittsfield, NH, deceased, 3:10m:1839.CR3

Dorcas, d.Edmund, of Hampton, and Andrew Neale, of Kittery, s.Andrew, of Kittery, 18:7m:1724.CR3

Dolly, and John Bartlett, Dec.29,1824.*

Edmond, s.Obadiah and Judith, of Kensington, NH, and Hannah Collins, d.Tristram and Judith, of South Hampton, NH, Dec.3,1755.CR3

Edmond, jr., and Abigail Philips Breed, int.20:7m:1791.CR3

Eliza, a.24y., d.William and Abigail, and Elbridge M. Morse, a.27y., farmer, s.Benjamin, and Sally, Nov.3,1846.*

Elizabeth, [Mrs.int.], and Jacob B[agly.PR1] Currier, Aug.18,1776.CR2*

Enoch, of Newburyport, and Mabby Colby, Aug.19,1790.*

Francis H., and Joanna Griffin, Sept.14,1840.*

John, of Haverhill, and Sarah Bradley, Aug.30,1795.*

Joseph [now resident in Amesbury.int.], and Mehitable Foot, July14,1729.*

Layina, and Charles Currier of Salisbury, int.May8,1847.

Mary, wid., of Haverhill, and Joseph Colby, widr., Aug.1,1722.*

Mary, of Newbury, and John Currier, at Newbury, Jan.23,1728-9.*

Mary, d.Obadiah and Judith, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and Samuel Paige, s.Theophlius and Hannah of Kensington, NH, Jan.31,1759.CR3

Mary [Johnston. int.], and Jeremiah Dennstt o Portsmouth, Feb.26,1832.*

Mary, and Jesse Annis, Dec.16,1834.*

May, d.Edmund, of Hampton, deceased, and Israel Hogdonof Dover, NH, Sept.21,1738.CR3

Mehitable, d.Nathan and Mehitable Green, of Pittsfield, and Thomas Huntington of Deering, NH, s.Benjamin, of Weare, and Elizabeth, 24:3m:1819.CR3

Moses, and Mrs., Hannah Hoyt, int.Oct.26,1776.

Nathan, and Elizabeth H. Whitaker, both of Haverhill, Feb.26,1832.

Pharaoh, and Hannah Sawyer, int.末:末m:1781.CR3

Ralph, of Seabrook, NH, s.Denis and Mary, and Anna Gove of Seabrook, NH, d.Stephen and Huldah, deceased, 26:7m:1809.CR3

Samuel, of Lynn, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, deceased, and Sarah Challes, d.David, deceased, and Ruth, 30:1m:1800.CR3

Sarah, and Dr. Roger Merril, Oct.3,1774.CR2

Sarah, and Joseph Mores [Moore. int.], Mar.28,1824.*

Sarah, and Seth Currier, Nov.30,1836.*

William, Rev., and Mrs.Sarah Sargent, Nov.14,1757.CR2

William [Johnston. int.], and Levina [Johnson. int.] Flint, Oct.4,1825.*

William L., of Salisbury, a.27y., dentist, s.Jacob and Mary, and Sarah Bagley of Salisbury, a.21y., d.William H. and Hannah, Mar.5,1884.

JOHNSTON (Johnson)

James, and Elisebeth Brown, int.Jan.3,1829.

John, unm., a.35y., spinner, s.John and Agnes, and Caroline T. Jackman of Salisbury, a.22y., d.James and Meriam.Sept.12,1847.*

Samuel F., and Sarah Taylor, int.Apr.3,1840.

JONES (Jons)

Abel, of Salisbury, and Paulina Bagley, Mar.8,1824.*

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, and Jacob Rowell, jr. of Salisbury, s.Jacob and Anna, 22:11m:1804.CR3

Anne, and Ebenezer Currier, Dec.28,1737.

Benjamin H., of Gilmanton, NH, s.Nicholas and Lucy, deceased, and Mahaleth Glidden, d.Levi and Mahaleth, of Alton, NH, both deceased, 8:9m:1837.CR3

Damoras, and Joshua Purenton of Hampton, int.Oct.28,1710.

Daniel, and Sarah Stevens, wid.John, "ye sd.Sarah did then declare that she was not ye owner of any part of ye sd Johns Estate In possession nor in Reversion," Oct.18,1749.

David, of South Hampton, and Selley Ferrington, Aug.21,1806. [Dec.21.CR2]*

Dorothy, and Joshua Edwards, int.Mar.1,1729-30.

Dorothy, and Barns Jewell, May13,1740.

Elijah, s.Abner and Abigail, and Elizabeth Purinton, d.George and Mirabah, of Epping, NH, Nov.2,1780.CR3

Elizabeth, and Samuel Galchell, jr., 27:9m:1679.PR74

Elizabeth, d.Ezekiel and Lydia, and Daniel Basset Ally of Lynn, s.John and Sarah, deceased, 27:10m:1791.CR3

Betsy, and William Macclure, Apr.末,1810.*

Ezekiel, s.John, yeoman, and Susanna, both deceased, and Lydia Rowell, d.Philip and Elizabeth, of Salisbury, Apr.5,1753.CR3

Ezekiel, jr., and Ruth Hussey, int.May7,1803.

Ezekiel, jr., s.Ezekiel and Ruth, and Phebe Thomson, d.Olney, of Pittsfield, NH, and Hyrena, deceased, 8:11m:1826.CR3

Hannah, and Jonathan Blasdel, jr., Aug.5,1731.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Brown, int.末:8m:1784.CR3

Hannah, and John Huntington [3d.int.], Oct.29,1821.*

Irena Ann, and Jacob Rowell, jr., int.Feb.9,1839.

Jacob, and Tansen Flanders of South Hampton, int.Aug.9,1760.

John, and Hanah Hoege, int.Apr.27,1706.

John, s.Joseph and Mary, and Susanna Fowler, d.Samuel, of Salisbury, and Hannah, May29,1711.CR3*

John, jr., s.John, yeoman, and Susanna, and Hannah Dow, d.Elihud, of South Hampton, NH, Oct.13,1748.CR3

John, s.Abner and Abigail, and Sarah Smith, d.Samuel, of Rhode Island, deceased, and Anna, Sept.29,1779.CR3

Jonathan, and Mehetebel Trul, int.June28,1729.

Joseph, and Mary Prowse, Mar.18,1724-5.*

Joseph, s.Abner and Abigail, and Ruth Gove, d.Jonathan and Meriam, of Seabrook, NH, Oct.3,1781.CR3

Judith, and Israel Currier, Jan.3,1738-9.

Lydia, d.John, yeoman, and Susanna, and Benjamin Hoag, jr., s.Benjamin, yeoman, 19:8m:1738.CR3

Lydia, d.Abner and Abigail, and Joseph Purinton, s.George and Meraby, of Epping, NH, Dec.22,1774.CR3

Mariam, d.Ezekiel and Lydia, and Stephen Peaslee, s.Joseph, of Newton, NH, and Martha, deceased, Apr.6,1775.CR3

Mary, and Jacob Fowler of Salisbury, May3,1716.

Mary, d.John and Susanna, and Benjamin Collings, s.John and Elizabeth, of Salisbury, Aug.9,1732.CR3

Mary, and William Morrill, Sept.15,1752.

Mary, of Goffstown, and Thomas Rowell Hoyt, int.July26,1801.

Mehetable, and Ebenezer Flanders, June9,1732.

Mehetable, of Chicester, d.John, and 末末 Barton, "m.out of meeting" bef. 15:5m:1782.CR3

Myriam, of Chichester, NH, and 末末 Barton, "married out," bef. 19:11m:1778.CR3

Miriam, Mrs., and Moses Hoyt, int.Jan.1,1780.

Nicholas, of Gilmanton, NH, s.Richard and Anna, deceased, and Abigail M. Folsom, d.Benjamin of Epping, and Abigail, 12:6m:1834.CR3

Philip, and Ruth Page, Nov.24,1789.PR16

Philip, and Ann C. Osgood of Salisbury, int.June1,1844.

Rebecca Bree, and Thoams Lang, Feb.4,1809.*

Ruhannah D., and James Kershew, int.Aug.3,1839.

Ruth, and Robert Fatchal of Salisbury, int.Dec.25,1725.

Ruth, d.Philip and Ruth, and Josiah D. Challis, s.Samuel and Judith, 9:11m:1826.CR3

Samuell, jr., and Carren Weight, Sept.30,1731.

Sarah, and William Osgood, Jan.26,1737-8.

Sarah, d.Abner and Abigail, and Samuel Fowler of Salem, s.Ezekiel, deceased, and Elizabeth, 23:11m:1797.CR3

Sarrah, of Epping, and Samuel Tilton, int.Apr.14,1810.

Sarah Elizabeth, and Brazillia Colby, int.Apr.6,1839.

Susanna, d.John, yeoman, and Susanna, and Daniel Hoag, s.Benjamin, yeoman, and Easther, 12:11m:1743-4.CR3

Tamson, Mrs.South Hampton, and Currier Barnard, int.Aug.21,1779.

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Betsy Flanders, Oct.3,1804. [Nov.3. int.]*

JONS (Jones)

Joseph, and Mary Gould, Oct.23,1684.CTR

JONSON (Johnson)

Obadiah, and Content Roggers, int.18:8m:1763.CR3

Obediah, of Pittsfield, and Content, deceased, and Betse Underwood, d.James and Anna, of Litchfield, NH, 24:11m:1802.CR3


Thomas, and Sarah Hoyt, int.Nov.29,1800.


Abraham [Foyt.CTR], and Mary Huntington, Mar.24,1687.

Mary, wid., and Jeremiah Davis of Newbury, Mar.5,1688-9.

JUDKING (Judkins)

Ester, of Kingston, NH, and Robert Hoyt, int.Apr.26,1840

JUDKINS (Judking)

Rossilla, d.Enoch, and Abagail, and James T. Lurvey, shoemaker, s.James and Susan, Jan.18,1845.*

Simon B., of Kingston, NH, and Catherine Hoyt, int.Dec.7,1843.

JUEL (Jewell)

Enoch, and Molly Colby, June8,1769.CR2

JUELL (Jewell)

Sarah, and Ebenezer Kelly, Jan.13,1774.CR2

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