Anna, d.Morris and Anna, Dec.17,1794.

Eleoner, d.Morris and Anna, June16,1796.


Harriet Ellen, d.Thomas and Harriet, June30,1832.

Thomas, at Danvers, Dec.25,1801.


Lydia, d.Abigail, bp. Oct.27,1728.CR1

NEWBERRY (Newbury)

Hannah, d.Nicolas, bp. July30,1786.CR1

NEWBURY (Newberry)

Debby, d.Nicholas and Triphena, June21,1782.

Betsey, d.Nicholas and Triphena, Mar.7,1784.

Hannah, d.Nicholas and Triphena, May14,1790.

James, s.Nicolas, bp. Sept.1,1776.CR1

Jerusha, d.Nicholas and Triphena, Sept.27,1787.

Sarah, d.Nicholas and Triphena, Sept.10,1776.


John Frederick, s.Hiram, mariner, and Elizabeth, both b. Boston, Dec.31,1848.

NICHOLLS (Nickolls, Nickols)

Louisa Jane, d.Phillip and Louiza, July15,1830.

Lucy Ann, d.Phillip and Louiza, Mar.3,1825.

Mercy, d.Daniel and Mary, Apr.5,1780.

William Curtis, s.Phillip and Louiza, Sept.25,1828.

NICKOLLS (Nicholls)

Herbert, s.Herbert and Hannah, June14,1772.

NICKOLS (Nichols)

John, s.John and Mehitable, Mar.10,1770.

NOLTON (Knowlton)

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, of Manchester, bp. Nov.17,1706.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail, of Manchester, bp. Nov.17,1706.CR1

Joseph, s.John and Abigail, of Manchester, bp. Nov.17,1706.CR1


William E., s.Emery and Abigail, May13,1829.


Cyrus Hill, s.Henry Morrill and Sarah Ann, Jan.26,1846.PR113

Henry Morrill,末蔓末,1821.PR113

Louiza, d.William, bp. Nov.17,1805.CR1

Lucy, d.William and Susanna, Jan.18,1779.

Mary Ann Choat, d.William, bp. Aug.9,1812.CR1

Perkins, s.William, bp. June18,1809.CR1

Suky, d.William and Susanna, Oct.24,1800.

Thomas Perkins, s.William, bp. Feb.末,1808.CR1

William, s.William, bp. May30,1802.CR1

William Henry, s.Henry Morrill and Sarah Ann, Apr.12,1848.PR113


Albert, s.Seth [cordwainer. dup.] and Louisa (Odell), Sept.23,1844.

Mary Louisa, d.Seth [cordwainer. dup.] and Louisa (Odell), Apr.8,1846.

William Edward, s.Seth, isinglass manufacturer, b. Rockport and Louisa, b. Topsfield, July8,1848.

NOURS (Nourse)

Charles, s.Rufus and Hannah, Mar.16,1796.

Mary, d.Rufus and Hannah, Dec.19,1798.

Stephen, s.Rufus and Hannah, Feb.22,1793.

NOURSE (Nours)

Ann Augusta, d.Stephen and Martha, Sept.30,1824.

Charles Henry, s.Stephen and Martha, Aug.8,1826.

Charles Edward, s.Stephen and Martha, Feb.26,1836.

Edward Augustus, s.Stephen and Martha, Aug.4,1828.

Ellen Louisa, d.Stephen and Martha [W.CR3], June16,1832.

George Francis, s.Stephen and Martha [W.CR3], May31,1830.

Hannah Parnell, d.Stephen and Martha, Feb.25,1819.

John Frederick, s.Stephen and Martha, Nov.24,1840.

Joseph Prince, s.Stephen and Martha, Dec.9,1822.

Martha Prince, d.Stephen and Martha, Aug.3,1833.

Mary, d.Rufus, bp. Oct.28,1798.CR1

Stephen Henry, s.Stephen and Martha, June末,1839.


Abba Augusta, d.Samuel and Rebecca C., at Lynn, June30,1838.

David, s.Mrs.R., bp. Oct.末,1844.CR5

Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Rebecca C., at Saugus, Sept.4,1835.

Michael, s.Simeon, bp. Jan.13,1788.CR1

Rebecca Bowles, d.Samuel and Rebecca C., Sept.26,1840.

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