Anna, d.John and Anna, bp. Apr.12,1767.CR1


Nabby, d.Perez and Nabby, Apr.6,1796.

Nabby, d.Ezra and Nabby, June3,1802.

Anna, d.Perez and Nabby, Feb.3,1798.

Charles, s.Perez and Abigail, May28,1810.

Eliza, d.Perez and Nabby, Sept.26,1801.

Emmeline, d.Perez and Abigail, Apr.22,1815.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Nabby, Oct.14,1806.

Harriot Edes, d.Perez and Abigail, June21,1807.

Israel Johnson, s.Perez and Nabby, July5,1805.

Lucy Johnson, d.Perez and Abigail, Nov.1,1812.

Olive, d.Perez and Nabby, Dec.18,1799.

Olive, d.Perez and Nabby, July20,1803.

Perez, s.Perez and Nabby, Jan.15,1794.


Benjamin Woodberry, s.William T., bp. Aug.21,1796.CR1

Betsey, d.William Taylor and Betsey, Sept.4,1794.

John, s.William Taylor and Betsey, Aug.26,1792.

Loisa, d.William T., bp. Sept.12,1802.CR1

Polly, d.William Taylor and Betsey, Sept.16,1797.

Nancy, d.William Taylor, bp. Oct.20,1799.CR1

William Taylor, s.William Taylor and Betsey, Dec.4,1790.


Ira K., s.Ira K. and Tryphosa, Dec.3,1840.

Mercy, d.Thomas and Rebecca, May23,1761.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Rebecca, bp. Nov.19,1758.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebecah, May17,1746.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. May23,1756.CR1


Hitty, d.Joseph, bp. May11,1777.CR1


Susan O., June20,1787.PR66

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Augusta, d.Timothy, jr. and Asenath, 2d w., Mar.11,1840.

Caroline E[lisabeth.CR1], d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, June19,1827.

George, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary, July16,1816.

Hawley, s.Richard, bp. Nov.24,1706.CR1

James Woodberry, bp. Apr.20,1788.CR1

Johanah, d.Richerd and Agnis, June14,1703.

Joseph, s.Timothy, bp. Sept.16,1787.CR1

Joseph, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Oct.21,1804.

Louisa, d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, July24,1821.

Lucy Woodberry, d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Nov.26,1818.

Martha Ann, d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Aug.17,1823.

Mary, d.Thimothy, jr. and Mary, Feb.2,1809.

Hitty Woodberry, d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Feb.25,1811.

Oliver, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Feb.15,1813.

Sarah Whipple, d.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Jan.20,1814.

Timothy, s.Timothy, bp. Sept.16,1787.CR1

Timothy Iram, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Aug.23,1806.

MARSHALL (Marshal, Marshel, Mashal)

Abigail Haskell, d.Azor, bp. June1,1834.CR1

Adeline, d.Azor and Asenath, Aug.19,1826.

Asenath O[bear.CR1], d.Azor and Asenath, Apr.6,1823.

Azor A[ugustus.CR1], s.Azor and Asenath, Feb.1,1830.

Elizabeth, Jan.22,1835.PR179

George, Jan.13,1812.PR228

Iram T., s.Timothy I. and Mary, June10,1839.

Isabella, d.Timothy I. and Mary, June1,1841.

James Azariah, s.James W. and Lucy, June20,1815.

John W., s.Timothy I., cordwainer, and Mary, July6,1846.

Joseph, s.Timothy Iram, cordwainer, and Mary, July1,1843.

Hitty Ann, d.James W. and Lucy, Nov.24,1816.

MARSHEL (Marshall)

Azariah, twin s.Timothy and Hitte, June25,1791.

Azor, s.Timothy and Hitte, Jan.19,1797.

George, twin s.Timothy and Hitte, June25,1791.

Jane W., d.Timothy and Hitte, Apr.16,1788.

John, s.Timothy and Hitte, Mar.1,1793.


James, s.James and Aleaner, Oct.24,1798.

John, s.John and Ruth, Dec.5,1703.

Nathaniel, s.John and Sarah, bp. Jan.14,1732-33.CR1


Isaac T[horndike.CR3], s.Stephen and Anna [Nancy.CR1] (Thorndike), May22,1812.

Lydia Ann, d.Stephen and Mary K., Nov.10,1835.

Mary T., d.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), at Salem, Mar.21,1806.

Mary Jane, d.Stephen and Mary K., Apr.30,1834.

Mary Jane, d.Stephen, jr., bp. Apr.16,1843.CR5

Nancy, d.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), at Salem, Nov.7,1800.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), at Salem, Apr.23,1808.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), Feb.4,1810.

Stephen, at Salem, Mar.31,1773.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), at Salem, Aug.30,1802.

Stephen T., s.Stephen and Mary K., Aug.12,1837.

MASHAL (Marshall)

Joshua, s.Susanna, bp. Feb.4,1770.CR1


George O., June末,1835.PR106


Nabby [Gage.CR1], d.John and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1798.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Polly, Dec.9,1810.

Asa, s.Elisabeth, bp. Oct.6,1799.CR1

Augusta F., d.Joseph and Polly, June26,1824.

Charlotte, d.Joseph and Polly, Sept.29,1826.

Betsey, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1777.

Elizabeth Gage, d.John and Sally, Mar.2,1828.

Francis Macomber, s.Joseph and Polly, June17,1828.

George, s.John, bp. Oct.1,1809.CR1

George, s.Samuel [cordwainer. dup.] and Bridget B. (Rohan), Jan.1,1847.

Hannah Augusta, d.Stephen and Mary, Feb. [28.PR203], 1834.

Harriet, d.John, bp. Feb.21,1808.CR1

Harriet Ellen, d.Syephen and Mary, July31,1830.

James, s.Joseph and Polly, June2,1817.

John, s.Stephen and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1774.

John Francis, twin s.John and Sally, Oct.29,1837.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abagail, Sept.16,1786.

Joseph, s.Joseph and polly, Mar.21,1813.

Lucy Jane, d.John and Sally, Aug.19,1830.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Abagail, Feb.4,1789.

Lydia A., d.Joseph and Polly, Aug.3,1819.

Martha J., d.Joseph and Polly, Dec.7,1821.

Mary, d.Joseph and Polly, Feb.1,1808.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Mary, Nov.12,1827.

Nathaniel Friend, s.Joseph and Polly, Feb.14,1815.

Samuel, s.John, bp. Sept.5,1813.CR1

Sarah Ellen, twin d.John and Sally, Oct.29,1837.

Stephen, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.16,1800.

Susanna, d.John and Kerziah, bp. May4,1718.CR1

MATTENLEY (Mattingly)

Priscilla, d.James and Emma, Oct.20,1760.

MATTENLY (Mattingly)

Emma, d.James and Emma, bp. Nov.21,1762.CR1


Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sarah, Apr.22,1756.

Mary, d.Robert and Sarah, Sept.18,1751.

Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah, Nov.25,1753.

MATTINGLY (Mattenly, Mattenly)

Augustin, s.Samuel and Susanna, Sept.13,1806.

Nancy Ann Corning, d.Samuel and Susanna, Sept.9,1812.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Susanna, July11,1802.


Edmund, s.Elijah and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1828.

Elizabeth, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Sept.20,1815.

Hannah, d.Elijah and Elizebeth, Aug.末, [bet. 1826 and 1828].

Joanna, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, July4,1826.

Josiah, s.Elijah and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1817.

Loisa, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Aug.7,1823.

Loisa, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Dec.30,1831.

Mary, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1813.

Susan, d.Elijah and Elizabeth, Aug.28,1821.

William, s.Elijah and Elizabeth, Jan.31,1830.


Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Dec.30,1738.


Alexander, s.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Sept.6,1724.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Nov.26,1727.CR2

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Nov.3,1737.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Sept.9,1722.CR2

Samuell, s.Allexander, of Wenham, 23:9m:1673.CR1


Nabby, d.James, bp. Jan.20,1799.CR1

Charity, d.James and Elizabeth, Sept.25,1795. [Nov.25. dup.]

Charity, d.James and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.2,1806.CR1

Charity E., d.David and Lydia, Nov.15,1837.

David Williams, s.James and Elizabeth, Aug.29,1804.

David W., s.David and Lydia, Sept.27,1839.

Elizabeth, d.John and Charity, Aug.3,1768.

Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth, Aug.13,1797.

George Thomas, s.David W., mariner, and Lydia, Oct.5,1847.

James, s.John and Charity, Mar.2,1772.

James, s.James and Elizabeth, Sept.7,1800. [Sept.8. dup.]

John, s.John and Charity, June7,1766.

Lydia Ann, d.David, cordwainer, and Lydia W., Oct.1,1843.

Lydia Ann, d.David W., cordwainer, and Lydia, Dec.13,1845.

Molly, d.John and Charity, Oct.15,1774. [Oct.11.PR148]

Mary E., d.David and Lydia, June20,1836.

Susan A., d.David and Lydia, Jan.23,1842.


Susan Emeline, d.Israel, brick-maker, and Margaret, both b. Yarmouth, N.S., Dec.24,1849.


Alice, d.Joseph and Alice, Oct.22,1792.

Alice, d.Joseph and Alice, bp. Mar.22,1801.CR1

James, s.Joseph and Alice, Nov.27,1797.

John, s.Joseph and Alice, Dec.21,1789.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Alice, Mar.12,1787.

Margaret, d.Joseph and Alice, June17,1794.

Mary, d.Joseph and Alice, Apr.5,1791.

Nancy, d.Joseph and Alice, July2,1788.


Charles, s.George and Patty, at Portland, ME,末蔓末, 末末.

Eliza, d.George and Patty, Jan.14,1798.

George, s.George and Patty, at Portland, ME,末蔓末, 末末.

Hannah Woodbury, d.George and Patty, Apr.15,1802.

Patty, d.George and Patty, Mar.11,1800.

Nancy, d.George and Patty, at Portland, ME,末蔓末, 末末.

Thirsa, d.George and Patty, at Portland, ME,末蔓末, 末末.


Charles [W.PR153], s.Charles and Mary, Nov.27,1836. [Nov.25.PR153]

George, s.Charles and Mary, Dec.26,1834.

Mary E[liza.PR153], d.Charles, cordwainer, and Mary, Apr.16,1844.

MEACHAM (Meacom)

Anna, d.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth, Jan.10,1771.

Benjamin, s.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.25,1772.

Ebenezer, s.James [jr.CR2] and Lydia, Nov.6,1752.

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sarah, bp. Apr.21,1734.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth, Jan.22,1769.

James, s.Robert and Sarah, bp. Oct.31,1731.CR2

James, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, bp. Oct.31,1731.CR2

James, s.James [jr.CR2] and Lydia, Oct.15,1755.

Mary, d.Robert and Sarah, bp. Mar.4,1738-9.CR2

Mary, d.Robert [jr. dup.] and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1765.

Robert, s.Robert and Sarah, Oct.15,1732.CR2

Robert, s.Robert and Sarah, bp. Apr.18,1736.CR2

Robert, s.Robert and Sarah, bp. Mar.28,1742.CR2

Robert, s.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth, Jan.20,1767.

Ruth, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, bp. May9,1736.CR2

Ruth, d.Robert, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.14,1774.

Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah, bp. Oct.31,1731.CR2

Sarah, d.Robert [jr. dup.] and Elizabeth, Sept.14,1763.

MEACOM (Meacham, Mechum, Meecham)

Adelaide Louisa, d.George and Adeline L., Jan.31,1842.

Anna Herrick, d.Ebenezer and Peggy, Mar.10,1809.

Charles Edward, s.John and Elizabeth L., 2d w., Jan.15,1843.

Charlotte Anna, d.George and Adeline L., May19,1837.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Anna, d.Henry and Anna Herrick, Mar.23,1780.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Peggy, May12,1803.

Edward, s.Ebenezer and Peggy, Apr.28,1814.

George, s.Ebenezer and Peggy, Dec.18,1804.

George Edward, s.George and Adeline L., Nov.15,1831.

George Edward, s.George and Adeline L., Sept.末,1833.

George Hervey, s.John and Margaret R., Nov.14,1838.

George Hervey, s.George and Adeline L., June6,1839.

John, s.Ebenezer and Peggy, Dec.1,1811.

John Francis, s.John and Elizabeth L., 2d w., Feb.16,1848.

Margaret Curtis, d.George, mariner, and Adaline [L. dup.], Jan.22,1846.


Mary, d.John, bp. July15,1722.CR2

MECHUM (Meacom)

Benjamin, s.James and Elizabeth, June26,1721.

Mehitebel, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, May14,1738.

Ruth, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, May14,1738.

MEECHAM (Meacom)

Anna, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, Apr.26,1743. [bp. Apr.24.CR2]


Richard, s.Thomas and Mercy, bp. July1,1810.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mercy, bp. July1,1810.CR1


John, s.John and Sarah, Feb.5,1704-5.


Mary, d.Edward, laborer, and Catharine, Apr.23,1847.

MESERVY (Messervey)

John, s.John and Ruth, May20,1805.

Martha, June18,1815.PR193

Mary, d.John and Ruth, Dec.12,1802.

Ruth, d.John and Ruth, Oct.12,1798.

Susan Ireson, d.John and Ruth, Mar.17,1811.

William, s.John and Ruth, Jan.29,1808.


Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Martha, Apr.末,1812.

Jonathan, s.Ephraim and Martha, May2,1810.

Martha, d.Ephraim and Martha, Jan.19,1805.

Thomas, s.Ephraim and Martha, Mar.2,1808.


Charles, s.John and Polly, Nov.13,1806.

John, s.John and Polly, Apr.17,1809.

Josiah, s.John and Polley, Aug.18,1811.


Aaron, s.Isaac and Anna, Mar.5,1797.

Aaron W., s.Aaron and polly, Apr.24,1830.

Aaron Francis, s.Aaron and Polly, Feb.3,1838.

Augusta, d.Aaron and Polly, July7,1827.

Charles Henry, s.Aaron and Polly, Apr.20,1840.

Elizabeth, d.Aaron and Polly, July20,1834.

James, s.Isaac and Anna, Dec.13,1794.

James J., s.Aaron and Polly, Sept.6,1832.

Mary Ann, d.Aaron and Polly, Feb.20,1826.

Hitty Ann, d.James and Hitty, Aug.20,1824.

Rebecca Foster, d.Aaron and Polly, May9,1824.

MILLET (Millett)

George, s.George S. and Nancy, May20,1835.

George, s.George S. and Nancy, Jan.10,1842.

John Groves, s.George S., cordwainer, b. Gloucester, and Nancy W., Aug.24,1849.

Luke Morgan, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, bp. June24,1733.CR1

Nancy, d.George S. and Nancy, July10,1837.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, bp. Mar.10,1727-8.CR1

William G[roves.PR80], s.George S. and Nancy, Aug.9,1839.

MILLETT (Millet, Millitt)

末末, s.George and Mary, Feb.18,1834.PR80

Alice, Apr.18,1782.PR80

Charles G., Jan.20,1806.PR80

Charles H[enry.PR80], s.George S., cordwainer, and Nancy, Aug.15,1843

Charlotte, Feb.24,1788.PR80

Fanny, Mar.23,1795.PR80

Frederick H., s.George and Mary, Aug.24,1849.PR80

George L., Aug.2,1807.PR80

Harriet, Aug.26,1785.PR80

Lydia Groves, d.George and Mary, Dec.24,1832.PR80

Mary, June8,1790.PR80

Pickman, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, of Falmouth, in Casco, bp. Dec.20,1730.CR1

Thomas, Aug.5,1779.PR80


Thomas Butman, s.Alexander and Emma, bp. May4,1821.CR1

MILLITT (Millett)

Ebenezer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.12,1735.CR1

MILLON (Mylon)

Michael, s.Michael, bp. Aug.末,1809.CR1


Rebecca, d.David and Rebecca, Sept.4,1753.

Sarah, d.David and Rebecca, June18,1747.


Charolotte Rantoul, d.Francis, cabinet maker, b. Salem, and Elisabeth A., May12,1849.

Elisabeth, d.Francis [cabinet maker. dup.] and Elisabeth Augusta (Lovett), July12,1846.

MOOR (Moore)

Lucrecey, d.Dennis and Velinda, July14,1810.

Lucreta, d.Dennis and Velinda, Aug.末,1812.

MOORE (Moor)

Charles Edward, s.Dennis and Susan Jane (Pickard), of Rowley, Oct.14,1841.

Dennison Richard, s.Dennis and Susan Jane, bp. Sept.17,1843.CR4

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1848.

Susan Frances, d.Dennis, cordwainer, and Susan Jane, Nov.1,1845.

MORGAN (Morgen, Morgin)

末末, s.Luke and Abigail, May23,1848.

Abigaill, d.Joseph and Deborah, Sept.末,1687.

Abigel, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, May16,1699.

Abigail, d.Robert and Ann, bp. Apr.19,1702.CR1

Abigel, d.Robert and Mary, Oct.25,1710.

Abigel, d.Moses and Patiance, June27,1719.

Abigail, d.Zachariah and Abigail, Aug.7,1757.

Abagail, d.Capt. William and Abigail, Aug.20,1774.

Abigail, d.Zechariah and Nabby, June21,1812. [June2.PR211]

Albert, s.John and Betsy, Feb.3,1816.

Andrew, s.Robert and Hannah, Mar.11,1727.

Andrew, s.Zachariah and Nabby, Sept.6,1798. [Sept.8.PR211]

Anna, d.Robert and Anna, bp. Nov.16,1701.CR1

Anna, d.Luke and Anna, May23,1726.

Anna, d.Capt. William and Abigail, June18,1759.

Anna, d.Nicholas and Priscilla, June7,1763.

Anna, d.William and Sarah, Dec.31,1771.

Anne, d.Samuell and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.9,1685.CR1

Ann Elisabeth, d.Luke and Anna B., Dec.12,1831.

Augustus, s.John and Betsey, bp. Sept.29,1832.CR3

Benjeaman, s.Joseph and Deborah, Mar.12,1683.

Benjamin, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, June6,1717.

Benjamin Elliott, s.Capt. William and Abigail, Aug.19,1764.

Benjamin, s.Israel, bp. June13,1802.CR1

Bethia, d.Josiah and Hannah, June27,1762.

Charity, d.Dixey and Lucy, bp. Mar.18,1743-4.CR1

Charity, d.Dixey, bp. Nov.24,1745.CR1

Charlotte Lovett, d.Henry and Charlotte, bp. July2,1826.CR3

Christian, d.Nicolas and Priscilla, May16,1757.

Cornelius, s.John and Margret, Jan.23,1747.

David, s.Zachariah, 2d, and Hipzibah, Jan.12,1797.

Deborah, d.Moses and Deborah, bp. Dec.21,1729.CR1

Deborah, d.Moses and Patience, Dec.25,1729.

Dixey, s.Robert and Mary, Oct.5,1708.

Ebenezer, s.John and Rebecah, Apr.29,1756.

Ebenezer, s.John, jr. and Sarah, June21,1776.

Ebenezer, s.Zachariah, 2d and Hiphzibah, June18,1799.

Edwin, s.John and Betsey, bp. Sept.29,1832.CR3

Elliner, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Feb.6,1706-6.

Eleanor, d.Mark and Susanna, Oct.28,1813.

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Ann, Aug.4,1695.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.5,1710.

Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah, June8,1765.

Elizabeth, d.William and Abigail, bp. Oct.8,1769.CR1

Elizabeth, d.John and Betsy, Nov.19,1813.

Elisabeth, d.Luke and Rebecca, b. at Kensington, PA, July末,1819.

Elisabeth, d.Luke and Anna B., May24,1828.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Luke and Elizabeth, bp. July26,1829.CR3

Emma, d.Capt. William and Abigail, Aug.24,1755.

Epharaim, s.John and Rebecca, Oct.12,1765.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim, bp. July7,1793.CR1

Ezekiel, s.Josiah and Hannah, bp. Sept.2,1795.CR1

Ezra, s.Nicholas and Priscilla, Mar.18,1761.

Ezra, s.William, 3d, bp. July5,1801.CR1

Hannah, d.Robert and Mary, Sept.14,1714.

Hannah, d.John and Rebecca, May6,1752.

Hannah, d.William and Sarah, Oct.19,1761.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Hannah, Oct.8,1768.

Henry, s.William, 2d and Sarah, Nov.28,1779.

Henry, s.Zachariah and Nabby, Nov.11,1792. [Nov.9.PR211]

Henry, s.John and Betsy, Aug.17,1819.

Isaac, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Mar.23,1739-40.CR1

Isaac, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Aug.2,1741.CR1

Israel, s.Robert and Hannah, bp. Oct.28,1745.

Israel, s.William and Abigail, bp. Apr.12,1772.CR1

Jacob Gray, s.Nicholas and Priscilla, Aug.16,1754.

James, s.Luke and Anna B., Jan.24,1830.

Jane, d.William and Sarah, June5,1775.


John, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.30,1693.

John, s.John and Sarah, Apr.25,1721.

John, s.John and Rebecca, Apr.19,1754.

John, s.John, jr., bp. Feb.27,1780.CR1

John, s.Zachariah and Nabby, Aug.11,1790.

John, s.Ephraim, bp. June17,1792.CR1

John, s.William, 3d and Easter, July6,1792.

John Edwin, s.John and Betsy, Nov.20,1822.

John, s.Mark and Susanna, July20,1829.

Jonathan, s.Moses and Patience, Mar.6,1722-3.

Jonathan, s.Moses and Patience, Jan.23,1725-6.

Joseph, s.John and Rebeccah, May30,1772.

Josiah, s.John and Sarah, Nov.4,1722.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Hannah, July13,1751.


Lucy, d.Dixy and Lucy, bp. May21,1738.CR1

Lucy, d.William and Sarah, May2,1768.

Lucy, d.William, 3d and Easter, June21,1794.

Lucy Ann, d.Mark and Susanna, Dec.6,1819.

Luke, s.Samuel and Sarrah, Feb.7,1694-5.

Luke, s.Luke and Susannah, Sept.4,1704.

Luke, s.Capt. William and Abigail, Sept.17,1767.

Luke, s.Luke and Elizabeth, Aug.9,1794.

Luke, s.Luke and Rebecca, Dec.23,1815.

Luke, s.Luke and Elizabeth, bp. July26,1829.CR3

Lydia, d.Joseph, 3d and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.22,1702.CR1

Lidia, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Oct.28,1714.

Lidia, d.Zebulan and Lidia, Sept.23,1734.

Margreet, d.John and Rebecah, Jan.1,1759.

Merriam, d.Joseph and Deborah, July12,1685.

Mark Dodge, s.William, 3d and Easter, Aug.4,1789.

Mark, s.Mark and Susanna, Dec.26,1827.

Martha Jane, d.Rice D., laborer, and Maria, Aug.29,1846.

Martha Jane, d.Rice D., stone mason, b. New Boston, NH, and Maria, b. Danvers, Aug.3,1849.

Mary, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Sept.8,1696.

Mary, twin d.Robert and Mary, Dec.25,1706.

Mary, d.Dixey and Lucy, bp. Aug.19,1739.CR1

Mary, d.illegitimate, Abigail, Mar.9,1751-2.

Molly, d.William and Sarah, Dec.13,1767.

Mary, d.Zechariah and Nabby, Dec.10,1808.

Moses, s.Sergt. Joseph and Deborah, Sept.6,1688.

Moses, s.Sergt. Joseph and Deborah, Oct.14,1691.

Moses, s.Moses and Patience, Jan.25,1727-8.

Nicholas, s.Robert and Ann, May3,1697.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas and Abial, bp. Apr.20,1729.CR1

Nicholas, s.Robert and Hannah, June30,1730.

Nicolus, s.William, 2d and Sarah, Aug.4,1773.

Paul, s.Robert and Mary, July12,1712.

Priscilla, d.Roberd and Ann, June18,1693.

Rebekah, d.Joseph, 3d and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.18,1702.CR1

Rebecca, d.Josiah and Hannah, May14,1755.

Rebeccah, twin d.John and Rebeccah, Aug.15,1768.

Rebecah, d.William, 2d and Sarah, Jan.13,1778.

Becca, d.John, jr., bp. Oct.25,1778.CR1

Rebecca, d.William, 3d and Esther, Jan.29,1799.

Rice Dodge, s.William, 3d and Easter, Dec.6,1784.

Rice D., s.Mark and Susanna, Oct.25,1811.

Robert, s.Joseph and Deborah, Jan.12,1681.

Robert, s.Robert and Mary, Apr.28,1705.

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, July11,1733.

Ruth, d.William, 2d and Sarah, Jan.14,1784.

Samuel, s.John and Sarah, May28,1719.

Samuel, s.Nicolas and Abiel, bp. Mar.6,1725-6.CR1

Samuell, s.Nicholas and Abial, bp. July19,1730.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, bp. June20,1742.CR1

Sarah, d.Sergt. Joseph [sr.CR1] and Deborah, Oct.14,1691.

Sarah, d.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Jan.1,1696-7.

Sarah, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Dec.31,1711.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, bp. June16,1728.CR1

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, June17,1731.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Lydia, bp. July3,1743.CR1

Sarah, d.Josiah and Hannah [Abigail.CR1], Feb.1,1753.

Sarah, d.Zachariah and Abigail, Oct.16,1755.

Sarah, d.John and Rebecca, Aug.12,1763.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Apr.1,1764.

Sally, d.Zachariah and Nabby, Nov.22,1787. [Nov.28.PR211]

Sally, d.Zechariah and Nabby, Oct.5,1806.

Sophia, d.Zachariah and Nabby, Oct.9,1795.

Susannah, d.Luke and Susanna, bp. June26,1709.CR1

Susanna, d.Capt. William and Abigail, Aug.24,1753.

Susanna D., d.Mark and Susanna, Mar.12,1815.

Thomas, s.Zechariah and Nabby, Sept.22,1803.

Thomas Appleton, s.Luke and Rebecca, at Kensington, PA, May末,1817.

Thomas Appleton, s.Luke and Anna B., at Essex, Nov.23,1825.

Thomas Appleton, s.Luke and Elizabeth, bp. July26,1829.CR3

Thomas Edwin, s.Thomas A., cordwainer, b. Essex, and Joanna, Feb.11,1849.

Timothy, s.Josiah and Hannah, Feb.9,1757.

William, s.Luke and Susanah, Apr.23,1701.

William, s.John and Sarah, bp. June16,1728.CR1

William, s.Luke and Anna, May13,1729.

William, s.Robert and Hannah, Feb.27,1735-6.

William, s.Dixey and Lucey, Oct.7,1735.

William, s.Capt. William and Abigail, Jan.27,1758.

William Henry, s.Luke, jr. and Abba H., Feb.12,1759.

William, s.John and Rebecca, Jan.18,1761.

William, s.Capt. William and Abigail, Mar.25,1762.

William, s.William and Sarah, Mar.27,1770.

William, s.William, 3d and Easter, Aug.21,1796.

William, s.Israel, bp. Jan.10,1802.CR1

William, s.Mark and Susanna, Oct.5,1817.

Zacharia, s.John and Sarah, May21,1729.

Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Abigail, July12,1759.

Zachariah, s.Josiah and Hannah, Aug.13,1760.

Zachariah, twin s.John and Rebeccah, Aug.14,1768.

Zechariah, s.Zechariah and Nabby, June16,1801.

MORGEN (Morgan)

William, s.Luke and Anna, June21,1731.

MORGIN (Morgan)

Bethiah, d.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Sept.16,1701.

Elizabeth, d.Luke and Susanah, May28,1707.

Jonathan, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Dec.5,1703.

Martha, twin d.Robert and Mary, Dec.25,1706.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Sarah, Apr.23,1700.

Zebuland, s.Joseph [jr.CR1] and Sarah, May20,1708.


Cynthia, d.Philip, cordwainer, and Lucy P., Sept.1,1846.

Ebenezer Knowlton, s.Philip, housewright, b. Salem, and Lucy, Dec.28,1848.

Lucy, d.Philip, Oct.13,1835.

Rebecca K., d.Philip and Lucy (Pierce), Mar.12,1845.

MORS (Morse)

Christian, d.John and Jane, June30,1734.

Betsy, d.Sally, Dec.10,1795.

James, s.Samuel and Margrate, Oct.2,1784.

Jane, d.John and Jane, Jan.24,1730[-31.CR1].

Jeremiah, s.John and Jean, Dec.5,1725.

John, s.John and Jean, Dec.5,1725.

Lydia, d.Mark and Lydia, Nov.27,1787.

Lydia, d.Mark and Lydia, Aug.20,1795.

Mark, s.Mark and Jemima, Sept.8,1728.

Mark, s.Samuell and Mary, Dec.25,1757.

Mark, s.Mark and Lydia, Apr.1,1780.

Samuel, s.John and Jane, Sept.2,1728.

Samuel, s.Mark and Jemimah, Sept.2,1732.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Mary, July6,1760.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Margrate, Sept.21,1782.

Thomas, s.Mark and Jemima, Sept.18,1730.

Thorndike, s.Mark and Lydia, Mar.1,1782.

Thorndike Thissel, s.Mark and Lydia, Aug.10,1785.

William, s.John and Jane, Dec.3,1732.

MORSE (Mors)

Abigail, d.Mark, 3d and Abigail, July23,1837.

Amos C., s.Thorndike T. and Mary, Aug.22,1824.

Andrew, s.John, bp. July31,1737.CR1

Christian, d.Mark and Jemima, bp. July14,1734.CR1

Corning, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.8,1790.CR1

Daniel, s.Mark and Jemima, bp. May24,1741.CR1

David, s.John, bp. July5,1741.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Thomas and Martha, Aug.25,1751.

Edward Thorndike, s.Thorndike, cordwainer, and Sarah A., Jan.28,1848.

Elbridge, s.Mark and Elizabeth, Nov.22,1828.

Elizabeth, d.Mark and Elizabeth, Sept.15,1809.

Hannah, d.Mark and Jemima, bp. Mar.19,1737-8.CR1

James T., s.Mark and Elisabeth, Oct.1,1807.

Jemima, d.Mark, bp. Aug.12,1744.CR1

Jemima, d.Samuel and Mary, bp. Mar.21,1756.CR1

John, s.Mark and Elizabeth, Jan.1,1818.

John Henry, s.John P. [mason. dup.] and Margaret M. (Williamson), Feb.27,1846.

Lydia, d.Mark and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1805.

Lydia, d.Mark and Elizabeth, Jan.15,1813.

Lydia, d.Mark, 3d and Abigail, Sept.19,1836.

Margaret, d.Samuel, bp. Apr.27,1788.CR1

Margaret, d.Thorndike T. and Mary, Dec.5,1819.

Mark, s.John and Jane, bp. Mar.26,1727.CR1

Mark, s.John, bp. May11,1740.CR1

Mark, s.Mark and Elizabeth, Sept.17,1811.

Martha Ellen, d.John P., mason, and Margaret, Mar.18,1848.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mary, bp. Apr.7,1678.CR1

Mary, d.Thorndike T. and Mary, Feb.13,1814.

Marcy, d.John, bp. Mar.18,1738-9.CR1

Ruth, d.Mark and Elizabeth, Sept.12,1815.

Ruth, d.Thorndike T. and Mary, Nov.28,1815.

Samuel, s.Thorndike T. and Mary, Mar.14,1822.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, Jan.8,1783.

Sarah Ann, d.Mark and Elizabeth, July15,1820.

Thomas, s.Mark and Elizabeth, Aug.13,1825.

Thorndike, s.Thorndike T. and Mary, Dec.14,1817.

William, s.John and Jemima, bp. Apr.28,1734.CR1

William, s.Mark and Elizabeth, Jan.10,1830.


Ann Amelia, d.William [cordwainer. dup.] and Pamelia F. (Kidder), May1,1845.

Charles, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Dec.29,1835.

George Edwin, s.William [cordwainer. dup.] and Pamelia F. (Kidder), Oct.23,1846.

Hannah Pousland, d.Ebenezer, cordwainer, and Ruth, Dec.27,1845.

Henry William, s.William, cordwainer, b. Alexandria, NH, and Pamelia, b. Hudson, NH, Sept.8,1848.

James, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Dec.18,1839.

John, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Feb.24,1831.

Martha Woodberry, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, July30,1832.

Ruth P., d.Ebenezer and Ruth, Jan.27,1842.

William, at Meredith, NH, Aug.6,1808.

William P., s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Mar.16,1829.


Abigail, d.Tarbox and Sally, [aft. 1822.]

Alfred Trask, s.Jonathan and Nancy, bp. July22,1838.CR4

Alonzo Grafton, s.Charles and Abigail, Sept.23,1836.

Alonzo Grafton, s.Charles and Matilda H., bp. June2,1837.CR4

Augustus, s.John and Mary (Bailey), May31,1809.

Catharine, d.Billey and Mary, July3,1811.

Charles, s.John and Mary (Bailey), July3,1811.

Charles, s.Tarbox and Sally, Mar.11,1815.

Charles Lummus, s.Charles and Abigail, June8,1835.

Charles Lummus, s.Charles and Matilda H., bp. June2,1837.CR4

Eben H., s.John and Mary (Bailey), Feb.14,1819.

Elisabeth Wallis, d.Tarbox and Sally, May5,1810.

Elisabeth T[rask.CR4], d.Jonathan [and Nancy.CR4], Mar.27,1834.

Emily, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Sept.21,1803.

Frederick, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.31,1802.

George, s.Tarbox and Sally, May10,1820.

Hannah Selman, d.Tarbox and Sally, Nov.10,1822.

Henry, s.Tarbox and Sally, Aug.10,1806.

Henry P., s.Augustus and Julia Ann (Pressey), Nov.28,1844.

John, Dec.31,1762.

John, s.John and Sally (Davidson), Jan.11,1788.

John, s.John and Mary (Bailey), May7,1813.

John, s.John and Mary (Bailey), Sept.26,1814.

John, s.Jonathan [and Nancy.CR4], Aug.19,1832.

John Francis, s.Charles and Abigail [Feb.3,1841.PR28].

John Augustus, s.Augustus, cordwainer, and Julia Ann, Nov.7,1846.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.27,1800.

Joshua Wallis, s.Tarbox and Sally, Sept.5,1817.

Lorenzo Gordon, s.Eben H. and Irene, Feb.7,1848.

Polly, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.19,1793.

Mary Ann, d.Tarbox and Sally, Sept.4,1812.

Mary, d.John and Mary (Bailey), Aug.5,1816.

Mary Ellen, d.Eben H., cordwainer, and Irene, b. Topsfield, Apr.23,1849.

Sally, d.Tarbox and Sally, June20,1808.

Thomas, s.Billey and Mary, Nov.25,1798.

William S., s.John and Sarah (Springer), Oct.23,1796.


John, s.John, bp. Oct.8,1775.CR1

Ruth, d.John, bp. Mar.29,1778.CR1


Sally B., Dec.23,1816.PR24

MUNCEY (Muncy)

William, s.Brackett S. [farmer. dup.] and Jane (Hill), Oct.27,1843.

MUNCY (Muncey)

Alfred [G.PR231], s.Brackett T., farmer, b. Pittsfield, NH, and Jane, June14,1849.

John Gardner, s.Brackett, farmer, and Jane, Sept.28,1846.


Edward, twin s.edmund and Betsy, at Danvers, Aug.7,1828.

Eliza Ann, d.Edmund and Eliza, at Danvers, Jan.27,1830.

Isaac Andrew, s.Edmund and Eliza, Feb.17,1834.

James, twin s.Edmund and Betsey, at Danvers, Aug.7,1828.

Lucy J., d.Edmund and Betsey, at Danvers, Jan.27,1826.

Sarah, d.Edmond, sexton, and Eliza (Standley), Apr.4,1844.

William, s.William and Hannah, bp. May8,1763.CR1

William H. Harrison, s.Edmund and Eliza, Mar.24,1841.

MURREY (Murry)

Elisabeth, d.Betsy, July24,1813.

MURRY (Murrey)

Abigail, d.Allexander and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1785.

Alexander, twin s.Allexander and Elizabeth, Oct.27,1783.

Stephen, twin s.Allexander and Elizabeth, Oct.27,1783.

MYLON (Millon)

Charles Lewis, s.Michael and Nancy, bp. Aug.4,1811.CR1

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