Ebenezer, s.Woodberry and Martha, bp. Feb.6,1820.CR1

Elisabeth Warren, d.John, bp. June18,1809.

Elizabeth Whitney, d.John, bp. May15,1814.CR1

James Jones, s.Woodberry and Martha, bp. Oct.2,1824.CR1

James, s.Woodberry and Martha, Apr.3,1826.

John Porter, s.John and Mary, May12,1802.

John C., s.John C. and Elizabeth (Berry), Jan.29,1837.

Martha Ann, d.Woodbury and Martha, Aug.8,1818.

Mary Leland, d.twin, John and Mary, Sept.29,1803.

Mary Leland, d.twin, John and Mary, Mar.29,1806.

Mary Ann Whitney, d.Elisabeth, bp. Sept.3,1820.CR1

Mary, d.Woodbury and Martha, Jan.14,1824.

Ruthy Holman, d.John and Mary, Feb.2,1808.

Sally Porter, d.twin, John and Mary, Sept.29,1803.

Sally Maria, d.John and Mary, Feb.25,1805.

Sally Porter, d.twin, John and Mary, Mar.29,1806.

William Manning, s.Woodberry and Martha, bp. Oct.7,1827.CR1

William Manning, s.Woodberry and Martha, May16,1828.

Woodberry, s.Woodbury and Martha, Oct.23,1820.


Anna, d.Bishup and Martha, bp. Oct.20,1720.CR1


Elizabeth Jane, d.John H. and Mary, Nov.27,1821.

Elisabeth, d.James and Elisabeth, June30,1846.

James, s.James and Joanna, Sept.14,1784.

James, s.James, jr. and Abigail, Dec.9,1807.

John, s.twin, James and Joanna, July14,1800.

John, s.James, jr. and Abigail, Mar.1,1804.

John Henry, s.John H. and Mary, Oct.25,1824.

Mary Ann, d.John H. and Mary, July28,1819.

Hitty, d.James and Joanna, July17,1794.

Sally, d.William, bp. Sept.4,1825.CR1

Thomas, s.twin, James and Joanna, July14,1800.

William, s.James and Joanna, May19,1792.

William Francis, s.William and Hannah, bp. July7,1822.CR1

PARLER (Parlor)

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1680.

Martha, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar.31,1684.

Mary, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1679.

Suzana, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug.8,168[6.TC].

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.8,1689.

PARLOR (Parler)

Abigail, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, May19,1695.

Deliverance, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1698.

William, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1699-1700.

PARNAL (Parnel)

Martha, d.Benjamin and Mary, Aug.31,1704.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.5,1701-2.

PARNEL (Parnal)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.12,1707.CR1

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Mary, bp. Apr.8,1710.CR1


John, s.John and Ruth, May27,1771.


Edmond, s.wid.Lydia, bp. Jan.29,1797.CR2

Mary Elisabeth, d.Charles and Sarah, Jan.29,1848.

Obadiah, s.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah, Oct.10,1782.


Abigel, d.James and Rebekah, May6,1714.

Nabby, d.William and Anna, Apr.22,1796.

Ambrose, s.John and Priscilla, bp. July17,1726.CR1

Amos, Aug.11,1819.PR206

Andrew, s.Timothy and Rachel, Feb.16,1732-3.

Anna, d.Robert and Anna, Aug.12,1758.

Anna, d.Nicholas and Anna, May22,1793.

Anna Knowlton, d.Billy and Dorcas, bp. Aug.1,1824.CR1

Anna Knowlton, d.Edward [cordwainer. dup.], and Elisabeth (Woodberry), Oct.24,1846.

Anna Knowlton, d.Edward, cordwainer, and Elisabeth, July27,1848.

Benjamin, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. 4:7m:1670.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Susanah, Sept.20,1702.

Benjamin, s.Brackenbury and Phebe, June3,1735.

Benjamin, s.Thomas, bp. Aug.3,1742.CR1

Benjamin, s.Jonathan, bp. Feb.28,1773.CR1

Benjamin, s.James [2d.CR1] and Lydia, Aug.21,1775.

Benjamin, s.William and Anna, Apr.3,1808.

Brackenbury, s.Benjamin and Susanah, May17,1705.

Charity, d.wid.Priscilla, bp. Feb.23,1734-5.CR1

Charles, s.Nicholas, 2d and Nancy, Mar.22,1803.

Charles Allen, s.Samuel, cordwainer, and Edith, b. Shapleigh, ME, Aug.21,1849. [Aug.22.PR267]

Edward H[enries.CR1], s.William A. and Dorcas, July24,1814.PR267

Elenor, d.Richard, bp. 4:1m:1677.CR1

Eliner, d.William and Eliner, July1,1709.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. 1:10m:1667.CR1

Elizebeth, d.Benjamin and Susanah, Sept.4,1700.

Elizebeth, d.twin, James and Rebekah, Mar.28,1709.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Prisila, Sept.2,1731.

Elizibeth, d.Benjamin and Prisilla, Sept.2,1732.

Elizabeth, d.James and Lydia, Feb.27,1768.

Betsy, d.twin, Joseph and Hannah, Sept.1,1799.

Eunice, d.Richard, jr., bp. Oct.23,1720.CR1

Eunice, d.Robert and Charity, bp. Apr.20,1735.CR1

Eunice Augusta, d.Amos P. and Mary A., Oct.24,1845.PR206

Ezra Giles, s.James and Lydia, Sept.27,1765.

Frances E., Apr.2,1833.PR238

Freeborn, s.Benjamin and Susanah, Oct.10,1708.

Freeborn, s.Freeborn and Abbigail, Oct.17,1732.

George Allen, s.Isaac and Abigail, June8,1848.

Hannah, d.James and Rebeckah, Aug.15,1705.

Hannah, d.twin, James and Rebekah, Mar.28,1709.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Susanah, June15,1711.

Hannah, d.Brackenbery and Phebe, Oct.11,1739.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.15,1805.

Hannah W[oodberry, d.Billy and Dorcas.CR1], Oct.31,1819.PR28

Harriet N., d.William Henry and Lucy, Sept.20,1839.

Irene Augusta, d.William Henry and Lucy, Aug.7,1842.

Isaac, s.Jonathan, bp. June21,1778.CR1

Isaac, s.William and Anna, Mar.23,1803.

Isaac, s.William A. and Dorcas, Sept.12,1817.PR267

Isaac Hull, s.Billy and Dorcas, bp. Sept.17,1820.CR1

James, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.31,1678.

James, s.James and Rebecca, bp. Mar.26,1704.CR1

James, s.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Oct.19,1715.

James [s.James and Rebekah.CR1], June6,1721

James, s.James [jr.CR1] and Elizabeth, May26,1737.

James, s.James [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Mar.22,1745.

James, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.27,1797.

James, s.Nicholas, 2d and Nancy, June14,1811.

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Prisila, Aug.14,1734. [1735. dup.]

Joanna, d.William and Anna, Mar.16,1786.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. 1:10m:1667.CR1

John, s.Richard and Mary, bp. Sept.28,1685.CR1

John, s.Richard and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1688.CR1

John, s.Benjamin and Susanah, Mar.31,1696.

John, s.Jonathan, bp. Feb.19,1775.CR1

Jonathan, s.Thomas, bp. Aug.3,1742.CR1

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Nov.21,1744.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Anna, bp. Feb.3,1771.CR1

Jonathan, s.William and Anna, Feb.13,1792.

Jonathan [Stanley.CR1], s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.7,1795.

Jonathan Standley, s.twin, Joseph and Hannah, Sept.1,1799.

Joseph, s.James and Abigail, June8,1775.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.14,1793.

Laura Ann, d.James and Catherine, Dec.4,1839.

Laura Ann, d.James and Catherine, May29,1841.

Lucy Ann, d.William Henry and Lucy, Oct.28,1831.

Lidia, d.William and Elliner, Mar.28,1713.

Lydia, d.James and Lydia, Sept.13,1762.

Martha, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, bp. May14,1710.CR1

Martha, d.William and Abigail, Oct.1,1748.

Martha E., d.Ephraim and Hannah (Eaton), at New Boston, NH, Nov.22,1839.

Mary, d.William and Eliner, Apr.17,1704.

Mary, d.William and Elener, June22,1707.

Mary, d.Jems and Rebekah, Apr.5,1712.

Molley, d.Robert and Anna, Sept.17,1771.

Polly, d.William and Anna, Mar.7,1794.

Mary Dodge, d.Ephraim [tailor. dup.] and Elisabeth T. (Dodge), Apr.9,1847.

Mercy, d.William and Ellenor, bp. May5,1717.CR1


Mial, s.James and Lydia, May13,1760.

Mial, s.Mial and Mercy, Aug.29,1786.

Meriam, d.James and Sarah, Feb.13,1743.

Nathan W[oodberry.CR1], s.William A. and Dorcas, Apr.2,1828.PR267

Nickolas, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. 12:5m:1668.CR1

Nicholas, s.Benjamin and Susanah, Aug.10,1698.

Nicholas, s.Richard and Mary, bp. Mar.31,1723.CR1

Nicholas, s.John and Priscilla, bp. Aug.29,1725.CR1

Nicholas, s.John and Priscilla, bp. July9,1732.CR1

Nicholas, s.James and Sarah, Apr.16,1758.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas and Anna, Aug.7,1780.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas, bp. Aug.6,1786.CR1

Nicholas, s.Nicholas, 2d and Nancy, Aug.22,1805.

Obediah, s.William and Anna, July31,1805.

Oliver, s.William and Anna, Mar.1,1801.

Prisialah, d.Benjamin and Susanah, Nov.28,1694.

Prisila, d.Benjamin and Prisila, Mar.20,1727-8. [1728. dup.]

Rebeckah, d.James and Rebekah, Aug.9,1707.

Rebecca, d.James and Lydia, June14,1770.

Rebeccah, d.James and Abigail, Oct.20,1772.

Richard, s.John and Elizabeth, bp. 1:10m:1667.CR1

Richard, s.Richard and Mary, bp. May18,1679.CR1

Richard, s.James and Lydia, bp. May29,1681.CR1

Richard, s.James and Lydia, Oct.15,1758.

Robert, s.Richard and Mary, bp. May29,1681.CR1

Robert, s.Richard [jr.CR1] and Sarah, Jan.9,1706-7.

Robert, s.Robert and Charity, bp. Feb.11,1732-3.CR1

Robert, s.William [jr.CR1] and Abigail, Sept.20,1737.

Robert, s.William and Anna, Sept.5,1798. [1797.PR267]

Robert, s.Billy and Dorcas, bp. Aug.6,1826.CR1

Ruth, d.Nicholas and Anna, June12,1785.

Samuel, s.Jonathan, bp. Oct.28,1781.CR1

Samuel [Hull.CR1], s.William A. and Dorcas, Feb.15,1822.PR267

Sarah, d.John and Elizabeth, bp. 12:5m:1668.CR1

Sarah, d.Richerd and Sarah, Feb.24,1704-5.

Sarah, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, June10,1711.

Sarah, d.James and Sarah, Mar.27,1751.

Sally, d.Nicholas and Anna, Nov.29,1787.

Sarah, d.Nicholas and Anna, Dec.15,1789.

Sallay, d.William and Anna, Feb.1,1790.

Sally A., May29,1814.PR272

Susanna, d.John and Priscilla, bp. July27,1729.CR1

Theophilus, s.Jonathan and Anna, Jan.10,1768-9.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, bp. 19:5m:1668.CR1

Thomas, s.James and Rebekah, June23,1715.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Anna, Sept.27,1767.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, bp. 19:5m:1668.CR1

William, s.William and Eliner, Aug.6,1715.

William, s.Robert and Anna, May22,1763.

William, s.Nicholas and Anna, Dec.5,1782.

Billy, s.William and Anna, Nov.27,1787.

William Henry, s.Nicholas, 2d and Nancy, Aug.15,1808.

William, s.Billy and Dorcas, bp. Sept.17,1820.CR1

William Henry, s.Amos, cordwainer, and Mary Ann, Jan.23,1849. [Jan.26.PR206]


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.12,1804.

Ebenezer Morse, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.3,1806.

Lydia Williams, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.25,1816.

Martha, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.15,1813. [1814.PR122]

Martha Adaline, d.Thomas, shipmaster, and Huldah, b. Hamilton, Nov.22,1848.

Rebecca Frances, d.William and Margaret, Oct.31,1839.

Susannah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.16,1808.

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Sarah, July30,1809.

William, s.Benjamin and Sarah, July21,1814.

William Thomas, s.William, mariner, and Margaret (Kelly) Sept.18,1844.


Andrew Preston, s.Andrew, jr. and Polly, Mar.19,1811.

Lucy, d.John, farmer, and Clarissa, Dec.7,1846.

Mary Rantoul, d.Andrew, jr. and Polly [Mary.CR1], Sept.23,1813.

William A., s.Jacob and Caroline, Apr.13,1814.

PEARCE (Peirce)

Abigel, d.George and Rebekah, Jan.5,1700-1701.

Abbigal, d.William Elizabeth, Mar.28,1736.

Andrew, s.Samuel and Lydia, Oct.10,1811.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Lydia, Mar.9,1797.

Elizabeth, d.George and Rebeckah, Sept.20,1712.

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth, July11,1738.

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, bp. Apr.5,1767.CR1

George, s.George and Rebekah, Feb.4,1709-10.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.15,1799.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Lydia, July26,1809.

John, s.William and Elizabeth, May30,1734.

John, s.John, jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.8,1795.

John, s.John, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.9,1803.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.21,1813.

Mary, d.George and Rebekah, July18,1716.

Mary, d.William and Elizabeth, Oct.13,1739.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. Nov.6,1768.CR1

Nicholas, s.William and Elizabeth, Oct.12,1732.

Rebekah, d.George and Rebekah, Apr.17,1703.

Becca, d.John, jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1799.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, Jan.13,1795.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.12,1807.

William, s.George and Rebeckah, May30,1707.


Bartholomew W., Jan.18,1830.PR153

Charles Frederick, s.Charles and Eliza, Aug.27,1817.

George Batchelder, s.Charles and Eliza, Oct.7,1823.

Henry Augusta, s.Charles and Eliza, Oct.23,1828.

Mary Ellen, d.Joseph and Lydia, June17,1828.

PEDERICK (Pedrick)

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Eunice, bp. Dec.11,1768.CR1

Eunice, d.Joseph and Eunice, Sept.末,1763.

PEDRICK (Pederick)

Nabby, d.Richard and Molly, Sept.11,1801.

Nabby, d.Joseph and Nabby, Dec.4,1805.

Abigail, d.Moses and Lucy [H.PR148], Sept.8,1834.

Eunice, d.Richard and Molly, Oct.14,1796.

Eunice [A.PR148], d.Moses and Lucy (Hull), June11,1844.

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Feb.3,1793.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph and Nabby, Dec.10,1814.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Eunice, June1,1766.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Nabby, Nov.5,1807.

Lucy Ann, d.Moses and Lucy H., May25,1838.PR148

Molly [Polly.PR148], d.Richard and Molly, Aug.10,1798. [Aug.14.PR148]

Polly, d.Richard, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, Mar.29,1830.PR58

Moses, s.Richard and Molly, Sept.27,1808.

Moses A., s.Moses and Lucy H., Nov.7,1841.PR148

Richard [s.Joseph and Eunice.CR1], Oct.末,1771.PR148

Richard, s.Richard and Molly, Jan.31, [1804.PR148].

Samuel Giles, s.Moses and Lucy [H.PR148], Dec.10,1836.

Sarah, d.Richard, cordwainer, and Lydia, Jan.28,1847.

Sarah Ellen, d.Moses and Lucy, Dec.23,1847.

Varnum S., s.Richard, cordwainer, and Lydia, Oct.25,1843.

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pierce)

Nabby, d.Nicholas and Mary, Mar.28,1795.

Benjamin, s.George, bp. Nov.8,1741.CR1

Benjamin, s.James and Jane, Nov.19,1769.

Benjamin, s.twin, William and Molly, Oct.19,1808.

Betty [Elizabeth.CR1], d.James and Jane, Aug.1,1763.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.9,1770.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Free Trask and Abigail, Oct.12,1793.

Freetrask, s.James and Jane, Jan.5,1768.

George, s.George, bp. Nov.8,1741.CR1

James, s.James and Jane, Sept.5,1765.

John, s.John and Joanna, Aug.13,1769.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. May26,1771.CR1

Joseph, s.Free Trask and Abigail, July6,1791.

Lucas, s.George, bp. Sept.26,1742.CR1

Lucy, d.William and Molly, May4,1811.

Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, Jan.30,1765.

Mary, w.Nicholas, Aug.28,1774.

Molly, d.Nicholas and Mary, Feb.24,1798.

Nicholas, s.John and Joanna, Jan.23,1768.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas and Mary, Jan.21,1804. [Jan.20.PR241]

William, s.John and Joanna, Aug.8,1741.CR1

William, s.twin, William and Molly, Oct.19,1808.

PENDER (Pindar)

George, s.John and Polly, Oct.6,1804.

Hannah, d.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], Jan.10,1808.

John Batchelder, s.John and Polly, Oct.16,1800.

Loisa, d.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], July19,1811.

Maria, d.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], June12,1809.

Mary, d.John and Polly, Apr.9,1799.

Nancy, d.John and Polly, Apr.20,1806.

William, s.John and Polly, Sept.17,1802.


Hannah Foster, d.John and Amre, Dec.24,1800.

PERKINGS (Perkins)

Hannah, d.Luke and Martha Mar.12,1692-3.

Luke, s.Luke and Martha, Sept.17,1695.

PERKINS (Perkings)

Abraham, s.David and Elizabeth Nov.12, [1681.TC].

Benjamin J., s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.20,1824.

Caroline E[lizabeth.PR274], d.Benjamin F. and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1833.

Edward, s.Nehemiah and Eliza, Nov.23,1819.

Betty, d.Joseph and Emma, bp. Dec.20,1767.CR2

George W., s.Joseph and Ruth, Nov.26,1822.

George, s.George and Mary Ann, Nov.1,1824.

George F[ranklin.PR274], s.Benjamin F. and Elizabeth, Aug.28,1834.

John, s.Luke and Martha, Apr.1,1689.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Mary, bp. Sept.3,1769.CR2

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, 2d, Sept.3,1772.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Emma, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR2

Josiah, s.Luke and Martha, bp. Nov.9,1701.CR1

Ledia, d.Joseph, bp. Dec.10,1775.CR2

Lydia Ann, d.Joseph and Ruth, bp. Oct.26,1821.

Mark, s.Luke and Martha, bp. Apr.30,1699.CR1

Martha, d.Luke and Martha, Sept.19,1691.

Martha, d.Luke and Martha, Aug.14,1707.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mary, Aug.8,1764.

Mary Alice, d.George and Mary Ann, bp. Oct.7,1827.CR3

Mary E[llen.PR274], d.Benjamin F. and Elizabeth, July31,1837.

Nancy Ives, d.George and Mary Ann, Apr.15,1820.

Nathan, s.David and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.13,1685.CR1

Sarah B[eckford.PR274], d.Benjamin F. and Elizabeth, June22,1839.

William E., s.Joseph and Ruth, Nov.30,1826.


Abigail W., d.Edward and Phebe, at Danvers, Apr.17,1825.

Abby Maria, d.Jefferson and Abigail, bp. July2,1843.CR2

Abner, s.twin, Mathaniel and Fanny, Apr.26,1814.

Albert, s.Charles and Mary, July14,1829.

Benjamin Liberty, s.Liberty and Sarah (Ober), Nov.22,1844.

Caroline P[erkins.CR2], d.Charles and Mary, Mar.2,1823.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Mary, Feb.19,1825.

Charles H., s.Edward and Phebe, at Danvers, June1,1832.

Edward A., s.Edward and Phebe, at Salem, Nov.28,1822.

Ellen Eliza, d.Charles and Mary, Feb.1,1836.

Emily Nelson, d.Liberty and Sarah, Mar.30,1840.

George Gallop, s.Nathaniel and Fanny, Feb.25,1818.

George Austin, s.Charles and Mary, Jan.7,1832.

Hannah W., d.Edward and Phebe, at Danvers, Sept.10,1829.

Harriet E., d.William and Rebekah, Sept.3,1834.

Isabella Seaton, d.Charles and Mary, Feb.18,1841.

James, s.William and Ruth, Mar.6,1809.

John F., s.Edward and Phebe, June30,1837.

Liberty, Dec.15,1776.PR254

Lucius Hervey, s.William, cordwainer, and Rebecca, June15,1849.

Mary, d.William and Ruth, Sept.23,1804.

Polly, d.Nathaniel and Fanny, Nov.22,1812.

Mary E., d.Edward and Phebe, at Salem, Dec.15,1818.

Mary E., Dec.16,1819.PR54

Mary Jane, d.Charles and Mary, Apr.2,1827.

Nathaniel, s.twin, Nathaniel and Fanny, Apr.26,1814.

Phebe Ann, d.Edward and Phebe, at Salem, Sept.29,1820.

Robert, s.Robert and Christian, Apr.19,1800.

Sarah M., d.Edward and Phebe, at Danvers, Jan.31,1827.

Sarah O., d.William and Rebekah, Oct.3,1836.

Sarah Ellen, d.Jefferson and Abigail, Nov.18,1844.

Stephen Liberty, s.Liberty and Sarah, bp. Nov.4,1849.CR3

William, s.William and Ruth, Sept.11,1806.

William, s.William and Rebecca, Aug.12,1832.

William Harrison, s.Charles and Mary, June11,1838.

Winthrop E., Nov.6,1842.PR90


Richard, s.William and Mather, Mar.12,1741 or 1745.


David, s.Henry, bp. Dec.18,1774.CR1

Emme, d.Jonathan and Judath, Apr.20,1737.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Judith, Nov.27,1743.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Judath, Aug.2,1741.

Judith, d.Jonathan and Judith, Nov.3,1731.

Rachel, d.Jonathan and Judith, June1,1734.

Sarah, d.Henry and Sarah, Nov.1,1746.


Catharine A., Sept.16,1836.PR28


Abigail Davis, d.Thomas and Martha, Feb.25,1824.

Ann Charlotte, d.Thomas and Martha, Apr.18,1827.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Abagail, 末蔓2,1784.

John D[avis.CR1], s.Ephraim and Abagail, May1,1782.

John Oliver, s.Thomas and Martha, bp. June11,1826.CR3

Mary, Apr.19,1773.PR65

Thomas, s.Ephraim and Abigail, Apr.22,1788.

PICKET (Pickett)

Nabby, d.Joseph, jr., bp. May15,1785CR1

Amos, s.John, bp. Sept.30,1787.CR1

Anna, d.Joseph and Mary, Feb.24,1759.

Charles Edwards, s.Thomas L. and Sophia, May27,1837.

Clarissa, d.John, bp. May30,1790.CR1

Elias, s.Joseph and Elisebeth, Mar.18,1725.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1723.

Elizabeth Ring, d.Thomas L. and Sophia, Mar.18,1819.

Frances E., d.Thomas L. and Sophia, Apr.22,1836.

Jean [Jane.CR1], d.Joseph, jr. and Mary, Mar.29,1739.

John, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.9,1751.

John Henry, s.Thomas L. and Sophia, Feb.23,1832.

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. June13,1773.CR1

Judeth, d.Robart and Judeth, Oct.30,1764.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.29,1749.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Feb.26,1775.CR1

Mary Wood, d.Thomas L. and Sophia, June29,1828.

Rebecca, d.Elisabeth, Sept.2,1790.

Sophia, d.Thomas L. and Sophia, Apr.3,1825.

Suky [Susana Gouldsberry.dup.], d.Rebecca, Aug.21,1795.

Thomas L., s.Thomas L. and Sophia, Mar.20,1822.

William, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.6,1756.

William Blythe, s.Thomas L. and Sophia, Dec.16,1817.

PICKETT (Picket, Pickit, Pickot)

末末, s.Henry, cordwainer, and Hannah, July24,1843.

Abigail, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Apr.15,1751.

Nabby, grandd.Abigail, bp. Sept.28,1806.CR1

Adaline Woodberry, d.Joseph and Lydia, Feb.24,1834.

Amos, s.John and Judith, Sept.19,1788.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Abigail, bp. July26,1761.CR1

Charles, s.Thomas and Meriam, Apr.15,1790.

Charles, s.Josiah and Mary, Dec.12,1826.

Charles Henry, s.Thomas and Rachel, May2,1839.PR163

Clarissa, d.John and Judith, July30,1785.

Clarisse, d.John and Judith, May19,1791.

Deborah, d.Joseph and Mary, Nov.25,1753.

Dorcus, d.John and Judith, June26,1775.

Dorcus, d.John and Judith, June9,1780.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Oct.15,1753.

Emily, Feb.8,1791.PR260

Emme, d.Joseph, jr. and Anna, Feb.8,1793.

Fanny, grandd.Abigail, bp. Sept.28,1806.CR1

Frances Ellen, d.Thomas and Rachel, Sept.19,1828.PR163

George Hamilton, s.Thomas and Rachel, Aug.19,1836.PR163

George Augustus, s.Josiah and Mary, Sept.10,1836.

George Franklin, s.Thomas L., jr. and Lydia Green (Grush), Sept.1,1844.

Georgianna Ober, d.Joseph, cordwainer, and Lydia, Oct.5,1848.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Apr.5,1757.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Meriam, July9,1792.

Helen Augusta, d.John, 2d, cordwainer, and Sarah, May10,1846.

Henry, s.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, May21,1799.

Hepsibah, d.Josiah, sailmaker, and Mary, June6,1843.

Israel, s.Benjamin and Abigail, bp. Dec.25,1748.CR1

Joanna, d.Robert and Judith, Nov.25,1770.

John, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.6,1744.

John, s.John and Judith, Jan.16,1777.

John, s.Thomas and Meriam, July29,1782.

John, s.John and Judith, Mar.6,1794.

John, s.Thomas, jr. and Annis, Nov.9,1807.

John William, s.Josiah and Mary, Dec.30,1824.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.28,1746.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Jan.14, [1810.PR271]

Josiah, s.Thomas and Meriam, Feb.19,1795.

Josiah, s.John and Mahala, Nov.7,1819.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.21,1822.

Laura, d.Joseph and Lydia, Aug.6,1842.

Lucy, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.11,1807.CR1

Lucy, d.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Sept.14,1808.

Lucy Ann, d.John and Mahala, Sept.14,1818.

Lucy Ellen, d.Joseph and Lydia, Nov.7,1839.

Lydia Frances, d.Joseph and Lydia, Sept.29,1837.

Margaret, d.Thomas and Mariam, Mar.3,1788.PR242 [Mar.31.PR158]

Peggy, d.Thomas and Meriam, Mar.31,1788.

Martha Trevet, d.Thomas and Meriam, Jan.25,1779. [June25.PR158]

Martha Preston, d.John and Martha, June27,1834.PR162

Martha, d.Josiah and Mary, Nov.26,1834.

Martha Frances, d.Thomas and Rachel, Nov.16,1841.PR163

Mary, d.Robert and Judeth, June21,1762.

Polly, d.Thomas and Meriam, Mar.6,1797.

Mary, d.Joanna, Sept.15,1800.

Mary Howard, d.Josiah and Mary, Feb.3,1829.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Josiah and Mary, Nov.13,1832.

Meriam [Mary.PR242], d.Thomas and Meriam, May22,1777.

Nancy, d.Joseph and Deborah, Mar.30,1797.PR200

Nancy, d.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Mar.30,1801.

Nathan [Woodbury.CR1], s.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Sept.17,1797.

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Jan.11,1772.

Richard, s.Thomas and Meriam, Nov.8,1780.

Richard, s.Richard, merchant, and Joanna L., June24,1849.

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Abigail, June11,1764.

Samuel Striker, s.Thomas and Meriam, Mar.8,1786.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.19,1742.

Sarah, d.Robert and Judith, Feb.22,1773.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Meriam, June26,1784. [June22.PR242]

Sally Ann, d.Thomas and Sally, Oct.11,1815.PR162

Sarah Frances, d.Josiah and Mary, Dec.25,1830.

Sarah Annis, d.Thomas and Rachel, Apr.7,1834.PR163

Thomas, June27,1750.PR242

Thomas, s.Thomas and Meriam, Dec.10,1775.

Thomas L., s.John and Judith, Aug.15,1796.

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Annis, Sept.10,1805. [Sept.9.PR162]

Thomas Preston, s.Thomas and Rachel, Oct.29,1830.PR163

William, s.John and Judith, June19,1783.

PICKIT (Pickett)

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1718.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Sept.4,1716.


Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, of Methuen, Aug.23,1761.

PICKOT (Pickett)

Ginger, d.Robert and Judeth, Feb.16,1767.


Anna, d.Elias and Anna, Nov.13,1687.

Anna, d.Elias and Anna, Nov.25,1688.

Elias, s.Elias and Anna, Apr.20,1690.

Joseph, s.Elias and Anah, Sept.11,1692.

Martha, d.Elias and Anna, Dec.21,1683.

Mary, d.Elias and Anna, Feb.2,1685.

Sarah, d.Elias and Anna, May1,1696.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Adoniram, s.John and Sarah, May8,1830.

Augusta, d.twin, Nicholas and Sally, Apr.22,1845.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.13,1777.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Apr.26,1803. [Apr.6.PR245]

Benjamin Osgood, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Sept.26,1812.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, 2d and Betsy O., Feb.18,1833.

Carroline, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Oct.25,1809.

Caroline, d.Nicholas and Sally, July27,1839.

Edward, s.twin, Nicholas and Sally, Apr.22,1845.

Eliza, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Feb.6,1796.

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Betsy O., d.Benjamin, 2d and Betsy O., July25,1835.

Betsy [P.PR241], d.Nicholas and Sally, Apr.29,1837.

Everett Walter, s.Benjamin, cordwainer, and Betsy, Nov.3,1845.

Ezra S., s.Thomas and Hannah B., 2d w., Jan.6,1843.

George, s.Nicholas and Sally, Apr.4,1829.

George Washington, s.Thomas and Hannah B. (Loring) [2d., w.dup.], Oct.7,1844.

Hannah Miranda, d.Thomas, cordwainer, and Hannah B. [2d, w.dup.], Aug.29,1846.

Harriet, d.John and Sarah, July末,1837.

Henry Hardy, s.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.5,1811.

Huldah, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, June27,1791.

Irene, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Oct.21,1800.

Jesse, s.Thomas, cordwainer, and Hannah D., b. Washington, ME, Oct.4,1848.

Joanna, d.Thomas and Joannah, Mar.9,1838.

John, s.Joseph, bp. July11,1773.CR1

John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.4,1827.

Louisa [T.PR241], d.Nicholas and Sally, May18,1842.

Martha Jane, d.John and Sarah, Oct.8,1832.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Apr.4,1800.

Mary Ann, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Nov.11,1806.

Mary Ann, d.John and Sarah, Oct.6,1828.

Mary, d.Nicholas and Sally, June27,1834. [1833.PR241]

Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, June27,1789.

Nancy Morse, d.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.20,1814.

Phebe, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, Apr.26,1793.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Rebecca [at Wenham.PR245], Nov.28,1797.

Sally, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, June25,1798.

Sally, d.Nicholas and Sally, Jan.19,1831.

Stephen M., s.Thomas and Joannah, June7,1836.

Thomas L., s.Thomas and Hannah B., 2d w., Sept.27,1840.


Giles, s.Hugh and Sally, June18,1794.

Hugh, s.Hugh and Sally, May26,1787.

James, s.Hugh and Sally, Feb.23,1790.

Sally, d.Hugh and Sally, Apr.27,1792.

PINDAR (Pender)

Caroline [Caroline Elizabeth.CR1], d.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], Apr.6,1815.

Charles Henry, s.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], June9,1813.

James Putnam, s.John and Polly [Mary.CR1], Sept.10,1817.


John, s.Joseph, bp. June3,1759.CR1

John, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.30,1761.CR1

William, s.William and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1754.


Farnham, s.Farnham and Nancy, July13,1809.

Hannah Carleton, d.Farnham and Nancy, Jan.27,1812.

Thomas, s.Farnham and Nancy, Sept.12,1807.

POLAND (Polen)

Abigail, d.John, bp. Mar.4,1764.CR1

Charles, s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.20,1795.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Hannah, Nov.21,1778.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.2,1787.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.11,1757.CR1

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.25,1759.CR1

James, s.Joseph and Hannah, July8,1793.

John, s.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.5,1789.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.10,1780.

Joshua, s.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.7,1791.

Juda, d.John, bp. Sept.20,1761.CR1

Lydia, d.Joseph and Hannah, Dec.6,1797.

POLEN (Poland)

Elizabeth [Polland.CR1], d.Jacob and Elizabeth of Ipswich, Oct.16,1754.

Isaac, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, of ipswich, Mar.1,1762.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, Nov.22,1760.

Joanna, d.Jacob and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, Sept.12,1756.


Elizabeth Ann, d.John and Elizabeth, June6,1811.

James, s.John and Elizabeth, June6,1808.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, May1,1814.

POOL (Poole)

Ebenezer, s.John and Sarah, bp. Mar.5,1698-9.CR1

Jonathan, s.John and Sarah, bp. May6,1694.CR1

Miriam, d.John and Sarah, bp. Oct.13,1695.CR1

Robert, s.John and Sarah, bp. Oct.10,1697.CR1

POOLE (Pool)

Joshua, s.John and Sarah, bp. June2,1700.CR1


Marietta Lavina, d.Samuel Plummer, ship-master, and Mercy, Mar.24,1848.


末末, s.Joseph, jr., painter, and Sarah, Mar.7,1848.

Abigail, d.Benjamin, bp. Oct.6,1745.CR2

Abby Johnson, d.Jeremiah and Anna, Apr.15,1833.

Adoniram, s.John, 2d and Hannah, Feb.16,1832.

Alfred, s.John, 2d and Hannah, Sept.2,1828.

Alice [Alice Louisa.PR156], d.John, 3d, cordwainer, and Alice, June9,1843.

Anna, d.William and Edith, bp. Nov.15,1719.CR2

Anna, w.Joseph, May25,1788.

Anna, d.John and Anna, Nov.12,1798.

Anna, d.John and Anna, Nov.29,1800.

Annah Woodberry, d.John and Alice, Jan.31,1833.PR156

Anna G., d.Joseph, jr., June28,1845.PR266

Anne, d.William, jr., bp. Jan.12,1745-6.CR2

Ann E[wards.PR233], d.John, 2d and Hannah, Sept.9,1815.

Ann Augusta, d.Samuel M., brick maker, and Mary, both b. Yarmouth, NS, July15,1849.

Asa, s.William, jr. and Lydia, bp. July13,1740.CR2

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, dec., and Emma, bp. July10,1757.CR2

Benjamin Adams, s.Nathan and Anna, June23,1785.

Catherine R., d.Joseph, jr. and Nancy, 1st w., July17,1832. [1833.PR266]

Charles H., s.William, 2d, May末,1810.PR266

Charles Francis, s.Nathaniel and Ann, Oct.23,1847.

Clara Maria, d.Samuel, trader, and Clara E., July13,1849.

Ebenezer, s.William, jr. and Lydia, bp. Oct.8,1738.CR2

Edith, d.William and Mary, bp. Nov.4,1733.CR2

Emily Fornis, d.John, 3d, farmer, and Alice, Nov.14,1846.

Emma, d.Benjamin and Emma, bp. Nov.17,1754.CR2

Emma Ellen, d.John and Alice, Apr.24,1837.PR156

Emma Lovett, d.Jeremiah, cordwainer, and Emma L., Oct.23,1845.

Emeline Augusta, d.Jeremiah and Anna, July25,1839.PR236

Ezra, s.William and Joanna, Oct.11,1793. [Oct.4.PR178]

Francis Edward, s.John, 2d, and Hannah, Sept.14,1824. [Sept.24.PR233]

George, s.William and Mary, bp. Aug.13,1738.CR2

George, s.Nathan and Abigail, Feb.4,1762.

George, s.William and Joanna, Dec.15,1786. [Dec.16.PR266]

George, s.Nathan and Anna, June2,1789.

George, s.William, 2d, Jan.末,1808.PR266

George, s.[John and Eunice.CR1] Feb.6,1809.PR239

George D., s.Joseph.jr., Mar.7,1848.PR266

Ginger, d.William and Mary, bp. Oct.4,1741.CR2

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. Dec.19,1742.CR2

Hannah, d.John and Rachel, bp. May14,1749.CR1

Hannah, d.Rufus, dec., and Jerusha, bp. May1,1763.CR2

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Sept.2,1770.

Hannah, d.Nathan and Anna, bp. June25,1809.CR2

Hannah Edwards, d.Nathaniel and Hepzibah B. (Creesy), July20,1840.

Jeremiah, s.William and Joanna, Nov.18,1790.

Jeremiah, s.Joseph and Anna, Dec.14,1813.

Jeremiah, s.William, 2d, Jan.22,1818.PR266

Jeremiah Lovett, s.John, 2d, and Hannah, Mar.2,1823.

Jeremiah Augustus, s.Jeremiah and Anna, Mar.23,1836.

Joanna L[ovett, d.John, 2d and Eunice.CR1], May26,1807.PR239

Joanna Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah and Anna, Mar.22,1830.

John, s.John and Rachel, Mar.1,1746.

John, s.John and Hannah, Aug.20,1773.

John, s.William and Joanna, Feb.8,1781.

John, s.John and Anna, Aug.14,1803.

John B., s.William, 2d, Mar.27,1806.PR266

John Edwin, s.John, 2d, and Hannah, Aug.24,1822.

John Augustus, s.John and Alice, Mar.15,1829.PR156

Jonathan, s.William and Mary, bp. Nov.4,1733.CR2

Jonathan, s.William and Lydia, bp. Oct.14,1753.CR2

Joseph, s.William and Edith, bp. Aug.18,1717.CR2

Joseph, s.John and Hannah, Dec.11,1775.

Joseph, s.William and Joanna, July26,1783. [1784. dup.]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sally, July28,1804.

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph and Anna, Oct.21,1809.

Joseph, s.Joseph and 末末, now, w.Josiah Trask, bp. Oct.7,1810.CR2

Joseph V., s.Joseph, jr. and Nancy, 1st w., Mar.24,1835.

Josiah, s.William and Mary, bp. Aug.3,1729.CR2

Lydia, d.William, jr. and Lydia, bp. Dec.26,1742.CR2

Lydia E., d.Joseph and Anna, Sept.2,1822.

Lydia M., d.Joseph and Anna, July10,1828.

Maria A., Oct.13,1806.

Mary, d.William and Mary, bp. Feb.5,1744-5.CR2

Mary, d.John and Rachel, Apr.5,1745.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Emma, bp. May4,1755.CR2

Mary R., d.William, 2d, June22,1813.PR266

Mary Alice, d.John and Alice, Feb.15,1835.PR156

Mary Anna, d.John and Alice, Mar.4,1841.PR156

Nancy Adams, d.Nathan and Ann, b. Weston, bp. Feb.7,1813.CR2

Nancy, d.Joseph and Anna, July18,1820. [1819.PR266]

Nathan, s.William and Mary, bp. Oct.3,1736.CR2

Nathan, s.Nathan and Abigail, Apr.4,1760.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Anna, May19,1787.

Nathaniel, s.John, 2d and Hannah, Aug.29,1813. [Aug.11.PR233]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, housewright, and Ann (Currier), Apr.18,1845.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Ann (Nutter), Apr.18,1845.

Rachel, d.John and Rachel, bp. June25,1758.CR1

Rebecca, d.John and Hannah, July31,1777.

Robert G., s.Joseph and Anna, Jan.20,1816. [July20.PR266]

Rufus, s.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. Sept.21,1740.CR2

Samuel, s.William, May23,1779.PR266

Samuel L., s.William, 2d, May末,1820.PR266

Samuel, s.Joseph and Anna, Aug.20,1824.

Samuel Austin, s.Robert G. [cordwainer. dup.] and Mary (Silver), Sept.9,1845.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. May29,1743.CR2

Sarah, d.John and Rachel, bp. May29,1743.CR2

Sarah S., d.William, 2d, Nov.17,1816.PR266

Sarah Ellen, d.John and Alice, Oct.5,1830.PR156

Sarah Augusta, d.John B., stabler, b. Salem, and Martha J., Jan.15,1849.

Warren, s.Nathan and Anna, July23,1803.

William, s.Nathan and Abigail, Jan.18,1765.

William, s.William and Joanna, Nov.11,1777.

William, May23,1779.PR178

William, s.Nathan and Anna, Oct.24,1800.

William, s.William, 2d, Jan.末,1808.PR266

William, s.John, 2d and Hannah, July29,1818.

William Francis, s.William, shoe manufacturer, and Caroline, May1,1849.

Winthrop T. [Lane.PR233], s.John, 2d and Hannah, Nov.16,1826.


Albert G., s.Benjamin and Anna, Aug.25,1825.

Benjamin B., s.Benjamin and Anna, Mar.5,1828.

Fidelia, d.Benjamin and Anna, Mar.16,1834.

Martha W., d.Benjamin and Anna, Sept.17,1823.

Mary P., Aug.12,1796.PR159

Mary Ann, May13,1827.PR5

POUSLAND (Pouslin)

Benjamin, s.William and Martha W., Aug.8,1801.

Benjamin, s.William and Martha W., Sept.2,1807.

Charles Francis, s.Thomas and Sally, July27,1827.

Edward, s.Edward and Hanah, Oct.7,1791.

Edward, s.Edward and Hanah, Aug.13,1802.

Edward, s.Edward and Mary, June6,1830.

Eli, s.Thomas and Anna, July4,1805.

Betsey, d.Edward and Hanah, Aug.23,1804.

George, s.Edward and Hanah, Oct.10,1807.

Hannah, d.Edward and Hanah, Mar.9,1795.

Hannah, d.William and Martha W., Mar.5,1799.

Hannah, d.William and Martha W., Oct.2,1805.

James Hill, s.William, cordwainer, and Nancy S., Nov.10,1843.

Joseph, s.William and Martha W., Oct.5,1794.

Lydia, d.Edward and Hanah, May27,1811.

Martha W., w.William, Aug.24,1767.

Patty, d.William and Martha W., Nov.2,1792.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Anna, Jan.22,1809.

Nancy Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Eldesta, 3d w., May12,1841.

Nehemiah, s.William and Martha W., Sept.28,1796.

Nehemiah, s.William and Martha W., Sept.5,1804.

Rebecca Frances, d.Thomas and Nancy T., 2d w., Aug.23,1834.

Dike, s.Edward and Hannah, Oct.15,1797.

Ruth, d.William and Martha W., Aug.5,1809.

Stephen Webber, s.Thomas and Sally, June20,1829.

Susan, d.Thomas and Anna, Oct.24,1811.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Anna, May20,1801.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Thomas and Sally, Aug.1,1824.

William, Oct.11,1766.

William, s.William and Martha W., Feb.22,1791.

POUSLIN (Pousland)

Nabby, d.John and Nabby, Dec.21,1800.

John, s.John and Nabby, June7,1796.

Thomas, s.John and Nabby, Nov.26,1797.

PRESCOTT (Priscott)

PRESON (Preston)

Elizabeth, d.Moses and Mary, Dec.14,1736.

Joseph, s.Moses and Mary, June14,1733.

Mercy, d.David and Mary, Mar.5,1708-9.

Stephen, s.William and Prissilah, May3,1697.

PRESSON (Preston)

Abigel, d.Nehemiah and Abigel, Mar.17,1718.

Abigail, d.Nehemiah and Annis, bp. Oct.16,1768.CR1

Anna, d.Jacob and Hannah, bp. July7,1771.CR1

Annis, d.Nehemiah, jr. and Annis, bp. Oct.6,1765.CR1

Benjamin, s.William and Presilah, Jan.1,1699-1700.

Benjamin, s.Nehemiah and Abigail, bp. July27,1729.CR1

Benjamin, s.William and Mary, bp. Jan.20,1739-40.CR2

Benjamin, s.Randal and Susanna, bp. Apr.1,1739.CR1

Benjamin, s.William and Mary, Jan.23,1740-1.

Benjamin, s.Nehemiah and Annes, Aug.3,1743.

Benjamin, s.Nehemiah and Anna, Aug.3,1744.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Thankful, bp. July7,1771.CR1

Bethiah, d.Nehemiah and Annis, bp. Sept.26,1756.CR1

Edward, s.William and Mary, Nov.11,1733.

Elizabeth, d.William and Mary, Feb.8,1736.

Elizabeth, d.Randal and Susanna, bp. July27,1740.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Randal and Susanna, bp. Nov.1,1741.CR1

Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Nov.7,1742.CR1

Hanah, d.Nehemiah and Abigall, July21,1722.

John, s.John and Margaret, bp. Sept.9,1739.CR1

Jonathan, s.John and Margaret, bp. Sept.9,1739.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.26,1766.CR1

Joseph, s.Moses and Mary, bp. June17,1739.CR1

Judath, d.Nehemiah and Abbigal, Oct.12,1726.

Lucey, d.Randel and Susana, Aug.12,1735.

Lydia, d.Nehemiah and Abigail, Sept.10,1745.

Mary, d.William and Mary, Feb.10,1738-9.

Mary, d.John, bp. Nov.7,1742.CR1

Mary, d.Stephen and Mary, bp. Aug.29,1756.CR1

Mehitebell, d.Nehemiah and Abbigal, July31,1723.

Hittey, d.Nehemiah and Annis, bp. Oct.20,1754.CR1

Nathan, s.William and Prissilah, May18,1707.

Nathan, s.Nehemiah and Anna [Annis.CR1], Jan.1,1753.

Nathaniel, s.Nehemiah and Anna, Jan.31,1749.

Nehemiah, s.William and Prisilah, Jan.15,1691-2.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Abigel, Dec.19,1720.

Nicholas, s.Jonathan, bp. Nov.14,1762.CR1

Priscilla, d.Nehemiah and Abigel, Apr.6,1716.

Randal, s.William and Prissilah, Apr.3,1702.

Rebekah, d.William and Mary, Mar.12,1729-30.

Ruth, d.William and Prissilah, Mar.25,1710.

Stephen, s.Nehemiah and Abbigal, Jan.28,1730.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, bp. Nov.19,1758.CR1

Stephen, s.Nehemiah and Annis, bp. Dec.31,1758.CR1

Susanna, d.John and Priscila, Mar.22,1758.

William, s.William and Mary, Aug.5,1728.

William, s.Randal and Susanna, bp. Apr.24,1737.CR1

William, s.Nehemiah and Annes, Mar.14,1747-8.

William, s.Jonathan, bp. July24,1768.CR1

PRESTON (Preson, Presson, Prison)

Abigail, d.Thomas, jr. and Rebekah, bp. May7,1738.CR2

Nabby, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Sept.3,1797.

Addison, s.Hiram, cordwainer, and Lydia, Sept.6,1845.

Adaline, d.Hiram and Lydia, Oct.28,1835.

Albert Francis, s.Joseph K. and Mary (Marshall), Mar.25,1845. [Mar.24.PR268]

Albert Lawrence, s.Nehemiah, cordwainer, and Mary, b. Wenham, June9,1849.

Alice, d.Joseph K., cordwainer, and Mary, Sept.14,1846.

Andrew [Presson.CR1], s.Randall and Susanna, May8,1729.

Andrew Woodberry, s.Benjamin, jr., cordwainer, June29,1846.

Anna A, d.Nehemiah and Mary H., at Wenham, Nov.3,1830.

Anne, d.Thomas, jr. and Rebekah, bp. May7,1738.CR2

Annis, d.Benjamin, bp. Mar.18,1781.CR1

Benjamin [Presson.CR1], s.Randall and Susanah, Feb.21,1743-4.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.31,1799.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Sarah, May24,1833.

Catharine Hicklin, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.25,1813.

Charles H., s.Joseph K. and Mary, Jan.29,1832.

Charles Franklin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Sarah, Aug.16,1837.

Cleaves B., s.Nehemiah, cordwainer, and Mary H., Dec.4,1846.

Daniel Webster, s.Nehemiah, cordwainer, and Mary H., Oct.11,1843.

David, s.Jonathan, bp. June18,1775.CR1

David, s.David and Sarah, May30,1803.

David Alden, s.Richard J., shipwright, and Esther, Aug.5,1845.

Edward, s.Hiram and Lydia, Nov.7,1833.

Edwin D., s.Nehemiah and Mary H., at Wenham, Oct.11,1841.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. Sept.21,1740.CR2

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan, bp. June18,1775.CR1

Betsey, d.twin, illegitimate, Mariam ["reputed father's name Dodge. "CR1], Oct.11,1778.

Betsy, d.David and Sarah, Oct.18,1812.

Betsey, d.Richard J. and Esther, at Essex, Nov.20,1835.

Ellen Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Joanna L., June23,1848.

Emeline, d.Joseph K. and Mary, Aug.29,1840.

Ezra, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.19,1808.

Ezra K., s.Nehemiah and Mary H., at Wenham, July1,1832.

Franklin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah, at Hamilton,末蔓末,1826.

George M., s.Joseph K. and Mary, Apr.23,1830.

Hannah, d.William and Mary, bp. July15,1744.CR2

Hannah, d.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. June21,1752.CR2

Henry, s.David and Sarah, Jan.28,1820.

Hiram, s.William and Hannah, Feb.16,1804.

Joanna, d.Thomas and Joanna, Aug.21,1796.

Joanna, d.Thomas and Joanna, Dec.12,1824.

John [Presson.CR1], s.Randall and Susanna, May16,1731.

John [Presson.CR1], s.Randall and Susanna, Apr.3,1733.

John, s.Hiram and Lydia, May28,1829.

John F., s.Nehemiah and Mary H., at Wenham, Dec.13,1838.

John H., s.Joseph K. and Mary, July18,1848.PR268

Jonathan, s.Thomas, bp. July19,1801.CR1

Joseph [K.PR268], s.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.3,1802.

Joseph L., s.Joseph K. and Mary, July20,1834.

Joseph L[ewis.PR268], s.Joseph K. and Mary, June1,1838.

Joseph Edward, s.Richard J. and Esther, June11,1843.

Lucy, d.Benjamin, bp. Oct.1,1775.CR1

Luther Henry, s.Thomas and Joanna (Lovering) of Hamilton, Mar.26,1843.

Lydia Ann, d.Hiram and Lydia, Apr.2,1839.

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Sept.25,1720.CR2

Moley, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.5,1773.CR1

Mary A., d.Joseph K. and Mary, June3,1836.

Mehetabel, d.Thomas, jr. and Rebekah, bp. July23,1738.CR2

Hitty, d.Richard and Hitty, Nov.26,1800.

Nehemiah, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Sept.9,1806.

Nehemiah W., s.Nehemiah and Mary H., at Wenham, Aug.5,1834.

Nelson, s.Hiram and Lydia, Apr.23,1841.

Oliver, s.David and Sarah, Feb.2,1815.

Rebekah, d.Thomas, jr. and Rebekah, bp. May7,1738.CR2

Richard, s.Jonathan, bp. Mar.26,1775.CR1

Richard Joseph, s.David and Sarah, Apr.9,1810.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. Jan.23,1742-3.CR2

Sally, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Sept.23,1795.

Sally, d.David and Sarah, May1,1805.

Sarah Lee, d.Benjamin, jr. and Sarah, Apr.24,1835.

Susan Elisabeth, d.Benjamin, jr. and Sarah, Dec.29,1839.

Susanna, d.Randall and Susanna, July2,1723.

Susannah, d.Randall and Susanna, Mar.3,1727.

Susanna, d.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. Jan.21,1749-50.CR2

Thankful, d.Benjamin, bp. June28,1778.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebekah, bp. June2,1745.CR2

Thomas, s.Thomas and Joanna, May27,1799.

Thomas, s.David and Sarah, May9,1817.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Joanna, Mar.27,1823.

Thirza, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Nov.5,1801.

Walter Ervin, s.Thomas [Mason. dup.] and Joanna (Lovering), of Hamilton, Nov.24,1845.

William, s.Randall and Susanna, Sept.2,1725.

William, s.David and Sarah, Sept.5,1807.

William, s.Richard and Mary, bp. Oct.17,1830.CR1

William, s.Hiram and Lydia, Jan.10,1832.


Joanna, d.Joseph, bp. June2,1793.CR1

PRID (Pride)

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb.25,1703-4.

Jonathan, s.Petter and Hannah, Apr.6,1702.

PRIDE (Prid)

Nabby, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, May20,1778.

Abner, s.William and Hannah, Jan.1,1712-13.

Anna, d.Peter and Hannah, Mar.5,1756.

Anna, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.13,1788. [1789.PR157]

Asenath, d.Peter and Clarissa T., Oct.21,1830.

Augusta, d.Elisha, cordwainer, and Bethiah, Nov.25,1849.

Clarissa, d.Peter and Clarissa T., Apr.11,1822.

Clarissa T., d.Elisha and Augusta, July11,1842.

Elisha, s.Peter and Clarissa T., Aug.1,1817.

Elizabeth, d.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Dec.20,1771.

Elizabeth, d.Peter and Clarissa T., Aug.31,1819.

Ezra Thissel, s.Peter and Clarissa T., Sept.10,1834.

Hannah, d.Peter and hannah, Jan.22,1704-5.

Hannah, d.Peter and Jerusha, Jan.5,1739.

Hiphbath [Hepzibah.CR1], d.Peter and Hannah, May11,1753.

Hiphzibah, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Nov.22,1783.

Herbert, s.William and Hannah, July12,1707.

Jean [Jane.CR1], d.Joseph and Elizebeth, Jan.末,1706-7.

Jerusha, d.Peter and Jerusha, Nov.27,1742.

John, s.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

John, s.William and Hannah, Sept.3,1699.

Jonathan, s.Peter and Jerusha, Apr.16,1737-8.

Jonathan, s.Peter, jr., bp. Dec.10,1775.CR1

Joseph, s.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

Lydia, d.Peter [jr.CR1] and Jerusha, Apr.21,1743-4.

Lydia, d.Peter, jr., bp. Oct.7,1792.CR1

Lydia, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Apr.14,1796.

Mary, d.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

Micajah, s.William and Hannah, Dec.22,1715.

Peter, s.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

Peter, s.Peter and Hannah, Sept.3,1713.

Peter, s.Peter and Jerusha, May12,1746.

Peter, s.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.16,1790.

Peter, s.Peter and Clarissa T., May7,1825.

Sarah, d.William and Hannah, Sept.26,1701.

Sarah, d.Peter and Hanah, Nov.17,1758.

Sarah, d.Peter, jr., bp. Nov.28,1773.CR1

Sarah, d.Peter, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1781.

Susannah, d.Peter and Jerusha, Mar.23,1740.

Thorndike, s.William and Hannah, bp. Jan.21,1710-11.CR1

William, s.John and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1686.CR1

William, s.William and Hannah, Feb.25,1703-4.


末末, s.Warren [housewright. dup.], and Lucy Ann (Lovett), Nov.27,1843.

Abba, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Aug.8,1842.

Abigail, d.John and Hannah, Oct.20,1766. [1767.PR124]

Abigail, d.John and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1814.

Abigail Larcom, d.Isaac and Abigail, bp. Mar.13,1831.CR3

Andrew, s.John and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1797.PR228

Andrew, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1799. [Jan.20.PR49]

Asa, s.Luke R. and Sally, Dec.30,1821.

Augusta L., d.Isaac, farmer, and Abigail (Larcom), Feb.28,1844.

Benjamin, s.Brackenbury, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

Benjamin, s.Brackinberry and Joanna, May10,1800.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Aug.19,1840.

Brackenberry, s.Brackinberry and Mary, Dec.24,1786. [1787.PR157]

Caroline, d.Isaac and Abigail, bp. Mar.13,1831.CR3

Charles Henry, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Standley), July27,1844.

Charles William, s.Warren and Lucy Ann (Lovett), Feb.24,1845.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.2,1790. [Nov.3.PR168]

Elisabeth, d.John, bp. July7,1793.CR1

Elizabeth Haskell, d.Isaac and Abigail, bp. Apr.8,1832.CR3

Frances Ellen, d.Warren, housewright, and Lucy Ann, Aug.6,1847.

Frederick Augustus, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.28,1801.CR1

George, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.7,1807.PR228

George Warren, s.Warren and Lucinda, July29,1837.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, bp. May14,1769.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.22,1801.

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.29,1801.CR1

Hannah, d.J[osephine.PR228], d.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.30,1843.

Isaac, s.Brackinberry and Joanna, May24,1801.

Isaac Francis, s.Isaac, farmer, and Abigail, June28,1846.

Joanna Batchelder, d.Joseph, bp. May19,1793.CR1

Joanna, Sept.19,1807.PR22

Joanna L., Mar.15,1828.PR124

Joanna Chapman, d.Isaac, bp.末蔓末,1838.CR5

John, s.John, bp. Nov.28,1736.CR1

John, s.John and Hannah, Feb.24,1765. [Feb.21.PR49]

John, s.Jonah and Sarah, Aug.21,1771.

John Bartlett, s.Joseph, bp. June1,1788.CR1

John, s.Brackinberry and Mary, July16,1789.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.1,1795.

John, s.Luke R. and Sally, Apr.18,1820.

John, Dec.18,1824.PR157

John, s.John and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1831.CR3

Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth, June29,1805.

Josiah Batchelder, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.29,1801.CR1

Luke R., s.Luke R. and Sally, Oct.30,1815.

Lydia, d.John and Elizabeth, July30,1803.

Martha, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.29,1801.CR1

Mary, d.William and Sary, Sept.16,1723.

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. May19,1793.CR1

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.26,1793.

Mary, d.Brackinberry and Joanna, Nov.14,1805.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Luke R. and Sally, Nov.14,1823.

Mary Ober, d.John and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1831.CR3

Febe, d.Brackinberry and Mary, Oct.7,1784.

Phebe, d.John and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1831.CR3

Rebecca Foster, d.Brackinberry and Joanna, Oct.31,1802.

Rebecca Foster, d.Isaac, bp.末蔓末,1838.CR5

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Dec.12,1719.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, bp. July末,1729.CR1

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.10,1731.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Nov.22,1736.

Sally Ann, d.Luke R. and Sally, Aug.23,1818.

Susan, d.I., bp.末蔓末,1842.CR5

Susanna, d.John and Sary, Dec.18,1725.

Susanna, d.John and Hannah, Nov.5,1762.

Susanna, d Brackinberry and Susanna, Dec.13,1796.

Thomas, s.Brackinbury and Mary, May19,1791.

Thomas Henry, s.John and Mary, bp. July10,1831.CR3

Warren, s.Luke R. and Sally, Sept.9,1813.

William, s.William and Sary, Jan.28,1726-7.


Adaline, d.Asa and Esther, June1,1813.

Esther Alzire, d.Asa and Esther, Apr.3,1809.

PRISON (Preston)

William, s.William and Presilah, Jan.1,1704-5.


末末, s.Edward T., farmer, and Mary Ann, Apr.18,1847.

Alfred Woodbury, s.Edward Trask and Mary Ann, Apr.19,1846.PR240

Caroline [Caroline Francis.PR240], d.Edward T., farmer, b. Danvers, and Mary Ann, July6,1849. [July5.PR240]

Charles E[dward.PR240], s.Edward T. and Mary Ann, Dec.6,1836.

Daniel W[aters.PR240], s.Edward T. and Mary Ann, Jan.6,1835. [1836.PR240]

Edward Trask, Dec.7,1806.PR240

Mary E[lizabeth.PR240], d.Edward T. and Mary Ann, July8,1838.

William E[dward.PR240], s.Edward T. and Mary Ann, Jan.2,1841.

William E[dward.PR240], s.Edward T., farmer, and Mary Ann, May10,1843.


Hannah, d.John, bp. May8,1774.CR1

Israel Eliot, s.John, bp. June26,1774.CR1

PUTNAM (Putnum)

Adelaide, d.John and Huldah, Apr.5,1839.

Adeline Augusta, d.William and Augusta, Apr.6,1838.

Anne, d.John and Mary, bp. Sept.17,1738.CR2

Apphia, d.Eliezer, at Salem Village, bp. Dec.2,1716.CR2

Edmund, s.Edmund and Martha, Jan.24,1800.

Elizabeth, d.Edmund and Martha, Oct.1,1808.

Hannah, d.Edmund and Martha, May28,1806.

John, s.Edmund and Martha, June17,1802.

John Henry, s.John and Huldah, Jan.13,1837.

Lucy Lovett, d.William and Lucy, July11,1823.

Martha, d.Edmund and Martha, June4,1804.

Martha Trask, d.William and Lucy, July25,1825.

Martha Louisa, d.William and Augusta, Mar.12,1842.

Mary Ann, d.Edmund and Martha, Sept.15,1810.

Samuel, s.Gideon and Hannah, at Danvers, bp. June19,1768.CR2

Sally, d.Edmund and Martha, Feb.20,1798.

William, s.Edmund and Martha, Sept.7,1796.

William Edmund, s.William and Lucy, Feb.11,1821.

William Rufus, s.William and Augustus (Friend), Mar.12,1845.

PUTNUM (Putnam)

Aaron, s.Rufus and Mary, Apr.21,1796.

Aaron, s.Rufus and Mary, Apr.14,1802.

Rufus, s.Rufus and Mary, Apr.12,1800.

William, s.Rufus and Mary, Nov.10,1803.

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