Elisabeth, wid.[Samuel.CR3], d.Elias and Thankful Smith, consumption, May8,1849, a.81y.4d.[May7, a.80y.CR3]

Samuel G., consumption, at sea,末蔓末,1805.CR1


Francis G[reen Macumber.CR6], Rev. "minister of the First Baptist Church," July1,1827, a.29y.[July2. dup.; July1.CR6]


Elizabeth, w.Cane, Sept.22,1723.CR2


John, at West Indies,末蔓末,1761.PR1


Elizabeth, wid., consumption, bur. July26,1806, a.60y.CR1


末末, ch.Perez, bur. Aug.19,1803.CR1

末末, s.末末, at sea, Nov.末,1816, a.19y.CR1

Charles, s.Perez and Abigail, at St. Iago [yellow fever, at Okoies, Aug.末, 末末.CR1], May24,1827. [a.18y.GR4]

Emmeline, d.Perez and Abigail [consumption.CR1], Apr.21,1835. [Apr.23.CR1; a.20y.GR4]

Ezra, s.Ezra and Nabby [of Lynn, dysentery.CR1], Sept.25,1805, a.abt. 16m.[a.2d.CR1]

[Israel Johnson.GR4], s.Perez [and Abigail.GR4], worms, bur. Sept.14,1792, a.1y.3m.CR1 [Sept.12,1793.GR4]

Israel, s.Perez, fell overboard at sea, Aug.16,1829, a.25y.CR1

Israel Johnson, s.Perez and Nabby [Abigail.GR4], lost at sea, Aug.22,1829. [a.24y.GR4]

Perez, s.Perez and Nabby [Abigail.GR4], lost at sea,末蔓末,1814. [Jan.末,1816, a.19y.CR1; a.20y.GR4]

Perez, m., housewright, b. Hanover, s.Benjamin and Abigail, consumption [indigestion.CR1], Aug.20,1848, a.78y.9m.13d.


Benjamin Woodberry, s.William T. [suddenly.CR1], Sept.4,1796, a.2w.

Betsy, wid.William [T.GR4], Apr.3,1840, a.73y.

Loiza, d.William T. and Betsy, Aug.24,1812, a.10y.GR4

Nancy, Miss, Aug.19,1823, a.23y.GR4

William, s.William T. and Betsy, Dec.1,1826, a.36y.GR4

William T[aylor.GR4] Sergt., "he was born in Charles City, County Virginia, and came to this part of the then Colonies previous to the war, when about 12 or 15 years old.He served in the Revolutionary Army during nearly or quite the whole war, the latter part of which as sergeant in the 5th Mass.Regiment. At the close of the war he received an honorable discharge, signed by Washington, bespeaking his worth and merit, after which he returned to Beverly, where he resided to the time of his death.He suffered much from rheumatism during the latter part of his life, probably brought on by exposure while in the army.He was a worthy man, and enjoyed the esteem of his friends and neighbors." June1,1838, a.81y.



末末, ch.Thomas,末蔓末,1760.PR1

Thomas (at Martineco?),末蔓末,1761.PR1


末末, wid., bur. Mar.13,1782.CR1

MARSHAL (Marshall)

George, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary, Mar.4,1822.

Oliver, s.Timothy, jr. and Mary [dropsy in the head.CR1], Apr.27,1813, a.10w.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

末末, Mr., a stranger, died at the Almshouse, Sept.19,1827, a.abt. 42y.[bur. Sept.19.CR1]

Abigail H., w.Joseph, d.Nathaniel and Hitty Haskell, Feb.19,1835, a.22y.GR4

Azeriah, s.twin, Capt. Timothy and Hitty, at sea,末蔓末,1813, a.23y.GR8

Azor [Capt.GR8], fever, in East Indies [at Sumatra.GR8], May10,1833, a.36y.CR1 [May15.GR8]

George [s.twin Capt. Timothy and Hitty.GR8] lost at sea, Dec.末,1814, a.24y.[Dec.17,1813.PR228; 1813, a.23y.GR8]

[George.GR4], ch.Timothy, jr., a burn, bur. Mar.4,1822, a.6y.CR1 [Mar.3.GR4]

George, s.George, July4,1829, a.17y.

George, s.Timothy, July5,1829, a.18y.[bur. July5.CR1]

James W., s.Capt. Timothy and Hitty,末蔓末,1786, a.2y.GR8

James W., s.Capt. Timothy and Hitty, at sea,末蔓末,1816, a.29y.GR8

Joseph, s.Timothy [Capt. Timothy and Hitty, at sea.GR8], Feb.25,1797, a.20y.[1796, a.19y.GR8]

Joseph, s.Capt. Timothy, at New Orleans, Aug.28,1835, a.31y.GR8

Mary P., w.Capt. Timothy, Dec.16,1833, a.48y.8m.GR8

Hitty, wid.[Capt. Timothy.GR8], d.James and Abigail Woodbury, old age, June4,1847, a.88y.10m.

Timothy, Capt. [bilious colic.CR1], June5,1827, a.72y.[June3.GR4]

MARTIN (Martyn)

Eleanor, w.James [bilious fever, bur. Aug.14.CR1], 末蔓13,1799, a.19y.9m.

John,末蔓末,1748, a.abt. 80y.PR1

John, bur. June11,1783.CR1

John [pulmonary consumption.CR1], June14,1799, a.25y.

Ruth, June6,1716.CR1

MARTYN (Martin)

末末, wid.Samuel,末蔓末,1762, a.80y.PR1


Isaac T., s.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), Apr.15,1829. [a.17y.GR4]

Lydia Ann, d.Stephen [jr.GR4] and Mary K., Nov.24,1837. [a.2y.14d.GR4]

Mary K., w.Stephen [jr.GR4], Apr.11,1838, a.33y.

Nancy, w.Stephen, Dec.末,1849.CR3

Sarah, d.Stephen and Anna (Thorndike), Aug.26,1809. [a.16m.GR4]

Stephen T[horndike.CR5], s.Stephen and Mary K., Sept.25,1838. [Sept.24.CR5]

Stephen, m., b. Salem, at Worcester [insane and worn out.CR5], Dec.27,1846. [Dec.29, a.73y.9m.GR4; Dec.30.CR5]


Abby Ann, d.James and Abby, scarlet fever, Sept.11,1848, a.1y.[Sept.9.GR4]

Asa Goodridge, s.Elisabeth, slow fever, bur. Oct.10,1808, a.14y.CR1

Charlotte H., d.the late Joseph and Mary, July23,1847, a.20y.10m.GR4

Elisabeth, wid., bur. Aug.27,1782.CR1

Harriet, d.John, bur. Oct.3,1806, a.11m.CR1

Harriot, d.John, jaundice, bur. Mar.30,1808, a.2m.CR1

Joseph, Dec.19,1829.CR6 [a.43y.GR4]

Mary, d.Joseph and Polly, June5,1836.

Mary, w.[Capt.GR4] Stephen, Aug.7,1836, a.30y.

Nathaniel F., m.[s.Joseph and Polly.dup], Oct.3,1844, a.29y.7m.19d.[Oct.5. dup.]

Nathaniel Clarence, s.the late Nathaniel F. and Sarah B., Oct.1,1848, a.7y.GR4

Sarah Ellen, d.John, jr. and Sally, scarlet fever, Nov.11,1844, a.7y.13d.

[Stephen.GR4], s.[Capt.GR4] Stephen and Mary, Sept.13,1836. [a.6w.GR4]


Benjamin, s.Samuel and Susanna, Nov.26,1811, a.2m.22d.GR4

John, s.John and Mary, Oct.18,1805, a.4y.2m.GR4

Sophia, d.Samuel and Susanna, Oct.10,1810, a.3m.2d.GR4


George, drowned, at Rio Grande, Apr.末,1822, a.40y.CR1


Robert, at Albany,末蔓末,1756.PR1

Ruth, wid., decline, bur. Sept.5,1824, a.35y.CR1

MAXCEY (Maxey)

Edmund, s.Elijah and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1830, a.2y.

Loisa, d.Elijah and Elizabeth [scalded, bur. Dec.5.CR1],末蔓末,1825, a.2y.6m.

MAXEY (Maxcey)

末末, ch.Elijah, Oct.10,1829, a.18m.[bur. Oct.10.CR1]

MAXWEL (Maxwell)


MAXWELL (Maxwel)


Elizabeth, inf.d.Benjamin, Dec.11,1727.CR2



末末, d.James, bur. Mar.13,1802, a.6y.CR1

末末, ch.James, bur. Sept.17,1802.CR1

末末, ch.James, bur. Aug.31,1803.CR1

末末, d.wid.末末, Jan.21,1829, a.23y.[bur. Jan.21.CR1]

Nabby, d.James, Feb.9,1799, a.3w.

Charity, w.John, bur. Oct.1,1775.CR1

David W., m., mariner, s.James and Elisabeth, dysentery, Oct.13,1847, a.43y.1m.14d.

James, yellow fever, in St. Lucia, bur. Sept.末,1809.CR1

[Lydia A.GR4], ch.David W. [and Lydia W.GR4], Feb.21,1845, a.1y.3m.[Feb.19.GR4]


John, s.Richard and Sally, Oct.8,1807, a.6m.4d.GR6

Sally, w.Richard, consumption, May16,1807, a.19y.CR2


Jennet, bur. Sept.11,1801, a.90y.10m.CR1


John, in the hospital, at New York, bur. Nov.末,1811, a.18y.CR1


[Alice.GR4], d.Joseph [and Alice.GR4], scarlet fever, bur. May18,1795, a.2ス y.CR1 [May16.GR4]

[Margaret.GR4], d.Joseph [and Allice.GR4], scarlet fever, bur. May29,1795, a.11m.CR1 [May28.GR4]

[Mary.GR4], d.Joseph [and Alice.GR4], scarlet fever, bur. May18,1795, a.4y.CR1 [May16.GR4]


Jonathan,末蔓末,1748, a.abt. 47y.PR1

McLALLEN (McLellan)

Eliza, d.George and Patty, Sept.25,1822.

McLELLAN (McLallen)

George, Capt., lost at sea, Apr.末,1823, a.54y.GR4

Martha, wid.[Capt.GR4] George, of Portland, ME, d.Asa and Ann Woodberry, Aug.12,1844, a.71y.6m.25d.[Aug.29, a.72y.GR4]

MEACHAM (Meacom)

末末, w.Robert,末蔓末,1762.CR2


James, jr., Nov.11,1727.CR2 [Nov.9, in his 19th y.GR3]

James, "at the Camp near Lake George,"末蔓末,1755.CR2


MEACOM (Meacham)

末末, s.stillborn, Edward, master mariner, and Abigail Stephens (Foster), Apr.5,1847.

Charles Edward, s.John and Elizabeth L., 2d, w.[consumption. dup.], Dec.13,1843. [a.6m.dup.; Oct., 1843.GR4]

Charles Hervey, s.John and Elizabeth, b. 1845d.Oct.末,1846.GR4

Ebenezer, h.Anna (Herrick), lost at sea,末蔓末,1780.

George Edward, s.George and Adeline L., Jan.27,1832. [a.2m.12d.GR4]

George Edward, s.George and Adeline L., Oct.23,1834. [a.1y.GR4]

George Hervey, s.John and Margaret R., June15,1839.

Margaret P., w.John, d.Dea.Nehemiah and Margaret Roundy, Nov.14,1838, a.23y.3m.14d.


Mary, m.[w.David, jr.GR8], d.William and Betsey Haskell, at Danvers, June13,1846, a.24y.11 m 12d.[June11.GR8]


Mercy, w.Thomas, consumption, bur. Apr.14,1814, a.35y.CR1

Richard, s.Thomas, rapid decline or lung fever, bur. Feb.20,1814, a.5y.3m.CR1


Charles, an Irish stranger, liver complaint, bur. Sept.1,1824, a.25y.CR1


末末, Mrs., abt. Mar., 1719-20.CR1


Ephraim, s.末末 and Martha, July末,1813, a.1y.2m.

MILLAN (Milon, Mylon)

Michael, May19,1833, a.24y.GR4


Aaron W., s.Aaron and Polly, July9,1835.

Isaac, June5,1828, a.59y.[June3, a.58y.GR4; bur. June5.CR1]

James, Capt., at Plymouth, Eng., Aug.17,1825, a.31y.GR8

John, "died in consequence of having had his feet frozen about 4 months before," bur. Apr.10,1791, a.23y.CR1

Hitty H., wid., d.Nathaniel and Hitty Haskell, consumption, Feb.10,1848, a.48y.5m.23d.

MILLET (Millett)

MILLETT (Millet)

Charles G., Apr.19,1833.PR80

Esther, w.Charles, June11,1849.PR80

George, s.George S. [and Nancy W.GR4], hydrocephalus, May26,1842, a.7y.

Lydia Groves, d.George S. and Nancy W., Sept.11,1833, a.9m.7d.GR4

Martha, wid.Capt. Thomas, of Gloucester, Feb.4,1843, a.75y.GR4

Thomas, Aug.10,1819.PR80


末末, s.Alexander, dropsy on the brain, bur. Mar.17,1819, a.3y.CR1


Alexander, fever, at sea,末蔓末,1824, a.40y.CR1


Charles, Sept.2,1824, a.27y.

MILON (Millan)

末末,, bur. June末,1808.CR1



Robin,末蔓末,1748, a.87y.PR1


James, s.Mrs.Jane ["only son of an Irish widow lately arrived in the country."CR1], at Havana [black vomit.CR1], June7,1807, a.18y.

Jane, Mrs.[wid., angina pectoris, bur. July5.CR1], June19,1818, a.55y.

MOLTSON (Moulton)

Mary [Moultson.CR1], w.Capt. John [pulmonary consumption.CR1], Sept.29,1791, a.41y.


末末, ch.stillborn, David,末蔓末,1759.PR1

Rebecca, wid., May4,1799, a.75y.7m.

Rebecca, decline, bur. June28,1815, a.60y.CR1

Sar末,末蔓末,1764, a.18y.PR1

MOOR (Moore)

Thankful, wid., bur. June22,1777, a.93y.CR1

Timothy, an apprentice of Joseph Glasier, mortification, bur. Oct.22,1789, a.17y.10m.CR1

MOORE (Moor, More, Mores)

末末, twin chn, Joseph, Oct.14,1760.PR1

MORE (Moore)

末末, ch.Dennis and Verlinda, bur. Mar.末,1813, a.a few hours.CR1

Verlinda, w.Dennis, consumption, bur. Apr.11,1813, a.27y.CR1

MORES (Moore)

Christian, wid., pleurisy, bur. Nov.3,1788, a.56セ y.CR1

MORGAN (Morgin)

末末, d.Joseph, bet. Nov. and Mar.16,1718.CR1

末末, ch.wid.Zebulon [bet. Aug. and Dec.10,1737.]PR1

末末, ch.Robert, jr. [bet. June and Aug., 1740.]PR1

末末, ch.Dixy,末蔓末,1744.PR1

末末, ch.Lt. Samuel,末蔓末,1748.PR1

末末,, Jonsi,末蔓末,1759.PR1


末末, wid.Ens., Dec.31,1763, a.98y.PR1

末末, ch.Josiah,末蔓末,1765.PR1


末末, ch.Jacob Gray, bur. Nov.6,1775, a.1m.CR1

末末, w.Josiah, smallpox, bur. Jan.28,1779.CR1

末末, w.William, 2d, bur. Sept.8,1783.CR1

末末, s.Sarah [of Boston, atrophy.CR1], Dec.2,1797, a.1y.4m.

末末, w.Israel, consumption, bur. Dec.末,1803.CR1

末末, d.Betsy, fits, bur. Sept.30,1804, a.2m.CR1

末末, w.William, 2d, palsy and mortification, bur. Dec.23,1807, a.54y.CR1

末末, ch.stillborn, Luke and Abigail, May26,1848.

末末, d.Rice D. and Maria F., inflammation of lungs, Dec.24,1849, a.3y.

Abigail, wid.Capt. William [old age.CR1], Oct.8,1824, a.88y.[bur. Oct.8.CR1]

Andrew, Oct.22,1835, a.37y.GR4

Anna, w.Robert, Apr.2,1702, a.27y.GR1

Benjamin Elliot, bur. Nov.14,1788, a.24y.CR1

Charlotte, w.[Capt.GR4] Henry, d.Jonathan H. and Nancy (Lovett), cancer, Mar.3,1844, a.42y.10m.9d.

Darkis [Margret?], w.John [jr.PR1], May5,1748.

Ebenezer, s.John, bur. Oct.13,1775, a.19y.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.13,1710, a.8d.

Elisabeth, d.Luke and Rebecca, b. at Kensington, PA,末蔓末,1820.

Betsey, w.John, Oct.29,1832, a.40y.CR3

Isaiah, s.Israel, decline, bur. Dec.15,1813, a.1y.3m.CR1

John, July18,1752, a.58y.PR1

John, widr.,末蔓末,1762.PR1

John [cancer.CR1], Sept.7,1792, a.72y.[a.71y.CR1]

Joseph, consumption, Jan.5,1837, a.66y.CR1

Josiah, old age, bur. Nov.15,1813, a.91y.1m.CR1

Peggy (Margaret) [unm.dup.], d.John and Rebecca, old age, Jan.18,1844, a.85y.17d.[Jan.17. dup.]

Mary E., d.Albert and Mary, Jan.8,1844, a.9ス y.GR4

Nicholas, July6,1731, in his 35th y.GR1

Rebecca, wid., June8,1797, a.68y.

Robert, Ens., July16,1762, a.93y.PR1

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.12,1718, a.abt. 6y.

Sarah, d.Josiah, bur. Oct.9,1773.CR1

Sarah, w.William, 2d, bur. June30,1794, a.53y.10m.CR1

Sally, d.Zachariah [and Abigail.GR4], Mar.16,1803, a.16y.6m.6d.[Mar.17.PR211]

Sally [unm.dup.], d.Zachariah, dec., and Nabby, July9,1837, a.30y.9m.

Thomas Appleton, s.Luke and Rebecca, b. at Kensington, PA,末蔓末,1819.

Thomas, s.Capt. Zachariah, Jan.3,1822, a.19y.GR4

William, Dec.20,1714, a.abt. 14y.CR1

William, s.Capt. William and Abigail, Feb.15,1758, a.19d.

William [Capt.GR4], slow mortification, bur. Oct.14,1809, a.70y.CR1 [Oct.11, a.76y.3m.GR4]

William, palsy and Decline, bur. Oct.12,1811, a.78y.CR1

Zachariah, drowned [of Woodbery's Point.PR1], Oct.22,1759, a.30y.[a.31y.GR1]

Zachariah, drowned on the coast of Sumatra, Nov.29,1831, a.30y.GR4

MORGIN (Morgan)

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Sarah, June13,1706, a.2y.6m.

MORRIL (Morrill)

Lucy Ann, d.Philip and Lucy, Oct.20,1840.GR8

MORRILL (Morril)

Cynthia, d.Philip, cordwainer, and Lucy, dysentery, Oct.5,1847. [Sept.21,1847, a.1y.21d.dup.]

Rebecca K., d.Philip and Lucy, dysentery, Sept.21,1847, a.2y.6m.9d.

MORS (Morse)

末末, ch.Mark,末蔓末,1749.PR1

Mark, jr., July19,1756.PR1

Samuel, coming from North Carolina,末蔓末,1760.PR1

MORSE (Mors, Mos)

末末, ch.Ebenezer, bur. Jan.6,1779, a.3d.CR1

末末, ch.Mark, bur. Sept.25,1784.CR1

末末, d.Mark, bur. July26,1788, a.8m.CR1

末末, d.Samuel, bur. Feb.17,1795, a.6y.10m.CR1

末末, w.William, bur. July15,1796, a.59ス y.CR1

末末, w.Thorndike, inflammation of the brain, bur. Aug.31,1825, a.34y.CR1

Amos C., unm., cordwainer, s.Thorndike T. and Mary, heart disease, Feb.20,1849, a.24y.5m.29d.

Daniel, s.Mark, bur. Feb.16,1781, a.40y.CR1

Jemima, wid., May20,1797, a.93y.

John, s.John, Sept.17,1742.PR1

John, bur. Mar.14,1780, a.80y.CR1

John G., lost at sea,末蔓末,1847, a.20y.GR4

Lydia, d.Mark [quincy.CR1], Dec.10,1798, a.3y.3m.

Lydia, d.Mark [2d.CR1], and Elizabeth [dysentery.CR1], Sept.26,1806. [a.1y.CR1]

Lydia, w.Mark, "she rose in the morning, prepared breakfast for the family, and was a corpse before 11 o'clock, A.M.," paralysis, Mar.4,1832, a.73y.[Mar.5, a.71y.GR4; a.74y.CR1]

Mark, bur. May5,1783.CR1

Sarah, w.Ebenezer, palsy, Feb.16,1832, a.80y.10m.20d.[a.82y.CR1]


Frederick, s.Ellis J. and Abby S., at Brockton,末蔓末,1843, a.4m.GR4

MOS (Morse)

末末, w.Thomas, [John?], June2,1752.PR1


Ruth, m.[w.Ebenezer.CR1], d.William and Martha Pousland, consumption, May18,1849, a.39y.9m.13 d

MOULTON (Moltson, Moultson, Mouton)

Abby [E., d.the late Tarbox and Sally.GR4], Sept.14,1847.CR6 [a.22y.GR4]

Abigail [w.Charles.PR28], d.Dea.Z. Cole, Dec.12,1847, a.28y.CR6

Alfred Trask, s.Jonathan and Nancy T., Feb.2,1840, a.22m.GR6 [a.18m.CR2]

Charles, s.John and Sarah (Springer), July16,1799.

Charles, s.John and Sarah (Springer), Oct.6,1805.

John, s.John and Sally (Davidson), at Kingston, Jamaica, Sept.27,1801.

John, s.John and Mary (Bailey), Jan.16,1814.

John, s.John and Mary (Bailey), Aug.23,1819.

John, h.Mary (Bailey), 3d w., Sept.10,1824.

Jonathan, Sept.10,1808, a.43y.GR6

Mary, d.John and Mary (Bailey), Feb.14,1818.

Matilda H., w.Charles, July27,1836, a.24y.[1837.GR4]

Matilda, Mrs., consumption, July26,1837.CR2

Nancy Ellen, d.Jonathan and Nancy T., Jan.29,1837, a.5m.GR6

Sally (Davidson), w.John, Mar.27,1788.

Sarah (Springer), 2d, w.John, Apr.25,1806.

Sally, Aug.29,1836.CR6

MOULTSON (Moulton)

末末, ch.John, bur. Dec.15,1779, a.2y.CR1

MOUTON (Moulton)

Thomas [Moulton.GR4], s.Billey and Mary, July12,1803, a.5y.


Sally, w.Enoch [d.John and Eunice Baker.GR4], decline, bur. July28,1819, a.25y.CR1 [July24.GR4]


Hannah, wid., bur. Feb.20,1779, a.74y.CR1

MULLEN (Mullin)

Mary,末蔓末,1750, a.74y.PR1

MULLIN (Mullen)

John, May21,1755, a.75y.PR1


末末, ch.Elisabeth, Sept.末,1817.CR1

末末, wid., decline, bur. Sept.22,1820, a.35y.CR1

Elizabeth, Mrs., Sept.11,1838.CR5 [a.82y.GR4]

Stephen, s.Alexander, Nov.18,1798, a.16y.

MYLON (Millan)

Charles Lewis, s.Michael, fits, bur. Jan.18,1812, a.6m.CR1

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