NACHOLS (Nichols)

Hannah, and Ephraim Challis, Feb.26,1793.*

NASON (Nayson)

Mary, and John Caldwell, Aug.14,1833.*

NAYSON (Nason)

Jonathan, and Martha P. Hodge of Newburyport, int.June12,1830.

NEAL (Neale)

John, a.28y., wool sorter, s.Hiram and Elizabeth, and Mary S. Colby, a.26y., d.Timothy and Betsy, Nov.2,1846.*

Lidia J., of South Berwick, ME, and Samuel Rowell, int.Aug.13,1841.

Philip J., and S. Maria Morse, int.Dec.25,1849.

Stephen, s.Jeames and Elizabeth, of Kittery, and Ruth Green, d.David, of Kensington, NH, deceased, and Rebecca, 19:3m:1790.CR3

NEALE (Neal)

Andrew, of Kittery, s.Andrew, of Kittery, and Dorcas Johnson, d.Edmund, of Hampton, 18:7m:1724.CR3

John, of Dover, NH, yeoman, s.Andrew, of Kittery, and Patience Jonson of Hampton, d.Edmand, 6:6m:1728.CR3


William, of Nottingham, and 末末 Macdfrdon, Jan.末,1756.

NECKOLS (Nichols)

Mary, and Jems Dowe, int.May6,1721.


Mary, of Haverhill, and Matthias Button, Nov.24,1686.


James, s.George, deceased, and Mary, of Sherborn, Nantucket, and Phebe Brown, d.Benjamin and Mary, of Kingston, NH, May23,1759.CR3

Mary, of Hampton, and John Peasly of Amesbury Dist., 18:8m:1745.CR3


Nancy B., of South Berwick, and Robert Whitehead, int.Mar.11,1837.

William M., and Ann M. Newhall of Lynn, int.Aug.10,1833.


Ann M., of Lynn, and William M. Newell, int.Aug.10,1833.

Silvanus, s.Pharaoh and Theodate, of Lynn, and Lydia Gove, d.Stephen and Huldah, deceased, 28:11m:1801.CR3


Hannah, of Haverhill, and Micah Lancaster, at Haverhill, Feb.22,1727-8.*

NICHOLAS (Nichols)

Anna, and Samuel Gale of Newtown, int.Feb.2,1799.

Stephen, and Marthew Roborson, int.Mar.1,1785.

NICHOLS (Nachols, Neckols, Nicholas, Nickales, Nickals, Nickels, Nickols, Nicols)

Nabby, of Haverhill, and Issac Davis, int.Mar.26,1819.

Abigail W., and William B. Stevens of South Hampton, NH, int.Nov.3,1842.

Alfred, a.26y., chaise maker, s.Oliver P. and Dorothy, and Catharine Bailey, a.20y., d.Stephen and Mary, Jan.6,1847.*

Ann C. and Thomas Carter of Newtown, int.Feb.23,1834.

Charles, and Sarah Ann Becom, int.Apr.23,1836.

Charles H., and Sarah Ann Bancroft, Nov.3,1840.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and [] Alice Hopkinson of Bradford, at Bradford, Aug.10,1774. [July22,1775. int.]*

Daniel, and Mary Jane Pilsbury of West Newbury, int.Nov.10,1827.

David, and Dolly Chase,末蔓末,1750.CR1

Elizabeth, and Charles Cook, Nov.9,1769.CR2

Elisabeth, and William Bagley of Newtown, int.Feb.19,1803.

Betsey, and Elijah Sargent of Newton, NH, int.Nov.22,1838.

Betsy S., and Frederic Sargent, int.Aug.20,1841.

Betsy J., and Samuel G. Baizon, int.June30,1842.

Elizabeth, a.25y., d.Stephen and Ruth, and Samuel Hood, jr., unm., of Georgetown, a.27y., boot and shoe manufacturer, s.Samuel and Phebe, June9,1846.*

Enoch, and Anne Chase of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Aug.18,1763.

Enoch [jr. int.], and Betsy Eastman, Nov.10,1808.*

Enoch H., and Mary Ann Bartlett of Newton, NH, May14,1844.*

Enoch, widr., a.58y., yeoman, s.Enoch, and Sarah Byram, wid., a.43y., Apr.16,1846.*

Eunice, and William Howard, May2,1772.CR2

Eunice, and Robert Sargent, Dec.27,1815.*

Frederic R., and Lydia A. Sargent, int.Sept.14,1844.

Frederick, and Sarah K. Dorsett, Dec.5,1849.*

Hannah M., and Thomas T. Merrill, int.Dec.30,1842.

Humphrey, and Sarah Peasley of Kingston, int.Nov.4,1826.

Ichabod S., and Sophia S. Clark of Kingston, NH, int.July31,1847.

James, and Mary W. Emerson of Hampstead, int.Jan.6,1821.

James, and Mary Webster Welch of Hampstead, int.Nov.10,1827.

James, and Martha S. Welch of Hampstead, NH, int.Nov.20,1841.

Judith, and Joshua Purinton of Hampton, 28:12m:1744-5.CR3

Judith, and Benjamin Severance, June5,1755.CR2

Patty, and Robert Sargent [jr. int.], Oct.31,1811.*

Mary, and Barnard Hoyt [jr. int.], June6,1780.CR2*

Polley, and Stephen Sargent, jr., Nov.18,1802.*

Mary, and James Bancroft of Kingston, Oct.19,1819.*

Mary Ann, and Moses Stickney, Sept.25,1828.*

Mary S., and Jonathan Merrill, Nov.30,1828.*

Mary C., and Timothy F. Sargent of Newtown, int.Mar.22,1833.

Moses, and [ATC]nna Davis, Jan.14,1741-2.

Moses, and Abigal Worth of Newbury, int.May22,1790.

Moses, jr., and Betsy Sargent, July7,1808.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Dolly Bagley, Mar.9,1815.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Hannah Bagley, Mar.3,1825.*

Ruth, and Peter Sargent, jr., Apr.26,1759.CR2*

Sarah, and Christopher Blasdel, Nov.23,1742.

Sarah [], and Ebenezer Hoyt [of Kingston. int.], July8,1779.CR2*

Sally, and Benjamin [] Gage, Jan.16,1804.CR2*

Selley, and Benjamin Morse, Dec.1,1808. [Dec.11.PR43]*

Stephen [jr. int.], and Ruth Sargent, Apr.7,1817.CR2 [Apr.19.PR46]*

Stephen, jr., and Lucy Spofford of Andover, int.Jan.7,1830.

Thomas, and Sarah Hoyt, Aug.28,1750.CR2

William, and Martha [Rhoda.later writing.] Sargent, Dec.1,1814.*

William, and Mary Patten, June23,1824.*

NICKALES (Nichols)

William, and Susanna Weed, Oct.1,1752.

NICKALS (Nichols)

Abigal, and John Hoyt, jr., July31,1745.

Humphry, and Dorothy Hunt, July10,1746.

Rachel, and Roger Eastman, jr., Dec.8,1730.*

Sarah, wid.Nathan, and Moses Hoage, Dec.29,1747.

NICKELS (Nichols)

Abigal, Mrs., and Winthrop Colby, int.Apr.11,1778.

Molle, Mrs., of Ware, and Abel Borman Burswell, int.July10,1777.

Sarah, Mrs., and Jacob Lankester, int.Sept.17,1778.

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Anna, and Samuel Colby, jr., Oct.23,1718.*

Benjamin, s.Thomas, deceased, and Susana Norton, d.Rowland, of Salisbury, Apr.2,1746.CR3

Esther, and Ichabod Colby, Jan.24,1723-4.*

Hezekiah, and Hannah Colby, int.June3,1775.

Humphruy, and Mrs.Ruth Sargent, int.Mar.12,1781.

John, and Abigail Sargent [of Gloucester. int.], at Salisbury, Jan.1,1701.*

Jonathan, and Mary Challis, Jan.16,1718-19.

Mary, and Ralph Blasdell, jr., Apr.10,1718.*

Mary, d.John, and James Dow, s.Joseph, of Salisbury, at Salisbury, May24,1721.*

Nathan, and Sarah Eliot, Aug.4,1742.

Thomas, and Judeth Hoage of Newbury, int.Apr.20,1721.

William, and Mary Davis, Jan.29,1729-30.

NICOLS (Nichols)

Joseph, and Rebecca Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.1,1732-3.

Sarah, and Roger Stevens, at Salisbury, Nov.24,1698.


John, and Ann Bottomley, int.Mar.28,1829.


Caleb, of Salisbury, and Susanna Frame, Mar.6,1699-1700.

James, and Jemima 末末, "married out," bef. 19:10m:1775.CR3

Mary, and William Huntinton, Oct.26,1748.

Susana, d.Rowland, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Nickols, s.Thomas, deceased, Apr.2,1746.CR3


Sarah, and Joseph Brown of Newburyport, int.Aug.16,1794.

NOYES (Noys)

Charles H., a.21y., painter, s.Amos and Rebecca P., and Eliza Jane Clement, a.19y., d.Moses and Betsy, Jan.29,1846.*

Cordelia, and Dr. Benjamin E. Sawyer, July4,1833.PR49

Eliphlet, and Dolley Moody, Apr.27,1800.*

Betsey, of Atkinson, and Jacob Kelley, int.May24,1805.

Esther J., of Boscawen, NH, and George Allison, int.Oct.28,1846.

Molly, of Plaistow, and Nathan Currier, int.Nov.15,1786.

Mary, of Newbury, and Jacob Kent, int.Feb.13,1812.

Samuel C., and Ann Jane Pecker, int.Nov.10,1832.

NOYS (Noyes)

Abigail D., of Bradford, and Albert Sargent, int.Oct.24,1840.


Alonzo, and Dorothy T. Jackman, int.Apr.24,1837.

Charles, and Eliza Goodwin, int.Dec.28,1839.

Charles, and Lydia Ann Davis, int.Oct.2,1847.

Dorothy E., and Streeter S. Smith of Salisbury, int.July31,1845.

Elvira, and Philip Osgood [of], at Boston, Sept.18,1836.*

George, and Dolley Tuxbury, Nov.21,1810.*

George, and Hannah Tuxbury, int.Apr.8,1820.

George W., and Mary S. Eaton of Salisbury, at Newburyport, May10,1841.*

George, and Achsah Mansfield of Salisbury, at Newburyport, Sept.7,1841.*

Nathan, and Ruth Bagley, Sept.18,1806.*

Ruth B., a.23y., d.Nathan and Ruth, and Edwin M. Currier, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Moses and Mary E., Jan.25,1846.*


Freeman, of Thomaston, ME, and Lenora F. Willcomb, int.Nov.6,1841.


James M., of Lynn, and Hannah C. Peaslee, int.May28,1842.

Mary K., of Salisbury, and John Gould, int.Apr.4,1846.

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